Keeping us safe

A long time ago back in a lost and distant past when people still thought that the British Government was headed by serious people, even if we disagreed with those people viscerally, the notion that the prime aim of that Government was to keep the population safe from threats was widespread – and for the most part unchallenged. It was axiomatic that an independent Scotland would no longer enjoy the protection of the British state, and this was one of the main reasons why the idea of independence was not a mainstream one in Scottish politics. So much has changed. So many veils have fallen from our eyes.

The naked materialism of the Conservatives has been exposed by this epidemic. It was always there, lurking under a thin veneer of right wing populist British nationalism and disguised by bunting, flags, military parades and royal occasions, but the current crisis has exposed what is really important to the Tories. It is now as it has always been their bank accounts and their wealth.

As the seriousness of the epidemic became evident, many people in the UK were prepared to trust the British Government to do the right thing. They put ideological and political differences aside. But those people were betrayed by the Conservatives. The British Government toyed with the idea of herd immunity. It introduced lockdown too late, causing thousands of unnecessary deaths. It casually disregarded its own rules when it came to protecting Dominic Cummings, cynically rewriting the regulations to suit itself and making a mockery of the sacrifices of millions. And now it is lifting lockdown prematurely in England, when that country still has a significant death toll and infection rate, in order to protect the financial interests of the Conservatives’ backers.

On Monday, as she spoke to the press during her daily press briefing – the daily briefings that the British Government has abandoned – Nicola Sturgeon told us with relief that there had been no deaths from covid-19 in Scotland over the weekend. That’s now four days in a row without anyone losing their life to the virus in Scotland. Progress is being made, but that progress seems to be despite the British Government rather than with its assistance. It’s a fragile and delicate progress, and can easily be derailed by factors beyond the control of the Scottish Government. One of the biggest and most dangerous of those factors is the crass insouciance of the British Government towards further deaths from the virus.

The First Minister told the press that there have been no UK COBRA meetings for weeks. That means that there has been little in the way of planning and coordination at the highest level of the British Government. That same British Government introduces changes to policy which have a direct impact upon Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, and the English regions without informing the relevant authorities in those places. There was no consultation with the Scottish Government when the British Government decided to introduce so-called airbridges with other countries, allowing people to travel without quarantine restrictions.

The British Government is willing to allow the virus to circulate in the population, whereas the Scottish Government is aiming at eliminating the virus as much as is possible. Those two goals are mutually exclusive. It’s the Scottish Government which is trying to keep us safe, and British nationalists resent it.

The thing about the Conservatives is that they’ve always been quite happy with risk as long as they can make other people suffer the consequences of Tory failure. What the Tories mean by keeping you safe is that they’re perfectly happy for you to contract a virus that can cause a life threatening disease as long as the number of cases isn’t going to overwhelm the NHS. It’s up to you to avoid the virus and keep safe from it, the Tories don’t see it as the job of government to protect you. In their eyes it’s certainly not the job of government to keep the public safe if that means risking their financial interests. Private property and private wealth come first and foremost for the Conservatives, even if it means you die. They’re a party which is happy for the kids to play on the motorway as long as there’s space in the hospital when the kids get hit by a lorry and there’s no disruption to the businesses that generate wealth for the party’s influential donors and backers. It’s a casual lack of care for other people’s lives, a lack of concern for how the actions that are beneficial to the Conservatives and their backers affect others. It’s the selfishness that rules the party, a selfishness that is killing people.

One reason for the Conservatives’ lack of concern is that they enjoy an 80 seat majority in the House of Commons and a Westminster General Election is a long way off. They hope that by the end of 2024 when the next General Election is due that the public will have moved on. We now live in a UK where General Elections are the only means available to hold the government to account, and those elections are imperfect and deeply flawed – allowing as they do a party like the Tories who won 43% of the popular vote to win a crushing absolute majority of seats in the Commons. That undemocratic system suits both the Tories and the Labour party. Labour only pays lip service to radical change when it’s out of office.

In Scotland we have an election due much sooner, in less than a year. We can hold the Tories to account. We can make sure that they suffer the consequences of the risks that they’re happy to inflict upon other people, poorer people, people without the resources and safety nets of the rich and the powerful. And we can make sure that Scotland votes to leave this dystopian mess of selfishness, greed, and avarice. Keeping the people of this country safe depends upon it.

