British nationalism is a fantasy novel

Ever since this crisis started the response of the Conservatives in London has been characterised by confusion, tardiness, lies, and venality. There has been one unforced error after another, the latest being the confusing and confused message given to the UK by Johnson in his pre-recorded broadcast on Sunday night. The official British response to the epidemic has now descended into farce. The new stay alert slogan that was so proudly unveiled over the weekend requires a fifty page document detailing what it means exactly. A slogan which requires pages of explanatory notes so that it can be properly understood is not a slogan at all. It’s a book title. In this case it’s a fantasy novel.

During a national emergency, a good Prime Minister needs to be able to rise above the back and forth of everyday party politics. They need to be able to speak to members of the public who haven’t voted for the Prime Minister’s party, to inspire trust and provide reassurance even to people who are not predisposed to listen or to believe in them.

There are many people in Scotland who are unhappy with Nicola Sturgeon. There are opponents of independence who instinctively distrust Thatessempee. There are independence supporters who are angry and frustrated at the lack of progress toward achieving another independence referendum. However the consensus of opinion across the political spectrum is that Nicola Sturgeon is performing well during this crisis. She is providing clarity and reassurance. She repeatedly tells the nation that she is not seeking to make party political points or to use this national tragedy for narrow party aims. She speaks clearly and openly about the challenges facing us all. She treats the public like grown ups. That’s why a recent opinion poll found that over 70% of people in Scotland trust the information that they receive from the Scottish Government. Only the NHS is more trusted. That such a large majority of the Scottish population trusts the Scottish Government means that a very large chunk of people who don’t vote SNP have faith in the way that the Scottish Government has been tackling this emergency. That’s a remarkable finding in a country that the British nationalists are always telling us is divided in two.

You can’t say the same about Boris Johnson. He has failed dismally at performing the role of the uniting national leader taking the whole UK with him, and for a man who models himself on the wartime Winston Churchill that’s a failure on a personal as well a professional and a political level. His defenders still want us to believe that he’s the best man for the job. One even challenged people on Twitter to name anyone who could do the job better. He was deluged by thousands of replies telling him “literally anyone I know.”

Johnson has screwed up his messaging so badly that he’s even managed to piss off Phillip Schofield, the normally cosy pullover wearer who angrily ranted on This Morning that the Prime Minister’s confused speech on Sunday evening had “tipped him over the edge”. Being subjected to an angry rant from Phillip Schofield is like being torn to shreds by the teeth and claws of a bear that you’ve provoked into rage and fury – only the bear is Bungle from Rainbow.

Meanwhile the British press in Scotland is more concerned about whether a divergence between the advice given by Holyrood and Westminster will create confusion. In their eyes it is of course the fault of Holyrood for daring to be different which is the source of the confusion, not a Westminster Government which doesn’t know its arse from its furlough. In Italy the various regions have been coming out of lockdown in their own ways. Each of the states in the USA is responding differently. In Spain some regions remain in lockdown while others are coming out of it. It’s only in Scotland that this sort of thing is going to be too complicated for people to grasp. Because, you know, people who live in Scotland might not realise that they live in Scotland and are subject to Scottish rules and Scots law.

If there’s any divergence it’s the fault of Scotland. If there’s any confusion it’s the fault of Scotland. It’s the typical attitude of English exceptionalism and it’s so ingrained in the cringing British nationalists in Scotland that they don’t even realise that they’re doing it, that they’ve lost all self-respect. The British state is founded upon the unreasonable expectation that Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland should simply fall in line with England and slavishly follow along and do what England does without complaint or hesitation, even if this puts people in those countries at risk. The default assumption is always that what England’s rulers do is right. When the Scottish Government recently advised the use of face coverings in enclosed public spaces such as shops and public transport, it was rejected out of hand by British nationalists in Scotland. But now that the British Government is giving the same advice they’re happy to comply.

Their tragedy is that for all their flag waving, their eating up of the mythology of Britishness, they’re still just Jocks as far as English nationalists are concerned. Our tragedy is that their determination to ignore the advice of the Scottish Government because Boris Johnson and the Tories say something different is risking people’s lives.

All this is for the sake of supposed British unity and respecting the so-called union, when English politicians generally give Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland no consideration at all. Boris Johnson couldn’t even be arsed to inform the Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Irish governments about the changes he was planning to make to lockdown regulations, never mind consulting with them. Nicola Sturgeon told a press conference that she only found out about them when she read about them in the newspapers last week. Today she was forced to reiterate that the changes that Johnson had announced on Sunday do not apply to Scotland.

