The UK’s willingness to be lied to

An opinion poll for YouGov published on Sunday found, quite incredibly, that support for the Conservatives across the UK as a whole is at 45%, up 1% since the last YouGov poll. Support for Labour has decreased by 3% to 35%. Read it and weep. No, really. It makes you want to weep. It means that 45% of the UK population have come round to the fact that the Tories couldn’t care less if we live or die, and they’re OK with that. At which you can only wonder, what is wrong with these people, and then you look at the photos in the news of crowded beaches and people having a punch up and you kind of know why.

The fact that despite all that has happened over the past couple of months there has been no significant impact on voting intentions in the UK as a whole can only mean that there is a considerable number of people who have looked at 60,000 corpses, have seen a man who’s the living embodiment of selfish entitlement lying through his teeth to them about how to do an eye test, have read about one cock up after another in the handling of the epidemic, and have thought to themselves about the political party responsible, “Yeah, I’ll have me some of what they’re selling.” Because VE Day, Dunkirk spirit, isn’t Her Maj maaaaaavelous, bunting, and muddling through.

Even more incredibly, more people in the UK think think that Boris Johnson would make a better Prime Minister than Labour’s Keir Starmer. 37% prefer Johnson, 32% prefer Starmer. This is despite the clear evidence of Johnson’s lies, fnaughing, stumbling and mumbling. This is a man who can barely begin a sentence never mind finish one. His idea of preparation is to look at himself in a mirror and artfully tousle his hair. My dog would make a better Prime Minister than Johnson. He might currently be lying on the rug in the living room and licking his balls, but he’s never lied, cheated and deceived.

Labour’s new leader Keir Starmer is not breaking through to the public. He’s not, despite the claims of the Labour old guard, cutting through in a way that Jeremy Corbyn never could. So that’ll be you telt, Ian Murray. Ian’s obsession with preventing independence at all costs is only condemning Scotland to another decade of lethal Tory rule. It won’t stop him waving his union flag and blaming all our ills on Thatessempee though.

The only way that Labour have a hope in hell of taking back votes from independence supporters in Scotland is to offer them the real prospect of a Labour government replacing the Tories in Westminster. That’s not happening. Labour still can’t make a dent in the Conservatives’ lead in the polls after a week in which Dominic Cummings has told everyone that he was only going for a drive to test his eyesight and traduced all the sacrifices that everyone else has made during this crisis, while Boris Johnson’s response is to insist that he acted with integrity. Despite all the evidence that the Conservatives are lying, mendacious, smug, incompetent, chaotic, and hell bent on a no deal Brexit that’s only going to compound all the current economic difficulties, Labour still is unable to make the kind of substantial gains in polling numbers that could credibly point to them overtaking the Conservatives in England.

But even if they could, even if the Labour party was able to translate the Conservatives’ manifest unfitness to manage a shuckster’s stall in a street market flogging off dodgy knock-offs into electoral support, nothing would change in the longer term. Those of us who are older and more bitter remember how we longed for a Labour government all the way through the 1980s and 1990s to save us from the nightmare of Margaret Thatcher. We got Tony Blair who found a winning formula by dressing Labour in Tory drag. And then the natural Conservatism of the English electorate reasserted itself and we were back to Tory governments again. And this is the very best that we can hope for within the Westminster system. I don’t want a temporary relief from the nightmares that the Westminster Conservatives inflict upon us. I want it to stop for good.

Yet there’s not going to be another Westminster General Election for four years. We’re stuck with Johnson and his band of liars, careerists, and charlatans. They’ve got a crushing majority in the Commons and plenty of time to wreck even more damage on the body politic. And within the confines of the UK there is absolutely nothing that we can do to stop them, to hold them in check, or to hold them to account. We are dealing here with people who have absolutely no shame, and who treat ordinary people entirely transactionally. We are simply pawns in their games of personal advancement.

