Save lives, ignore Boris Johnson

Okaaaaaaay. So Boris Johnson has delivered his broadcast to “the nation”, and we’re all still none the wiser. Does anyone have a scooby what Boris Johnson expects us to do? Because Boris Johnson doesn’t. That was fifteen minutes of absolutely nothing. Like many in Scotland I watched that speech with extremely low expectations to begin with, and Boris Johnson still managed to disappoint. He’d have done a lot better if he’d just sat there with one of those placards from his election video in December last year, saying “You’re all going to die.” Still, it made for a neat TV schedule on the BBC. Killing Eve at 9.15 pm and Killing the UK at 7.

What actually came out of Boris Johnson’s lying mouth was work from home or go sit on a bench or go back to work but don’t take the bus while limiting contact with other people as you sit in a park because the invisible mugger might get you if you don’t stay alert. Great British spirit! Um. Eh. Ah. Fnaugh. Hurrah! You probably need one of those Eton educations in order to understand it properly. Oh and he did add that fines will be increased if you break the regulations that he’s now made about as clear as a blackout curtain during the Blitz. Because it’s not just British nationalists that get to shoehorn in WW2 references.

He told us that people who can’t work from home should go back to work tomorrow, only not to take public transport to get there. And all with just a few hours notice and absolutely no clarity about how people are supposed to keep themselves safe. This is an epic mess. It’s not merely unfair, it’s irresponsible, foolish, and dangerous. And it is exactly as predicted – the UK is coming out of lockdown in the exact same way that it entered it. In a confused and confusing way, at the wrong time, without anything that approaches a clearly thought out plan, and putting the interests of business ahead of saving lives.

The only certainty that it was possible to take from that broadcast was that it’s obvious why the Prime Minister didn’t want to do a live speech and instead palmed us all off with a pre-recorded speech. That way he didn’t have to compound his embarrassment by answering questions from the British press. Which isn’t exactly up there with the Spanish Inquisition, not even the Monty Python version with the comfy chairs and cake. It also meant that he could put his feet up, down a half a bottle of wine, spill the other half of it on Carrie Symonds’ sofa, and watch Antiques Roadshow which as I type this is actually showing an authentic WW2 potty. But most importantly of all it meant that thanks to the wonders of video recording technology he was able to miss his own speech. Result!

For those of you who like Boris Johnson decided that the wisest course of action was to miss the speech, the full contents went – I paraphrase here for the sake of sanity – fnaugh fnaugh wibble wibble um eh British waugh spirit. Or words to that effect. Somewhere amongst the waffle, the ums ahs and ehs, he did manage to tell us that thanks to his captaincy of the British ship of state we had managed to avoid catastrophe. Or in other words be grateful that only 55,000 of you plebs have died, get back to me with complaints when the death toll exceeds half a million. The highest death toll in Europe, but the UK has avoided catastrophe. By which he meant that Jacob Rees Mogg’s financial interests haven’t been too badly affected.

There was a helpful graph, with what looked suspiciously like a bike on a water slide. No I’m not sure what that was all about either. Although it’s probably a safe to say that plunging like a bike on a water slide is the new metaphor for the British state’s management of the current crisis. This is not unrelated to the fact that we get confusing messaging from the Prime Minister, who on the one hand tells us that the main priority is to avoid a second peak in infections, and then immediately goes on to tell everyone that they need to get back to work as soon as possible. But since he also told us that public transport is going to have a very limited capacity, he also told the working classes to walk. This is a new spin on Norman Tebbit’s infamous on-your-bike speech.

So there you go, the Great British communicator was only capable of fifteen minutes of bullshit and confusion. There were the obligatory references to the great UK union, but this is a Prime Minister who has done exactly nothing to inform, never mind consult with, the governments of Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland. They found out about what his plans were like everyone else, via unattributable briefings given by “sources in Number 10” to their pals in the right wing British nationalist media. Boris Johnson doesn’t really want a union, he demands that the little people and their little Celtic countries slavishly follow him.

