The death of British exceptionalism

Back in the distant days of 2014 when Brexit was nothing more than Nigel Farage’s wet dream and you could eat in restaurants and hug your granny without fear of dying from a terrible disease, the referendum campaign focussed exclusively on the risks to Scotland of becoming an independent country. It was taken for granted by the British media and British politicians that being a part of the UK conferred upon Scotland a blessèd status, with the accent and everything, protecting this nation of childlike Caledonian savages not merely from the dangers of the wild world out there but also from our own worst instincts. The British state, they told us, gave us the best of all possible worlds.

The independence campaign implicitly accepted this framing. Our efforts in 2014 were almost exclusively about making the case for an independent Scotland, and rebutting the arguments of those who at the time we were still content to call Unionists. It was a campaign which had to fight on two fronts, not merely to present the arguments for independence, but also to normalise the idea of independence amongst a Scottish public which had been bathed since infancy in the ideology of British exceptionalism. While we narrowly failed to achieve the first goal, we succeeded in the second in a way that our opponents never expected and which they’ve still not come to terms with.

Brexit and the coronavirus have changed everything in a nation where the idea of independence has already been normalised. The biggest difference between the second independence referendum and the first is that the second campaign won’t just focus on the risks of independence, it will also focus on the risks to Scotland that come from being a part of the UK. It will be a campaign which will not be content to accept the framing of our opponents.

Supporters of independence will no longer accept that this is a debate between the nationalists who want independence and the non-nationalists who oppose it. Brexit has revealed the ugly nationalism of the British state in its vilest and most xenophobic form. It has stripped away the mythology that the British state is comprised of a union between equal member nations. It has revealed the lie at the heart of the union – there is no union at all. There is only a British unitary state with some devolved competencies where the smaller nations are expected to do the bidding of the largest. It’s now clear to everyone that supporting the British state does not give you a free pass from nationalism, it makes you a supporter of one of the most regressive and conservative forms of nationalism in modern Europe.

The coronavirus epidemic has destroyed the myth that the British state is exceptionally well governed. Being a part of the UK doesn’t keep Scotland safe, quite the reverse, it exposes us to a lethal incompetence founded upon the arrogance and exceptionalism of a British ruling class which does not recognise or accept that the rules that it makes for the rest of us should also apply to it. At every step along the way, the response of the British Government to this crisis has been cack handed, mistimed, chaotic, and incompetent. The British Government threw away the natural advantage bestowed upon the British Isles by geography and its failure has led to the UK having the highest death toll in Europe.

For all its claims to be following the science, the British Government is now in open disgreement with those very scientists it claims to be following. On The Marr Show on BBC1 on Sunday, Professor John Edmunds, an epidemiologist at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and a member of the UK Government’s SAGE committee, expressed his regret that the UK did not enter lockdown much earlier than it had done and said that he believed the failure of the British Government to do so had cost a lot of lives. Speaking on the same programme the Conservative Health Minister Matt Hancock denied this, and insisted that the British Government had made the right decisions at the right time. Asked, “You are sure locking when you did and not earlier did not cost lives?”, Matt replied, “I’m sure.”

So who to believe, a world renowned expert in epidemiology, or a man who insisted that there had been no privatisation of the NHS in England after his party siphoned £9.2 billion of NHS money off to private companies. It’s unfair to say that Matt Hancock is unfit for office, because that implies that his cabinet colleagues are any better than he is. In a lot of cases they’re far worse.

The widespread and growing public dissatisfaction with the British Government’s mishandling of the crisis has found its face in Dominic Cummings. He has come to symbolise the arrogance that drives the Tories to eye tests at Barnard Castle, the contempt with which the British state treats the public, and the exceptionalism of a British elite which has failed at the most basic and fundamental duty of any government – the duty to keep its citizens safe.

