British nationalism: the personality disorder of politics

There’s a lot of upset on social media today. The usual anti-independence suspects have worked themselves up in a froth of indignation that those vile and nasty cybernats are pointing to the British nationalists who went on the rampage in George Square on Sunday and saying, correctly, that they are one of the reasons why Scotland can only ever enjoy a secure democracy as an independent nation.

They’re even more outraged that some vile nats have the temerity to suggest that those who oppose independence might just be British nationalists themselves. But they’re most outraged of all that anyone might suggest that British nationalists like themselves, who of course are not nationalists at all because they’re British, should be called upon to condemn the violence of their far right extremist associates in British nationalism.

For all the attempts of the media to describe Sunday’s events as ‘clashes’, or being down to ‘Loyalists’, or some other weasel words designed to distance British nationalism from violence and extremism, that’s exactly what today’s rioters were. They were British nationalist fascists, rioting in defence of their British exceptionalism. And we should not hesitate to call them out for being exactly what they are. British nationalists indulging themselves in a violent celebration of their own exceptionalism. And any British nationalist, however mainstream, however peaceable, who indulges themselves in the same exceptionalism is a part of the exact same problem.

Imagine that it hadn’t been a British nationalist mob which was running on a violent rampage in George Square today. Imagine instead that it had been a bunch of independence supporters, violently attacking the police and passers by in a misguided attempt to promote the cause. There would be an outcry from the Scottish media and from those self-same British nationalists on social media who are currently clutching their pearls in outrage that anyone might demand that they acknowledge and reject the violence and intolerance that their own movement harbours.  It would dominate the newspaper headlines for weeks.  Nicola Sturgeon would be called upon to resign.  There would be an hour long special on BBC Scotland about the violence and evil that defines the entire movement for independence. But when it’s British nationalists who do it, the reaction of the British nationalist establishment in Scotland is to shuffle their feet, look away, and to claim that it’s got nothing to do with them.

We have seen paroxysms of outrage from British nationalists for far less. When someone threw an egg at Jim Murphy it was treated as a violent attack that spoke of some dark and devilish malignity that lurked at the very soul of the independence movement.

When that same Jim Murphy deliberately walked into a placard waved by Scottish Resistance members in St Enoch Square, it was described as chaos in Glasgow city centre by BBC Scotland.

When the BBC journalist Andrew Marr claimed, without presenting any evidence, that ‘everyone knew’ that anti-English racism was one of the prime motivators for the desire for independence, we got a special programme on BBC Scotland to examine the dark heart of the indy movement.

When a few people decided it was a good idea to bring a banner saying “Tory scum out” to an All Under One Banner rally, Nicola Sturgeon was called upon to condemn, and newspaper columnists penned anguished inches about the intolerance that defines the independence movement.

When Sean Clerkin and a couple of his pals stood outside the SNP conference with a banner saying “England, get out of Scotland” it was widely condemned by British nationalists on social media as an example of the anti-English racism that they claim defines the yes movement. Again, mainstream Scottish independence supporters were called upon to condemn, reject, and disassociate themselves from him.

What mainstream British nationalists in Scotland insist on is that they are not to be held to the same standards which they demand that mainstream independence supporters are held to. There is a very blatant double standard at play. We’ve seen it time and time again. We see it in how the bad behaviour of online supporters of independence is built up in the media and characterised as a property of the independence movement as a whole. Yet equivalent behaviour by British nationalists is brushed under the carpet and marginalised as the bad behaviour of an unrepresentative minority.  By insisting on the benefit of that double standard, mainstream British nationalists in Scotland are guilty of that same British exceptionalism which motivates their right wing extreme to commit acts of violence.