Nowhere amongst the word and um salad that he delivered in a very posh accent in order to disguise its fundamental idiocy did he point out that the changes that he may or may not have made to lockdown regulations would only apply to England. That’s because Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland have devolved governments which are behaving considerably more like grown ups and which are responsible for ending lockdown in their respective nations. All of which have distanced themselves from the confused collection of posh hesitation phenomena which pass for a Boris Johnson speech. Yes, that’s where we are now. It has come to pass that even Arlene Foster and the DUP speak more sense than the leader of the UK. You know, that party where some of them think that the epidemic is God’s punishment for gay marriage and abortion. And you thought that 2020 couldn’t possibly get any more insane. Be afraid, be very afraid.

The safest advice if you value your health and your wellbeing is to ignore Boris Johnson. This is the greatest public health communication shambles in Europe. Listen to Nicola Sturgeon instead.

And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…

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104 thoughts on “Save lives, ignore Boris Johnson

  1. Aw, fairs fair now. His hair was neat and tidy – by his standards anyway. Probably spent longer working on that than the speech/statement.

  2. I just lost it when Boris described this deathly virus as a “devilish illness”. Like it’s all Bertie Worcester or something. First time I’ve EVER thrown something at the tv.

  3. Well, thanks for your clear summary, I won’t be wasting my time listening to BoJo. In a crisis there’s a need to firm decisive leadership … churchhillian he is not, maybe weak chinchillian?
    Keep safe everyone, as the old saying goes “Keep Alert! Country needs Lerts” …

    • You do realise that a Lert is not just for Christmas, Marco.
      England is to have ‘better than world class testing’ now.
      Cosmic, man.
      Breaking news!!!
      I report on a previous piece :-

      I intend to put PC Murdoch, the sole law officer stationed at the Isle of Whithorn outpost on notice..

      Constable Murdoch, on behalf of the People of Scotland, I order you to requisition Lachie the Lobster Man’s row boat and patrol the Solway Firth from midnight tonight.

      It has come to our attention that gangs of people traffickers are filling pedalos from the Lake District Marina with refugees from plague torn England and ferrying them across the Firth to Scotland and safety, for £5 a head.

      PC Murdoch, stay alert.

  4. My otherwise intelligent friends, Unionist to be honest, think Boris’ plan is very sound and are planning to take a trip from Glasgow to Gourock this week. As No voters in 2014, I assume they only listen to the Westminster Covid-19 briefings and are unaware or ignore the fact that Nicola gives daily briefings. Well I’m being charitable! Anway, well said Paul – couldn’t agree more, Boris’s briefing was as clear as mud. He’s literally thrown the working class to the mercy of the zero hour employers, who we know can’t be trusted with basic employment rights far less safe working practices in these dangerous times.

    • Remind your friends that labours Inverclyde is covid capital. A wee journey down the Clyde is not the polis!

      • A nice wee trip Doon The Watter from Glasgow to Gourock?
        Not to be sneezed at.

        With ‘otherwise intelligent’? friends like those, who needs enemies, Galloway?

  5. Did anyone see Nicola Sturgeon interview on BBC Scotland News Special after LBJ’s 15 minutes of infamy,
    She was her usual calm statesmanlike (you know everything LBJ isn’t!) self with her words but her face was absolute thunder, that will be an interesting phone conversation, assuming LBJ hasn’t locked himself in the fridge again to avoid her call!
    BBC reporter at end of programme couldn’t resist the wee snipe “maybe that was her plan all along!”, not saying it was but either way, LBJ and his cronies (stand up Herr Cummings!) have given her and the entire Indy movement barrowloads of evidence without even having to go looking for it!

  6. From Adam:

    Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price said Boris Johnson had made a “reckless move”.

    Speaking to BBC Wales, Mr Price said it was “effectively the end of the four nation approach – we now have a three nation approach from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland with a simple, clear stay at home message. England has signalled a move away from that”.

    “The stay alert message is confusing. It’s the wrong decision for England but it also sends a mixed message and makes our work here harder”.

    From Mark (First Minister):

    The Prime Minister has set out his changes to the lockdown rules in England.

    I set out the position for Wales on Friday.

    Our message remains the same – Staying at home is the best way to protect yourself and others.

    (Video on Twitter)

    • Poor Nicola Sturgeon looks totally exhausted. Who would want to be in her shoes? Meanwhile we’ve got so-called independence supporters and blog owners still trying to bring her down. Damnable to say the least.

        • I agree, my first thought when I looked at her was she looked positively wabbit.
          She is head and shoulders, above that clown in Clowning Street.
          Dignified and I think angry, when she might have wanted to say out loud ,’You stupid b****y idiot’.
          Nicola thank you for being there with clear, concise concern daily.

