The ugly truth about British nationalism

Yet again British nationalist fascist thugs have rioted in the centre of Glasgow, and yet again we see the intimate connection between racism, anti-Catholic bigotry, so-called loyalism, and British nationalism. And yet again the Conservative party in Scotland is conspicuous by its silence. For all the hand wringing about the independence movement, Scotland’s racism is tightly bound up with British imperialism. For far too long the media and establishment in Scotland have turned a blind eye to Scotland’s problem with British nationalism. It’s time that ended.

This doesn’t come out of nowhere. We had British nationalist fascist thugs sending bullets and parcel bombs through the post in 2011. We had threats to journalists writing about their beloved fitba club in 2012. We had British nationalist fascist thugs attacking peaceful independence supporters in 2014. We had British nationalist fascist thugs attacking Irish republicans in 2019. And in 2020 we have seen British nationalist fascist thugs run rampage in the centre of Glasgow, because they know that they’ve got away with it before, and they’re convinced they’ll get away with it again. For far too long the authorities in Scotland have appeased them, covered up for them, tried to blame ‘both sides’ when it’s only British nationalists fascist thugs who are guilty of violence. And for generations we’ve had institutionalised anti-Irish racism masking itself as sectarianism, as a problem for the fitba, as a problem for the West Coast. And generation after generation, year after year, it goes on and it goes on because the media and authorities in Scotland are too afraid to call this out for what it is. This is not a Scottish problem. This is not an Irish problem. This is a problem with British nationalism and its violent entitlement.

Let’s be clear. The violence in George Square is not Scotland’s shame. This is a problem which belongs to British nationalism in Scotland. This is a British problem. Britishness owns it. Sectarianism and racism are a disease of British nationalism. Rule Britannia is the song that they chant while they’re kicking our heads in. The union flag is the flag they fly to tell us that we don’t belong. You don’t need to scratch British nationalism deeply in order to expose it as an ideology of exclusion, of supremacy, of exceptionalism, of hatred. It’s entirely a property of British nationalism. Hatred in Scotland wears red white and blue. Bigotry waves the union flag. Racism sings God Save the Queen.

Let’s be clear. This is not as you will see or hear in the woefully complicit Scottish media “clashes between rival protesters”. This is British nationalist fascist thugs attacking peaceful law-abiding people who disagree with them. This is a violent assault by British nationalists defending what it pleases them to call the Union. There is no moral equivalence here. There is only British nationalist fascist thugs and their innocent victims. One side organised a peaceful gathering in support of the rights of vulnerable people, the other side turned up purely to attack them.

For generations, racist and sectarian bile has been spewed on football terraces, during the Orange Order’s hate fests, in sports clubs, in pubs and clubs, and it has largely been ignored by the police. It’s long past time that the law in Scotland adopted a zero tolerance policy towards Britain’s racism problem in Scotland. Bigotry is not culture. Hatred is not culture. Screaming anti-Catholic abuse outside a Catholic church while children making their First Communions cower inside is not culture. British nationalist fascism isn’t culture. It’s the naked display of British exceptionalism. It’s the naked display of violent power. It’s the naked display by supporters of the British state of what they will wreak upon anyone who dares to challenge them.

We have a Scottish media which for far too long has appeased fascism, because that’s exactly what it is when the BBC publishes a story about the events of this evening titled “Police intervene amid rival protests in Glasgow.” There were no rival protests. The police were not standing between two angry baying mobs. The police were being attacked by fascists who were hell bent on attacking any innocent pedestrian whom they suspected to be ‘other’, to be not properly British, to be a ‘fenian’, to be black. A media that doesn’t call that out for exactly what it is is a media that enables fascism, that is complicit in fascism, that appeases fascism.

The BBC in Scotland is an absolute disgrace, carrying on in the grand old tradition of framing British nationalist thuggery as rival protests, as anything but what it is – a sickness that runs right to the very heart of British nationalism in Scotland, that same British nationalism that the BBC so assiduously promotes.

The Scottish Conservatives are an absolute disgrace. For years their politicians have dog whistled on social media about the “Queen’s 11”. They’ve happily stoked the hatred of the far right British nationalist mob with their constant demonisation of independence supporters. And now that British nationalist mob runs riot, for the second time this week, in the streets of Glasgow and they say nothing.

Nothing to do with me, guv, is the Tory response. How dare you tar me with that brush, is the response of British nationalists in the Labour party. Well this is your problem. This is your side. You are responsible for this mess. Did you see it? Did you see what went on in the centre of Glasgow? That’s what British nationalism looks like in the raw. Fix it. Fix it now. Do something. Speak out. Because if you don’t you’re every bit as bad as those who throw punches in the street while screaming about about tarriers and fenians.

And yes, I am fucking angry. Yes, I am raging. When I was a kid, many decades ago, I cowered in terror in a Catholic church while British nationalist fascist bigots banged their big drum and bellowed songs of hatred outside. And here we are, in 2020, and those same British nationalist bigots are running amok in our streets and in our communities, terrifying and intimidating anyone whom they perceive to be a threat to the ascendancy of British rule – migrants, people of colour, Catholics, Irish people, independence supporters. Our toleration for them ends today. It’s time they went to jail. It’s time we called them what they are – British nationalist fascist thugs.

It’s only a matter of time before those same far right British nationalist fascist thugs attack a yes rally, and then the Scottish media and British nationalist politicians will rub their hands with glee and blame the independence movement for creating division.

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91 thoughts on “The ugly truth about British nationalism

  1. Apologies for the repeat – I posted this response at the tail end of the previous thread – but it does seem particularly apposite here, so here goes:

    It is a sign that the BritNats are getting very unhappy with the way things are going in Scotland. All that example of shining leadership, getting all that unfortunate exposure on the BBC without being abruptly cut off or Sarah Smith and Glenn Campbell being able to “mediasplain” it all away.

    So the latest response comes from the blackshirts, long kept on a tight leash (apart from that little moment of “exuberance” on IR1 night) for fear it would alert too many “soft-no’s” to the reality of who their real “friends” were. Now trying to put on the frighteners instead with this lame excuse to “defend statues” that nobody but them cares a flying fart about.

    This is a naked attempt to escalate the “Ulsterisation” threat. But it reveals who these people truly are. No doubt we’ll be getting condemnation by the usual opposition suspects before too long. (cough)

    • WGD’s closing point on possible repercussions in regard to YES marches and your final paragraph are too apocryphal and is probably what the British State organisations are working towards, in order to clamp down on us cancelling the Treaty of Union

    • No, the police are hardly the problem here. They don’t want to be there in force, having to deal with rampant morons. The real appalling behaviour, besides that of the blackshirts themselves, is from our willfully-blind collaborationalist media. In that recognition, Paul has our true target well in his sights.

