Stay alert for Tory stupidity

Just when you thought that the British Government’s messaging about the virus epidemic couldn’t get any worse than the will-we won’t-we come out of lockdown peekaboo game that “sources” within Number 10 played with the press and public last week, on Sunday they managed it. The new message from the British Government to replace the unambiguous and easy to understand “Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save lives.” is now “Stay alert. Control the virus. Save lives.” What does that even mean?

It appears that the British Government is now taking literally Boris Johnson’s rhetorical flourish when he used a metaphor to liken the virus to a mugger. The coronavirus is exactly like a mugger, lurking around a street corner wearing a balaclava. The official British Government advice is that you can defeat it by kicking it in the groin and wrestling it to the ground. Myself and my significant other are taking it in turns now to sit by the window with binoculars in case the virus tries to creep up on us in the dark of night. It appears that the reason that the British Government has had such a confused, chaotic, and incompetent response to the coronavirus crisis is because all this time it thought it was dealing with a sleaze ball who takes advantage of the weak and vulnerable. Which is a reasonable description of Boris Johnson and the Conservative party, so it was an easy mistake to make.

It’s taken them weeks to come up with this slogan. It’s a pity that the British Government hadn’t been more alert from the beginning, and then perhaps the UK wouldn’t have the greatest death toll in Europe. If Boris Johnson and the British Government had possessed even a tenth of the alertness which they are now enjoining the public to employ, then we wouldn’t be in this current mess with the UK at the top of the European league table for deaths. But the only thing that this government was alert to in the early days of this epidemic when it was squandering the head start that the UK had was making sure that Brexit would still happen on schedule and putting the interests of business ahead of saving human lives.

When Boris was pondering his new slogan why was there no one in the room with enough common sense to say out loud that this was a really bad idea. There was no one who was brave enough to point out the obvious, that this is a viral epidemic and not a cycling proficiency test. And then you look at the Conservative cabinet composed as it is of chancers, charlatans, and spineless wonders and all becomes clear. Stay alert has no meaning at all when you’re dealing with a virus that spreads asymptomatically. This government insists that it’s following the science, but it’s hard to understand which part of following the science led to stay alert and control the virus.

How does a member of the public implement this new slogan in their daily life? Hey look out, there’s a microscopic droplet of moisture that you can’t see coming your way! Duck! It’s a virus forgodssake, not a supiciously abandoned suitcase on a busy train station platform. You cannot be alert to something that you cannot perceive.

What’s crucial in terms of public health messaging is that the public are given clear information and simple and unambiguous instructions about what to do to protect themselves and those around them. This new message fails dismally. Stay at home is a simple and unambiguous message which tells the public exactly what is expected of them. The new message doesn’t give any clear instructions about what people are to do on a practical level, and worse it implies that the instruction is no longer “stay at home”. But then this new message suits the British Government because then if you are unfortunate enough to become infected by the virus they can tell you that it’s your own fault for not being alert enough.

Because the infamous R number has been reduced by the stay at home advice, the NHS is not being overwhelmed. The change in messaging is because the Conservatives think that tackling this virus doesn’t mean keeping people safe. No. What it means to them is that it’s fine if you become deathly ill and die as long as there will be a bed in intensive care for you.

Dropping the stay home slogan is a massive self-inflicted error. It replaces a clear message urging people to do something which is proven to be effective in reducing infection rates with the kind of meaningless waffle beloved of a middle manager. It was clearly developedd by the same people who were responsible for Priti Patel’s sensitivity training. Stay alert is a disaster waiting to happen. Now many people will assume that it’s perfectly fine to go out and about. Like those covidiots on Friday who were having street parties and congas to celebrate British nationalism. Sorry, VE Day. The UK is risking losing control of the spread of the virus, a second peak in infections and deaths. The responsibility for that rests entirely with the British Government.

By Sunday afternoon, Downing Street had been forced to issue a clarification explaining what the new slogan meant.  But the point about a good slogan is that it ought to be self-explanatory.  If you have to explain what your slogan means, it means that your slogan is a failure.

