Not ageing well


Back in early March the Daily Telegraph, the house zine of the Boris Johnson fan club, published a piece by its commissioning editor Asa Bennett which extolled the British Government’s efforts to manage the coronavirus crisis. The article is hiding behind a paywall, which is possibly just as well as it helps to spare Asa’s blushes. Or at least it would spare his blushes if he wasn’t a cheerleader for Boris Johnson, a job for which the only qualification is to have your sense of shame surgically removed via your colon. Or better still, never to have possessed any conception of shame in the first place – which explains why Michael Gove enjoys such prominence in public life.

“Firmly and calmly, the UK is leading Europe in the fight against the coronavirus,” gushed Asa as he praised the efforts of Matt Hancock and the Tory Government’s “pragmatic and proportonate approach”. The UK, he told us, “is empirically the most capable country in Europe at dealing with an epidemic.” He oozed on, “Boffins deemed that the UK was second only to the United States in its ability to deal with medical threats, and the best in the world at fighting a disease like Covid-19.”

Oh dear. Well, that one has aged really well, hasn’t it.

As of Friday 8 May, the UK was indeed leading Europe and it is also second only to the USA. Way to go, Asa. It’s just that it was leading in terms of the number of deaths from Covid-19 and behind only the USA in the recorded death toll. While ordinary key workers magnificently rise to the challenge posed by this crisis, the British Government has been mired in incompetence, confusion, and mismanagement.

Despite the paeans of the Daily Telegraph, a leaked government report published this week proves that the British Government was warned well in advance that its preparations for a pandemic were hopelessly inadequate. The report, commissioned by Public Health England after a pandemic simulation in 2016, warned the British Government that the contingencies prepared for a potential pandemic would not be able to cope. It specifically warned that social care providers would be unprepared and left without vital equipment. Despite this, the British Government did nothing, obsessed as it was with Brexit means Brexit.  British Government ministers might try to hide behind “the science”, they might try to avoid comparisons with other countries in Europe. But the inescapable fact is that they were warned to get the UK prepared four years ago, and they did nothing.

This is a government which is incapable even the most basic function of a government, delivering a clear and unambiguous message, never mind delivering PPE to frontline workers or delivering the number of tests that it promised.

Yesterday the papers were telling us that Boris Johnson was set to loosen the lockdown on Monday of next week, hailing it as magic Monday. This came about following the usual secret briefings from British Government figures off the record to favoured journalists. However this blew up in Johnson’s face yesterday as everyone who isn’t the right wing press pointed out that the UK is not remotely close to being in a position to make a significant liberalisation of the existing restrictions. It would risk a second peak in infections and even more people could die. Nicola Sturgeon announced that she would not be pressurised into loosening lockdown measures in Scotland until the scientific advice was solidly behind it. The sound of handbrakes screeching as Number 10 performed a rapid U-turn could be heard as far away as Scotland.

However now there’s considerable confusion amongst the public about what is and is not permissible. The police have warned that it may not be possible for them to enforce lockdown restrictions this weekend. This has not been helped by wall to wall coverage on the telly of VE Day street parties in England, which isn’t at all about British nationalism. Oh no. However not even the desperate to be Brits of BBC Scotland news management were able to find a street party in Scotland to show off. Possibly this is not unrelated to the fact that the very few houses and gardens bedecked with patriotically British bunting in Scotland tend to be occupied by middle aged men sporting shaved heads and Rangers shirts and which are blasting out sectarian music.

Back in WW2 the UK was led by Winston Churchill. These days it’s led by a wannabe Churchill. It’s like being nostalgic for Elvis and electing an overweight out of tune half cut Elvis impersonator in a bad wig. Boris Johnson’s government is incapable of giving out a consistent message. Even a small child is able to do that much, which means that we’ve now got a government in Westminster which is less capable than a five year old on a sugar high.

