Time to end the false moral equivalence

Part Time Prime Minister Boris Johnson has decided on just the thing that’s needed in this time of crisis. He’s going to repaint his official plane red white and blue, so that everyone can see it coming and go, “Oh, there’s that arsehole coming.”

This has been a week during which everything that the British Government has had a hand in has turned to crap, but there’s always time for a spot of British boosterism. The only thing about British nationalism that is truly exceptional is its sense of its own exceptionalism. Johnson still insists that the British Government response to the current crisis has been world beating, but they only world beating thing about it is how abysmal it has been.

The Scottish Conservatives have had a risible week in Holyrood as branch office manager Surname Surname attempted to score some points against the Scottish Government. This crisis has revealed the nasty reality of the Scottish Conservatives even for those who couldn’t see it before. They exist purely in order to make Scotland doubt itself. Their entire purpose is to make people in Scotland believe that they’re not good enough, that nothing Scotland does is acceptable. Surname Surname does whatever his political bosses in London tell him to do, and if that means he has to contradict himself from one week to the next he shamelessly and brazenly carries on regardless. The man whose boss was described by Donald Trump as one of the few Western politicians he holds in high regard had the audacity to compare the Scottish Finance Secretary Kate Forbes to Trump. The branch office manager of a party whose most prominent member has just gone quiet after making an insulting tweet about a respected professor and advisor to the Scottish Government thinks that he has the moral authority to complain about other people’s use of social media. But then British nationalists are always quick to take offence, but at the same time utterly shameless.

It has not been a good week for British nationalism. Its ugly colours have been on display in the centre of Glasgow, and today on Saturday holocaust denier and the man who was too obnoxious even for UKIP, Alastair MacConnachie, turned up in his manky shirt in Edinburgh to ‘defend’ the statue of that beneficiary of the slave trade Henry Dundas. Dundas is credited, or rather discredited, with having delayed the abolition of the slave trade by some 15 years because he was profiting from it. The fact that this is what Alistair wants to defend and not the right of people of colour to live without being the victims of racism tells you all you need to know about the priorities of the shouty flag waving end of the British nationalist spectrum disorder.

Today in Glasgow more violence is breaking out in the centre of the city as the police struggle to contain a group of British nationalist fascist thugs who have turned up to attack peaceful protesters in the Square who are defending equality. There are plenty in the Scottish media who would like to draw a moral equivalence between the two groups, in a desperate attempt to deflect attention from British nationalism’s problems with violence, racism, sectarianism, and bigotry. There is no moral equivalence between a peaceful protest and thugs who are only there in order to assault them. There is no moral equivalence between anti-racism and racism.

If you are at a protest protesting a protest against racism, you are part of the problem. You can pretend it’s about statues, but if statues are more important to you than human dignity, you are part of the problem. If you are protesting because others have told you to check your privilege, you are part of the problem.

The British nationalist fascists who lash out violently against peaceful protesters are all too often working class marginalised people themselves. They are suffering the consequences of austerity, of a society which prioritises the needs of the wealthy, which rewards the failures of the rich and powerful, and who have decided that black people, Scottish Catholics, Irish people, independence supporters, or gay people are the ones responsible for their problems. They resent what they see as the loss of their status and privilege and lash out at other groups at the bottom of the pile instead of directing their anger where it belongs, at those in power. Racism is not patriotism. Sectarianism is not justice. Bigotry is not culture. Hatred is not history. When you believe that orange is the new black, the only people who benefit are the powerful, the well-connected, the influential, and the wealthy. You are in fact an instrument in your own oppression.

There are serious questions to be asked of the establishment in Scotland, an establishment which has allowed British nationalist violence to go unchallenged for generations. An establishment which has been complicit in racism, anti-Irish racism, and sectarianism and which has benefited from it will not be able to root out the problem unless it first confronts its own role in perpetuating it. For too long in Scotland we have trivialised this issue, treated it as a problem for football fans, as a conflict between two opposing groups where the role of the British establishment is to keep the sides apart. The British establishment is at the root of the problem.

There are serious questions to be asked of Police Scotland who according to reports appear to have kettled the peaceful protesters in George Square, but don’t seem to have kettled the violent thugs who seek to attack them. It seems that the police are far more organised and assertive in their dealings with an anti-fascist protest than they are with the actual fascists who cause the violence.