On Sunday evening in his pre-recorded waffle Boris Johnson had the utter gall to tell everyone that he’d consulted on his changes with Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Belfast. Respect is a two way street. The Conservatives demand that we respect the union, but what they really mean is that Scotland must obey. They never demand that Westminster respects the union. British nationalism is a fantasy novel in which Scotland’s role is the cheerful servant.

There is no union. There never really was, but this coronavirus epidemic has cruelly exposed the lies upon which the myth of union was based. We saw that when PPE manufacturers in England put notices on their websites restricting sales to England only. We saw it when the British Government repeatedly made announcements without bothering to consult with Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland’s governments first. But above all we see it in the shocking reality of a mounting death toll that’s the highest in Europe and a Scottish Government that constantly has to fire-fight the irresponsibility, confusion, and incoherence of Westminster.

The only way that Scotland will ever get any respect from Westminster is when Scotland is an independent nation, and deals with Westminster as an equal.

And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…

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46 thoughts on “British nationalism is a fantasy novel

  1. Well said Paul. It just beggars belief the way the English government think that the can steamroller over the rest of us, and we’ll no say boo. They have never accepted the devolved governments have any powers or rights at all. Well hopefully, a change is coming, because it’s long overdue.

    My daughter kinda got into a bit of a spat with a couple of the britnats on facebook. I mean these are actually people that she knows. She was quite disgusted at their attitude. Well if they’re that unhappy, and don’t want to do what thatsturgeon says, cause she’s no the PM of The UK, let them get to buggery and stay in England. They seem to have been told this by many folk on that posting. As I said to my daughter, don’t even waste your breathe trying to convince these folk on anything. Totally closed minds. She had to agree wi her mammy in the end.

  2. It’s a complete shambles in England . London TUBE packed with commuters – no social distancing and few face coverings Those so called precious care workers travelling by tube being put at risk . When will Starmer put the Statesmanship aside and call Johnson out for the incompetent charlatan that he is . So pleased that my son in London is following Nicolas advice and ignoring those who are prepared to sacrifice people’s lives . Great post Paul

  3. Have a look at SKy’s website.
    This morning leading with ‘Sturgeon’, disrespectful, the numbers on trains,traffic jams and builders working very close.
    This afternoon their picture lead with a train with 2 people on both wearing masks.
    Propaganda and trust.
    Just heard a bit of the commons where the doris says he contacted the devolved governments.
    Then a nutter comes on and congratulates the government on it’s performance and the ‘Bulldog’ spirit, some people voted for this to become an mp.
    There have been 40,000 deaths at least.
    The leader of the Opposition asked a number of questions on the PLAN, no answers from the doris, more waffle about the ‘R’ number.
    This is what passes for a parliament,the mother of all parliaments. I hope that when Scotland becomes a normal country we have a different model.

  4. Y’know what? WGD gets better and better with each passing blog post. The quiet, justifiable anger is there for all to see – but he doesn’t fall into the trap of ranting and thereby considered an unreasonable, unthinking Scot Nat fool.

    WGD takes no prisoners and suffers no fools gladly. More power to his elbow and his is an example I suggest we should emulate at all times. (Note to First Minister Drakeford: up your game, accordingly.)

    We know that we will win in the end. And this is what scares those who still suffer from ‘the cringe’ and believe that leadership only comes from the Big White Chief and the other bwanas at Westminster.

    The ‘Union’ was ever a sham. The ‘family of nations’ was ever a sham. The ‘partnership of equals and respect for all component parts’ was also a sham.

    If England seeks salvation from its own quack doctors and spinmeisters, then let it do so. We, the Celtic nations have our own ways – and we will not be join in their national madness.

      • Ditto, Jim.
        I sometimes wish that I had Pauls. patience, but only sometimes.
        Was it St Augustine who mused: ‘Lord, save me from temptation, but not just yet.’

        I shall be patient and even handed when we have returned to self Determination…perhaps.
        Clarity begins at home. Home for us is Scotland or Wales. Not England.
        Its time that the 19 or so hacks who diurnally pester NS at the Daily Update realised that simple fact.
        There is no ‘Union’ now.
        England is on a downward spiral culminating in Brexit 31st December.
        I note that there will be no 14 day quarantine between France and England. Booze cruises and week end breaks in their holiday gites are more important than saving lives.

        Boy are they in for a shock in January 2021 when the EU locks its borders for good.