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104 thoughts on “Keeping us safe

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  2. I do not know to what extent we can close or otherwise guard our borders against virus transmission by incomers, but surely on public health grounds we can do something?
    We are on our way to eradicating this fiendish virus – surely we can do something against this dangerous neighbour and others?
    We cannot wait till 2021 to try and sort this out; lives are in danger now and we’ve already lost too many for no purpose.
    And once we’re free of the virus, we can open up our domestic economy fully hopefully closely followed by opening up to other virus free countries.

    • As it’s quite possible that BJ will use tyranical Henry VIII powers to take more power away from Holyrood on01/01/21, I think we need an election, already overdue, or a referendum before the end of this year.
      How about 5th Novemeber? It has a good ring to it.

  3. Following the defenestration of Sedwill it has been speculated that his successor may come from outwith The Civil Service.

    If that is the case is it not possible that Cummings may be the one?

    Be afraid – very afraid.

  4. Nicola was at her usual best today politely answering the ridiculous questions from the press.

    What does it take to become a journalist these days? A free token out of a lucky bag!

    I was also greatly impressed with Kate Forbes, she didn’t hang back in letting people know about the ‘Pocket Money’ way that Westminster runs the UK and who’s fault it will be if Scotland’s economy fails to recover following the pandemic if Westminster refuses to relax fiscal powers.
    She knows their game! trying to impoverish Scotland in the hope that the majority blame the Scottish Government and vote out the SNP.
    Well, it ain’t working London we can see through your games just as easily, or at least the majority of us can. 54% and rising.

  5. The rise in +ve tests in Scotland (7DRA) has declined for eight consecutive days. The 7DRA as of today is 10.0. Single figures await tomorrow.
    The “scientific advice on reducing the two meter rule” that caused our illustrious PM to change UK advice to “one meter or what the fuck” was eventually published on Friday (or Saturday it’s not particularly clear).
    Basically the “scientific advice” makes reference to countries where the wearing of face coverings is mandatory in public (Germany & Italy) but leaves enforcement of face coverings to individual businesses.
    How very laissez faire, how very AngloSaxon.
    C’mon Nicola make face coverings in public compulsory. There’s some very convincing material on the subject on MoA.
    Think on the terrible death toll on Bus drivers that could have been avoided if we’d worn masks. How’d you like to have that on your conscience (assuming you have one). Yes! that’s YOU I’m talking to.
    Let’s get a grip peoples.

    • You could wear a mask or face covering at any time.
      That is a personal choice.

      Stop blaming the FM for all the ills of bus drivers. Now if they all got exercise, stopped smoking…… that must be the FM’s fault!! Plus all the folk who don’t wash their hands or wear gloves or …… all the FM fault. Vivianobivian7 get a grip on reality.

  6. ”Keeping us safe”, right enough, from the bl**dy psychopaths that are now running the country. The information contained in your articles, and data being posted BTL, highlight that there’s loads going on behind the scenes that should have our hair standing on end. And of course that’s what we know about and will just be the tip of the iceberg. In other words we have to get out of this Union, ASAP, via the next election. Meanwhile we can’t stand back and allow the Westminster nutters to undo all of Nicola Sturgeon’s good work and the sacrifices that we have made to protect the people of our country. As far as I can make out anyone coming into Scotland from abroad has to go into quarantine for two weeks. If that’s correct that leaves us with the border.

    Use the powers that you’ve got Nicola and keep them out.

    • And:-

      ”The Scottish Ministers make the following Regulations in exercise of the powers conferred by section 94(1)(b)(i) of the Public Health etc. (Scotland) Act 2008(1), and all other powers enabling them to do so.

      In accordance with section 122(6) and (7) of that Act, the Scottish Ministers consider that these Regulations need to be made urgently, without a draft having been laid before, and approved by resolution of, the Scottish Parliament.”..

      ”Citation and commencement

      1.—(1) These Regulations may be cited as the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Public Health Information for Passengers Travelling to Scotland) Regulations 2020.

      (2) These Regulations come into force at 12.01 a.m. on 8 June 2020.”

  7. I posted this on the last blog, Paul. I hope you don’t mind me reposting it on here as it seems to be more appropriate.