British exceptionalism is not confined to the far right, it’s an ugly cancer that runs all the way through mainstream opposition to independence in Scotland. It’s British exceptionalism which has brought us Brexit. It’s British exceptionalism which has created the chaotic response of the British Government to the coronavirus epidemic. It’s British exceptionalism which allows opponents of independence to traduce all the promises and commitments that they made to the people of Scotland in 2014 in order to persuade them to vote No, and then to deny that they’ve done any such thing.

Still, I am sure that we can look forward to a special programme on BBC Scotland examining the darkness and exceptionalism that courses through the veins of British nationalism in Scotland, whether it’s mainstream British nationalism, or that of the right wing fascist extreme which was committing acts of violence in Glasgow. Oh, wait. Righto.

Instead there will be another attack on the Scottish Government about care homes, or education, or anything, anything, to divert public attention from the ugly truth about British nationalism. That it is defined by its exceptionalism, its unshakeable belief that it must not be judged by the same standards that it insists on using to judge others. In that key and defining respect, there is no difference between the preening sense of superiority of those on social media who insist that their support of the British state is not remotely nationalist at all, and the thugs who claim to be Loyalists, but who are not loyal to the law. Both of them are imbued to their core by their intense sense of exceptionalism and their belief that they must never be judged by the standards that they use to condemn others. British nationalism is the problem. It’s the personality disorder of politics.

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54 thoughts on “British nationalism: the personality disorder of politics

  1. The dissembling MSM continue to wound civic Scotland. The Colonel( stirrer in chief )and Carcrash hide. Even Murdo Fraser perpetual lister known for promoting sectarianism with his Queen’s Eleven pish is rendered temporarily speechless.
    Over in the Labour branch office Richard ( I forget his surname ) hasn’t a clue what’s going on.
    The Libdems,committed to the Union come what may daren’t condemn.

  2. Ace, Paul.
    Hearteningly there were only a few dozens.
    Clearly the message went out: don’t wear the colours.
    Dressed in black like urban freedom fighters. So UDA yesterday

    Seriously, to what depths of depravity and lies have our MSM been reduced?

  3. But weearrapeepel and it’s yous aye yous that are at fault for trying to break up oor country and we’ll kill you for it, as they wave the Union flag screeching God save the Queen

    These are the refusniks of the lockdown rules, the medical advice, the measured tone of the First Minister asking them for their help in a time of deadly pandemic to prevent the spread of a virus that could kill themselves their parents their grandparents, but they don’t care because they say this is their country and they’ll take their advice from the most incompetent leader in the western world Boris Johnson who lives in another country and names them vermin

    But when their leader in another country names them vermin he doesn’t mean them of course because Boris Johnson makes it perfectly clear that they’re the good guys when he calls all Scots vermin, well that’s what the British Loyalist Nationalist hears in his deluded muddled head, and he’s sure of it

    The British Loyalist Nationalist is the bigot, the sectarianist, the racist, but it’s not him that’s at fault as he plans his next assault on a town square where their isn’t anybody opposing him except Police Scotland and if the Polis don’t like it then they’re Sturgeons puppets, if the law bangs them up Sturgeon has the law in her pocket, if the BBC don’t side with them then Sturgeon’s got them controlled as well

    If the British Nationalist loyalists had guns they’d kill us just like they do in America, but here in Scotland we’re fortunate because we don’t have guns and the British Loyalist Nationalists are basically cowards like all of their breed, they do a lot of running around making very much threateny noises until Police Scotland surround them then the protestations of children are heard “It’s oor country no their’s” whine

    Then after all that the British Nationalist Loyalists scream that Independence supporters are all Nazis, and we’re not even there to teach them how to spell the word irony, and they should be able to spell it, it’s five letters and fits right on to the knuckles of one hand

    The Independence movement can put 100.000 people on the street walking along with not a cross word with our children parents dogs and even cats, wheelchairs, folk with walking sticks, old and young without so much as a cop ever raising his/her voice, but we aren’t rapeepel

    Oh really?