And this, dear reader, is why UK is so so screwed and the only possible hope for Scotland is to get ourselves out of this shitshow as fast as our hairy wee Caledonian legs can carry us. Even after everything that’s happened, after the highest death toll in Europe, the highest per capita death toll in the world, after a Government which plays jenga with public health provision and which is comprised of serial liars, charlatans, incompetents, and careerists, there is still as much chance of a Labour government after the next Westminster election as there is of the Scottish Conservatives turning up for an interview when their Westminster colleagues have been making tits of themselves again.

The good news is that more people in Scotland appear to be reaching the same conclusion. I’ve not been able to locate the data for this latest YouGov poll, but based on this poll @Polling_GB gives a seat projection of 58 for the SNP, meaning the party of independence would take all but one of the Westminster constituency seats in Scotland. Whatever is in the KoolAid that the Tories are serving up south of the Border, people in Scotland are not buying it. Scotland can’t save the UK from its willingness to be lied to, we can only escape from it.

We have an election in Scotland next year. It’s all the more imperative that voters in Scotland return a large majority for pro-independence parties in the next Scottish election and we ensure that we have another independence referendum as soon as possible. It’s the only way out of this nightmare. Achieving our goal will require focus, self-discipline, energy and commitment, but increasingly the independence movement is pushing against the open door of public opinion. Scotland wants change. Scotland wants rid of the Tories. Scotland wants a country where the political class can be held to account. Only independence offers any of that.

James Kelly of Scot Goes Pop is crowdfunding to conduct a full poll of Scottish voting intention and support for independence. He’s only a short way from reaching his target, just a few more pounds is all that’s needed. Please give him some support. Right now we’re desperately in need of a proper survey of Scottish opinion.

And finally, because we could all do with a laugh during these difficult times …

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48 thoughts on “The UK’s willingness to be lied to

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  2. Johnson was reading your post (reportedly) with Cummings and saw the piece about your dug licking his balls.
    It was overheard that Johnson said “I wish I could do that!” to which Cummings replied “You’d better pet him first and make sure he’s friendly.”
    Of course that’s just what was passed on by leaked information.

  3. There’s also this poll:

    May 2020 Average Net Approval Ratings of Leaders (no Adam Price, btw):

    Keir Starmer: +17% (=)
    Nicola Sturgeon: +12% (+9)
    Boris Johnson: +11% (-21)
    Ed Davey: -7% (=)
    Nigel Farage: -21% (-1)

    Changes w/ April 2020.

    For us SNP geeks, note how Nicola Sturgeon starts off at -11% at the time of the General Election (December 2019) and stands at +12% as of May 2020. No one else shows a positive gain.

  4. “Those of us who are older and more bitter remember how we longed for a Labour government all the way through the 1980s and 1990s to save us from the nightmare of Margaret Thatcher.”

    Speak for yourself there. I longed for the SNP taking a majority of seats and getting us out of this accursed union as agreed by the she-devil herself. We’ve always been just as much of an afterthought to Labour as we’ve ever been to the Tories. If anyone thinks that a Labour government in WM is going to transform Scotland into a land of milk and honey, well…

  5. Do you actually believe a poll by YouGov, a polling organisation funded by Tory party donors? Do you think they are going to underplay their core support? I don’t think so.

  6. It’s the way they work.
    Today’s latest from the handcock.
    We’re doing well,only 111 died on Sunday,we’ve got it under control,that’s why we’re opening schools and shops and allowing travel.
    Asked about the tracing


    Asked again how many of the new coronavirus cases have been contacted since the track and trace scheme was launched, Matt Hancock says: “I don’t have those figures.

    “The answer is the vast majority.”

    Health secretary questioned about test and trace system

    Matt Hancock is asked about reports from contact tracers who say they have very little to do and what the status is with the system.

    The health secretary says the system is “up and running and successful” and those who are being told to isolate have responded positively.

    Asked how many contacts they have made, Mr Hancock does not give a specific number.

    But he says having spare capacity in terms of the number of contact tracers (25,000) compared to the number of new cases is a good thing.

