The second cummings of Dominic

This British Government is easily the worst for 100 years. It’s ideologically driven, determined to ram through the hardest possible Brexit despite the current crisis, yet at the same time it’s incompetent, incoherent, and chaotic. It combines laziness with arrogance, and is characterised by an overweening contempt for the public and a deep rooted sense of its own entitlement. Back in 2014 they promised us the best of both worlds. They promised us the safety and security of the UK. They’ve delivered a shitshow of privilege, of entitlement, and arrogant contempt for ordinary people, all while tens of thousands die as a direct result of the incompetence of a British Government that has failed in its most basic duty, the duty to keep citizens safe.

So it comes as no surprise that its first reaction to the news that Dominic Cummings is alleged to have repeatedly broken lockdown restrictions is to double down and to lecture the public as though we’re the ones who are in the wrong for being angry at the arrogant entitlement of an arrogant man which may very well have put others at risk. And this all at the same time that ordinary people are making immense sacrifices that the most senior members of the British Government don’t seem disposed to make themselves. Millions of us have had no direct contact with our loved ones for months, others have been unable to attend the funerals of their nearest and dearest, were unable even to be at their bedsides as they died. Yet none of these rules need be obeyed by the members of that British Government which is demanding that the rest of us do so. And it’s us who are narrow minded and petty for being angry at their entitlement.

It has now been a couple of days since the news broke that Dominic Cummings doesn’t believe that the rules that the rest of us have to follow should also apply to him. The initial revelation that he had travelled 260 miles to Durham from London with his wife who was suffering from Covid-19 in order to stay at his parents’ place has been followed by allegations that he made the trip twice, and that he and his wife went on a drive to Barnard Castle on the day of his wife’s birthday. It was the Second Cummings of Dominic.

Cummings and his pals in the British Government show every inclination of riding out this crisis on a wave of contempt, disdain and through the sheer force of their arrogant entitlement. How quickly we’ve gone from “we’re all in this together” to members of the British establishment can selectively rewrite the rules to suit themselves.

Yet even if he is forced to resign, nothing much will change. We’ll still be governed by public schoolboys whose first instinct is to lie and cheat, who insist to our faces that black is white and up is down. Their new slogan is Keep Lying. Stay on Message. Save Dominic.

Over the past few days there has been not a word from the usually perma-angry Scottish Tories. It seems that if they can’t find a way to cast themselves as the victims of vile Scottish nationalists that they have nothing to say. Yet they were very vocal when it came to demanding the resignation of Scotland’s chief medical officer Catherine Calderwood for a lesser breach of the lockdown regulations than was committed by Dominic Cummings. And not one of them has ever made the slightest hint of a comment that they could possibly be less than happy that during the worst global crisis in decades the British Prime Minister is for the most part nowhere to be seen. Not one of them has ever made the slightest effort to stand up for Scotland’s interests within this so-called union that they keep telling us is so precious. Perhaps that’s because they’ve never answered the question – precious to who? Maybe we should be kind. Perhaps the Scottish Tories aren’t hiding from the press at all. It could be that they’re all just off on a trip to Durham.

In the UK it’s now accepted by millions that this is a government that’s crap and inept. We are no longer surprised by revelations that the Tories are venal, liars, hypocrites, and incompetent. The press doesn’t bother to challenge the Prime Minister for not appearing in public more than once a week. During the biggest crisis that the UK has faced since WW2, our Prime Minister who fancies himself as Winston Churchill doesn’t lead. The closest he gets to Churchill is the nodding plastic dog that advertises insurance.

Boris Johnson doesn’t put himself at the forefront of the UK’s efforts to deal with the challenge facing us all. He pops up once a week at Prime Minister’s Questions and refuses to do his bloody job. Parliament is being recalled and MPs will be forced to crowd together on the backbenches just so that Boris Johnson can perform in front of a tame audience of howler monkeys baying support, because watching Boris Johnson in PMQs in a silent House of Commons in lockdown is like watching a crappy 1970s British sitcom without a laugh track. Yet that’s just fine with British nationalists. Because bunting, Vera Lynn, Captain Tom, and WW2 spirit.