      (Which incidentally is why he – like most truly representative pro-indy voices – never gets asked to appear on any of their channels. And is thus deliberately starved of any appearance income, while the BBC is simultaneously perfectly content to dole out support funds – our licence fee, no less – to fuel yet more one-sided pro-Union propaganda.)

      • “They don’t want to be there in force, having to deal with rampant morons.” Maybe they don’t want to – but what the hell are we paying them for?

      • We should not be trying to put the blame on Police Scotland. I passed through George Square on Sunday and it was ringed by Police. I cannot recall before having seen such a large presence. All of the crowd gathered in the square were the kinds of people seen at Rangers FC matches, accompanying Orange parades – almost entirely male, most middle aged and older, many with tattoos and shaven heads, some carrying various banners of right wing groups, plus a lot of union flags and red, white and blue banners. “Rule Britannia” and “God Save the Queen” were being sung. At the time I passed there were no other groups in or near the Square and so the gathering while ominous (my perception) and a bit noisy, could not be deemed disorderly and those in the Square could argue that they were exercising their right to assemble and demonstrate.

        Of course, I suspected what would happen if any other group attempted to exercise a similar right, and, when it did, the Police were able to intervene quickly. So,their foresight and numbers, in my view were correct.

        Paul has focussed, rightly, on the role of the media and has put the blame for the disturbances where it really lies and has lain for decades. The Scottish media to a large extent tries to adopt an unjustifiable ‘even-handedness” – a ‘one side is as bad as the other’ framing.

        While he rightly condemns the media reporting, I think, too, we must also focus specifically on the role of the ‘sports’ sections, where ‘sport’ means, mainly football, mainly the Old Firm and particularly, Rangers. The Herald/National/Evening Times actually run daily features specifically about Rangers written by an admitted Rangers supporter. Sometimes, there are editions which do not even have anything about Celtic. (For Jags fans like myself, I have to be content with about 2/3 a week.) The Herald dismissed Graeme Speirs because he had written strongly critically of Rangers (despite being an acknowledged supporter) and the group also sacked Angela Haggerty, who worked on a different title for tweeting support for Mr Speirs, as a fellow NUJ member. She was subsequently re-engaged. To be fair, there are now more articles and features in the press and on radio and TV which criticise Rangers, but there still is a tendency to show favour and to downplay the ‘British Nationalist element and the appropriation of the Union flag.

        There stillremains a significant ‘loyalist’ presence in the Scottish Conservative Party.

        • I think you are spot on with what you say about the police presence in the square yesterday. They were there in numbers, fully prepared to deal with violent behavior if it arose. They learned from Sunday that gatherings of this sort are almost always accompanied by thuggery and other unacceptable behavior. They responded appropriately when violence did happen and can’t be criticised for that.

        • “At the time I passed there were no other groups in or near the Square and so the gathering while ominous (my perception) and a bit noisy, could not be deemed disorderly and those in the Square could argue that they were exercising their right to assemble and demonstrate.”

          Just read that back to yourself, Alasdair.
          We should feel threatened or menaced by a gang of thugs as we walk the streets of Glasgow?

          See my other post.
          It has feck all to do with Rangers or Celtic. It is divide and conquer, and sit back and watch ordinary working folk be bullied and beaten by the Blackshirts.

          Such an ‘innocent’ recording of events as they unfolded over the week end …

          • Jack, I gave some thought to what I was writing and re-read it at your request. I do not think that what you have claimed in your next paragraph follows from what I wrote. I do not think we should ‘feel menaced or threatened by a gang of thugs’ nor am I indicating anywhere that it is acceptable.

            With regard to Rangers or Celtic (and I think you have fallen into the common error of making a false equivalence between the clubs and their fans; the clubs and their respective fans should be discussed separately – for the people involved, symbols are very important. That was one of the reasons they were in the Square – the statuary are important symbols for them of the ‘ruling order’. When I passed through the square, all of the symbols I see when an Orange Walk goes down Maryhill Road or Rangers are playing at Firhill were on show. Rangers – ‘The Queen’s Eleven’ – are an important symbol for them.

            I agree with you about divide and rule, but I do not think that Police Scotland were engaged in that. I think it is simplistic and wrong to caricature all of Police Scotland’s officers as fitting a trope that suits a particular left-wing agenda. In my experience, some left wing groups engage in ‘straw men fallacies’ as much as those on the right.

            I have done some voluntary work since I retired with the Violence Reduction Unit and the officers I have met are far more nuanced and reasonable people than the stereotype you seem to be advancing.

            Of course there are things in the Sheku Bayoh case that stink as there were in the Surjit Singh Chhokar case, and these have to be addressed, but let us show a more charitable attitude to Police Scotland, in general.

        • This post is entirely correct and the Police are having their powers held back by the governments softly softly approach. Much as I detest Unionist thugs, the troubles have been caused by their Republican Green Brigade rivals spoiling for a fight and must be equally at blame for the unsavory scenes over the weekend.

          • Are you for real?

            You blame a fictitious “Republican Green Brigade” for the behaviour of the self proclaimed Loyalists and right wing National Defence League thugs?

            I guess it takes all sorts and you’re an allsort.

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  3. Could not nor would argue with any of that, and “Scottish media and British nationalist politicians will rub their hands with glee and blame the independence movement for creating division” is a well worn theme they roll out each and every day already.

    That malevolence has always draped itself in red, white and blue, and Johnson/Cummings knew well the hype over statues would provoke it. They will be feeling particularly pleased with themselves to see it flare in Glasgow, the “It’s all Sturgeon’s fault” campaign will now go into overdrive…

  4. Also thoroughly disgusted by today’s events. The scenes are horrific and the behaviour is not representative of most Scots. Many of the people who attended the asylum seeker demo will have been traumatised by violence and war from the countries they have escaped from to find sanctuary in Scotland. The demonstration I understand was about the very difficult financial conditions asylum seekers are experiencing during lockdown. What must the participants have felt when they saw a massive police presence and all these ignorant, angry, violent, Fascist (mostly male) thugs running around Glasgow city centre? I grew up near Maryhill in the 1970s and remember some of the local kids talking about Northern Ireland paramilitary organisations with a sense of pride and affiliation. Of course, they could well have heard all this from family members who were stationed in Northern Ireland at that time. The 1970s was a very dark time and we can be proud of how Scotland has moved away from all that to become a much more enlightened, outward looking and tolerant place. This progress now appears to be threatened because a few rich people in another country wanted to make even more money with a hard Brexit. We need to find out exactly who is behind this as these participants don’t exactly look bright enough to pull a strategy together. Are these far right incidents being orchestrated by MI5 or the heart of Westminster (perhaps Cummings)? Is it Unionist parties closer to home or some joint endeavour?