The mixed messaging from the British Government has meant that some people are now confused about what sort of trips they are allowed to do. Cumbria police tweeted that not everyone is obeying the lockdown restrictions, after they stopped a car on the M6 heading to Scotland. The vehicle contained a family of four from London who were heading to Motherwell for a three day holiday.

Some people are just unbelievable. I mean – Motherwell. When was the last time you heard of anyone going to Motherwell on a recreational trip that didn’t involve class A drugs? Because that’s the only way you could ever imagine that you’re going to sunbathe on the golden sands amidst the balmy palm trees on Merry Street. I’m not sure what’s worse, the fine they’re going to get, or the fact they were going to Motherwell on holiday. Motherwell is so 2019. Everyone knows that Coatbridge is where it’s at this season. The police say that the vehicle’s occupants were advised to turn around and head back to London, but let’s be honest here, if you’re dealing with people who think Motherwell is a holiday destination they are probably too far gone for advice.

A group of eejits from London got stopped on the M6, but multimillionaire Tory donor Christopher Moran made it all the way from London to his sprawling Highland estate. The police have not advised him of anything, but then when you’re a Tory laird you’re way beyond being told to consider the needs of other people. You’ve already pretty much admitted that you define yourself by entitlement, privilege and greed.

The real lessons we need to learn from this terrible crisis are that we’re not all in this together, that the British Government’s lack of preparedness is lethal, that the British state has failed its citizens at the most fundamental level, and most of all that Scotland would certainly have done better without being tied to the millstone of British exceptionalism. It’s not just Daily Telegraph articles which haven’t aged well during this crisis, it’s also the reputation of the British state.

And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…

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61 thoughts on “Not ageing well

  1. It’s all about the message or is it?

    The message a couple of days ago was cafe and pub gardens being opened, unrestricted exercise allowed and even some sports were going to go ahead. Right bang on a bank holiday weekday and wall to wall VE day celebrations on the Great British Propaganda channel.

    But now, there’s back peddling right enough, but is it not the fact that the damage to the “Stay Home” message has already been done? Maybe that was the plan all along, get people’s hopes up, especially those under 35 that it’s now OK to go about your business and carry on as normal.

    Now when you tell them on Sunday, “no sorry it will be a while yet” how many will just ignore it? No coincidence then that it seems they still intend going ahead with dropping the “Stay Home” message. That’s not certain yet but some seem to think so.

    Could this be an attempt at achieving “Herd immunity” by using skullduggery and encouraging a breaking of the lockdown restrictions through mixed messages and manipulation of ordinary people? People who in many cases are desperate for this to end, those living in a tenement with 4 children under 12 are desperate to let them outside to play?

    I really don’t trust these bastards, for them money and the economy is everything. Over 65 poor people who might cop it doesn’t enter their thoughts when it comes to making decisions.

    • Oh, I think the over 65 year olds are very much at the front of their minds. Think how much they will save in welfare payments by killing a good proprtion off. Enough to enable a good wee tax cut for those at the top (or. at least. those who bother to pay tax in the first place).

  2. Bearing in mind how desperate the BritGov is to do ‘fabulous’ trade deals with America as soon as possible, Johnson & Co may be taking instruction from Washington. They’re well matched and we should be very worried.

    • I and others like me ARE very worried.
      I feel that Westminster is in total confusion and has allowed, through mixed messages caused by a mixture of exceptionalism and incompetence, the situation in England to become destablilised.
      My only hope is that Nicola is up to the task of telling them to take a runner.
      I believe most of Scotland is behind her – but she has to spell out what the position is and why in words of one syllable, to get it through to the idiots and the ‘Westminster knows best’ brigade in our midst.
      And she must use the full weight of our laws to enforce the situation.
      The real problem is our lack of control of both our money and our borders; that too must be spelled that out if we are, God forbid, forced down an unsafe route.

