A failure of duty


Yesterday the British Government finally began to include deaths from covid-19 recorded outside hospitals in England in the statistics it is giving daily and has added these to the figure for deaths in English hospitals. The official figure for those who have tragically died from this terrible disease in the UK as of Wednesday 29 April stands at 26,097. This is higher than the official figures for Spain (23,822) and France (24,087 – figure from Google ), and close to the figures for Italy (27,359). It is considerably higher than the 6,314 deaths reported in Germany, the only EU country with a larger population than the UK.

(Please note that unless stated otherwise, all figures and statistics quoted in this article come from https://www.travellingtabby.com/scotland-coronavirus-tracker/)

It’s been known for some time that there is a significant number of deaths in the community, and especially in care homes, yet for some unaccountable reason the British Government didn’t see fit to include these deaths in its published figures for England. Neither were they included in the statistics for Northern Ireland. The Welsh and Scottish Governments have both been including care home deaths from covid-19 in the Welsh and Scottish figures. This meant that it was not possible to make a direct comparison between the figures from England – which has the largest population and the largest death toll, both in absolute numbers and per head of population – with figures from elsewhere in the UK.

There are suspicions that this was to disguise the true impact of the virus on the UK, and to deflect criticism of the British Government for its slow and confused response to the crisis, and its deliberate decision in previous years to run down preparedness for an epidemic in order to prioritise Brexit and an ideologically motivated austerity. It is after all the Westminster Government which has direct control of public health in England, and it’s England which is the worst affected part of the UK.

Let’s be honest here, this is a British Government which has treated the scientific advice upon which it claims to base its response as though it were a state secret. It has refused to publish the details of who sat on its scientific committee formulating the advice, and it has recently come to light that one of the members of that influential committee was the ideologue and political fixer Dominic Cummings. None of this inspires confidence.

What we do know for certain is that the reported deaths in the official statistics represent a minimum figure. The true figure is certainly higher. The official death toll only tells us how many people who have been diagnosed with the virus have died from it. Many will have passed away without ever having been tested, and since the UK has been slow to implement generalised tests, only a small percentage of the population has received one. People who pass away from covid-19 without ever having been tested do not figure in the official statistics. There are indications that the true number of those who are dying could be much higher than the official statistics, even the revised figures for England, are telling us.

So for example the Guardian tells us that although the British Government has added 3,811 deaths in care homes and the community to the figures for England, the Office of National Statistics and the Care Quality Commission report that there have been 4,996 deaths in care homes in the two weeks up to 24 April.  Many of these will be deaths of people who have not been tested for the virus and who will not be added to the official statistics. The true figure of deaths from the virus will only be known from the total of recorded deaths where covid-19 on the death certificate are totalled. There is a considerable lag in the reporting of these figures, and even then the British Government does not seem to wish to include those deaths where the patient has not been tested for the virus.

The difficulty in knowing exactly how many people are passing away from covid-19 means that studies are looking at what is called the excess mortality. As we all know, the leading cause of death is being born in the first place. We are all mortal. In any population there is going to be a daily death toll as people pass away from age related conditions, illness, accidents, or other causes. Excess mortality is the figure for those who are passing away in excess of what would normally be expected in the population. It’s a measure of the number of additional deaths in the population over and above what we’d usually expect to see. Excess mortality is calculated by subtracting the expected number of deaths (from comparing from previous years) from the actual recorded number. A recent investigation by Sky News found that the excess in mortality in England is far greater than it is in the other nations of the UK and places England amongst the worst affected countries in Europe.

In a previous report a Financial Times investigation into excess mortality came up with an estimate of 41,000 people already having died of covid-19 in the UK. The report notes that these excess deaths came during a period when the weather was warm and sunny, unlike previous spikes in excess mortality which are often associated with periods of cold weather. This makes it a reasonable assumption that the excess deaths are due to the virus and not other causes such as seasonal flu.

Today (Thursday 30 April) the Financial Times’ economics editor Chris Giles tweeted an updated estimate for the number of deaths in the UK due to the virus epidemic. The FT estimates that the likely figure is now 48,100.

What we do know is that the UK is one of the worst affected states in Europe, and that England is worse affected than Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland. There are of course reasons why England would report the highest number of deaths – both in absolute and in relative terms – in the UK irrespective of who was in charge of the British Government or how well that government had prepared. England has by far the largest share of the UK population and so would always report the highest absolute number of deaths. Additionally, England has by far the greatest population density in the UK. England contains the metropolis of Greater London, where 8.9 million people are packed into an area smaller in extent than Lothian. The more that people are tightly packed together the more likely it becomes that they will encounter a contagious virus and contract it.