  5. Totally agree Paul. Time the cops chased these racist scumbags out of Glasgow. If a group is not authorised to have a demo in the square then arrest them everyone one of them send in every police resource neccessary to get rid of this poison They claim they are protecting the cenotaph There are liars they are just trying to stop authorised peaceful demos. No doubt their disgusting intervention was arranged via anti social media on their sad little chat groups. Pathetic!!

    • But, Eilidh, they are ‘Lpyalists’ according to the Daily Record.

      This is Doublespeak for Loyal Sons of William, Rangers through and through, Professor Adam Tomkins WATP, Murdo The Queen’s Eleven Fraser’s Blackshirts, their ‘Defence League, God Save the Queen, and who are the dwindling dregs of humanity who are still buying this Police Gazette Rag.

      And lest you Sellick Oo Ah Up The Ra are reading my outburst, and think I’ve let you off the hook, the Fenians and the Loyalists, in the sense that the Knuckledraggery described in our Blahs and TV, are twa fleas aff the same rancid dug.

      The Boards of Rangers and Celtic sit in the posh seats and rake in millions pandering to this vicious fascist evil. and the vast majority of us, that’s over 5 million Scots citizens just have to put up with it, under threat of escalated violence and destruction of property if we speak out.

      Well, no more.

      For a start, hacks at the Record, stop referring to these psychos as ‘Loyalists’.

      It is a deliberate editorial choice, to tie these vandals in with their soul mates in Belfast.
      It sells papers.

      Any day now the ‘Ulsterisation’ of our Independence Movement fiction will be a Macwhirter Opinion Piece.

      These frighteningly savage men are evil sick thugs.

      I gather 6 were arrested.

      Name and shame them and do background pieces on each of them.

      Expose them to public indignation.
      Go on, Hutcheson, Clegg, Gordon, Davidson, do some real journalism for a change.
      Who is behind this rentamob?

      Plaster their photos on the front page of your Brit Nat propaganda rags next to Carlaw’s Leonard’s Rennie’s, Tomkins, Kelly’s, Fraser’s, and Rumble’s.

      They are after all the Red Blue and Yellow Brit Nat Tories’ loyal paramilitary cohort, ready to defend their Union, by unleashing a reign of terror.

      Paul, I applaud your constraint.
      It must have been an extremely difficult piece to write.

      There is an evil running through the Old Guard Establishment in Scotland who look away, as this sick gang of thugs work their magic on our society.
      Well, we the people of Scotland will tolerate it no more.

      Where are the Brit Nat politicians hiding while this mayhem unfolds in their name?
      Where are the Church Elders and Bishops?
      Self isolating.

  6. Magnificent Paul….stay angry ( just don’t frighten the Dug 🙂 )
    You did forget that North Lanarkshire Council also has capitulated to the British Nationalists when attempting to acknowledge an neighbouring countries emancipation by flying their flag for one day!
    Nevertheless….we should all keep up the pressure,we should demand that the police,courts and Holyrood do their job.
    If it is unacceptable like they say it is…they must do something about it.
    That’s what we pay them for and we shouldn’t accept a second rate service.
    In this heat ( Scotland,I,know ) those police didn’t need to be running around George Square in what must have been pounds of gear.
    Our Government shouldn’t get away with “tut,tut” tweets.
    Our Courts don’t get to claim “social distancing” when there’s a shit load of empty venues .
    Our media need to understand that it’s perfectly possible to restrict ownership to domiciled Scots and leave content free in a Scottish Constitution.
    So stay angry Paul…keep calling it out for what it is

  7. Sadly this will continue until someone is killed. Then there will be wringing of hands, a new anti sectarianism bill and wobble wibble. The powers are there bloody use them. Sorry Nicola, but being disgusted is not enough. We have laws and a police force to apply them. Why the hell are this group allowed to trample over peoples right to free expression and peaceful gathering? Why aren’t they kettled and arrested? Why are the police letting them away with this?
    Thanks for your anger Paul. It needs repeating over and over again because these thugs emboldened by inactivity from authority will just escalate their aggressive and intolerant actions. Someone is orchestrating this too.

    • I agree Mike, but it’s a bit difficult to kettle the fascists in a place like George Square; you would need to deploy a lot more cops. But next time they should take off the kid gloves.

  8. I genuinely thought that the signing of Maurice Johnson all those years ago would be enough of a message from Rangers to their fans that the club had moved on and that that signing was the beginning of ridding the club of bigotry and the singing of hateful songs in the stands. Here we are today almost 20 years on with a Rangers team which has a Catholic manager and more that half of the players Catholic with a number of black players as well and still the bigots rally to Rangers as being their fitba club. The fact that Rangers have spoken out in the Black Lives Matter issue by re quoting their slogan “everyone anyone” is far from adequate. If they don’t state clearly that black lives matter in solidarity with their black players past and present as well as making it clear that Catholic lives matter in solidarity with their manager and the many Catholic players at the club then they will be tacitly endorsing the actions of the British Nationalist thugs. Thugs who are without any doubt are all followers of Rangers. If Rangers don’t make an unequivocal statement condemning the rioters by telling them that they and their kind are not welcome at Ibrox then I would interpret that as not quite an endorsement of the thugs but a fear of losing season ticket sales. Rangers cannot distance themselves from this they know it’s a small minority of their fans that are responsible for the riots. They have a responsibility to speak out with a loud and clear voice that they will not allow the club to be further tarnished by association. But I won’t hold my breath

    Malky McBlain (former football fan of Rangers)

    • For accuracy’s sake Stevie G. is not a Catholic. One simple help would be two water cannons supplied with green and blue die. Violent protestors should be sprayed with the alternate colour to their allegiance with a die that does not fade for a month or so. Should make it easier to identify them / prosecute them / ostracise them.

      • ‘die’, Jim? A Freudian slip there? Or have I heard it wrong all these years? Have they really been singing, ‘Surrender or you’ll ‘dye’?

