Freeing Scotland’s hands to build a better country

The United Kingdom is an island state off the coast of Europe, which the Conservative party treats as though it were one of those huge Highland estates owned by one of their wealthy donors who like Jacob Rees Mogg is self-isolating in the 18th century. The inhabitants of these islands are regarded as so many estate workers, whose sole purpose is to enrich their masters, and who can be disposed of should they prove to be an inconvenience to their laird’s accumulation of greater wealth.

The economy of the UK is dependent upon the service sector, staffed by a so-called flexible labour force, the modern equivalent of dockworkers touting for a job every morning and those who were unlucky and were not picked go home with no pay. A large and ever increasing proportion of the UK labour force is shackled to zero hours contracts, to self-employment that’s self-employment in name only so that their bosses don’t have to pay holidays, sick pay, or recognise any employment rights. Millions are reduced to scraping by on low wages and have little to look forward to except an increasingly uncertain future. This is the normal that the Conservatives want us all to get back to as soon as possible. They clap for care workers and the NHS while plotting how to cut wages and remove employment rights. Clapping is cheap and doesn’t cut into the profits of the laird.

The current crisis has cruelly exposed the inqualities and inequities of the UK. Despite the rhetoric we are not all in this together. We desperately need to build a better future, yet the dead weight of the Conservatives who will be in power for years to come stifle any realistic possibility of it happening in the UK.

In the podcasts which this blog hosts weekly, the SNP’s Joanna Cherry spoke about the importance of ordinary SNP members using this time in lockdown to think about the future, to formulate and develop policies which point to a better country. She specifically mentioned the universal basic income scheme as a way to ensure that everyone in the country has the security of a basic level of income. Of course by itself UBI would not be enough, but it’s a concrete example of how things can be done differently in a way which challenges and starts to overcome the immense inequality that the UK has bequeathed us. After this crisis is over, the political initiative will be with those who have a thought out plan to change this country for the better, because there will be a huge public appetite for change. The public will not want to have seen the deaths of so many, the destruction of so many jobs and livelihoods, so much discomfort, only for it all to have been for naught.

What we can be sure of is that the change which we so desperately need will not come about within the strictures of the British state. It’s going to take Scottish independence to bring about the changes that we so desperately need. So we must think now about the kind of Scotland that we want, and how to build it.

The Conservatives enjoy a massive majority in the Commons. There will not be another General Election until 2024. There are calls for a public inquiry into the British Government’s lamentable mishandling of the epidemic, by the time that another General Election is due the Tories will have buried the outcome of a whitewashing public inquiry which is very much in the British tradition.

Scotland cannot look to the Labour party to save it. The Labour party in Scotland is obsessed with scoring party political points against its hated enemy the SNP. The Tories get a free pass. The overriding importance to the faction which has control of Labour in Scotland is to preserve the UK at all costs.

Ian Murray, Labour in Scotland’s champion of hindsight, appeared on Sky News to condemn the Scottish Government for not imposing lockdown two weeks earlier than it did. Ian seems to think that Nicola Sturgeon is in possession of a time machine which allows her to use legislation to enable a lockdown which was passed at the end of March in order to impose a lockdown at the beginning of March. He did so without once condemning the British Government for allowing the Cheltenham races to go ahead, and without displaying the slightest admission that had the Scottish Government attempted to impose lockdown weeks ahead of the rest of the UK, Ian would have been at the forefront of those attacking them for creating divisions within the UK’s united response to the virus. Can you please let us know when you first called for a lockdown in Scotland Ian? Asking for a friend in a care home.

I pointed out in this blog just a few short days ago that Ian Murray’s job is supposedly shadowing Alister Jack as Scotland Secretary. He is in theory supposed to be holding the British Government to account for its policies in Scotland. Yet instead Ian spends all his time and energy attacking Holyrood. He’s little more than the Conservatives’ little helper. If Keir Starmer believes that this is how he’s going to restore the fortunes of the Labour party in Scotland, he’s in for a big disappointment.

