The three B’s party

The Scottish branch office of the Three B’s party, British, Brexit and Boris, is exulting today that it forced a u-turn from the Scottish Government’s education minister John Swinney on kids returning to school in August. For weeks now the Scottish Sychophants for Boris party have been campaigning to get children back in schools. Not because they genuinely believe that it’s safe, not because they genuinely think that the scientific advice shows it’s not a danger to either children, adult staff, or that children who themselves may be at low risk won’t pass the virus on to vulnerable members of their families.  No, it’s all about point scoring and SNPbad.

In pursuit of this goal they’ve put forward failed political candidates who have done interviews with an unquestioning Scottish media presenting themselves as concerned and angry parents. It’s noticeable that the Scottish media was happy to present us with party members posing as members of the public angry that their kids are not at school, but it couldn’t be arsed enough to go out and find some parents who are worried about their children returning to school too early. There are plenty of parents in that category, but their worries don’t fit the agenda of SNPbad, so the Scottish media isn’t interested. What passes for news in Scotland is all too often just grubby, dirty, and nasty political opportunism from the Tories, amplified and broadcast by a Scottish media that’s as terrified of independence as the Tories are.

You don’t have to be gung-ho in full support of the Scottish Government’s education policy to be disgusted by the behaviour of the BBBs. To which we ought to add a fourth B, for Basterts. James McEnaney, who is a trenchant critic of the Scottish Government’s education policies, is appalled by just how low the Scottish Conservatives have been prepared to go. In the Scottish Tories we have a party which is cheerfully prepared to risk people’s lives in order to score a few cheap political points against Thatessempee.

This is a party which would demand that the Scottish Government force everyone to march off a cliff if that happened to be the policy that Bloviating Johnson’s government was imposing in England. In fact that’s pretty much what he’s doing. He’s getting rid of the 2 metre social distancing measure, despite experts like Sir David King, a former senior scientific advisor to the British Government, warning that it’s far too early. He’s allowing shops to reopen, travel to be unrestricted, and households to meet up. England is courting the risk of a second wave of infections, but the British Government is more concerned about what it’s told in focus groups that by what it’s told by scientists.

The opening up in England is politically driven, not driven by science. This is the model that the BBBs want Scotland to adopt uncritically. They are so terrified that any difference between Scotland and England might translate into increased support for independence that they are prepared to allow people to die. It’s bad enough to have to contend with a lethal virus, but Scotland has to contend with a Conservative plague as well. Thousands of extra deaths is a price they’ll happily make us pay if it means that they can avoid a rise in taxation levels. Given a choice between protecting people’s lives or protecting the profits of Wetherspoons, it’s a no brainer for the Tories.

The truth is that the Scottish Government is not caving in to the demands of the Tories. Schools returning in August is contingent upon measures remaining in place to drive down transmission of the virus. Plans for what’s called blended learning will remain in place in case they are needed. It turns out, surprise surprise, that the Tories had previously supported this, but now that their bosses in England want something different they’ve changed their minds. But then lying, dissembling, and being generally irresponsible is very much the Conservatives’ USP these days. The BBBB’s in Scotland are merely taking the lead from the blustering bloviator in chief.

Today Lying Bastert Johnson once again lied shamelessly to the House of Commons. Defending the utter failure of the much vaunted contact and trace app – the one which the Scottish Conservatives had insisted that Scotland must adopt too – he breezily asserted that there’s no country in the world which has a functioning contact and trace app. Which must come as a surprise to all those countries which do have a functioning contact and trace app. Countries like Germany, Singapore, or Iceland. Germany’s contact and trace app has been downloaded over 12 million times. Reuters reported that the app employs existing Apple and Google technology and measures close contacts using Bluetooth short-range radio. Contacts are logged securely on the users’ devices rather than a centralised server. Similar technology is being used by Australia, Poland, Latvia, Denmark, Japan and Italy. Iceland has a track and trace app which relies upon GPS tracking rather than Bluetooth, as of this week it has been downloaded by 38% of the Icelandic population.

Johnson’s casual approach to the truth is matched only by his casual approach to doing his job. He’s more concerned about being able to tell his voters that they can go to the pub than he is about keeping people safe. He’s more concerned about the bank balances of the rich than he is about the lives of the poor. Once upon a time Prime Ministers were expected to tell the truth in the House of Commons and to resign if they did not. Instead we have a part time Prime Minister who demeans and cheapens his office, using it as a means to burnish his fragile ego. He’s no different from Donald Trump. All those Scottish Conservatives who once mounted Operation Arse to keep him away from the leadership of their party now have their tongues so far up that arse that they can tickle his tonsils. These are the same people who appear on the Scottish news to lecture us about leadership.

