Murdo’s Law: Murdo Fraser proves Scotland counts for nothing within the UK

There’s been another Murdo. Whenever Murdo Fraser ventures onto social media you know that the result is going to be what you’d get if a car crash was expressed in 240 characters or less. Edinburgh MP Joanna Cherry tweeted a link to her recent article in The National, in which she argues that the SNP ought to keep planning for independence during the current crisis, something about which the Tories – and Murdo Fraser in particular – have expressed vehement disagreement. This is despite the fact that the Conservatives haven’t ceased to press ahead with Brexit.

Joanna is of course perfectly correct. We cannot cease to make the case for independence during the current crisis. The Conservatives are using it as a cover to pursue no-deal with the EU, and the hypocrites in the Scottish Conservatives who opposed Brexit and Boris Johnson back in 2016 and who are now cheerleading the hardest Brexit possible. Meanwhile they never cease to sing the praises of the UK and continually cite the UK Government’s dismal mishandling of the crisis as an example of great British exceptionalism that proves that Scotland needs Westminster.

The Scottish Conservatives expect the SNP to stop pressing for independence during the Coronavirus epidemic, however they don’t appear to expect Boris Johnson to stop pressing for his wet-dream suicidal no-deal Brexit. There has been nary a peep from any of them about the risks that the British Government is taking unnecessarily, at a time when the economy is already weakened. Joanna wondered if Murdo, who is the Scottish Conservatives’ constitutional spokesapologist, might care to explain why what’s sauce for the British nationalist goose isn’t also sauce for the Scottish independence gander.

In response Murdo tweeted: “There’s a big difference @joannaccherry: We voted AGAINST independence. We voted FOR Brexit.”

See what he did there? Because Murdo doesn’t. Or if he did he’s hoping that you didn’t. It’s your actual false equivalence. The “we” in the first part of his British nationalist formula isn’t the same “we” as in the second part. The first we is the Scottish population. The second we is the UK population. The Scottish population is a non-representative subset of the UK population. It’s precisely the fact that we’re not represented at UK level which is what’s driving support for independence. You can’t argue that just because the larger set wants something, that a subset which you know to be unrepresentative of the larger set wants it too. It’s a logical fallacy. Yet it’s precisely this kind of nonsense which is what passes for logical argumentation from British nationalists.

Let’s put it another way. The we in the second part comprises the population of Scotland plus the population of the rest of the UK which is 11 times the size of the Scottish population, whereas the first we is just the population of Scotland. We know that the Scottish population is a number greater than zero. Murdo’s equation is, to put it in mathematical terms, like asserting that because X = Y and X + 11(X) = Z, then X = Z and Y simultaneously even though you know from other sources that X is a whole number greater than zero and that Y and Z are different. If you had tried that on in your maths exam at school, you’d have failed dismally and your maths teacher would have cried, resigned their position, and gone off to pursue a career flogging New Age holistic woo because there’s more logic in healing crystals than you’ve demonstrated in your maths exam. Or quite possibly they’d have gone off and become a Scottish Conservative politician. But only if they were an evil bastert. This only goes to prove that British nationalism is founded upon illogicality. That’s why they’re always banging on about how exceptional they are. The normal rules of addition and multiplication or indeed the laws of physics don’t apply to them.

However we should rejoice. Murdo has, quite unwittingly, proven one of the strongest arguments of the independence campaign. This is because the only way that Murdo’s formula would work is where X = 0. Because if X = 0 then X + 11(X) = 0 as well, and this is indeed precisely what Scotland’s votes count for in British Governments. We now have a new mathematical formulation for the case for Scottish independence, Murdo’s Law. Because within the UK, Scotland equals zero. Thank you for proving it mathematically, Murdo. British nationalists always try to tell Scotland that we’d be nothing without them, but the truth is that we’re nothing with them.

Of course we can’t have a full on campaign for independence as long as the current crisis lasts. We’d be fighting with both hands tied behind our backs as the campaigning strengths of the independence movement are precisely those which have suffered the greatest impact of the lockdown. We can’t hold mass rallies or townhall style meetings, we can’t do the face to face campaigning and persuasion which the yes movement excels at.

Meanwhile our British nationalist opponents can still rely upon the British media, which is using the current crisis as yet another reason to have a go at the Scottish Government whenever it dares to do anything other than meekly obey Boris Johnson. This is however not proving to be a successful strategy for them, as the opinion poll from Opinium this week has demostrated that after the NHS, the public have the greatest trust in information they receive from the Scottish Government. Trust in the UK Government lags a long way behind. This tells us that after the crisis is over, we will be in a strong position to make the case that Scotland could have performed even better if we were not tied to the millstone of a Conservative Government.

What we can do, indeed what we must do, during this crisis is to marshall the online resources of the independence movement and to continue to make the argument for independence, to highlight the shortcomings of the British Government, and to prepare the arguments that we will need once campaigning can restart properly. We must use this time to create that vision of a better Scotland that awaits us with independence. And let’s be honest here, the British state is setting the bar extremely low. It would not be difficult to do better than being the worst affected state in Europe, a state which compounds the economic damage of the epidemic by wilfully marching over the cliff of a no-deal Brexit.