There are serious questions to be asked of the media in Scotland which persists in treating these regular outbreaks of British nationalist violence as ‘clashes between protesters’. The Scottish media must call out British nationalist thugs for what they are, but they are too afraid of tainting opposition to independence with the realities of British nationalism and prefer to seek refuge in false moral equivalences and in attacking the online behaviour of independence supporters who use foul language. The British nationalist fists keep flying, the British nationalist kicks keep coming and the media bewails Scotland’s shame when the shame is the property of a segment of British nationalism that has been allowed to run riot – literally.

There are serious questions to be asked of Scotland’s political parties, which have campaigned for over a decade to demonise and abuse that half of the population which supports constitutional change. Those British nationalist thugs on the streets of Glasgow might not be supported by mainstream parties, those parties might raise their hands in horror, but the thugs have been emboldened and agitated by the rhetoric of division that comes from the mainstream British nationalist parties – particularly the Conservatives. Both Labour and the Conservatives have been tolerant of extreme British nationalists in their midst. It’s long past time that anyone with links to British nationalist supremacist organisations was purged from mainstream political parties.

This weekend we will doubtless see newspaper columns about Scotland’s shame. This is not Scotland’s shame, this is a shame which has been visited upon Scotland by British nationalism. It’s long past time that we recognised that the real problems of violence, extremism, fascism, racism, and bigotry in Scottish politics and public life are problems with British nationalism. Enough of the false moral equivalence. It serves only to perpetuate the problem.

And finally, an appropriate new song from Scottish sing songwriter resident in Barcelona, Louis Rive …

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51 thoughts on “Time to end the false moral equivalence

  1. Excellent as always. Could you just remember for future articles that the designated name for ABdePJ, designated by Ruth Thingummy no less, is “The Arse”.

  2. Far from calling out the fascists and what their goals are, the media – including the BBC – will fan the flames. They are devoid of

    Fundamentally, the only difference between the media and the thugs is their role, and therefore their methods, of destroying life. Their goals are the same; their immorality is identical. They are The Brits in all their obnoxious glory. Rule Brittania, We’ll Meet Again they sing as they attack innocent people, in George Square, in their rags and in their studios.

    I am confident that their infamy will persuade a few more Scots to turn away from them and towards a civilised form of life.

    • Yes, indeed. Back in 2014 and in the “clashes of rival groups in George Square”, it was a Duch journalist (writing for a Duch publication) who recorded events as it really happened. He wrote of the fear and intimidation he felt and witnessed, and worryingly of the collaboration of police officers with those loyalists [sic] thugs. Can’t find the link to it, yet I remember it well. It may well have been Paul himself that posted the link to the article, just can’t remember. Very appropriate reading to current events.

      Still the same old BBC. Proven beyond any reasonable doubt in “London Calling”.

      Yes, there is indeed “fake news” out there, however, Mr Trump I suspect would approve.

  3. Probably the best article I have read in a number of years. Two thumbs up Paul, forever grateful to you.

  4. After you read this post now read this: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-53120070 Everything that Paul said is spun in the opposite direction to make the trouble appear to be the fault of the protesters and the Green Brigade.

    Police Scotland are effectively saying, if you protest and get beaten up then really, it’s your own fault and has nothing to do with their inability to do their job.

  5. A fine Trumpian piece from the BBC.

    What is an asylum seeker to the BBC? What is a black life destroyed to the BBC? What is democracy to the BBC? Just another opportunity to use claims of impartiality as a cover for ever more twisted propaganda.

    But hey, they are just following orders from their handlers in London. Not directly , of course, because they are fully assimilated into the Brit condition. They know instinctively what is expected of them, how to keep getting world beating shiny beads for being such supplicant toadies.

    What must it be like to be owned? How much self hate has to be projected onto decent people to overwhelm the sense of shame that they experience deep inside their brain?

    I will never know.

  6. I see James Kelly MSP – yip that one, is wishing to investigate the Police over the Kettling of protesters today.
    Scratch the surface however. He isn’t concerned that the individuals were breaking the social gathering rules— there’s still a pandemic folks, whatever so-called good reasons or not.

    No, it was because a branch of the so called green brigade turned up. To me many of them are the opposites of the same coin sharing it with the right wing ibrox mob.

    Nothing to do with social justice or football.

    Everything about the curse of sectarianism inflicted on Glasgow.
    Both do the unionist bidding. Divide and rule.

    Please can the anti racist groups wanting to protest find another way of raising the issue without breaking the rules on CoVID. Which by all comments can exact a heavier toll on those who you are supposed to support and wish to protect.

