The curse of Cummings

Something incredible happened today. A Scottish Conservative discovered a backbone, or at least a fascsimile thereof. Moray MP and junior minister in the Scotland Office Douglas Ross has tendered his resignation as a minor flunky in the Government over Dominic Cummings trip to Durham and automotive eye exam in Barnard Castle. Admittedly he did so in a mealy mouthed letter which didn’t go full out in its criticism of Dominic Cummings. In fact he scarcely criticised Dominic Cummings at all and said that he accepted that the Gollum of Downing Street had been “well meaning”. But still. Baby steps, eh. Baby steps.

The reaction of most people to the news was surprise. Mostly because they’d never heard of Douglas Ross. Even in the small world of Scottish politics he’s not exactly a household name. He was previously most notable for constantly being confused with Ross Thompson and for saying when first elected that his priority would be “tougher enforcement against Gypsy travellers”. That, and buggering off to referee fitba matches. Let’s be honest here, until today’s resignation, Douglas was Number 2 in the Scotland Office. Given that his boss Alister Jack isn’t exactly a shining star in the firmament of Scottish politics, it should have been easy for Douglas to make a name for himself. The fact that he still couldn’t manage to achieve a public profile higher than the kerbside upon which we scrape off the dog crap tells you all you need to know about his mediocrity.

Adam It’s The Law Tomkins tweeted in support of Douglas, saying that losing him showed clearly why Cummings needed to be sacked. But that’s it. They are the only two Scottish Conservatives who have said anything at all other than to grovel in support of Johnson and Cummings and their Cthulhu-given right to retroactively change the rules to suit themselves. We don’t know whether there are any others. We don’t know why the rest of them are willing to defend Dominic Cummings and his flagrant breach of the rules. No one from the Scottish Conservatives was available for an interview. Jackson Carlaw has clearly realised that Dominic’s motoring adventures are a used car story too far, even for him.

It would be lovely to think that this change of heart from Douglas and Adam was due to revulsion and anger that Dominic Cummings is an entitled arse who is the senior advisor to a government of entitled arses. Sadly it’s not. Douglas and those other few Conservatives who have said that they cannot support the Government over its decision to back Cummings have simply sniffed how the wind is blowing and are seeking some shelter from the Cummings storm. Douglas has a majority of just 513 over the SNP. He’s jumping before he’s pushed. It would not take many of those who lent their votes to him to keep out Thatessempee to defect or abstain for him to lose his seat. Tory rule in Scotland hangs by a thread.

According to a Yougov poll published today, a large majority of the public wants Cummings to resign. A majority of Conservative voters and a majority of those who voted to leave the EU want him out of his job. Even Jungian synchronicity is against Dominic Cummings. There’s an old expression in Durham dialect, “that’s so Barnard Castle”, which means “that’s a pathetic excuse”.

This entire episode has been immensely damaging to the British Government as it has stripped away the goodwill that people who are not instinctive Tories were prepared to lend to the British Government during a time of crisis. Even many traditional Conservative voters have been left feeling angry, betrayed, and taken for mugs. In Scotland it plays into the existing constitutional arguments. Unlike in England, in Scotland there is an alternative Government which still enjoys widespread support from people who are not traditional supporters of the governing party, and which is widely regarded as having performed considerably better than the British Government. That’s precisely what makes this entire episode so dangerous for the Conservatives in Scotland. If Boris Johnson were paying the slightest attention to the precioussssss union™, he would realise that he’s got a serious problem. Of course, he isn’t paying attention. Meanwhile that same YouGov poll found that a massive 82% of voters in Scotland think that Nicola Sturgeon has handled the crisis well. In Scotland we have an example of what competent government looks like.

The first instinct of the Scottish Conservatives whenever the British Government behaves badly is to circle the wagons. In doing so they hope to fend off any criticism until the problem goes away of its own accord and the public’s attention moves elsewhere. Then the Scottish Conservatives can get back to saying no to another referendum and finding some new topic for SNPbaddery. What they never do is to criticise the British Government because they have a terror that if they do so then they will only boost support for independence. This means that they can never be seen as the champions of Scotland within the UK, and so they ultimately undermine Scotland’s place within the UK. Their short term political interests are damaging to their long term goal. That’s the Scottish Tory paradox.