Entirely predictably, the British Government didn’t bother to consult with or even inform the Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Irish governments before changing this vital piece of public messaging. Just like the proposed loosening of the lockdown, Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Belfast found out about it because someone in Number 10 had anonyomously briefed a few favoured journalists who published it in the right wing press. Nicola Sturgeon has quite rightly insisted that public health advice in Scotland will not change. Scotland is sticking with the stay at home slogan. However the problem that we have in Scotland is that the Scottish media is for the most part merely some branch offices of the papers’ English editions. Scotland has no national broadcaster of its own. Sky News barely acknowledges the existence of the devolved nations. People in Scotland will receive Boris Johnson’s confused messaging and will think that the lockdown has been eased. The British nationalist press in Scotland is far more interested in attacking the Scottish Government for diverging from the Conservative line than it is in what’s good for public health.

Just as it was predictable that this Tory government would not consult or inform the devolved administrations, it was also predictable that it would come out of lockdown in the same confused, mistimed, and mismanaged way that the UK entered it. And it’s equally predictable that the Scottish Conservatives, who are now cheerleaders for Johnson and are hoping we all forget their Operation Arse in 2016 to keep him out of the Tory leadership, are avoiding any contact with their pals in the press.

People should be alert to the fact we have an incompetent Tory government which was slow to act. They should be alert to the fact that it wanted to implement an insane herd immunity which would cost thousands of lives. The Government hasn’t been alert, it has been sleep walking into a disaster.

I’ve got a better slogan. Stay alert for Tory trolls in government. Save lives and protect the NHS by voting for independence.
And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…

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68 thoughts on “Stay alert for Tory stupidity

  1. I’ve spent the past hour being alert. Haven’t spotted any viruses yet.

    Even using binoculars.

    Am I doing it wrong?

    • Fairliered. You obviously need a submachine gun or similar like our American patriotic cousins. Their so called right to bear arms however is being outsmarted by something like them ie. do not have a brain. Have you tried going out at night with an infra red light? Sneaky wee things this covid. Be patient.

      Ps disclaimer…. to any US redneck reading this. The above is not true. Infra red doesn’t work try UV!

    • Reminds me of that Latin tag, with which the Big White Chief in Londinium must be familiar:

      Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

      we are here to answer, as WGD says:

      We will be alert and watch those who were not alert nor watchful.

      It is the primary duty of government to ensure the safety of its citizenry. It is the primary duty of citizenry to ensure that its government delivers on that.

  2. After having his encounter with reality and a virus that clearly didn’t give a fuck how big his bank balance was, the clown in chief has gone back to peddling his snake oil and silly catchphrases.
    The media once again, lets us down by not calling him out on it.

    • Did he really have it though…the ongoing stupidity suggests it was attention seeking fake news for a popularity stunt.
      And that video was so right for his narcissism.

  3. ”Stay Alert ! Control the virus ! Save lives !”

    The SNP should adopt this slogan in the 2021 election . Coupled with a photo of the Tory Cretins standing for election that would ensure a comfortable victory .

  4. According to one ‘devolved’ administration arch unionist, a certain Ms Foster of Belfast, how lucky they are to be part of the ‘UK’ because …. loadsamoney. It won’t be too long before the Scots, Welsh and N. Irish will be reminded of the ‘generous subsidies’ which have come their way from the UK of E. How on earth would we have managed otherwise? Maybe that’s what Carlaw, Leonard and Rennie are working on – their latest wheeze about us poor Scots and our total reliance on other folks’ ‘generosity’. The media will be priming their keyboards right now.

  5. Maybe they hope a second wave of covid- 19 will wipe out Scotland, Ireland, and Wales , we have smaller populations after all,
    Devolved governments sorted .

  6. Rumour is that the Tory press are desperate to end lockdown because sales have plummeted even further than they were already doing. No doubt they’ll be asking for a “public service” bailout next…

  7. Disappointed that Nicola merely “asked” the UK government not to promote their new messaging in Scotland. She should have telt the tousled one in no uncertain terms. If I see any UK govt posters with the new message I will regard it as my civic duty to deface them.

