Lockstep is a march off a cliff

“I’d rather not be reading the front pages of the newspapers at midnight to learn what Boris Johnson is planning,” said Nicola Sturgeon during her daily press conference on Thursday as she announced that there will be no lifting of lockdown measures in Scotland for at least the next three weeks. The Scottish Government has not been informed about what the British Government might be considering with respect to loosening lockdown measures, which has been widely touted in the British media.

This has proven to be typical. The British Government didn’t keep the Scottish Government fully informed about Brexit, and it’s repeating the same arrogance with the coronavirus crisis. This isn’t accidental. It’s deliberate. Still feel that Scotland is a loved and respected partner in a union?

For the past few days the Scottish Tories have been tweeting about the need for Scotland to come out of lockdown at the exact same time and in the exact same way as the rest of the UK. It seems that they’re being used to prepare the ground for the British Government to resist any attempt from the Scottish Government to frame its policies in ways which might differ from what Boris Johnson wants. This suggests that they’ve been privy to information from the British Government that the British Government hasn’t passed on to the Scottish Government. If that’s true, then it means that the Conservatives have stooped to using this human crisis, these thousands of deaths, as a crude means of political point scoring. That’s beneath contempt.

British nationalists are furious that Nicola Sturgeon has preempted the announcement that Boris Johnson is expected to make sometime over the next few days that he plans to loosen some of the lockdown restrictions. The public mood in Scotland isn’t in favour of loosening restrictions. We’d rather be safe than go shopping. But that doesn’t prevent the howls of outrage from British nationalists determined to find something to feel victimised about.

I get it, British nationalists oh sorry you’re not nationalists at all because you’re British, you’re committed to the United Kingdom and to Scotland remaining a part of it. That’s a perfectly respectable political position to take, even if it’s not one that I agree with. But it ought to amaze and appal any rational person to see them demanding that Scotland dies in lockstep with England and risks a second peak in coronavirus infections because Boris Johnson has bowed to the pressure of the Daily Mail and the Telegraph and a British nationalist press that’s hailing “magic Monday” as the day we come out of lockdown. And all in order to prove the spurious point that we’re all in this together as one British family. That’s the action of a fanatic. If it were the other way around and it was the Scottish Government which was talking about coming out of lockdown while England remained in stricter measures, those same British nationalists would be the very first to scream from the rooftops about how Nicola Sturgeon was about to kill people in the name of separatism.

Yet despite the fact that the scientific advice given to the Scottish Government is that it’s far too early to come out of lockdown, if Boris Johnson chooses to do so then Scotland must follow like a lamb to the slaughter. It is true that the rate at which new cases and deaths are being recorded appears to be slowing slightly, but it’s early days. Too early to insist as Johnson as done that we’re over the peak. It’s as if we are in a vehicle which is rapidly descending a winding and dangerous mountain road in a thick fog. We’ve got the brakes on and have managed to slow our descent a little. If we continue to do so we can get to the bottom of the mountain safely. Boris Johnson seems to think that this means that we can take the brakes off now.  Conservative demands that Scotland remains in lockstep with Boris Johnson is a demand that Scotland marches off a cliff.

It looks like this Conservative Government will end the lockdown in the way that it entered it – mistimed, mismanaged, catastrophic, and motivated primarily by political and economic considerations instead of considerations of public health. The death toll is still rising. The number of people being tested isn’t rising to anything like the promised levels, in fact over the past few days it’s fallen. Yet despite this Boris Johnson in his desperation to be the bearer of good news wants to announce an easing of lockdown, without it being scrutinised by Parliament and without it having the agreement of the devolved nations.

What justification does Boris Johnson have for easing the lockdown? Does his government have the virus under control? Has it successfully implemented mass testing and met the targets it set itself? Does it have a proven ability to trace and track? Is the much touted contact and trace app fully functional and all the bugs in the system ironed out? Does it have the ability to impose and enforce physical distancing in workplaces? Is there an adequate supply of PPE? The answer to all those questions is no. The UK still has a horrifyingly high rate of infections, a very low rate of testing, and almost no measures in place to trace those who have been in contact with infected people and advise them to go into quarantine.

The only justification that Johnson has for easing lockdown restrictions is that he’s being pressured to do so by the right wing Brexit cheerleading press, which is terrified that the economic impact of the virus will cause the UK to request the EU for an extension to the transitional period. That’s what this is about. It’s not about public health. It’s not about the greater good. Yet again it’s about British exceptionalism and bloody Brexit. Yet again it’s about putting money before people. It’s the British way.

Everyone agrees that we need to come out of lockdown as soon as possible. No one wants to remain shut up at home deprived of contact with friends and family, unable to work and to function. But it should only be done when it’s safe to do so and the reality is that the British Government has not put in place the necessary protective measures needed to allow the UK to come out of lockdown safely and without risking another spike in infections.