This is a party which tells us that we need to protect statues because it’s important to not to erase history. Then we have senior members of that party like Norman Tebbitt writing columns in the Telegraph to tell us that it’s important to defend the statue of Churchill because he fought against that left wing extremist – checks notes – Adolf Hitler. I never expected that Norman Tebbitt and the modern Tory party would so willingly admit that they are to the right of Adolf Hitler, but this is where we are now.

The Tories are a mess. They’re opportunistic, cynical, and just plain nasty. They’ve always been that way, but Norman Tebbitt can at least claim that when he was in government the Conservatives were competent in their nasty opportunistic cynicism. Now they just flail about angrily, not caring who or what they damage or destroy as they pursue their selfish careerism. Some of us remember the government of Thatcher which Tebbitt was a part of. I can’t believe that it would ever have been possible to harbour greater contempt for the Conservatives than we had for Thatcher’s government. This lot have managed it.

Scotland does better than the British Government because Scotland is prepared to diverge from it. Scotland’s more cautious strategy appears to be working. Since May the statistics for coronavirus infections, deaths, and hospital admissions for Scotland and England have been diverging. Despite England having ten times the population of Scotland, Scotland now has an average of 20 new cases daily – England is reporting 1300. Scotland is reporting 5 daily hospital admissions, England is reporting 330. Scotland is reporting an average of 3.5 deaths daily, England is reporting 130. Surname Surname and the rest of the BBBs want the Scottish Government to throw away that progress in the name of preserving their preciousssss union. (For up to date statistics on infections, deaths, and comparisons with other countries see

Their problem is that increasingly people in Scotland are coming to the conclusion that a so-called union which forces Scotland to mindlessly follow a British Government which has no concern for human life, which is chaotic, incompetent, and led by liars and charlatans, is not a union that’s worth protecting.

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48 thoughts on “The three B’s party

  1. Covid 19 is the only party in this series of dilemmas that has any control over what happens. The Scottish Government continues to treat Covid19 with respect. Jackson Carlaw and company have no respect- not even for themselves: they are lined up with over 60,000 deaths directly associated with a group of desperately, inadequate frightened idiots at Westminster now totally under the control of Dominic Cummings who- in my opinion- is a dangerously skewed personality who should have control of nothing. Dangerous times??? you bet!

  2. Now that Boris has given England the OK. I hope that Nicola and the SG will protect us from English tourists who may or may not have the virus and could be visiting Scotland Or will it be the case that I have to isolate at home and keep my mouth shut until the English holiday season is over. So what’s it to be close the border or increase infection .

  3. Apparently our FM is yet to see the scientific advice that Boris held in his clammy mits on Monday when he decided to relax the two meter rule. Funny that, almost as if it doesn’t exist / hasn’t been concocted yet by Dom’s super brain.
    Blended learning was ALWAYS the CONTINGENCY. Predictably the Mail and the Express ran headlines today “SNP U-TURN”. I don’t believe for a minute that these people don’t understand the meaning of “contingency” (or own a dictionary for that matter). For the sake of clarity, “contingency” is; a backup, a reserve, a fallback position for emergency.
    This reflexive disingenuousness is shared by Jackson Carlaw.
    Far be it from me to offer Carlaw advice which would be to his advantage but this petty, political sniping from the sidelines will not win any votes. There is already a vast chasm in the levels of public support enjoyed by our FM over Johnson in terms of their handling of the pandemic. That’s only going to widen when the inevitable second wave hits England.
    Much better for Carlaw to adopt wee Wullie Rennie’s “consiliatory in a time of national emergency” approach. If you find yourself being out strategised by Wullie Rennie it’s time to make the move to Velcro shoelaces.

    • How about the U turn on Herd Immunity? But not before the care homes were well infected and thousands of people died unnecessarily- that’s thousands and thousands of people who are DEAD Mr Carlaw!!!. How about this latest Tory U turn which looks very like a Dominic Cummings double back to those original herd immunity insanities….we will find out soon…

  4. The rest of the world sees the UK as it really is. Damning report on UK currency.

    ‘“We believe [sterling] is in the process of evolving into a currency that resembles the underlying reality of the British economy: small and shrinking with a growing dual deficit problem similar to more liquid [emerging market] currencies,”

    This has led them to argue that the UK’s currency should best be seen as an emerging market (EM) currency – such as South Africa’s rand or Turkey’s lira – rather than compared to traditional peers such as the US dollar or the euro or other members of the G10 group of industrialised economies.’