  8. They have a different priority, Paul. Unless the “economy” is “restarted” soon then the game’s up for them. Sunak’s plan to support business was with the furlough scheme and loan guarantees, was stupid and hugely expensive – it would be far cheaper to support every citizen than giving loans and subsidies to airlines, rugby league associations, charities, banks etc etc.

    Trying to subsidise the entire economy is crazy – but that’s exactly what the UK government are trying to do – because everything the Establishment holds dear, is wrapped tightly around the Square Mile, not the British Isles.

    They are terrified of the “great leveller’ – to be brought to their knees for the likes of Rees-Mogg or Johnson, means losing their fortunes and power. What they don’t realise yet, is that they already have.

    For everyone else it means losing their loved ones and good friends. That’s the differences in the messaging – it’s pretty obvious the FM’s priorities are about saving lives – that’s all that matters right now.

    The game is up for these charlatans – they risk chaos in England now.

    • “The game is up for these charlatans – they risk chaos in England now.” – I honestly believe the opposite is true, these charlatans are banking on chaos in England now…

      • Mark and me and others will keep you posted from the front line here in Englandshire. Hoping to avoid having to listen to Big White Chief tonight, jowever. More important things to do in my mud hut.

    • I meant no disrespect to the point Mark made, imho his synopsis is on the button.
      Where I perceive the greater issue is with complying with rules to preserve overall health of the UK, hence the “Bloody stupid Johnson” games in play, not least the “Stay Alert” bullshit v “Stay at Home”… A small cabal will be chuckling over a few cocktails at all of this which is offensive.
      I really fear the mixed messaging is deliberately geared to cause disruption and potential chaos, but I take heart that the majority across the UK pay more attention to the FMs of Scotland and Wales and than the Arse wi teeth in #10

      • The contrast between the FM and PM today could not be more stark. I know who’s message resonates more for everyone – or you would think so. Reading some of the comments on Laura Keunssberg’s twitter feed this afternoon after the FM spoke was just so disheartening. If only this virus were more selective. Worth remembering that the transition of power sometimes defies democracy, occasionally for the better.

  9. Confused, chaotic and incompetent not only describes Westminster’s response, it describes the criminals and their dark backers

  10. Like Churchill, I grabbed my Cicero for inspiration.
    This should sends shivers up the spine of fellow Duggers who struggled to translate with The Chickpea Orator’s addressing the Senate in the ‘best days of our lives’..

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

    The sly whispers rustling through the alley’, of our Dead Tree Scrolls Hackery and Airwave Conspirators.
    ‘Heard in the halls of government itself’:- The Brit Nat ProudScotButters, Carlaw, Leonard, Rennie, Jack, Carmichael, and Murray.
    A parcel of rogues in our nation.
    Be alert, fellow Scots, be very alert.

  11. The message is ambiguous for a reason, it is a live experiment with real lives as stake. I’m not convinced that this is the government dipping a toe in the water just so as they can measure the absolutely has to be an increase in new cases as people start to congregate more.

    The pretence is that they haven’t lifted the lockdown but all the signs are the mixed messages being given out are designed to stimulate breaking of the lockdown especially among younger folk.

    Look at Germany, it reopened bars and restaurants just a few days ago and has now had outbreaks in two areas of the country that have had to be put back into strict lockdown. South Korea too has had an outbreak in Seoul after allowing the reopening of bars and clubs just last Wednesday. They have identified 54 new cases from this one outbreak alone.

    The main difference between England, Germany and South Korea though is that the latter two have the ability to control new outbreaks using test, trace and isolate. England doesn’t even use the word isolate an instead talk or test, trace and track. WTF is that?

    It looks to me that “herd immunity” is still very much on the agenda and they would love nothing better than to get the UK’s policy looking a lot more like Sweden where currently they fully expect more than 60% to catch the virus while trying to shield the most vulnerable. Something I believe would be guaranteed to fail so the number of excess deaths will be enormous and maybe even up there with the 500,000 predicted by the now famous Imperial College paper that the right wing press have loved to attack.

    • Only problem with Sweden, which has a death rate ~10x that of all its neighbours, is that it has signally failed to protect the vulnerable. Even the known ones, never mind the currently-unknown ones, as New York is now beginning to reveal. It’s a gratuitous experiment, a kind of state lottery with a difference – one with no big winners, only big losers.