  3. Apparently the Welsh first minster will be showing his independence by easing his lock-down ahead of WM … hmm ….

  4. Living in NZ , I can honestly say, that small isolated countries making decisions for themselves, where the government were decisive, has been amazing.NZ didn’t have to ask the disgusting neighbours for permission. Because our neighbours have the same attitude and work as a team.

    Since living here It has been absolutely clear the British unionists are delusional and Scotland is an abused partner. The propaganda from the mainstream media is bordering on fascism. Some would say the tipping point has already been passed and there abuse will increase after Brexit.

  5. Now because we’ve all done so fantastically well as one country nation people better together in our great England UK God bless the Queen , we’re not easing the land lockdown, Ooops did I say land when I meant sea, no I didn’t mean sea so no beach or sailing now just because I said sea, that’s not the message, there’s to be zero hiking and hill walking outside your house or mountain biking because you’d have to travel for that further than locally, so don’t do that in the street

    Well I think we’ve got that all covered now that everybody’s been clearly informed not to go to Scotland for the weekend even though they don’t have the power to close borders you shouldn’t go because the shops might be closed, so take a packed L, no no don’t do that

      • Oh, I’m still lurking about in my slippers. 🙂

        Mrs M and I counting blades of grass at this point and playing red cow/blue cow from our front window. (There’s no cars in sight *sighs*)

        Also shocking broadband connection out my way. Damn thing is gubbed three days out of every five. 😎

  6. “Firmly and calmly, the UK is leading Europe in the fight against the coronavirus,” gushed Asa as he praised the efforts of Matt Hancock and the Tory Government’s “pragmatic and proportonate approach”. The UK, he told us, “is empirically the most capable country in Europe at dealing with an epidemic.” He oozed on, “Boffins deemed that the UK was second only to the United States in its ability to deal with medical threats, and the best in the world at fighting a disease like Covid-19.”

    Look at the state of that, it is absolutely pathetic as well as being utterly wrong. Seriously WTF!

    It’s astonishing how sycophantic the UK media are for this Tory government, it has been with us a long time now and that is one of the reasons people have stopped buying newspapers, half of us at least don’t believe what they are writing.

    It looks like it will take a while yet but people are slowly beginning to see how they are being lied to and starting to recognise the propaganda that is being shown to them via the media.

    We though with patience will get there in the end, tyranny in Scotland will never happen. We will never allow it.

  7. “Despite this, the British Government did nothing, obsessed as it was with Brexit means Brexit.”

    Have to disagree Paul with the first part of that sentence. As far as I am aware the Westminster Government set up a Pandemic Committee in 2015 specifically to look at preparations needed to combat any future pandemic. I believe that this committee was disbanded in 2018 as part of the Tory Austerity Drive. If I am correct, this was simply stupid and why if this is correct are Tory Ministers not continually confronted with the question: “Did you disband the Pandemic Committee and if you did Why?”

  8. A brilliant post Paul and I love the humour.

    The first time Nicola mentioned the ‘possibility’ that the R number is higher in Scotland than elsewhere in the UK I saw that she had skewered the Brits. The more so because you, next door’s cat and I are well aware that the Brits are lying about every aspect of their lethal covid 19 incompetence. They don’t have a Scooby as to whether their R number is higher or lower than Scotland’s because they have compromised their scientific advisors by association. As Nicola has been at pains to point out, the R number is an estimate based on modelling and – unsaid – she assumes that they are SURELY being as honest as she is.

    It is an extremely rare event but last night I heard a measured response by a Tory to the stand off between Nicola and the Brits. Annabel Goldie was asked about it on The Nine. I am not going to speculate on her motives because I know very little about her but she had nothing bad to say about the stance of the Scottish Government. Very interesting.

    Anyway, there has been speculation and baiting by the pretend journalists about the Chancer withdrawing financial support if poor old Scotland has to limp along behind the rest in getting back to ‘work’. All I can say is please bring it on. But they won’t. They are undoubtedly incompetent but they are not completely stupid. Their lies have them caught hook, line and sinker on the rod of truth – wielded by Nicola.