    • Absolutely! It IS because of the WATP numptie’s leader being in another country that gives then carte blanche to absolve themselves of all responsibilities for their actions, just like the hangers-on hiding behind the coat-tails of the class bully (indeed, it is appropriate to note that members of the Bullingdon club wear coat-tails as part of their uniform). As Nye Bevan quite correctly quoted that Tories “…are lower than vermin”, there is no place for those people in a progressive, independent Scotland.

  4. When you live in a (recent) colonial situation, then you must expect that ALL indigenous power structures bow to their masters. Press, police, TV et al.
    Of course, people aren’t daft, they can see and understand what is going on.
    It’s why, when all the media that operate in Scotland ( let us not pretend we have ANY Scottish media) are heavily slanted against the “Scottish interest”, Scots are still turning toward independence.

  5. Good argument. You could also look at how the concept of British Nationalism is firmly embedded in what is essentially Scottish Institutions. I recently studied at a Glasgow College. In order to receive Bursuary I had to check Nationality, the only option for someone from UK was British. No option for Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish / Irish. Thus I worked an extra shift each week.

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  7. If these ”Loyalists ” are really concerned with ‘protecting ‘ statues which commemorate great figures from our past then they should be organising a watch on Lobey Dosser in Woodlands Road , Glasgow .
    Bud Neill’s famous creation has been ”attacked” by some Rank Bajins in recent times and would benefit from some TLC from these self-proclaimed statue protectors .

  8. I hope that our FM stands up in parliament next week and demands that Carjack condems the actions of his storm troopers in Glasgow at the weekend.
    It’s time the unionists took responsibility for those who claim to act in the name of the union for the union.

  9. Apparently Police Scotland had to intervene to keep the two groups from *clashing* say the BBC

    except we never saw any footage whatsoever of the *other group*

  10. Ruth Davidson and her cohorts in the Labour Party gave credence to these Loyalist groups during Indy 1….

    Unionist Strategists choose a Scottish weak point to exploit ie sectarianism .

    They gave credence to these sectarian groups through bringing them into the campaign and encouraging their propaganda . They set up their stalls and distributed their hate filled leaflets.

    Maybe one day Ruth Davidson and Co will apologise for trying to destroy social cohesion in Scotland ……While at the same time repealing the rape clause.

    Big fat pigs will fly I know.

    • No, the Union Jacks and their NI pals were very firmly told to “shush” during IR1 so as not to alert ordinary folk to the real nature of the hardline opposition to indy. They reserved their efforts to campaign dark money laundering. It was only the night of the referendum result that they finally got off the leash. The media of course – to their shame – did their best to “equivalence” that bit of bother away.

      It was only really in 2017, when it looked like the indy movement was really getting somewhere, that Tank Commander and her party and media cohorts, in some desperation, deliberately took to the “Ulsterisation” ploy seriously. Which is indeed how we got to where we are now. They may be ducking and diving again with the connivance of the media now, as they do, but we know who let that particular genie out of the bottle.

  11. Is there no statues or a cenotaph in Larkhall they can ‘protect’ ? It would save the numpties the bus fare all the way into Glasgow and back.

    • If the cooncil get round to putting their daft wee “social distancing” signs on the pavements in Larkhall they better make sure they’re the right colour!

      • Blue and white leave out the red and that would confuse them or annoy them they wouldn’t know whether to complain to the cooncil or not

    • Can we cut out the comments about Larkhall. The entire town is not Orange Order affiliated. I know two people from there. One is a practising Catholic the other Protestant and has no time for Orange Order nor does her large extended family. They are mortally embarrassed and annoyed about their town being associated with the Orange crap. Both have lived there for many years. I think it was more likely most of the Brit Nat knuckledraggers who were in George Sq. at the weekend were from Glasgow area and I say that as a Weegie myself.

