Acting on instinct

Any fond hopes that Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson might have had that he could draw a line under the Dominic Cummings affair have been well and truly dashed. Even the Daily Mail has come out in an angry tirade against the Prime Minister. That’s the Daily Mail which has hitherto been a cheerleader for the populist English nationalist right wing Brexitiness in which our Part Time Prime Minister specialises. That’s like thon shouty woman on the North Korean news saying, “See that Kim Jong-un. He’s a bit of a prick, isn’t he.”

So far twenty Conservative MPs have come out to condemn Dominic Cummings, a number which seems likely to grow, given that there’s been a rare outbreak of unanimity across the UK. Almost everyone hates Dominic and thinks he needs to go. When even the Guardian and the Daily Mail are saying the same thing, when the Church of England has condemned him, when the former head of the civil service Bob Kerslake has called upon him to resign because he’s brought the civil service into disrepute, there’s a serious political problem that’s not about to go away any time soon.

By Monday it was being reported that the police are to investigate Dominic Cummings’ movements. The police commissioner for Durham has asked the local police force to investigate the reports that the Gollum of Number 10 was seen in the area a number of times during lockdown.

The public is seething with anger, about how Cummings broke the lockdown, about how he felt he was above the rules that the rest of us have to adhere to, about how the Government has lied and gaslighted in order to defend him. But most of all because this Government has effectively trashed its own policy on dealing with a covid-19 outbreak creating even greater confusion and incoherence than it already had. And this is a Government which has led the UK into suffering the greatest death toll in all of Europe, so it’s not exactly like they were doing well to begin with.

The anger at Dominic Cummings and his casual entitlement is a displaced anger at the deaths, the suffering, the loneliness, the sacrifices, the worry, the job losses, the uncertainty that the British Government has magnified and made far worse than it needed to be. Cummings is the straw of arrogance that broke the back of public faith and its willingness to trust the British Government as the world stared into the abyss of the pandemic.

Given the magnitude of the crisis, many were prepared to overlook their misgivings about being led by the mendacious spivs of Brexit. That could only last as long as the public were prepared to believe that the British Government was doing the right thing by the UK. However as the death toll mounted, as Boris Johnson continued to treat his job as a part time ego trip, as the evidence of lack of preparedness and incompetence started to mount, eventually something was going to happen to cystalise public anger. That event was the arrogance and entitlement of Dominic Cummings and his casual disregard for the rules. In one dishevelled figure, contemptuous, arrogant, entitled, hypocritical, and privileged, he has come to symbolise all that is wrong with the British state in general and this Government in particular.

Yet Number 10 is desperate to defend Cummings because without him Johnson stands exposed as a hollow fool, a showboating narcissist who has all the depth of the scum that lies on top of a puddle. He is the Rasputin to Johnson’s Romanov, the gas for Johnson’s gaslighting. Cummings is the brains, the scriptwriter, the puppet master pulling the strings. Johnson’s just an empty ego filled with nothing but ambition and self-regard. Cummings is his vehicle for the attention and adulation that he so obviously craves. Without Cummings, Johnson goes nowhere. Without Cummings Johnson has nothing but a shambling schtick that’s as transparent as his ambition.

Things are so bad that Number 10 has been forced to put Cummings himself up for interview with the press. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really want to see a Government advisor holding a press conference. I want to see a P45. The move raises as many questions as it purports to lay to rest. On whose authority will Cummings be speaking? How will he be held to account if he is less than honest? The Government’s very own code of conduct for advisors says, “Special advisers must not take public part in political controversy… They must observe discretion and express comment with moderation, avoiding personal attacks, and would not normally speak in public for their Minister or the Department.” Yet again the rules are being rewritten to suit the Tories.

As the move was announced, Cummings was expected to tell the press hacks that he has full confidence in the Prime Minister and will not be asking for Johnson’s resignation. He’ll then expect a grovelling apology from the media for ever daring to call him into question. Dominic Cummings is not a man who does contrition.