The BBC in Scotland and the British nationalist media in Scotland are most preoccupied that there could be confusion in Scotland if the Scottish Government’s guidelines differed from those of the British Government. Perhaps the BBC could have some sort of Scottish news on the television, allowing them to clearly explain the position to us? You know, like you might expect from a national broadcaster that demands that the public pay to support it. Perhaps the newspapers in Scotland could report what the Scottish Government was doing instead of using it as an opportunity to attack Thatessempee.

Throughout this crisis the British Government has led the UK into one disaster after another, which has led to the UK being the worst affected state in Europe. And now they are sowing confusion by coming out of the lockdown in the worst possible way, by leaking bits of information to selected press outlets instead of consulting with the devolved governments and basing their advice to the public on publicly accessible scientific information and in an co-ordinated way. It’s not the Scottish Government which is creating confusion here, it’s the British Government.

Every single government around the world has performed better than the British Government. Perhaps the British Government would do a whole lot better if it acted in lockstep with other governments which are performing better than it is rather than insisting that the Scottish Government replicates the errors of the Conservatives. It’s time for Nicola Sturgeon to say enough is enough, and to openly resist any attempt from Boris Johnson to come out of lockdown which is not based on publicly available scientific evidence. The UK is not a suicide pact.

And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…

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97 thoughts on “Lockstep is a march off a cliff

  1. This is clearly Boris Johnson wanting some good PR – for Boris Johnson . He does NOT want to be the bearer of bad news – that is anathema to his type of narcissistic personality . He wants to be loved !
    Luckily for him circumstances have conspired over the early part of his reign to shield him from the worst aspects of reporting the toll this virus was taking on the UK people ; the rising death toll , the lack of PPE , the lack of testing : his minions were thrown into the limelight to take the flak for that .
    But now he is back and cannot , just cannot tolerate having to bring unpleasant facts to the public arena – hence the upbeat message at PM’s Questions ( despite the worst death toll in Europe ) .

    Expect more of this – Boris Johnson does not do bad news ! He may even trump Trump by suggesting , not only does disinfectant kill the virus , but that HMG will be offering vouchers for free supplies of Dettol !

  2. I see the Tories have managed to ‘persuade’ the ‘independent’ Bank of England that lock down needs to end.

    Folk will not be happy to follow that advice and put their families, friends and work colleagues in harms way. If it’s a fight BJ wants then that’s what he’ll get.

    He definitely is NOT following the science unless he has ‘persuaded’ the scientists to say differently.

    Or got a new set of scientists…

  3. Thank you WGD. I can’t bear to watch the Westminster stuff anymore – its like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – with Monty Python thrown in. Matt Hancock is a recurrent living nightmare of panic, confusion, hysteria, high-pitched excitement, nonsense- an awful lot of nonsense- and – the other day – viciousness. The Scottish Parliament HAS to stand firm for all our sakes. The next nightmare has begun- the very very special Tory mutation of testing and tracking- uniquely ridiculous – like the PPE from Turkey that never happened. The Scottish Parliament HAS to stand firm.

  4. Boris treats Scotland like this because he can. He is a typical Eton bully. He has tested the victim previously and they just whine a little befor handing over their pocket money.

    Bullies only back off when the pain outweighs the gain.

    We need give him some grief.

  5. I am very happy to have come across your writings. A good dose of common sense goes a long ways to inspire people.
    Thank you

  6. Well said indeed, this nonsense has gone too far now…
    Your second last paragraph elegantly summarises the ongoing debacle, a game orchestrated by #10 for nought but political objectives in manipulating public opinion to bring confusion to what was a clear and cogent strategy by SG. As to Scottish participants, Jack-a-Tory and Carpark in particular, any remaining credibility is now shot, expect no sympathy for what follows.

    OT – Watched the Trevor Noah interview with Dr Anders Tegnell this afternoon, most interesting from the Swedish perspective, both good and bad. Nice to hear a scientist speak openly rather than a charlatan repeat “following the science”….

  7. Boris Johnson is a bull. Not just a bully. Firstly because he’s in the pay of murky interests in The City. Secondly he’s bullish about most things he does – makes ill-considered decisions, then blusters through them. He’s more like a bull in a china shop. We’re the china.

  8. There are stirrings back home that we will not take this lying down – I only wish that it gets pushed further and Drakeford steps up to the plate. I’ll try to keep you updated of developments – but I trust any lurking compatriots will share the burden.

    Anyhow, latest appears to be that the Education Minister (sole Lib Dem in the Senedd) has said that Welsh schools will NOT re-open before 1 June. Education is of course devolved, so Westminster should have no say in this matter.