The Sky News presenter casually mentioned that the rate of deaths in care homes in Scotland is twice what it is in England, without bothering to give the caveat that the number of deaths in English care homes is a matter of some dispute and there is good reason to believe that it is considerably higher than the figure that the British Government admits to. Just five days ago the Guardian newspaper published the results of a study which shows that the true extent of deaths in care homes in England and Wales is likely to much higher than the official figures. The study from the London School of Economics found that the true figure is likely to be around 22,000, almost three times the officially acknowledged figure of 8,314 deaths due to coronavirus in care homes in England and Wales as of 8 May. By way of comparison, statistics from the National Records for Scotland state that 1,434 people have died in care homes in Scotland as of 10 May. (See here :

Ian readily agreed. Naturally Ian didn’t admit to the existence of the LSE study, despite the fact that it was published in a newspaper which is to all intents and purposes the house journal of the British Labour party. It beggars belief that Ian was unaware of it. If he was unaware of it he has no business pontificating about deaths in care homes in the first place. So he either knew that the death rate in Scottish care homes is not really twice what it is in England in which case he was attempting to deliberately mislead the public in pursuit of a party political point, or he didn’t know in which case he has failed to do the most elementary research on a topic which he is insisting on holding the Scottish Government to account on. After all, why let accuracy get in the way of making an SNPbad point? This, all by itself, is proof that Ian Murray is not interested in what’s best for Scotland. He’s only interested in leveraging party political points. Ian Murray and his reflexively British nationalist Labour party in Scotland is not the solution to all that ails Scotland, he’s part of the problem.

The solution to Scotland’s problems lies in the hands of the people of Scotland. But in order to use those hands to create that better Scotland, we must free ourselves from Westminster’s handcuffs.

And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…

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72 thoughts on “Freeing Scotland’s hands to build a better country

  1. Scotland will only achieve Independence when we decide to take and not when England decided to give it.

  2. Ian Murray essentially exists to deputise The English High Commissioner in Scotland, Alister Jack. In all fairness, he makes a fairly good job of it, in that he manages time and again to deflect the most glaring gaffs of his senior by illustrating that he is every bit a as capable of producing his own, subsequently leaving gaping-mouthed observers uncertain which way to look, let alone which to criticise first.

  3. The first reported case in London was in January. The first case reported in Scotland was in March. The lockdown in Scotland was more effective. The lockdown in the south was much to late. Scotland has half the death rate and will need to come out later. That is being done.

    It is the UK Westminster Gov which is supposed to control pandemics. They failed miserably. Cut NHS funding and failed to heed warnings. They are at fault. The Scottish Gov has managed better.

    Murray should take up complaints to Westminster . Labour was part of the austerity cuts. Murray was party to the cuts. The Scottish Gov mitigated them and increased SNHS funding. Labour was against MUP.

    People have suggested the pubs and clubs being closed have reduced A&E cases. Many are alcohol related.

  4. Ach poor wee Ian, his team’s just gone down – which must be even more angst-ridden than having a sticker on your windae… But you have him sussed Paul, and he needs to be reminded of his role at every opportunity.

  5. Yes indeed Paul, Ian Murray is the very example of Labour in consciously ignoring obvious majority public opinion in Scotland, but the fact that Labour was born in Scotland and seems certain to die there in it’s current form, is doubly cruel.
    With or without Keir Starmer or Ian Murray’s interventions, what persists in England as Labour is a pale shadow of it’s former self, the cudgels of fighting the iniquities of life under Tory rule having been passed to an independence movement so far removed from Labour’s origins as a unifying british force should be appalling, but no.
    Whereas Hardie believed in the power of the people to overcome Tory rule in Westminster, the current incumbents appear so mesmerised by advantage and prospects of power that the principles of electoral power are lost in a sea of promotional advantage and careerism, so hell mend them.

  6. Total stitch up by Sky/Murray, immediately post Sky question they left the daily briefing and, “Sturgeon denies” banner and comments appear and lo and behold, under 5 minutes after the question Murray is already on the screen. He must have been sitting waiting to spout forth on this clearly planned an arranged point.

  7. Scotland’s future must be based on providing security for all as the platform from which people can feel confident to innovate and invest.
    The Tories believe that fear is the best way to do this.
    Fear of no food,no health care,no shelter should you be unfortunate enough to lose your zero hours employment.
    The most productive countries in the world are those that invest in their people and not their banks and hedge funds.
    As for Murray,he is getting his knickers in a twist because he is elected on an No to independence ticket by the professional classes in Edinburgh South (as well as the Hearts supporters) and those people have seen that,actually we are not better together and that in order to save lives in Scotland we have to do things differently.
    His coat is on a much shooglier peg since the crisis.