But this is no longer a story about Dominic Cummings. The entire machinery of the British Government is now being called into question. The Health Secretary’s defence of Cummings contradicted his own instructions. The Attorney General declared that instinct beats law. Cabinet ministers regularly appear in public and lie repeatedly to our faces. Even the Civil Service has tweeted for help.

Above all it now about the judgement and ability of the Prime Minister. We have a Prime Minister who when confronted with evidence that his senior advisor broke lockdown restrictions rewrote those restrictions retrospectively so that they no longer applied to the advisor. He lied, deceived, and refused to answer questions.

Far from apologising, or even acknowledging that there was an issue to address, he doubled down and actually praised Cummings for acting according to a father’s instincts. Like Johnson would know. Surely the first instinct of a father is to know how many children he has. But hey, never mind about the rules and regulations, as long as you act according to your instincts that’s just fine with this Prime Minister. Perhaps now the Scottish Government can just declare independence without bothering about all that nonsense with a Section 30 order or a referendum. They could say they were just acting on instinct, because what we’ve seen tells us that the instincts of the British Government are rotten to the core.

And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…

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55 thoughts on “Acting on instinct

  1. Yes Paul, rotten to the core. That says it all. It’s a wonder the Twitter servers have not crashed. Interesting that instinct is above the law, mmmm fancy a drive to Wick.

  2. Basic Instinct for the Tories is not about the welfare of others but self preservation/advancement.
    Just ask the PM (Cummings).
    Normally the Tories can get rid of a PM using the grey suit brigade but this PM (Cummings) wasn’t appointed by them so much more difficult.

    • Actually, it’s splendid news. I would like to come to Scotland this summer, but instinctively, I do not fancy doing 14 days of quarantine. And now I don’t need to! In Cummings I have the role model of integrity and responsibility that I had always hoped for, one with which I can overcome my inhibitions and follow the unfettered desirings of my heart.

      What? Society? There’s no such thing as society!

  3. I’m amazed Westminster has not been recalled and this debated in the correct place with some pretence of holding Johnson and his cohorts to account. I’m not even sure why HoC is on holiday during a crisis. What an utter shambles the UK kid on democracy is and it worsens by the day. The loss of confidence in the public health message from the UK govt is massive …..people will die because of this mess.

    It’s beyond time for independence we need out of this dysfunctional and dangerous union.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more on all things you have said in your message, I think if they don’t sack Dominic Cummings or if he refuses to resign, then I think it only fair that our Secretary of Health Catherine Calderwood should be reinstated!! She broke the rules once by visiting her 2nd home once, but this egotistical moron has breached it on several occasions, yet nothing has been done about it, Catherine Calderwood was and still is the best person for her job, but she knew that by visiting her 2nd home that she broke the rules, she didn’t ignore the public, infact she handed in her resignation and I don’t feel she should have, especially now, and on the point of independence, this is just cementing it more in those wanting independence and also to those that were sitting on the fence out of fear, because of project fear from Westminster in 2014, we now have those that voted against independence because they believed in the British government for better together, they can now see it’s whatever is better for Westminster and are now changing how they feel on independence, we are seeing quite a number of no voters become yes voters, and this will help us gain more of them.

      Even if Boris were to say he sacked Dominic Cummings, or that Dominic Cummings has resigned, or even if he day’s Boris has refused to accept his resignation, I’m just covering all the possible ways they will try and wriggle out of this, we all know that Boris will still keep him on in the back round as his advisor, Boris Johnson would be a lost puppy without him, he writes down everything for Boris to say and how to act, plus when Boris Johnson does and public interviews where questions will be asked of him, he has Dominic Cummings in his ear with an earpiece telling how to respond to each and every question, I can’t say 100% that he uses an earpiece but theres plenty of people saying it, not only that, but after he had a debate with leaders of other parties and whenever he’s had an interview, there has been a couple of photos of Boris looking like he’s been taking out a small earpiece afterwards,

    • It’s a Bank Holiday in England which is more imortant than any crisis.
      Dont expect to seeJohnson for the rest of this week. Not even any PMQs to make an excuse for notturning uo to.