    Matters set-up for an almighty stooshie, methinks. wales, Scotland stand firm against the bull-headed tyrant and his hangers-on and his incestuous media supporters.

    This will not end well – but the public health of our citizens in Cymru and Scotland calls for nothing less. Otherwise, to adopt a favourite trope of Jack Collatin on here:

    “Aux armes, citoyens!”

      • I think you’ll find that the folks in the highlands will be able to handle the situation themselves. Just like they did when the first wave of caravans arrived a few weeks ago,

      • If my home settlement (too big for village, too small for town) is anything to go by, the locals (including resident incomers) will “run them out of town”.

        In the next village they have even seen off a local who did something silly and brought Covid19 in.

  9. I watched Nicola.give a superb performance in answering questions about
    The Coronavirus updates to a shower of low life vipers.(.bar one.) who call themselves journalists.they do not know the word honest journalism.Nicola.
    Even had to repeat back to one of them.(.what part of my answer can you
    Not understand.) they are all out everyday to do anything.to try and destroy
    Nicola Sturgeon.and the SNPBAAAAD.all in the name of trying to protect a rotten
    To the core.discredited Westminster government.(.they are failing.)
    The very sad thing is in Scotland very many are willing to swallow it all
    And sadly in Scotland.many of them no matter what.will never change.
    Scotland has to become an independent nation.stand on our own two feet.
    And we will become a very prosperous country.and the sooner the better.
    The sooner we get out of this discredited Britnat union the better.

  10. I am convinced that Johnson and Cumming aided and abetted by the Scottish Tories are hoping that if there is a relaxation of lockdown in England that the Scottish public will demand the same . Nicola Sturgeon has explained that the R figure is still to high here and the gains we have made would be wiped out if rates of infection increase . The Verminous Tories and their friends in the media would gleefully destroy her . I hope she stands firm and gets the support of all fair minded folk including her critics in the Yes movement . The Tories in Scotland are a disgrace time to call them out .

  11. Indyref promises and assurances from Cameron’s government…. Better (?) Together’s narrative.

    How’s that ‘leading with’ bit working out d’you think? How listened to, appreciated, accepted, do you feel? This isn’t the UK Scotland’s population were promised, but sadly it is the UK a goodly number of the YES movement believed it would be.

  12. Other than tinkering around the edges for another three weeks I don’t think Johnson will make any significant relaxations of the restrictions. I think things such as beer gardens reopening are just hot air.

    It’s just to big a risk for him and his government if he gets it wrong and has to tighten the lockdown again. That would surely be not just a disaster for him but for all those extra people who would die.

    Of course, I might be totally wrong and this isn’t just can kicking for now by Johnson in order to satisfy the right wing nutters in his party and the media but he might actually mean what he’s saying. If he does then I will confidently predict England will be under lockdown again in a matter of weeks.

    He could also try and blame Sturgeon for slowing up the relaxing of restrictions so as the UK can do this “in lockstep”. That way he will deflect all the anger at Nicola Sturgeon and take away the heat from himself.

    I obviously don’t have a clue what his plans are and how far he will go with them, only thing I am certain about is that I don’t trust him an inch and I fully expect another cock-up disguised as a great success.

    • Must admit I’m leaning towards ” I’d like to go farther but Scotland is being awkward ” from Johnstone…
      As you say Alex…. It’s a big risk to go too far…
      Unless of course, they still want to “thin” the heard and are depending on their tame media to cover for them!!

      • Johnson trying to pass on the Blame to Scotland could backfire too though. Might be the right wing rags and Brexiters shout that he is to ignore Scotland, it’s not their problem and for him to get on with doing what England demand lol

        He should just tell the truth but that’s a step too far of course for a liar like Johnson.

  13. Any body heard anything from Petra yet?
    Or have any way of contacting her?
    I’m getting a bit concerned!
    If you’re reading Petra ….can you let us know your ok…
    The longer you leave it ..the bigger trouble you’ll be in for worrying us 🙂

    • The email address that she used to register on this blog doesn’t appear to be a genuine one. Quite often people do that because they don’t want to give out their real details to some random blog, but it means I have no way of contacting her.

    • I have also noticed she has not been around recently. She hasn’t commented on the indyef2 site recently either. She usually comments a lot (of good stuff). Very worrying. Hope she is ok

    • I’ve asked that too on other sights because Petra always had something to say on things. It’s been a bit more than a week since I’ve seen or heard anything at all from her.

      Hope that she’s all right.

  14. Ok thanks Paul….it’s just not like her to not engage for so long….It was a week ago she was last on the YesIndy blog …hopefully she turns up well soon ….