    Anyone else on here watch Politics Scotland on BBC 9 today (12:30 – 1:30pm)? It’s too lengthy to go into (and I’ve forgotten most of it already) but Nicola Sturgeon was basically putting Boris the Butcher right in the sh*t this morning. Pointing out that Cobra meetings were no longer taking place, that the Scottish Government wasn’t being notified of decisions being taken in London, such as in relation to air bridges, eh! flights, and that as she was trying to eliminate the virus she wasn’t sure of what he was actually trying to do. Some of the journalists got more than they bargained for too, for example, Glenn Campbell with his questions on the plight of the asylum seekers in Glasgow. ”As you know that’s down to the Home Office, Glenn.” She and Kate Forbes pointing out constantly that the Scottish Government has no control over immigration, and so on, but that they had tried to do all that they could for the AS over quite some time, to no avail. One tried to say that the scenes at the shops in Scotland was a real cause for concern. NS said that she hadn’t seen anything so far that concerned her other than that she would like to see more people wearing face coverings. Then went on to point out scenes that had concerned her in relation to England. I can just see them all right now scarpering off to write up their Nicola versus Johnson spiel – Scotland versus England.


    They’ll be raging too that Kate Forbes announced, at the CV19 briefing, that she had just released a report advising the UK Government to take immediate action to regenerate the UK economy. Hahaha.

    ‘Blueprint for economic recovery.’

  8. Paul, with regret, we cannot play this WM game any more.
    If we wait until May 2021, we shall be crushed.
    In Jan 21 we leave the EU, and Scotland will be sold off to US Carpetbaggers.

    I doubt that there a re many Duggers prepared to sit on our hands for 11 months, and hope that No’s DK’s suddenly get it and blame WM for our rapid decline and descent into militarily occupied colonial subservience.

    We must begin the campaign now.
    For a start, emphasise Scotland as a nation; close our border with England now. To delay will lead to Jackson Carlaw’s Blue Tory Her immunity engineered deaths.

    Can we really play out this farce? May 2021; yet another mandate. M still says No.
    What then. We shall have lost most of the devolved powers, and the English Government will just treat Scotland as it always has; a colony, to be suppressed exploited, and kept in check by an Iron Heel Oligarchy.
    Passive resistance won’t work, Paul.
    Close the border. The first very totemic step in declaring Scotland independent.
    If we follow this timid democratic route, yet another election, yet another mandate, there will be insurrection further down the line.

    They are laughing at us.

    • Agree wholeheartedly Jack.

      As Petra says in her post above the legislation is there on grounds of health to protect Scotland from the virus increasing.
      Nicola hinted at it at her briefing today.

      Close the border and wait to see what Westminster does.

      Imagine the press coverage from the world media if London sends troops to maintain an open border, deliberately allowing the virus to spread from infected England to an almost virus free neighbour.
      Doesn’t look good on your CV when you need all the trade deals you can get.

      • The British state doesn’t care what we want. Only what they can take from us. Enough of this ridiculous pandering to the colonisers and free our economy and people from these leeches in Westminster.

        They will never give us independence , never . We need to demand it and take it. If the first minister waits any longer they will just send in the army and put down the independence movement by force . What you don’t think so? Take a look at what the UK has done all over the globe, they have a very long track record and everything to lose, if we leave.

        • I was unsure what you were implying because of the last sentence in your post.

          “If we follow this timid democratic route, yet another election, yet another mandate, there will be insurrection further down the line.”

          I know of no other route that will gain Scotland her Independence other than a democratic route, neither do I understand what “insurrection further down the line” means. Who do you see carrying out this insurrection, Independence supporters or Unionists and why do you see this happening?

          I’m failing totally to get what you meant from that sentence.

          • Och, Alex, there is more to democracy than trotting along to the polling station, then disappearing for five years ’til the next time.
            But you know that. ‘Insurrection’ an act or instance of open revolt against a civil authority or constituted government.

            The Loyal Sons of William Blackshirts, Carlaw’s Red White and Blue WATP army, running amok in the Mad King’s Square the other day was, insurrection.
            There are many routes to freedom, Alex. But you know that.
            I’m not here to do your Impact analysis of COVID 19 and No Deal Brexit for you, and the concomitant civil unrest, and, yes, more of that insurrection stuff, which will ensue.
            Brixton, Moss Side, Bristol, were all predictable, and indeed on this site, predicted, right down to the locations of the hot spots.

      • How is that proposing that the Scottish Government declares Independence without a vote?
        It’s simply using the powers it has which the ‘Proud Scots But’ always decry the SNP for not using when it suits them. So throw it back in their face with a power that they do have.
        If you were to punch me and I didn’t complain would you accuse me of condoning violence?

  9. A requirement for anyone entering Scotland from England to quarantine? Just how large is the discrepancy between Covid rates in Scotland and those in England?
    Daily rise in +ve cases in Scotland (7DRA) today is 10.0. The same metric for the UK is 900. That’s a per capita discrepancy factor for Scotland against the UK of 7.3. Back calculating the daily rise in +ve cases for England (7DRA) taking into account lower rates in Scotland, NI & Wales, the discrepancy between Scotland and England (on a per capita basis) of 7.8.
    When writing about the quarantine question, BBC Scotland journalists are using the term “rUK”. I could be wrong but I thought rUK was “our” invention.