    As to policing the border, I see no difficulty. Police Scotland will undertake this as a matter of course without any need for proclamations. I think Nicola sees sabre rattling as a waste of precious energy and indicative of an underlying fear – a fear that she doesn’t feel.

    Am I over optimistic? Time will tell.

  9. I know the police in Wales have turned back English day tourists and the wealthier second and third home owners.

    How many has Police Scotland sent back recognising that one of the hot spots is the North of England ( are you listening Gov General Jack of Scotland)?

    I heard that in the Borders and in Argyll new families have arrived. Aberdeenshire is popular to for the millionaires.

    Now if I fly in to the U.K. I have to go into quarantine for 14 days. How will I get around this say the rich and wealthy?

    I fly on my private or rented jet to the Republic of Ireland. Hing about for an hour or so then fly straight into Scotland or U.K. Look at the amount of private aircraft flying around already.

    The aircraft quarantine should have been 10 weeks ago but Heathrow and the airlines put pressure on the Tory pals.

    OT I am assuming the new runway at Heathrow is not required.

    • I found out about this a couple of days ago and thought well this’ll definitely not make the front pages and I was right, no STV at 6pm no BBC at 6:30pm in fact no nothing, the press buried this news everywhere but under rocks and not a single journalist asked about it at the FMs daily briefing
      If Scotland had the power to deny England some life saving eqipment and did it the press would have been screaming that story megaphonically

  10. Listening to the radio this morning to an Irish journalist in Northern Ireland saying that the people of that province followed the advice of Dublin and ignored everything Arlene Foster said, they took their kids out of school earlier because Dublin did it they locked themselves down when Dublin said so, and he feels they came out better off because of it and it also proved that when push comes to shove the Irish sided with themselves rather than Britain and the troubles and divides of the past took a back seat

    The Irish have been pragmatic when it comes to their life or death and they’ve learned from the past about the UK, I wonder if Scotland will join with Scotland

  11. Everyone is in lockdown. The borders are closed. Only essential traffic moving, Everyone has to self isolate even those returning from abroad. It is still on going. People are queuing, at distance, at supermarkets. Just to get out of the house. They can get things delivered.

    There was no traffic on the roads. People were being turned back from parks and beaches. Traffic police were giving £60 fines. The rules are in operation. Anyone flaunting the rules gets bad publicity. Even millionaires. Fights are totally limited. No one wants to fly. Manchester gets 500 passengers a day (essential journeys?). It is normally thousands.

    Aberdeen Airport has virus tests on every off shore journey. Oil sector. Shows it can be done. Test for everyone.

    It does affect the elderly the worst. They are self isolating in any case. People are helping them. They are being cared for extra specially. They really want to see their families in person but know the dangers and self isolate.

    It is a pain but will pass with patience. Keeping contact by computer, phone and zoom. There is still birthday fun. Having a laugh. Some people have never been in such virtual contact.

    Think about the poor NHS and caring staff. The worry they are going through. Everyone is supporting them. Stay in, stay safe. People are going back to work gradually, with precautions in place.

    What is a few weeks more in a lifetime.

  12. The Irish Republic has a different health service. People pay for health service. €100 A&E visits. €60 to visit the Doctor. Paid up front. There are exemptions children and pregnant women. Those on a ‘list’ and insurance. It is a completely different health system. Not to be compared without consideration.

    • People who are working pay for health in the Republic, pensioners and unemployed recieve it free
      plus the wages and pensions are far higher than in the UK as far as equity goes it is far superior to England where prescription rates are crippling in comparison to wages
      The UK has the lowest pension rate in Europe and unemployment benefits are the lowest, every country has systems that vary but in terms of equality the Republic of Ireland blows England away

      £5 might sound a lot for a pint of beer in Norway but when you consider wages are twice what they are in the UK, beer is cheap

      • Dr Jim, you’d be lucky to get a pint for as little as £5 in nightclubs and pubs in Glasgow and Edinburgh city centres, as it is.
        The £5 a pint in Norway’ is yet another Project Fear toss from
        Project Fear; ‘Project Beer’, if you like.
        And don’t forget we won’t get Dr Who and Strictly in Free Jockland.
        Thinking ahead, what are the Better Together mob going to campaign for?
        More Boris?