  15. Great article.

    London blitz over 25000 dead. I repeat less than COVId deaths. Yesterday we have 2 Lockerbie disasters. Since this nightmare began we have had another 18 or so. Not even counting those persons impacted and forever damaged albeit they have survived. How many more deaths?

    Our future must not be dependent on a guy who thought is was smart to boast on how many hands he shook in a hospital against all the advice. NHS England’s heid yin’s are complicit. They accidentally leaked tonight that England’s r figure increased last week. If only they could bite their tongue. Still that’s better than the several hundred who are trying to breath tonight and tomorrow and……..

    Economics . The worst since 1706. Not sure why that timescale seems familiar.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    Oh then we have Brexit……..

  16. Watching Nicola’s speech today it sounded to me that she was subtly implying that if it came to the crunch she would be prepared to shut the border.
    I feel there’s a constitutional stushie coming on Sunday and in my view not before time.

    We are NOT coming out of lockdown until WE are ready. Regardless of what England wants.

  17. Paul you are 100% “BANG on the MONEY” with the banner,
    Better Together told us Scotland was a partner in a family of nations.

    • That “Churchill – Oh Yes” clip is going to do overtime shortly…
      Read the message earlier from Adam Price and thought oh shit, there isn’t a big enough fan..

  18. This Tory party should be booted out of power now.a disgusting shower
    Of self centred chancers.words fail. if one needs anymore proof why.just
    watch the first part of channel .4. Evening news.that will open anyone’s
    eyes as towards how They have treated the NHS.
    I cannot believe how people would try and justify that this conservative
    Party are worthy of being in power.
    Lets get independence.and get out of this totally discredited union.(.NOW.)

    • Booted out of power ? They should be tried before the Hague Tribunal along with their facilitators, collaborators and crucially, advisors… One can but dream of justice served, best we can manage is severance and a swift kick in the balls, Patel particularly hard…

      • Bob Lamont.
        You cannot believe that people up here voted Tory and succeeded
        In getting 6.elected as their mp.and not one of them have done anything
        To promote Scotlands cause.infact more likely to help cause damage
        To Scotland.absolutely totally disgusting Britnat unionists.
        Roll on independence.

      • Errm, I don’t think that she (ahem) is thus equipped, Bob.

        Have a word with the missus, maybe…?

    • With the system totally rigged in Englands favour and England being dumb enough to vote conservative. What was it better together said during indyref1 that Scotland leaving the UK would doom England to permanent tory rule yeah dont need Scottish independence to doom itself to tory rule forever Englands doing just fine at it alone.

  19. The announcement by Johnson on Sunday is going to fall flat as it looks like they are backtracking already on the hints given by the media as to what restrictions might be lifted as soon as Monday.

    “It came after headlines suggesting Boris Johnson plans to lift a swathe of restrictions in England, including allowing unlimited exercise, the return of some sports, park picnics, and the opening of pub and cafe gardens.

    The media reports also said the UK Government intended to scrap the “stay at home” slogan – but Downing Street has sought to play down these claims.

    Johnson intends to make an address to the nation on Sunday concerning the lockdown

    Sturgeon said the PM had been “at pains” to say he would not be “proposing some early substantial lifting of restrictions”.


    • I think the FM rather deftly “queered his pitch” today by making any London-inspired “dash for the exit”, carefully timed for the (presumed) afterglow of the VE Day jollies, a clear breach of the very “four (ahem) nations” unity that their proxies up here have been insisting upon ad nauseam. A lose-lose for them.

      Clever – done with aplomb yet with such transparent sincerity also. Nice one, Nicola!

      • Agreed, that was a big part of it. This government makes up policy on the hoof. They don’t make plans and debate in parliament like they should. Instead, they fly kites in order to gauge public opinion and the mood of the media and no doubt the devolved nations too.

        Government by leaking draft documents to favoured journalists in No 10 briefings is not the way to govern a country. As for Johnson’s announcement on Sunday. one journalist yesterday said he had heard of 7 different drafts of the statement.

        Ludicrous, but totally unsurprised given who’s in the big chair at No 10 and who his main policy advisor is.

        • I think Johson’s unlocking headlines will go the same way as his privatise the BBC when he realises the importance of these things in keeping Scotland under Westminster control.
          Closing the border would seriously undermine their ein volk,ein reich mantra.

  20. Channel 4 news tonight opened with a long and very shocking piece on the national stock of PPE supposedly held in readiness for a pandemic. Joe refers to it in his post above.

    The PPE stock levels were run down and the majority of the stuff was out of date – long out of date and thus providing little protection. And of course a private company had the contract for storing it.

    Watch it here:


    • Leverwood.
      Thanks for putting this on for others to see.

