The self-congratulatory British nationalist street party of politics

Inverclyde has been the area in Scotland worst affected by the Covid-19 outbreak. On 3 March this year its local MP, the SNP’s Ronnie Cowan, asked the Secretary of State for Health Matt Hancock and the Chief Medical Officer to implement quarantine measures for all people arriving in the UK from abroad. No action was taken and for the next two months travellers have been able to come into the UK from abroad without having health checks and without having to self-isolate themselves or go into quarantine.

Now we hear that finally the British Government is to introduce “quarantine” measures for all travellers arriving in the UK. Only it’s not introducing quarantine measures at all. New Zealand has quarantine measures. Only people who are NZ citizens or who have the right of residence in New Zealand are permitted entry into the country. All travellers coming into the country from abroad after 10 April 2020 are screened for Covid-19 symptoms and are required to either go into 14 days of “managed isolation” in a government-provided facility (hotel) if they don’t have symptoms, or if they do have symptoms they must go into a quarantine facility. They are not permitted to self-isolate at home. Since New Zealand is a civilised country, the conditions in the government isolation facilities appear to be pretty good. The New Zealand Government is paying the full costs of food and accommodation while arrivals are in quarantine.

The UK is not proposing this. The UK is not planning to implement any restrictions on travel to the UK by people who are not UK citizens or who don’t have the right of residence in the UK. Neither is it sending people to quarantine centres. Instead arrivals will have to provide an address in the UK and they will be asked to remain there for two weeks in self-isolation after their arrival. They’ll still come into contact with countless people as they travel from the airport to their final destinations on public transport.

Mind you, it’s probably a kindness that arrivals are being allowed to self-isolate at home. No one sane would relish the prospect of going into a British Government isolation facility for two weeks. New Zealand put up its arrivals in luxury hotels for free where they blogged about the amount of cake they were getting. The UK would put people up in unheated draughty and leaky Nissen huts in an abandoned army camp in Essex and feed them slop while charging them for the privilege of being imprisoned by surly G4S security guards.

Now of course it would be daft to suggest that if quarantine restrictions had been imposed far earlier upon international travellers arriving in the UK no one would have died of Covid-19 in Greenock, but the point is that this is merely one further instance of the British Government acting slowly and reluctantly and having to be shamed into taking belated action. We simply have no way of knowing whether infected people have continued to arrive in the UK after lockdown was introduced and whether they have spread the virus. Not even the most basic health checks have been made.

Yet again the stable door is being bolted long after the horse has died of a coronavirus infection. Just like the will we won’t we end lockdown mess, the tardiness with which the UK entered lockdown in the first place, the herd immunity oh no we’re not doing that, the testing but not testing but testing again and the lying about targets met, the many many issues about the provision of PPE, the British Government is mired in confusion, mixed messaging, and incompetence. From the get go, Boris Johnson’s administration has been late to act, slow to implement measures, and hauf airsed in its performance.

There is simply no reasonable excuse for the British Government’s mixed messaging about the ending of lockdown. The British press would not have printed all those stories about “Happy Monday” unless someone in the British Government had been briefing them. Yet as we know from Nicola Sturgeon, there was no official communication of these plans to the devolved administrations. This is a government which tackles its official messaging in a life-and-death crisis via the medium of unattributable briefings to selected journalists. And then it backtracks on those briefings just as quickly. The result is that the public are left confused and unsure about what is permitted and what is not. If we were dealing here with a financial situation, and people were left unsure about what money they could claim or what tax break they qualified for, that would be bad enough. But we’re dealing with people’s lives. People could die as a direct result of the British Government’s confusion.

The worst death tolls from Covid-19 are in the UK and the USA. Both are governed by blioviating liars who trade in populism. Both are governed by charlatans who are hopelessly out of their depths. Both are governed by selfish fools who are far more interested in what they think is good for the economy and for their own political careers than in what is good for the countries they govern. Both have no hesitation in putting their own interests before yours.

The fault for the UK’s lamentable response to this emergency lies with part time Prime Minister Boris Johnson who thinks that he can blag his way through a life and death crisis, winging it instead of working. The fault lies with a Conservative cabinet chosen on the basis of their ideological commitment to Brexit and their willingness to shed anything that they might have once possessed that could pass for moral fibre. The fault lies with a Conservative party which blinds itself to the reality that the UK is not in a league of its own, that British exceptionalism isn’t a protection against a virus. The fault lies in a British state that’s incapable of reforming itself and whose first instinct is to protect the interests of the rich and powerful.

