The ugly truth that the Scottish media tries to hide


On Sunday there were shameful scenes in Glasgow as British nationalist fascists rioted, lashing out at innocent passers by and the police in supposed defence of statues that were never under any threat in the first place. They draped the lions on the cenotaph in George Square with Union flags, because no one had told them that lions are African.

Of course the real motivation of the British nationalist fascist thugs in George Square on Sunday was not to ‘defend war memorials’, it was to assert white privilege, British supremacism, anti-Irish racism, and opposition to independence. It was a crude and nasty display of the vile truth that lurks at the heart of an ideology that pleases itself to call itself unionism – it is founded upon racism, exclusion, and oppression, and it always was.

You might think that following this naked display of political violence in the streets of Scotland’s largest city at a time when the British nationalist press is constantly bewailing how Scotland is divided and riven in twain by the constitutional debate, that this display of political violence might have dominated the newspaper headlines. After all, doesn’t it prove what they’ve always been warning us about? About how Scotland is painfully divided by its constitutional politics. You would of course be wrong.

At the time of writing the lead story on the website of the Herald newspaper is “MSPs warn teachers could face mountains of appeals over scrapped exams week before schools return”. In the Scotsman the lead story is “Report finds series of problems at Scots flagship hospital”. In the Courier it’s a report about the sudden death of a man in Crieff, although the paper does manage to find space on the main page of its website to tell us about the world’s highest hedge in Perthshire. The Aberdeen Press and Journal’s lead story is about the sudden death of a young mother, and road closures in Moray. Meanwhile the Daily Record’s print edition leads with the story of a 37 year old murder and doesn’t mention the British nationalist riot anywhere on its front page.

And finally, far down on the BBC Scotland news website, you’ll find a story coyly entitled “Clashes headed off by police at statue protest.” At least it rates a mention, but the headline won’t tell you that it was British nationalist thugs who were responsible for the violence. Even when there are two groups attacking one another the word “clashes” implies that there is somehow a moral equivalence between those who protest to oppose fascism, and your actual fascists. However there were not any clashes in Glasgow on Sunday. There were only British nationalist fascists attacking innocent people.

The only newspaper in Scotland which leads on Monday with the story of British nationalist fascists going on the rampage in the centre of Scotland’s largest city is the only newspaper in Scotland which supports independence, The National. The National carries a statement from Nicola Sturgeon blasting the so-called protesters as “shameful”. The fact that the only pro-independence newspaper in Scotland is the only one that is willing to discuss British nationalist violence is of course entirely coincidental. That’s entirely coincidental in the exact same way that Scottish Conservative MSP’s who tweet about the Queen’s 11 are innocently expressing a view on the fitba and not dog whistling to racists, bigots, and far right extremists. It is telling that it’s the SNP party leader and First Minister who is published in The National condemning Sunday’s British nationalist violence, there are no quotes from representatives of any British nationalist party.

We’ve come to expect this double standard. We’ve grown used to the mendacity of the British nationalist press in Scotland. However it is remarkable how little coverage there is in the Scottish media of an actual riot in Glasgow city centre carried out by supporters of the British state and British rule in Scotland. In a normal country, an outbreak of politically motivated violence would be a major story, one which merits a political response – especially from those politicians whom the rioters identify with even though they themselves were not responsible for instigating the violence. Those politicians should be front and foremost in calls to condemn the violence and to assert that they utterly reject any association with those responsible. But from the Scottish Conservatives there’s not a word. You’d almost think that the media in Scotland doesn’t want to talk about violence from British nationalists. You’d almost think that the Scottish Conservatives don’t want to distance themselves from that far right fringe of British nationalist fascists who vote for them. But that can’t be right, can it. Oh no. The press is free and fearless, and all that. The Tories are respectable mainstream politicians.

Compare and contrast with the acreage of column inches we get whenever someone in the independence movement gets into a twitter spat, or when there’s a crudely phrased banner at a pro-indy rally. The independence movement is capable of putting on a march or rally attended by over 100,000 people, and there are no arrests, no violence, no trouble, no assaults. Opponents of independence can’t put on a similar display for the simple reason that theirs would be indistinguishable from an Orange Parade and would attract all the violent right wing extremists, those British nationalist fascists, who disgraced themselves and the British state in Glasgow on Sunday. Yet it’s the independence movement which is the sole subject of handwringing in the Scottish media – and not just from British nationalists, we also get it from columnists who describe themselves as independence supporters.