  4. There’s only one thing that Cummings should be saying in his statement, “I resign with immediate effect” closely followed by Johnstone saying the same thing. I won’t hold my breath though.

    I took time to listen to the clown’s statement yesterday, and I could not believe what I was hearing. In all my years I have never ever seen a British PM behave in such a manner. He stood there, and lied, and lied and lied again. He was well aware that he was lying, but he did not care. We lesser beings, would not hold him to account because we are too thick to realize that he was lying. Well I hate to disappoint him but all of us did notice, cause we are not stupid.

    Cummings has been reported to the police by a member of the public, and Durham Police have been written to by the Police complaints commissioner to investgate. So, far from closing the story down with his pathetic display of bravado , Johnstone has in fact kept the story going. It looks as if it has a long way to run yet as they say.

    • I couldntbagree more, but Boris Johnson has lied throughout his career as an mp, and now as a part time PM, if he’s even that! Boris Johnson is a puppet and Dominic Cummings is the puppet master, he is the one that tells Boris everything that he needs to say in any interview or even while having a debate with either a tv interviewer or leaders of other parties, on many occasions there has been rumours that Boris Johnson wears an earpiece for Dominic Cummings to tell him how to respond to any questions in interviews or debates, there have been pictures up after these such events where it looks like Boris Johnson has been taking a very small earpiece out, it wouldn’t surprise me if this were true.
      Look how Boris Johnson used to act and answer questions before he was even London mayor, and before that, he would come out with all sorts of stupid answers and words that he’s just made up in that weird head of his, he is the complete opposite of the funny mp he was once known as, now nobody can say that this is because he is now prime minister of England! This just goes to prove that Dominic Cummings has made him change how he answers things, now even if Cummings day’s that he resigns, but Boris will either say he has refused his resignation or not, but he still won’t get sacked, even if Boris were to come out and say that Dominic Cummings has either stepped down or has been removed from his role as chief adviser to him, we all know that Dominic Cummings will still be kept on in the background, just look at how Dominic Cummings was cheered too by those that worked with him in his office, when the tories won a majority they were filmed chanting Dominic, not Boris or the conservative party, but Dominic’s name only, then when there was a cabinet reshuffle it was Dominic Cummings who picked who would stay and who would go, even before this time when Boris first became Prime Minister, (by name only) Dominic Cummings had got Boris to fire certain people and have them replaced by people Dominic Cummings wanted in their place, the British establishment has become a laughing stock, it’s almost as if Dominic Cummings was trying to get Boris Johnson to become the same type if politician as Donald Trump, and it’s working! They are adding fuel to Scottish independence voter’s, there are a lot of people that voted no in 2014, that are now wanting Scottish independence, I think that all this is proving that Scotland needs to get away from the clutches of Westminster and become independence, and maybe we could do it the same way as Boris Johnson described they way the Dominic Cummings had broke the lockdown rules, it was instinct to go all that way to visit his parents as well as the other distances he travelled, Boris said he did it on instinct, so why can’t Scotland now say the same, let’s just gain independence because it’s instinct, no section 30, just go for it, because it looks like the tories can play by their own rules which are meant to be following the rules of lockdown, but they don’t go by the same rulings as the rest of us, so why shouldn’t Scotland do and say the same? Catherine Calderwood stood down as Scotland’s health secretary after breaking the lockdown rules once, she put in her resignation and apologised to Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP but most of all to the Scottish public, so if Dominic Cummings keeps his job, then Catherine Calderwood should be reinstated!!

      • Just a couple of small corrections. Dr Calderwood was the Chief Medical Officer and in my opinion a very good one even before the pandemic started.