The real problem here for the Scottish Tories is that Dominic Cummings, his rule breaking, and the way in which he has been defended by the Conservative Government has become emblematic of something far larger than one man who took a trip to stay at his parents’ place and broke lockdown. He has become the symbol for the public’s anger at the entitlement and privilege of the rich and well-connected people who control the British state, and a British Government whose handling of this crisis has been woeful. If the UK had been one of the best performing states in Europe during the pandemic, there would be little public anger about what Cummings had done. The reaction of the vast majority would have been to shrug it off. However the UK has the greatest number of deaths in Europe, and every step that the British government has taken during this epidemic has been mistimed, chaotic, incoherent, and poorly planned.

This is no longer about Dominic Cummings and his rule breaking. He’s merely the face of a British state which is dominated by personal greed, exceptionalism, selfishness, and which prioritises the interests of a few wealthy and powerful people over the public good. Cummings has built a political career out of railing against “the elite”. It is his curse that he has come to stand as a symbol for all that is wrong with the British establishment, that he’s now a byword for everything that he tried to define himself against. Our curse is that we’re stuck with him as long as Scotland remains a part of the UK.

And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…

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102 thoughts on “The curse of Cummings

  1. Known in the game as red card red card Ross in demanding a Celtic player get sent off and he was a linesman caught shouting that. Blind and bigoted. Well he is a Tory. 😂😊😱😊😂

  2. You’ve hit the nail on the head, Ross and Tompkins have only come out against Cummings simply to save themselves and their party in Scotland. They know how toxic this is for them so had to do something, it won’t be enough, nothing would.

    Apparently, Johnson’s approval rating has plummeted to -1 losing 16 points in a single day, he was at +47 just a matter of weeks ago, similarly, his government has gone into negative territory as well on approval as well. It can only get worse too, even sacking Cummings now is not going to come to their rescue.

    Jackson Carlaw may have realised this, as he too has now written to Johnson saying Cummings has to go, just a snippet from BBC news and not much detail yet. Doesn’t really matter, their goose is cooked.

  3. I said at the beginning of this crisis and leading up to the current debacle that Nicola Sturgeon was doing Independence by stealth, I was wrong, she’s doing it like Moses but instead of invoking heavenly wrath down upon the English Pharoh, Nicola Sturgeon is setting her people free by being Mother Theresa with an iPhone computer pad and efficient use of language and a firm grasp of statistics

    All four countries of the UK no longer see the *Most dangerous woman in Britain* as portrayed by the right wing media, they see who she really is now a compassionate competent FM getting on with the task in hand, and governing by consent and example

    The panicking Unionists flailing around clutching at sinking straws in the hope of bringing the FM down are themselves drowning in their own venom but can’t stop poisoning themselves because they know no other way

    The statistics in the poll speak for themselves even though the BBC were forced to drag in the Prof of all Profs, *Curticeman* to invent a new slogan to wave at the FM, he calls it the *Halo effect* and you know what in a funny sort of way he might be right, although not in the way he meant
    The FM at this moment might be sporting a Halo but if she is she didn’t put it there, the people who answered the poll did and everyone else who agrees with it

    It’s the people wot votes, votes mean prizes and Scotland looks like winning the jackpot

    • Not really a compliment or even very re-assuring to compare her to Mother Theresa. An evil woman who thought everyone needed to suffer and who denied rights to women???

  4. It’s all smoke and mirrors to deflect our attention from all that is happening behind the scenes…like a GSK contract being signed two days after the visit to Barnard Castle…..just one example

  5. Sub Lieutenant Andrew Bowie majority reduced to about 800 or so Up Aberdeen Way, will be next to de ‘disappointed’ about Cummings Road Trip and subsequent Garden Party at No 10.

    I hald expected to see footage of Linesman Ross’ ‘Red Card Red Card Red Card1’ at a recent Old Firm Game. Do not disappoint tecchies. dig it out.
    Also do we have any li readers? Robert Peston’s comments to a fellow Hack when Cummings brought his Address to The Union to a close must be as explosive as his body language seems to suggest.
    I don’t think that anyone can believe the psychopath arrogance of this offensive little man.
    Adam Tomkins is not saving his electoral skin. We, in the West Of Glasgow had the great good sense to ensure that this man came avery poor fourth in the last SGE> He got on on the secret List of Tory Jobs For The Boys.
    In Scotland we can’t even vote these Freeloaders out of office.
    They just pick each other to be on the List and get £64 K a year plus exes, plus subsequent brown envelopes from Lobbyists as a gift for being rejected by us, the Scots Electorate.
    I think that WATP Tomkins has his eye on Carlaw’s wee Leader sinecure.
    Money for nothing, and there is nothing at the moment we can do to stop it.
    Given that the virus is killing off traditional Tory voters, it is little wonder that MP’s with paper thin majorities in the Affluent Tartan Colony, Ross and Bowie would make a token protest.
    Carlaw will be next to record his ‘disappointment; to which Bore-Us Johnson will reply:’ Who the feck is Jackson Carlaw?’
    81% now demand that Cummings is sacked and that the Police call him in for questioning.