It’s all a very far cry from the confident predictions of British nationalist apologists in Scotland as the coronavirus crisis began that the epidemic would signal the end of the independence movement and their arrogant belief that Scotland would realise that it couldn’t cope alone in the big bad world. Instead the opposite has happened. It’s made people in Scotland realise that we’re being dragged down by the dead weight of British arrogance and exceptionalism. A dead weight which is literally killing people.

The recent opinion poll commissioned by Scot Goes Pop has found that a large majority of voters in Scotland – 59% – believe that the mishandling of the coronavirus epidemic by the British Government makes Scotland less safe. A similar percentage are now more confident that an independent Scotland would be well-governed.

The next independence referendum campaign is going to talk a lot about the failures of the British state. It’s going to talk a lot about how the British state fails Scotland, about how it endangers us and damages our opportunities. It’s going to talk a lot about the dangers of British nationalism.  The breezily confident sense of British superiority that once drove British nationalism in Scotland has been blown away by the British state itself. Few people in Scotland believe in British exceptionalism any more.

And finally, because we could all do with a laugh during these difficult times …

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49 thoughts on “The death of British exceptionalism

  1. …the second campaign … will also focus on the risks to Scotland that come from being a part of the UK. It will be a campaign which will not be content to accept the framing of our opponents.

    Oh amen to that. Next time round – and may it be soon! – put the exceptionalists on the back foot.

    An outstanding article in a long series of great posts, Paul.

  2. Really don’t think there will be a referendum, Paul. Independence from what? You assume the Westminster will still be functioning by the end of this year? Unfortunately the die is already cast. It really should be about humanity -v- coronavirus, nothing else – but it’s not: it’s us and them.

    What should have united everyone has exposed and widened the division.

    Scotland will have its independence – not through any political and social movement – but simply because it will have enough people left who can be self sufficient in the years ahead from the wealth of natural resources this land offers. The standard of life will be very much different to what we have known in our times – and much will depend on how quickly we disengage and isolate the country and its people from our land neighbour and quarantine international visitors.

    The UK faces complete socio-economic collapse unless regional autonomy is preserved with strict control of movement and goods. Events are moving far too quickly to secure a planned, legislative response – these measures should have been considered months ago.

    But Scotland still has a lifeboat. I respectfully suggest that it should be launched without delay.

    • There was a very peaceful protest on Lytham Green this afternoon with mostly young folk – a few thousand. Some very impassioned speeches – but on the local social media, there is more unpleasant overtones. Remember Lytham derives much of its wealth from BAE Systems who provide the munitions and aircraft for the Yemeni genocide.

      This unpleasant little ditty just appeared on the Lytham Facebook page… it is why England will fall.

      I won’t kneel with the masses,
      I won’t be told my fate,
      By people who hijack tragedy,
      To perpetuate their hate.

      Don’t you shout Black Lives Matter,
      Whilst running through the streets,
      When your people are burning Foot Locker,
      Stealing Nikes for their feet.

      Don’t dance on The Cenotaph,
      Like it’s Carnival or Mardi Gras,
      That sacred granite edifice,
      Marks people who died in war.

      How dare you besiege Number 10,
      This isn’t even our fight,
      If you want to go and protest,
      Get a 4,000 mile flight.

      Social distancing flouted,
      Police punched in the face,
      Missiles hurled at Downing Street.,
      This isn’t about race.

      It’s rent-a-mob and anarchists,
      Versus police led by lambs,
      They just stand there and take it,
      Lefty Cressida tied their hands.

      Meanwhile America’s burning,
      It’s a tragedy we all agree,
      That George Floyd lost his life,
      For all the world to see.

      Justice must take its course,
      The cop has lost his job,
      Now he faces twelve good and true,
      Not a braying mob.

      So Monday I won’t be kneeling,
      I won’t even bow my head,
      Because someone I don’t even know,
      Has wound up dead.

      An armed robber and a felon,
      In and out of jail,
      As a model citizen,
      He was a total fail.

      I’ll weep for whom I choose to,
      I’ll say where and when,
      Not because a lifelong offender,
      Bought it in the end.