        She actually went to her second home twice. If it had just been once I think she just might have stayed in post but the second visit which came to light after the news broke about her first visit sealed her fate unfortunately.

  5. And acting on HIS ”’fatherly” instinct, in knowing full well in February that his fiancée was pregnant with his child (one of many), Boris Johnson boasted about shaking the hands of coronavirus patients (3rd March). In other words they don’t give a sh*t about anyone. Not even their pregnant partners or unborn children. Says it all.

    And let’s not forget that he and his fiancée also scurried off to Chequers instead of remaining at home.

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  7. I have been listening to LBC radio just now and you can almost feel the anger from every caller I so far haven’t ventured on to the BBC Scotland propaganda outfits outporing of tripe i just cant be bothered and the blood pressure won’t take it .

    Anyway an interesting comment was made by James O’brien this morning , it was an assessment from the headmaster of Johnstons School he said this pupil is totally unaware he has to comply with the accepted normal behavour of society around him he simply cant accept anything applies to him,

    That statment epitomises his attitude to everyone else it’s undoubtedly F/K U I DONT CARE .

    • Having had the privilege of a father-in-law who was one of the Great White Chief’s lecturers at Oxford University, I have accumulated a few tit-bits in that direction which does not gainsay any of this. Indeed, it more than complements, supplements and amplifies what most of the populace (who have not rubbed shoulders with LBJ in public) have already perceived as to his persona.

  8. Almost hope Cummings stays since that would do the most damage to the so-Called united kingdom in the long run. Nah, Ah dinnae.

    • Agreed Doug Cummings is priceless , the term ” when in a hole stop digging ” this whole idea has simply by passed all these clever well educated tossers .

  9. I know this is a little side-track, and is lost in the (justifiable) anger of a good many of the populace, but I’m surprised that it hasn’t been made more of by the legal fraternity. I trust Keir Starmer, being the former Head honcho at the CPS and a forensic lawyer will bring it up at the next PMQs

    One of the first things we learn on a Criminal Law course is that ‘motive’ is irrelevant to criminal law. Rather, a person’s conviction for a crime depends on them having mens rea (‘a guilty mind’) when the commit the actus reus ( ‘the guilty act’). Often, the mens rea is considered to be an intention (direct or indirect) to commit the crime in question.

    In murder as well as the act of killing someone unlawfully, you must also be shown, beyond all reasonable doubt, to

    – have intended to kill them
    – have intended to cause them really serious harm

    Now, it is the “deliberateness” of the thought that is important for the criminal law to operate – not motive, not instinct. So you can keep all your Agatha Christie theorisings that X killed Y because she wanted his money, at home. Her MOTIVE was to get rich quick; her INTENTION was to put cyanide in his port so he would die. The former is irrelevant. The latter is crucial.

    Similarly, when we learnt that Lord Haw Haw (the original one)’s motive was to make his treacherous broadcasts was to save his family from the Nazis, this was beside the point. He deliberately ( = intentionally) made such broadcasts, which were defined as treacherous. So he was culpable.

    Now, relate this to Cummings. His MOTIVE (so we are led to believe) in order to remove his family from London was to protect his child from Covid-19. In attempting to do so, he INTENTIONALLY (my emphasis) removed that child and his wife from London to the north of England, in clear breach of the Government’s and and his own drafted guidelines.

    That the Attorney-General of England and Wales can then claim that this is not a clear, deliberate breach of the relevant laws (Covid-19 Regulations) and he was acting with the best motives and best instincts of a father (pace the Prime Minister), beggars belief. Does the Attorney-General for England and Wales not understand the fundamental basics of Criminal Law – of distinguishing between MOTIVE and INTENTION?

    I board a plane at Heathrow and intend to blow it up over Glasgow. The plane is diverted to Bristol where the plane explodes. If I am still alive, I am still guilty of murder at Bristol because I maintained to the clear intention of blowing the plane up and killing others. (That is – indirect intention). If the plane continued to Glasgow and blew up there, my original plan would still be operational and I would be convicted of murder by direct intention there.