  10. Nicola was being baited by the press today at the daily corona virus briefing. She just kept picking up the bait and chucking it back to them. Because she refused to launch into an attack on the Brits she was able to make the measured, veiled criticisms that were consequently more powerful. I have heard her comments being served up in news bulletins. The degenerates at Westminster will be upset.

    Kate Forbes was cool, articulate and informed in the same way that Nicola is. Impressive. Where are we getting these strong women from? They just seem to keep emerging from the unknown. I’m definitely not complaining.

  11. The thought occurred to me that with the absurd rules laid out by the UK government during the lock down like for example a cleaner being able to visit somebodies house but a relative couldn’t as well as the Dominic Cummings episode was a cynical attempt to make lockdown so unworkable in the eyes of the public so that it could be quickly ditched and they go back to their ‘Herd immunity’ strategy which was in effect keeping the economy open at the expense of the vulnerable dying.

  12. Fair play to the Scottish Government – it seems to me that the good people of Scotland are currently more at risk from asylum seekers than the corona virus. And, as we all know, it’s currently the job of Westminster to keep us all safe from mentally unstable asylum seekers.

  13. Alanm … your comments are dross. Shame on you. The Scot in Vietnam who got covid was treated with respect and care. 1 person with a mental illness is not the issue it is the system.

  14. There was a very interesting report by Faisal Islam on the BBC 6 o’clock news tonight. It was mainly about the UK’s, ie England, coronavirus stats compared to other G7 countries. Pretty awful would summarise it but within the report, which is also on the BBC news website, was this little nugget.

    “”It splits out each of the four UK home nations, which sees England just above Spain on 55% and 54% respectively. On this measure Spain has had a worse pandemic first wave than the UK on 52%. England is on 55%, compared with Scotland on 41%, Wales on 33% and Northern Ireland on 30%.””

    Here is a link to the written report.
    Coronavirus: UK hardest hit by virus among leading G7 nations –

    Channel 4 news tonight interviewd Prof Sridhar and Prof Reicher (?) May have his name wrong.
    Lots of praise for Scotland and by extension the SG’s handling of the easing out of lockdown.

  15. Asylum seekers mental health is being affected by the actions of the Westminster unionists Gov. Illegally and viciously, bombing and maiming millions of people out of their homes. Then treating them appallingly for trying to seek or achieve refuge by these same illegally acting regimes. The US/UK and France. They should hang their heads in shame. The Westminster unionists and everyone who votes for them, especially in Scotland.

    The appalling inhumane illegal treatment by the Westminster unionist Gov. They are without shame and absolutely despicable. The Tories will be voted out. In 2+ years before they can do any more damage. The rest of them are none better. Absolutely appalling behaviour. Breaking the Law at every opportunity.

    • Thanks for the link, excellent video. How embarrassing that must be for Westminster, they’re being given a right showing up on state telly as well.

    • Trust in government in Scotland
      Remember only a couple of weeks ago they were filling up the TV with the Hugh Penningtons of this world insisting the FM was completely wrong
      I bet this stings

      • Heartily unwanted as they may be, there’s nothing like a virus pandemic or a war for sorting out the heroes from the agenda-pushers, the rank incompetent and the posers. Or in this case, the capable women from the silly wee Toryboys.

    • Devi Sridhar is being sought out more and more Legerwood as people like Jon Snow are attempting to understand what’s happening in England versus Scotland. Or more than likely hoping that Tory MP’s are watching his programme and will pick up some tips from someone who’s just talking sense. Do something before England implodes.

      Great to see that she has no qualms about stating where they are going wrong south of the border and that trust in your Government is a key factor, absolutely crucial, in dealing successfully with this crisis. It stands to reason that Nicola Sturgeon is trusted by the Scots (most), as she stands there day after day, no doubt totally worn out, keeping us all updated. Additionally being seen to be dealing with, in a most civilised manner, a bunch of twisted, griping, trouble-making journalists. All signs of a true leader. Meanwhile where’s Boris? Doing his press-ups?

  16. There are hardly any bus drivers died in Scotland. Hardly anyone has died at all without underlining health problems. They could have died within a year. An age and gender issue.