    Injustice will still be there once the restrictions are lifted.

    • You have to question WHY was it deemed necessary to ‘kettle’ the alleged members of the Green Brigade today when there appeared to be no trouble emanating from them , yet earlier this week similar measures were NOT deemed necessary to constrain ACTUAL violent ”statue protectors”.
      Equivalence ?

      • Perceptions perhaps ? Kettling can contain a threat, but also defend against one… Let’s not fall into the trap of suspecting motives, there are plenty on “the dark side” actively engaged in promoting such “divide and conquer” perspectives…

          • It is not your or John’s motive I was querying but that of the Police.
            I don’t hold with the sectarian angle, but whatever dictated Police strategy certainly sent entirely the wrong message.

  7. I’ll let the police answer that one but you must wonder why anyone turned up in defiance of the Police, SNP government and the city council who don’t want CoVID to spread.

    Never seen the green brigade concerned about the statues in the square before and the right wing thugs couldn’t give a toss about them either.

    Maybe I have got them all wrong. I apologise, they were meeting up to have a pleasant tête-à-tête to discuss the pros of cons of republicanism versus Brit nationalism. Maybe not.

  8. I forgot to ask. Is the football season back on? I hope the Police keep the Clyde and Patrick Thistle supporters apart!

  9. Thanks for another great article, Paul. Let’s hope that the dregs of Scottish journalism are taking note.

    Police Scotland:- ”Assistant Chief Constable Bernard Higgins says Police Scotland will provide a robust response to disorder across the country.” https://mobile.twitter.com/policescotland/status/1273644704870158337


    Professor John Robertson:- ”Open Letter to Chief Constable and Justice Secretary on discriminatory policing of racist and anti-racist protesters.”


  10. ‘Britain to join despised TTP: Wikileaks – “a huge transfer of power from people to big business.’

    ‘TruePublica Editor: ”I have always maintained from the soon after the EU referendum that Brexit was a con. The team here at TruePublica have relentlessly warned that far from taking back control, Brexit was a trojan horse for big business, to gain control and dominate our lives. Half of our modest lobbying budget went to this cause. If ever this strident belief against what many of our opponents, the free-market fundamentalists denied – was to come true it needed proof – so here it is.”



    ‘How Britain’s ultra-nationalists are being bankrolled by ultra-rich foreigners.’

    ..”The millionaire Katie Hopkins trained with the British Army Intelligence Corps before graduating from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS). Business Insider, which interviewed Hopkins, says that many of her “beliefs” and “opinions” were formed in the Army: “Her strong sense of nationalism, lack of empathy, and relish of confrontation appear to come directly from her superiors at [RMAS].” After Hopkins was banished from UK media for advocating “gunboats” against desperate refugees and calling for a “final solution” for Muslims, she became a star of North America’s far-right.”..


  11. Richard Murphy:- ‘The Treasury has made £65 billion from the quantitative easing programme to date. No wonder the Government wants to do some more.”



    Check out more of Ann’s links on the Indyref2 site.


  12. Perhaps on a lighter more humorous note, all these *people* who say they want to defend statues don’t seem to have noticed that all those statues are’nt white, they’re black

    Black statues matter, is that irony?

  13. Just brilliant. Finally this is being brought into the light, which hopefully will lead to a growing realisation …. That the ugliest part of our society is British nationalism with it’s only expression of identity being racism, bigotry, exceptionalism and hatred of anything which nay says it’s blinkered idea of what Britain, of what Scotland, should be.

    This British nationalism of hatred, bigotry and small minded fascism is shamefully facilitated in its frenzy by the blind eye of the BBC and our so called ‘free press’ who refuse to report the truth of their excesses.

    Keep up the good work Paul.

  14. Fantastic incite full and on the money, I can’t heap enough praise for this excellent piece. Scotland must rid itself of the British thugs and agent provocateur Tories, liebour and fibdems. How I yearn for a Scotland free from foreign intervention and propaganda.The irony is that these so called British people are attacking the British people’s of these Islands ,The Irish,Scots,Welsh are the British people’s, it’s just a shame that the “British Nationalists” like so many others have stolen the designation and turned into a name linked with slavery,invasion,persecution,theft and destruction of countless cultures, nations and people’s all over the planet.