  6. Yup, no argument there flower, as they say in… ehm… Westminster…
    The arrogance of Cummings is intended to provoke reaction, it is even possible the Cumming’s Baldrick plan as superbly exposed here was pre-planned to maximise chaos, his happy zone…
    This is where we are with everything Westminster, lies, little wonder Jackass is confused to reality, phone off, Gin open, pray…
    Your “He’s merely the face of a British state which is dominated by personal greed, exceptionalism, selfishness, and which prioritises the interests of a few wealthy and powerful people over the public good” elegantly summarises the dilemma for England, we’re off by the fastest exit…

    • Dom has a little black book, containing lots of nice names and misdemeanors, I should think. Plus, he’s the perfect distraction from Brexit!

  7. That famous photo of the entitled Bullingdon boys with chief jolly-fat-arse Johnson front and centre is trending, as some sharp-eyed person has spotted a young Dominic Cummings (with hair) skulking on the edge of the photo wearing the same ill-fitting ludicrous penguin suit as the rest of the putative captains of industry and “movers and shakers”.

    I think these two dicks have got too much previous on each other for either of them to take the fall, meantime us oiks will just need to console ourselves that the Great British spirit, and Vera Lynn played on a loop will see us through…

    Tally Ho, Jeeves!

  8. The liars being found out. That did not take long. Soon they will be gone. Groundhog Day, Johnston out. What a total mess and shambles.

    Support for SNP/Independence increasing.

    Deaths in Scotland half the rate. The virus came from the south because because the Tories did not lock down sooner. Causing an increase in numbers.

  9. The Tory pigs in the trough of public monies. Awarding themselves unscrutinised public contracts. The useless swines cannot help themselves. Despicable. They will be gone.

  10. Just watched an interview with Alistair Campbell he had a tirade against cummings, johnson and others over their complete mishandling of the covid 19 crisis and criticised how they pushed away and insulted 1st ministers of devolved parliaments in the uk.

    He didnt pull any punches.

    It reminded me of the thick of it. But he did say home truths on how the torys have made a huge mess of things.

  11. Calderwood: off with her head
    Cummings: I fully support him and the PM
    Cummings: he should consider his future (said well after Ross acquired a spine)
    i.e. Carlaw applies extra padding to his arse, in preparation for an extended bout of fence-sitting. WHat a fine gentleman he is.

  12. I have said for a while the torys are doing our canvassing on independence for us.

    As Napoleon said
    “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

    Expect the polls to see further increases for both independence and for the snp in Holyrood election.

    • There is no need to cut off our No’s to spite our Yes, Undeadshaun.
      The 2014 No’s were warned what would happen. They are living the nightmare of their own making.
      Campaigning for Better Together during Indyref 2 should be fun.
      Hamish 100; Kuennsberg will get the No 10 Head of Communications gig out of this.
      She’s had plenty of long pensive walks with Bore-Us over the past few years.
      The Hon Susan Smith will step into her role at the London Broadcasting Corporation.
      Peter Hall boasted that 50% of BBC staff work outside London. Meaning 1/2 a nation’s broadcaster’s staff work in London?
      Carlaw is toast. He may step down to spend more time with his art collection. He is clearly not up to ‘leading’ the Branch Office, and he knows it, despite Gina Davvidson at the Dying Scotsman declaring that he has been incredible in opposing the witch Nicola Sturgeon.
      Davidson and Gordon over at the Herald (on life support too) feature Carlaw’s big ruddy face as the headliner on their On line editions, with his hastily constructed ‘we need to talk about Dominic’ e mail cut and paste into yet more Brit Nat dross.
      Murdo Fraser for Head Boy!

  13. The media make constant references to Scottish Tory MPs, there are no such persons, there are only British Tory MPs
    The three Unionists parties in Scotland are British representatives of the UK government

  14. Long time admirer of your writing and 30 year resident of the much mentioned beauty spot of Barnard Castle reporting directly from the crime scene.

    Out for our daily coronavirus walk this morning we passed picturesque cottage. Spoof blue plaque on wall mocking Cummings visit. Agreed with resident behaviour was disgraceful.

    Survey of friends – almost all incredulous, including a couple of Brexity ones. Cummings is so far across the line he’s approaching it from the other direction.