The real point here is that the lateness of a decision on checks on international arrivals is just one of many such instances of a confused and slow UK Government response. There is an enormous vacuum in the British Government’s response to the Coronavirus crisis, and it has, not coincidentally, the exact same shape as a self-congratulatory British nationalist street party – which equally uncoincidentally is precisely all that Boris Johnson is good for. He’s the self-congratulatory British nationalist street party of politics. People are dying as he scoffs the red white and blue cupcakes and encourages everyone to sing Vera Lynn while they wait for him to perform his piss poor Churchill impression.

And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…

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38 thoughts on “The self-congratulatory British nationalist street party of politics

  1. Today’s briefing,
    Shapps also announces a £2bn package to put cycling and walking at heart of the UK government’s transport policy.

    There will also be a national cycling plan published in June to help double cycling and increase walking by 2025.

    “Swift emergency plans” to be put in place include pop-up bike lanes, wider pavements for pedestrians and cycle and bus-only streets, Shapps says.

    The government will also publish fast-tracked statutory guidance requiring councils in England to cater for increased numbers of cycling and pedestrians.
    Sky reporting that London parks are crowded, why not the Sun said lockdown over on the Monday.
    Don’t need any comment,nutter

  2. For Scotland, independence, and soon, is the only solution. The details are of no concern to anyone but Scots, so all of the hand wringing and hesitation and worry over how things will run can come in due course.
    It can’t get any worse than Tweedle Johnson’s lot.
    In America, well, our Lewis Carroll nightmare Tweedle Trump asylum is intact until next January, so it will be duck and cover until then.
    And plenty of good whisky.

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  4. Yup, mid January, a teaching Scot, arrived back in Beijing for the two weeks isolation with the rest of the plane people. They were put up in various hotels, supplied with the emergency pack of PPE and food, then one week into isolation, covid-19 reared its ugly head. So, those not displaying symptoms, were then equipped up and transported to another hotel for another two weeks. After this, all was clear.
    Simple, but effective measures.

    The shitshow that’s the tory government and their brexit. I’m dizzy shaking ma heid at their total arrogance and stupidity. Dicing with peoples lives.
    Tory Tabloid Roulette.

  5. Anyone else noted how we Welshies have been consistently been denied a Bank Holiday to celebrate our national day on 1 March (by both Red and Blue Tory Governments, respectively) – the usual reason given being that it would affect the economy, productivity and jobs – whilst a new Bank Holiday Friday can be instigated at the click of the fingers of Bwana Johnson, in the midst of a pandemic which is devastating those self-same economy, productivity and jobs – never mind the citizenry (? subjects) of ‘the country’?

    Don’t expect anything less from incompetent, venal, self-serving, jingoistic b*stards that are this shower of murderous Tories.

    • You Welshies, what are you like, you’ll demanding equality next, like it’s a human right or something

  6. a government of charlatans led by a man who has tried to wiff waff his way through life. There has not been a job he’s had, that he’s not been sacked from or quit before they could sack him. His privileged position means he has never had to face the music.

    He’s not just incompetent. He’s not just another tory. He’s not just a bad prime minister.

    He is an Arsehole.

  7. Having distracted the people of Englandshire with some ersatz nostalgia what next? There is a faint whiff of formalin and puddles of melting ice water drifting down Pall Mall, though that state may persist for some time, perhaps waiting to distract the citizens of Scotland when Indyref2 gets underway.

    While the meeja is distracting the people of Englandshire with pictures of jolly bunting and such, the real news is being reported elsewhere. This weekend the Internet seems to have woken up to research suggesting prolonged exposure in close proximity to infection is by the greater hazard while the hazard while being properly out in the open is much less. Seems intuitively obvious. I could post a load of links, but this reply would then go into a holding pen of moderation, so just one, which may make you cry – with rage.

  8. A bit further research.
    Don’t worry about where the Shapps’ money tree cash is coming from.
    It’s their usual,re-issue of plans from January, Ts & Cs apply.
    Just recycle the news and the plebs won’t notice.
    So modifying road junctions and widening pavements will make for more efficient travel.
    Thought we weren’t to travel.
    A weekend figure of nearly 400 deaths quickly glossed over.
    Still not seeing a signer at the westmonster briefing.
    Plenty of daily express type graphs on show,no detail.
    They think we’re all fitted with zips.