      I don’t condone the officers,
      They rightly face the wrath,
      But ask me to kneel for a criminal?
      Don’t make me laugh.

      You can keep your lefty rhetoric,
      Your dismantling of our state,
      It’s BLM not Middle England,
      That’s peddling the hate.

    • Thank you Mark for that last little ditty, left me a tad shocked I confess, BE blamestorming for the 21st century, english exceptionalism gone mad..
      Not having experienced the real England for decades I’d assumed recent rhetoric to be directed to a ex-NF minority or Faragistas, plenty of flags and jingo butnd dismissed generally as a bunch of lunatics.
      This exceptionalism seems to have been addressing a much wider and presumably more receptive audience than I’d previously given credit, and at least sufficient to feature in the press without arrival of a mass of 4 by 2s with sheer numbers of attached bodies to correct the idiocies.
      It certainly underlines your first point well, but I wonder if those manipulating it or those manipulated spared a thought to repeating Weimar ? Or do the majority in southern England frankly not give a damn any more for the rest of England let alone Scotland, Wales, or Ireland?
      Mosley will have stopped spinning by now, sitting up and paying attention….
      It’s not lifeboats Scotland needs, it’s Trump’s wall contractors…

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  4. Here is the Covid 19 results for England V South Korea.
    S Korea Pop 51M Deaths 273
    England Pop 55M Deaths 40,000+
    So you can clearly see why BoJo told us to STOP comparing results in different countries. Also S Korea DID NOT LOCK DOWN. They did not need to and will suffer few if any economic costs of this pandemic.
    Are you not proud – just like BoJo – of the Conservatives handling of this pandemic?

    • Noticeable on the Biased BBC news tonight that when the headline figure of “400,000 coronavirus deaths worldwide” was on screen, the comment from the newsreader was “And 25% of these are in the US”

      Aye, and at least 10% of them are in the UK but that wasn’t mentioned

      Population of the US 328.2 million
      Population of UK 66.65 million

      But hey, they tore down a statue in Bristol 🙄

  5. Last referendum we had ”love bombing” from down south , next time they will drop the ”love” and just bomb us ! Scotland is too valuable to lose – pity about the bloody people who inhabit it .

    We have one newspaper in favour ( nominally ) of independence ,
    a phalanx of dead sea scrolls writing sh*te daily about us ,
    a BBC Scotlandshire that bleeds unionism ,
    a host of ‘I’m a proud Scot but ‘ celebs eternally dissing us ,
    a Westminster Government ( in name only ) which undermines us at every opportunity ,
    a Scottish Office filled with the dross from the Tory backwaters spending a fortune on spin

    ……and yet , with Boris Johnson’s Fifth Column working assiduously day after day they have contrived to increase the demand for Independence .

    British exceptionalism , snatching defeat from the jaws of victory !
    Scottish Independence – another great defeat for the English State to celebrate in the future along with : losing an empire , Dunkirk , Suez , Brexit and Covid-19 .

    • James, they have already threatened to bomb us: from the heady days of Project Fear One reported on the 13 March 2012, in the Herald Britland:-

      “Lord Fraser of Carmyllie also warned that SNP policies removing nuclear forces from Scottish bases and reducing Scotland’s navy “essentially” to fishery protection vessels could make Scotland a war zone. He said a country with a few fishery protection vessels was “asking to be invaded”.
      He envisaged the English Airforce bombing Scotland’s airfields.