    PS re conspiracy theories. I moved here to work at GSK. Small enclave of Scots scientists. It is a production site. Negligible chance of Cummings being here for any corporate plan on vaccines.

  15. So, carcrash has spoken at last. Cummings should consider his position, and carcrash found his statement in the rose garden sincere and heartfelt.

    What an absolutely spineless creature. Do you reckon Tompkins is maybe eyeing up his job. Mind you when he had the chance when the mooth stood down, he never even put his hat in the ring. I think the leader position is getting as bad as the red tories, nobody wants it.

    Wonder how much longer Cummings will last before bawjaw throws him under the bus.

  16. I believe it’s not a bad idea Cummings clinging on ,
    The longer he hangs around the more damage he will cause and by association more damage it will cause to Johnston ,
    Also it will weed out the supporters of his actions , these supporters are by their statements and actions shining a light on the real disgusting Tory party and all the brasso in the world won’t polish this turd ,
    This is publicly that can’t be bought ,their very own compliant media sticking the boot in , every time a Tory voices their support the more ridiculous and vocal they become, so they push all the harder come on Chaps a bit further.
    I believe they think the more vitriol they throw at the media and indeed the public the better their chances so they are going all out forgetting they are being closely observed , oh dear how sad .

  17. A dangerous moment. The government is in meltdown and the public mood is ugly – and the real danger – the virus, is just waiting for an opportunity.

    There is a very simple solution to all of this. Do nothing.

    Stay still, keep at home and don’t go back to work, unless it’s an essential job. The politicians, media and the establishment will destroy themselves. Let them. Make no comment. Every day you do nothing is another nail in the coffin of the old ways. Let it go.

    We start again, if we are lucky. Seeking revenge and justice is perfectly understandable, but if it depends into chaos, then we all lose, big time.

    A silent, patient, peaceful revolution. Just do nothing.

  18. Aye, they kept quiet for a couple of days to see which way the wind would blow. Next time Covid comes into the ward I work on might jump in my car and clear out, then again I am not a coward.

  19. This disnae include the leader of the ”one of the cheeks of the same erse” party.

    ‘(Six) Opposition leaders call for Cummings to quit.’


    The Cummings Effect?

    • No he is not listed. His silence has been deafening. He is a lawyer as well as leader of the Labour party therefore should have been able to forensically destroy the mish-mash of excuses and sophistry spouted by Cummings and Johnson. But instead, silence. Hmm.

      I am not sure that those large crowds on the beaches in England can be put down solely to a ‘Cummings’ effect’. The lockdown in England was never as fully adhered to as in Scotland. Also, the mixed messaging that emerged drip by drip caused confusion about what was and wasn’t allowed. For example, the police authorities changed the regulations a few weeks ago so that people could drive for a walk. Naturally people would push the limits on that one. Then Boris’ and that broadcast – go to work tomorrow, no Wed, go by bike walk, stay alert etc etc.

      Complete confusion therefore people take what they want or what suits them from the mixed messages.

      Some of it has spilled over into Scotland but on the whole the clarity of Ms Sturgeon’s message has left little room for doubt as to what that message is. And of course Ms Godley’s blunter interpretation and delivery of what that message is has reached through humour and bluntness those who don’t need polite.

  20. The handcock tonight rightly congratulates Northern Ireland for ZERO deaths reported today along with the statement that they Stayed AT Home in response to the message.
    Then goes on to support cummings, no brains,again it was an english government programme,why do we have to put up with this media mess.
    Mr Toss should feel the love of his englander party, a Mr Nobody from No 10 spokesperson.
    There’s another Mr Nobody in the Scottish Office,Nobody Jack.
    Big opening for Mr Muddle,to be brought back into the fold.

  21. Laura kuenssberg said Carlaw told him to resign. Not true , both on stv and bbc he obfuscated and suggested he should rethink.

    I think accuracy is important ms kuenssberg should you be reading this.

      • Decades back, I had no idea what Paxman’s politics were until near his retirement (from news) when he admitted to being a “one-nation Tory”. He never gave it away, being rude to all shades of politician.

        These days the BBC has several like Robinson and Kuenssberg who are blatantly pro-Tory; not just sympathetic, they act at times like their job is propaganda for the Tories.

  22. Forgive me IF I’m wrong but the handcock is going to look into the fines given out to people for doing what cummings did, thought the law was separate from the government.
    What he should be doing is asking the law to apply the current law to cummings,fine him, not let him off.
    The handcock and the the vicar have missed the point.