    Have any bus drivers died? Who do not have underlying conditions? The buses are driving mainly empty. No one was going anywhere. Plenty of room for social distancing.

    The Scottish Gov made positive efforts. Along with front line staff, especially in the NHS and the population. The people taking positive actions to protect others,

    5.3Million pop. 2,000 deaths. Every one regrettable.

    On average 50,000 deaths a year. (Norm). The human body only last so long. Life expectancy 79 on average. Women outlive men 5 years on average. Worldwide. The highest life expectancy in the world Japan 85.

    Life expectancy in the rest of the UK going down because of Tory policies. Austerity. Vote Tory die younger. Killing off their own supporters. Men over seventy.

  17. The death rate in Scotland on average is 1000 people a week of old age. 79.

    More people die in the winter than the summer (on average) of often underlying and weather conditions. Colder.

  18. Most asylum seekers are shipped out of London S/E to others areas because it is considered cheaper by parasites in the Westminster Gov illegal regime.

    Every action they take is illegal. Then having to be rectified. Declared illegal by the Courts. Acting with impunity breaking the Laws that they make. People are dying because of it. Killing off people. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. ‘D’ notices and illegal threats.

      • I cannot believe that even the Brits would be this stupid. If they are, I predict that the the posh boys are going to need those 20,000 extra polis they promised to save their streets in old London town. This is like the poll tax revisited times one thousand.

        I’m left shaking my head!

        There must be some mistake!

        My flabber has never been so gasted!

  19. Thanks for that Golfnut AND Alex, lol.

    I was just trying to figure out how benefit sanctions can recommence when the Job Centres are shut. I now see that they will be reopening this week in England. Between one thing and another that crowd of buffoons at Westminster are going to see civil unrest in England like they’ve never seen before, imo.

    • Throughout lockdown people could always talk to their local Job Centre staff by phone. Unbelievable they are reintroducing sanctions now 😡

  20. Prime Monister Johnson admits Covid 19 has been a disaster for the UK, well that’s not entirely an accurate slant on things is it, of course it’s been a disaster because people have died in their thousands but the main disaster has been him and his handling of it, because the bit of the UK that’s been handled the worst is the bit he’s in control of, England, yet he still lumps it into the same sentence with the other three countries as to suggest we’re all the same when we’re clearly not, because each of the other three countries in the UK apart from his bit has done a far superior job of handling things than him, and he’s been so dizzily incompetent at his job Scotland Northern Ireland and Wales are now in the unenviable position of having to work out how to protect our countries from England
    Johnson blunders around like some roly poly clown man laughing his way through the lives and deaths of others oblivious of the pain and misery he causes as he rolls over them because he doesn’t care and he doesn’t intend to learn how to care, all those deaths are just numbers on a spreadsheet for some inferior lackey to count, not for him to be bothered by, he’s busy being famous

  21. Car-Lot & the Tory infestation in Scotland are attempting to defend the pointless, a English Tory government that hasn’t had a mandate in Scotland since 1959 , that’s longer than the average age of some contributors here, 61 years to be exact or close enough according to my diminishing mental arithmetic.

    Car-Lot is spitting feathers on the slightest suggestion of a border closure on health grounds (ours) and general population protection ( tough shit eh ) Car-Lot your mob get elected and have the confidence of the public behind you , that’s when you get a say until then GTF and that’s being really polite for me

  22. No beating about the bush here. Well worth a read.

    ‘Michael Gove talks of the need for new leadership. He could not lead a rat out of a sewer with a slice of cake.’

    ..”The cabinet office minister still has not worked out that he is not a detached doctor, taking a look at the nation’s unpleasant symptoms. He is part of the disease itself.”..

    ..”As it happens, there appears to be a very strong chance in the coming months that the United States will take a giant leap back towards functioning politics. We, on the other hand, will be stuck with the lies and the dysfunction for as long as it takes for this terrible clique to be found out and flushed out the other end of the system.”

  23. With regard to all of the issues around this pandemic, health – finance – the economy – public confidence and co-operation, I think Nicola is adopting a sound strategy. She uses judicious language whilst at the same time clearly getting her messages across. She also uses very effective hooks on which her detractors are invited to impale themselves should they choose to.

    A good example of this was when she announced that the R number was higher in Scotland than in England and that Scotland was behind the curve. The Brits couldn’t help themselves in accepting that Scotland must be in a worse state than Britland – their conceit invariably trumps any modicum of sense they might have. This bought the time needed to get Scotland fixed and with it to bring about the divergence in policies needed to ensure Johnson couldn’t inflict his idiocy on Scottish health.