      Just about the same time when Lord Darling of Flipper was lying to Jackie Bird on Distorting Scotland unchallenged that Alec Salmond was over estimating Scotland’s oil resources ‘tenfold’, and that there would be a ten year queue to get back into the EU, member of which could only be guaranteed if we voted No and let England continue to steal all our money and resources. Darling, the Firebrand Socialist got his reward for betraying Scotland. He is now Lord Darling of Flipper. Does he live in the multi million pound pad we bought for him in London or in his second home in Edinburgh these days?
      Where is he self isolating?
      We need ‘clarity’.
      We have learned much from project Fear One. We shall be merciless this time.
      I watched NS Daily Briefing today I can only assume that the Sun gave the Tea Lady the spot at Hacks Questions. Rail projects will not be ‘in the bin’, the FM assured, repeating the rough diamond hackess’ phraseology back at her.
      A whole series of bitchy bad tempered questions from the assembled Hackery.
      At last, Sturgeon broke ranks, and called out the Blue Tories for what they are:- ‘shameless’.

      No recorded deaths for the second day in a row, recorded cases down to 18 overnight. Peter McMahon Border TV wants self catering opened up. Just think of all that business from ‘staycation’ punters from the NW of England where the R rate is 1.1 and rising.
      Close the Border Nicola.

      And to the several hacks who cited easements in England and N Ireland, why not here?
      Feck off to England.
      The bad tempered mood permeating the Fourth Estate Fifth Column faced with today’s encouraging news tells us all we need to know about Muckrakers Inc.
      They are actually goading the FM to ease lockdown restricctions early so that shielded citizens die, so that they can then blame NS and the BadEssEnnPee for jumping too soo.
      Are they really psychopaths?

      If there is a god, give Ruth Davidson the lead role in Better Together II.

  6. Brilliantly written and something that should be shouted from the rooftops. Being in a Union with England means the exact opposite of what they claim. It offers no protection when the people put in charge of running the UK are so useless and ideologically driven that they will put accountancy firms in charge of testing for Covid-19.

    Instead of using local authority public health officials to track and trace the contacts of those infected with the virus they have given a contract to Serco to run a call centre. They are deranged but cannot bring themselves to believe that public services might do the job better than private companies.

    Today I read a link from the Times posted on the last thread by Legerwood, it is astonishing. Without any scrutiny, the useless Westminster government have awarded a £108 million contract to a pest control company with 16 employees to procure PPE for the NHS in England. This company have NO experience at all in the procurement of PPE.

    The government at Westminster are insane and the civil service appears to have downed tools and all gone on sick leave, no bloody wonder. Next time, that’s where we focus our discussions, their uselessness versus Scotland running our own affairs. No more Eton toffs opening food banks with a smirk on their face, let’s be shot of the lot of them.

    • Nice one Wullie ; it’s a good allegory especially at this time and fits in with what the great Frantz Fanon, the revolutionary, said. “When we revolt it’s not for a particular culture. We revolt simply because for many reasons, we can no longer breathe.”

  7. I heard one Tony Blair being interviewed yesterday on his master plan for saving us from corona virus and today on his master plan for saving the global economy. Somebody remind me of how his master plan for saving the middle east turned out? There’s no doubt the Brits have strength in depth. To solicit the help of a mass murderer in a pandemic is truly exceptional. The Brit leaders (ha, ha, ha) are like a coop of headless, chlorinated chickens. Keep running lads (they’re all lads). I know it’s deadly serious but I can’t help enjoying their stupidity (gallows humour I suppose). It reminds me of the old Laurel and Hardy films.

    Meanwhile, I enjoyed Jeane Freeman today telling the fake journalists that their talk of cover-ups is “nonsense”. It was like watching a normal mum putting a bunch of spoiled kids in their place. No doubt they’ll be back greetin again tomorrow.

    Plenty time for more Scots to throw off the cringe, like it was a wet, scratchy blanket that’s been smothering them rather than keeping them warm and protected all their lives. This pandemic will have been the catalyst for a steep learning curve for some. It is best that we try to be patient and resolute and support our growing team of Amazon’s to show the Scots how the new normal can usher in a brand new sense of reality.

    It is very sad that some poor sods have been so beaten that they needed a catastrophe and thousands of premature deaths to enlighten them but such is life.

    It is even more sad that some will still huddle under that blanket, peekin oot in fear and wondering if the bully boy Brits will come after them if they dare to throw it off.