    • So Hearts supporters vote for Murray !
      You are an ignoramus !
      Alex Salmons is also a Hearts supporter , why bring football support on to a political blog ?

  8. When I think of Labour compared to the days of Harold Wilson, Dennis Healey, Jim Callaghan I wonder why the likes of Murray believes he is a “ socialist” or even a “social democrat”. His politicisation of this pandemic is of the lowest order, which he mimics with Carlaw. Does he really care about people? Nope. He cares about himself. A bit like ex mp Harris, they latch onto a party that they think will give them a step up.
    In this, I do have some reservations of some of the ex labourites and some ? Tory business people who jumped on the independence bandwagon. Why?
    Well, what I saw as many others did over the past 40 odd years …that Scotland is best to govern itself, they only discovered this when labours job creation scheme ie councillor/ MP/MSP/Lord or Lady/ chair of Quango started to wane.
    Still his complaints shows up his character. He joins a happy band of such politicians such as Rennie,Davidson, Steel to name but a few. At least with Tam Dayell you knew what you got.

  9. And his team just got relegated too. He really isn’t having a good time of it.
    Perpetually on the losing side, propped up by the Morningside Red White and Blues

  10. The media and onionists are failing us.
    After the Sky news report above I had a look at the EBC in Scotland’s.
    200 people have died of the virus per home. in care homes in Scotland,in care homes run by HC-One,according to the EBC.
    The company runs around 20 care homes in Scotland so that is 10 per home.
    The EBC fails to tell you this in a way that is sensible.
    It took me a few minutes,on line, to find out the company runs some 200 car homes.
    By the way I had to add the Skye one as it has been removed from their site.
    They say the lies are all round the world before the truth has it’s boots on.

  11. Ian Murray once accused YES voters of vandalising his office. The Police who knew it was a gang of youths and had to caution him about it. He’s not deluded, it was not an accident, it was a calculated move on his part. As is this new outrage. He saw that report, he knows what he is doing is dishonest. He simply doesn’t care. He too doesn’t care what happens to his party in Scotland. He was happy it was destroyed. Wants to see it destroyed again (how you destroy something thats been destroyed already, is beyond me). Because if Scotland is still trapped by the Union, then Westminster gets to control Scotland. If that means tory government for the foreseeable, then Mr Murray is just happy with that. The only thing that matters to him and to any unionist MP is their paycheck. Independence threatens that.

  12. Just caught up with the news segment.

    It reeks. Big time! No mention that the FM is not in control of foreign policy, border control or indeed time itself. Given the nature of the Sunday Times piece in the last post, it appears that UK gov are determined to ramp up pressure on Scotgov to come to heel and not in the most subtle of strategies t’boot.

  13. The media are Tory Unionist in Scotland, and it’s obvious because when the opposition to the SNP make accusations of one sort or another against the SNP the media always just repeat those accusations but never interrogate the accusers as to the veracity of their claims

    In England when Corbyn was making his pitch for government the opposite happened, the media interrogated him and his and accusations against the Tories thereby attempting to debunk and disprove everything he said, but they didn’t challenge the Tories on what they said

    During WW2 the BBC edited film footage constantly to create the impression that the enemy were an incompetent joke and that everything they said was ridiculous and stupid or a threat to the British empire and played it in all the British cinemas, it was called Pathe News, but everything the *British* did and said was brave and triumphant and more competent

    The voice of the BBC Pathe News propaganda was Bob Danvers Walker, some may remember him as the voice of Michael Miles original Take your Pick quiz programme

    The SNP are the enemy of the British state so the BBC perform the same role they’ve always done on behalf of the *British* state

  14. And by the way the BBC’s Sarah Smith’s (Labour) gloves are truly off now. Basically calling Nicola Sturgeon a liar earlier and that her actions relate to political point making (the gist of it in my words).