  23. Oh, for one brief lovely moment I thought that Ross had resigned as MP for Moray.
    Still, surely the people of Moray will wake up soon and eject the Conservatives.
    There might not even be a “UK” to have another round of UK elections.
    2021. The year that Scotland saw the light?

    • A large number of englanders settled in the area.
      See the handcock’s terms and conditions only lasted the hour, actual words,we’ll look into it,ie nothing will be done.

  24. And a plague of Cummings descended over the land of the Tory but still the Johnson’s heart was hardened, Let’s listen carefully to the Johnson’s next words for with those words he may condemn himself to yet more suffering, watch out for the staff
    So let it be written, so let it be done

    See whit ye can learn aff Cecil B Demille’s films

    • To lighten the mood, briefly, Dr Jim,your post recalled the reat director’s coaching of John Wayne Marion Morrison to his friends, who played a Roman soldier at the foot of the cross in ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’ as Christ eventually passed away.
      The line was:- ‘He truly was the Son of God’.
      The director took The Duke aside and commented that True Grit’s line had been great, but could they reshoot the scene with awe in the delivery of this pivotal line.
      Big John, duly obliged:
      ‘Awe, he truly was the Son of God’
      ‘Cut! That’s a wrap.’
      Myth, maybe.
      Perhaps Carjack Lawson should have infused some ‘awe’ into his hastily arranged Press Briefing (Tom Gordon backed out of his EssEnnPee Bad spot at todays Covid Briefing to capture Carjack’s pearls) when he still refused to condemn Cummings atrocious behaviour.

      ‘Awe, Dominic should consider his position’ might have added the gravitas needed for such an extraordinary U turn?
      I’ll get my coat.

      • Great story , Jack – but you’ll recall that the directors were George Stevens ( + some scenes directed by David Lean and Jean Negulesco ).

        • If I were a ‘professional journalist’, then I would of course have checked out my facts, to write the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but a cut and paste of a Brit Nat Press Handout.
          Mea culpa, Millsy

          • I had to watch the film again at Easter just for that dreadful delivery – it is a looong film well acted , almost believable ,until THAT line where all that went before was wrecked.

  25. Its England I feel for. They thought they had elected a STAR, a laddish boy who would wink at Ma while touching up the daughter, take dad for a pint, and crack jokes with Gran.
    Instead they have a lazy useless slob who brings home a string of sluts, can’t get out his bed in the morning, only keeps his job coz he is second cousin of the owner, auld Queen Betty.
    I think they miss Farrage, and all the fun he had with “foreigners” stealing Englands money, jobs and houses, but the old fraud is hiding out with his girl in France, next door to Brian Monteith. Both pretending to be Scots!
    I also think many would like to be like us—on the way to independence–if they could split from London, they would.

  26. The First Minister is deemed to be the most trustworthy of all, the government is doing well, the snp are doing well in the polls and yet on another blog it is attack the Scots government, attack the snp and attack the First Minister.
    Strange times. Johnson must be pleased.

    • For quite some time in the lead up to Indyref1 I’d managed to access a number of pro-Unionist, anti-SNP sites, Hamish. I mostly went on to glean information and walked on eggshells whilst posting data in a way to hopefully “convert” others. The site that you refer to reminds me of them. It’s no more or less than a pro-Unionist site now with a handful of genuine Independence supporters attempting to hang on in there. The best thing that the latter could do for the independence cause is to abandon it to highlight the reality of the current situation. Stop muddying the water.

    • Brilliant article from Fintan O’Toole, JwB. The essence of it all which the Tories just can’t get. And thankfully for us independentistas, the Scottish Tories with their latter day conversions, will never get.

  27. Any reason why the electorate of Moray voted in SNP for decades and now vote in Tory. Has there been some population shift from south to north Britain in these parts over recent years. I would be interested in local demographics: is the Tory vote a consequence of inward migration or not.

    • All to do with the Tory fishing industry lies, more than anything, I think, Mbiy. You know the EU plus the SNP aren’t to be trusted myth.

    • Lossiemouth and Kinloss RAF airbases have been in moray since the late1930s so a lot of shifts from the south and many of them settled there or came back when they retired from RAF, Petra is correct also and add the tory promises to the farming industry says it all.