What there isn’t is anything like the same attention paid to the bad behaviour of the other side in the Scottish constitutional debate. Yet that’s the side which, as we saw in Glasgow on Sunday, is the host of the real violence, the actual thugs, and the out and out fascists, racists, and bigots. The real threat to social order and peace in Scotland doesn’t come from an independence movement which at its heart is motivated by a desire for a Scotland with greater political accountability, social justice, equality, and a strengthening of democratic institutions. It comes from a reactionary British nationalism which was founded in the exploitation and oppression of Empire, and which still contains violent and anti-democratic elements, elements which this current British Government has unleashed, empowered, and validated. The media in Scotland might wish to draw a red white and blue veil over the ugly truth about British nationalism, but we still see who they really are. Their actions speak loud and clear.

And finally…

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65 thoughts on “The ugly truth that the Scottish media tries to hide

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  2. If the Blackshirts were “defending the cenotaph” and “clashing” with the police, surely it must have been the police who were trying to damage the memorial, no?

    Errm, did I get that right…?

    (What wonderful media we do have.)

  3. Exactly as what happened after Indyref1.
    These British Nationalist thugs attacking peaceful mostly teenage students who were consoling each other.
    If I remember correctly the BBC in Scotland again passed this off as clashes.
    There were no clashes, the indy supporters were trying to defend themselves against a gang of fascist thugs hell bent on beating people up.
    But as you say Paul, the state doesn’t like to own up to the facts.
    And there is nothing more state controlled than BBC Scotland.

  4. This is the raging ” against the dying of the light ” – except it is the dying UK rather than old age that these British thugs are bemoaning by their behaviour .
    I think we can expect more of this as the year progresses .

    There appears to be a sinister hand at work in the manipulation of these neanderthals .
    Demonic Cummings ? ( Not Boris Johnson , who does not have the capacity to plan a piss-up in a brewery )

  5. On these pages and others we condemn this behaviour and call it out when we see it and we mostly can understand why the FM calls it out in an inclusive condemnation of all violence, and we can mostly understand why the FM cannot address this individual problem in particular, but we mostly cannot understand how long we must tolerate the *British* media being allowed to disappear facts and the truth when it suits them without comment from the FM
    Sooner or later she’s going to have to pick the moment to point out to our country that while the media have every right to scrutinise and question decisions made by her and her government they don’t have the right to obscure news that they don’t want to talk about because of their own affiliations to the political agenda of certain groups

    If the media are going to continue to behave politically then they must be treated as such before our country decends into a similar morass to Northern Ireland
    My guess is that the First Minister fears that very thing, but not addressing it allows it to fester and fertilise growth like any cow pat in any field

    The thing she must not do is use the Boris Johnson language of power when he made his statement on similar events in England when he said “we must *stamp* this out* no, Nicola Sturgeon must find a way to *talk this out*

    You couldn’t pay me to do her job

  6. Perhaps if scots actually did ever protest about the sectarian anti-Scottish racism of British nationalist thugs,they might think about blockading the newspaper offices of the rags which condone this violent intimidation by White British nationalist rioters.

  7. That’s 3 articles now Paul all leading me to the same conclusion ,

    I believe Nicola Sturgeon has so far been reluctant to call Indy ref 2 because she knows we won’t win , to clarify that statement , she knows if we do win and win by a close margin say 51 – 49 for independence then all hell will break loose ,

    I believe she has stared into the Abyss and decided it’s not worth the carnage ,

    Like it or not Scotland and the Scots are not catholic , indeed a lot of Protestants believe the independence movement is a catholic leaning organisation how that daft idea gained legs beats me ,

    The events over the weekend must have made her shudder , and reminded her we don’t have the numbers or support to overcome the nut jobs , a 5% lead is as bad as no lead at all , who’s to say the increase in support is not down to Unionist approval of the SNP actions during this epidemic and will disappear when faced with the choice.

    The misplaced anger directed at her personally is unacceptable I believe she is a very intelligent and brave Woman , and she might have to come out and tell her detractors exactly how it is and the real danger if she gives in to pressure and calls Indy ref 2 , are her detractors willing to clean up the mess .

    Sometimes facing reality can be painful but there it is , it’s not how I would want it to be but you can’t hide what’s in front of you however you want it to be different.