        The Union is dead, and not before time.
        By Christos, the Indyref 2 campaign is going to be enormous.
        This time we are ready.

  5. This contempt which emanates from Downing Street is reflected by some in the English media . Sky’s Kay Burley displayed the most astounding arrogance/contempt while interviewing Nicola Sturgeon today , breaking off mid question to shout a question at Matt Hancock as he entered Downing Street , then returning without apology to continue her questioning of the FM .

    Shocking behaviour ! Had the FM shown the same disgraceful behaviour towards a member of the Press , imagine the reactions from other journalists .

    This should be a red line for the FM – no more interviews with people who cannot even display simple manners when asking questions .

    • Yes James I posted the same message this morning. I couldn’t believe what the Burley madam done absolutely terrible behaviour. This is is how they treat our First Minister. Time to get out of this shambles.

      • The FM looked furious but maintained her composure and didn’t answer the new question posed after the interruption but instead resumed her point about clarity in messaging. I have no doubt that Ms Burley will do this again. Downing St in the morning is her regular haunt. Not once has she managed to get a meaningful response from any of her shouted across the street questions.


  6. One MP asking Johnson a question said that he had been told that Prof Chris Whittey, Chief Medical Officer and Sir Patrick Vallance, Chief Scientific Adviser had both refused to sign off on the “Stay Alert” message.

    This was flatly denied by Johnson, it’s interesting though those two advisors will no longer be flanking the Minister who leads the daily press conferences since they have ended the press conferences and starting tonight they have been replaced with a Q&A session with Johnson being questioned by the public and questions are to be submitted in advance.

    It looks then like he has decided to take his Chief scientific advisors out of circulation in case they are asked any awkward questions and have to answer truthfully. I can see this SAGE group falling apart, no wonder they got rid of Prof Neil Fergusson when they did. He wasn’t buying it.

    The plan is all too obvious (herd immunity) and the incompetence on display is staggering. The plan will fail as soon as the number of infections and deaths rebound, something that cannot be avoided in my opinion and there will be a backlash from the English public when they are again put under even stricter lockdown.

    • The Guardian has a story on this.

      Top experts not asked to approve ‘stay alert’ coronavirus message
      Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance had no role in signing off advice, Guardian has learned

      Neither Prof Chris Whitty, the chief medical officer for England, nor Sir Patrick Vallance, the government’s chief scientific adviser, were asked to sign off on dropping the “stay at home” advice before Boris Johnson unveiled the new strategy last night.
      Their lack of a role amid criticism of the switch in the key message has prompted renewed doubt about the government’s persistent claim it is “following the science” in its response to the virus

  7. And we still have the English/British nationalist brexit bourach to make matters even more worse. English/British nationalist contempt for Scotland continues unabated.

    SNP MPs are not returning to the cesspit of Westminster because of coronavirus. They should never return to that place.

  8. I recall some passage from Churchill about “consulting”, to the effect of “consulting with a condemned man, then hanging him anyway”, to paraphrase.
    It would seem that the consultation with Scotland and the other vassal states of the UK was more of a notification, if indeed a note was dropped off.
    Unless one counts The Telegraph as a messenger/consultant.
    Perhaps, now that I think about the intellects involved, Mr Johnson believes that The Telegraph is actually a message service rather than a paper…
    Then again, perhaps it is.

    • Perhaps, now that I think about the intellects involved, Mr Johnson believes that The Telegraph is actually a message service rather than a paper…


      Considering that it’s been continuous in its praising of LBJ (and one his previous employers as he contributed his scurrilous anti-EU sludge),I’d say the Telegraph is more an *ego-massage service* for Johnson, rather than a paper.

  9. This professor of epidemiology and medicine at the University of Oxford let’s rip at Johnson and the Tory strategy with both barrels.

    If we follow Boris Johnson’s advice, coronavirus will spread

    “The government may have reasons to lift the lockdown before a “test, trace, isolate” system is in place but we do not know what they are. Some will see an ongoing commitment to “herd immunity” behind the lack of public health actions in the speech. However, I believe no UK government would select this as the preferred scenario…

    Those defending the government’s Covid-19 response have reasonably pointed out that policy mistakes are always clearer in retrospect. So let me make a prediction. If we take the prime minister’s advice and return to work in large numbers now – and without the ability to test, trace and isolate – then virus spread will increase, there will be super-spreader events and local or regional lockdowns will have to be reconsidered.
    The prime minister implied in his speech that relapse will somehow be our fault – we were not sufficiently “alert”. The responsibility will lie, however, with a government that has encouraged a premature return to work before the epidemiologic conditions and interventions were in place to make it safe to do so.”