        I am 72 years old, and have lived through the halcyon days of divided Scotland.

        Prods, Kafflicks, vote Tory if you’re a Prod, Labour if you’re a Kafflik.

        Masons, Knights, BB’s, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, the Brit Nat version of the Hitler Youth.

        In living memory the CoS preached from the pulpit that Kaffliks were the antichrist.

        Kaffliks were brainwashed into referring to all infidels, but mainly Protestants, Presbyterians, Calvinists, and even the Episcopalian Anglicans as ‘non- Catholics’, condemned by the papish priests to Eternal Damnation because they did not ‘believe’ in the One True Faith, and an infallible Pope in Rome.

        It is tantamount to Holocaust denial to argue that Kaffliks in Scotland were not discriminated against in the professions until as late as the ’80’s.

        Journalism was a closed door to Fenians, and the ‘what school did you go to?’ still rears its vile ugly head even today.

        When Brian Taylor, Glenn Campbell, Tom Gordon, and other MSM Faithfuls were starting out on their careers, the school you attended slammed doors shut in your face.

        On the other hand, The White Trailer Trash, poor uneducated low skilled low paid Scots are herded in to two camps at birth. Kafflik and Proddy.

        They are the foot soldiers, the Blackshirts, Greenshirts, of the Ruling Class, which has largely settled its religious differences of the last century, and marched in to a non sectarian agnostic 21st century ,but still pay lip service to, the Moderator, Cardinal, and Royal Family, while settling down in the dear seats at Parkhead and Ibrox and munch and drink in Corporate Hospitality Boxes to the sounds of cash registers kerching and the muffled shrieks and tunes of hatred as their Loyalist and Republican Dog Soldiers Fuck the Pope or the Queens fouling the air below them.

        There is no doubt that Scotland is a colony, with all key positions in society held by The Scotia Branch of the English Oligarchy.
        My views on belted Earls, robber barons, and land owners are well known.
        Our Law, Education, Police, and Armed Forces are run by and controlled by Unionists, a serious disproportion of whom are English born, and serve the same function as their forebears in India, Africa, Ireland, and at one point, in the crushed subjugated and exploited lands in a third of the Globe.

        It is a dying Empire, but still holds control of the Press, Money, Education, The Arts, and more importantly the actual land Up Here.

        I don’t give a Professor Two Jobs WATP Adam Tomkins’ lost deposit when I kicked him out of our constituency here in W Glasgow, about anyone’s religion, or none.

        What I shall tolerate no more is this sick farce that we Scots cannot function as an Independent nation.

        The amount of money the Leonards Davidsons and Carlaws are sucking out of public funds is criminal, for doing nothing year after year, other than lying, and attempting to destroy Scotland.

        But I’m sure that they get down on their hands and knees every night and thank their particular version of a Supreme Being for their incredible good fortune.

        Carpetbaggers Lobbyists, their snouts in every publicly funded Think Tank, Lobby Group, and Trades Union.

        A plague on all their houses.

        Now I know that many Duggers are religious, or members of the Masons, the Knights, the Rotary clubs, and who are left right, or middle politically, and who may be passionate Sellik or Ranjurs supporters.
        Many are comfortably off, professionals, and identify themselves as being on a particular tier of the Class Hierarchy.
        Upper Middle Class, Middle Class, Lower Middle Class? The ‘aspirational’ greasy pole.

        I know that many of you wrestle with your consciences when you hear the bile on the terracings, or squirm at footage of Loyal Sons of William or Hibernians strutting their war like stuff on our streets threatening or committing actual violence.
        Well, it’s perhaps time to get a grip.

        This poison must be drained from Scotland.

        • Jack just to let you know I am still here keeping my eye on you,. There is no need for me to comment when you are there, I am fed up agreeing with nearly every comment you make. Maybe it is something to do with us being in our seventies.

        • Prods, Kafflicks, vote Tory if you’re a Prod, Labour if you’re a Kafflik.

          If only it were that simple, at least as far as the Labour Party was concerned. In areas with large proportions of Irish origin, its canvassers on the doorsteps and activists would tell people one thing, while in other areas they would tell people the direct opposite. All done by nods and winks, absolutely nothing in the media.

          And we saw that operating not so very long ago, when the Northern Outpost made a big play for the BritNat vote in the Central Belt as a rather desperate “mee-tooo” aping of the Tories. This isn’t just about Ian Murray. Maybe the party had already begun to give up on the “guaranteed Irish vote”. Maybe thanks to social media the “Irish vote” has finally begun to appreciate Labour two-facedness, and maybe the other side will eventually get there too (though how they split for unashamed Tory BritNattery and for indy when the chips fall down remains to be seen).

  9. The media have a lot to answer for, they are the smoke and mirrors facilitators of hate. Can they explain how they managed to quote the racist, bigoted british national thugs. They weren’t rival protesters, one demonstration( with permission) was there because of their treatment by the racist British nationalist thugs of the uk gov, the other was a racist, bigoted british rabble with the clear intention of causing trouble.

  10. I think there is still an issue within Scotish law enforcement wrt Unionism and sectarianism. Historically police in the west of Scotland have had links with the OO, Masonic lodges etc and I do believe that these residual links still exist. Any actions which could be construed as anti Union whether it be getting ” stuck in ” to the rascists in George Square or stopping English tourists at the border during lockdown are assiduously avoided by law enforcement. Why is this ? It’s time that there is an investigation into these links between the police and said organizations and the cancer is completely removed. The police’s duty is to the public.

  11. This year there issue is simply “If I canny march wi ma flute and drum whilst pissed am just gonna riot and that, no”.

      • Unless you were educated in England, Andy, then it would be ‘O’ Grade English. ‘O’ Level was the equivalent English qualification. Sorry to be nitpicky but it shows how anglicised we are as a result of the media pumping out English-based stuff all the time. I’ve noticed a lot of people make the same mistake. I still have my certificates from 1962/63!

          • Thanks for replying and sorry for picking up on it although I obviously didn’t realise. People do have a habit of referring to ‘O’ Levels here in Scotland when the qualification was ‘O’ Grade and I get a bit rattled because it shows just how much the overwhelming info with which we are bombarded from the south affects people’s knowledge of their own country.

            Apologies again.

  12. “The Scottish Conservatives are an absolute disgrace. For years their politicians have dog whistled on social media about the “Queen’s 11″. They’ve happily stoked the hatred of the far right British nationalist mob with their constant demonisation of independence supporters. And now that British nationalist mob runs riot, for the second time this week, in the streets of Glasgow and they say nothing.”