  9. I am a 76 years old man still running a 5km under 25 minutes. I am a great grand parent hoping for the best future for my off spring whom I love and cherish. I am also feeling defeated at the constant negativity of the UK and Scottish press negativity who it now appears anti Scotland, nevermind anti SNP. However when down in a race there is only one way to go and that is up and I will do this thanks to the motivation of people like Paul Cavanagh.

  10. Correction to the last sentence, penultimate paragraph…” the fault lies with the British State of the Rich and Famous incapable of considering the interests of the population at large”.

    Johnson isn’t the architect of this tragic farce, he is the puppet of the Rich and Famous State. Experienced tory politicians were ejected to make way for inexperienced obedient clones and to be fronted by Johnson, with promises of fame and riches no doubt.

    Call to mind Johnson as London mayor(?), strung up on a pulley holding two union jack flags, his trousers halfway up his legs – he is your UK Prime Minister!

    Looks like Joanna Cherie is next up for treatment, following on from Salmond and Murray.
    “SNP insiders are briefing, saying that Cherie has …”.

    • I think Ms Cherry is doing quite a bit of ‘briefing’ of her own and has been for some time. Not something that is likely to endear her to the people of Scotland at this time.

  11. Mr Johnson is no leader.

    They’re easy enough to recognise. You can love them. You can hate them. BUT you will always respect them.

    In modern democraitic society people EXPECT a duty of care. They’ve paid for it and they’ve earned it. Anyone feel that Mr Johnson’s government are overflowing with the wossiname of human kindness? No? How about simple competence? No. Me neither.

    I’ve said it once or twice by now, but without a population. Without the people. There is no government, no country. The people are the country.

    Not entirely sure Mr Johnson grasps that particular concept.

  12. I think over time the list of failures and mistakes made by boris’s government will just grow and grow, likewise decisions made which were clearly made with the knowledge those decisions could cause harm or impede the fight against Coronavirus. The decision on England only PPE, or the instruction to overseas suppliers not to supply PPE to the devolved Administrations are just 2 examples.

  13. “People could die as a direct result of the British Government’s confusion.”

    And therein lies the truth and the intended result of all things British in 2020.

  14. While the UK crumbles, celebrities struggle for relevance, news medai invents and creates rubbish, bloggers pour out venom, the public fall for anything they hear or read,Nicola Sturgeon stands rock solid and gets on with the job

    Even Sky news was forced to admit tonight that Nicola Sturgeon was the only dependable figure in the UK right now

  15. We should stop giving this WM Tory govt the befit of the doubt of incompetence. They have obviously grabbed the opportunity of speeding up their culling of the unproductive masses, a policy which they began with austerity. It’s murder.

  16. Sky News reports Northern Ireland will be doing things differently. Wales will be doing their own thing, Scotland isn’t changing its rules
    But here in the UK Boris Johnson will set out his plan for changing of the rules later, well Fu*k, f.u*k, f**etty f.u*k

    Once again the British news media declare England is the UK, it’s not only confusing, it’s annoying, by continually telling Englands population they are the UK the news media are telling the people of that country that if the Clown Minister changes anything it refers to everybody as opposed to just England

    You can send them letters, emails. make phone calls, the news media in England refuse to listen to pleas to please stop doing it
    The news media interview all sorts of people from all over the world about their countries yet still continue to refer the the UK as *this country*

    Now I don’t believe in that same *mistake* being made for three hundred years, nobody on the face of the earth could be *that* stupid, could they? Nah, of course not

  17. If the BBC is to maintain the fiction of it being a public service for the whole of the UK then it should not be broadcasting Johson’s plans for ending lockdown in England to audiences outwith England.
    This will have a detrimental effect on Scottish behaviour and consequent health,should it deviate from SG advice.
    However,since their remit appears to be to promote the ein volk,ein reich mantra,then they will continue with the UK of E agenda and pretence that the SG either doesn’t exist or doesn’t matter.
    However,Scottish lives do matter to us Scots,or at least to those not blinded by the unionist virus.