    • Robert, I fear you are a nut job – “5% lead is as bad as no leader all” – what planet do you come from? 50% of votes cast + 1 is a win, fair and square. So what if the neanderthals are upset. Let them rampage for a couple of nights. A win is a win.

    • Robert, 51% of Scots recorded that they had no religion at the last census.
      This myth that Scotland is a Protestant Country, and that when we succeed at the ballot box, ‘The Proddies’ will turn Scotland into Norn Irn 1969, is utter dross.
      AUOB does what it says on the tin. We’re from all airts and pairts, all religions and none.
      Your view of Scotland seems to be from the perspective of mid 20th Century Elitism.

      A bus full of psychos in football hooligan black frightens none of us.

      This lot were criminals out for a rammy. They are psycho nuts.

      Yet the Herald Record and Scotsman report that they were ‘protecting’ the cenotaph. That they place ‘protecting’ in parenthesis doesn’t let them off the hook. They are not mere recorders of events as they unfold.

      They stage managed the whole thing when the Record reproduced a leaflet, publicising an illegal gathering, with date time and venue on it.
      Our hacks have descended into the pits of hell, just to sell fucking newspapers and defend the Union.

      It’s the Blahs and the broadcasters we have to centre on.

      They are promoting this Blackshirt/Brownshirt underbelly of violence. It’s as stark as that.
      It is criminal.

      Some of us have lived through the Norn Irn Troubles at first hand.
      That will never happen here.
      And the notion that we would all forget campaigning for Self Determination because we’d be afraid of getting beat up is….pick and adjective.

      • Well said, as always, Jack.
        Imagine all the people, living life in peace.
        I suppose that there couldl be a few wee rammies before we see an independent Scotland.
        But these few rowdy lads won’t derail anything.
        And you’re right that it’s the hacks and broadasters that are off the rails.
        The Record should be investigated.
        Anyway, the good people of Glasgow won’t be intimidated by a few thugs, I’m sure.
        (And further down the line, we’ll give them a job for their pent-up energy. And we’ll all live in peace. You may call me a dreamer, but i’m not the only one…)
        See you for a pint some time, old fella.
        Keep on with the commentary!
        All the best.

      • Aye Jack your a mind reader , you know hee haw about me and with all due respect your views don’t include any acceptance of the views of people who don’t want independence and will never vote for it ,

    • Theres a difference to being like Northern Ireland politically and being the same as Northern Ireland
      Scotland is not Northern Ireland and as much as the thugs try to make it so they won’t succeed, primarily because the sectarianists in Scotland only use the tag for thuggery and racist behaviour they aren’t actually religious people and most of them probably never were, it’s a mask, a hiding place like the Orange Lodge, a badge to hide their behaviour behind, long term, Independence will not increase bad behaviour in Scotland it will actually lead to a decrease once the thugs have less reason and less point to their exercises and the Police treat them for what they are and they become visible

      Scotland is indeed like Northern Ireland but with the influence of London gone there would become little point in the thugs continuing with their facade once they cotton on to the fact that nobody in Scotland cares about anybody else’s religion that deeply, the thing that they’re pretending to fight about

      I’ve talked about Northern Ireland many times but the difference with Scotland is politics is not used as a cover for religion within the SNP or Independence movement, in Northern Ireland it is, it’s a cover for London rule and Orangism which is what Arlene Foster stands for, similar could only happen in Scotland if the Tories ruled Holyrood, and that’ll never happen

    • I find your comments about a lot of Protestants don’t support Indy profoundly insulting. I and am my family have been supporting Indy since the 1970s we are all protestant. I have many Catholic friends and a couple of Muslim ones too. Nearly everyone I know voted Snp at last General Election and only couple voted No at Indy Ref and they are planning to vote Yes next time.They have various religions and none. Scotland has not had a majority Catholic population since the reformation. For 99% of Scots religion has nothing to do with how they vote.We have enough bigotry from the Orange Order and the fascists marauding around Glasgow at the weekend. We do not need what sounds like bigotry from the other side too.Vast majority of non Catholics including me want nothing to do with those knuckledragging thugs at the weekend or the Orange Order.I am getting really fed up with folks like you whinging about Nicola not getting another ref etc. When we gain Independence and I fervently believe we will no fascists Orange or otherwise will stop the democratic will of millions of Scottish voters. What ever trouble morons cause then will be dealt with lawfully

      • [post removed by WGD]

        Don’t use this forum as a space to insult and abuse other people here. If you can’t disagree without being disagreeable, don’t post at all.