  21. The Tories use of the British press in their releasing of information is also a trade off with the press
    The Press will do the Tories job if the Tories comply and do the owners of the Press’s will. it’s a symbiotic parasitical relationship between the two and it’s always about money, and truth be told it’s always worked in England
    Scotland was always more cynical but also has developed more savvy over the years as to the games they play in that big London
    The English are not so much more gullible but are unconcerned because they live there and if it benefits them, all well and good, and the only time England becomes concerned is if those papers inform that population that Scotland is taking their money then they immediately want to believe every word written in those papers that they didn’t believe a word of the day before

    How in the name of the wee man can anyone in Scotland continue to believe Unionism is good for Scotland when the country Scotland is in Union with is told so many lies that they believe them yet still want to own us Verminous thieving under a bridge drunks who steal their money

    Because when it comes down to it Scotland is like homes under the hammer, an investment they can’t let go of in the hope of one day getting more rent , or if they can find it so far north they might consider a holiday in the colony, like Jamaica

    Well, we are British

  22. With no evidence of it passing. With a spike in infection rates among hospital staff. With the knowledge that Jeremy Hunt had ordered a reduction in PPE gear by 40% to make MASSIVE SAVINGS!(tm) when he was in charge of fucking the NHS over. Now the Arsehole in Chief wants to get everyone together again. The stupid fuckers are going for this to hopefully avoid any more scrutiny of their colossal failings as a government. The Morons are all happy clappy. Any moment now I can expect Capt Puce of the UK continuity party to demand Scotland’s unconditional surrender, and that we must obey his wee queen and her fleg.

  23. This article in the Guardian is absolutely damming of the actions of the government on the crap messages coming out of Downing Street. Even many Tories are unhappy.

    “Tory insiders say the tensions inside the cabinet and wider party have led to a battle over the right strategy, and hence some of the confusion…

    Criticism of the government’s approach is also coming from members of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), with scientists increasingly frustrated about information being given out piecemeal in political briefings, rather than communicated factually at the right time.

    “It’s really unhelpful to have bits and pieces of information leaked,” one Sage adviser said. “They are going to have to undo, now, a lot of damage. The government needs to come out before Sunday. The sooner there is some damage limitation, and that’s what we’re talking about, the better.


  24. Have a look at France’s plan for relaxing the lockdown,It is by area and the level of virus testing.Areas with low levels can be relaxed and Paris etc with still high levels will remain in lockdown.
    If they’re going with area controls I can’t see why we must do it all together except with reference to the slowest.
    Currently Midlands and Cumbria are seeing a big increase in people reporting symptoms.
    Close the border ,Nicola, or the caravan holiday companies will sell the virus to us.

  25. The C4 News coverage of the NHS stockpiling in England is certainly damning.

    Then there is this from 2017 on how the ‘stockpiling’ of PPE for an anticipated influenza epidemic was handled in England.

    Source: https://www.england.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/nhs-england-pandmic-influenza-operating-framework-v2.pdf

    This document states: “The stockpiles are composed of pre-identified key items of personal protective equipment (PPE) (including hygiene consumables) as well as clinical countermeasures such as antivirals and antibiotics, and the consumables necessary to deliver pandemic specific vaccine (PSV).”

    But then notably it states: “Many of the items are already in place in warehouses (termed ‘just in case’ stockpiles), while others will be procured through ‘just in time’ contracts (meaning they will be ordered when needed).“

    So some of the ’stockpile’ is not really a stockpile at all but rather ‘ready to initiate’ contracts with manufacturers/suppliers. This begs a number of questions. What was the balance between these two factors and on what products? Was this a simple cost saving measure, i.e. don’t spend in advance of need? Were manufacturing volumes pre-set and unchanged since 2017 under these ‘just in time’ contracts? Or was added demand due to the Coronavirus pandemic in England so high such as to mop up available ‘just in time’ delivery capacity of the previously contracted suppliers? If the latter, did NHS England’s demands get priority because of these prior contracts and crowd out the needs of others?

    How was Scotland’s equivalent emergency stockpile configured? Anyone know?

  26. Perhaps sage, is not the best place for scientific advice, doesn’t Dominic cummings sit on the board? And all top secret, hush hush if you search,
    Maybe I am just an old cynic, but if the so called herd immunity means some people have to die, as Boris so proudly announced once,
    I picture the Tory government dreaming of all their dreams coming true and all the ramifications of covid19 and Brexit happening in the same year.
    The 50s women pensioners, who were cheated on their pensions might disappear,
    the P,i,p might disappear,
    sanctioned benefits deaths might disappear,
    the Northern Ireland border problem might disappear,
    the broken union might disappear, investigation into the tracker app that is owned by one of Dominic Cummings friends in the vote leave campaign might disappear,
    the damaged economy might disappear,
    the old And aged might disappear,
    the investigations of Grenfill might disappear,
    the investigations into dirty Tory money might disappear,
    information on vaccines for profit could disappear,
    the private companies that are owned by tories and their friends, like ferries, that have no ferries, might disappear etc, etc,
    Everything could be swept under the carpet, because Brexit and covid19 make a cruel but convenient blanket, nothing to see here, let’s all move on. And it certainly stopped the rise of resistance around the world, where the people of many different countries were protesting against their governments.

