21,660 thank yous

Last week I launched this blog’s annual crowdfunder. I wasn’t at all sure whether to go ahead with it given the difficult circumstances that we’re all facing right now. It’s always an exercise in trepidation, asking people to put their money where my mouth is. It’s even more nerve wracking when the entire world is mired in the biggest crisis in generations.  However as it turned out, the fundraiser not only reached its target of £10,000 within a couple of days of being started, it has smashed right through it.

As of this morning, the total raised is more than double the target – £21,660. That’s more than the £18,514 that the crowdfunder raised last year – and in a shorter space of time. Last year’s crowdfunder ran for two weeks, but it was only on Monday of last week that this year’s crowdfunder was launched.  Because it’s only been a week since it was launched, the crowdfunder platform remains open.

Money came in via a number of different routes. £10615 was donated via the GoFundMe crowdfunding platform. £9006 was donated via PayPal. The remaining £2039 was donated directly. Individual donations ranged in size from £1 to £1000, but every single donation was appreciated equally.

My huge and heartfelt thanks to all the wonderful readers of this blog for the support you have given. It is immensely appreciated. I promise that I will continue to be a thorn in the side of British nationalists in Scotland, and will keep on writing, podcasting, and – when circumstances allow it – return to travelling the length and breadth of this country of ours to spread the message that it’s only through independence that Scotland can reach its full potential.

Once again, thank you all so very much. You don’t really get much of a sense of whether you’re making an impact when you are a blogger.  You sit and type away at home, and launch your articles into the ether.  During lockdown it’s an even more isolating experience. It’s both humbling and heartwarming to realise that so many people appreciate my work and that it has touched so many.

From both me and the dug, 21660 thank yous.

Annual Dug Funder

I’m very grateful to have so many loyal and regular readers, this blog would not be possible without you. Please help me to keep it going and keep the Dug’s tour of Scotland going too once it becomes possible again to travel and meet up in groups. All support however small is gratefully received. Heartfelt thanks from me, and from the dug.

You can donate at the following link

You can also support this crowdfunder with a Paypal donation. Please log into Paypal.com and send a payment to the email address weegingerbook@yahoo.com. Or click the donate button button below and enter the amount you wish to donate. If you don’t have a Paypal account, just select “donate with card” after clicking the button.
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Or alternatively if you would prefer to donate some other way, please contact me at weegingerbook@yahoo.com for details.

51 thoughts on “21,660 thank yous

  1. You are well worth it Paul, with your humourous and insightful blogs. I don’t know how you keep them coming on such a regular basis, along with your column in the National, but very glad that you do. Keep it up! 👏👍

  2. You do realise we’re just making sure Ginger is ok don’t you Paul? 😂
    Seriously thank you for all you do to promote the independence case with wit and bite.

  3. Congratulations Paul and due in no small way to the civilised conduct of your discourse which is reflected by the behaviour of the commentators who visit your blog

  4. Pleased for you Paul. You are appreciated. Your nearest and dearest will be pleased for you. I hope lockdown has not affected him to much.

  5. Best political writing on the internet by a long way; insightful rather than inflammatory, humorous and never hateful. Worth every penny and more. All the best.

  6. Not sure if this is just an automated email sender and whether you’ll read this or not, but just wanted to say a heartfelt well done and thank you for your prolific, well written, hard hitting and common sense posts. They are useful and extremely good reading.

    I am so grateful for all of your hard work!

    Kind regards and all the best,


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  8. I feel I can never thank you enough. When the day comes the country owes you and the Dug a massive Thankyou. I spoke to you at an outdoor event and asked if I could shake your hand. You looked a bit surprised but nodded. I really wanted to be more demonstrative but we Edinburgh geriatrics are ‘reserved’ . You make my day. Such sense and humanity. Thank You again and again and again

  9. Well done weegingerdug ! I hope the obvious increasing support you are receiving feeds your mojo to fight the good fight till victory.

  10. So pleased for you and the dug Paul. I know money is a bit scarce for some folk just now, but you are worth every penny. You keep me sane many a day among the crap that gets flung at we indy supporters.

    Stay safe and hopefully we’ll see you down the road a bit.

  11. Right, back in the saddle, Big K.
    It is reported that crime in Scotland has almost halved in the last 10 years and that more pupils than ever are going on to Universities and Colleges.
    Where did it all go right, Nicola?

    • Do you think the Herald will put that on the front page tomorrow? Or will they go with the story about the A&E figures which they have described as ‘the worst for …’.

      Here is a summary of the A&E stats from ISD Scotland that the Herald is referring to. See what you think

      “”Main points
      Attendances at A&E services in NHSScotland has seen a large drop since the week ending 22 March 2020, this will be due to the measures put in place to respond to COVID-19.