        • The big difference between NI and Scotland is that NI is divided geographically every city and town has a Catholic side and a Prodestant side. In Scotland we all use the same midden, live up the same close , drink in the same pub work in the same factory or office and generally get on very well. A lot of us will support a different football team and wind each other up when one beats the other in the old firm games or Edinburgh or Dundee derby’s but at the end of day what unites us is we are all Scots.

      • Well said, Eilidh. I have no religion, but respect folk who live by their belief system.
        Like you, I fervently believe in an Independent Scotland, governed by a Parliament of the people, elected by the people, accountable to the people, and there to serve the people of Scotland; a democracy, serving all the people no matter their belief systems or political affiliations.
        In that sense, we are the people.

        The sub humans who rampaged through our city centre are more to be pitied than reviled. Much cleverer men (and it is mostly men) brainwashed them from birth to hate and turn to violence.

  8. I am worried about Yes groups restarting campaigning, whenever that might be. The criminals who rioted in Glasgow at the weekend now know that they can do this sort of thing with no comeback and no condemnation from the major political parties except the Greens and the SNP. Certainly the media has ignored the whole shameful episode in an equally shameful way.

    BLM protests in England were reported in the same terms as the rioting in central London. There was as much condemnation for chucking a statue in the water as for a mob attacking police.

    My fear is that Yes streetstalls might be targeted by the brainless thugs and that people who have campaigned peacefully for years will not be given the protection they deserve by police. The police might easily decide that both attacked and attackers will both have to be shut down. Misreporting by the media will not reflect the fact that peaceful, legal political activity by YES groups is being driven off the streets.

    I hope I am wrong, but the apprehension is there. As one who has been abused by individual ‘loyalists’ while on street stalls, I think we have to keep trying.

  9. The BBC in England reports….Nicola Sturgeon says there are no deaths in Scotland but here in the UK there are 38

    Scotland, the hokey cokey country, we’re in we’re out we’re shaken all about, wanted when we’re useful, discarded the rest of the time like the bank of Mum and Dad

    Except the bank of Mum and Dad can say no

  10. This is some of the scenes from yesterday. It’s about time that the police started lifting those that are clearly out looking for trouble. The Chief Constable needs to be told that this behaviour is not acceptable in the centre of Scotland’s largest city, in fact, it’s acceptable anywhere in Scotland.

    A guy got 14 days jail today in England for peeing on a statue in London yesterday, it’s about time that the same happened here with these thugs. It cannot be ignored as it emboldens them for the next time.

    It’s time for the Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf, to take action about this type of behaviour.

    • The police got it spot on. Oh how this lot would have loved a baton charge. They are the low life of Glasgow, and numbered at best in the hundreds.
      They’re all safely back in their cages now.

      • I get the softly softly tactic Jack, but punching someone in the head, while your mate is trying to steal their camera and calling you a chinky and only police intervention saved the guy from possible hospitalization. What if they are so emboldened by yesterday that they turn up at yes stalls mob handed, or yes marches.
        This was testing the water Jack.

        They should have been arrested and a visit to the Record offices investigating possible incitement would have sent 2 much needed messages.

  11. There is no excuse for the Scottish police not going in hard against the facists and arresting them in Scotland when they act violently. It is not acceptable anywhere else, it won’t be stopped by ignoring it, the opposite will happen.

    Ignoring their violent protests will embolden them and we will see more of it. Trouble such as this needs to be stamped out now, over to you Chief Constable for some positive action.

    Priti Patel slams ‘racist and far-right hooligans’ after 137 arrested at violent weekend counter-protests in London

    • My previous comment was not in reponse to Jack as I hadn’t seen his. It looks like we disagree over the action the police should take and I can understand that view. But the way I see it is, if they can get away with it with no consequences to them, then rather than a few hundred this time you might see that double next time and double again the time after that.

      After all, what have they got to lose by taking part in violent protests, if the expectation is that there will be zero penalties to pay, no matter their behaviour?

      I’m of the view that it should be nipped in the bud and that now would be a good time to start.