    This was followed up with the Scottish decision not to tie the test and trace to a non existent app. Poor wee Scotland was going to have to use agricultural methods in this time of high tech solutions. But please could we use it when you geniuses have got it operational? Again the Brits guffawed and let their conceit draw them onto the barb of making arses of themselves. App? What app? Nobody has an app. Who needs an app? We’re getting one for Christmas anyway.

    Whilst this was all going on, Nicola appeared suitably perplexed by the world beating low numbers of care home deaths in Britland. How could this be, she was asked? How indeed could this be, she pondered aloud? And again the Brits allowed their conceit to draw them into this barb with the message “fucking liars” round their necks. What’s worse they have been hanging there for weeks and are still being pelted with rotten fruit on account of their lying ways.

    Anyway, to cut a very long story, very short. Nicola has provided and more importantly continues daily to provide a veritable array of barbs on which the Brits can hang their conceited selves. The barbs are there for all to see, hidden in plain sight, glittering like fine jewels, being offered up by the supplicant Scots to their Brit betters.

    Nicola’s traps. I can see them. Can you?

    I am confident she will steer Scotland through these troubled waters to a place of safety. She has set traps and has plans for more. Of course, the conceit of the Brits means that they will underestimate her at every turn and will be unable to find the humility to face up to their folly.

    • ”Nicola’s traps. I can see them. Can you?”

      Good one Arthur and yeah I’ve been able to see them too. Like most on here no doubt.

      • Quite a trio of women there with Jean Freeman one one side Kate Forbes on the other and Nicola Sturgeon in the middle

        I can see some Jurassic park moments coming with these three clever girls

  24. The Minister taking questions in a urgent debate on the Death of one asylum seeker and others injured in Glasgow on Friday ,in his attempt to justify his Governments actions made reference on more than one occasion to no asylum seeker contracting the virus, I wonder why that was ?, maybe it was because the Scottish government and our health service have had a provable better record than his Westminster mob , if it was up to them the Jocks would be dead in Bawjaws ditch because as far as I know it’s empty , just like his promises ,

    • I read at the weekend that the asylum seeker that was killed had had the virus and had been confined to his room prior to him committing the attacks inside the hotel. I’ll see if I can find the interview, but I think it was another asylum seeker who witnessed the attacks that said it.

    • It appears that he was confined to his room for three weeks after showing symptoms of Covid-19. Presumably, he was never tested and that’s why the Minister can say that no asylum seeker has had the virus as unless they went to hospital then they were very unlikely to have been tested.

      • There is anecdotal evidence that health care was either restricted or denied to the asylum seekers. I posted an article on one of the previous threads.

  25. The media (or sources) have dubbed next Saturday’s 4th July relaxations of lockdown restrictions including the reopening of pubs as “Super Saturday” like it was some kind of play off for relegation or promotion to the Premier League. They are building up public expectations to a frenzy.

    I really am convinced that this lot that are in power have taken leave of their senses, we will know for sure if Boris Johnson attempts 50 press ups at the next PMQ’s. How childish is that?

    • Alex, there will be carnage when the knuckledraggers get access to unlimited booze in pubs and beer gardens.
      There has been no limit set on the amount of drink these poor thirsty sorts can consume. The other day, I suggested a ‘scratch card’ with a weekly ration of 21 units for men (10 1/2 pints) and 14 units for women ( 14 small glasses of wine. Don’t call me sexist; this is how they personalise the limits.)

      There will be no restrictions of course. Imagine millions of young English revellers next ‘Super Saturday’ night. A&E departments will be overwhelmed, ambulance services stretched to beyond breaking, tens of thousands of yobs spilling out into the dark humid streets at closing time, England’s overstretched police, after the ordeal of the past 14 weeks, will be pitchforked back into the ‘old normal’, keeping law abiding citizens safe from the drunken violent yobs.

      It is Boris Johnson’s wet dream.
      The Englishman’s divine right to go down to his local for a pint.
      Aye right.
      The deadly combination. Hot July, unlimited drink, uncontrollable masses of English yobbos and knuckledraggers, and drunk drivers.

      Who’d be in England now that chaos is here?

      England is about to descend into total anarchy, which is what the Far Right Blue Tory Hierarchy want.
      I’d imagine that Lizzie and the Windsor Firm are still staying well away from London.