          I’ll away and renew my membership, it’s due!

          Stay well everyone, stay safe, stay home. We are still doing that here in Alberta.
          But then we have a Prime Minister who is, like Nicola, on the ball.

        • NS herself has said she will have made mistakes, this isn’t unquestioning hero worship, a lot of the crticisms in that link are vaild. However, when we are tied to WM in so much as we are, could we really have done a lot different?

          It comes down, sadly, to economics, how do we pay for a strategy that was different to WM? Put simply and bluntly, Scotland cannot borrow as WM has done to pay for all this and going it alone, as we may be about to find out, will probably see those Barnett consequentials drying up?

          I think we all are trying to avoid making political capital out of what is an ongoing human tragedy, one life would be too many never mind the obscene number of our fellow Scots who have died from this pandemic!

          However if one thing is abundantly clear from all this, if god forbid we are ever in this situation again, we need our hands 100% on the purse strings and there is only one way that can happen!

        • “The Welsh first Minister Mark Drakeford in his press conference on Monday 21st April, outlined that local public health surveillance measures would be needed to control the “inevitable” spread of the virus within communities once lockdown restrictions are eventually lifted. He went on to confirm that council public health teams, along with other environmental health colleagues, would be mobilised to spot, trace and isolate new cases of the virus and … it is also likely that many more people will need to be recruited to help with the work “on the ground”.

          Makes me wonder who are behind this NS/SNP BAD piece of 20/20 toss.
          Labour Wales and their record on Health in Wales? Over to you Welsh Sion.
          Seems that Mark Drakeford has all the test trace and isolate answers.

          Good try ‘Ian’, but no cigar.
          If only Johann Lamont had won the 2010 SGE things would have been so different.
          Sturgeon has spent to much time on the ‘little things’ after all.
          Bish bosh …

          • I’m sure there a lurker-compatrios who are far more qualified than me who could give accurate assessments for the Labour Governments’ (plural) we have had and their record on Health in my home country.

            I will keep my comments short and suggest – not without good reason – that Aneurin Beaven is spinning in his grave.

    • PNR – certainly the picture looks right, video wouldn’t play for me. I did go back and watch the interview again on Iplayer and I will agree with benefit of hindsight and a good night’s sleep to calm down a bit that perhaps I saw a reflection of my anger in her face when, as others have said, it was probably that she is just exhausted.
      I think we can all understand that, she’s been at her post throughout this whole crisis, can’t say the same for some others!

      • The way that link to the video copied was odd. It pasted as 3 different links, two of them will play the video, not the first one.

  7. Did I hear right that Johnson has told the population that travelling by car to get “exercise” was now OK?
    Some snow now in the Cairngorms so let’s go skiing in Scotland etc.
    He has all but said that everyone should get back to work.
    Many Scots are going to take this message as the green light for business as usual and we are very definitely going to see the Ŕ Number increasing.
    This was not reinforcing the SG message to stay at home but encouraging people to do the opposite.
    For the English goverment the management of this crisis has been driven by political ideological considerations right from the get go and it has cost many their lives.

    • The guidelines on taking your walk locally were changed in England in mid-April. Note in England not Scotland, Wales or NI.

      The Police Authorities changed/re-interpreted the guidelines to say that in England you could drive then take a walk but the drive was not to be longer than the walk.

  8. Don’t like the man. Didn’t vote for him. Have no respect for him. Hate his party. Hate his politics. Do not trust him on Brexit, the economy or protecting vital services like the NHS. A known liar. A serial adulterer. A wiff waffer.

    Why would I ever trust the fucker with my life?

    protect yourself. Ignore Boris Johnson.

  9. You have to give credit to Carlaw et al. – the UK should be speaking in unison.

    His problem and of the commentariat generally, is that voice belongs to Nicola Sturgeon.

  10. I thought it was interesting, and perhaps noteworthy, that in the short BBC Scotland news programme immediately after the PM’s statement the first words spoken by the presenter clearly stated that the PM’s proposals applied in England not Scotland. Something repeated at intervals by the other presenters.

    It was also made clear in no uncertain terms by the First Minister that these proposals did not apply in Scotland. Something she repeated forcefully throughout. No one was left in any doubt by the FM about what the situation is, and will continue to be, in Scotland for now.