      • Alex, I totally understand your righteous indignation at scenes on the Mad King’s SQ (time for a name change?) over the week end.
        You may have noticed that the Blackshirts had I phones filming our Police Force’s every move.
        Sadly in days gone by, I have been caught up in football casuals facing up to each other. They actually enjoy kicking lumps out of each other. That’s the sadistic nihilist game.

        If the police had mounted a baton charge, or mounted police had been deployed, just imagine the photographs on the front page of the Daily Record, who stage managed the whole sorry mess.
        Bloody head wounds, some poor officer trying to fend off a dozen psychopaths, and skilfully edited by the Brit Nat Rags, and, BBC Scotland, to imply that poor Union Jack flying ‘defenders’ were being kettled and beaten by the Nats Polis.

        They knew what they were doing. The Record, and the Herald, the main Glasgow Dead Tree Scrolls, actually choreographed this ‘show of strength’.

        The message was clearly, stop all this Independence nonsense, and if you persist, the Loyals will rise, and turn Scotland into a battle zone for Queen and ..that foot ball club.

        And the endomorphs over in the East side of the city would join in singing songs of killing soldiers and the reunification of Ireland.

        It is a toxic insane mix of seriously psychologically disturbed lowlifes, but manageable.

        I agree; the young Chinese lad should have had more protection; but in saying that, what the hell was he doing obstinately placing himself in harm’s way like that?

        No sane person would have loitered in the square while this lot of animals milled about and threatened violence on anyone to whom they took a dislike.

        Imagine a front page photo of a poor bobby with a baton in Mad King’s Sq.

        As I observe, difficult as it is to stomach, our long suffering Police got it just about right.
        There won’t be a repeat orchestrated rent a mob gathering, that’s for sure.

        Well done, Daily Record. Carlaw Rennie and Leonard would have been well pleased.

  12. STV and BBC Scotland both had the chance to report some news tonight but chose not to
    So there were no riots no thugs no black dressed Unionists no one was hurt and no one was arrested and Police Scotland were never there obviously because nothing happened in Glasgow yesterday and likely means nothing will happen in the future

    It’s only those damn Nationalists who go out for a walk every now and again wae their dugs and weans that cause the trouble, especially they bad Bastirts in the wheelchairs, and that lot of dangerous pensioner types and that blind guy wae the stick, they’re the wans that need tae be reported on

    Isn’t it funny how when us bad Nationalists go out for our walks we’re accompanied by famous actors well known journalistic figures, TV personalities and a myriad of well kent faces who if they thought for one minute that Independence supporters might be inclined to riot would never in their right minds wish to associate themselves with such a movement, however the other lot have no one to support them, they’re always anonymous in their behaviour except for when it comes to anonymous support behind the protection of newspapers and TV studios from people who never overtly reveal themselves for fear of being classed the same, so they know what they are and are ashamed to admit it yet still they support it

    What does that say about them

  13. The media in Scotland is a total disgrace. Their one reason to exist is to deride Scotland at every opportunity. Boycott.

  14. To some “Britishness” and “Unionism” is a passport to be a belligerently imbecilic[Scottish labour & the tories]. To others it is a passport to be cartoonishly inept[Lib Dems]. But to the scum who rioted to protect statues old British PMs and various other unionist non entities, it was an earnest display of thuggery draped in the flag of “union” and the cry of people who long for nothing more than to be shat and pissed on by the high and might in Westminster.

    Today the “Scottish” media threw shade over the event to spare the former blushes at the behavior of the latter. And it seems that it was ever thus.

    Old Britain is dying – kicked to death by union jack draped nazis and its down to people who don’t believe in union or Britain to call for the polis – now thats irony for you.

  15. I take it they are the same buffoons that the Police let hold counter demonstrations against the Yes Marches. I suspect the Lion point is to show sympathy for their masters in London. They again miss the point that the three lions (leopards actually) is the symbol of the French plantagenets. Utterly culturally ignorant.

  16. The British state was founded upon violence and has used violence to achieve its ends throughout its existence.

    It is fascinating to look at the Brits, many of whom look like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth and realise that they are actually low lifes, quite prepared to condone violence. The twisted faces and under developed consciences of Brits of all ages, their undisguised loathing of anyone who might stand or even fall in their path to gratification, their smirks of condescension at people having the temerity to question their misplaced sense of superiority, their curtain twitching like latter day informers for the third Reich – I’m sure we’ve all seen it and much more. Not a pretty sight.