      • Sweden recorded half the deaths that Scotland did in the last 24 hours with twice the population – they must be doing something right.

    • Did I read somewhere the other day regarding this new ‘app’ which supposedly traces and tracks, that the programme was to be headed up by another Tory with a Title, Baroness Harding, who was once CEO of TalkTalk and during her tenure in 2015, millions of customers’ personal details were hacked. She later admitted that she did not know if the information held by the company had been encrypted or not! Doesn’t half fill one with confidence, not.

      What is it about the UK that the bigger the failure the further up the establishment ladder you go?

  12. Because we’re not an Independent country Nicola Sturgeon bites her tongue on our behalf
    Who among us would have the patience to see this through because we don’t have the power to do what every other normal country can do, borrow money when they’re in trouble

    The Scottish parliament has less power than the Bailiwick of Guernsey who can even mint their own coin, a wee island you could invade with twenty men and a box of fireworks isn’t too wee or too poor, theyre even advertising their very own special £5 coin on the Telly

  13. Right on cue the Daily Record gets the headline wrong and the FM spots it and tells them, and guess what they said, yes you got it right, the Daily Record said *it was a mistake sorry* and the FM politely accepts their apology because decapitating them isn’t allowed

    She gave out the instructions about ten times during that briefing and they *get it wrong?* sure they did

  14. I thought Johnson was an idiot, I was wrong he’s a moron. Anybody know what he is asking the people fo England to do? I’m none the wiser after watching that speech, nothing is clear.

  15. Picked this up from part of the speec h as reported – didn’t watch live:

    “from this Wednesday, we want to encourage people to take more and even unlimited amounts of outdoor exercise.

    You can sit in the sun in your local park, you can drive to other destinations,”

    “You can drive to other destinations”

    Encouraging Anglos to go north of Berwick and west of Chester?

    Am not particularly happy with that, I can tell you …

  16. I think we should all recognise the implicit threat that the BBC Scotland has just pbroafcas: England won’t use the money send to her to subsidise our dissent over the covid 19 policy. Blatant colonialism-they are threatening Scotland with the Bengal solution.

  17. I think we should all recognise the implicit threat that the BBC Scotland has just broadcast: England won’t use the money we send to her, to subsidise our dissent over the covid 19 policy. Blatant colonialism-they are threatening Scotland with the Bengal solution.

    • I also heard that BBC Scotland programme throwaway line.

      That is the “hook” for the MSM to now focus on, and I am sure will be their main line of attack in Scottish Covid-19 briefings from now on.

      • Yeh we have to be alert to that. After I posted the comment I then checked what happened in Bengal during world war 2. Ironically, the British policy there was the “denial policy”. Different agenda but somehow more than apt to the current situation.

  18. To me Johnson is facing, and responding to the reality that the great English public decided to have street parties, decided to sunbathe etc., and so he has found it necessary to put out a “horses bolted’ relaxation of lockdown.

    The Scottish gov’t’s presentation this morning in contrast was very encouraging. Just hope that the Scottish public accept their government’s advice and not the UK media’s hype.

  19. People in Scotland have already kept alert, controlled the virus, and saved lives. By funding, supporting the SNHS and staying in. That why there are half the deaths in Scotland.

    People will continue to do so. The natives down south are getting restless. The Tories changing tack to try and save face. Instead of saving lives. Some people never learn.

  20. Close the border at 12.00 midnight. The English have been given permission to drive where they like.
    I anticipate a surge North, since Scotland is England to many of the Brit Jack booters.
    WE need an urgent redeployment of police and army personnel at the border to turn back hordes of insurgents.

    • Yeh Jack but folks like me already live in villages where many English rUK citizens have fled their multicultural shores and towns and have travelled here to build a new England in Scotlands green and pleasant lands. I dont criticise this. Early migration from the western Highlands and Northern Ireland to North America was done for the same reason: to preserve the old way of life. But will the new Scots heed the advise of Sturgeon when the potentate has decreed otherwise and created ambiguity.