      We must close the border…now.
      Do not ask for whom the landlord’s bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

  26. I have a feeling the First Minister may have been commenting on the ridiculous newspaper headline rather than the two ridiculous clowns in it
    How far do you have to sink as a newspaper to resort to this to sell papers

  27. Both. Both of them are ridiculous. The whole cabel of the Westminster unionists are ridiculous. They are coarse, nasty people who care for no one but themselves and what they can illegally get out of the system they create and support. They support a system from which they have most to gain.

    ‘Sirs’ in charge. A retrograde step. The SNP Scottish Gov are honestly calling them out and they do not like it one little bit. Then trying to attack it. Exposing the Westminster failure even more. The base depleted of any common compassion by comparison. The population knows it.

    The Tories/unionists will be gone in 2+ years. A short relative timing. Every day they show their ignorant arrogance. Disgusting people. Their damage will be contained at the Ballot Box. The rest of the Westminster unionists are just as bad. Getting called out on the internet every day for their appalling, disgusting decisions. A total embarrassment.

    The Westminster imbeciles poor, bad decision getting called out by a comparable caring, successful Scottish Gov at Holyrood. The unionists parties will be voted out in Scotland, Their power and control diminished. To do less damage to the society. In 2+ years they will be gone.

    Support for SNP/Independence increasing. 2% a year just as predicted. Then time to have another IndyRef. A very short time relevant in politics and in life. Everything going to plan.

    The rest of the UK going to hell on a handcart because of their limited political decisions. People are aware of it. There is complete social unrest. The population not confirming to UK Gov policies. Illegal policies lead to social unrest not common tolerance.

    Johnston and the cronies will be gone soon. Sooner than later. The dope on a rope. A total clown. The Emperor has no clothes. Exposed for all to see.

    Vote Tory/unionist to die younger. Not a good campaign trail. The elderly keeling over. The young ones coming to the fore. A better bright future. Something to look forward to in anticipation. The day Johnston and these antics are gone, disgusting people.

  28. The Police operating ‘shoot to kill’, innocent troubled people. No matter what the circumstances. Not a good look. Inquiries will be asked about it. The criminal justice system. No obeying the Law. Acting Illegally. There is something corrupt about it. No following procedure. Maverick. Scaring people.

  29. When you consider how vicious the media and liblabtory fifth columnists were blaming the FM for not introducing lockdown earlier.
    2 vital facts need to be remembered and shared.
    Nicola was pressing for lockdown in the first week of March.
    That legislation allowing lockdown in Scotland wasn’t passed by Westminster unroll the 25th of March.

    Both these facts were known to the media.

  30. There are relatively few the Tories are not offending. They are offending every section of society, as usual. Trying to take people for fools. They are not. The Tories are totally foolish. They will be voted out within two+ years or less. Doing their worst is not good enough. It will all end in tears again.

    Scotland will move on successfully to Independence and people will be free to live their lives in peace, it will help Britain and the world to live in peace and prosperity, Westminster regime power diminished.

  31. I think Britain has shown its true nature to be wicked and cruel and the only government that really matters is the English government lead by the English queen, in the past we all excepted the idea of equals under the pretence of a United Kingdom that has never ever existed only in the minds of those who want to rule over the rest of us.

  32. I think Britain has shown its true nature to be wicked and cruel and the only government that really matters is the English government lead by the English queen, in the past we all excepted the idea of equals under the pretence of a United Kingdom that has never ever existed only in the minds of those who want to rule over the rest of us.

  33. Quite remarkably this morning SKY news produced an incredibly dodgy made up graph to show that Scotland and Northern Ireland were having more excess deaths than England but we were catching up with all the good work in England

    We could say it’s shameless propaganderising or at least a half dozen other adjectives or angrynesses but what would be the point it’s the media’s job to lie to people on behalf of the government in the country that contains the most voters

    The BBC radio in Scotland bends over backwards to push the division agenda as call Kaye the *I’m just a simple Mum and don’t know anymore than you* act takes to the airwaves with her phone in to *ask* whether to wear masks or not to wear masks because *it’s all unclear to Kaye* who gives the opportunity for the loonies to phone in insisting they won’t wear the evil face coverings of the devil Sturgeon then slips up by admitting she has a bunch of nice snazzy different ones that she’s bought
    thereby informing the loony Yoonies, of which she is one, that she doesn’t care if they kill themselves and others but call Kaye certainly isn’t going without protection, even though she says she’s confused about the messaging and the poor woman doesn’t know what to do about anything

    That poor ordinary confused housewifey act has worn extremely thin with call Kaye and the BBCs attempts at undermining the Scottish Government

    • The Sky News graph sounds like an attempt to row back on Faisal Islam’s report on the BBC News last night which I mentioned up-thread.