    We need to be ready when the time comes to reassure them, to confidently tell them that they will be safe, now that WE are the new normal.

    • Beautiful writing and sentiment. Love the ‘wet blanket’ metaphor. So accurate. Keep it coming Arthur.

  8. Another great article from Paul. The only factual missing is confirmation of the next indy referendum date.

    I presume something as simple as: should rUK fail to remove A before
    B on a specified date then this shall be treated as confirmation that vote C shall take place 30 days later on date D, should result in a new legal vote.

  9. Listened to the handcock being interviewed on LBC.
    Question,How many Black people in the cabinet.
    Answer, well there’s priti and then the chancer!!!!
    Interviewer says,they’re Asian the question is How Many Black people,no answer.
    He was then allowed to ramble on about the diversity of the doris governments and how bad these people were flaunting the RULES about social distancing.
    Interviewer NOT a word about Cummings flaunting to RULES.
    As you’re pointing out this is the standard of the media and politicians.
    Mark could be correct,englandland may not survive the year.
    What do the police expect, they dress up in aggressive gear and expect the protesters not to react to be attacked with batons,who started it ,I don’t know.

    • Priti Patel’s more exceptionalist than Hancock and thinks of herself as a much higher Caste than most
      People think it’s all about colour, it’s not

      • Not about colour, I think you’re correct.
        I’ve worked with many peoples of this planet.
        I can remember being astounded by an Asian who REFUSED to work with a Jamaican with the phrase ‘I’m not working with that B….. B……’, this is true.
        Opened my eyes and ears to attitudes.
        Indian nationals who would not work with other Indian nationals as they were of different castes.
        Scots are being given the same attitude by exceptional National englanders.

  10. great article, and the point about independence being normal is spot on. Over twenty years ago I heard Alex Salmond say, it would be worth having an independence referendum even if we lost it because it would make the idea of independence referendums possible and normal.

  11. Paul, I do enjoy reading your column every day from here in the antipodes. I do however believe that at times your writing tends to be esoteric; not a complaint, only a comment.

    • Donald, most online blogs have a considerable element of dogwhistling, preaching to the converted, anorak stats and polls. It’s the nature of the beast.
      We quite literally no other source of rael news in Scotland.
      If you can, tune in to any of Nicola sturgeon’s Daily Covid Update and listen as 20 or so tired old Brit Nat Hacks churn out the same drivel in the form of questions…EssEnnPee Bad is the theme, and what they are paid for.
      Destroy Scotland…the Fourth Estate Fifth Column.
      We have no recourse but to lampoon these idiot mercenaries at every turn.
      But if Paul comes across as esoteric it is in a good way.

      I heard a rumour that the English Government is to means test state pensions.
      Any truth in that?
      See what I did there?

      • Thanks for the reply Jack, I do fully understand that which you state, I was however only commenting on Paul’s use at times of words that are of a specialized nature, esoteric if you prefer. It is just my learned judgement that using a simpler written style would be more beneficial to those whom do not possess knowledge of Latin or a degree in English. That said, of all the blogs I read, this one is the most enlightening to me and remember “Calamus gladio fortior”.

  12. The flipside of independence was always what the reality that remaining in a UK that has a proven track record of relentless economic decline would mean, with all the negative real world consequences to the majority of people in Scotland that that would cause. The UK economy has been in decline for decades and yet the UK still maintains it’s refusal to modernise in so many economic & societal areas (eg voting at Westminster).

    The UK’s economic track record is it’s biggest weakness and why it hasn’t been highlighted as such as much as possible has been a huge mistake. Playing too nicely perhaps?

    The certain realities of remaining part of the a declining UK outweigh any possible risks that independence poses.