    Currency was one of the main reasons voters gave in 2014 for their decision to vote No – see 3 & 6 below

  5. Bravo, another eloquent summary, the “I never expected that Norman Tebbitt and the modern Tory party would so willingly admit that they are to the right of Adolf Hitler, but this is where we are now” a particular rib-tickler…
    The aspect more infuriating to me than the latest Tory shit-throwing contest over education is the blatant complicity of the media in amplifying it for the last six months, none more blatant than BBC Scotland, or ABC as is justifiably gaining prominence..
    Were I to look dispassionately at what Johnson is doing now in England and the Scottish Tories are promoting, it is a blatant attempt to undermine what progress Scotland has made rather than learn from their successes and deploy it for the benefit of all, the lowest common denominator.
    I’ve never been in favour of imposing border restrictions before, but the merits of protecting Scots from the malice of London politics is becoming an increasing imperative when the Tories are so willing to bury so many before their time.
    Genocide ? I increasingly believe so…

      • JG, I have a sense that Bob meant ‘geronticide’, killing off the elderly either to thin out the herd, or allow to fade away through neglect.

        The Blue Tory Covid Solution (and that includes Carlaw Davidson Tomkins Fraser and the Listory Boys in Edinburgh is an amalgam of ‘Logan’s Run’ meets ‘Soylent Green’, if you like.

        I am at a loss to understand why we can’t close the border if we choose.

        If English caravans cross the border surely they can be flagged down, fined, and sent back to whence they came.
        There is a view that English citizens crossing into a different Lockdown regime are perfectly aware that they are breaking Scots law, and like true colonial overlords, merely stomp over land that is their conquered possession, ignoring the vanquished serfs feeble protests.
        They wouldn’t be getting served in my village shop, that’s for sure.

  6. Said it elsewhere and probably here I’m sure of it. The tories will do anything to keep Scotland in the union: they’re finished without it. Labour used to rule the roost here after the old Scots unionists sold their souls to Ted Heaths tory party. But Labour eventually sold out the working man and the people who believed they were the party of home rule. The Lib Dems used to be something big back in the day when few people were allowed to vote and have been on the slide into irrelevance ever since. They could have been a contender, but they too sold their soul to Camerons tories for a wee seat and a shot of Davey boys fancy motor. In Scotland they have converged so completely they could be mistaken for a single party. The UK continuity party. The main policies of the UKCP is to 1. Keep Scotland under Westminster’s thumb. 2. Pretend to be three seperate UK parties so the Scots think they have a voice in the UK. 3. Shit on Scotland till the Scots stop voting for the SNP (who are bad)

    Now the UKCP doesn’t exist – but it does have an air of versimilitude about it, don’t it?

    • Labour were only “the party of Home Rule” way back in the Keir Hardie ILP days. It long ago morphed into top-down neo-Stalinism, which is the toxic legacy the party northern branch leadership is still struggling with (and failing to deal with) today.

      It was the Liberals who were notably the “Home Rule” party (although in truth they were fairly divided over the issue a century ago), but it had become a core issue by the Grimond era and thereafter. However, it seemed to steadily fade into a kind of empty lip-service without substance after they merged with the Social Democrats (see reason above), and if anything accelerated when the LibDems became a kind of permanent adjunct to Labour in the “Scottish Executive”. (Remember that late unlamented coalition?)

      Faced as they now are by the intellectual challenge of independence, and out of their own abject dependence (both moral and financial) on their southern brethern (who have themselves morphed into continental-style Liberals, ie. free-trading neo-Thatcherites), their one-time unique Big Idea has been surreptitiously smothered and quietly buried. And thereby the once-dominant Scottish arm of the party has abjectly cast itself into political oblivion.