    In either case, if I had said that my belief/instinct/motive told me it was ok to blow up the plane because I was a persecuted Palestinian and that the ‘Jewish State’ was making life hell for my people back home in a Gaza; that is, if I was acting as I thought only a reasonable Palestinian so provoked would act – and strike back against ‘the West’ with my bomb on their plane – then going by Attorney-General’s logic (and Cummings’s sympathisers) this would be ok.

    I present you, Sir Keith Starmer, an open goal. Shoot, man, shoot!

    • Whatever else Keith Starmer is noted for, it’s not his ability to spot an open goal. For example, look whom he appointed as Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland.

      • You may well be right, Kenzie.(I couldn’t possibly comment – *engaging smile*)

        Notice that I was actually presenting him with the opportunity, in any case. I’m merely a graduate in (English) Law with Honours – these others are (allegedly) more steeped in matters legal that too wee, too poor, too stupid, me.

    • He deliberately made those broadcasts, which were defined as treacherous.

      I would so like that to apply to Scotland’s media.

  10. Cummings is rather lucky that some other man acting as a concerned father didn’t spot him and flatten his face for putting that actual concerned fathers family in jeopardy

    • With a face like Cummings’s, how can you tell, “that some other man acting as a concerned father *didn’t* spot him and flatten his face for putting that actual concerned fathers family in jeopardy”, Dr Jim?

  11. UKGov will strain its utmost to keep DomCom on board, not merely because it is an insouciant self-serving bunch of chancers cast in the image of their Great Leader, but because their sinister eminence grize of an “advisor” is essential to the delivery of Brexit at all costs. (And the human costs will not be small.)

    With this aberrant UKGov in control for another 4-odd years, this issue has now become all about Brexit, it’s just that nobody is daring to mention it. But just like CV-19, it hasn’t gone away. Not in the least.

  12. Dominic Cummings author of many documents sets out in his latest novel a story of anxt fear and love in his latest offering *A Covids Tale* on sale now at Amazon books

    Maybe he’ll send a copy to the First Minister, she likes a good read

  13. And there you have the entitlement, the hubris, the lack of self-awareness encapsulated:

    “I don’t regret what I did and as I said, I think reasonable people may well disagree about how I thought about what to do in those circumstances but I think what I did was actually reasonable.”

    – Classic Dom
    25 May 2020
    All Rights Reserved

    Translation (in Maths speak):

    Given: I’m not sorry

    To prove that: Why I’m not sorry


    – I’m not sorry
    – Others, who are reasonable, may disagree with me
    – But, as I, in my subjective opinion, think I am reasonable (ergo, these others are actually being unreasonable (and, ergo, wrong) …)
    – … I have nothing to be sorry for.



    In other words:

    I am not sorry + you are reasonable = I am reasonable (because I think I am) = You are unreasonable = I am not sorry

    Not so much a dead cat. Rather, the treating of the British public as Schroedinger’s cat.

    • The ghost (yes, I know he’s not dead … yet) lingers. The Tories and the Cummingses of this world (if, that is, we grant the privilege of being fellow-Earthlings) will never regret anything nor be sorry for anything.

      Hope you don’t mind me lapsing into the vernacular.


  14. No, nothing at all,
    No, I regret nothing
    Not the good things they did to me
    Nor the bad — may as well be the same to me!

    No, nothing at all,
    No, I regret nothing.
    It’s bought and paid for, wiped away, forgotten,
    I don’t give a damn about the past!