  15. I see Tom Gordon in today’s London Herald beclaims that staff are the principal cause of Covid 19 in Scottish care homes. Now I’m no investigative journalist but I arrived at that conclusion…about 4 weeks ago.

    Its pains me to see that Scottish independence is belittled by such narrow introspection as that exhiibitedby the likes of Gordon.

  16. How lucky are we to have politicians like Nicola Sturgeon, Jeanne Freeman, Philippa Whitford and Joanna Cherry on our side? Freeing Scotland’s hands to build a better country. And don’t they just give the BritNat politicians a real showing up?! Three interesting tweets from Joanna Cherry:- joanna cherry twitter

    • Yep, Smith basically said that Nicola Sturgeon is “enjoying” the “opportunity” to strike out on her own and not follow Johnson EngGov orders re CV19.

      To use the word “enjoying” in that context is stooping very very low, even for Smith, even for the BBC, or rather would be, if they were real journalists and reporters with even a smidgeon of integrity. Their hands are very dirty and no amount of soap will wash away the scum.

  17. Still who needs friends like these from Wings over Scotland~Should it not change its name to “Britnat”?

    Calgacus says:
    18 May, 2020 at 9:03 pm
    The SNP have become pigs. They have betrayed Scotland. They are worse than Labour, worse than the Tories. They know why.

  18. Calm down, Duggers.
    Can you imagine if there were only one SNP MP, and the ridiculous state of affairs that this sad wee solo person would have such access to our Dead Tree Scrolls and the backing of the broadcasters as this bloated little nobody, a man with no political conviction other than keeping himself in his twee little Morningside Tea room c’mon the Jam Tarts sinecure.
    He is a Nobody par excellence, who has contributed nothing to the life of his fellow Scots, other than lie, as today, by omission, and bluster.

    That he would deliberately undermine his own country’s efforts to defeat this virus, by silence, while the English wing of Murdoch’s Empire spouts lies about Care Home deaths says it all.

    There is a special place in hell for those who would lie threaten and take money to attack their own country and its people.

    I repeat, why are our hacks and broadcasters giving this insignificant little man such exposure?
    Is it the old Scottish hierarchy? The Scotia Wing of the Brit Elite?

    You bet your feckin’ life it is.

    They are even prepared to let the Herald, Scotsman and Record fold, to save England’s Green and Pleasant Band.

    It is no accident that most of the hacks and broadcasters who are manning the pumps for the Union are in the twilight of their careers; this is their Last Hurrah for the Empire.

    I’ll not name names, but their wizened tired old faces have dominated our screens, airwaves and columns attacking Scotland; some of them have been at it since the ‘seventies.
    Brainwashed Little Britons.

    How can a millionaire screen writer get on a plane in NZ, fly to Los Angeles, then fly on to London, ‘borrow’ a friend’s car and boasts about driving up to Scotland (presumably without insurance) on empty motorways, and Murray has no comment, being the good socialist he is supposed to be?

    Murray is a mouthpiece for the Champagne Socialists, like Lord Darling, Lord McConnell, and Lord Reid.

    We are almost at the end of our tether with this gang of chancers who have quite happily colluded with their English bosses to rob Scotland blind since WWII.

    No more Mr and Mrs Nice Guy.
    No more hanging about playing games at rigged Elections.
    No more.
    It stops now.

  19. Murray is telling lies. His Westminster Gov should have locked down a month before. The rest of the UK has the highest death rate. The virus cane from the south to Scotland because there was no earlier lock down. The total incompetence of Murray’s Westminster Gov.

    The illegal wars, the migration crisis, the Brexit mess all come from Murray’s Westminster Gov. Scotland pays dear for their poor, bad decisions. £20Billion a year.

    Vote Tory/unionist to die younger. They cut NHS/Education and Welfare. Murray supported it. Spending wasted £Billions on HS2. The civil servant found illegally hiding the facts. Hickley Point and Trident. Nuclear discredited in the 1950’s. The Tories now reinvesting in it.

    Rotting contaminated subs at Rosyth. The Clyde being polluted. 50% more nuclear dumped,

    Thatcher, the winter of discontent, the legacy of Murray’s Westminster Gov. Rotten to the core. Costing Scotland even more. The last Labour man standing will be voted out. People are voting SNP increasingly. Independence support is rising for a better life and a better world.