      • To be honest the lib dems cast themselves into political oblivion some time ago. What you are looking at now is a reminder that the old saying “A coward dies a thousand deaths” is true

  7. The whole better together machinery is operating almost at peak levels now after taking a couple of weeks where they kept their heads down a tiny bit at the beginning of the Covid 19 crisis
    When the BBC starts off their contribution to the days news talking about the *deadly hospital* then the forlorn and confused overworked teachers whose complaints seemed only to consist of having to move tables and chairs *again* (sigh) the workload the workload, Isn’t it funny how the BBC can always come up with the one person who says everything’s bad
    Tonight the BBC will move the better togetherness on of Scotland being shit with the reintroduction of Sir Tom Hunter double figures IQ (he’s been screaming to get on the Telly for about a fortnight) he of the “I’ll put up my own money” till he’s asked how much, so if you want to smash your Telly watch the BBC channel 9 *for more of their journalism* those are their words by the way not mine

    The whole better together strategy at the moment seems to be based on “The FMs wrong footed us again we must smash*
    So we watch with interest to see what the Gamma radiation infected BBC can come up with next in thier efforts to enrage the public into turning Hulk green, pretty much the same as the BBC Tories

    If the best they’ve got after almost three years of trying is this builder open windae pigeon story, the BBC are doomed

    • Dr Jim, you are a better person than me, I can’t bring myself to watch BBC News these days!! Caught the STV New headlines tonight though, the usual hospitals baaad, carehomes baaad, schools, baaad, buses/transport baaad, hospitality/nightlife economy baaad. All demanding that the (Scottish) government step in to offer financial help, so SNP baaad. Then, without batting an eyelid, they then report on Westminister where Ian Blackford asking Boris for more financial support and Boris replies that you have already had xx Billions and you are not getting anymore (basically saying, yeah hiv hid yer pocket money, git tae f*ck!!) without saying that without their own fiscal powers Scotland cannot raise anymore money to satisfy the demands that they reported on earlier. Hell mend them!!! And…relax!!

  8. I see the BBC have again dragged Pensioner Pennington back out of the coffin in the bowels of Pathetic Quay that he shares with Gordie Broon. Are Shug and Gordy socially distancing in there?

  9. BBC Channel 9 just invented words and attributed them to the FM

    Reporter Connor Gillies interviewing Sir Tom Hunter says “The First Minister says she hasn’t seen the science on the one metre versus two metre rule” giving the opportunity for Hunter to bump his gums about something he also should know, now that’s let’s just say *inaccurate* from the BBC there because even I’ve seen the science on the one v two metre rule and it’s been known for quite some time because it’s not rocket science, the closer you get to one another the shorter the distance aerosol has to travel, the louder the voice makes it even easier because of the pressure behind air expelled, thereby the closer to ill, very ill, dying or dead you are if one or other is infected, the whole point of using face coverings to help prevent that very thing, did we all know that too class? yes we did miss
    the BBC should ask kids to do their reporting for them, the kids know more about this

    Then again the BBC does sometimes constantly make *mistakes* every day evening and night

    • Perhaps more accurate to say BBC Scotland.

      Last week Professor Bauld from the Univ of Edinburgh was interviewed on the BBC 6 o’clock news about the 1 metre vs 2 metre situation. She explained it very clearly.

      100 people in a room, social distancing 1 metre, 13 cases from 1 infected person. Two metres 3 cases. Strangely Reporting Scotland at 6.35 PM did not appear to carry that interview. Would that be because it supported the FM’s position on social distancing?

      Also last week The Lancet had to withdraw a research paper it had published on this issue. The research into 1 metre vs 2 metre had been sponsored by the WHO. The researchers had concluded that 1 metre was Ok but when the paper was seen by other scientist they questioned whether the data actually supported the conclusion. Result was that the paper was withdrawn.

      So still no clear cut answer therefore err on the side of caution and stick to 2 metres. Seems from what has been said that the people from the Nine don’t know anything about this.

  10. Watched Tom Hunter on The Nine puffing on about 2 metre continuing in Scotland versus England’s reduction of distancing. Inept young male interviewer just sat like a poultice ,nodding his head. No provision of death rates, no challenging Hunter’s statement that Scotland has worst death rate. Just because a person is rich doesn’t mean they are clever. J.K Rowling ,fiction good, opinions questionable. Trump, maybe rich but come on!! The Nine is a disappointment after all. I had faint hopes for it. More fool me.

    • I’d suggest that Tom Hunter is aware that more people will die if the 2 metre distancing is reduced to one meter.
      But he’s a filthy rich business man. Making money takes precedent over saving lives?
      The Capitalist Way.

  11. Scotland has one of the highest death rates in the whole world says the BBC

    I can’t even begin to address that

    • I dont know the parameters of your point but during warfare it’s clear the English were prepared to dispense with a disproportionate number of Scots
      In much the same way as they are prepared to sacrifice a greater number of BAME citizens for the greater good.