    • Regrettably the PM could not bring himself to indicate the limits of his power and therefore explicitly state the England-only relevance of many of his proposals – as had been requested previously by the FM.

      This could make ensuring adherence to the Scottish Government’s lockdown guidance and rules more difficult to sustain by consent: if indications on social media are any guide there are Unionists/Brit Nats in Scotland all too eager to follow only what ‘their PM’ requires of them!

  11. Does Johnson have shares in funeral parlours ? He is doing a grand job of increasing the number of customers for these organisation !

  12. Where, for example, is Carlaw, Jack, Davidson, Leonard, Murray and Rennie? What have the BritNat bigmouths got to say about this? Come out, come out wherever you are. The games a friggin bogey, folks.

    It’s not so long ago that Carlaw was warning Nicola Sturgeon that, ”diverging from the rest of the UK would cost lives by muddying the message to the public about what they should and should not be doing.” “Simplicity saves lives”, said he. God the irony of it all! Looks as though his boss has now muddied the waters big time with the ”simplicity stay alert” message of a simpleton.

    Yeah let’s get right behind Nicola Sturgeon, FGS. She seems to be the only person at Holyrood standing between us and Boris the Butcher. Support her in saving lives. Contact Nicola Sturgeon and your own MSP and let them know that you are backing her 100%. Contact the BritNat politicians and at the very least demand that they now close the border to protect us, our loved ones and our country in general. It’ll only take a few minutes to do so and will surely safeguard lives.

  13. So today the PM of England basically told everyone to get back to work or not, it was up to them, or perhaps their bosses. If they didn’t quite get the message, Sunak will tell them on Tuesday that their furlough pay will be reduced to 60%. Cynical is the kindest word I can think of to describe the English governments actions today.

  14. Today Johnson told people to get back to work or not, their choice, or perhaps their bosses will make the decision for them. On Tuesday, just in case they didn’t get the message, Sunak will tell them that their furlough pay will drop to 60%.

  15. Have you noticed that the border around the main message been given out by Westminster has changed from Red to Green? Not very subtle.

    • That’s a straight lift from Health and Safety.

      The 4 colour signs in H&S – and what they mean:

      Prohibition/Danger alarm
      Emergency escape; first aid. No danger

      However, I forgot – Brit Nats don’t do irony.

  16. Just an aside why do some Scots refer to us a devolved nation?

    I can understand the devolved government bit, but surely we are a nation, full stop.

  17. Agreed. ‘Listen to Nicola Sturgeon instead’. Why would any sensible, considerate person do otherwise.

    And yes, she’s looking weary, but who wouldn’t be dealing with liars and cheats all the time who only ever consider their own fat pockets of wealth and greed.

    Our FM’s priority is to the people of Scotland and keeping us safe and well when she’s has brick walls set in concrete around every right wing corner of manipulation.

  18. Looked at the talk without the sound on.
    The map of local hot spots is very telling.
    Skye is identified as a local hot spot,sorry to say 6 deaths recorded.
    Cumbria with nearly 1000 is not identified.
    By some miracle, London isn’t a hotspot but Newcastle is.
    Propaganda and spin from graphics with no details.
    As others have said,’It’s the economy stupid’.

  19. Like you Paul I watched it because my supreme leader insisted, she who must be obeyed.

    Our joint opinion is that it said nothing other than stay alert wherever you are and go to work on Monday even though your place of work will still be closed. It seemed to us it was a speech written as if it was given to a simpleton. Disgraceful.

    To think I watched the Beeb for the first time in weeks for that.

    • No, andy, they saved the prince of simpletons for BBC English Full Brexit this morning. Dominic Raab instructed the English to meet up with their father in the park in the morning and go back again in the afternoon to meet up with their long as they kept two meters apart.
      15 minutes of pre-recorded nonsense from the biggest fool to inhabit No10 last night has served as the second shoe dropping. England, you are doomed.
      The lass on the BBC English Brexit show asked Nicola Sturgeon, if a viewer lived in Scotland could he now visit his parents in England, now that ‘Boris’ has eased travel restrictions?
      The exceptionalism’ of the English in the Salford based anchor’s puzzled irritation that a Jock FM was ‘laying down the law’ and denying English parents access to their children who were in Jock lockdown shone through.
      Sturgeon made it extremely clear. If you live in Scotland, you are subject to Scots law. Stay at home, only essential travel allowed. If you don’t like obeying the laws of our country, there is a solution. leave.
      Of course the Tories refused to appear on Piers Morgan’s breakfast Beano. Sturgeon had no problem hopping from one studio to the next.