    It all comes into sharpened focus when we see disgusting events like this. We all need to be very aware, smart and civilised in out – manoeuvring these very British behaviours. Fortunately, those are out strong points.

  17. Aye well all the comments missing the point , ” insulting ” ” misjudged ” plain wrong ” ” a 5% lead what planet are you on ” among the many yeah well done.

    Good luck with your referendum because I guarantee it won’t happen in your lifetime , and if it does win with a small % win be prepared for disruption beyond belief, the difference between what most of you imagine and what I know is stark

    What’s all the smart arses opinion on the never ending delay in acting on the 3 – 4 or is it 5 mandates now ” damp weather ” Wakey fucking Wakey bye have fun mugs .

    Don’t bother replying because most of the ones who joined in are fkn dumb I gave a honest opinion and I get a pile on , by the way unless you haven’t noticed your all talking to yourselves ordinary people don’t hear you that’s how widely read this is , count the contributors , more folk in my local shop .

    • You are just very rude. Why does your surname not have a capital letter? Is it a secret signal? Lol
      You guarantee there won’t be a referendum but if it does win…be prepared for disruption.. what could you mean by that other than a threat.

      Independence will not be defeated.

      • The poor art of the concern troll, I’m on your side really, until it’s found out then it reveals itself

  18. Freedom of the press for sure – but, shouldn’t there be some accreditation/license that requires the press to report news and events – from their political viewpoint – but not be free to omit and suppress news and events.

    Difficult one to resolve I acknowledge, and yet, suppression is control.A press license that requires events and news reporting? And leave the tabloids, without accreditation to “magazine” their bias.

  19. We contributors better all give up then on “our” referendum, Robert graham guarantees it won’t happen in our lifetimes. No shit he absolutely guarantees it.

    Plenty contributors don’t post here, instead, they donated to Paul’s fundraiser and have kindly donated over £10,500 so that he will continue writing this blog, if somebody doesn’t want to read it then there’s nobody forcing them to. Many other Independence supporters do, I guarantee it.

  20. Many of these morons oppose Scottish independence because we would then be like Ireland,in their minds.
    What is their beef with Ireland?
    If it is because Ireland parted company with London rule then they have an awful lot of other countries to riot against.
    Send them over to the USA on the 4th of July and let them have a wee riot in Time Square.

  21. Paul,

    This is an exceptional post. The duplicity of the traditional media outlets in Scotland is pathetic. That you highlight it so succinctly for posterity is of immeasureable value.

    Quite simply, keep up the good work.

  22. Ireland was illegally Partitioned. The Irish wanted Home Rule/Independence. A mass movement lead by Protestants. Charles Stuart Parnell. Landowner’s. The Catholic’s had no rights. They were not allowed to own a horse (transport) or carry a sword or own land etc. The same in Scotland. Rebellion was put down. People were transported. To US etc.

    There were Irish Home Rule Bills going through Westminster held up by the WW1. Partition 1923. Lloyd George. Universal Suffrage 1928.

    If the Irish had waited 5 years they could have voted for Home Rule/Independence.

    In NI the Catholic’s were discriminated against. In some parts of Belfast they were refused the vote until 1960. Bernadette Devlin. They were discriminated in public jobs and public housing. 90% went to Protestants. The Masonics.

    Nearly 100 years of Troubles and high unemployment caused by the Westminster Gov. The DUP break UK Law. A Law unto themselves backed up by the Westminster unionists. The Tories.

    Scotland has always gone through the Ballot Box because they could.

    Ireland could vote to reunite. Demographics. People are voting for it.

  23. In Scotland. 32% declare as Protestant. 13% Catholic. 1%+ Muslim. 6,000 Jewish. Some Jedi. Many non Church members. The Churches are losing members. Scotland is secular. The Churches have rights above the Law. The Employment Laws etc. Equal rights. They can discriminate.

    Under the terms of the Treaty of Union. Scotland was guaranteed a separate Protestant Church, a shared Protestant monarch. Church education led onto a separate education system.

    Scotland was one of the first countries to have a tertiary education system for pupils. To this day an education system by ability. Not by ability to pay. One of the best education systems in the world. Scottish invention and discovery changed the world.

    Scotland held back by Westminster. Revenues and resources illegally taken. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. Thatcher etc.