    Yep sums the arse up alright, can’t wait for the main event as Boorish is up next, unless he chickens out LOL

  15. My eyes are bad so I’ll just pop my wife and child into a Motor vehicle and drive it to to a beauty spot to see if I don’t crash, yeah that’s exactly what everybody would do, knife thrower has bad eyes and wife encourages husband to throw knives at her to check, but it all turned out alright because I didn’t have Covid and neither did anybody else so you can’t prove anything so I don’t have to apologise like it says in the handbook

    I thought this guy was supposed to be good at strategy and making up stories

  16. He drove away from the best hospitals to a farmhouse,I’ve been on the road and it’s a lonely place in bits.
    He can’t remember filling up with petrol but can remember lots of details when he was ill.
    The next day he couldn’t look after himself or his child.
    This is the genius behind government policy,he drove for 30 mins to check out IF he was fit to drive back to london,a danger to us and himself.
    He has become the story,he has to go.

        • Here you go, Dave tewart. (Apologies for re-posting to others who have already seen it):

          Dear Dave tewart,

          We represent Mr S. Clause (aka Father Christmas) and we have come to learn that you refer to our client as a work-shy individual who, you aver, works only one day per year. In such a manner, you have attempted to slur our client and compare him with the part-time Prime Minister of the United [sic.] and [sick.] Kingdom.

          Upon learning of the extensive time he spends each year (aided on occasion, but not in a full-time capacity, by his elves and others) in:

          – opening all the mail from the children of the world
          – listing the presents each child wishes
          – building such toys to the required specifications for each child
          – preparing his sleigh for the excursion he is due to undertake on 24 December evening every year
          – preparing said route for such time and ensuring that he completes it successfully before day-break on 25 December
          – ensuring that each child gets exactly what s/he requested, down to the correct specifications, battery compatability etc.
          – feeding the reindeer regularly and ensuring that Rudolph’s nose is the correct shade of red
          – exercising regularly in order to be able to fit comfortably through (and return through) every chimney on 24 December evening
          – training in stealth manoeuvers so as not to wake any sleeping child on the evening of 24 December
          – having to suffer a character assassination by Mel Smith video of a job description he does not recognise

          we have advised our client, and we are sure you will agree with us when we conclude that our client is a very hard-working, diligent and indeed professional individual.

          In no shape or form can our client be compared to the indolent, inept and lying shysters that make up the present UK Government. Indeed, he has been doing this kind of thing for many centuries – something that can not be said for the fly-by-nights of HMG.

          We hereby ask that you apologise sincerely, fulsomely and heartily (ho, ho, ho) to our client, Mr S. Clause, forthwith.

          Failure to do so, will result in us taking you to court and suing accordingly for the defamation of our esteemed client and that you will be removed from his gift list this coming Christmas.

          We look forward to hearing from you.

          Yours sincerely,

          Sue, Grabbit and Runne
          (Solicitors for Mr. S. Clause.)
          The North Pole

  17. Dominic Cummings digging an even bigger hole for himself. One point being that he traveled from London to Durham because A) he was concerned that he and his wife would become unwell and would be unable to look after their son and B) he left London because he was concerned that his house was being targeted.

    Taking into account the latter reason, why on earth did he return to London and leave his wife and son at the ”targeted” home when he went off to work?

    He also mentions that he, his wife and son got out of the car near Brampton Castle (very short journey) because his son needed the toilet. They then played around in the woods for a while (and were seen). He also says that they never left the car at any time on the 240 x 2 mile journey. How on earth did a 4 year old boy manage that? Not need to use the toilet? Now admitting that he filled up his petrol tank on the way back to London, but that was alright because they were all well by then.


    Interesting post on the Craig Murray site.

    ”Have you noticed the other coincidence about April 14th? Cummings sister Alice – the one who was to provide child care presumably – was appointed Director of IDOX.”

    just before they got the contract for magic app

    • She isn’t Cummings’ sister. Cummings’ sister was born Francesca McDonald Cummings, married name Herriott. The director is (Mrs) Alice Sarah Louise Cummings, nee Banks – wife of a Russell Cummings. No idea whether Russell is a relative, though.
      (Info from &
      I’ve just posted this in the comments on Craig’s site, too.