    They are proud to a record of subjugation and invasion. Thats how powerful the propaganda from London is, they bask in the destruction of culture and declare themselves to be the “good guys”, full of bigotry and racism they are the echelon of Britishness, what a disgrace to themselves and their families.The British Nationalists are blind and deaf, living a world where they only hear there own thoughts and prejudice, in a dark world void of love and respect

  15. This is a warming piece, bringing together the different aspects of the blizzard (shit storm) that we currently find ourselves in the midst of. What I find hardest is not Covid itself, but the absolute asinine actions of uk gov, then the petulant denying of any mistakes. Everything I’ve always believed in: like protecting the vulnerable or the idea of acting with integrity – now an open sham posted up on a huge billboard for the entire world to wince at. Your no mincing of words approach makes a satisfying read, and you are so right to emphasise that there is zero comparison between slavery supporting violent thugs and those protesting against persecution and abuse (without that spirit Mandela would’ve died in prison and there’d still be apartheid in S Africa, as well as segregation in the U.S, there would be no Republic of Ireland, or of France for that matter…).
    It’s great to read the comments from like-minds, as I’m struggling with the level of overall silence which seems to stifle debate here, and if you don’t hear that in the aftermath of 60000+ avoidable deaths, when will you get it. It’s really quite despairing to see folk still queuing up to buy the Daily Mail and the Sun too, here today in Glasgow, where we have the tradition of the Clydesiders, Mary Barbour and others who campaigned for social justice.
    Thanks to WGD and others.

  16. In previous comment ‘slavery-supporting’ (reads better).

    As for the Green Brigade, I know little of them, but the very idea that young people are mobilising to show their outrage at the persecution of others in the world, Palestine for example, and to support refugees and BLM, is certainly uplifting. It is not a case of religion, which few even practise.

    Finally, protest during Covid does seem at the first analysis irresponsible, but in the taxonomy of survival, there are priorities. It’s a bit like Schroedinger’s cat- So if Cummings and Johnson decided to order firing squads to shoot covid sufferers or those who dared to topple a statue, by being inactive the rest of the citizens would certainly be irresponsible and ultimately guilty of collusion. George Floyd was brutally murdered by those who are paid to protect us, BLM made it a priority to protest, correct.

    • The green brigade are not dewy eyed idealists and some aren’t particularly young. They have their own agenda.

      • Ok, as I said I don’t know much about them, but nonetheless aside from the sectarianism which is clearly not welcome in a progressive Scotland, there is a positive side to them engaging with issues like racism or Palestine, don’t u think?

        • No- it’s a gimmick. They don’t represent the real Celtic supporters who do more good work working quietly in the background and support injustice.

          Sectarianism holds Scotland back and should not be excused.

  17. On the button again…
    Obviously strings are being pulled to get trouble onto the streets, “the statues” the subterfuge.
    With British Nationalists both orchestrating the trouble and reporting on it, this is going to get very nasty indeed.

  18. Hi Paul

    Everything you say is correct. However I disagree on the ” we need to be better then them” approach. They’re fascists. Full stop. Back in the 70’s the NF decided to have a march in Kinning Park. I was in the Labour Party in Govan at the time. We organised throughout the the whole of the city. They all came. We “bricked” them. Remember that? It’s what working people did then.

    They never came back.

    It’s a shame, but we need to do it again. The luvvy dovey Yes movement needs to get it’s erse in gear. These arseholes, the Ludge, will kill you as soon as look at you. I know. I grew up in a wee toon which had LOL Number 1. Fight fire with fire.

    • If you beat someone into submission even if you’re right they’ll never forgive you and always hold that grudge and indeed pass it on generation after generation because you used the same tactic on them and won so they see it as a fight they have to fight again until they win and it never ends

      You fight an idea with a better idea and being cleverer by pouring water on fires, and without trying to sound pedantic they haven’t gone away have they

  19. A new poll shows support for Independence at 54% (the National) with yet more Labour supporters swinging over to the proposition, could that be Runyon Leopold’s hardened stance agaist Independence or could it be the rise of the right wing Unionist facist thugs in recent weeks or a combination of the two, of course it could be the added perception of the Scottish governments better handling of the Corona virus and Nicola Sturgeon’s competence as leader of the Nation

    Whatever the combination of factors this news is again most welcome as it shows a constant increase in support for Scotland to divest itself of the Union with every poll that’s commissioned on the subject