  12. It is hard to put a finger on the source of the insanity gripping humanity today, but I must agree with the Dug’s assessments.
    I often wonder what history will say in the coming centuries about us and these times, right now.
    Instead of playing The Wizard of Oz on mute and syncing to Dark Side of the Moon, I have been watching the entire boxed set of Monty Python muted, with the daily news and politicians speaking instead.
    If the carnage, pain, suffering and death just wasn’t right outside our windows….

    • It’s the internet Gregory. It’s the most amazing technology that is used for so much good but it also has the capability of being a platform and a tool for any overt or covert nutters and mendacious and influential shites the likes of Trump, Johnson, Cummings and their preferred media outlets. They have an audience of millions of suckers who swallow their lies and hateful divisive tropes whole. That is the source of the insanity we see all around us. Pandemic deniers, climate change deniers, flat earthers, bigots, racists, the tin foil hatted and now statue protectors, They’re all there armed with their Twitter accounts and David Ickes website on their list of favourites.

      The world’s education systems are not designed to educate people in this age. There needs to be a focus in education that arms our kids with the healthy scepticism and critical thinking that can guide them to the truth open their eyes and have the ability to question and cut through the dross.

      The world was not prepared for the internet. It has been incredibly beneficial but also incredibly destructive.

  13. Your mention of anti-English racism reminded me of the 3 years I lived in the south of England (not through choice believe me) where I had to make sure that changed all my banknotes before returning from a trip home to Scotland because it was always a faff to get our toy money accepted there.
    It was down there that I first heard us called ‘Jocks’, which was used in a similar way to ‘P*ki’, it certainly wasn’t a term of endearment. Its a word still used to describe us, and we use it ourselves (I don’t). Just another indication of how we have accepted being the lesser race to England. So its OK for them to be racist against us, and in fact that doesn’t even get a mention but we are supposed to just love the kind caring nation that they are.
    I know lots of nice English people btw, it’s the collective that’s the problem. However, it is worth noting that all the English people I know, who are living in Scotland, do not support independence. In fact, they really just don’t get it at all. They do not see us as a separate country.

    • I concur 100% Lulu Bells. My experience also. Lots of stories on this topic. You are correct most do not get it.

    • As an ex-english person, now a new Scot I am 100% in favour of independence as are the vast majority of ex-english that I know. Please don’t write us all off.

      • We don’t Graham. We are proud of you. Come and join us is an honest statement. However, the basic arithmetic between YES and NO means that I am extremely nervous about the numbers of older English people now living in Scotland and the fact that the 11 million or so pensioners in England can no longer go as easily to southern Europe to retire. Overwhelmingly they don’t join us. They come to live in another part of their country and to mop up on the difference in house prices. It doesn’t help us.

        • It’s not at all clear whether such people as you mention have the presumed inclination (if indeed they do) because of their origin or simply because they are older, with the known skewed statistical distribution of preference that this implies.

          OTOH, it may well be that there’s a new generation of younger English folk who are choosing to raise families here precisely because we are offering them the prospect of a new way forward that they cannot achieve at home.

          I would have thought that the latter form of inward migration was a very desirable development from our point of view. Scotland is currently significantly underpopulated, with an uncomfortably large proportion of older people. Too many good younger people still leaving.

      • There is an English Scots for YES group…I think I have the name right. As an adopted Scot, ( I like to think 🙂 ) and a staunch independence supporter, my only worry is that semi or non resident second homers in Scotland vote against my country being independent and escaping the damaging, destructive Britnat London rule.

        Seen no evidence of English folk for Scottish independence being ‘written off’. All are welcome and even more so if willing to help secure a positive future for Scotland by helping to amicably extricate Scotland from a not fit for purpose, outdated, negative, out of date so called union.

      • My grandad moved to Scotland from Southern Ireland to work in the pits. He was an orangeman and the only photo I have of him pictures him at the front of an orange parade in Kelty. I was named after him.

        None of that stopped me from understanding the reality behind the circus. I was canvassing for the SNP in Kelty at age 17 regardless of the orange/Labour position of my relatives. In fairness to them they accepted my right to do as I wished and even then I understood that they were on their knees.