    This is the standard of the uk government.
    The englanders voted for this person and the others.
    The chris grayling, the no ferries contract man,get made a trustee for the national museum.

  7. You would think Labour strategists would be looking at the fall-out from this horrible plague and the slapstick handing of it by Bozo the Invisible & co, and rubbing their hands in anticipation at how many ways they can attack the Tories…here’s a wee starter for them:

    Re-nationalise the NHS by disbanding every NHS Trust in England, and having a centrally funded, non-competitive NATIONAL health service (i.e. no “internal market” designed to punish the “poorer performing” trusts, and privatize them by the back door), and remove the layer of management and bureaucrats put in by the Tories at their last “top-down” £3bn reorganisation.

    They could move to scrap Trident Mk 2, introduce a liveable universal basic income, outlaw zero-hours contracts and reinstate worker’s rights that were abolished by Thatcher, and zealously embraced by Blair.

    I’ll venture though they do none of the above and In summary they won’t behave like a would-be Labour government should; given that Starmer has filled his shadow cabinet with compliant Blairite nonentities like Milliband, Nandy, and Scot-haters like Thornberry and Ian Murray, I think we all know the direction they’ll be travelling in the immediate future.

    • “I think we all know the direction they’ll be travelling in the immediate future.”

      The ‘Labour’ Party have tunnel vision – it’s the only direction they can see. And who needs them anyway – they are not in any real sense a ‘socialist’ party – just another front for capitalism to be called in when the reality gets too ugly.

      • 19. (of 20.)

        Onward Labour lemmings

        Onward Labour lemmings,
        Marching o’er the cliff,
        With the mark of Leonard,
        Leading them skew-whiff.
        Dick, the chief of numpties,
        Heads his band of woe;
        Forward into hist’ry:
        See those bampots go!


        Onward Labour lemmings,
        Marching o’er the cliff,
        With the mark of Leonard,
        Leading them skew-whiff.


        [With acknowledgements]

        Songs for the New Politics

  8. A delight, no doubt, for crossword fiends and conspiracy theorists on subliminal messaging:

    “Stay alert, control the virus, save lives” is an anagram of “Easily survives travel north to castle”.

  9. I truly hope we blast the 2021 HR elections with Independence parties, and whether the bulk of those seats are SNP along with Greens and any new parties who might come along, I care not

    But what I do care about is WHAT we are voting for because I do not want to be voting for another mandate to ask nicely for another S30. I’ve got enough mandates thanks, I could open a Mandate Shop, making Mandate earrings and cufflinks for all the Indy brothers and sisters, not to mention lovely Mandate flags for all our (socially distanced) marches.

    No more mandates thank you.

    When I vote in 2021 I want to vote for Scotland’s independence. When my X goes in the box it will be to say YES to independence from the rest of the UK, YES to ending London rule, YES to being a Scottish citizen, not a British subject, YES to no more governments we didn’t vote for and YES, YES, YES to freedom

    YES to taking people out of poverty
    YES to people being treated fairly whoever they are
    YES to a well funded, public national health service
    YES to world class education for all
    YES to life chances which everyone can access, not just those and such as those
    YES to our own culture, art, music, literature, plays, poetry being taught alongside those of the rest of the world

    My X in the box will be yes to all of that and more

    We’re not asking you anymore Westminster, we’re having it. Oh yes.

  10. Dare I ask what seat would be left out?
    I don’t think I could cope with additional 5 years of Murray.

  11. I did notice none of the media in Scotland reported that the First Minister during her briefing called them

    *The council of despair*

  12. Re the article, I recall seeing an item a few years ago which contended that all the chemicals in our food supply are making people stupider. Maybe a grain of truth in that somewhere?

  13. Maybe a message to Boris not to consider for a second requesting an extension to Brexit.

    Johnny Foreigner really has to go say that 45% whose support for Brexit allows no wavering.

