Economic stimulus meh

The part time Prime Minister did some work on Tuesday. He gave a speech in the English Midlands annoucing his big plan to boost the UK economy so it can recover from the effects of the pandemic. Although touted as a big speech, as major announcements, as the British equivalent of Franklin D Roosevelt’s American New Deal in the 1930s, the speech and its contents can handily be summarised in one short word. That word is ‘meh’.

The speech promised £5 billion in investment, but critics were quick to point out that much of this is not new money. It’s simply existing investment plans which have hurriedly been rebranded. This is despite the fact that the UK has suffered the greatest economic ill effects from the epidemic of any state in Europe. The International Monetary Fund has predicted that the UK will suffer an economic contraction of 10.2% this year. The UK Government’s own figures published this week showed that the UK economy contracted by 2.2% in the first three months of 2020 alone. It was the sharpest fall in economic activity for over 40 years. It’s going to take a lot more than £5 billion in rebranded existing commitments to get the UK out of the hole into which the carelessness of the Conservatives has consigned it.

To put the UK Government’s much touted investment plan into context, £5 billion is less than one tenth of the amount that’s being spent on HS2, the high speed rail link between London and Birmingham. It’s a quarter of the cost of London’s Crossrail project. Compared to the economic damage done by the pandemic, the investment that is being promised by Boris Johnson amounts to a sticking plaster on a broken leg.

£5 billion comes nowhere near to giving the economy the boost that is required after a shock of the magnitude of the epidemic. Germany, which has succeeded in coming through the crisis with far fewer deaths and far less economic damage than the UK, has announced a new economic stimulus plan worth €130 billion – approximately £118 billion. The sum works out at some 4% of the entire German economy. The German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier described the plan as “the biggest stimulus program of all time”. Unlike the boosterism of Johnson, he actually means it and he’s going to put the government’s money where his mouth is. France has already announced €110 billion of economic support for the French economy. These figures dwarf the paltry amount promised by Boris Johnson today. They represent the kind of government spending on investment and infrastructure which is going to be required to ensure that a depression is avoided.

Scotland’s share of the investment money promised by the British Government will work out at approximately £500 million. That’s but a fraction of the £6 billion plan that the Scottish Government announced last week, a plan which requires the UK Government to agree to extend the borrowing powers of the Scottish Parliament. Which is something that it’s not going to do. Given the relative sizes of the German and Scottish populations, the Scottish Government’s planned recovery borrowing and investment program would be of a similar magnitude to the German plan. Instead we’re going to be consigned to the slow lane and will get what the British Government decides. It’s going to be nowhere near what it required to give the Scottish economy the boost it needs in order to avoid large scale job losses and lasting economic damage. This must be one of those union benefits that they keep telling us about.

This is as clear an example of how Scotland’s growth and potential is being held back by the British state as you’re going to get. As an independent country Scotland would not be constrained by the need to ask Westminster’s permission – only to be turned down – in order to develop and implement an economic stimulus and recovery plan such as every other independent European nation has been able to do. The Scottish Government could have borrowed the money that it needed, just as other governments borrow money, or could have created it by fiat if Scotland had its own currency, and used that money in order to develop and grow the Scottish economy. The costs of borrowing would then be repaid by the increased economic activity and the increased revenues which the investment and stimulus program would generate.

Instead what’s going to happen is that Westminster will pass on the meagre £500 million or so in Barnett consequentials to Scotland and tell us that we’re getting a grant from the British taxpayer. The money will be added to the notional deficit that Scotland is told that it is encumbered with, and British nationalists will use it as yet more spurious proof that Scotland is too poor to look after itself. Already British nationalists are demanding to know how Scotland could have coped with the epidemic without the money ‘given’ to us by the British Government.

The truth is that the British Government hasn’t given Scotland anything at all. Any extra money will have to be repaid one way or another. All that the UK is doing is borrowing on the international markets, or borrowing from the Bank of England which is entirely owned by the UK Government, and then adding that money to the UK’s national debt. Watch out for the next set of GERS statistics, because they’re going to show that Scotland’s notional debt and deficit have increased substantially. British nationalists will crow about this and cite it as evidence that Scotland needs the UK. In fact it proves no such thing. All it proves is that governments need to borrow during a crisis. The point is not that governments need to borrow, it’s how that money is spent.

An independent Scotland could just as easily borrow for itself, then it would be in control of how much is required and how it is spent in order to maximise revenues and economic activity.  That increased economic activity and the increased tax revenues that it generates for the Scottish Government allows the borrowing to be paid off.  The choice for Scotland is not the choice between free money from the UK or independent penury. It’s a choice between being in control of Scottish Government borrowing and expenditure, or not being in control of it.