    • Gordon Brewer couldn’t even be arsed explaining why he didn’t try to get B Lister Union Jack, or Car Salesman and art lover Jackson Carlaw on to his wee Sunday Brunch for the Union show to explain ‘stay alert’ to the Northern colonialists.
      Not even a ‘we invited the Conservative Party to appear but no one was available’ has been dropped entirely now, as they are following Prime Minister ‘Arse’s’ lead and keeping out of sight entirely, and letting an array of clueless buffoons taking the flak. Brewer has stepped into the breach, attacking the EssEnnPee and that wimmun Sturgeon on behalf of the Brit Nats. Today, clueless about the medical status of frail elderly dementia sufferers he demanded that they be shunted from hospital int the Louise Gordon overspill, because in his eyes, with his vast medical knowledge gleaned from reading a BBC autocue for a living for 3 decades, it surely made sense, so that Care Homes could be shielded from the virus.
      He also demanded that every care home staff member be tested NOW!!! and so on and son as he Yes Butted Shouted Down Jeanne Freeman, willing agent provocateur for the cowards Jack Carlaw Leonard and Rennie who have ‘all gone quiet over there’.

      Since I am one of the hundreds of thousands of Scots over 65 who regularly visit Garden Centres, Brewdog, the ‘nudge’ that Scotland should follow England in opening up centres where the elderly may congregate prematurely is as daft and trouble making as you, and the swathes of Hacks and broadcasters Up Here, can get.
      Where are you hiding, Jack, Carlaw, Findlay Leonard, and Murray?

      Wee Willie Winkie. Come out come out, wherever you are!
      Stay alert? What the fick do they think we have ben doing for the past 7 weeks?
      Idiots, shielded by MSM fairground barkers.

    • Jack collatin,

      Adam’s point 2:

      “If the Prime Minister insists on relaxing the lockdown in England, travel restrictions imposed within Wales and between Wales and other parts of the UK may be necessary in order to avoid a potentially disastrous impact on our communities.”

  18. *Stay alert* the new slogan which is an old slogan used during WW2 when you were to watch out for spies sneaking round housing estates to steal war secrets, it’s just propaganda drivel the Brits employ to kid the population on that somehow they’re involved with an important process, which they’re not, he’ll be saying *loose lips sink ships* next

    Folk have to realise Boris Johnson is not blessed with intelligence, he was only brought in as the salesman to get the Tories their Brexit, he wasn’t meant to have to do anything else, already the 1922 committee have had discussions about removing him at the earliest most convenient moment

    I’ll put money on right now that he wont get through his historic briefing this evening without saying the words *fantastic* and *opportunity*

    It makes you wonder how can such a stupid man confuse people, it also makes you worry about the people he’s confusing, I mean they get to vote and everything, Jeez !

  19. Was it not the old graffiti, Dr Jim?

    A: Stay alert!
    B: I’m not a lert – I’m a human being!

    I’ll put money on right now that he wont get through his historic briefing this evening without saying the words *fantastic* and *opportunity*

    – Beside each other, I’m quite sure (with the usual piffle waffle surrounding it),

    • Cicero, he’s a big fan of that guy, I think he thinks by quoting some of that stuff he radiates intelligence, instead to the mass majority of people he might just as well be talking Klingon so their faces and eyes just screw up as they throw their heads back and make that noise all humans make when someone is talking Sh*te

      *Aawwwugh fuuuck*

      • Cicero, What a coincidence that on last nights television film about Churchill the then PM was perplexed that he couldn’t find his copy of Cicero. Maybe Johnson’s nicked it.

  20. There is certainly a divide when you read the wee Britain around the world newspaper headlines today
    Scotland’s ideas should follow England, (in everything) America bad, EU bad, around the world bad, but wee England and its leaders, not a bad word, their great,
    One wonders at the obviousness of newspapers as government properganda control.
    As for the advice from (UK) ahem), on covid 19, all we need to do is check how the Spanish flu behaved in 1918 after lock down was lifted, the second wave was horrific in the numbers of deaths, let’s follow Scotland’s leading advice, and stay in lockdown for longer and perhaps find a way to refuse entry into Scotland during the pandemic,

  21. Australia has the same policies as NZ. Just today three special flights have repatriated Australian citizens from India. All of them will go into quarantine for two weeks in 5star hotels. Publicly funded. Non citizens have been excluded since March.

    Sadly, the UK seems to have become a third world country like the USA.

  22. Stay alert to the lying Tories. Psycho bastards. Their own description.

    The street ‘parties’ being broadcasted without any social distancing. More propaganda.

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