        As I understand it, Nicola Sturgeon had an English granny.

        Any people living in Scotland who claim not to “get independence” are simply choosing not to get it. It has zero to do with where they came from and everything to do with their “I’m all right Jack” perspective on life.

        Nothing is going to derail us but losing sight of our open minded principles will possibly delay us in our common endeavour. I have common cause with ordinary, decent English people against the Brits – who only value exploitation.

        • Well … if you allow those of us who are not Scottish and don’t even live in Scotland but actively support independence, I think we’re quite happy to do so. (I think I’ve found a niche after a few years …)

          Same goes for those who support YES Cymru and other pro-independence for my country. You could from the planet Zarg as far as we’re concerned, but still committed to the re-birth of the country as a sovereign state. (Scots welcome, too.)

      • Thank you Graham, you will no doubt know by now that it’s not about *The English* although you will hear that expression from time to time because it’s easy to say, it’s about the legacy of colonial England and the changing of identity to British that’s always been the problem, people individually don’t get to decide anything they just think they do when they vote in England, but in Scotland we know our votes mean nothing because we don’t live in an equality of Nations, we live in an undemocratic use of weight of numbers by the one country in the Union that has a majority of that over the others, and that’s England, but they keep calling England the UK and unfortunately as you’ll again know most folk in England think it’s one and the same thing, so when Scotland Ireland or Wales complains the propaganda is that our countries are just moaning nuisances on the periphery rather than the supposed partners we’re supposed to be within the Union

        One other very pertinent point to the argument is that no one in Scotland consented to forming a Union with England in the first place, there was no consultation, no referendum, Scotland was sold in secret into this Union by unscrupulous people supported by the threat of and actual violence from England if the populace argued about it, which some of us did after it was found out what had been done, most folk again in England will not know that, so don’t take too much to heart when you hear some of the bickering, my own mother was born and brought up in Wolverhampton till she married my Edinburgh Father following WW2 when my father was dropped off in England when he came home because it was the first ship he got on and made his way North ran out of money and got a job in a Brass foundry in Wolverhampton where my Mother worked

        So the story of me is half and half but all Scottish, BTW my own mother opposed Scottish Independence vehemently,,…….just because of eh eh eh well Britain’s the main country, (she fell for it) my Mother lived in Scotland for over 60 years and still couldn’t understand it even when she herself complained about the London governments treatment of Scotland

  14. Excellent on the tilted perspective of Scottish media, the “Loyalists” label is as much a confection as is hinting the repugnant disorder which plagued George Square had political connotations.

    Watching the Indyref2 “Contrast Reporting Scotland coverage with the *real* newsworthy footage”, shows the BBC’s intent on projecting this fiction of protecting monuments from an unseen enemy as a valid phenomenon in Scotland, all as per Johnson/Cummings directions.
    What was also clear from the unofficial footage was that entirely separate to the “Loyalists” cadre, were the same neds and thugs who used to plague football matches, running battles between themselves and any other handy victim, the Police playing constant catch-up.
    But what struck home was this had to be highly orchestrated to bring rival gangs together to a guaranteed riot, but to set the stage as George Square?
    Sorry, too much of a coincidence, it’s got the Scotland Office and Cummings all over it.

  15. It once again confirms that we do not have journalism in Scotland. We have propaganda.

    Unionism has been installed in every branch of civic Scotland. It is interesting that institutional rascism is becoming recognised as unacceptable yet the Right Wing religious instutional bigotry is ignored.

    It is ignored because it was the bedrock of the Union to divide Scotland and Ireland.(As they did with the faiths of India and other nations)

    The MSM cause so much damage to the progress of Scottish society. The daily drip, drip, drip of poison running down our Nation and it’s people is sickening.

    Do not buy the Herald, Scotsman, Daily Record, P&J etc.
    Do no watch Reprting Scotland or any BBC political programme.