  28. Given the total shit show this government has Presided over taking it to the top of every imaginable league table of confirmed dead due to the effects of this virus ,

    I wonder if any of these extremely intelligent people , extremely intelligent because they tell us they are because of the xyz of degrees in this and that after their name

    I wonder if any of them has used any of these sophisticated computer models to examine the outcome of this government doing absolutely nothing , it would be interesting to compare the results of doing nothing including the economy and the results of the efforts so far ,

    I hazard a guess they will be compatible.I wonder if this do f/all method is in place just now and is being cutely disguised as incompetence , who knows with these phychopaths .

    • The much maligned Imperial College report of the 16th March, which was a combined effort by 32 scientists led by the now sacked Prof Neil Ferguson looked at the effect of doing nothing but only on the effect on health and not the economy.

      Their model predicted, doing nothing meant over 510,000 deaths in the UK alone, it was this that forced the government into taking lockdown measures.

      It also predicted a minimum of 20,000 deaths in the UK even if all the measures they recommended took place immediately were to be implemented. Johnson left it another week before doing this and now we have 60,000 excess deaths in the UK which would have been much less if action to stop the spread of the virus was taken that one week earlier.

      There is no doubt that without closing schools, social distancing ect the death rate would be far far greater than 60,000 by now and who is to say it might not even have exceeded the predicted 500,000.

      Download the report and you will see why the government was spooked, I’m just surprised that they are lifting the lockdown so casually now, it looks stupid to me but hey I’m not Cummings.

  29. The problem with malevolent antipathetic narcissists like Cummings is they perceive everything, wherever they go, is shit and inferior, a bit like the Queen wondering why everywhere smells of new paint.They do not realise THEY are the problem.

  30. I was of the opinion that Cummings should be sacked. Not allowed to resign but be sacked. Now I want him to stay on post. I want this poundland Gargamel, to be more hated than Forsyth. I want him to stay and keep destroying Johnson’s government. The UK court system now faces damaging appeals made by firms and individuals who broke lockdown. It will be be impossible for the UK gov to defend this if they want to defend Johnson’s Brain, because that is what Cummings is. Johnson doesn’t do detail. He has the attention span of a dead gnat. This undead rasputin is a the driving force behind Johnson and that cabinet of curiosities he calls a government.

    I want him to stay. I want Johnson and Cummings to own this and be owned by it.

    I am going to enjoy watching Johnson fail. Just like I enjoyed watching May fail.

    • I agree with all you say David, but I reckon that we’ll see someone of significance fall between now and within the next four weeks or so and it could be Johnson himself. He’s still an extremely (coronavirus), plus, sick man, imo.

  31. Murdo Fraser, is apparently getting a wee bung from the Scotsman ; he writes in his ‘article’ that his e mail account is full of questions from his ‘constituents’ asking if they can play golf in Carnoustie …and so on.
    Murdo Fraser has failed 7 times to win a constituency seat. He has no ‘constituents’.
    He is one of life’s great mysteries. He is picked every time from the Jobs For The Boys list, the only greater mystery recently being Miles Briggs being second behind Ruth Davidson on the List, a young man whose past is shrouded in mystery. Mysterious, eh?
    If you are a List MSP, you do not have constituents. The winner of that constituency serves their ‘constituents’.
    Somebody’s got to make the tea and go across to the wee baker to fetch the rolls ‘n’ sausage. That would be you, ‘The Queen’s Eleven’.
    And the Dead Tree Scrolls wonder why nobody is buying their crap any more.

  32. In the Scottish subsample for Westminster voting intentions, the SNP have 54%, Tories 20% and Labour 16%. It can only get worse for the Tory party with Cummings in charge lol.

  33. The tide is turning. When the SNP gets a majority in Holyrood. They can do something about the corrupt Holyrood electoral system. To keep the 3rd rate losers out.

    The unionists use and abuse the electoral system. Cheat and lie. Killing people. Their own supporters.

    Healthcare workers who vote Tory. The Tory cut the NHS budget. What a failure.

    • Agreed.

      The list system is OK, it is part of a system that puts MSP’s into Holyrood in ratio to the total vote. However it’s weakness is that numpties stay in forever. To me the maximum term a list MSP should represent us is two parliaments. This allows descent list MSP’s to get experience and contribute and duffers to be kicked out.
      Once you have been a list MSP you should never be allowed to stand on a parties list again.

  34. Increase in abuse of women.

    Give women who co habit automatic rights. Instead of having to put in a ‘claim’ and fight through courts. This can be extremely expensive. Lawyers fees. Daunting for too many.

    Married women have an automatic claim to half. Women who co habit (over 50%) have no automatic claim but have to fight for their rights.

    Stop renting estate agents (lawyers) demanding 6 months (+ deposit) upfront fees from people with excellent credit and money in reserve. Illegally.