    The best way to see how the UK has fared is to compare it against it’s neighbours over decades. This site allows you to do that. Change the countries to Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden. Norway is off the scale when included. Then look at some key factors – GDP per Capita PPP, Productivity, Capital investment % GDP, Current Account % GDP, R&D % GDP, Health Spend per Capita, Gini Income Inequality Index being just some examples. The common factor is that the UK is always the worst. Every. Single. Year.

    Looking only at the UK, but split into Scotland, England, Wales & Northern Ireland, the international trade figures also show that Scotland has by far the healthiest international trade balance and one that has been growing more so very fast. England has by far the worst trade figures.

    It’s time to burst the delusions of too many people who still think that maybe the UK is a safer bet than independence. The UK economic past has been pathetic compared with our neighbours. Now it seems that the UK wants to turbo charge the decline using Brexit. Without independence the gap between the UK and our neighbours will shortly get much worse.

    As far as the Public Sector goes, GERS also needs to be irrefufably exposed for the way in which the UK has deliberately and falsely distorted reality to sow negative concerns about Scotland’s ‘deficit’.

  13. What will it take? Bristol had its Saddam Moment yesterday when protesters tore down a statue of a slave owner and rolled it into the waters which once were packed with slave ships and English Imperial booty.
    The ‘Bristol Tea Party’ if you like.
    I searched in vain this morning for a battery of online headlines announcing that at last, Scotland recorded no overnight Covid Deaths.
    Such is the hatred of any goods news seeping out into the general public, the hacks of the Dead Tree Scrolls, and BBC Scotland last night reprising Brewer’s Sunday Shout at Freeman, ran with the 900 deaths in hospital hoary old chestnut.

    Nothing to see here..move on.
    It is all Jeane Freeman’s fault you see.

    It’s a pity that they can’t get Nike to negotiate a contract with the Mighty Ranjers….the possibilities would be endless.

    BBC Scotland even featured Monica Lennon, yes, I know that you Duggers haven’t a clue who she is, she’s a bench filler List Labour MSP, a veteran of the Gravy Trian since 2016, who demanded that the ‘SNP should not be allowed to ‘mark their own homework’.
    Testament that this Nobody has never had an original thought in her life.
    She quotes from the Karl Marx Book of Cliches.

    I am at the end of my tether.

    It’s time for the SNP and Greens to begin campaigning for Independence right now.

    Do we need to topple the Chooka Wellington statue in Exchange Square and dump it in to the Clyde before the SNP will sit up and listen?

    There are at least 2 million Scots ready now. Belay that; we are champing at the bit.

    Are we to wait until January 2021 when England force us out of Europe before the SNP move?

    By September, given a fair wind we might be heading back towards ‘normal’.
    Well, normal, is no longer acceptable.

    That’s about eight weeks away.
    It is time to act now.

    Boris couldn’t even make an appearance as England rioted.
    Off to weed the back garden.
    The rising tide of rage is at hand. All lives matter.

  14. For starters, I have it on good authority from a Better Together insider that the state pension will be means tested as part of the Red Blue and Yellow Austerity Package to be introduced by the English Chancellor this autumn.
    All those retired teachers, doctors, nurses, civil servants, Local authority clerks, and others with a works or private pension supplementing the third lowest state pension in Europe, will have their pension ‘means tested’ with the majority losing most if not all of the state element of their retirement income.

    Pensioners will pay with their lives and /or income to beat the virus, while Rees Mogg makes billions.
    Send a flyer to every scots pensioner household now!

    • The National has my permission to headline with a cut and paste of the above ‘insider’ quote in tomorrow’s edition.
      Thousands of Scots Pensioners to lose out as ‘the state pension will be means tested as part of the Chancellor’s Austerity package’.
      Richard Leonard, Jackson Carlaw and Willie Rennie were not available for comment.

      Well, why not?

      That’s what the Brit Nat Hacks have been doing for decades now.
      Lie to Scotland.
      Perhaps I shouldn’t have planted the seed in the bar stewards’ head.