    I have probably read all the wrong propaganda and listened to to much alternative media,

  27. ITN news says Scotlands FM was on the phone to Johnson and after she’d finished talking he backed down, their words not mine
    The FM also came in for similar words on the SKY news preview

    It looks like these emergency powers that were transferred to the FMs of the devolved Nations are more powerful than first thought and they’re prepared to use them making Johnson look like a Wally if it’s three to one against him

    Of course if that’s the case we can await the revenge of the outraged Tory boys

    • Johnson can be led easily if you tug the ring on his nose.

      He will go anywhere that he is being led if the person doing the pulling is stronger willed than him. He is a weakling that has been made Prime Minister so as to work on behalf of those that had ideas they wanted to aim for but saw the EU was an obstacle.

      He is NOT a Prime Minister that has reached such high office because of his abilities.

      He got there because of his ability to be easily manipulated by those that would manipulate him. Cummings is his minder always whispering in his ear, he is a manipulator.

      Bojo really is a CLOWN who thinks he is exceptional and doesn’t even know that he is a fool, he cares for no one other than himself. He needs to be loved.

      He was a Bullingdon Boy after all, the type that burn £20 notes under the noses of the homeless.

      “The Bullingdon Club is a private all-male dining club for Oxford University students. It is known for its wealthy members, grand banquets, boisterous rituals, and occasionally mischievous behaviour, including vandalism of restaurants and students’ rooms.”


      • Boris Johnson, David Cameron, George Osborne all Bullingdon Boys a wee gang of rich boys.

        That’s who the voters in England have chosen to lead the UK for the last decade. Why would anybody be surprised that they have made a mess of governing and right now are doing even worse?

  28. Great article thanks Paul.

    So we are non the wiser with regard to what exactly Johnson and his cabal have in store re the lockdown. Were they and the media hoping for a public frenzy and outcry to unlock the lockdown?
    Maybe they thought ah, what if the devolved (nations) think we are easing up on things, they follow suit, like they should, and their populations demand they follow suit, then, ta dah! N o real lifting of lockdown in England, but SNP bad bad bad for lifting lockdown, tut tut.

    They the Britnat EngGov are almost acting as if at war with Scotland, ( and Wales) ie, don’t reveal your plans, plot behind the scenes, throw much confusing info into the mix using your completely compliant Britnat media, and Bob’s your uncle, cat among the pigeons or so they hoped!

    It doesn’t quite work like that though does it.

    Trying to catch the ScotGov out, by withholding vital information, the Britnat Gov are treating Scotland with utter contempt, more and more people see that now. The union, so called, is in it’s last throws, it can’t be salvaged now, too much water under the bridge, might as well part on good terms it’s best for all involved.

    Scotland is on a different path, a life affirming one, a forward looking outward looking path. It’s for the best, it really is.

  29. I’m pretty well convinced now that the FM wasn’t kept in the loop after Johnson’s briefing in December regarding Covid -19. The recent revelation that the SG was denied access to the results of covid testing in Scotland only strengthens that conviction and leads me to the conclusion that Johnson is only interested in undermining the efforts of the SG in combating the the virus. The media have a lot to answer for in this matter.

  30. For a man who was at death’s door a week or so ago, Johnson looks remarkably rotund and his weight has ballooned markedly.
    He looks like sh!t, is I believe, the technical medical term for a man who enjoys food and drink just a little too much.
    The bags under his eyes have developed bags of their own, and it looked as though it took great physical effort for him to stagger from number 10 and clap the heroes last night.
    His meaningless bumbling defence of his strategy on Care Homes at PQQ when he faced Starmer for the first time had all the hall marks of a Trump rambling spluttering flight of deluded fancy.

    I have given up watching the ‘Get Sturgeon’ bunch of Brit Nat We Love Boris Hacks and broadcasters who attempt to harangue Nicola Sturgeon every day at the daily COVID 19 Update.

    Boris Johnson is going to let the English out to play golf, go fishing, and drink in beer gardens? Why is she not letting Scots out to spread the virus in our clubs and pubs. (This from ‘Sevvie’ Carrell?)
    See that Sturgeon? Bassa.