      Can you imagine Carlaw, Leonard, or Rennie, speaking for Scotland? No, don’t laugh. It is no longer funny.
      Where are they hiding at the moment?
      Surely Carlaw and Jack should be on the telly backing Boris?

      Sturgeon’s undaunted commitment to doing what’s best for Scotland shines through, despite ‘Ian’s’ snide post above.
      She needs a few days rest IMHO.

  20. “There was a helpful graph, with what looked suspiciously like a bike on a water slide”, indeed Paul.

    When I saw the graphics for his presentation, I thought amateurish was an understatement, given we knew well in advance that this was coming, and this was all they could manage? Aunty beeb trying desperately to polish the PMs “important message” with vigour. (Sounds a bit like a cleaning product containing bleach which must not be ingested or injected).

    “And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…”. This is what amateurish looks like when it’s done properly…

  21. Remember Jackson Carlaw MSP at FM Questions on 6 May, 2020?

    “The key stay at home message has been effective because it has been delivered simply and with absolute consistency. It has not mattered whether people watch STV or the UK-wide “BBC News at Ten”, or whether they read The Scottish Sun or The Guardian; they have received the same advice and the same message. Simplicity saves lives.”

    Later in the same exchange, agreeing with the FM, Mr Carlaw said:
    “I agree with that. If we are going to have a four-nations approach, we have to agree, within the overall plan, either that there will be differences in different parts of the United Kingdom or that we go at the pace of the slowest. What is important is that, within an overall agreed plan, there is clear messaging. My point is that mixed messages will not help, and our priority is saving lives.”

    Where are you Mr Carlaw? Have you not caught up with your Tory leader’s statement and the changes in messaging he has introduced against the wishes of the governments in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast?

    Come out Mr Carlaw wherever you are. You’re allowed to!

  22. Just watched Nicola’s interview with Kay Burley on Sky news.
    I am so mad as half way through the interview Burley breaks away to shout at Matt Hancock walking into number 10 and then goes back to Nicola who is sitting shaking her head. This is how they treat our First Minister. These Unionists are trying everything to upset Nicola so she will make a mistake. She still manages to keep her cool despite this constant attack on her. I believe Scotland needs to get out of this Union now as if we wait until next year it may be too late. I also agree that Nicola needs a break even just for a few days as she seems to be handling everything herself.
    I am sure the SNP top brass can see this too. Time for a bit of help for her.

  23. We had to laugh (made a change from all the swearing..) when Baw Jaws spoke about “shining light on the invisible killer”. Ah! That’ll do the trick! Nothing works better than strong light to make the invisible.. well.. visible? And the R number indicator scale was a real entertainer.

  24. Morning folks, very good article in the guardian this morning.

    Sums up where England are at the moment when he says:

    The point is not to diminish the heroic aspects of our past, but to finally focus on the realities of the present. We cannot go on like this, with deep inequalities of race and class constantly exploding before our eyes, the need for food banks extending into the distance, and voices at the top willing us back towards the very social and political dead end that ensured the virus has had such a disastrous impact.

    • Agreed, read it earlier as I like John Harris’s perceptive pieces, even he has the occasional blind spot to the difference and increasingly divergence of the Scots and English psyches.

      As Dr Jim examples below, it’s an itch they cannot help but scratch, to look down on someone, anyone really, a weakness heavily exploited in the Brexit campaign. Yet with a manipulative media constantly feeding that narrative, that is unlikely to change any time soon.