      • I have nothing but praise for English born souls who have had the great good sense and come here to settle, and contribute economically culturally and socially to our Great Country Scotland.
        Indeed I recall my first visit to Ontario to visit my brother who had been driven from the Clydeside as the Money Men in London closed the yards and moved shipbuilding to the Third World of bamboo scaffolding and wages paid in bags of rice and a room in a shanty town.
        The Scots exiles were playing Kenneth McKellar and Moira Anderson tunes as they indulged in a bout of ‘Grannie’s Heilin Hame’ prompted by my visit from the Old Country.

        That they brought some of their ancient English customs musical tastes and diet with them matters not a jot. Their children and grandchildren will know better.
        My nephews and nieces are Canadian, though proud of their Scots ancestry.

        I’m talking about English citizens, which in all probability includes Scots ‘ex pats’, who have no business coming up here during the pandemic.
        They live in England and are subject to English Laws and Government.
        That’s why their English nurses teachers and police get paid less than their Scottish counterparts and it costs £40 grand to go to Newcastle Uni but not in Scotland.

        If they live in England, English Votes for English laws.

        Is Andrew Neill in isolation on his vineyard in France?
        Has he taken out French citizenship?

        Is Steven Gerrard back in England?

        One law for the Brits another for the Jock Unwashed?

        I intend to put PC Murdoch, the sole law officer stationed at the Isle of Whithorn outpost on notice..

        Constable Murdoch, on behalf of the People of Scotland, I order you to requisition Lachie the Lobster man’s row boat and patrol the Solway Firth from midnight tonight.

        It iscome to our attention that gangs of people traffickers are filling pedalos from the Lake District Marina with refugees from plague torn England and ferrying them across the Firth to Scotland and safety, for £5 a head.

        • If ever an industry deserved it’s fate it was the Clyde Shipbuilding industry.

          I too once bought in to the myth of the coolie slaves in the far east “stealing” our noble shipbuilder’s rightful position with their low quality rubbish as against our wonderful “Clyde Built” ships.

          Research has taught me otherwise – the myth is, to use an apt maritime term Garbage.

          The “Money Men in London” merely finished off a process already nearly complete, a process fuelled by arrogance, complacency and greed by both owners and men.

          The last commercial shipbuilder in Scotland Ferguson’s in Port Glasgow looks like a scrapyard compared to the high tech facilities in South Korea, China and elsewhere.

          • No argument there, J Galt.

            The Red Clydeside did not refer to the red lead paint.
            Yet my brother, newly turned 21, and tens of thousands of his contemporaries were sacrificed on the altar of idealism, the Commies versus the Bloated Capitalists. The Clydeside Clearances if you like.

            They had no option but to emigrate.
            Yet other European countries managed to maintain and strengthen their industrial bases.
            Bamboo scaffolding and bag of rice wages were, and still are, realities in the ‘developing nations’.
            How much are Chinese sub assembly workers paid to produce your I Phone?
            The ‘Money Men in London’ did not merely finish off the process, they controlled it from start to finish, and still do.

            Richard Leonard is a throwback to the Fred Kite ‘Everybody Out’ mob who will retire a very wealthy man having fought and obediently ‘lost’ the good fight against the Bosses, like Lords John Reid, Jack McConnell, Darling and Foulkes before him.
            His job is to con workers into believeibg that Socialist Nirvana is just within their grasp.
            We live in an Iron Heel Oligrachy.
            Self Determination is a must, apres La Peste.

          • I think we probably agree on more than we differ.

            The rot on Clydeside started earlier than most people think – before WW1 when local owners sold out to English based steel and armaments interests such as Brown’s of Sheffield taking over from J and G Thomson, the sons and the grandsons of the dynamic and innovative founders cashed in to become English Gentlemen.

            Yes your brother was sold out, however he may well have ended up in a better place (my own brother, like many Scots, also lives in Ontario).