    Because they love it whan a plan comes together. “Let’s keep the plebs fighting among themselves and they won’t see what we are up to.” – But we can see very clearly.

  13. I cannot agree with the characterisation that this is a ‘british’ problem, not a scottish/ulster one. The nature of ‘our’ anti-catholic behaviour has its origins in W Scottish protestantism, exported to Ireland by Cromwell and fanned ever since. I am from Greenock (nominally protestant) and I have seen this very scottish unpleasantness up close. One eyed scottish nationalism does a dis-service to your intelligent journalism, and is as negative as english one-eyed nationalism masquerading as ‘british’ patriotism NB the catholic church has not been innocent in fanning separation, bigotry and violence too (setting aside the child abuse), but Billy Boys own most of the responsibility

    • It’s definitely British – which is why they fly British flags, sing God Save the Queen, and Rule Britannia. They define themselves with British symbols.

      There is a deep seated resistance in Scotland to recognise that what we call sectarianism is rooted in British nationalism and a British identity. That is a huge part of the problem.

      Sectarianism is how British nationalism manifests itself in countries that are not England. And British nationalists in Scotland need to be made to accept that this is their problem, because it’s not going to be solved otherwise. People have been bewailing it for decades, and we’ve made very little progress toward rooting it out. That’s because Scotland’s British nationalist establishment continually deflects and does its utmost to ensure that people don’t draw the links between anti-Irish racism and the British state.

      • Correct Paul. This is all about white supremacist, anti-catholic, anti-gay British nationalism. And let us not forget that British nationalism is a pseudo nationalism, that Britain (UK) is a faux country.

        Scotland has been recognised as a country since ca.837 CE. England since ca.927 CE, Britain since 1603, the UK since 1707 & UK & N.I. since 1922. The national identities of Scotland & England are much, much older than any sense of ‘Britishness’ which began with the personal union of James VI & I and later this faux nationality is foisted upon Scotland AND England by the 1707 Treaty of Union. But neither of these old nations – Scotland and England – ever lost their true national identities and most have always recognised that ‘Britishness’ was merely an added layer to their true national identities. (The same can be said with our European identity – its an outer layer to our core identity).

        Britishness is all about the British state forcing it’s will upon people (Scots and English) who do not regard it as their true (core) identity. The problem, however, is that the British fascist types whom we observe running riot in Glasgow do not see their British identity as an added layer but rather as their core identity. Many times during Indyref1 I saw BBC vox pops interviewing people who would say,”I’m a proud Scot but I’m British too.” To the British nationalists in George Square that’s not good enough–these ‘people’ want to eradicate all sense of Scottishness and Englishness and for everyone to be British and ONLY British.

        The very fact that the majority of people in both Scotland and England see their national identity as Scottish or English tells us that the British experiment has failed, the drive to force the peoples of this island into a manufactured national identity has not succeeded even after three or four hundred years. But still they persist in trying. BoJo can paint as many planes as he likes with red, white and blue or fly as many UJs as he likes at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo but it will have little effect. The only place in the UK where British is regarded as a national identity is, funnily enough, Northern Ireland.

        It was Robert Louis Stevenson who best summed up the refusal of the people of Scotland and England to give up their core national identities and become purely British when he wrote:

        “There is nothing perhaps more puzzling (if one thing in sociology can be ever really be more unaccountable than another) than the great gulf that is set between England and Scotland-a gulf so easy in appearance, in reality so difficult to traverse. Here are two people almost identical in blood; pent up together on one small island, so that their intercourse (one would have thought) must be as close as that of prisoners who shared one cell at the Bastille; the same language and religion; and yet a few years of quarrelsome isolation – a mere forenoon’s tiff, as one may call it, in comparison with the great historical cycles – have so separated their thoughts and ways that not unions, not mutual dangers, nor steamers, nor railways, nor all the King’s horses and all the King’s men, seem able to obliterate the broad distinction.”

        British nationalism has to accept that it is a mere layer and was never a real player.

        • Just want to say, there are also many English people in England who see themselves as British and don’t refer to their Englishism. I know someone who moved to Scotland from the deepest darkest south many moons ago, who always thought he was British, rather than English, which, when I asked how he considered his identity was bemused when told, we Scots are Scottish, not British, Scottish. He just didn’t get it. Deeprooted in the English education system and football.

    • I suspect you are viewing this from your one eye and I could hazard a guess where that eye is located.

  14. They are “Only obeying orders” at the BBC (even protecting fascism is OK if it is BritNat Fascism).

    They are apparently unaware that this defence was found to be no longer enough to escape punishment at Nuremberg.

    Royal Charter for the continuance of the British Broadcasting Corporation.

    6. The Public Purposes

    (4) “…….. help contribute to the SOCIAL COHESION and WELLBEING of the United Kingdom.”

    my Caps!

    Think The Pentagon may have had the BBC in mind when it tried to have Journalists covered as “unprivileged belligerents” in its warfare manual in 2015.

    • Exactly its ok as long as they do it anyone else thats fascism makes me sick the double standards and hypocrisy britishness is just English supremacist arrogance under a different name to dodge blame hence the times aboard when England thugs start trouble in another country hosting the fitba the media says uk fans or british fans not England fans because England is never to be seen as the bad guy ever. This is practically the same just there target is different as it was asylum seekers just wanting to improve their lives by peaceful protest and these supremacist thugs just attacked for no reason other than they wanted trouble and believe they wont be punished for it.

  15. Morning all,
    No disrespect to the lady but Vera Lynn has finally shuffled off at the age of 103. Might have to read a book this weekend as it will be wall to wall a ra ra Britannia, God save the queen nostalgia sadly that’s what keeps them going. 😒

    • Exactly what I just said to my husband! 😂

      Since she has lived to such a grand old age the Beeb will have plenty of programmes in the can for this eventuality and there will be lots of ‘in place of the scheduled programme’ tonight.

    • We can probably expect something resembling a ‘State Funeral’, too, and a sombre, serious-voiced speech (yes, I know, I’m pushing it) by the Prime Minister referring to how she encapsulated all that was good about ‘the country’ [sic.] and [sick] and the good ol’ British spirit invoked by Dunkirk and facing off the Blitz with a cheery smile and a ”Ello, ducks’ etc etc [cont. on p.92].