  13. Lady Annabelle Goldie was the Tory leader in Holyrood. She used to co operate with Alex Salmond to get the budget through. Quite a Tory lady. A pal of Thatcher ripping off Scotland. The Barnett Formula. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. No longer.

  14. Hello,

    I understand that posts that disagree with the point of view expressed may not be making it past moderation. That’s hopefully not the case as it would seem more prudent to engage with counter arguments rather than dismiss them.

    • There’s a considerable difference between disagreeing and being open to discussion, and disagreeing with a view to starting an argument or to trolling. I am open to the first – not the second.

      Believe it or not I do actually have better things to do than to sit on the laptop hovering over the moderation button all day in case an argument gets out of hand.

  15. Irish Republic have much higher Old age pensions. In line with the rest of the EU/Europe. Higher life expectancy. The elderly looked after better. Spending more on the elderly than illegal wars and redundant weaponry.

    The UK celebrating War. The Russians saved the West. 26Million Russian died. The Tories wasting £Billions on Nuclear. Nuclear discredited in the 1950’s and dumped in Scotland illegally.

    The Tories cutting funding in the NHS and killing off the elderly. Life expectancy in the rest of the UK going down.

  16. Apologies for the long link.

    ‘Scots cops will turn English drivers away at Border if lockdown rules split UK.’

    …”But a senior officer with Police Scotland told the Record motorists would be stopped from crossing the Border unless their journey was deemed essential.

    When asked what would happen if the two governments were out of step, he said: “Therein lies the 64million dollar question. They (drivers) are likely to be, on face value, turned back or face prosecution.”..

    • The two countries are already out of step when it comes to driving to take exercise.

      In mid-April the Police Authorities in England re-interpreted the guidelines to allow people in England, note in England, to drive to go for a walk. The drive time was not supposed to exceed the walk time. A condition that was all too predictably ignored and police forces have been stopping carloads of people from Kent heading to the Yorkshire Dales or into Wales.

      This unilateral, England only change to the guidelines was reported up here and of course people missed, or ignored, that it was England only. Now we have an increase in people taking their cars hither and yon to go for a walk.

      The seemingly never-ending series of announcements about lockdown easing by the UK Gov over the past week will only add to the confusion, and the danger to people’s lives, as the previously clear message becomes ever more garbled.

      • But, Legerwood, BBC Scotland told its audience of Scots citizens that Boris Johnson was ‘addressing the nation’, just like Queenie did last night, on Sunday to set out easements to the lockdown.
        BBC Scotland no longer exists. We are on a ‘War Footing’, VE Day Lest We Forget they died so that we could have the freedoms we have today, to queue at foodbanks, die early through poverty, and slave for the Man on Zero Hours wages.and Boris Churchill ‘speaks for the nation’.

        By the Gods, their Union is surely dead and buried now.

        I shall dance a jig when BBC leaves Glasgow as a London cost cutting exercise when we are independent once more.
        When is the Herald moving out? Every journey starts with one small step.


      Gist translation.

      Four men from Dorset fined under Coronavirus legislation after travelling almost 200 miles in their car to view a boat in Haverfordwest they were interested in buying.

      Superintendent Andy Williams of Dyfed-Powys Police said: “Although the majority of people are obeying the rules which are in place in order to ensure our safety, we’re still coming across a small minority who seem not to understand the regulations.”

      Get it into your thick bonces, Anglos – Lockdown is still applicable in Cymru and any slight variations to the situation (like the opening of garden centres with social distancing – but NOT mountains) apply Welsh law to them. Not what you are told by tabloid hacks NOR what your Big White Chief in Westminster says.