    The consequences of this rising support for Independence will of course be accompanied by increased British Nationalism and more than likely more acts of violence against the community which the opposition will spuriously claim is the responsibility of the SNP for dividing the Nation, and as a consequence of that our Police service will come under more scrutiny in its approach to dealing with that fallout

    So far Scotland has only had to deal mostly with the same type of crime that every other country’s Police service faces and this will be a test on whether our government in Scotland has complete control of our Police service or whether they just balance a management of that service

    As time passes and if the polls continue to reflect opinion that Independence is the answer to the beginning of Scotland’s next journey forward it looks almost certain that support for Independence will not fall back, for when an idea within a Nation becomes a tangible expression of a desire there is not much stopping it including promises or threats from those who wish the opposite

    Once folk have seen the light they can’t unsee it

  20. Independence is at 54% by not ” bricking it”. Luvvy doveys? Waiting to see the term snowflake used. All very right wing. The aggressive behaviours will lose votes in Scotland.look what happened to your party of the 70s and 80s with Militant tendency and the trots.

  21. I believe that a large part of the outburst of unionist thuggery is down to events in NI.
    It will soon be clear to everyone that NI is no longer part of the British state and that it’s future will become ever more bound to the Irish state.
    This is a terminal threat to unionism in Ireland and consequent crisis of identity for those supporters both here and in NI.
    England has forced this upon them by separating itself from our common European home and institutions,leaving NI with the only option of becoming Irish or an impoverished enclave within that island.
    The other problem for the unionist thugs is that the British state has shown that the “precious union” is only words and that when push comes to shove,the Celtic nations are expendable.
    This translates for the unionist thugs that they are expendable as far as London is concerned.
    Hence the violent outbursts.

  22. Sunshine and showers Sunday. Fed up of looking up recipes for yeast free bread, through the wonders of I Player, I dipped in to Brewers Droop.

    The blonde lass whose name escapes me was ‘reviewing’ the ‘papers, well, the Brit ‘Papers.

    Jack McConnell is apparently in the Brit Herald going on about the shambles in restarting Education Up Here.

    It looks like he is going to be the Go To Red Tory dinosaur now, taking over from the Clunking Fist by coming out from behind the sofa and telling us North Britons what’s good for us and how bad the SNP and Self Determination are.

    Lord Big Bucks, given air time my his mate Brewer.
    What the feck does he do for the other 360 days a year. Count his money?

    Then stories from the Times and the Telegraph (I think) those well known best selling Scottish ‘Papers….

    Jeezuz H Krist!

    There was a wee chubby faced Blue Tory MP, Scots born, representing Milton Keynes, who is now a .’minister’ in the Scottish Office.

    A bumbling fool of a man, even with Brewer’s gentle questioning, he, and the Brewdog seemed totally oblivious to the fact that he was an English MP, and of Cameron’s EVEL; English Votes For English Laws.

    Health, Education, Law and Order are devolved issues Up Here, so it is a democratic insult that this chubby faced little Nobody thinks he has the authority to answer questions on The Scottish Government’s strategy, plans, and financial mitigation for Scotland’s Health or Education issues.

    Was that a mental lapse there ,Gordon, or just the usual woolly soft soap?

    But Brewer was back on Hang On A Minute form as he put Fergus Ewing through his paces though.

    Brewer declared that Olf Fergie has lost trust of the Scottish People because the pubs and clubs were not allowed to open on the 19th June!!!!!

    Ewing is scheduling the tourist industry to reopen 15th July.

    How can anybody believe him!!!!

    The usual dithering Yes But Hang On A Minute Brewhaha.

    Gordon will be getting a free pint at the Rotunda for that one.

    Of course, when these pubs reopen responsibly as the three spokespersons from the Bevvy Trade assured us on camera, nobody will get drunk, everybody will keep their distance, everybody will wipe down surfaces in toilets and wash their hands, and our Police will not be stretched to the limit on Friday and Saturday Night dealing with drunken loutery and fights, and our A&E won’t be swamped with drink induced casualties, and our nurses ambulance drivers and doctors will not be assaulted by psycho drunks.

    It’s all going to be the ‘new normal’ and the poor Blue and Green Brigade surely deserve a wee dram; it’s thirsty work running amok and attacking our police and innocent citizens.

    The Price of a pint may drop as VAT is reduced to 5%; that, and the untimely agonising death of a pensioner or two will be cheap at the price.

    By the end of July Brewer will be grilling Jeane Freeman on the shocking waiting times at A&E and demanding that she resign.