  10. As always, the truth Paul.
    I’ve just been listening to John Beattie, beating up anyone who remotely has a Scottish accent and connected to the Scottish Government on his ‘drivetime’ interrogations. Border checks, golfers, Scots shopping in Carlisle…blah blah… Then Nicola made her announcement, and this too went under the interrogation with Brian Taylor and his snide remarks that she had an underlying message for the pm, and quite rightly too. The point is, we all know how biased and derogatory these cringeworthy britnats are, but godinhell, they’re infuriating. Slime.

    Oh, and the radio was on not because it was the choice of the day, just because it was switched on this morning in the dog kitchen and I was dealing with my piles o dugs…I was also wondering what cac they were going to foul us with this ‘drivetime’.

  11. Sir Patrick Vallance will be appearing beside Johnson at the briefing from No 10. Don’t have a clue what has happened to the public Q&A session planned to replace this. Just about to start.

  12. From the House of Commons today, 11 May 2020:


    Question from Liz Saville Roberts (Dwyfor Meirionnydd) (PC):
    “There is now a three nations approach: Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland all agree on policy and message. I mean this with no malice, but for the sake of clarity, can the Prime Minister confirm that on almost everything he has announced today he is acting as the Prime Minister of England?”

    Response from the Prime Minister:
    “No, I reject that completely, and I think that MOST PEOPLE WILL KNOW WHAT WE ARE SAYING IS VERY GOOD ADVICE FOR THE ENTIRE POPULATION OF THE UNITED KINGDOM, though I perfectly respect the inflections and variations that may be necessary locally, regionally and nationally to reflect differences in those areas.” (my emphasis)

    Despite the weasel words at the end, is it not a natural reaction of most people to tend towards following what they are told is ‘good advice’ and less natural to act in ways that ignore ‘good advice’?

    Deliberately undermining of the position taken by governments in Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh – deliberately provocative by the PM?

    • Thanks for the Hansard, I scrolled down to find THIS

      Andrew Rosindell (Romford) (Con)

      First, may I thank the Prime Minister for the tremendous leadership of our nation during these times, and for his comprehensive statement today? Will he please outline his post-Brexit and post-covid economic plan to set our UK economy back on the right track in the coming decade? Does he agree that our priority must be to make plans now to boost domestic output in manufacturing and agriculture, so that we can reduce our reliance on imports, and support British business growth and job creation in constituencies such as Romford? We need a bold, free-enterprise agenda that is led, I believe, by a Prime Minister who I know will show the true bulldog spirit of this country, and take our nation back to prosperity and greater things in the future.

      The speaker allowed this question.

  13. BBC Scotland has been unable to contain itself and has burst like a volcano spewing forth red white and blue lava all itn the direction of the betrayers of Scotland the dreaded SNP who knew about the virus and did nothing while at the same time the dreaded SNP are doing too much and an investigation by the BBC will tonight reveal all about this golf game denying separatist SNP

    Tonight BBC Scotland will exclusively reveal how the dreaded SNP outrageously made its own mind up flying in the face of direct instructions from the BBC as relayed to them through the imperial media governers in Downing street, Wales nor Northern Ireland are a matter for the BBC, why? because neither of those places are any immediate threat to the Union as they have Labour or the DUP in control in those colonies and they will fight to the last man or woman to defend the Empire whereas in Scotland, well we have the ultimate schemer, the witch beyond the wall, Britains most dangerous woman Nicola Sturgeon who we knew all along couldn’t be trusted to obey her betters and would whip up Scottish peoples opinion in favour of keeping themselves alive, the Verminous Bastirts

    She who must be condemned must now undergo the full extent of the BBCs wrath now and forevermore until she is wiped from the face of the Unions earth, they’ve even got their investigative journalist with the clipboard on it, you know the one who looks down the camera lens and by the seriousness of his words and the tapping of his clipboard as he points to the as yet unseen evidence, you will be found guilty

    You can’t do right for doing wrong Nicola and now you must face the hordes of Internet zoomers, Unionists, subversives and yay verily I say unto you even outraged hairdressers venting their spleen at the shearing your own hair

    Don’t do anything different Nicola because you know when you make your next decision the same crazies will be ready to leap out from their positions of no responsibility whatsoever and scream the exact opposite of what they’re screaming now

    Scotland, a country where people want more power and less power at the same time but complete power to argue that it should be their decision to argue about it

    • Dr Jim,
      Reporting Scotland tonight was a disgrace.