The UK is fundamentally broken. It can’t be fixed. There is no superglue than can put the shattered pieces back together. There is no balm that can soothe public anger and rebuild trust and confidence in the institutions of Westminster. It’s all the more vital that Scotland must get out from under this crushing dead weight that’s killing our soul. We can’t afford not to plan and think about the kind of independent Scotland that we will be campaigning for once we come out of lockdown. History tells us that after a period of immense crisis, people want change, they don’t want to return to the status quo with all its inequalities. History also tells us that those who have planned and are organised are best placed to take advantage of that appetite for change. In Scotland, that’s the independence movement. Unlike the British nationalists, we can offer change, and we can offer hope.
And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…

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39 thoughts on “The second cummings of Dominic

  1. But maybe, just maybe, the oppressive silence of the Scottish Tories is being heard.

    (Likewise Ian “Plastic Tory” Murray. He did have something urgent to say about a supposed (by him) SG “cover-up”, but something (anything!) about arrant UKGov hypocrisy…?)

  2. He’s gone – but he will be hidden from view. The tories will emerge from their enforced hiding saying well done PM. Incisive leadership.
    He’s not gone. The tories will remain hiding saying well done PM. Incisive leadership.

  3. 3m ago
    Cummings acted ‘responsibly, legally and with integrity’ – PM
    Boris Johnson has said that Dominic Cummings acted “responsibly, legally and with integrity”.

  4. 5m ago
    Johnson backed his chief strategist, saying that in travelling to find the right kind of childcare at the moment when “both he and his wife were about to be incapacitated” Cummings “followed the instincts of every father and every parent and I do not mark him down for that”.

  5. Yes indeed, @Legerwood astutely observed on this latest “news” in the previous article, but excellent article all the same.
    The veneer of incompetence hides the feverish activity of right-wing extremists to mould a new England, it does not matter how many die, or what the public think, that will be moulded by Depress or Heil articles later, or media bots, or other forms of perspective manipulation, we live in very dangerous times.

    What Scots doubtless realise after months of vicious and entirely one-sided propaganda is that there are 5 countries on these islands, the fifth being the British establishment finally brought forth from the shadows. It is to this 5th country which the Cummings, dePfeffel etc. hold allegiance, Jackass, Murray, Baillie, et al merely sacrificial pawns in this callous game where money and power is all that matters

    Short of an English Civil War II, Scotland as an independent nation will have to contend with the most reactionary nation outside Hungary on it’s doorstep, but at least we won’t be extras in the next “Hunger Games” blockbuster…

  6. Watched the film 1917 yesterday and it brought back the horrors of the complete disaster that was WW1,instigated by the British entitled elite and died for by the plebs.
    Nothing has changed in the UK of E since 1066 (when England lost to France or was it Germany?) and nothing will ever change so long as England’s elite think they are very important people in charge of a very important country (UK).
    The reality is,of course,that without Scottish resources,England would simply be a small,under resourced,over populated country 30 miles off the coast of Europe and England’s Tories would have to face that reality.
    Humility isn’t in their lexicon.

  7. So why did Cummings wife say they were still in London if everything was above board?

    Does Mrs Cummings family not stay in an around London.

  8. Well I’ve seen it all now. This is the sort of behavior one used to see with the Daily Record, in its herculean task of cleaning up after Labour when it was caught sitting in a puddle of its own piss and vinegar. Now we see a party of charlatans, who misled parliament and lied to a queen trying to protect an unelected wraith Dominic. “No. 10 Source” Cummings.

    In an effort to protect their dark master of spin, they become the story and become victims to the Streisand effect.

    Don’t you just love it when Johnson makes himself look like a bigger arsehole than he already is?

  9. Just a bit off topic Paul. I haven’t enjoyed the corona alternative songs, but driving home for covid is good but dancing in the street with Jagger and Bowie was totally hilarious.

  10. Surely it would be only trivial routine operation for the police to check motorway cameras and carpark ctv recordings to establish DC’s car whereabouts on the dates concerned. I think the motorway ones automatically record car numbers anyway.

    • No problem finding the time and date of the journeys.
      That road has average speed cameras.
      I doubt if there was a huge number of cars on it at the time.
      BUTT the data will have been redacted now.
      Didn’t bother to watch as I had the idea that the doris would protect the Prime Minister.
      The doris doesn’t usually work the weekends but since he won’t be in westmonster this week he’s done his ONE hour.
      Soon he’ll be on the santa clause contract,one day a year.