    Our Nation has a great history of Science, Engineering, Social fairness etc

    It has been subject to an endless tirade of too wee, to poor and too stupid.

    What other Nation on Earth would allow this insulting treatment of their citizens.

    Accepting the endless derogatory tirades of our media is accepting a form of enslavement.

    I will NEVER forgive the damage the media has done to the self image of generations of Scots.
    I will NEVER forget the the Labour Party supported a Union that promoted that insulting slur on our people.

    • I absolutely agree with your comment Julia.

      I personally do not do the philosophy of forgive and forget because in my experience it is just a recipe for ever repeating atrocities. Simply because they have the power to do so, the British media and political parties have deliberately and knowingly lied to destroy the rights of people who have a different world view. By doing so they expose themselves as corrupt and craven individuals.

      But despite generations of sick attempts at extinguishing Scotland, as an entity, the Brits have failed. Scotland IS and it will continue to resist and reject Brit dominance against all odds – forever (and that’s a long, long time).

      Unlike a lot of other people, who for good reason resent it, I have never been bothered by being referred to as Jock. Only people who want to distance themselves from me would call me that and the feeling is mutual. Also, by referring to me as Jock they clearly acknowledge the difference between us – saving me the hassle of doing it. Finally, and the difference between these points is nuanced(!!), I am proud of anything that marks me out as being Scottish and happy to have it reinforced by whatever means. If any Brit thinks they demean me by calling me Jock they are just deceiving themselves, I only get aggravated if I am referred to as British and have to clarify that I am Scottish not British – with a steady gaze and an amiable smile, of course.

      • Just to add that on quite a few occasions I have been referred to as Jock by decent English people who it appeared to me genuinely used it as a term of endearment.

  16. This morning SKY news reports the threats made about the Winston Churchill statue were likely an invention by Downing street to deliberately inflame tensions on people who want to remove statues in order to distract from the black lives matter to create a patriotic atmosphere in *the country* thus conflating and confusing the two issues into one

    Them and us, once again a Cummings plot opines SKY news

    The £ is falling against other currencies as much because of Boris Johnson’s incompetence says SKY news Dave King, Johnson is seen by the money men as a liability

    Oh and lastly Boris Johnson says it’s all going swimmingly and * we, the country* are being fantastically successful

    Yes indeed Boris, we can all see that, we all feel confident and fantastic about our enormous opportunity as we hurtle from relative poverty to the complete version

  17. There was, apparently, a wee ring round the war memorial in little Strathaven the other day. Pictured on the local faceache page. Charming bunch. Blue Angels on the back of the jackets. Not sure how long the protection vigil had to list, or who they thought might want to damage the memorial.

  18. Anyone else get the feeling that the think they are losing and that we are winning and in consequence they have nothing left in the box but these empty, futile gestures?

  19. It’s a nice game played slow. At yesterday’s Covid briefing, Morag Kinnisburgh of the BBC opened the Hack Pack’s SNP Baddery with a two pronged question, designed to deliberately blind side the FM.
    Was she going to review the two meters distance like wot the UK were doing? and, what was her comment on the violent clashes in Glasgow going on as Kinnisburgh spoke?

    This is the headline from the Scotsman/Herald:-

    Nicola Sturgeon has hit out at the ‘shameful’ disorder in Glasgow as police attempt to contain trouble between protest groups.

    Hundreds of people attended a demonstration to ‘protect’ the city’s monuments against vandalism while a separate group gathered at a statue of Robert Peel to demand its removal.

    At the daily coronavirus press briefing, the Nicola Sturgeon added: “Violent protest is never acceptable.

    “I say to anyone that has found themselves on the streets of Glasgow in an altercation with other groups or with the police, that they should really take a long hard look at themselves.

    “That is not acceptable behaviour at any time, but at this time of crisis that the country faces, I think it’s particularly shameful behaviour.”