The likes of Murdo Fraser are making it easy for us, because they are incapable of standing up for Scotland even on their own terms. They are so desperate to attack the independence movement that they cannot countenance defending Scotland’s interests within the UK. If even the champions of this so-called union can’t do that, then there’s no real argument against independence.

And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…

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19 thoughts on “Murdo’s Law: Murdo Fraser proves Scotland counts for nothing within the UK

  1. You can explain anything in mathematical terms to anyone but it may be difficult, if not impossible, to grasp if you are a numpty. Now Murdo McNumpty is a tory, and so he will find it, at the very least, challenging to grasp the maths. Sadly, we know why the mainstream media in this country put up with idiocy from the McNumptys

  2. Would this be the same Murdo Fraser who has never been elected to anything, ever?


    What, on earth is this non-entity doing sitting in the Scottish Parliament and drawing an MSP’s salary for all this time?

    Shame on Murdo Fraser and shame on the Tories who allow this,

  3. So it would appear that the BritNat Tories have finally come around to promoting independence for Scotland, if only in the own perverted fashion. Funny old world 😉

  4. Murdo Fraser (sigh) another tedious tiny Tory man, let’s see whose turn it is tomorrow for the relevancy challenge

    Who wants a shot at the title with a new poll out today showing SNP at 54% for the Holyrood elections, that projects to 68 seats with the Tories dropping to 23% which comes out to 28 seats a minus of 3
    Labour fall to 12% that’s minus 2% Lib Dems fall to 8% Greens up +1% translated into overall seats for Independence parties it comes out at around 68 seats SNP + Greens 10
    You can all count so you know what this predicts as there are only 129 seats available if my memory is correct

    General election predictions if called came out at 51% SNP

    The professional no nonsense fact based yet empathetic approach of Nicola Sturgeon has proved to be what Scotland wants, so it looks like Nicola Sturgeons campaigning without campaigning is incredibly popular and folk can’t wait to vote for her

  5. Twice I’ve e-mailed this absolute prick.

    My wife and I used to stay in Perthshire where he wrote in a regular local magazine, along with the other Perthshire constituents Swinney, Wishart etc.

    The first abomination was when he came on to Radio Shortbread to thank the “2 million Scots” who voted No, at which point I e-mailed him to point out that 51% of natural born scots had in fact actually voted Yes.

    The second time was when it was the anniversary of the battle of Kilikrankie when he came on and posted in his blog firmly stating that the battle “was between waring Clans and nothing to do with the English” with which I had to point out then why was a regiment from Manchester involved then and the famous ‘Soldiers leap’ is of a Redcoat fleeing the battle.

    Of course he doesn’t reply because that would be an admission of a lack of education, or in his case, selective education.

    The guy is a total moron and shouldn’t be anywhere near government. In fact anytime he opens his mouth he should get slapped on the head while shouting ” HELLO! HELLO! is there a fucking brain in there”

    Come Independence he is one that will definitely not be missed.

  6. Just listened to your podcast with the hyper intelligent Philippa Whitford followed by reading the latest inane witterings of Murachaidh Never-elected Fraser and couldn’t help thinking ‘From the sublime to the ridiculous.’

  7. This from Murdo The Queen’s Eleven 7 times political failure’s self edited wiki entry:-

    At the 1999 Scottish Parliamentary Election, he was an unsuccessful candidate for North Tayside, as he was in 2003 and 2007. He stood unsuccessfully for the House of Commons in the 1997 General Election in East Lothian, and in 2001 for the UK Parliament’s North Tayside seat.

    He became an MSP in 2001, after the resignation of Nick Johnston, as next name on the Conservative Party’s Mid Scotland and Fife list. He was re-elected in 2003, 2007 and 2011. Previously the convenor of the Economy, Energy, and Tourism Committee, Fraser is a member of the Finance Committee of the Scottish Parliament.[3]

    He became deputy leader of the Scottish Conservatives in November 2005 when Annabel Goldie became leader. After the 2011 election, at which 15 Conservative MSP’s were elected, Annabel Goldie triggered a leadership election by announcing that she would stand down in Autumn 2011.

    In June 2014, Fraser spoke in favour of reconstituting the United Kingdom on a federal basis.”

    We can see why this losrer repeatedly gets the Golden Ticket as a Blue Tory List Hanger On election after election. He is a systemic loser.

    He has presented himself to the electorate 7 times, and the Scottish people have roundly rejected him, EVERY TIME, yet because of the Old Boys network, this hapless fool keeps getting a job in the Listory Also Rans.

    He’s been trousering £1200 a week plus exes and add-ons for TWO Fucking decades, for doing absolutely nothing to further the wealth health and democracy of Scotland.

    This is the man who wanted to privatise the New Queensferry Crossing, by putting a toll on it so that his well off pals could zoom into Edinburgh in their Beamers and 4×4 Land Rovers laughing fleetingly at the Great Unwashed as they continued to crawl to work bumper to bumper on the old bridge.