      First item a trailer for the Disclosure programme tonight. Berating the SG for not entering lockdown sooner and the lives that might have been saved if they had. Conveniently not mentioning that lockdown was a 4-nation lock step process.

      Second item on the easing of lockdown and criticising Ms Sturgeon and SG for daring to diverge from England by maintaining the lockdown.

      Breathtaking inconsistency from people trying to pose as journalists and failing miserably.

      • I heard that slow dirge on the TV and turned it off assuming it was some documentary and not Reporting Scotland after all and that the TV listings were mixed up!

        Ok, I should have know better at my age..

        • Nicola Sturgeon killed my little girl’s grandparents…?
          Then Glenn Campbell acting as Alister Jack’s Press Agent…and so it goes on and on.
          Can’t be long before BBC London downsizes pacific Quay.
          Hundreds of hacks and only one story: Bring me the head of Nicola Sturgeon.

      • Agree wholeheartedly Legerwood, it was sickening.

        Watched the national news to see what they would say about the Celtic nations response to Bojo’s new message and it didn’t disappoint with Kuenssberg stating that the ‘Elastic Bands’ of the union are being stretched to braking point.

        Then BBC Scotland, Jesus H Christ, that was THE most blatant anti Scottish Government propaganda I have ever seen on TV. And this from a broadcaster that we’re forced to pay for by threat of jail, it makes me sick to my stomach.
        They harped on about if the borders had closed earlier, if flights had been stopped earlier, all of which as they bloody well know is reserved to Westminster but continued to show a camera on the ‘The Scottish Government’ building trying feverishly to pin the blame on Nicola Sturgeon.

        I’m drawn to the words of Donald Tusk ‘I believe there is a special place in hell for them’

        The next AUOB march should ringfence Pathetic Quay and besiege it until they upsticks and move out for good.

        I’m so mad I don’t give a flying fuck who at BBC loses there job as a result.

  14. Johnson on TV AGAIN. THE NATION, BRITISH NATION etc repeated time and again. One subtle change I note is the briefing from Westminster in the past had NHS England plasters over graphs and posters around the venue. Now it is 2 Union flags. No NHS England in sight. Then John from Lothian. You are my Prime mInister! Is the guy a councillor ? Tory party member? Friend of Jack or Carswell. The odds to find a Tory in Scotland 25%. The nhs England medics don’t do comms. So stay alive… sorry alert.

    • Ah that ‘age old’ confusion – the logical nonsense – at the heart of the Westminster establishment and amongst Unionists/Brit Nats. As posted here recently, it was shown up again in the clearest terms possible in the transcript of the PM’s statement on Sunday last.

      It is headed: “PM address to THE NATION on coronavirus: 10 May 2020”. (my emphasis)

      And then in the body of the text: “I have consulted across the political spectrum, across ALL FOUR NATIONS of the UK.”

      Do you think they are ‘aware’ that they are continually spouting this logical nonsense – and if so, how do you think they reconcile it their brains?

  15. Police Scotland reveal that most of the people insisting on non compliance of the law in Scotland take up officers time arguing over the constitution

    So now we know for sure who’s causing the bother

  16. Who was the knpb from Midlothian “my Prime Minister” – during the London briefing? Wasn’t he on QT last year?

  17. To re-ignite the English economy Johnson has instructed the workforce, essentially the manual workforce in England, to get back to work. As a sop he told them that they can indulge in restricted socially engagement, and can play tennis with a family member. VE day saw street parties across England, little in the way of being ALERT. I cannot see how this can end well, that the English public will not test the limits of social engagement, and beyond.

  18. That Disclosure Scotland episode was a total hatchet job against the Scottish Govt. No surprise there then. There were an awful lot of contributors on it from Edinburgh University a well known haunt of yoonery. One of those contributors mentioned that when she had flown into Italy in early March her temperature had been checked but when she returned to Edinburgh Airport no checks were in place. No mention that borders at Airports are run by UK govt so Scottish Govt couldnt impose any checks. I am disgusted with the BBC and am now trying to figure out how to tell tv licensing I will no longer be paying monthly payments for Tv licence. It is sad for those who lost loved ones but a lot of the tone of that programme was pathetic and Mark Daly as an interviewer was blatantly biased

    • Just watching the BBC 1 Scottish news at 22.40pm – if there was ever any doubt, this is a now clearly a HOSTILE ‘public service’ broadcaster acting against the Scottish Government.