    • Wishing no disrespect either, but she spent 75 years living off the ‘I was the forces sweetheart and helped to win the war’ thing because she sang a few songs ‘to her boys’ – including ‘There’ll always be an England’ – and occasionally visited war zones. There were many others here and in the US who entertained the troops, but after the war they got on with furthering their careers and did not make a living out of or endlessly remind everyone about their ‘war effort’.

  16. Simple thuggery, draped in a Union Jack. Thugs fighting in remembrance of a battle in the 17th century. A history that isn’t theirs. A culture and a country that isn’t theirs. Even the religion isn’t theirs. And you can argue, even the “fleg” and what it represents isn’t theirs. All this hatred against Scotland and Catholics. You aren’t born hating a nation and a religion. Its something thats taught, and it isn’t taught in Schools and it isn’t taught in churches. No this hatred runs deep and its a “British” thing. But the real roots of sectarianism are Irish and from a time when one group of Irish betrayed their country and their people for a Dutch prince wearing an English crown who had married a Scots kings daughter. It was transplanted here from Ireland and it has been a cancerous sore in Scotland that is long overdue for removal.

    This thuggery, is the only real expression of Britishness in Scotland. It is the only British value they have. The rest is bunting and souvenir shop tat. The union is real, but Britain and the British? – I now doubt they ever really existed.

  17. I have had to wait a while before commenting on this, Paul, because it makes me so incensed.

    Violence is central to the concept of being British. It isn’t a side affect or a malaise that affects a minority of Brits, it is an assumption that their ends justify the means. It is a core belief that “everyone” would be prepared to use violence to achieve their goals if only they were brave enough. Brits embrace and celebrate the “who dares wins” philosophy. They view the carnage that inevitably follows as irritating collateral damage. Like fascists the world over – and that includes the red fascists – they have adopted a sociopathic mindset that, in their eyes, justifies any action they undertake to maintain their position of advantage in everyday life. To obscure this truth from their children (of all ages) they wrap it up in a sugary morass of lies and half truths that they say is British history and then use violence and threats of violence against anyone who questions it. That is how it is and how it will always be so long as Scotland is in the control of the Brits.

    There is zero prospect of any change in the British media’s stance on these issues. The lies they disseminate and their lies of omission will never change. They are are an integral part of sustaining and obscuring the truth about Britishness. Nor will the British political parties ever change because they are truly British. It is not an aberration that the Labour Party went, stone cold, heart and soulless into unleashing violence in the middle east. They are Brits in exactly the same way as the Tories and Lib Dems are. They believe violence to be an inconvenient necessity in life – always providing that this week’s enemy is weak enough to be destroyed without relevant civilian casualties on their side. Be sure that China will be safe from British violence but like all predatory animals they will prey on those whom they judge to be weak.

    We must be smart in countering British violence and the lies which sustain it. We need to keep doing what we have been doing. We are the irresistible force that is gradually shifting what the Brits have convinced themselves is their immovable object. In the not too distant future just one more Scot will put their shoulder to the task and the momentum will rapidly push Brutishness into the past, where it belongs.

  18. Oh, Paul … you are so right in every single point you make in this piece. It should be printed in every newspaper in the country … but it won’t be. Like you, I am blazing angry too. Born and raised in Glasgow, to a wonderful Irish-born father and Scottish mother, and attending non-Catholic schools, we were taught to turn our backs to the hate-filled Orange Marches on the Maryhill Road, to display our disgust at them. Hard to believe and to take that this is still allowed to take place almost 70 years later.

    No-one can kid themselves that this is not co-ordinated
    throughout the disUK. Remember the photographs of
    prominent ex-Scottish Tory MPs in shadowy conversation with that little fascist thug, Tommy Robinson. Or the video posted by “Manky Jaicket”, boasting that Boris Johnson himself had responded
    to McConnachie’s invitation to join one of his anti-Indy
    (non-event) demos. BJ allegedly declined but lent his support. Support for these vile thugs goes all the way up through Scottish society, but rarely acknowledged:
    Scottish Unionist politicians, some of our Scottish Law fraternity, within elements of Police, Unionist-controlled newspapers and media and, of course, BBC.

    We in the Independence movement must raise our game to combat this. We must remain united in our resolve and not fall into the old Unionist trap of divide and conquer, but most importantly we must continue to call out fascism when we see it and name it for what it is – fascist British Nationalism.

  19. Has Carlaw condemned the right wing thugs? Have the right wing thugs been given instructions to hide the union flag? Can the newspapers including The National stop repeating the nonesense that they are protecting the Cenotaph. They are not. They are actually prohibiting individuals wishing to go near it. Vigilantism was seen in the early days of National Socialism. The Fascists and racists, for that is what they are aided and abetted by the silence of the tories and Carlaw and the passive policing seen so far.

  20. Thank you Paul for this blistering expose, well said indeed. There have been some excellent comments and suggestions below the article regarding this issue. Perhaps a leaf out of the Elliot Ness playbook would be appropriate too. Go after the money.

    Starting in the Parliament, disciplinary action: support this shit overtly or covertly and be subject to possible disbarment, loss of salary, privileges, pension rights, mandatory deselection etc. “Queens eleven” and it’s the disciplinary panel for you.

    Then get it into the civil service and government departments, same rules, get caught supporting this behaviour and you risk losing everything. Then roll it out to all organisations that take public cash – money ends if your members participate.

    Next step, all organisations that take public contracts have to accept this criteria as part of the contract – your people’s behaviours will put the contract at risk.

    Then start mandatory reporting of incidents and publish the stat pack openly.

    Since the press are now taking Govt money, they’re to take a predetermined set of actions in reporting it and have to show the faces of the convicted (cry ‘freedom of the press’ and we’ll see how long you float when the subsidy is cut off).

    Thereafter, anyone found guilty will be denied public moneys until such times as they have honestly recanted.

    Come out to give someone the boot boy treatment and you’ll risk your very livelihood. That might sober them up.

    • Lots of sense in this. We have to see people punished, who take part and support this vile thuggery and the very place to hit them is in their pockets. Also, name them and shame them.

  21. This article gets right to the heart of the matter of why this cancerous hatred infests our society. It is solely due to the complicity of the media and the establishment, there is no incentive for them to take action to end it. This must change, the public must force them to change and our politicians in Holyrood must listen to what the public are saying.

    This can end but it will take political will and a lot of faces are going to be put out of joint and those seeking change are going to become very unpopular and even figures of hatred. No matter, it has to be done. The problem must be tackled and a start in doing so is well overdue.

  22. It’s only a matter of time before they kill someone unfortunately. I can’t wait to put the final nail in the coffin of the British project. We should deal with fascism with severe penalties.