    The Brexit mess starting to unfold. It will all end in tears, again. It was closer ties with Europe that improved the economy. Thatcher had to go.

    High unemployment and social strife. The Scottish revenues and resources wasted. Funding London S/E congestion and the banking crisis. Kept secret illegally under the Official Secrets Act.

    Johnston asked the Head of the Civil Service who was responsible for the failed policies. ‘You are’, was the reply.

    The dope on a rope. Now charging the healthcare workers who saved him £thousands for healthcare and residency status. What a failure. An absolute disgrace. Liars always get found out.

  20. Murdoch, the criminal, now scared of dying turning on the Tories. Calling them out. After helping the Westminster criminals ruin the world. Johnston the criminal, was sacked by Murdoch, the criminal, for telling lies.

    The Barclay brothers now fighting among themselves and having to sell up. No honour among thieves. They would sell out their families never mind the dope on a rope.

    Times and Telegraph Tory supporters now on the ropes, for supporting the dope. It will all end in tears, again. Some people never learn. Deja Vu. Killing off their own supporters. Males over seventy. The Tory Party.

  21. Sarah Smith BBC once again having to apologise for a grave error of judgement. No one no one listens to it or watches it. Disgusting and disgraceful. Westminster propaganda channel.

    They have been sending out licensing demands with no staff to deal with it. Total incompetence. Just like the Westminster Gov. Rank.

    • Och, Ken, The Hon Sarah Smith, whose mother, the Baroness, and Kezia Dugdale run the pointless, but funded by you and me, “Think Tank”, on promoting politeness in politics (has there ever been a more vapid waste of public funds?) blithely and completely subjectively accuses our First minister of ‘enjoying the opportunity’ to have a different approach to the Covid emergency, a particle she hurriedly altered to ’embracing’ when the shit hit her full in the face.
      The Dead Tree Scrolls take up the smear, with headlines like ‘Sturgeon denies’ enjoying thousands of Scots dying in pain and alone.
      So the message across the Brit Nat Pack is: Nicola Sturgeon’s enjoying all of this, and has taken to the ether ‘denying’ that she has stopped beating her husband.

      So the emphasis switches from the slur of a Brit Nat Propagandists outrageous comment, to Nicola Sturgeon somehow having ‘defend herself’.
      They are a disgusting bunch.
      It is now time to get ‘political’, and go on the campaign trail towards Independence.

      The Hon Sarah Smith should be sacked for suggesting that any political leader is ‘enjoying’, or ’embracing’ the current global emergency.

      Her feet shouldn’t touch.

      But that won’t happen, will it?

      I’m sure that Donalda McKinnon will back her up to the hilt.

  22. Gaining Independence is only one step in the journey. A major one but not the final one. Always remember that the “Empire” always poisons the well. Look at India/Ireland/The Middle East etc for examples.
    The link below is on the damage done to India. We have seen the same division in Ireland. They do not simply walk away at the point of Independence.

  23. Well sir alastair jack won’t need 5 weeks to draw the border on land, that’s quite well defined,the sea border will have to go back to before the blair stole from Berwick eastwards.
    History says that the borders in India were already marked out before the commission report,churchill was involved.
    Strange that the RAJ lasted just over 300 years from the EAST INDIA company invasion.
    Our time has come.

  24. Nasty wee propagandist, Sarah Smith, apologises to Nicola Sturgeon.

    With follow up tweets stating, ”Will you please make your apologies on air – that was where you made your ‘mistake’.”

    ”I don’t vote SNP, but I’m sick to death of this deliberate bias against Nicola Sturgeon by the
    @BBC. It stifles decent debate, and goes against the principles of fair and impartial Broadcasting. It plays to the politics of the board of governors appointed by the government.”


    ‘BBC’s Sarah Smith claims FM ‘enjoys’ making decisions on Covid-19.’

    • We had to listen to Smith telling us that Nicola was reprimanding Boris on changing the lockdown message. “She didn’t say it” Nicola didn’t say such words. However Sarah knows what she is really saying and thinking.
      Smith has remarkable mind reading powers that conveniently suit her Unionist agenda.

  25. And in the midst of a pandemic Better Together continue on regardless.

    Nicola Sturgeon to moronic Sarah Smith.

