The dugcast fae the dughoose – with Philippa Whitford

Welcome to the second edition of the Dugcast fae the Dughoose. This week I’m joined via Skype by the extremely busy Philippa Whiford MP, the SNP’s SNP Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Social Care at Westminster. As a breast cancer surgeon with many years of clinical experience before going into politics, Philippa is perhaps the Scottish politician with the best understanding of the issues facing the NHS. As well as her duties as an MP, Philippa is also volunteering part time in her local NHS.

This week we chat about the British Government’s handling of the Coronavirus epidemic, how Scotland’s procurement procedures for PPE differ from those of England’s, and how the Conservatives were woefully unprepared for the crisis we’re facing.

Many thanks to Philippa for taking some time out of her full schedule to guest on the dugcast.

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21 thoughts on “The dugcast fae the dughoose – with Philippa Whitford

  1. I enjoyed listening to that a great deal, such a straight honest woman, it’s no wonder Mr and Mrs Joe and Joan England are paying more and more attention to the leaders we have in Scotland

    Thanks for doing that Paul

  2. Wonderful initiative Paul and bravo Phillipa, a breath of common sense and logic, so welcome a contrast to the bullshit emitted from GCHQ…

  3. We’re very fortunate to have someone of Philippa’s calibre speaking up for Scotland during this pandemic. Her comments regarding procurement in NHS England are instructive, particularly after todays news in the Guardian. Financial exploitation of the health delivery system is fair game for budding entrepreneurs, especially when they’re donors and members of the conservative party.

    Profits before people every time.

  4. Is it not just nice to listen to folk who have a genuine belief in Scotland and away from the negative and the rabble rousing in other areas. That was good.

  5. Thank you WGD …that was a particularly enjoyable and informative dughoose dugcast….Dr. Phillipa Whitford is just such a brilliant person and broadcaster. You two get on like a house on fire!

    • Philippa is one of the good guys. She didn’t get into politics because she saw it as a good career move – she did it to protect the NHS and to help get independence.

  6. Excellent information. Paul, you should really record Skype interviews. It’s brilliant listening to interviews, but people like to see video. Also, put out a challenge on Twitter, Facebook… Invite any pro/anti Indy folk from all parties to have a conversation with you. Let them put their ‘point of view’ across. After all, is that what the media is meant to be? Opinions from all? Cheers!

  7. Very refreshing to listen to Dr. Whitford.
    Someone who really knows what they are talking about.
    These are the conversations we need to be having as Scotland goes forward.
    Thank you.

  8. Brilliant as always from two of our favs! Grassroots and community COVID 19 support are in general same folk. See it to be it! Acting like an independent country who can make our own decision, mistakes and solutions is empowering – from FM down to everyone in communities.

    Make the changes locally now (logistics and emotional/sociable support, community gardens / larders) and it will create an unstoppable wave of positive change ❤️

    Controlling power fears individuals becoming a movement so that’s what we need to do! We can’t afford not to take the right turn at the crossroads COVID 19 has presented us. X

  9. …. I’ll just throw ma “two cents” worth in and say …. damn guid interview with Philippa …. up there as one o’ the best “dugcast’s” yet ….. as they say in Music Hall ….. “More … More”

  10. Just listened to this, Paul, and it is, for me, the best EVER dugcast, just at the time we needed it most. INCREDIBLY UPLIFTING, and refreshingly positive. Trying to donate as frequently as I can. Which is a somewhat modest payment, as I’m on disability benefits. But I know it all adds up. Hoping you and the dug look after each other, and that you both STAY SAFE.

  11. Just caught up with this one. Great interview, Paul. What a wonderful woman. The strength in depth amongst SNP representatives is quite remarkable – made all the more so, by the paucity of intellectual and ethical quality in the British Nationalist representatives in Scotland.

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