    The standard of journalism and broadcasting in Scotland cannot get any more banal and pointless.
    Black pudding grilling; must dash.

    • Have you noticed how Brewer and others only ever refer to ‘the UK Govt’ and its ‘handing out’ of funds to keep Scotland, Wales and NI ‘afloat’ during the furlough and at other times, but never, ever, ask questions about how much is needed to keep the fourth bit of the UK, England, afloat. The implication being imparted to the minds of the hard of thinking, therefore, is that it’s the very rich UK of olde England which is subsidising the rest of us all the time by handing out loadsadosh.

      The very fact that the ‘Bank of England’ is not the Bank of England, but the Bank of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is another major issue that should have been addressed a very long time ago and undoubtedly plants the idea in the minds of the hard of thinking that the ‘Bank of England’ is somehow the depository for all of England’s liquid assets which are then ‘generously’ shared with the rest of us. It’s so much more complicated than that, obviously, but that’s how the average person thinks of a bank and no one, least of all in Scotland’s so called media, ever tries to unmuddy the waters and explain the true facts – about UK Govt borrowing for example and the Scots Govt’s inability to do that.

      I suspect Brewer and the rest know perfectly well what they’re doing by playing the game this way or just maybe they aren’t intelligent enough to understand the economics and therefore dare not ask too many questions for fear of showing themselves and their pals in the unionist camps up.

      • England is giving Scotland nothing. It’s our money taxes and we have to pay for England’s Pay Day Loans?

        But Brewer is Brit; Scotland gets out the begging bowl and that we fat Milton Keynes MP decides whtehr or no England will give us more charity.

        IT ios all nonsense of course.
        Scotland is one of the most resource rich countries in the world. It really is our oil gas forestry, fishes, wind, water and tidal power.
        The day is not far off when Brewer and his subservient hack pals will be looking for jobs in their beloved England. Good riddance.
        The Scots furlough money is our money, not the Chancellor’s.
        We owe English citizens nothing.
        I have more affinity with Norway than England now.

        England is about to enter a heat wave. Let’s sell them some water.
        I am told that there is more fresh water in Loch Ness than in the whole of England. Now that’s putting it in perspective.
        The black puddin’ was deelish.

    • Absolutely, it’s tedious and frustrating that after fhis outburst to Jeanne Freeman he is still allowed to hold court at the bbc

    • Looks as though the Scottish teachers who actually live in Scotland disagree with McConnell. I didn’t see the Brewer programme, so just wondering if he mentioned the outcome of the online surveys carried out by the EIS and Connect?

      ”SHOCK: Big majority of Scottish teachers positive and optimistic about Scottish Government plans for return to schooling including ‘blended learning.’’


        • And what is the Open University if not ‘blended’ learning? Some at home via TV and internet, some via tutorials and some via summer school.

          The OU has been doing it for nearly 60 years. I am sure they could advise schools on the broad principles as well as some of the minor details of distance/blended learning.

  23. As you can see I’ve just rattled this off…
    I deliberately omitted the name of the wee chubby Tory Boy who helps run England’s colony Up Here. He really came across as a bumbling fool, and will get Ruth’s ‘hair drier treatment’ from Cummings.

    • I thought his actual name was Weechubby Toryboy, like Bojo Toryboy or Matthand Cockboy
      Jings!! I’ve been insulting these good chaps and didn’t know these Tories have actual real names given to them by mothers and fathers, this pretence of Tories being human has gone too far, so has Clacton Slackjaw got a real name too, this is not politics, this is BBC politics

  24. I am appalled as everyone else is by the violence being perpetrated by the Brits – even though it is mild by their gutter standards. The Neanderthal part of me is incensed and would very much like to do what the civilised part knows is unacceptable.

    Calling out British violence is essential. We have to call it out with candour and fearlessly but also with due care. We know it is intended to incite. Our response needs to be measured and pointed like your post, Paul.

  25. This is a very well written explanation of the games played on people by the unionists and not only their parties, but certain instuitional elements of government well known for meddling to destabilise certain political success if it doesn’t fit the unionist agenda.

    We need all to keep a watch and challenge those two parties Labour and Conservative to reject racist types from their membership.

  26. Open University are experts in this filed of distance learning.
    I worked for them for 24 years and supplied face to face, phone and email tuition.
    Now with zoom and Skype video tutorial lessons can be done.
    All tjis can be applied to schools.
    I would be happy to advise Scot Gov on these techniques

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