      • Dear Dave tewart,

        We represent Mr S. Clause (aka Father Christmas) and we have come to learn that you refer to our client as a work-shy individual who, you aver, works only one day per year. In such a manner, you have attempted to slur our client and compare him with the part-time Prime Minister of the United [sic.] and [sick.] Kingdom.

        We have advised our client, upon learning of the extensive time he spends each year (aided on occasion by his elves and others) in:

        – opening all the mail from the children of the world
        – listing the presents each child wishes
        – building such toys to the required specifications for each child
        – preparing his sleigh for the excursion he is due to undertake on 24 December evening every year
        – preparing said route for such time and ensuring that each child gets exactly what s/he requested, down to the correct specifications, battery compatability etc.
        – feeding the reindeer and ensuring that Rudolph’s nose is the correct shade of red
        – exercising regularly in order to be able to fit comfortably through every chimney on 24 December evening
        – training in stealth manoeuvers so as not to wake any sleeping child on the evening of 24 December
        – having to suffer a character assassination by Mel Smith video of a job description he does not recognise

        then I’m sure you will agree with us when we conclude that our client is a very hard-working, diligent and indeed professional individual. In no shape or form can our client be compared to the indolent, inept and lying shysters that make up the present UK Government. Indeed, he has been doing this kind of thing for many centuries – something that can not be said for the fly-by-nights of HMG.

        We hereby ask that you apologise sincerely and fulsomely and heartily (ho, ho, ho) to our client, Mr S. Clause, forthwith.

        Failure to do so, will result in us taking you to court and suing accordingly for the defamation of our esteemed client and that you will be removed from his gift list this coming Christmas.

        We look forward to hearing from you.

        Yours sincerely,

        Sue, Grabbit and Runne
        (Solicitors for Mr. S. Clause.)
        The North Pole

  11. I have searched high and low to find some disagreement with your comments.
    I cannot.
    Spot on.
    As usual, I might add.

  12. Wow! Dominic Cummings must have something really big to hold over Boris to get that sort of protection.

  13. It’s a funny world….I find myself in full agreement with Neil Ferguson, Catherine Calderwood and Dominic Cummings – the lockdown “rules” are utter bollocks!

    • Obviously you haven’t been touched by folk dying are falling ill. It’s this sort of selfishness that’s is so sad to see.

      Still a bit naughty of you to include 2 individuals who did not have covid with someone knowingly driving across England with covid and infectious

  14. Laura kuenssberg not allowed to ask questions anymore?

    Apparently the PM thinks we are “.. so confused..” so he came to tell us how wrong we are.

    This will not go away.

  15. If you are worried about your 4 year old’s health and care, pack them into a car with their mother laid low by the virus, and drive 260 miles out of London non stop to Durham. Was the child wearing a face mask? Did the child contract Covid 19 on the suffocating journey? Surely this is a form of child neglect, not ‘instinctively’ looking after an innocent’s welfare.
    I demand that Carlaw Jack Murray Leonard and Rennie issue public statements defending or condemning this man’s atrocious breach of the lock down.
    Johnson has an 80 seat majority. He doesn’t give a toss what the British public think.
    In 6 months time Texas beef, chlorinated chicken and Kentucky Scotch will destroy our food and drink sector, Holyrood will be disbanded and our Health Service will be in the hands of US ‘Service Providers’.
    There is nothing to stop them now.
    They will brazen out this latest scandal, like others in their murky past, and gain even more arrogant confidence to smash democracy and destroy society.
    Come on Carlaw, Jack, Murray, Leonard. I demand to hear your Scottish take on the Fourth Reich, for that is what is in place in London now.
    Come on Davidson, Hutcheon, Macwhirter McKenna Carrell, hunt them down, get them to commit; pro or con Cummings and the English Iron Heel.

    • Aside from the danger of the child getting covid 19, Cummings himself could have become incapacitated on such a long journey and run the car off the road or into oncoming.

      The police should check his car on the ANPR camera records in the Durham area for the dates in question. Simples.

      But they only have 90 days to do so.

      It is interesting that the two main herd immunity culprits had to absent themselves at a time when the great U turn took place.

  16. I doubt Johnson had much of a say on whether Cummings stayed or not, if Carole Cadwallder has it right about what’s going on behind the scenes, trade deals with America, £100 billions given to corps and Tory pals and donors. Gove and Cummings the inside men. It’s almost as if they see this as the great opportunity to milk the state before cutting and running. I don’t think all of this down to incompetence.