    He wants nurses to get Open All Hours access to booze too.
    Just what they need, first thing on their to do list. Get pissed at eight in the morning after a hard night shift.

    He is by any measure a fool and smirking cancerous sore on our democracy.

    The irony is he will take great satisfaction at our response to his latest bout of idiocy. There is no such thing as bad publicity if your role in the Jock Blue Tories is to constantly act as a wind up fool; a job he fills to perfection.

    Like Kelly for the Reds, and Coll Hamilton for the Yellows, his role is to make the headlines through stupidity and Hacks’ support.

    The Scots Brit Nat MSM miss no opportunity to promote any Brit Nat Fool.

    Glenn Campbell tonight on the Late Distorting Scotland was interviewing a Health Care Worker ‘who preferred to remain anonymous’ ( aye right) who was exhausted after coming off a double shift, in blurred focus, moaning that she can’t get a Covid Test.

    She was clearly a Richard Leonard Shop Steward Plant, having the trained eloquence and tub thumpery of a Union Rep, one of GMB’s shop steward storm troopers, hence the anonymity.
    Then Campbell follows this nonsense with Carjack Lawson on camera screaming that there is not enough testing!!!!!! the Scottish Government must do more.

    Carlaw the man who couldn’t sell cars in leafy Giffnock and Cathcart and with his vast experience of failure, twice a bankrupt, is telling the nation how to cope with a global pandemic?

    By Christ, they must be paying Campbell a fortune to sell his country like this.

    Your anonymous Care Worker is a Unionist activist. ‘Fess up, or stop the half truths and omissions.
    Or…Prove me wrong, Glenn.
    They got what they wanted Fraser and Carlaw in the ‘papers and on the telly.

    I’ll dance on their (professional) graves.

    • Aye, the usual passive-agressive union shenanigans, which get squashed every time by the simple (and honest) expedient of the FM telling the media mongers (in the nicest possible, if occasionally weary way) “stop moaning uselessly on here, instead get them to get in touch and we’ll sort it out”. You would think the whinge brigade would have learnt sense by now, since they are clearly getting nowhere. How Nicola manages the patience I don’t know. Thankfully (judging by the polls) the public can see who’s actually getting things done, and if any ever – for even a microsecond – contemplated union stooge Rickety Lunkhead being in her place, they would pale at the prospect.

      Also at the briefings there’s the ever-predictable Border TV to give some random Tory a wee name-drop. Near as predictable as clockwork, whoever from them is asking the question that day. (‘Sakes, there’s more than one of them?!) Yesterday it was an attempt to remind us of some naebody called Jacksaway Chariot. Or something. (Does anyone care?)

  8. Jack
    I take it he is not your favourite! So many to choose from with the tories, lib dems and labour.

  9. Twenty years of nothing. To destroy people’s lives. Twenty years and more of holding Scotland back. Making sure the revenues and resources went south.

    Fraser supports Independence but would rather leech on others than go and do something worthwhile. Another useless, worthless lying Tory. How low can they go before they get voted out.

  10. It’s us that are the mugs, we’ve made carlos, ruthie and murdo into well off people,possibly in the millionaire bracket for doing very little for the Scots.

  11. Murdo Fraser typifies the only benefit to FPTP as opposed to PR. Under FPTP politicians like him would never get in. He keeps mouthing off but has never won anything.

  12. Please may I say something positive about Murdo? Yes.really. At school he was an excellent, sensible pupil. I believe he was well taught, hopefully by me, but certainly by my colleagues. It was only after school that he became a Thatcherite Tory and ever since has been right off the rails.

  13. None of them would be elected under FPTP. That is why Leslie Evans was Party to changing it. To waste £Billion public money. STV in the Councils to let unionists in. To waste £Billions of public money. On grotesque, monstrous empty office and shops. Sky rise Building, instead of spending monies on essentials services.

    The public want pedestrianisation and open space. Instead they get a concrete jungle. A total unionist waste of monies.

    The Tories are now wasting £Billions on Nuclear. Against the public’s wishes.

  14. This is how this party has behaved for as long as I remember. They will always take England’s side over Scotland. They get to bundle it under the union jack and claim they do it because we’re all British. They all believe that what works and has worked for their party bosses in England, must by extension work for them in Scotland. That it is continually rejected, that they will never amount to anything in Scotland, simply hasn’t sunk in. Why? Because they won in England, and that gives them control of Scotland anyway.

    Scotland’s votes have never counted for anything in the mind of the tories. They are so wretched and contemptible, that failing to endear themselves to Scots, is simply brushed away. They won in England. So if you believe in union, then Scotland doesn’t matter as long as you keep winning in England. If they lose to labour, they know their time will come around again.

    What truly scares them, is the idea of Scotland being independent. Because on that day, they and their wretched politics will cease to exist. There will be no England to prop them up. No England getting its way in Westminster. They will cease to matter, they will cease to count for anything in Scotland and it is that that drives them puce.

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