We are not out of the woods yet. More people will die before this is over, which is why it’s foolish to talk of any return to normal. We will only know the true figures for those who have died once this is all over. Numbers are impersonal, but every single figure added to those statistics represents a human being, a shattered family, a grieving partner, a devastated child, a mourning friend. A single figure added to the statistics represents many thousands of tears.

We might not know the exact numbers, but can be certain that the UK will be one of the worst affected European states, with a death toll comparable to or in excess of those in Spain or Italy. Yet unlike Italy or Spain where the virus took hold early, the UK had advance warning but refused to implement lockdown measures even when neighbouring European states were doing so. The British Government’s response has been confused, inept, and mired in incompetence. Absolutely no one is looking to the UK as a shining beacon in how to handle the epidemic, despite Boris Johnson’s empty words as he returned to Downing Street on Monday about how many people were looking at the UK’s “apparent success”. This is a government which has failed in its most basic duty – the duty to keep its citizens safe.

And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…

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71 thoughts on “A failure of duty

    • N+1. Where N is the number of deaths. Alternatively they’ll claim success because 2 million folk havenae died.

  1. An incompetent PM who did not take his own advice. Or the advice of the experts for years. A total Tory disaster. Killing people off. Austerity. Life expectancy declining. Vote Tory to die younger.

    Spain pop 47 Million – Life expectancy 80
    Italy pop 60 million – Life expectancy 83
    France 68 million – Life expectancy 83

    Higher pension rates in Europe.

  2. The British establishment has, throughout history, approached threats,war, catastrophe of all description with a nonchalant disregard and unpreparedness; as it is mainly only the peasants who suffer or have to extricate the four nations/ province from the s**t the buffoons have got us into.

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  4. I just used the Scotland figures that the death toll total was 82% higher than the daily death tolls (on Sunday) and applied this to England, this gave over 35,000 for them. The total for the UK as 39,600, not that far away from the FT numbers.

  5. Spot on Paul, but to clarify one potential misinterpretation, historic mortality figures include flu outbreaks, so excess deaths being recorded can be safely attributed to direct and indirect effects of Covid.
    In earlier bulletins by SG (possibly Leitch) referred to a parallel rise in deaths during the epidemic noted worldwide with no known or identifiable Covid contribution, nobody has figured out why yet.

    The Tories may have initially been confident their control over the media could hide the true number of fatalities in England, but like a trapped poker player with a bad hand and rising stakes their arrogance and desperation has them trapped, and no amount of “Look, a Squirrel” antics can avoid revelation.
    Hell mend them for even trying….

    • ” Look a PM taking it on the chin ! ”
      ”Look a PM in hospital ! ”

      ”Look a PM in I.C.U . ! ”

      ” Look a pensioner raising money for our wonderful N.H.S. ! ”

      ”Look a pensioner being awarded a ( pointless) honorary title! ”

      ” Look a baby ! ”

      …to be continued

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  7. Apparently The English figures for deaths in nursing homes / at home only include those whom tested positively for COVID-19. In Scotland similar figures include those whose death certificates list COVID-19 as primary cause, secondary cause or additional factor.

    Is this correct?

  8. Hoping they’ll be held accountable so that the same mistakes don’t continue to happen. Although with the media as it is I wouldn’t be surprised if people to continue to believe their “charming lies”

    • Some Rangers/unionist websites are already laying the blame for the Pandemic and the UK’s abysmal response at the door of Scott Brown !

      • Not all Rangers supporters are unionists admittedly the die hard orange one’s undoubtedly are however there are many decent Scots who want independence who support Rangers. Please don’t lump us all in the OO or unionist basket. See Rangers supporters for Indy and Rangers and Celtic supporters for Yes

        • I remember that Barrhead Boy once commissioned a poll by Panel Base, for figures on what a full house at Ibrox Park voting intentions would be. I think one of those figures suggested that 37% of Rangers fans would vote for Scottish Independence.

  9. If you have a head for figures and can stand the thought of reading through an academic paper then you should read the paper that forced this government into a U-turn from the herd immunity strategy and into one of suppression using social distancing and lockdown..