  23. When you stand under a symbol or wave the flag of a country you represent that symbol or that country, these *Peepul* claim they’re acting on behalf of these symbols emblems flags country
    so no denial from the owners of those symbols should be accepted or passed off when they pass their immediate easy judgement that these *Peepul* are other than something that they themselves are

    When the British MSP or MP says these are not my *peepul* these are other people and I wouldn’t behave like that, thereby divorcing themselves from the *Peepul*, they’re liars and they’re bad liars because while the upper echelons find weasel words to distance themselves from this behaviour it’s too late because the rest of us know it’s what they think and believe also, they just wouldn’t carry out the thuggery because losing their importance, jobs and livelyhoods is more imperative to them so they make sure those who don’t care about ending up with a criminal record do the deeds for them, making them the cowards who stand behind the thugs whispering encouragement in their ear

    They use sectarianism racism and any other *ism* you can think of, but it’s all that big word again exceptionalism and they wave the Union flag to claim ownership of what and who they are
    They are *British* and we see them in England Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland, and that’s just today because previously we’ve seen them in half the countries of the world where they are no longer welcome

    We could deport them to Britain if there were such a country, but there isn’t and that’s the problem, where is this mythical country of *Britain* they claim to represent, again another problem, they don’t actually belong to any country, they’re an invention, a creation, a virus that infests and infects countries until they’re suppressed, pushed back and not allowed to spike another wave, a bridge must not be allowed to exist that can cause them to multiply, but the powers that be keep allowing that bridge to be formed and fomented so that they can

    So why do the powers that be turn a blind eye to their own disgusting creation, because they need them, they want them, they use them as the footsoldiers of their political power just as America uses their Police to put their knees on black people’s necks, just as the black man in America runs in fear of dying in police custody only to be shot in the back for running away consumed by that fear the ordinary citizen in our country runs in fear of *Rapeepul*

    If *Rapeepul* were not sanctioned to behave in this way their behaviour would’ve ceased a long time ago

    It’s easy to jail a few every now and then and call them bad guys in faux outrage, that costs the powers that be nothing…….and on they go again, Oh we can vaccinate ourselves against them but if everybody isn’t vaccinated, you see the problem

    We may never kill this virus but we can outlaw it by divorcing our country of Scotland from the country where this virus is nurtured then deployed against us, the real people

  24. Fascist thugs openly rampage through the streets of Glasgow, the sole purpose of which is to intimidate anyone who isn’t british enough, and of course given tacit approval by britnat media, politicians and certain elements of the police, judiciary etc.

    Coming on here and other similar sites btl and pointlessly letting off steam about it and equally pointlessly talking about what should be done, but which of course won’t be done, will bring no change whatsoever.

    What is required is ACTION. I don’t know specifically what but it would have to be something which put enough pressure on the police and Holyrood that would force them to act and start coming down on the thugs – and their enablers – like a ton of bricks.

    In the absence of something like that, you can look forward to plenty more of it and worse.

    • I don’t think talking about it is pointless, for too long it’s been ignored by the media. So talking about it and making our opinions known is exactly what needs to be done if we want those in power to start paying attention and acting upon our opinions.

      Not to talk about it is to ignore it, and that’s what has happened for far too long. Only by talking about it and raising the profile of what is happening and who condones it and who condemns it will we some of the “action” you seek. We need to raise the profile of their thuggery and bring it to everyone’s attention.

      Ignoring it and not discussing it is exactly what the MSM and the BBC have been doing for years, this in order to cover up their terrible behaviour. We need to talk about it more, in person and on blogs such as this. It is far from pointless in my opinion.

      • Precisely…
        “Orange jaiket man” and dozens of other plants on QT didn’t disappear voluntarily from TV screens, it was exposure by vigilant viewers and relentless critiques from bloggers sites which shone a light into this shadowy world and forced the media to expose that which they were quite happy to ignore as being “on the same side”.
        Anyone reading or viewing scottish media reporting on the Glasgow incidents as objective is either seriously deluded or suffering from substance abuse. Paul and countless other bloggers are again shining a light into this shadowy world, and sooner or later the media will be forced to face their “orange jaiket man”….
        Bigots and thugs will never truly disappear, but exposing this manic minority to public scrutiny is the last thing they want, which is all the more reason to do so…
        As to stirring this up intentionally by the Demonic Cummings and SiU lot, there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever… LDL today ALD tomorrow?

    • Close Ibrox and Parkhead.
      ‘Action’ enough for you JMD.
      You may recall the Better Together and Greens scrapping the OBFA and cheering cos they beat the Nats.
      I’d venture, with some cause, to suggest that every one of these animals are Rangers Supporters.
      But the message went out; no football colours, just Black Shirts.
      That Rangers are allowed to stage an ‘Armed Forces Day’ still beggars belief.

  25. The anti-Scottish MSM, by its deliberate misreporting of events in George Square, is blatantly condoning such behaviour.

    The MSM in Scotland is filth.

    All decent people must boycott the MSM.

  26. Raised on the south side of Glasgow from a family steeped in the orange lodge and living a couple of miles from Copeland Rd I knew these idiots well. Couldn’t understand why my family always fought with my Uncle cause he was a Kafflick.😡Hated the bigotry and still do. Living in the east coast you forget the madness of it. Couple of years ago a pal and I stayed in Kinning Park as we were attending the SNP conf at the secc.She was horrified at the Ulster flags flying on the pubs on Paisley Rd West.Me I was just sad that it still goes on 😔

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  28. Carlaw is worried about the economy apparently. I wish the FM had asked him in parliament if he was now flip flopping away from Johnson and will fight against Brexit.

    The tories are lemmings drive off a covid cliff testing their eyesight, pick themselves up then decide to jump of the Brexit cliff.

  29. I do not wish to add controversy to this discussion but the “seperateness” from non-catholics emphasised by the Roman Catholic church to their followers in the ’50’s and 60’s should be acknowledged. It was not helpful and like the Scottish protestant churches that were anti-Irish immigration, it was about protecting their influence, call it power base.

    Now we have “black Lives Matter” as a social issue and hopefully we are better alerted to power base protection and welcome all who wish to settle in Scotland irrespective of their religious leanings.