    Well, if Johnson lifts the restrictions on travel in England, and a dentist from Kent and their family head to Jockland in their SUV this week end, they are breaking the law as soon as they cross into God’s Little Acre.
    Their car insurance is invalid.

    So if they prang my car, they will be personally liable; and I have a clause in my insurance to sue the pants off them.

    And that’s just for starters.

    I am sure that the Polis would want to throw a book at them too.

    Who, on here, would pack their family and luggage in the car and drive hundreds of miles uninsured, and breaking the law?

    • To be honest Jack, I play golf 4 times a week and I’ve got serious withdrawal symptoms, can’t think of any place easier to isolate than on a golf course, but if Nicola allowed golf it wouldn’t be long before the clamour started to allow other sports. Johnson’s a fool if he allows it. I read something yesterday regards Johnson’s stay in hospital. A whistleblower says it was nothing to do with Coronavirus, but other issues, not that we didn’t suspect that already.

      • Many of our Rat Pack play golf, and I have two neighbours, one sellick one ranjurs, but who are joined at the hip when it comes to fishin’. Our lowest common denominator?

        The rub a dub, and draught beer.
        We all suffer in our own way.
        I’m 72, and if I catch this, there is a considerable chance that I shall die, and excritiating deat.
        I can forego Guinness until a vaccine is developed.
        It is hard…
        But the hacks are using this as a divide and conquer tactic, ‘politically’; it’s all Nicola Sturgeon’s fault. She is killing Neil Findlay’s mother, don’t you know?
        What a low life of a man using his mother’s plight to ‘get one over’ on Nasty Nic.

        EssEnnPee Bad, do or die.

        If we come out of lockdown, while you sink a put at the 19th, I die..
        BBC Distorting Scotland abandoned any notion of being a source of reporting news yesterday. They announce that Boris Johnson is to announce easements in the lockdown on Sunday..but omit the ‘in England’ proviso.
        BBC Scotland speaks for NHS London, and the English political strategy.

        Indeed there is not even a token effort to pretend that there is a’BBC Scotland’ any more.

        They are the North Korean equivalent of the conduit of news from a fat womanising bloated Fool, Johnson’s Press Agents.

        They just airbrush Nicola out of the conversation, at leats when not slagging her off on camera with the rest of their assembled Hack Pack.

        How about a big sign at the border, facing southwards. ‘You will be stopped and charged with driving without valid insurance if you come in to Scotland.’
        You have been warned. Stay Out or face our wrath.’

  31. Brit Nats Whit are they like? I’m out and about doing deliveries in my van, and in the leafy suburbs (typical Tory areas?) During the guid weather I’ve noticed wee gatherings of people, mostly older people sitting on their wee chairs. They were all out on the pavement, no’ in their gairdens. Social distancing? Naw! Not for us!
    One particular street wis just aboot like a street party.
    I was wondering if they were practicing for VE day, or just bored wi’ the lockdown.
    Was listening to the light programme oan the Ukbc shortbreid and a chiel comes on and says Scot Gov are making a total shambles of this. He’s taking all his advice and instructions from the UK government (as if that was an option). Anything the Scottish Government does is just to create separation.
    The other shoe dropped for me. Are these sick bastards prepared to risk thousands of lives because of Britnattery, well, reasons?

    Have to say during my daily bike pedal, I’ve met a few people who are a bit fairer. Will never vote SNP or for independence but say that Nicola Sturgeon is playing a blinder, as well as Jason Leitch, who seems quite popular with them. They appreciate the quality of the information from Scot Gov in general. When Bawjaws or Westminster are mentioned ? A weary shake of the head.

    • Some people in this village were having a barbecue last night, but after days of gorgeous weather it started to rain so they all had to head indoors! They all seemed old enough to have more sense!

      Meanwhile the village War Memorial is bedecked with union bunting, massive flags of various kinds and a permanent massive union flag up a flagpole which was only erected a decade or so ago, interestingly just as the SNP were in the ascendancy. I don’t think it was a coincidence. Prior to this and for the many decades since I moved into this area, almost the only time the War Memorial was visited was on Remembrance Sunday and there were very few flags which would be removed after the service. You would think that given the history of the Highlands and its people that Scots Highlanders would have more pride in and feeling for their own land. Apparently not.

      It’s an extremely sad reflection on the mentality of too many Scots who prefer to look to another land for guidance and leadership. And those people in the independence movement who continually rail against the SNP should perhaps take a wee look round at some of their fellow countrymen/women and ask themselves why they think the way they do and why their loyalties lie elsewhere because they are the ones holding the country back not the SNP.

        • The ones I know of are all Scots, but there are a few non-locals around, too. To be fair, however, there were several groups of Yes-voting folks from the south in 2014. It’s the Scots I feel particularly sad about, however.