  25. Amid all the noise about what’s confusing and what’s not, reading Twitter has become almost my hobby now, and I know I shouldn’t do it because it can be a horrible place but at the same time interesting
    I read a Tweet this morning from England on how well and strong Scotlands FM Nicola Sturgeon is performing and how they would love to have her as PM in England, and I’m sure lots of us have read similar Tweets like that from England over the last wee while but this one was informative as to the English psyche as well
    While it extolled the virtues of our FM it also included these words “I NEVER THOUGHT I’D WANT A SCOTTISH PERSON TO BE PRIME MINISTER OF ENGLAND”

    That my friends should be one of the main reasons for Scottish Independence right there, this Twitterer while saying the Scottish FM was great was actually proving they were racist against Scotland without even realising it

    • It was ever thus, Dr Jim.
      I spent the thick end of three decades travelling through the highways and byways of England; we were always considered Scottish, a distinct race, but ‘British’ in the sense that we were a colony of England, but somehow, usually unspoken, inferior to your English White Anglo Saxon. Like the ancient Roman Empire where only citizens of Rome could hold any office of state, upon which England’s ‘British’ Empire was modelled, the Prime Minister of the UK (England) must be English, and white of course.

      They will vehemently deny this of course.
      The Us had a Kafflik and a black POTUS.

      The English have had neither, and never will.
      Indeed Blair had to wait until he stood down before he found the Kafflik version of Jesus.

  26. … and Blair hid his Scottishness courtesy of the “Anglo school” of Fettes and morphed into Northern English / Brit.
    His ex- pal Brown played on his Scottishness in Scotland and his Britishness in England. He didn’t have to bother, he was always a Brit Nat internationalist!

    • A Brit Nat internationalist.


      Isn’t that physically and mentally impossible? I mean to a Brit Nat it’s Britain (recte. England) first, second and third, is it not?

  27. Just chatting to a pal. His son left Scotland last night to work on a construction project in England as they are short staff. Was told in no uncertain terms to turn up to work on the railway engineering project. When he mentioned the rules in Scotland he was told he was to follow the English rules and was duly sent a letter on his mobile app saying he is an essential Worker. Staying in downmarket hotel with shared washing facilities. On site he texted his dad to say the hygiene and rest facilities are minuscule. 1 chem toilet to 15 guys. Water container sitting over the week-end heat. Has his own hand gel but no social distancing due to work involved. Really worried as are the other workers from all over U.K.

    A return to 1820 conditions never mind 2020 with covid.

  28. It will be some dilemma for the DUP to have to live with an all island epidemiological framework when we move to quarantine English arrivals to the island 🙂

  29. Apparently, the daily press conferences from Downing Street are now over. Instead today Johnson will answer pre-recorded questions from the public.

    They are starting to act as if the Covid-19 crisis is over and can now be forgotten about.

    • What’s the betting when they flatten the curve (on their own terms, I must add … not what we on the ground will see as the real evidence) there’ll be some announcement of:

      “Some people think it’s all over. It is now!”

      My, how we’ll be dancing in the streets then and shaking our plastic union flegs (manufactured in China [sic], All Rights Reserved) and dancing with the rest of our street! Aye, right.

  30. The trouble with Unionists and what they believe are their preferences to be preserved is that they’re anti everything they don’t like so that must be destroyed
    There are lots of things I don’t like and lots of things I prefer to other things, like blue cars, I’ve never been fond of them, or white dogs, but I don’t go round kicking the doors of cars or hurting dogs because they’re not my preferred personal choices

    Unionists don’t do sharing or equality or even tolerance, they dictate until they can’t keep control then they destroy

    They don’t burn the village to save it, they burn the village to kill the people in it, they’re prepared to lose, to win, that’s why they’re so dangerous

    • These ‘Conservatives’ conserve nothing – the only part of their name that is true is the ‘con’ part.

      [I feel sure I’m quoting WGD, here, so any kudos and TM to him for this, not me.]

    • Dr Jim you are quite correct about Unionists destroying everything they cant control. I lived and worked in Swaziland for over 10 years and when Swazi got Independence fron the British in 1965 they destroyed all the typewriters and office equipment before they left the country. I sincerely hope Scotland can get shot of these Unionists before Brexit.

  31. The FM briefing- en masse. The media are either thick or malicious. I believe the latter.

    Shouldn’t Wales and Scotland Just do as Johnson says. Do we trust the tories, do we trust business for your safety?

    Are you willing to die, your spouse or partner, your parents, children, work colleagues to prove he is wrong?

  32. “I won’t play Russian Roulette with people’s lives” she said, trouble is that’s exactly what the media want her to do so they can shove that on their front pages blaming her if she did

    How she controls her temper I don’t know, I couldn’t, then again I couldn’t do her job for all the tea in China

  33. Sturgeon today; wiped the floor with a 100% hostile Hack Pack.

    I marvel at her energy.