    ”Never in my entire political career have I ‘enjoyed’ anything less than this. My heart breaks every day for all those who have lost loved ones to this virus.”


    The Herald is at it now with Jeane Freeman calling on them to correct their article.

  26. Sarah Smith professional BBC journalist SNP and Nicola Sturgeon hater admits she doesn’t understand the meanings of words as she apologises for using the word *enjoys* but replaces it with *embraces* when referring to Scotland’s First Minister’s handling of the Corona Virus pandemic
    If either of these words are deemed appropriate to use about a situation where the First Minister is dealing with decisions over the lives and deaths of the population of Scotland I’d *enjoy* hearing the BBCs reasons why they think they are

    The BBCs channel 9 flagship news programme especially designed for Scotland that barely anyone in Scotland actually watches has as a regular presenter of his version of the news one James Cook, for viewers or readers James Cook is the BBC reporter who claimed he had read the email in the case of the Alistair Carmichael Lib Dem lie nicknamed *Frenchgate* where Carmichael had claimed the FM and the French Ambassador had been in conversation through an email which claimed Nicola Sturgeon had preferred Tory David Cameron over the then Labour candidate if memory serves was David Miliband to win the general election, it was later proven no such email ever existed yet BBC journalist Cook claimed live on air to the FM he had read it, this was again later proven in court to have been a lie and the Judge said so and made it public that Alister Carmichael Lib Dem was in fact a liar

    No action was taken against the BBCs James Cook although he did disappear to America to journalise over there for a while, so I fully expect no action to be taken against Sarah Smith for her behaviour as it’s obviously BBC policy to lie consistantly and expect to get away with it protected by the Westminster Tories

    So sorry, I made an error, the BBC don’t lie, they make *mistakes* many, many of them, over and over again, but only when it concerns accuracy and the truth

    • Re James cook. I remember when Cook stopped Nicola Sturgeon in George Square with the allegations over the French Ambassador. Which of course were not true. He thought he was on a winner based on the ?Telegraph story leaked by the SoSS Carmichael’s Advisor (person left quickly after- harder to question) Carmichael’s deputy was one Mundell. This planned by the unionists.

      So the poisoning of the waters- Lib Dem / Tory press/ BBC Scotland/ labour/ . Cook. Also sent quick to the USA during the trial of Carmichael if I remember.

      That’s what we are up against.

  27. Dugdale has been at it as well. Director of the John Smith whatever. Deadwood. Waste of public money. Glasgow uni propaganda unit.

    ‘HOL is so equitable’. Nonsense. The cheek comparing the Holyrood Parliament to the HOL. Sir Starmer.

    Holyrood unionist screw up is bad enough but the corrupt Lords is beyond the pale. Cash for Honours the unionist way. They should just be quiet if there was any justice.

    • From Caltonjock;- ”September 23 2007: It was the most poignant of walks down the aisle for Sarah the eldest daughter of late Labour leader John Smith yesterday as she was married yards from her father’s grave.”

      I’m just wondering if he’s, John Smith, turning in his grave now or was he always just as bad as her?

      • From Caltonjock:- an oldie from 2014.

        ‘The BBC and the referendum.’

        ..”The latest instance is the axing of BBC presenter Gary Robertson after 24 years working for the BBC, 15 of them with BBC Scotland. Robertson has been got rid of for financial reasons. What is not officially acknowledged by the BBC, but obvious to everyone, is that this is directly related to recent decisions to hire on sizeable six figure salaries, Jim Naughtie and Sarah Smith.”

        ..”Jim Naughtie and Sarah Smith have come north on expensive contracts to head up significant parts of BBC Scotland’s independence coverage.”

        • Typo alert 😉

          ..”Jim Naughtie and Sarah Smith have come north on expensive contracts to head up significant parts of BBC Scotland’s ANTI-independence coverage.”

          Enjoy/embrace … as you see fit! 😉

      • Petra,
        Before going to work at the BBC Sarah Smith was a reporter on Ch4 news. She was latterly their American correspondent and based in the USA.

        Given her posting it was rather strange that she returned from the USA to cover an election in Glasgow for Ch4 news. Possibly they thought she might have local knowledge of Scotland’s politics. It was a time when Ch4 ignored Scotland even more than they do now.