      I noticed this morning that the written report on that item has become somewhat invisible on the BBC News website but here is the link again if anyone wants to refer to it:

      Coronavirus: UK hardest hit by virus among leading G7 nations –

  34. As expected, following recent events, coldblooded Carlaw has just raised his ugly head.

    Anyone got any idea why it’s alright to put a city / area of around 400,000 back into lockdown to prevent the virus spreading to other parts of England, but people like Carlaw are quite happy to see Scotland being invaded / massively infected?

    ”Meanwhile, more than 6000 people have signed a petition calling for the Scottish Border to be closed to “all but essential traffic” to help prevent a big new outbreak of coronavirus.” Anyone on here come across this petition?

    ‘Scottish Border: Row as Carlaw says restrictions would be ‘arbitrary’.’

  35. The border should not be closed – the negative photo op that would provide (I think) would be counter productive.

    What the Police could do, is Automatic number plate reading at the border.

    Then check the owner of the car, and others insured on Facebook.

    9 times out of 10 you’ll find out the persons intended holiday destination.
    They can then be intercepted by Police away from the border.

    Doubt it will happen however.

  36. Saw a wee bit of Boris Johnson statement on BBC he was prattling on about various things including the wonderful Union of UK. Vomit!!. Had to turn the sound down as he is embarrassing to listen to. Noticed the slogan on the podium is Build Build Build. Boj the Builder can he fix it. No he can’t. UK gov really is pathetic

    • If you didn’t already know that Boris Johnson was an inveterate liar sacked from every job he’s ever had for lying, or if you didn’t know that Boris Johnson when Mayor of London achieved precisely nothing but wasting £millions on projects that never transpired, if you didn’t know that Boris Johnson was a womanising boorish clown of a person who’s unsure of how many children he’s fathered

      You might vote for him

      If you didn’t already know all these things that is

      • if you didn’t know that Boris Johnson was a womanising boorish clown of a person who’s unsure of how many children he’s fathered


        As his new mantra is ‘Build, build, build’ (see Eilidh’s earlier post), I guess he knows about erections, then …

        (Someone, surely, has *already* thought of this – I claim no originality …)

  37. Spoiler Alert
    Bawjaws is presently dying on Stage ,if his handlers had any sense they would use the Hook to drag him off the Stage,
    He’s dying because the reporters are actually asking searching questions and the longer it goes on the worse it’s getting
    How Sad never mind the Civil Service will save his arse , oops well maybe not, because his little helper Cummings has just declared war on them .
    Where did it all go wrong ,

  38. £Billions are being wasted on Brexit already.

    The Tory crooks are now in Westminster. The unelected criminal Cumming is handing out contracts to the Brexit conmen. £Millions/Billions of public money is being wasted.

    Heading out NHS unscrutinised contracts to their henchmen. Depriving the NHS of public funding. The Tories cut the NHS budget of £Billions. The Tories being responsible for killing more people while they illegally misuse public monies. An absolute scandal.

    They will be gone in 2+ years. If people can hold on a wee bit longer. Johnston is an imbecile just as expected and predicted. Totally incompetent. Illegally incompetent, Breaking the Laws that they make,

  39. The outlook is there is less houses being built in the rest of the UK. The least since WW2 because of Johnston’s Tory policies. Building up a total shortage because Johnston/Tories have cut the intended budget. A total lying incompetent. Every word Johnston utters is a lie. People recognise the lying rhetoric. Recognising the complete foolish,

  40. For sanity do not watch the ‘News?’

    Use the internet and other sources for other more reliable information.

    Social unrest in the rest of the UK. Just as before, Tory/unionist created social unrest. The violence of the Thatcher years repeated. Higher unemployment.

  41. When people come to Scotland they have to legally and morally obey different rules and regulation. On social distancing, wearing masks on public transport etc. Compulsory. Or face a fine. This is pointed out. Or face open derision and confrontation.

    Scotland has more open space, geographically, to allow for social distancing etc. Despite more people’s presence. Swings and roundabout. More income and less infection. More social isolation. More effective.

    The presence will be limited to spread more infection. Scotland has different rules to the rest of the UK. It is already working more successfully. That would be maintained. Or they would be alienated and have to leave. Rather swiftly.

    They will be in large open spaces ie maintaining self isolating. Not being in contact with other people. A different proposition. In the main people are responsible.

  42. Meanwhile, the car driving eye testing rat has gone quiet again…the last time he was quiet he was up to dodgy things…
    Just sayin,,,

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