  30. BBC Scotland’s the 9 journalist James (I’ve read the email First Minister) Cook attempts to invent news again as he interviews Fiona Hyslop over beer gardens and pubs reopening as he implies the industry were told they could, Fiona Hyslop corrected his *invention*

    You’d think after his last massive dynamic lie about the FM and the French Ambassador and the fictitious email he’d stop taking his instructions from whichever Tory is currently in charge, Mundell and Carmichael last time so I guess it’s Union Jack or the guy with the glasses from Milton Keynes now

    Cooks last lie got him sent to America for a while till the heat died down after the court case, he should’ve stayed, a much more suitable environment for him there

    The BBC eh, what are they like

    I hear the anonymous random racist statue defenders are off to Ayr at the weekend to protect something else, no team colours, they’ve all to wear black so we don’t know who they are, which means the BBC can’t identify them amongst the rival ice cream eating day trippers wae their dangerous weans

  31. Also a “slip of the tongue” by a reporter to the new “stay alert” message in Scotland! What do these people do for a living?

    I have noticed recently that they don’t seem able to find any normal people who disagree with how NS is dealing with he pandemic. That must be tough for them.

  32. So the “UK” test and trace app – sorry, the world beating app – is duff. I think NS must be psychic because she clearly knew not to put any faith in it.

    It must be awfully embarrassing being a Brit. Then again their world beating lack of self awareness might make them immune to such a normal feeling.


    • So predictable that their world beating app wouldn’t work, now all the experts are telling them that to make test and trace work it has to be done at a local level. Exactly the route that the Scottish Government Government have taken from the start.

      Westminster, by comparison, gave the contract to a private company, Serco who have precisely zero experience of public health disease prevention. As a government, they are a complete disaster ran by completely useless ideologically driven idiots.

      Same with the free school meal debacle, totally useless governance, payback for Scotland will be sweet and the sooner the better.

    • So much for British superiority the so called United Kingdom will now be infamous for not having an app for that. Strangely it will have a plane in red white and blue which supposedly will resemble the Union Jack. If so it will be the tackiest mode of transport seen since an Easyjet cruise ship docked at some posh harbour. The UK is a joke and now the whole world knows that

    • Wonder no more …

      In Glasgow, in August 2018, it was disclosed that Serco had been planning to evict asylum seekers before their appeal procedure was completed. Lawyers questioned whether this was legal under Scottish law.[47] Two asylum seekers started hunger striking.[48] Serco confirmed that it was serving a notice of eviction on many tenants causing alarm and lawyers challenged one asylum seeker’s eviction at the Scottish Court of Session. Councillor Jennifer Layden, equalities and human rights convener for Glasgow, said, “The lock change announcement by the Home Office and Serco has caused widespread fear and alarm among asylum seekers in Glasgow. There is confusion and panic among the community – some of whom have limited English and who may not be affected by Serco’s announcement. Both Serco and the Home Office have a responsibility to put this vulnerable group at ease”.[49][50]

      In January 2019, it was reported that Serco had lost the contract to provide housing to asylum seekers in Glasgow.[51]

      A Freedom of Information request by the Scottish Refugee Council showed that Serco had been charged nearly £3m by the Home Office for repeatedly breaching its contract to house asylum seekers in Glasgow and Northern Ireland.[52]

      Source: Wiki.

      Also: (And many other companies associated with it – Google them.)


      Rupert Christopher Soames was born in Croydon, to Christopher and Mary Soames. He is a grandson of Winston Churchill,[2] a nephew of one-time Defence Secretary Duncan Sandys and his wife Diana Churchill, of journalist Randolph Churchill, and of actress and dancer Sarah Churchill, and is a great-nephew of the founders of the Scout movement, the 1st Baron Baden-Powell and his wife, the Baroness Baden-Powell. His brother is former MP Sir Nicholas Soames.


      Lord Soames married Mary Churchill, the youngest child of Winston Churchill and Clementine Hozier, on 11 February 1947. They had five children:

      Sir Arthur Nicholas Winston Soames (b. 12 February 1948) – Former Conservative and Independent Member of Parliament and former Shadow Secretary of State for Defence
      Emma Mary Soames (b. 6 September 1949) – editor of Saga magazine.
      Jeremy Bernard Soames (b. 25 May 1952)
      Charlotte Clementine Soames, the Countess Peel (b. 17 July 1954), is married to The Earl Peel, the Lord Chamberlain
      Rupert Christopher Soames (b. 18 May 1959).[11]

      A former Director: FORD, Margaret Anne, Baroness

  33. The Labour party have just completed their big long talk with themselves about why they keep losing and have concluded that basically they’ve done everything right and it was only Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership that was at fault, the party also arrived at the same conclusion with regards to Scottish Independence in that they’re 100% right to oppose it because schools health and stuff are more important and it’s what people really want to talk about according to their focus group *Labour Together*

    So there you are then you can look forward to Labour in Scotland sweeping the boards to yet another catastrophic defeat even bigger than the last one that they didn’t understand how it happened followed by another leaders election, because that’s what’s definitely to blame eh

    One thing you can never accuse Labour of is them “learning the lessons”

    • When you have Ian Murray declaring that he was proud to have helped in destroying Labour for the union and that they should do it again – tells you that they are aware of how they messed up. But as long as they can keep Scotland divided on the issue and keep Scotland in the Union, it doesn’t matter. The tories have always held that position and the you can see the Lib Dems coming round to it as well. You are seeing the three unionist parties begin to converge and merge to the point were there is no divergence in policies either. At this stage you begin to wonder if diversity in unionist politics was always a sham, and that there was only one UK continuity party, pretending to be labour, liberal and tory. I know this isn’t the case, but it does have an air of versimilitude about it.

  34. This patriot on Infyref2 had me fair chuckling this morning…
    But how did we get here? – The BLM Colston rumpus was a running sore for the people of Bristol, they tore it down and chucked in in the drink. End of…
    That however rekindled debate over slavery, Empire, and countless stories of the “great and good” blocking clarification of historical context by way of plaques, still no statues pulled down.

    There is no connection whatsoever between war memorials and the slavery/empire debate, period.

    Those who created the war memorial rumour had the sole objective of stirring up the “patriotic” nutters in certainty it would provoke civil disorder somewhere, the same tactic as deployed over Brexit by one Demonic Cummings…
    Yes it exposed aspects of bigotry and the hypocrisy of scottish media, but let’s not ignore what stirred that particular cesspit in the first place, #10’s nudge unit…

  35. Slavery’s a big word but there are different kinds when you think about it?

    Scotland was sold into a Union we didn’t ask for and now that Union refuses to let us decide if we want to leave because our fields are stuffed full of good stuff and the masters need us to pick it for them

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