  17. How low can Johnson stoop?

    Give it time and we will find out.

    So, not only has the corona virus been wiped out in England but the lockdown is over for everyone except the mugs who think being responsible is the right thing to do.

    • He looks to have ut on massive amount of weight recently. I doubt that he could stoop low enough to tie his own shoelaces, Arthur.
      I wonder what ‘instincts’ he employed to ensure the child safety of his 5 or 6 other children?
      Come out come out Carlaw, Leonard Murray.
      Nothing to say all of a sudden? Nike! Care Home ! Test trace isolate..but not if you are filthy rich and fund our Brit Nat Branch Offices.
      WE can’t be far away from London riots.

  18. If he’s got an i phone or Android phone the location finder in the Privacy settings will show where you’ve been.

    It’s effectively a tracking device. If he didn’t go to Bernard Village, 30 miles from his parent’s house, all he needs to do is surrender his phone to prove that, right?

    Or am I missing something?

  19. Scottish tories website no press releases fro 3 days. Usually the day several a day! Still gave me time to read “. We are a party of responsibility. Scottish Conservatives believe that people must take responsibility for the decisions they make and bear the consequences if they break the law. Freedom cannot exist without responsibility and respect for the rule of law.”


  20. A 71 year old retired teacher who claims to have seen him, his wife and child at Barnard Castle on 12th April has tonight reported Cummings to the Durham police force.

    Local Robin Lees checked the exact date by a record of a search which he did for Mr Cummings’ car and registration on his computer.

    It may have been before Mr Cummings completed 14 days in self isolation after being exposed to his wife who also had the virus

    Mr Lees told the Mirror today : “They looked like they had been for a walk.

    “I have given my name. I noticed they have tried to deny some aspects of this so I wanted to give credence to what I was saying.

    “I saw his car on the way back from a walk, I thought ‘that looks like Dominic Cummings’ with a woman and a boy and I found that very surprising.

    “I looked up his car number plate, because I knew that might be important – it is a Range Rover, and I have seen a photo of him in front of the same vehicle with what seems to be the same number plate, though you cannot make out the last two digits entirely – but it strikes me as too much of a coincidence.

    “When you broke the stories, I looked back on my computer to check the date and it was April 12, and I saw him around 12.30 to 2.30pm. I checked a WhatsApp message and knew I was back home because I needed Wifi to use it.

    Cummings and Johnson are not out of the woods yet.

  21. Some cheeky chappies have just shown a clip of a giant TV screen parked outside Cummings house showing endless clips of Bawjaws telling everyone to stay at home ,

    When the advisor becomes the story the games up end of . All the bought and paid for media can’t polish this turd it’s beyond saving that’s how clever this Latin quoting Clown Johnston is ,he thinks he is untouchable . A whole lot of smart have been seduced by that misconceived idea long before him . It always ends the same way, as Max Hastings said if Johnston becomes PM expect Chaos he wasn’t wrong , this Clown and his party are a Danger to us all .

    My advice for what it’s worth is the SNP should relentlessly pursue the Tory lot in Holyrood , they haven’t stopped making this whole sad depressing time political ,

    So gloves off go for the Throats of these tories ,subtle doesn’t work most folk won’t notice it , in your face does .

  22. Still the Unionists belittle the lockdown in Scotland because a few are misbehaving and they’d love it if Scotland refused to listen to our governments advice, and I guess what most people probably don’t think about is that OK some folk aren’t pulling their weight in all this but whether they like it or not the government does have control of the situation because the pubs are still shut and that right there enforces social distancing because if you go out for a stroll at night there’s virtually nothing moving and that in itself has probably contributed to much of the reduction in transmission. no drink no staggering home no mingling at chippies or curry shops nor taxis or buses full of heavily refreshed travellers all over one another, result less folk sick less folk transmitting

    The worry will come back as soon as Johnson opens the pubs and removes the inhibitions of the folk travelling home from work as they stop in to the pub or restaurant like they used to, social distancing will go right out the windae and if there’s going to be a spike it’ll be then, so I hope the FM holds Scotland back until we see the results in England a couple of weeks after that

  23. Interesting read. It is definitely true that the Conservative government have handled this terribly, as well as previous governments leading to underfunding of the NHS eg. I personally feel that there is no harm in celebrating the British Nation, though the only focus at the moment is to reduce any further potential damage (though its a bit late…)

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