  15. British exceptionalism was always a feeble collection of nicknacks. An airfix spitfire, tea towels with the wee queens face on them. Chintz china. A picture of Bobby Moore holding the world cup. Twiggy with her Mini Cooper. A nostalgic collection for yesteryear. Old British blues. People so obsessed with the past they can’t see the present, even less the future, for what it is. Those of us here can look at the UK in the light of the present,and the brexit future. We can see how bad and broken it is. It is beyond repairing. Who is to blame is not the issue. The issue is that it no longer serves Scotland. Scotland can no longer afford to prop up English parties in Westminster & hope for the best. Britishness is a cheap gold painted fake. A collective pro-noun that pretends to be a nation while denying it ever was. Britishness is Chicken Tikka Masala – a fake confection pretending to be exotic. Scotland has paid too much for this dubious nostalgic stick of rock. We need to get this “better together” nonsense in the bin, open the windows and get the smell of unionist stupidity out of the seats.

  16. Meanwhile In NZ a small country on the edge of world, very similar population to Scotland, with total control over their affairs, go to level one tomorrow.

    Closed the borders quickly and killed the virus stone dead….

    Quick decision making and making decisions for their people….what a difference to Scotland, following a clown and a circus in London.

    Scotland needs to switch off the bbc, put the daily news papers down and take a look at what a small independent country can do, with a positive attitude, self belief and willingness to work with friends, but not abused by them.

    Go on Scotland take your place in the world, stop suffering by the hands of a bully and abuser. The British state will never let you go willingly ,you have to take your freedom. the British know nothing but lies and deceit, show them that truth and liberty are values of true patriots.

  17. It has probably occurred to everyone here.
    But obviously not to LBJ and the rest of the gang.
    That all their fleg waving and nostalgia diving is a double edged sword.
    It is now the 9th of June 2020 without the restrictions of the current pandemic, three days ago there would have been memorial events with waving flags to commemorate D Day and the Normandy landings.

    Do not misunderstand I will always be grateful for what was done on my behalf by my parents and grandparents generations.
    Nor will I ever forget the sacrifices that were made, or the privations endured to achieve the freedoms I enjoy.
    A debt that can never be satisfied.

    However the continued politicisation of these events and memories really makes me sick to my stomach.

    So let’s take look at LBJ and the gang with a few comparisons.
    LBJ enjoys (sic.) comparing himself with Churchill so let’s look at the figures for each leadership during their historic moments.

    Churchill LBJ

    D Day casualties Covid19 Deaths (tory figure)
    20,000(estimate) 40,542

    Total Civilian Deaths (WW2) Accepted Covid Death Rate
    67,200 62,000+

    All WW2 UK Deaths Estimated Deaths
    (Military and Civilian) from Herd Immunity
    450,900 500,000+

    Now when LBJ thinks on this, one would suppose his chest puffs up a bit with pride for the “great job” him and the gang have done.
    Possibly it reminds him of his Bullingdon Club days when the elite caused destruction and mayhem to the plebs lives, paid cash and walked away without a worry or care.
    He may even think he has bested his hero when he looks at the figures.

    But any sane person will look at this comparison with horror.

    Well shortly LBJ and the gang will have removed us from Europe. A feat which no doubt in LBJ’s mind will be akin to Dunkirk.
    With quite possibly some oblique references, and a stirring of the exceptionalism pot along the way.
    Whilst wrapping themselves in a union fleg.

    Well this time around the retreat cannot be covered by the Jocks.
    We must not be the wastemonsters cannon fodder again.

    We must move while we still can, for I fear that if we wait for the 2021 Holyrood election. We will be too late.

    The question which has come to occupy more and more of my thoughts.

    Will Holyrood still exist come the May 2021 still demands an answer that I do not have.