        I think it was the election involving Margaret Curran and would it be John Mason(?). Anyway during one of her reports the SNP candidate/canvasser was filmed going round the doors. After speaking to one householder then moving on Ms Smith then approached the householder asked what was said then basically contradicted what the candidate/canvasser had said to the householder.

        In other words she inserted herself directly into the election.

        Never had any time for her since then. It was not long after that that she left Ch4.

    • It’s when people say the word *Scotland* that upsets the Noble Lord Foulkes so much, especially when it’s past wine o’clock

  28. How it must be sticking in their craws.

    ”Nicola Sturgeon voted ‘most impressive politician’ during Covid-19 crisis by Press Gazette readers.”

    ”More than 100 Scottish manufacturing businesses now making PPE. Scotland is self sufficient in visors, FFP3 masks and hand sanitiser. And well on our way on gowns, aprons and IIR masks.”

  29. Report of 4 deaths in Aberdeen care home due to virus.
    Mealmore the operators.
    Their website

    Your Meallmore Future
    Out of work or furloughed?
    Feel proud to be a member of an essential workforce during the coronavirus pandemic.
    Meallmore need more people in our care homes, both carers and ancillary support workers, to help sustain our excellent care.
    Furloughed workers can work for us without losing their furloughed pay from their primary employer.
    Locate a care home near you to find out more and apply today.

    Thought the idea of furlough was to stop travel and contact.

  30. Just watching Nicola Sturgeon.Giving genuine upfront answers to
    An absolute shower of low lifes.trying their damndest to discredit
    Nicola Sturgeon.and the Britnat unionists vipers..
    Through and through.(.but they are failing.) words fail for anyone
    Like very many cases people in Scotland are more than
    willing to run their own country of birth down to the lowest.unbelievable.
    as For these so called journalists who stand up day after day.
    Rubbishing Nicola Sturgeon.and the SNPBAAAAD. I would not
    Give them the time of day.absolutely disrespectful.disgusting the
    Britnat unionists the worst exhibition of absolute gutter press.
    The quicker we get out of this discredited union The better .
    Roll on independence.
    (.cut these scum so called journalists questions down to (.6.) at most.)

  31. Journalists are not just shooting themselves in the foot with these continous attacks on Nicola Sturgeon, because of her forebearance and tolerance those journalists are blowing their own brains out, and they’re doing it on live TV to a captive lockdown audience every day

    And every one of them is a voter who’s not deaf dumb or blind to their behaviour

  32. Nicola Sturgeon (Ch9) Coronavirus Conference.

    Nineteen, yes 19, journalist’s questions answered. Eight relating to the Nike Conference and six about care homes. Wash, rinse and repeat day after day. All accusatory of course. Telegraph reporter (no 10 on the list – Nike) says, ”on reflection you made a mistake.” Hugh Pennington, Unionist, via a journalist, says that the data should be released. NS says it will be. Stirring the pot .. Jeane Freeman is blaming care workers for bringing the virus into care homes. Whistleblowers are contacting them to tell them how sh*t Nicola Sturgeon is. Overall assessment. Nicola Sturgeon is covering up and is not to be trusted.

    And for something different.

    The Scotsman journalist wants to know how many patients have been admitted to the Louisa Jordan Hospital. None says NS who’s pleased about that. Shut him up.

    Someone from the Telegraph reckons that Nicola Sturgeon should give £250 to every child living in poverty.

    FGS! barring a couple of questions anyone watching this day after day must be tearing their hair out. On the other hand many may be seeing the light now. If that’s the case a great big thank you to the MSM. As you say Dr Jim .. ”shooting themselves in the foot.” As you say Joe, ”the worst exhibition of absolute gutter press.”

    Just asking if anyone know if Boris Johnson is being subjected to this on a regular basis?

  33. Today’s main story is that the English have abandoned the Northern Irish, The kith and kin of may Scots Unioinists. . It doesn’t matter what your allegiances are re the rights and wrongs. The fact of the matter is ideology counts for nothing; economics for everything in the UK.. Scotland is ideologically non important to the UK, economically Scotland is overwhelmingly important to the UK.

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