  21. This gives Nicola Sturgeon around three weeks to watch Englands numbers to see how they go, will it be up, down, or flat
    BBCs Martyn Lewis and James Cook have a wee sly word and look at each other as Lewis suggests it’s part of *her game plan* meaning the FM and her secret Independence plotting to rile up the Scottish people again

    It’s as if they keep forgetting the FM would prefer Independence, she’s only said that a thousand times, I’m sure James Cook will have seen an email to the French Ambassador that was never written about that

    • This is not a ‘game’.
      We must police the border from midnight tonight.
      I’m serious. They’ll be flooding Up Here to escape the Plague.
      Our Police adhere to Scots Law. They are answerable to the people of Scotland through the democratically elected Scottish Government.

      There is no question that English citizens will be driving illegally and uninsured if they attempt to enter Scotland ‘illegally’ during the current Scots lock down.
      They will be breaking the law.

      They are in effect ‘illegal immigrants’. Oh, the delicious irony.
      There is no Freedom of Movement throughout the UK.
      You have been warned, John Bull.
      I’d inspect freight trucks just in case a Solihull Dentist and his family are hiding behind pallets of Kendal Mint trying to enter our country illegally.

      It is about to blow up in England’s face any minute now.

  22. I’ve just searched the transcript of the PM’s statement for the term ‘England’. I did this because some (actually much) of what he was talking about is not ‘reserved’, i.e. the powers lie with the devolved governments including but not limited to education.

    I found just one mention, namely in this: “I believe that as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom – Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, there is a strong resolve to defeat this together.”

    So at NO point did Johnson explain which of his statements were: (a) relevant to the whole UK; and (b) relevant only within England. Scotland’s FM today explicitly asked for the PM to give clarity on this matter: he failed.

    Secondly, I am obliged to the Institute for Government for this point it made a few days ago on the matter of a ‘four nation’ approach:

    “Since key powers used in the pandemic response are devolved, this could potentially lead to divergence between the four nations, with, for example, restrictions changed sooner in some places than in others.”

    Importantly it adds: “A co-ordinated exit strategy would be preferable. But co-ordination is NOT the same as homogeneity, and a UK strategy is NOT the same as a UK government strategy.” (with my emphasis)

    Indeed! However, it now appears the Tory government has no wish to engage in such a way.


    Finally, the ‘age old’ confusion – the logical nonsense – at the heart of the Westminster establishment is shown up again in the clearest terms in the transcript of the PM’s statement.

    It is headed: “PM address to THE NATION on coronavirus: 10 May 2020”. (my emphasis)

    And then in the body of the text: “I have consulted across the political spectrum, across ALL FOUR NATIONS of the UK.”

    Maybe he was just talking to England after all! Why were we not told?

    • EVEL, stewartb?

      Health Law Education.
      David Cameron at he rostrum outside Number 10 at 07.00 hrs 19th September 2019.
      English votes for English laws.
      It has blown up in the English Establishment’s face.
      Johnson was not speaking to the four nations in the Union. He was speaking to England on EVEL Health and Law and Order and Education matters.
      The laughingly cried BBC Scotland channel failed to grasp this fact.

      Johnson does not speak for Scotland. You’d think that Geissler, Cook, Fraser, and Campbell would have known that by now.
      The Brit Propaganda Wing’s days at Pacific Quay are numbered.
      Good fucking riddance.

  23. Where the feck is Alister Jack, Jackson Carlaw, and the GMB Super Shop Steward Leonard today? No’ a dickie bird from any of them.
    And Wee Willie winkie?
    Cowards hiding in the long grass. We back Boris the serial chick magnet?

    Oh, stop, Jack, my sides are aching.
    Titter ye may, missus.
    Scots workers will have their furlough payments stopped by the English Chancellor now; forced back to work and plague by their colonial masters.
    I predict a riot.

  24. The man’s a fool.
    Primary schools to take back in primary ONE and SIX.
    Anybody like to comment on the chances of keeping primary one children 2 metres apart?

  25. It’s a case of shifting responsibility. This government is ideologically and economically wed to its course.

    This will not end well.

  26. @ stewartb: For Johnson to have clearly announced his address to England alone it would have been a step too for the Establishment, an acknowledgement of four nations, each with a parliament, and with vital decision-making powers over their nations’ welfare on health. And yet if played astutely this will lead to a much diminished Westminster parliament over other national welfare issues, currently reserved.