    I read it for the second time just a few days ago and it hit me just to how long we are going to have to behave differently from what we would call “normal”. The virus won’t have disappeared as we relax the lockdown measures and until there is an effective treatment that will cure those that have the virus and/or an effective vaccine then social distancing will become a feature of our lives for a long time unless the public are willing to pay the price of maybe as many as 1% of the population dying before their time and achieving “herd immunity”.

    To avoid these excess deaths then you are (according to the paper) looking at a minimum of 18 months to two years before we get there with a vaccine. The ramifications of that are of course massive, both socially and economically. Our politicians have huge decisions to make and undoubtedly some of them will likely be the wrong decisions. I don’t envy any of them who carry such responsibility.

    I would hope that the academics who produced that paper were widely pessimistic in their assumptions and that the results were therefore exaggerated but I doubt they were. I believe an updated report from the same authors based on all the information we know now compared to 6 or so weeks ago will be released within days. Let’s hope with greater and more informed information it brings some better news and maybe even a way forward.


    The UK media would have you believe that all murderous sociopaths are German Nazis wearing riding boots and jodhpurs with ridiculous deaths head emblems on their caps.

    They do not tell you that there are British Nazis in Downing Street, the War Office, Sandhurst and in every high street in the country and have been for hundreds of years.

    And that sometimes they kill you not with Zyklon B but with the stroke of a pen.


    How to see ourselves as others see us?

    Gary Brecher, Fresno file clerk and American War Nerd see the British quite clearly. It isn’t a pretty picture – on discovering that you are governed by sociopaths who have murdered millions for three hundred years.

    “And to this day, they don’t catch even a little bit of Hell for it. Everybody thinks the Brits are all cute and harmless. You’re all a bunch of suckers for those suave accents, you suckers! The truth is that compared to the Brits, the Nazis you’re always yammering about were a gang of eighth-grade stoners who ran around spraypainting swastikas on school property. The Nazis lasted one decade; the Brits quietly ran their extermination programs for three hundred years, and to this day they wouldn’t even think of feeling guilty about it. Wouldn’t cross their minds.”

    – ‘When Pigs Fly–and Scold: Brits Lecturing Sri Lanka!’, by Gary Brecher – The War Nerd, 22nd May 2009 – Exiled Online –


    How to murder 300,000 Kikuyu – another one the historians in Oxford knew all about but with the UK’s Omerta-like code of silence never speak of. But the rest of the world and particularly the Kenyans know all about it. Funny how that works, eh?

    ‘WN Day 25: Monty Python Burning Kikuyu Skit’, by Gary Brecher – The War Nerd / 14th April 2011 – Exiled Online –



    As Craig Murray tells us today, and as John Pilger told us weeks ago. –

    ‘Nobody knows how many people died as a result of the UK/US Coalition of Death led destruction of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and, by proxy, Syria and Yemen. Nobody even knows how many people western forces themselves killed directly. That is a huge number, but still under 10% of the total.’

    ‘For the purposes of argument, I am going to put an extremely conservative figure of 5 million on the number of people who died as a result of Western military intervention, direct or proxy, in the Middle East.’

    ‘Now compare that to the worldwide death toll from coronavirus: 220,000. Let me say that again. Western aggressive wars to coronavirus: 5,000,000 : 220,000.’

    ‘Or put it another way. The total number of deaths from coronavirus in the UK so far is about half the number of civilians killed directly by the US military in the single city of Mosul.’

    – ‘Backing the Wrong Horseman’, by Craig Murray, 29th April 2020 – Craig Murray blog –




    • You know, the points you make would be a lot stronger if you didn’t preface them with an unnecessary reference to Nazis and the Holocaust.

      Remember Godwin’s Law.

  12. Prof Neil Ferguson predicted 65,000 would died of swine flu. Less than 500 died. Same foot and mouth? Mad cow prediction? Ebola? Bird flu? Over estimated.

    Scientists sometimes get it wrong. Unless the recommended measures reduced the death rate.

    Modelling can get it wrong. Leaving out relevant facts. The past can be a considered guide but the future can’t be predicted.

    • “Prof Neil Ferguson predicted 65,000 would died of swine flu. Less than 500 died.”

      Evidence of that claim would be welcome.

      Did you watch the interview Ken?

      Probably not, that’s your loss and your choice to remain ignorant of an academic paper that changed history and undoubtedly has reduced the number of deaths in the UK because the government was forced to do a U-turn.