      Short of a pitchfork up the derriere or a pair of secateurs applied to your nadgers, some of you will never get the message.

      Maybe we in Cymru should start whetting our tools. Just in case.

    • Petra, meant to say earlier, but dog duty called (!) nice to see you back! But take care till you’re fully fit again.

  17. People in the UK have no wish to pay upfront for healthcare. They want it paid for, adequately, through progressive taxation, as it should be, Not cut by a lying political party. MUP saving lives in Scotland.

    UK political parties telling lies to get into office and reneging on promises, Cutting essential services. NHS/Education and welfare cut. Increasing tax cuts and tax evasion. Illegally. The UK one of the most unequal places in the world.

    People are sick of tax evaders raising ‘money’ for charity. If they paid their share there would be less need for charity.

  18. ‘England’s excess death rate nearly THREE times higher than in Scotland.’


    Janey Godley:- ‘I won’t do what Boris wants.’


    Check out a great range of links from Ann on the Indyref2 site.

  19. Maybe I’m terribly naïve, but how are they going to police the people arriving from abroad who are being asked to quarantine for 2 weeks? Electronic tagging? Somebody comes into the UK ‘on holiday’ with the intention of touring around or on a business trip and is told ‘you’ll have to stay indoors in a private house for 14 days’. What’s the point of coming in the first place? I suspect pressure is being brought to bear from some quarters to open up regardless. Then there is the issue of those countries which have successfully contained the situation. Will they want their citizens returning from the UK and will they demand quarantine at the other end?

    • From March 28th, anyone entering Australia from overseas has been placed in quarantine in local hotels under police guard. You don’t get to self-isolate in your own home or at a private address. You are provided with 3 meals per day which are left at your hotel room door and when you have finished you place your empty tray outside your door. You must not leave the confines of your room, not even to go into the corridor. There is no possibilty of exercising, or even feeling fresh air against your face as most hotel windows are locked and very few have a balcony. Sounds tough, but by and large it has worked as we have ‘only’ had 97 deaths so far. Not sure how I would have coped, to be honest. Some of the lucky ones were allocated luxury 5 star hotels.The less fortunate had to cope with budget accommodation in a room the size of a cupboard.

    • JoMax
      “”Maybe I’m terribly naïve, but how are they going to police the people arriving from abroad who are being asked to quarantine for 2 weeks? Electronic tagging?””

      They, the UK Gov have not thought of that yet. That will be an announcement for another day. Got to keep them coming. The fact there is no thought nor substance to them is neither here nor there as far as they are concerned.

      The fact it should have been done several months ago does not concern them either.

      • That’s the way of this government, everything is done “on the hoof”. No real thought or consideration is given to any pronouncement before making it, just the usual dribble.

    • Was speaking yesterday with insurance broker, and his brother-in law had been due to fly back to Romania from the UK for Orthodox Easter then this broke… He now flies back 16th May (1st available flight), straight into quarantine for 14 days, no ifs, no buts.
      The UK is rapidly being perceived as governed by lunatics…

  20. People will quarantine just as they self isolate. If instructed. People do not want people to get the disease and want to protect the NHS and caring services. They do it willingly. The flights are mainly people returning home. Few and far between. They will not want to spread the disease.

    Travellers are even questioned at the border control to see if their flights are essential. Some non essentials are turned back. A woman from the US arriving to help her pregnant daughter was turned back. Had to leave again.

    The UK Gov should have imposed lock down a month sooner. They were advised for years but ignored the warnings and cut NHS funding, if the lock down was imposed sooner it would have not lasted so long and less people would have died, People would have been coming out of lock down now.

    People did not travel because of the quarantine regulations, worldwide. There was no point. People are scared,

  21. Flight connection to Australia etc were stopped in March. Singapore stopped connecting flights. Then Dubai. Paris stopped flights. All the connection points/hubs stopped flights. There was no way to get there.