  18. I hate Computers this

    Churchill LBJ

    D Day casualties Covid19 Deaths (tory figure)
    20,000(estimate) 40,542

    Total Civilian Deaths (WW2) Accepted Covid Death Rate
    67,200 62,000+

    All WW2 UK Deaths Estimated Deaths
    (Military and Civilian) from Herd Immunity
    450,900 500,000+

    Should have been a nice table so here’s a quick fix


    D Day casualties

    Total Civilian Deaths (WW2)

    All WW2 UK Deaths
    (Military and Civilian)


    Covid19 Deaths (tory figure)

    Accepted Covid Death Rate

    Estimated Deaths
    from Herd Immunity

    A’ll get ma coat, sorry for the stuff up.

  19. Is it Scotland the brave or Scotland the slave. Are Scottish unionists modern day slavers selling us out to England.I doubt any slave ever knew how much wealth they produced for the master, kinda like most Scots have no idea how fabulously wealth Scotland is.

  20. Nicola Sturgeon has just ripped right into the Scottish Tories in the press briefing over a press release from them this morning calling for the Jeanne Freeman to stand down as Health Secretary.

    She was raging, I can’t make up my mind whether this will make the news or not. It was a roasting 🙂

  21. I recall a movement about ten years ago to ‘tear down’ the Imperial Statues in George Square that seemed to have petered out inexplicably.
    Empress Victoria. Prince Albert Robert Peel William Gladstone Sir Walter Scott Sir John Moore Lord Clyde Thomas Campbell Thomas Graham James Oswald and for good measure and balance James Watt and Robert Burns.
    Predominantly symbols of England’s Empire, the slave trad and the Tobacco Barons.
    George Square was named after George III, but no statue to him was erected because he lost his marbles, and to the annoyance of the Tobacco Barons, the American Colony. So mercifully, we were spared a statue of ‘The Mad King’.
    With the exception of perhaps Watt and Burns, and the Cenotaph, all those listed above were part of England’s rape of the world.
    I’ll spare you too long a read here but look up George the Fourth’s tartan visit to Edinburgh organised by Scott, the Waverley Novels, a Hanover Dynasty Man, or Peel’s persecution of Ireland during the Famine.
    The symbol of Scotland’s suppression, some of it by our own Elite Branch of the Brit Iron Heel Oligarchy, cast in 17th and 18th Century in bronze and marble still standing in the Mad King’s Square. Statues to men who butchered and plundered their way to vast fortunes and lands.
    Time this lot were torn down and sold for scrap.

  22. I heard it Alex and I noticed that the hacks didn’t follow it up. Her response was rounded rather than open ended, which I liked. Her statement that the mock jock Tories would be ashamed if they had the capacity to feel shame was right on the button.

    Like you I will be interested to see if and how it is reported. I will also be interested to see whether the tories’ little helpers come to their aid. Surely all Brits should stick together. No?

  23. I was pleased to see that statue come crashing down in Bristol.

    Like you, Jack, I would like to see Scotland rid itself of the memorials to scum from the past. We could maybe use the metal to commission pieces of art to replace them. Give our artists some work.

    • Arthur, this from Wiki on Lord Clyde:

      “Field Marshal Colin Campbell, 1st Baron Clyde, GCB, KCSI (20 October 1792 – 14 August 1863), was a British Army officer. After serving in the Peninsular War and the War of 1812, he commanded the 98th Regiment of Foot during the First Opium War and then commanded a brigade during the Second Anglo-Sikh War. He went on to command the Highland Brigade at the Battle of Alma and with his “thin red line of Highlanders” he repulsed the Russian attack on Balaclava during the Crimean War. At an early stage of the Indian Mutiny, he became Commander-in-Chief, India and, in that role, he relieved and then evacuated Lucknow and, after attacking and decisively defeating Tatya Tope at the Second Battle of Cawnpore, captured Lucknow again. Whilst still commander-in-chief he dealt with the “White Mutiny” among East India Company troops, and organised the army sent east in the Second Opium War. ”

      I feel so proud of our glorious past, don’t you?

  24. A true Brit, Jack. Kill, kill and kill again, all in the name of King and country.

    Not my King and not my country.

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