      If the UK government hadn’t done a U-turn and brought in a lockdown then the numbers dying daily would still be increasing to who knows what type of figures. You might like to read the actual paper as well, it’s a good thing to increase your knowledge, helps prevent ignorance. That goes for all subjects.

      • Hi Thepnr.

        Ken has a point, Ferguson has a bit of history regarding predictions and reports. I know your you good at digging out info and it would be worth a little research. Hope your well and ok your end.

      • Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bakhdi formerly head of the Institute for Medical Microbiology at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz and one of the most cited and respected medical research scientists in Germany and at the very least (probably more so) just as qualified as Prof. Neil Ferguson has been quoted as saying the current response to the CV is “Grotesque, absurd and very dangerous”.

        No easily spiked “conspiracy theories” just an eminently qualified expert, one of many such highly qualified experts, pointing out the lunacy of the extreme response.

  13. “The UK government says 100.000 tests per day but I don’t believe they’re going to manage that” says BBCs Bryan Taylor
    Then John Beattie says “Nicola Sturgeon says she’ll do an equivalent for Scotland”
    Bryan Taylor says “Nicola Sturgeon says 3.500 per day but frankly who cares, it’s not nearly enough, it needs to be hundreds of thousands per day”

    You’ll notice the difference in tone between the two comments, anyone would think there was going to be a referendum next thursday the way the BBC in Scotland denigrates everything our government says but goes tippy toe when it comes to the UK

    Prior to that conversation John Beatties practically forced words into a private healthcare providers mouth as he said “what do you make of Nicola Sturgeon shifting the blame on to care homes”
    The heathcare provider didn’t bite so John Beattie tried it again with a rephrase of the same words more or less forcing the man to agree with him that everything was the FMs fault and all his clients would end up in hospital

    Nobody ever seems to report that private healthcare providers charge a very large sum of money to be in their expensive care homes, but with that amount of money comes a responsibility to provide what they advertise in their brochures when these people persuade the elderly with a bit of cash to spare to come and hand over their life care to them, and that was basically what the FM pointed out in as nice a way as possible while still pointing out that the government would and does top up everything they need, but here we have a provider of such expensive healthcare indicating he’ll just dump his beloved clients on the NHS after he’s taken their money to protect them

    It’s a sensitive subject but once again the BBC party join forces with the other British party the ToryLabLibs to weaponise sensitivity against the Scottish government and Nicola Sturgeon in particular

    • Agreed, this most vexing narrative has been spread by most of the media, John Robertson (I think) picked up on this blame diversion game in play when the PPE “scandal” erupted for private care homes.
      The implication it was SG responsibility to provide PPE (not the case other than in emergency) prompted Jeanne Freeman to hammer home this point, but of course the media are “selective” as obedient servants, hence the continues confusion in public perception of legal obligation.
      Politics is indeed a dirty game, but when the media conspire with that dirty enterprise true journalism dies.
      Neither Bryan Taylor nor John Beattie are journalists…

      • Yes, there is a statutory requirement, the onus is on the Care homes and Councils running them. There is probably a case for litigation against the Care homes but that’s not likely to happen at this point in time.

  14. The numbers reported by the UK government look suspiciously low.

    ONS figures stated that the total deaths to April 17th was 21,284 whilst UK government figures stated hospital only deaths was 13917 to April 18th. This implies that COVID deaths outside hospitals represented 35%. (see https://www.thenational.scot/news/18412028.uk-worst-hit-country-europe-coronavirus-pandemic/).

    Hospital deaths by April 28th (Tuesday) were reported as being 21678 by the UK government so this implied a total of 35623, if deaths outside hospitals were 35% over the period.

    However, the UK total (including outside hospitals) are reported (Wednesday April 29th) as only being 26097, a rise of 4419. Of the latter 3,811 were outside hospitals and 608 in hospitals.

    Taking 3,811 as a proportion of all deaths of 26,097 this represents less than 15% (14.6% in fact).

    So on the one hand the ONS states non-hospital deaths are 35% of the total whilst the UK government says it is only 15% of the total?

    If the UK government are covering up on the number of COVID deaths then this is a major scandal.

    • As far as I understand it the ONS figures, like our own NRS stats, include all death certificates where C-19 is mentioned; whereas the UK Govt figures mention only those (for England) that have actually been tested and confirmed. Thus the total figure, now approaching 27K, is likely to be vastly understated.