  12. I just watched the Nine and was furious as always. I am genuinely beginning to think that they are all just thick as mince. They are like a bunch of school kids doing their version of a grown up news programme. No doubt it’s deliberate and a super subtle form of propaganda that is contributing massively to more people committing to independence.

    I was interested in the Hunter chap asking to see Boris’s scientific advice supporting the implementation of their new new one metre plus rule – whatever that will mean in practice. I would like to see it too. The Brits really are a gullible shower.

    I was interested also in his take on the Brits not extending the furlow scheme, which was to increase the borrowing powers of the Scottish government.

  13. When the Scottish government requested the devolution of broadcasting powers to Scotland so they could licence and or commission flexibily of type specific for Scotland, England as usual refused and one of their *reasons* was that Scotland had sufficient broadcasting under the auspices and conrol of the UK government, the other *reason* they gave was that the Scottish government might use such powers for propaganda

    Now why would the UK government even suggest that given that there are independent authorities to monitor media output, but of course once again these are under the control of the UK of England government, unless that is what they themselves use the power of broadcasting for, that’s why in Scotland more folks eyes are opening up to what the BBC and media is actually used for

    The BBC has to apply for its funding from the treasury because as most folk now know the BBC is funded from direct taxation and not the pretendy licence fee, which is actually just a tax on owning a television, so the BBC are not independent from government if the government pays their wages is it, the same as motor road fund licence is a tax on owning a car because they stopped the funding of road maintainance from this a very long time ago as it was found out they were only spending one sixth of that tax on roads

    Follow the money, who has the power to control it and why

    • Must have been projection on the part of the EngGov, refusing broadcasting powers on the grounds of propaganda, because they are experts at it that’s for sure, and they make the peeple pay for it to boot. Win win eh, for the EngGov, quids in as well.

  14. I’m sure the Britnats will take full responsibility for any spike in covid in Scotland as a result of their insistence that state schools are reopened at their own behest in August. Not!

    When do private (public) schools reopen? Only when it is 100% safe to do so!

    Also, Scotland’s term times differ from those of England, so our schools will reopen just when the hoards of holiday makers from England are flooding into Scotland, and with nowwhere else to go, ie the rWorld don’t want UK tourists in their countries, it is a recipe for disaster for Scotland. Shame Scotland is not allowed to have border control powers, that is one helluva negative with this devolution malarky!

  15. The most powerful devolved parliament in the world….. but wait

    The parliament of the Isle of Man with a population of around 86 thousand people can borrow up to £50 million
    Scotland with a population of 5.5 million may only borrow around £440 million

    Got a calculator?

  16. ScotGov can’t be seen to be doing a better job at handling the CV19 pandemic than UKGov. Solution – lift lockdown in England, cause a 2nd wave just as thousands of English holidaymakers head to Scotland. Scotland gets 2nd wave too. SNPBAD, BAD, BAD. Reminds me of:

    “But your majesty – won’t we kill our own men?”

    “Yes – but we’ll kill there’s as well.”

      • When it comes to most things numbers don’t lie …much
        England with a population 10 times that of Scotland should return mortality rates of Covid 19 at around that same percentage give or take all the caveats, so you would expect in that case Englands mortality rate should be around 40.000 yet it’s not, Englands mortality rate including the deftly body swerved low recording stands at around 70.000 which is around 18 times that of Scotland which is around 4.000

        Yet the BBC in Scotland on their news insists that Scotland has one of the highest death tolls from Covid 19 in the *whole world*

        Their calculator must have been *made in England* with a little flag on it denoting the mark of quality

        Maybe this is why when you look around your house all of our gadgets are made in Japan Germany Netherlands China Korea Indonesia and they all work

    • With Johnson cancelling daily updates . . . . . . Is he planning to conceal a 2nd wave . . . . . Would be very bad for the yoons if England suffers a country wide Lockdown. . . And Scotland doesn’t . . . . .

      • “Is he planning to conceal a 2nd wave” – Probably, what better way to get rid of the bodies hidden already than go for broke, what am I bid for 100,000 ?
        Scotland will inevitably be collateral damage, indeed I’m convinced they are banking on it for all the wrong reasons, Scotland has been a lost cause to them for decades, what we can’t lord over we destroy…
        What’s a few oiks to the British establishment anyway, the verminous Scots even more so, the deluge from Propaganda Quay over QEUH conspiracies will keep them distracted…what…

        • Rt uk news Prof. Susan Michie . . . Saying that last week the WHO asked / begged the UK Gov. Not to relax the Lockdown.

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