  18. The Tories awarding themselves £Millions/Billions of public funded contracts, without scrutiny. The only reason they join a unionist Party. A bunch of crooks. £Billions of public monies wasted.

    Killing off their own supporters. They will be gone.

  19. What a feckin load of bollocks, pardon me, but I hate my intelligence being insulted. Are we really supposed to believe that jackanory. Oh please, do us a favour.

    When you find yourself in a hole, STOP digging. This ain’t going away anytime soon, is it?

  20. Lots of people who are ill have to look after their child. They do not have to drive hundreds of miles to do it. In fact they do the opposite. Stay put to do it. If they are so unwell.

    The Tories are a bunch of thieving liars. Compulsive, habitual liars. Liars always get found out. They break the Laws that they make with impunity.



    Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson’s chief advisor, is famously said to have put on his WhatsApp profile: “Get Brexit done, then Arpa”.
    He has almost succeeded in the first and is now within spitting distance of setting up the second with the allocation of £800 million in the March Budget to form ARPA, his personal research agency, and another unannounced £140 million going to the new NHSX AI lab for a similar style research.

    So what is ARPA? And why does Dominic Cummings have such a love affair with it?

    Read please.

    • Thanks for that Brenda. So much going on, mostly behind the scenes, that’s bl**dy-well scary. I just wonder if we’re heading towards a state not unlike Hitler’s 30/40’s with the added element of advanced technologies that we’re not conversant with or even aware of. Something along the lines of what we see in programmes like Cumberbatch’s ‘The Last Enemy.’

  22. Have you seen the pictures of the beaches down south today. Packed to the gunnels, no social distancing at all. The Cumming effect I fear. This government has no authority left. Shameful.

    Pair wee Dom, it’s all the fault of the press, you can’t believe everything that you read in the newspapers. Zat right, my, my, who new, eh.

  23. I love it when he says “arguably” this was a mistake.

    Those that think it was a mistake are wrong and I am right. I have no regrets so feck you all.

  24. Kuenssberg and Peston total silence from both of them since Cummings press conference. Surprised? Naw no really.

    • Watching BBC News channel just now. BBC presenter bending over backwards to put a favourable spin/construction/narrative on the brave Mr Cummings standing up to the interrogation by the nasty press.

  25. A warning. On past form this whole incident will lead to an increase in the attacks on the SG as the Tories and the ever helpful compliant media in Scotland seek to deflect attention from their little local difficulty down south.

    Even as we post here they are being primed by the powers that be down south about what to say and when to say it.

    It will be vicious. It usually is but this time there will be an extra edge to it.

    The First Minister, the Health Minister and other Scottish Ministers are vulnerable. Not the vulnerability that comes from being in the wrong, but the vulnerability that comes from the unrelenting pressure they have been under for so many weeks indeed months.

    That being the case we must all be alert to this happening. The criticism being ratcheted up. We must do what we can to counter it and in doing that demonstrate our support for the SG.

    They will try to break the FM and the SG. That cannot be allowed to happen

  26. I thought some of the other journalists- -sorry didn’t get their names were better by a mile in their questioning. To the point and in another tactic gave him enough room to self implicate himself.

    So if I get this correct. Neither his wife or himself were diagnosed with Covid-19. Why?
    In order to protect his child he thought it was better to travel with a sick parent in a car for several hours as opposed to self isolate in a bedroom.
    At no time did anyone else need to look after the child so why take the risk of travelling.He was unwell his wife was ok
    He took doctors advice after he arrived rather than before he left. Why would that be? He knew the answer would be don’t.?
    Didn’t give a monkies about others safety at any time. Still the wee car trips were nice.

  27. I wish someone had asked him how he managed 2 journeys of 260 miles with a four-year-old and not have to stop to take said child to the loo in a service station. I am sure lots of parents would like to know how thats done.

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