  14. When you see these sort of numbers,you might come to the conclusion that a large section of the population are completely disconnected from politics.
    This makes them easily manipulated by media owners with a political agenda.
    We have them here in Scotland as well,disconnected people and media owners with an agenda.

  15. Opinion polls – What are they used for ,to Inform the rest of the public as to the opinion of the majority , NOPE don’t be so bloody thick , these polls are used to manipulate and drive people in a particular direction . The spectacular failures of their predictions are never allowed to slow down or curtail this manipulation industry , The whole Cummings balls up shows the extent Bawjaws relies on Lies and media management , now black means white and down means up , coupled with a disinterested public it’s easy to get away with it , because the opinion polls say so , aye bleedn right , mind control more like it . Simple straight forward questions have to be avoided , subtle changes in the questions are usually used to effect the outcome of any given poll .

  16. The Tories are fascists without the need for swastika armbands. I will always vote SNP. England will generally vote Tory, regardless of their governing nitwittery; not quite so much for Labour.

    But we in Scotland could return the SNP to every single Scottish Westminster seat, likewise in the Scottish parliament; but we will never be granted another independence referendum by the unionist parties at Westminster, ever.

    So we should applaud the SNP, vote for them, admire their managerialism, get the FM to rid herself of the careerist cliques around her and tackle the weird entryists and their agendas; but independence, can’t see it in my lifetime.

    • I hope that you are wrong with your last sentence. I understand why you say what you say.

      To me we can only get freedom if after getting another good vote next May we start civil disobedience in England ( for example disrupt the Tube) and pick it U.K. places in Scotland such as military establishments. Get some them to hate us and get the media wound up.

      I hope also that the legal action currently underway to confirm or not whether we can have a legal referendum without Westminster agreement.

      • Hi Andy
        As long as its not the Scottish judiciary that is being asked to clarify the situation. The answer will be naw ye cannae. Must remember they are one of the Scottish institutions that remained their independence in 1707 and were happy to see the Scottish population lose theirs. This is why they never stand for Scotland, most judgments are made in Englands favour.

        • Recent cases where Scottish Courts particularly the Court of Session ruled in favour of the SG
          Minimum Pricing of Alcohol
          Named Person
          Attempt by Boris Johnson to suspend Parliament was ruled illegal by the Court of Session.

  17. Just listening to rabb on Hong Kong,threats to China.
    No problem with refusing Scotland a referendum on Independence agreement.
    Nice to hear that 300,000 Hong Kong residents have just been invited to set up home in englandland.
    He will have all the infrastructure set up for them when they arrive. Aye Right.
    This on the day that mogg gets his return to normal english parliament vote through the house with a vote of less than a quarter of the mps, no problem with that kind of democracy then.
    The spin in the rags is that we’re winning the Battle of the Bug, film to follow.
    Whatever you think of Stuart Campbell it seems strange that his twitter account was closed but Trump’s is left up even although he was talking about shooting people, not really strange in the current culture of media control. In a country well known for mass shootings that’s acceptable?

  18. I’m abiding by the Scottish rules by not travelling more than 5 miles from my home now. I therefore don’t want to see people travelling hundreds of miles from England to Scotland carrying and spreading the killer virus throughout Scotland. If we were told that hundreds of serial killers were planning to cross our border and were heading our way we’d close it.

    ‘Quarantine for Scotland.’


    Check out the latest links from Ann on the indyref2 site.

    • don’t go to strathspey and badenoch I’ve been told the place is crawling with southerners in their holiday homes

  19. It’s not in Andrew Neil’s DNA to support anything Scotlandy or Scottish government
    Surely that signifies the UK must be really really bad in their efforts to disguise the figures

  20. I think Belgium has the world’s highest per capita death rate by some way you don’t want to lose credibility by failing a fact check

  21. YOU GOV is run by the Conservatives and was created by the fascist gits also.
    Never believe any poll from that cursed site.
    Is the wonderful little chap in the photos, Wee Ginger Dug, (Dog) ??

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