    Iraq War, Lockerbie and Dunblane secret for 100 years.

  24. GD’s article is a welcome departure from the ambivalent, half-baked, misleading reports from msm over the weekend. The word ‘clashes’ is certainly out of sync in the reporting and it has been hard to work out whether all the folk running along past Greggs are fascists- the beer bellied, union jack attired brigade are obvious, but the others (black shirts) are not. It is horrendous for this to be going on any time, but moreso when we are in the midst of a health crisis which has killed an estimated 60000 in the uk. On the positive side, these headbangers are actually a tiny minority, though the money from organised right-wing extremism may be what makes them more omnipresent on twitter and of course in the gutter press.

  25. This morning on BBC radio Scotland the *journalists* reveal there in fact was a *rival group* in Glasgow on sunday and they have been informed of this by Police Scotland they say
    This rival group were either Hobbits who appeared as children to the eye or were so few as to be invisible altogether, but the BBC *journalists* have spoken and if anyone but me was listening you’ll just have to accept their word for it

    We know there were photographers there so one would have to assume there are resultant photographs taken by these photographers ready to be inserted into and on to the pages of our great Scottish newspapers, we’ll wait for that then along with the pictures of the rival Hobbits and invisible people

    If there were such things as old fashioned *reporters* on the scene perhaps we’d know more information that excuses the mob of rampaging Unionist lunatics, but apparently there weren’t any, there were only *journalists* and it seems they don’t do actual reporting, they do news protection management to make sure the older people who vote for the Union aren’t outraged by who their Union actually is

    Shoosh be very quiet, not a word now

    • Like the wee laddie in the movie, Scots Brit Nat Hacks have a ‘sixth sense’; they see dead people.
      BBC in Scotland is a polluted cess pit of Brit Nat propaganda.
      They don’t even hide it any more.
      I wonder what footie match Rob McLean has picked showing the Mighty England beating somebody next Saturday afternoon?
      The Record has an editorial condemning the weekend knuckledraggery, but still peddling the ‘defenders of the cenotaph’ notion, and with warped equanimity criticising bot left wing and right wing thuggery.
      They see dead people.

  26. The arrogant exceptionalist / isolationist delusion is always led from the top –

    ‘Dismay after UK fails to join EU-led scheme to revive tourism’

    ‘The European commission has launched an app and website that provide travellers with real-time information about coronavirus rules and the status of infections in each European country. A commission spokesman told the Guardian the UK was not included as the government had not asked to be involved.

    “No information was provided by the UK. The information was based on questionnaires and I don’t believe we have received information from the UK,” he said.

    “We are open to the participation by [non-EU countries], provided they make the request and, secondly, they commit to providing updated and regular information to the website … The UK has not made such a request to participate.”
    Business Today: sign up for a morning shot of financial news
    Read more

    A UK government spokesperson said: “The UK is no longer part of the EU, and therefore we would not expect to be included in a map representing member states.’

  27. Just imagine if oro-Indy supporters had behaved like that. We’d never hear the end of it. I know this for a fact because I slapped Jim Murphy on the back of the head with an egg in Kirkcaldy one day, and it made the TV News that evening and all the newspapers next day. I even made the front cover of the Sunday Times magazine under the headline ‘The Dark Side of Scottish Independence’. A friend of mine who lives in China found out about it via their newspaper.
    The police had to ask me at interview (CID no less – serious stuff) if I was an MI5 agent. “No comment” was the reply, following advice from my solicitor, and from my man at Thames House. 🙂

  28. The Tories have come up with a new simplification as to why they’re not racist, *we’ve got black and brown people in our party so we can’t be racist* they say

    Oh well that’s it then, we’re telt, it’s just everybody else who happens to be white or black or brown who’s racist then
    We know the Tories love to rewrite history and all that but the population kinda knows that racism isn’t all about colour, the clue’s in the title right there, race, if it was just about colour it would be called colourist or some other title referring to a pigment

    The main title is exceptionalism and that lives everywhere in all colours of people, it’s just that the symptom of todays news happens to be the colour black, not so long ago it was Mexicans and before them Latinos and tomorrow it’ll be somebody else

    What we do know is that the effects of the class of people who employ exceptionalism as their tool always affects people who are not them, the long and the short and the tall of everybody else no matter the pigment of their skin

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