    No time to lose though,Brexit threatens ever closer.

  27. The leaders of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are telling LBJ to get stuffed, as are the trade unions and teachers and I reckon that the massively depleted (by the Tories) NHS staff and Police Force in England won’t be too happy about his ”stay alert” meme either. FAR from it. How on earth are the Police in England going to manage to control the mobs now with LBJ stating that ”he wanted to encourage people to take more and even unlimited amounts of outdoor exercise from this Wednesday. You can sit in the sun in your local park, you can drive to other destinations, you can even play sports but only with members of your own household.”

    It’s high time that we had a bit of a revolution here in the UK with everyone rising up and telling him, et al, that enough is bl**dywell enough.


    ‘Trades unions tell Johnson: no return to work until we feel safe.’

    ..”Their intervention follows warnings from teaching unions on Friday that they will not support the reopening of schools until a system of “test, trace and isolate” is fully under way – something that is still some way off being fully operational.”..

  28. Ok Boris if we get the virus should we shout out Red Alert or Yellow Alert. You can tell I have been watching too much Star Trek during this crazy lockdown 😉 Didnt even watch Boris’s speech as I knew watching a repeat of Star Trek Voyager would make much more sense than listening to anything he had to say. So I hear he didn’t even bother to explain changes he was talking about apply only to England. Typical!!. Maybe it hasnt dawned on him yet that Scotland has not been assimilated (not even by the Borg) and our resistance to his negligent and irrelevant government will not be futile so go crawl back under your rock Boris

  29. I don’t have any time for Piers Morgan normally, however when it comes to this coronavirus he’s got his head screwed on unlike his ilk on the BBC.

    ‘Piers Morgan leaves Lorraine speechless after shock lockdown outburst.’


    ‘You haven’t got a clue’: Piers Morgan attacks Tory MP who gives confused advice over visiting family.’

    • Interesting to note that a great deal has been omitted from that written article in comparison to what can be heard on the video where Piers Morgan states that the real figure (relating to CV19 deaths) is over 55,000.

  30. ‘Nicola Sturgeon shows her mettle facing Tories driven by cash.’

    ..”There is a body of opinion that believes that the Covid-19 pandemic has derailed the journey to independence. I hold the opposite view. Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership has closed down one hoary old argument. There was once a time when Westminster was seen as the domain of the big-beasts, the stirring intellectuals and the great minds. By comparison Holyrood was the place of indentured local councillors and low-ranking cringe. By God, those days are well and truly over. Sturgeon’s daily briefings have put paid to that rancid old canard.”..


    ‘UK lockdown: What are the new rules for drivers and how far can people travel?’

    ”How far can people (in England) drive? There are no mileage limits set for the distance people could drive and you may note the government’s discouragement of public transport. Walking and cycling are favoured, but your car is an option once again.”

  31. Not a murmur from Carlaw about his big boss’s botchup. Just the usual complaining about the SNP in the last 2 hours.


    ”Not sure about this. I am sure Jeanne Freeman said that the draft guidance was published in error and the official version will be published as soon as possible. Regardless of that it still makes very interesting reading. The scotgov’s new guidance for care home staff is far better than anything DHSCgovuk has produced for care home staff in England. This thread compares the Scottish and English approaches.”

  32. Just in case you missed it. The BBC and BritNat MSM conveniently doing their cherrypicking act once again.

    ..”Surely their Disclosure team should be having a go at this? They could make up for their previous ill-informed report where they sided with the big BMW driving manager, of a Lanarkshire care home owned by Florida-based Bluebird Care to then blame the Scottish Government for not supplying PPE to a massive US corporation charging large amounts to care for our elderly.”..

    ..”Come on BBC – old folk dying in care homes owned by two giant dodgy corporations? Big audience?”..


    ‘Labour MSP calls for subsidies for tax-avoiding corporations.’

    ..”Does this Labour MSP (Rhoda Grant) think that ScotGov and NHS Highland have a magic money tree? I would like her to bear in mind this is a private care home – part of a large chain.”..

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