    Sort it out to stop abuse. Instead of mealy mouth protest. Give justice.

  35. Watching different countries coping with the Corona virus and how their media is dealing with it is a real eye opener, in most other places the media at this time are helping to be part of the solution, whereas in the UK the media work desperately hard at finding ways to do the opposite. continually coming up with ways and wheezes to avoid the rules then airing them in the hope folk do break the rules so they can then complain about them doing it

    Even during a pandemic where life and death decisions are of the ultimate importance to survival the media in the UK choose to be part of the problem for their most important reason, the story!

    and how much mileage they can get out of it

  36. There must be real panic and desperation at the heart of Yoonworld as the Telegraph newspaper decides to revisit the movie Braveheart to write yet another article rubbishing it all over again
    The Telegraph like all right wing Britishness still has the quaint notion that folks in Scotland don’t know that it’s just a movie, a film, a picture, it’s not history and we know it’s not

    We also know that Richard Todd didn’t win the entire second world war on his own with all the other actors at Pinewood studios just as we know that John Wayne didn’t murder all the Indians in the Wild West or win all the wars and fly all the planes in Hollywood studios

    Movies aren’t documentaries, they’re a commentary art form designed to elicit emotion whether it’s action, adventure, human emotion or otherwise, and that’s the problem with the British and their media, they insult our intelligence by even suggesting that Scottish people are so stupid they don’t know the difference

    That’s why Scots don’t like Britishness, they insult us, it’s not because of a film

  37. Do not reads the Telegraph. No wonder. The Barclay brothers in financial trouble trying to sell it off. The Barclay Tory tax evaders would sell their granny to try cover up their loss. No honour among thieves. Getting killed off.

    The Tory tax evaders cut NHS funding. The Brexit mess fast approaching. The Tory unionist crooks. Illegally wasting public monies killing people off. They will be voted out, again. Into the wilderness for them wilful imbeciles.

  38. Apologies for being o/t and asking for help in the middle of the comments.
    I’m having an online discussion with a good friend of many, many years, who sadly doesn’t believe in an independent Scotland. She said that “Scotland wouldn’t have a hope of borrowing the money it is going to require to pay all the unemployed and public service workers” after this crisis
    I replied that Scotland could borrow just like a normal country and was in fact a wealthy country in its own right. She replied with this – ” Most of the things they tell you are the wealth of Scotland (like the whisky and the oil) actually belong to someone else.”
    Can someone help with a simple reply to this please. I’m not the best at putting into words what I want to say. Thanks.

    • Your friend is unfortunately correct. The longer this enforced subjugation of its people continues over the Great Virus scam the voice of Independence for Scotland will never be heard. The frightened sheeple are all now in the one pen known as “keeping you safe”. The ongoing insidious Kafkaesque propaganda and the fear it generates ensures that the lid on the deadly virus box will remain firmly closed and the SNP and its desire for Independence will become nothing more than a pipe dream. Welcome to the New Normal.

    • Malta is a small independent nation, they seem to be able to run their own economy sucessfully even after the UK said they were a basket case.
      Don’t know the current position there as they’re based on tourism and money tourism.
      There are many others,wonder how PNG are getting on with the break off of the copper island.

  39. I wish I could come up with a ”simple reply” to help you out Tatu. The best that I can do is refer you to the Business for Scotland site. Loads on there to support the fact that Scotland is a wealthy country.

    I used to use Jim Rodgers video however some would say that oil is worthless now even although we know that the price fluctuates and of course will ultimately be replaced by our renewable energy sector. He points out of course that its Scotland’s oil not Englands.

    • Perhaps you might point her to Craig Dalzell’s excellent video from a year ago which bursts quite a few bubbles on the multiple myths circulating over an independent Scotland’s finances. Simple but methodical myth busting of Ian Lang’s bastard child GERS.
      There are HMRC tables around (perhaps someone may link?) which show Scotland far outstripping England year on year, so the myths are busted everywhere except in folklore.

      One minor point however, the premise that the crisis as unfolded would have afflicted an independent Scotland as it has the UK. Scotland is trapped in a crisis entirely in London control, we wouldn’t be that stupid, nor be left hanging on the whims of Sunak, Johnson, Cummings, Rees-Mogg, etc. to keep their gravy train to tax havens going.

      As to the whisky and oil nonsense, borrowing has nothing to do with who owns industries, Tatu Steel, Toyota Cars, etc don’t determine what the UK can borrow nor define it’s wealth, nor would it an independent Scotland.
      Years ago there was a lovely analogy where the presenter poured a glass of whisky from a bottle, pointed to the glass – the producer and the seller share, pointed to the bottle – government share…
      Government income is taxation, we currently only get part of that back instead of all of it, and that is a lot….