  15. Great article Paul.

    Would just like to point out to folk that because Scotland’s pro rata hospital mortality for covid 19 is significantly lower than that for England that Scotland’s care home rate expressed as a percentage of the Scottish total will be misleading. i.e. if the Scottish care home death rate was identical to the English care home death rate (whatever that eventually turns out to have been) then the Scottish figure would read as a higher percentage.

  16. Same as it ever was, Paul. Orwell sure got things right in 1984. I wonder if it’s still a course book. It was in 1984 when I first read it.

  17. And meanwhile the BBC offers up “Bake Off” and “Scotland’s Best Homes” just to keep your mind off things, whilst their go-to experts and tired sycophants regurgitate the establishment line 24/7 on the News channel. Boris has a new baby. Good Old Captain Tom. Isn’t the Queen wonderful? Shame about the dead. Stay inside. Protect the NHS. Three cheers for our wonderful doctors, nurses and carers. Worth every penny of the £60K. Don’t forget your licence fee. Back to work soon.

    Please don’t. Please stay exactly as you are until these callous bastards have turned cold. Every one of them. Just remember the old adage – the bigger you are, the harder you fall.

    Don’t let them back up.

  18. The Brits spit out lie upon lie, enabled by their craven mouthpieces. The actual number of people who die as a consequence of this pandemic in England will never be revealed in our lifetime. It will be top secret for at least 50 years.

    What is more important is that our FM is not blown off course either by the Brits or the chattering classes who are intent on destroying her. She looked decidedly irritated today by the crap coming her way. It is apparent to me that she has a strategy for dealing with this pandemic that is more sophisticated than giving things a go and seeing if they work – which would be the strategy of the dimwits who constantly criticise her. Also, because of her approach the Brit politicians will be more cautious than they would like to be. They are well aware that even their Brit gammon minions recognise class when they see it and it directly affects their survival hopes. Their extra caution will be put down to the clown’s near death experience but it will actually be being led by the FM.

    That’s what I anticipate. I will observe with interest.

    • “It will be top secret for at least 50 years” – Nope, this is the petard by which they will be hoisted Arthur, all deaths MUST be recorded and published by law, although they can fiddle the Covid numbers reported in their reports, overall deaths they are powerless to control….
      Given the numbers involved, “maybe it was something they ate?” simply won’t cut it, now it’s only a matter of when the lie is perceived and the riot begins….

      • A simple comparison of deaths in an ‘average ‘ year with deaths during the pandemic will give a strong indication of the ”extra” who have died .
        The Government can then try as much as they may to blame other factors for this increase …but any thinking person* will see the truth .

        *That excludes the MSM and the Boris voters .

  19. I see Captain Tom was part of the India/ Burna army. Was he there to protect these countries from Japanese subjugation?

  20. Just watched BBC Scotland news tonight. In summation seems to be: English people moving to Scotland has spurred population growth ( fleeing to their holiday homes ?); people on the street’s celebrating the underfunding of our health service; pilots from England used bases in Scotland to intercept Russian bombers flying in international airspace (were the bombers carrying PPE equipment?); some old guy that was part of the British army that prevented Japenese suzuerainity over India and Burma as opposed to British suzuerainity has been given an honorary promotion and finally, the Scottish government is being pressurised to relax social distancing rules prematurely because some Glasgow based building firm has gone bust. Did I miss anything?

  21. With construction firms in England allowed to work can we confirm that Carlaw is objecting about this because we have no borders and they should be following us? How will Johnson prevent the construction firm vans, full of workers not breaking the 2m rule as they go to work. Undermining the Scottish government.

  22. Britain UK, a collection of countries owned by England that spends more money on war machines missiles planes ships bombs and bullets preparing to kill people, then actually killing some people, then selling the stuff to others to kill people then stocking up again on all the weapons used to kill those people so they can be ready to kill the next selection of people while at the same time renewing a weapon that they’ll never use at a cost of more £££ billions they say to deter enemies who want to kill them

    Then tax a pensioner who’s got a spare room to pay for the NHS then never actually pass that money on to the NHS to pay for a gown in a hospital, why do people argue about whether these people care enough, isn’t it obvious enough yet

    Priorities y’see

  23. From the very beginning of this crisis and to its ultimate sad conclusion – the only thing we have seen from this Tory parliament is tokenism. The Great and Thunderous Arse had a press conference and as usual lied. The most significant lie was that that he and his monkey circus are doing a good job. The death rate for the UK is high. Very high. Almost as bad as the US which stands at 57k. Higher than Germany and other European states. In small countries like Greece – they have a death toll of 121. New Zealand – 19. The total death toll so far has been 150K and the US and the UK will be responsible for half of this figure.