      If a government had introduced ‘something’ that has evidentially helped contain the pandemic a day, a week, two weeks, a month earlier than it actually did introduce this ‘something’, is it likely that statistical modelling and extrapolation would be able to calculate a numerical outcome that shows (hypothetically) reduced mortality? Well blow me down – it is possible to model such a hypothetical outcome!

      Is Scotland’s government somehow unique – uniquely ‘bad’ in causing unnecessary deaths (including the the BBC’s shameful, implied responsibility for the deaths of named individuals) in the UK or in the world on this ‘concept’ at the core of the Disclosure Scotland report? No context is provided to assist the viewer of the news bulletin. Could you model data from anywhere experiencing the pandemic and construct a similar statistical outcome? I suggest yes, statistically you probably could.

      Hindsight is a wonderful thing – and BBC Scotland makes it look all so easy!

      • The BBC Reporting Scotland story clearly linked the deaths of three people from one family to the early Covid-19 case in Edinburgh .

        How on God’s Earth were they able to do that ? The family claimed that their family members contracted the virus at a family party – how can that possibly be linked to the early Edinburgh ( NIKE ) cases ?
        Utterly disgraceful and shameful reporting !

        • If a giant asteroid hit the planet and caused many deaths in Scotland and rest of uk the BBC would frame it as the fault of that Snpee

  19. I think the first minister should reduce the number of questioners / interrogators from the Unionist press. It gets you no where as they are not interested in Scots dying or falling ill or the general strategy to combat covid.

    The have Already started to push against Independence referendum 2. Today was all about the border. They are worried but have no interest in the people.

    • The so called co-operation is coming to an end soon, it looks like it won’t hold longer than about another month, Johnson doesn’t like being told he doesn’t control everything and when he gets his instructions from his bosses for the next bit of their plan then it’ll be business as usual with the bile pouring out

      Wales and Northern Ireland will bottle it because in the end they’re both defenders of the Union leaving Scotland hanging, but I guess Nicola Sturgeon already knows that so it’ll be interesting to see if it’s longbows at dawn from Johnson or a dirk between the ribs from Scotlands FM

      The FMs a long game player so she’ll already know her move

  20. The death rate is half in Scotland to what it is in the rest of the UK. How come that never gets a mention from the tax evading Press total hypocrites. No wonder not one watches or listens or buys it.

    Vote Tory to die younger.

    Now the declaration 15 pupils to a class. Which 15? How do they decide? Common sense out the window, it is beyond incredible. Pathetic.

    The Tories (Clegg) cut Education £6Billion a year, from 2015 to 2020. £30Billion. They spent it all in a rail line to nowhere and nuclear. To kill off even more people.

    Beyond stupid and absolutely no common sense.

    The Scottish Gov had to mitigate all the cuts and spends monies on renewables. The cheapest and safest. Scotland self sufficient in fuel and energy. Pays more for Westminster bad decisions. Time to get rid of them. The Westminster union dunces. What a shower of complete imbeciles. Johnston an absolute clown.

  21. If the UK had been shut down a month earlier there would have be less deaths. A pandemic is a Westminster responsibility not devolved. The Tories were told years ago and still cut NHS funding.

    The Scottish Gov has to mitigate all the cuts from Westminster, Westminster taking funds from Scotland to pay their debt. The illegal Barnett Formula. Keeping it secret under the Official Secrets Act. Scotland would be much better off self sufficient. Than paying for all Westminster bad, poor decisions.

    Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. The UK one of the most unequal places in earth.

    People are sick of tax evaders raising money for ‘charity’.For some cheap publicity. If they paid their share there would be no need for charity, Google, Amazon and Facebook illegal practices.
    Charles pays 10% on £20Million. No corporation or capital gains tax.

    They are all at it. Contracts going to Cabinet ministers and their cronies without any competition. Even in a pandemic. Killing people.

  22. There is no such thing as the United Kingdom. There is England and its colonies. British nationalism = English nationalism because it seeks to keep its colonies subservient to London.

  23. If Britain was a fantasy novel, it would be in the style of the “mouse that roared” with Britain as the Grand Duchy of Fenwick, with Boris as Count Mountjoy, the Prime Minister. The plot was simple, the Fenwick economy was knackered so the PMs plan is to declare war on the US. Fenwick would then surrender and would get US aid money to prop it up. Lets face it: Unionists think thats what Scotland has been doing for 300 years.

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