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It’s that time of year again. I wasn’t sure whether to launch this year’s annual crowdfunder given the difficult situation we’re all in, but have decided to go ahead. The laptop on which I write the blog is dying, the car which I use to travel to public indy events (once lockdown is over) is in need of servicing and repairs, and Ginger the dug is now getting on a bit and needs (expensive) daily medication from the vet to control his arthritis. Life, and expenses, go on regardless.

Help me to raise £10,000 to allow the Wee Ginger Dug blog to continue for another year, and so that the dug and I can continue our campaigning work – and to keep visiting and supporting grass roots organisations across the length and breadth of Scotland once lockdown is over.

The Wee Ginger Dug is one of Scotland’s best known pro-independence blogs, but content creation doesn’t come out of thin air. Bloggers have to eat. They have to read newspapers and watch the TV news, so you don’t have to. They have to think of smart arsed things to say. They have to reach down into their souls and bare their feelings. At least, this one does. All of that can only be done if you have the security of knowing that you’ll be able to pay your bills and keep food on the table.

Help me to keep the blog going for another year. I’m hoping to raise £10,000 which will enable me to support myself for the next twelve months, an amount which works out at less than the minimum wage. This money will allow me to continue to blog, when lockdown is over to go and give talks in support of local groups all over Scotland, and to once again appear at pro-independence events and to support other pro-independence initiatives.

I hope you agree that the Wee Ginger Dug blog delivers good value for the support you give. Almost every day there’s a 1000 word essay and a shareable graphic, and additionally there’s a weekly podcast. This blog produces more content than any other comparable blog in Scotland. You may not always agree with me, but I try to keep this fractious movement of ours together, and to keep focussed on making the arguments for independence. This is a task which will be all the more crucial over the next year as Scotland becomes a country where majority support in opinion polls for independence becomes the new normal and we start campaigning for the next Scottish elections – elections which will be a vitally important stepping stone towards independence.

I’m very grateful to have so many loyal and regular readers, this blog would not be possible without you. Please help me to keep it going and keep the Dug’s tour of Scotland going too once that becomes possible again. All support however small is gratefully received. Heartfelt thanks from me, and from the dug.

You can donate at the following link https://www.gofundme.com/f/wee-ginger-crowdfunder

You can also support this crowdfunder with a Paypal donation. Please log into Paypal.com and send a payment to the email address weegingerbook@yahoo.com. Or click the donate button button below and enter the amount you wish to donate. If you don’t have a Paypal account, just select “donate with card” after clicking the button.
Donate Button

Or alternatively if you would prefer to donate some other way, please contact me at weegingerbook@yahoo.com for details.

36 thoughts on “Wee Ginger Crowdfunder 2020

  1. Sent over a wee donation it’s not much but hope you get enough from others to help support the Blog. Invaluable information!

    Thanks for all your hard word. It will be worth it once the ballot box takes us to our Independence.

    All the best

    Eileen Frater Prancing Jack Productions Limited http://www.prancingjack.com

  2. Just donated Paul. I have a feeling it won’t take you long to raise the required amount. Just to let you know, after I had completed the transaction, I got an error message to say there had been a problem, please try later. I checked my bank and the money had gone out, and there was a receipt in my email in box. Who knows? Just to let you know though. Good luck and keep on fighting the good fight, we need your voice now, probably more than ever.

  3. Happy to donate Paul. I have sympathy with the dug, this arthritis as you get older is no funny. More power to your elbow, you help to keep me sane at times among all the madness just now.

    • He’s a right bugger to get the medication into. He’s on anti-inflammatories, painkillers, and a joint supplement. The good news however is that apart from getting a bit stiff he’s in extremely good health for a dog his age.

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  5. Just Donated Paul.. Your Blog is the first place I come to when I boot up the computer, and as Eileen say above – you provide us with so much Invaluable information!.. The humour in your writing gives me many a laugh too. Keep it up…And stay safe the Three of you.

  6. Will do so when the pension lands tomorrow or Wednesday, and chalk boarded a reminder…
    Worth every penny even before considering a worn-out dug and car to fund…
    You’ll crash your target in no time, all the best…

  7. Worth every penny Paul. Hopefully won’t take you long to get what you need. Thanks for everything you do. Xxx

  8. Paul….a visit to the Bank and the $ will be in the mail.
    You know I don’t use the Pay pal thingy!

    I hope the meds help the Dug

    Hugs and love

  9. I used to visit a number of IndyBlogs several times each day from 2014 onwards, but sad to say WGD is about the only one I look in on regularly throughout the day now. You keep us positive, laughing and sane! Thank you. Donation on the way. Keep up the good work and give the dog a pat from me and my wee one and regards to your other half.

  10. Donation made. Thanks for slaving away at the blog, Paul. It has been a real lifesaver during these tedious lockdown days.

  11. Sorry to hear about Ginger’s arthritis Paul. My old collie is 14 and has arthritis but like your dug is on anti-inflamatories and supplements and the cost is quite high. He seems to be painfree, he’s certainly stiff but breaks into a trot when in the park for his walk and barks a lot, which I hope is a sign of enthusiasm. Hopefully Ginger will continue to enjoy life for a good while yet. I donate regularly to the blog, which keeps me sane like no other, but I’ve sent a wee extra contribution to fund the Yumove pills. I mash them in a pestle and mortar and sprinkle on his food, but I daresay you’ve tried that!

  12. I know how costly it is to look after a senior dug with K9 medication Paul. I have to keep ma wee beagle Maddy in K9 chemotherapy drugs every month….it worth the cost.

  13. Worth every penny Paul and thank you for your efforts. Much appreciated.

    Vet fees can be high right enough even for cats especially when they have a long term problem. I was lucky to see and pet Ginger when you came to Dunning sometime ago. He has a lovely face.

  14. Thank you for everything you do and for all your wise and often incisive and side-splittingly funny words. Happy to donate to keep the show on the road. Good luck!

  15. Happy to have donated from here in Extremadura. I think your blog is very down to earth, it’s like listening to a good friend. All the best with Ginger and his arthritis. One of our dogs is almost 18 years old and suffers from arthritis and dementia. The vets here are very reasonably priced luckily and really good.

  16. ”I hope you agree that the Wee Ginger Dug blog delivers good value for the support you give.”

    That just goes without saying. You’ve been working your backside off for us continually for years now and are one of a very few genuine key independence activists / bloggers left standing: So much so that I don’t know what we’d do without you.

    Donation made and I hope that it goes well beyond the measly £10,000 that you are asking for X

  17. Always great work , Paul – and sans the ego that is ruining a certain other popular blog which
    I used to support .
    Donation in the pipeline ( not the oil one , which simply feeds the Westminster treasury ! ).

  18. Thank you for all that you do. And for your perseverance in getting us ordinary folk energised. Happy to donate.

  19. Donated. Thanks so much for your thought provoking, superbly written blogs and all the laugh out loud moments they have given me.
    Humour with wit, grace and style.
    Keep up the good work.

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