    With this information freely available – the press in the UK allowed this blowhard, this utter fucking fraud, to stand there and say he has done enough and he has done a good job.

    Its not just the tories who have failed in their duty. Its the press as well.

  24. The US death rate as reported is not as high as other places.

    60,000 US pop 260Million

    Scotland is low, US is low as Scotland.

    US death rate as reported is much lower than the rest of the UK.

    Pro rata US death rate under 15,000. By comparison.

    Rest of the UK 24,000.

    Rest of the UK pop (approx) 62Million.

    US 260Million (approx 4 times+ )

    60,000 US deaths (as reported)

    Divide by 4 = 15,000 by comparison.

  25. The Tories are back supporting Nuclear. Discredited in the 1950’s.

    Spending £Billions wasting public monies.

    Plutonium produced in Britain is used to produce nuclear weapons in the US. Redundant weaponry.

    They cut NHS and essential services funding.

  26. The media’s obsession with demanding targets be set then set about the villification afterwords if they’re not met in order to give them something to report on is the most obvious method of self driven creation of news by the British media, because even if the *target* is met the accusation follows that it must have been too easy a target so why wasn’t the target set higher

    People in England particularly have to wake up to how they are played by the media every day, they wind them up to support something, then wind them back down again for supporting the wrong thing because the thing they were promised by whoever promised it is at fault and should be villified according to the media agenda that day

    Politics is driven by the media who don’t stand for elections to parliament because they’d be put in a position of responsibility and accountability and they don’t want that

    They tell you their job is to criticise governments on your behalf, if you look up the dictionary for the definition of the word criticism you will see it’s not a helpful or nice word at all, and when they tell you they apply constructive criticism, again look up the definition, it’s a misnomer, there’s no such thing as constructive criticism, all criticism is destructive by it’s very nature, and the world is full of people who make a very good living out of being destructive

    The rest of the worlds media have a slightly different approach except for the American media who are totally insane, where on earth could they have learned that from, Hmm? I wonder

    The creation of news just so you can criticise what you created then sell it to the people as somebody else’s idea, so they must be to blame

    Torches pitchforks kill the monster, buy the paper, subscribe, pay theTV licence, buy more media
    Anybody in a pub will tell you lies for free, why part with your hard gotten money to the British media for the same thing, you can socially and financially distance yourself from them infecting you and making you pay them to do it

  27. Can only agree with your main point.
    100,000 TESTS a day.
    That’s TWO years to test the population of the UK ONCE.
    They’re being careful with the language, tests but who is asking for the results,not the media.
    Spin is everything, and a good murder always sold the papers.
    I’ve stopped listening to the NEWS on the radio,stopped buying a newspaper,the media websites don’tcontain news ,just comments about what MIGHT happen.
    Today for instance,
    BA MIGHT close their facility at Gatwick.
    Greggs Might not open their shops.
    Hancock’s target Might be met.

  28. The FM was yet again superb at the daily briefing, ably supported by Jean and Gregor. A whole set of enemy guns spiked – metaphorically of course.

    • Arthur, Did you notice BBC scotland immediately after their guns were spiked with the numbers that they demanded were surpassed, they instantly decided the numbers aren’t really important

      So predictable

      • I switched off straight after the FM Dr Jim – like you, no doubt, I don’t have time to waste listening to eejits.

        One way or another they got their arses handed to them on a plate.

        I was fingers crossed that Nicola has a plan and now I understand that she surely does – an intelligent and dynamic plan. Setting up her own scientific advisory group was a key basis from which to proceed.

  29. You’ll hear in the coming days about airlines operating within Scotland laying off thousands of staff and retreating to England to preserve their Heathrow slots, once again proving that the Union is a terrible idea, because any and every time there’s any danger of financial difficulty in the UK England takes care of itself first last and always by retreating within itself to preserve itself leaving the other countries of this Union to just get on with it without the powers or resources to do that because those levers are always based in England

    Pooling removing and keeping, Gordon Brown never told it right

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