    That the FM supported free speech and peaceful protest, but expressed her reservations for even peaceful gatherings during the pandemic, was omitted.
    That she opened her comment that she had just heard about the ‘clashes’ as she left her office to attend the Daily Briefing was omitted. She was not referring to the Daily Record’s Dirty Dozens..she was speaking in general terms about organised violence on our streets.

    The completely misleading headline was designed to ‘big up’ a handful of psychopaths milling about the Mad King Sq., looking for a rammy, and the chance to throw bottles at the Loyal Police Force.

    The hacks were implying that the ridiculously titled Loyal Defence League was so powerful that the FM felt obliged to intervene to restore public order.

    Our Hacks are mere rabble rousers and Brit Nat agitators.
    The police are there to protect our property, not Ranjurs Loyalists, who endanger lives and attack our law enforcement officers.
    But that’s who are buying their rags these days. Fascist racist bully boys.

      • ‘Hundreds of people attended a demonstration’. This is the Dead Tree Scrolls Brit Nat Propaganda Newspeak for:- ‘Dozens of football casuals hell bent on violence and attacking the Police merged on…’
        They are just propaganda outlets for the Fascist Right now.

        A summary of today’s Hack Pack SNP Baddery at the briefing. Schools

        Two meters why not like England one? why not like England and open the shops, Peter McMahon Border TV home of Mundell/ Jack /Mundell Junior, and a Brit Nat Coaition Council in Dumfries and Galloway..why can’t we be English, and open the stores because Scots border businesses are suffering as selfish bastards will shop in the severely contaminated South and bring their goodies back to infest the Jocks….oh, and the bloody baygro scandal of the Southern General was waved in Jeane Freeman’s face again, and as a pointless finale, the two priceless contributions from Tom Gordon and his erstwhile Herald mate Paul Hutcheon now at the Daily Raggard…Open schools on a Saturday/ and the gap between poor and well off kids will widen, what was NS going to do about it?

        Buy a T shirt in Carlisle kill a pensioner in Gretna?

        The Queen Elizabeth University Hospital would have been renamed the Saddam Hussein Hospital if Tony Blair had lost the war?

        Off to marinate some meat.

        Jesus, how much are these hacks getting paid to churn out this nonsense?

  20. Looking at the image of Patrick Hutchinson carrying a knuckle dragging racist thug to safety has really lifted my heart.
    It shows the humanity in people which is all too missing with the British Nationalist extremists north and south of the border.
    You wonder if the knuckle dragger has suddenly got a new outlook on life or will he continue with his blind hate.
    You also wonder if the act would have been reciprocated or would Patrick Hutchinson have been another statistic in a sick society.
    Generally IMO the BLM protests have been peaceful, so a statue ended up with a bath, so what, it’s now been fished out and will be put in a museum.
    Chuchill’s statue got a little graffiti, it’s since been cleaned.
    But the British Nationalists or ‘Brownshirts’, if I can borrow the term from Jack, mustered by no less then the PM and Home Secretary were out for blood.
    I am desperate for Independence but I am also desperate for this hate filled bigotry to end.
    Hopefully in a new Independent Scotland we can eradicate this cancer and all be a lot more like Patrick Hutchinson.

  21. How does the media headline Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP government in Scotland have driven the Covid19 numbers to the lowest in the UK by positive determination and the confidence and co-operation of the people of Scotland in their leadership?

    2 metres 2 metres 2 metres schools hospitals enquries girn girn mumble mumble gripe

    The Scottish media aged 12

  22. This is a very interesting read! I guess apart from a shared history, we have one more thing in common, “present day nationalism!” I’m a political blogger from India and I write about subversion of democracy, hyper-nationalism, authoritarianism and the like! I would love to connect with you from the other end of the world.
    Please give my blog “A politics of glass” a read in the link below :

    Look forward to connecting with you on WordPress!

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