      During week ending 7 June 2020:

      There were 20,044 attendances at A&E services in NHSScotland.
      94.7% of attendances at A&E services were seen and resulted in a subsequent admission, transfer or discharge within 4 hours.
      73 patients spent more than 8 hours in an A&E department.
      7 patients spent more than 12 hours in an A&E department.””

      With all that is happening in the NHS just now I think the headline should be ‘Well done A&E’

      And well done Mr Kavanagh on reaching and passing your target.

  12. Fine to get some good news for a change. Every penny deserved.You’re a great asset to Scotland, Mr Kavanagh. Stay safe,

  13. Every penny and more deserved, Paul. You keep us sane and focussed with a finger on the pulse, insight and humour. We could do with a few more like you instead of the petulant girners.

    Thank you for all your hard work!

  14. Well it’s news time now and STVs John McKay booms doom for 25 minutes then over to BBC Scotland where Morticia Miller purses her lips scowling at the very mention of Nicola Sturgeon and revelling in the idea that Scotland might have more unemployment than England, because in the mind of the Unionists that proves the SNP are rubbish and not at all that it actually means scotland does not control its own economy thus we’re at the mercy of England to do what the fffff it likes whenever it likes

    Earlier in the Commons Boris Johnson has begun his campaign against Scottish Independence nice and early in reply to a question from Ian Blackford about the loss of jobs in East Kilbride answering with *Ha! you! SNP you want to break up the country harrummph phwaa*
    Yes indeed that answered the question perfectly, now we’re all the wiser for that

  15. I’m sure there are many people like me who really enjoy your posts but don’t comment very often on them. You are such an inspiration for independence. I don’t think you realize how important you are to so many of us who look forward every day to your wise words. Thank you Paul. I hope the dug is doing well.

  16. Delighted the target was reached and surpassed ! Many of us feel that we owe you our sanity – what a responsibility eh?

  17. I see Prince Charles and his Bidey-in are at Gloucestershire today. I used to be good at geography but can’t find it within 5 miles of Balmoral, where am I going wrong?

    • Funny, I noticed that too. Sneaked away under cover of darkness? Or did he have an eye test? Or just wandered in his old age?

    • Reports are that ‘our’ titular Prince (aye, right) has lost his sense of taste and smell, thanks to Coronavirus.

      Seems to have lost his sense of direction, too …

      • All the Royals suffer from taste and smell problems because everywhere they go has just been painted, and to be fair to Charlie he thought Corona Virus was a cheap Cuban cigar that poor folk smoked and that’s why they got sick

        Benson and Hedges deliver the Royal fags to the Palace in a box rather than packets so the Royals don’t have to look at the nasty pictures on packets of the dead and dying

  18. Don’t ever feel embarrassed when your appeal for support is exceeded,Paul
    The relentless work you do for this country is priceless
    Wishing you and the dug continued peace
    Stay safe
    We all need,you

    • Very true , Paul .
      When perennial scroungers like Murdo Fraser have been sucking at the public teat for years without adding the square root of f*ck all to the betterment of Scotland then you need NEVER feel anything but the warm thanks of many many Scots for the priceless encouragement you give US !

  19. You’re one of the few very good bloggers in Scotland Paul (Craig Murray, Grousebeater and Wings Over Scotland also rate highly for me. I’m sure I’ll get a bit of stick for the last one here).

    I may not always be completely enthralled by what you say or do, but your voice is invaluable. I look forward to an Independent Scotland and will never be in any doubt at the contributions you have made and will make in its’ becoming a reality.

    Best wishes.

  20. Paul.Donation made to you this afternoon.you are well worth it.you are so informative.When this coronavirus is over.and hopefully we get back to some normality.i will hopefully have the pleasure of being in your company.one evening at one of your Meetings.in that Wonderful Kingdom Of Fife.
    Roll on independence.

    • It is a huge problem for parts of England, not helped in the slightest by privatisation (Scottish Water is not immune to detrimental change simply not so severe) leading to “cost effective” solutions such as cheaper not to repair leaks, I kid you not, bean counter madness.
      The irony is that it is the richest areas in the south where supplies are stressed to critical, the aquifers are unable to support the increased populations… London used to recycle water 6 times before it finally disappeared to sea, doubtless more than that now.
      It makes no financial sense to supply there from Scotland, desalination is their only solution but requires power they are also short of, and yep, we’d still be getting charged for it…

      • I’m ashamed to say I didn’t, an English council had more say over what happened in Wales than the people, almost unanimously voted against by Welsh MP’s, but still happened. 50 years later they apologise, so that’s ok then.

  21. Keep on going…while other bloggers go slightly off the rails your down to earth intelligent analysis of current events keeps me sane…. thanks.

  22. Your always good, but 2020 has been on fire. Loving the podcasts fae the dughoose too. Keep up the good work. Lynn.

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  23. Well done Paul. If anyone in the Independence movement deserves to have such a financial burden lifted from their shoulders it’s you. I can’t thank you enough for all the great work you’ve been / are doing X

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