  40. ”Douglas Ross, who this morning resigned from his position as Under Secretary of State for Scotland over the Cummings scandal, has just been described by a No.10 Downing Street source as “a Mr Nobody”. It’ll be interesting to see how, and if, other Scottish Tories react to that.”


    Loads more really interesting links on the Indyref2 site.

  41. Breaking news Apparently a certain gentleman and blogger has lost his appeal. In the Herald just now

  42. I agree with Jackson Carlaw at FMQ today. The Care Homes debacle (that’s a Froggy word to all you little Brits) is a ‘national scandal’.
    At last Carlaw has admitted that Scotland is a ‘nation’, and as such has borders with England, the ‘national territory due South of us, borders which can be closed as England heads for the beaches and pubs, and that the privatisation of Care Homes should be cease immediately and Care for the elderly and infirm incorporated into the publicly owned Scottish Health Service.
    No more making profits but cutting services to care for the elderly.
    The venture capitalists with their tax free off shore profits should be driven from the sector.
    Good on you Carlaw! Welcome to a caring society, sir.
    I’m sure that’s what he meant when he demanded an enquiry earlier today.
    Jackson Carlaw the born Again Rampaging socialist. Who’d have thunk?
    Or am I getting his motives all wrong here?
    There may be manslaughter prosecutions over this ‘national scandal’, Jackson.
    Jeez it was like Old Home week today at Holyrood. I didn’t watch it all;scrolled through most of the Oldies But Goldies Farce. Big Neil Findlay with the trendy scruffy Dominic Cummings look, Alex Rowley, Jackie Baillie, and the Rising Stars Monica Lennon, Miles Brigss, Jaimie Greene, and Mike Rumbles, or is it Bumbles, or is it Grumbles?
    What a tired old bunch the Brit Nats are.
    I omitted Leonard and most of Carjack’s bluff and pointless bluster.
    The FMQ format is well past its sell by date.
    Most Brit Nat Better Together questions are merely SNP Bad and Sturgeon is a ‘national disgrace’.
    Increasingly they come across as tired old war horses, survivors of a battle fought in the last century, when a Wagon Wheel chocolate biscuit was as big as a wagon wheel, and Jimmy Savile was allowed to prop children on his knees on BBC TV.
    The Old Order is gone, and they know it.
    Scotland is a 21st Century nation, England a Dickensian dystopia of sun seekers and pub Sunday lunches.
    Come on, Jackson. Drive the Private Care Home charlatans out.

    • You might have noticed Jack that the FM once again hinted at the UK care home numbers to come when the investigations begin in England, the ONS has already suggested the mortality rate is into the tens of thousands with guesstimates of around totals when added up of over 60 thousand which is almost double what’s being announced

      I’m no fan of Starmer but he’s a lawyer and he’ll dissect those numbers live at PMQs and ram them down Johnson’s throat, assuming they’re close to being correct

      The truth will out, and when it does it’ll be Oops! all round in the county of Englandshire

      • We are in the throes of the biggest peace time crisis ever to hit these Isles, Dr Jim, yet the English Parliament is in recess until next week, so the next PMQ will not be until 3rd June, two days after the pubs open and England comes out of lockdown, ‘instinctively’.

        Not even 50,000 deaths, the vast majority of whom are in the ‘dead weight’ category (q.v., Max Hastings), old wrinklies like me, gets in the way of big fat Westminster wasters getting a Spring Break.
        So Johnson has disappeared off the map again, after two gruelling hour long sessions at the Covid Podium.

        Up Here in the Northern Frontier, Jackson Carlaw wants/demands an enquiry. Some of his backers who have shares in Care Homes in Jockland may be embroiled in manslaughter charges if they are found to have deliberately cut corners/ failed to train staff/ skimped on PPE and so on.
        So I say, ‘bring it on, Jackson’.

        I’d imagine that he’s already had a few phone calls from Dark Forces following his demand for a Care Home Enquiry, suggesting that he cool his jets, and stop all this clamour to mount a Care Home Enquiry.
        As I observed earlier; he may resign soon citing the need to spend more time with his art collection.

  43. I don’t think we should give Starmer much credit for honesty to be frank, he is biding his time for maximum political effect, everybody including the cat knows the Covid death figures for England are an outrage, they are ALL of them pretending that for now, it’s not.

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