    The connection hubs were closed. All the airlines cancelled flight. They had to. Sometimes twice, People are still waiting for refunds. It could take months. Airb&b gave refunds right away.

    People were lucky to get home. Some people are still stranded being put up in alternative accommodation. The one’s who chose to stay. Still waiting to be able to return.

    US stopped flights in March. There is no way to get there. Or for some people to get home. Although essential flights have been allowed. Returning residents or citizens. People are still stranded in Spain.

  22. Simon Calder – travel – was in Yemen. He got the last flight home from a Cairo. It cost a fortune. People were having to pay extraordinary amounts to get home,

  23. From March 28th. No one could get to Australia. The connection hubs were closed. People were lucky to get home from Australia. Some chose to stay and are still stranded there. Waiting. Or paid more to get back. Then quarantined for two weeks voluntary.

    • But you can get a flight from London to Edinburgh and back this week if you want .
      I’ve just been on British airways website
      What’s the point of stopping people from travelling to Scotland by car if you can just hop on a plane or a train ?

      • Thanks for that. I know the Cabrach, I went there many years ago with an elderly lady who was born and brought up there, its a wild spot. There is a World War One memorial nearby. the number of young lives lost from the Cabrach area was catastrophic.

  24. It could be essential travel for work or medical. Not for holidays or leisure. There might still be people having to travel for work. They cannot really stop essential travel by their own citizens. Citizens have rights to get back if they are stranded. They cannot be refused entry.

    They can stop travel from other countries by refusing entry. Or closing hubs. The world hubs/connections were all closed by March. Even for work, The airlines had to stop/cancel flights. All the travel firms had to cancel. People are waiting to get back £thousands.

    People can still travel for work. People have to justify travel to the Police. They keep on stopping people frequently. ‘Where are you bound for. Where are you going’. Or £60 fine. They can check people’s reg.

  25. I’m not convinced of the incompetence assertion even though there have been some glaring idiocies which could only normally be explained by such, but is this a deliberate tactic to disguise true malicious intent of late?
    The Tories have been playing devious games since the 1980s, usually in the name of “efficiency”, but changing society and it’s attitudes dramatically whilst controlling media output ruthlessly. Much the same may be said of Brexit even 4 years on, or the Covid pandemic lately, but is the chaos we perceive not deliberately created to capitalise on the “character” of the circus ringleader?
    The 2016 Cygnus Report fairly well set down what needed to be done, but if your government’s head is firmly in mind of benefiting the few and you got away with it this far, why should it matter?

  26. The deaths in the US are not high onthe figures given. If accurate. 80,000. 260Million population.

    The Tories record in the rest of the UK tops the world. The worst recorded anywhere and still rising.

    The Tories want people to get on their bikes again. There will be no room on public transport for distancing when/if people return to work. A limited transport system.

    Get on your bike to get a job. A failed Tory policy. Tebbit. Thatcher illegally and secretly took Scottish revenues and resources to fund London S/E. The Barnett Formula. Kept it secret under the Official Secrets Act. Deja Vu.

    Spending £Billions on HS2 instead of the NHS. How totally shortsighted. No one died having to travelling a few minutes longer. People die if the NHS is underfunded.

    The Tories could not make a bigger mess. A complete and utter shambles. Brexit will cause more deaths and devastation. It is the Tory way. A total muck up of incompetence. Killing their own supporters. Males over seventy.

    Vote the Tory/unionists out. Make Scotland a better place. Vote SNP/Independence.

  27. You know, I agree that BoJo is a bumbling twit, and I still cannot believe (what I thought was a joke and would never happen) that he is PM and Trump is President. I agree that Nichola Sturgeon is presenting herself in a much better fashion, but realistically is she doing much else? She was in a position where she knew this was coming too but I did not hear her warning the UK Govt early on or putting steps in place early. They are all guilty of watching and waiting. NS is sticking her neck out now but she should have done so in January. It’s not like there was no evidence given what was happening in other countries. Talk is cheap!

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