    Glenn Campbell’s new job? Personal Private Secretary to ‘the Secretary of State’, the Man With No Name. B-Lister ‘Union’ Jack.
    Gina Davidson, Vivien Aitken, and the Usual Suspects, overpaid, underworked Brit Nat Hacks, trying to put words into NS’ mouth, to pervert her message.
    ‘Sturgeon attacks Johnson for killing Scots by forcing Back to Work U Turn’!

    Davidson: ‘You keep going on about the R number’.
    NS: ‘ No I don’t. Every country throughout the world refers to the R Number’.
    But Davidson wants a ‘it’s stubborn Sturgeon who is stopping you all going back to work with her fixation with the R number!!!
    I loved the retort; ‘When are you going to echo Boris Johnson and declare that we are over the peak…?’ NS, ‘I will never echo Boris Johnson on anything’.

    She roundly slapped them down, with not a little hint that this lot of Hacks were part of the problem, not the solution.

    If you live in Scotland, you are subject to Scots law.
    If a firm across the border is trying to force a Scottish employee to break the law by compelling them to return to work early, then we get political; Scotland is a separate nation, and our laws trump England’s.

    Just like any other Self Determining nation on this planet.

    The nasty hostile taste in the air was palpable today.

    I take it that Glenn has already recorded and edited his wee chat with B-Lister Jack for broadcast to the colony tonight on Distorting Scotland?

  34. “Stay alert for Petra stupidity.”

    Hahaha! I’ve just noticed that I posted a load of comments/links on the wrong article. The ideal qualifications for getting a job at Westminster?

  35. Did anyone see the footage on television this morning of the masses returning to work in England? All crammed together on the tube? The aerial view of construction workers working in close proximity with each other? Any bets on how long it’ll take for England to go into strict lockdown again and for the fatality rate to shoot up to well over the current 55,000?

    • Me thinks I spy a cunning plan.
      Another lock down in england looms on the horizon.
      Allowing the tory toe rags to lump in all the unrecorded deaths in english care homes to the official figures there by justifying a lock down. (Possibly more severe than the first)

    • Petra, as I often observe: England, the Tribe That Lost its Head.
      One lass commented that very other seat on the tube was empty, so that’s all right then.
      After being pummelled with news and tv programmes on the virus and pandemic, this young woman’s ignorance is stultifying.
      There will be a fresh outbreak now.
      We must close the border, of that I have no doubt.

  36. Johnson has undermined everybody with this move and caused people everywhere to use his words to effectively end lockdown so that Johnson can blame any further spike in contagion on the peoples restlessness and willingness to go back to work

    Somebody had to think up this move for him and we don’t wonder who

    This makes things much tougher for the three other nations leaders and Johnson knows it
    One doesn’t wish ill on a nation but if Englands Covid figures spike I hope they have the good sense that they’re not displaying now and dump these shysters for conning them into risking their lives using their own stupidity against them

    The only thing that might save some of them is the fact that the pubs are closed because when those open the inhibitions will be totally gone in the after work *refreshments* and Corona Virus will be the carry oot to bring home to the family

    I’ll give it a fortnight for the pubs

  37. It’s so obvious that they are right back to the herd immunity plan but will aim to blame the public and employers for a failure to follow the rules, they will everyone but themselves.

    I see a parting of the ways now between Scotalnd aand England as absolutely inevitable now.

  38. Watching the PMs parliamentary performance now and the whole thing’s getting worse by the minute, he refuses to admit the three nations who are sticking by their rules are in charge of those rules and is stubbernly and deliberately evasive on cross border travel

    Once a gain Johnson attempts to present a sales pitch instead of sound judgement based governance

    One noticable thing was Keir Starmers concern over the cohesion of the UK, and his tone strongly suggested he is more Unionist than Johnson

    I did notice however that this adress from the House of Commons is on four TV channels simultaneously, infinite amounts of coverage for infinite amounts of Shite

    It’s the Tories and Labour who are doing the politicking here, and they’re losing by bringing it up

  39. Interestingly enough, today is apparently is the first day of UNlockdown in France and my French contacts tell me that their “Restez à la maison” (“Stay in the house”) has been amended to “Restez prudent” (“Stay careful”).

    Not particularly edifying – and did M. Macron have to supply a 50 page tome to explain what he meant by this?

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