  32. Good luck to you all today, as we live through the duration of Britnattery regarding VE Day ‘celebrations’.

    Now where did I leave my bunker?

    See you on the other side.

    • Have just read the article and hopefully, he will do the right thing and not blindly follow Westminster.

      You might want to educate the first commenter on the article regarding Scottish media. He writes:

      “Scotland has a vigorous national media which would promote Holyrood’s message, and there’s a pretty vast tract of thinly populated country between the populous areas of England and the central belt of Scotland where most Scots live. English telly’s not readily accessible where most Scots live.”

      His post was pretty good and he means well but like most that don’t live in Scotland is totally deluded about the “Scottish” media. I would do it myself but thought it might be better if it came from a fellow countryman 🙂

        • You did good, you have just had a reply to your post and a very good explanation given for his views on the “Scottish” media. He has only spent one day in Scotland and that was 50 years ago!

          • It’s mixing with you guys – and being a Member of the Party that does it!

            Plus you will have seen my photo side by side with Nicola on Carlton Hill in 2013 and on the BBC during the 2014 Annual Conference. In both cases with the red dragon flag.

            I’ve seen his reply and given him an up tick.

            We await Drakeford’s announcement …

            Tros Gymru / For Scotland.

          • I’d send you mine, if I could, Keith!

            Otherwise, look out for me on the YouTube video during Nicola’s first speech to Conference as Leader. 🙂

  33. VE Day. The Tories are killing off any survivors. How can people be so stupid to fall for the propaganda. With what the NHS and other people are going through.
    Stay safe get rid of the Tory/unionists.

    The Tories are investing in nuclear discredited in the 1950’s. Wasting more public money. Plutonium developed in the UK is used to make nuclear weapons in the US. 50% more nuclear waste is being discharged at Faslane in the Clyde. Scotland used as a dump. Thatcher ruined economic development on the Clyde. Kept it secret under the Official Secrets Act.

    The military are sworn to secrecy, under the Official Secrets Act.

    Iraq, Dunblane and Lockerbie kept secret for 100 years.

    Churchill lost to a landslide victory in 1945. Johnston will be gone before long. A habitual sycophant liar.

    Sir Kramer up trying to stir it. The Aberdeen Labour criminals ruining the City. Kept in place be a two job Tory. Wasting public money like water building empty shops and offices.

    Instead of pedestrianisation and open spaces the public requires. A concrete jungle. An appalling monstrosity. Wasting £Millions that could be better spent on social care and essential services. The elderly.

    Findlay should look after his own father. Instead of criticising the people and services keeping him alive. Their dedication is saving people’s lives.

    Another three weeks of isolation. More people are on the roads. People going back to work?

  34. yes Ken, it’s noticed here that people are no longer staying indoors.
    Near me I have TWO building jobs underway ,all day working from early, with between 4 and 6 workers,not socially isolating, travelling into the job in 2 vans. Deliveries of material and removal of waste.
    They’re not going to catch anything as they tell me they’re young.
    Keep safe all.

  35. I tend to look at the ending Of lockdown like this, the building is on fire, everyone out. Oh good the fire is now past it’s peak, everyone back in. Buffoons in WM.

  36. Hi there I’m just checking in after going AWOl for a while. The first time that I’ve not been on pro-independence sites on a daily basis for 8 years now. I’ve been feeling pretty well ill (coronavirus? however with no breathing problems) and still finding it hard to lift my head off of the pillow. Feels as though I’ve been battered from head to toe with a baseball bat. I see that a number of people are concerned about me going ”missing” and I just want to reassure everyone that I’m still alive, but not really kicking as yet. Thanks for the show of concern folks. It’s really cheered me up and I’ll be back as soon as. Meanwhile continue to keep up the good work X

  37. Aw…great to hear your ok Petra, we were worried.
    Take good care of yourself. x
    Give us the odd hi when you can. 🙂

  38. Goodness. Hope you did not have the coronavirus. That is so scary. It just shows the need to continue the isolation for a bit longer. Even though it is a pain.

    The poor NHS workers what they are going through. It does not bear thinking about. The worry of it all.

    Stay safe. Stay in. It will come to an end soon, hopefully.

  39. Petra, welcome back, although, and I am loathe to say this, it could be that the extreme fatigue is a symptom? Can you get a test?

    This bloody covid is growing horns, tails and talons as it mutates its way through the human race, taking on different guises as it fills its greed.
    Greed, just like the fat blob of jellified nastiness in the south with his groping, lecherous tentacles, (even testicles, he seems unable to keep himself in check) sucking in those who cannot see past the lies.

    And…The media can go and shite, Nicola is Right.

    There now. I feel a bit more human.

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