As a part of the UK Scotland will struggle to recover from the economic impact of this crisis. As an independent nation we’d be in charge of our own recovery efforts and could ensure that our economy received a stimulus package designed specifically for Scotland’s needs. We can have a British economic stimulus meh, or a Scottish turbo charged recovery.

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95 thoughts on “Economic stimulus meh

  1. Of course with Independence Scotland would have the entirety of it’s own money instead of the dubious percentage settlement figure assigned to us giving us the same ability as other countries to deliver our own money to where we decided were the best areas to target in our own economy

    Also today the FM once again gently and deftly pointed out to Scottish voters everywhere that while Boris Johnson and his British Nationalist campaigners have already begun their push for the greatness of the Unity of their precious she is still working to try to stop people dying

    This however is not enough for our great National British press media who insistently pose the FM the same question every day which sorta goes like….. *Every time you say the words England or English you mean Independence don’t you you you terrible divisive woman and you hate all things
    English don’t you First Minister* while the Prime Minister of the UK can say what he likes about Scotland, and frequently does, but that’s alright because well he’s like the real leader int he and the FMs the Baddy

    There was a little moment towards the end of the FMs briefing where she did make reference to the voters deciding which government was more or less competent than the other, perhaps another suggestion that when the FM decides to recommence politicking, the four nations consensual polite Nicola Sturgeon will be gone to be replaced by what I know can be Nicola Sturgeon the velocirapter

    • A Velociraptor is “a genus of dromaeosaurid theropod dinosaurhat that lived approximately 75 to 71 million years ago during the latter part of the Cretaceous Period. Two species are currently recognized” Carlot and Leotard.
      SG have proven time and again throughout the most sickening propaganda campaign in recent Scottish history that they are man/woman enough to stand up for what is right and what is honest.
      A lot of resentment has been building to what the “establishment” have done to Scots in particular throughout this pandemic, even in England. The “remember the bastard’s name” approach has been applauded universally, and will prevail….
      Hoffmann’s “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” was never more apt, whose nuts are destined for that fate is no longer down to Tchaikovsky, he’s deid, get your cutlery sharpened Mr Gove..

  2. Apparently Boris’ bridge between Portpatrick and Bangor is back on. Anyone with a modicum of local knowledge would know that this is nonsense on stilts. Almost as if Johnson doesn’t talk to Imperial Viceroy, Alister Jack. Perish the thought.

    • Another diversion, Tunnel, Flannel, Bridge, Squirrel, incompetence on stilts… The blind leading the not so blind eventually hit reality, something politicians seem increasingly unaware of north of the border where the Daily Heil is only an emergency substitute for bog-roll. Their days are numbered and they are acutely aware of it….

      • It’ll die a death after many millions are spent on the feasibility study. £53m was spaffed against a wall on the Garden Bridge. Substantially more was wasted on the Stonehenge road tunnel. All of this on consultants fees. All of it spent in their palatial London headquarters.
        Still, helps maintain property prices in leafy North London.

  3. Excellent article, as always Paul. I don’t know where you get the energy to keep writing such brilliant articles which are always on the money & hit the nail on the head.

    Having praised your political perception, numeral accuracy and sheer love of language, which you make look effortless but probably wring your soul in producing; this article depresses me in equal measure.

    I just can’t understand why so many fellow Scots don’t realise that the UK’s hold on Scotland has been the biggest con any country has ever suffered.

    Scots seem to be just as gullible as the Ancient Trojans that naively thought thon muckle, great cuddy was anything other than a fatal trap.

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  5. This is a link to BBC reels, the video ( 5mins) clearly explains fiat money and why growing the deficit is good not bad. The UK could easily match Germany’s investment and at the same time provide Scotland with the finance requested to start the regeneration program. Instead, the UK treasury has kicked her request into the long grass even though the discussions have been on going for a couple of months. A clear demonstration of the SG forward planning.

  6. “Already British nationalists are demanding to know how Scotland could have coped with the epidemic without the money ‘given’ to us by the British Government.”

    This was exactly the argument I got when I tackled a Labour Councillor who came to my door with her “You must vote NO because ….” letter a day or two before IndyRef1 in 2014.

    With panic written all over her face she blurted “But we would never have survived the bank crash (in 2008) without the support of the British Govt” by which I take it she meant the Govt of England, London which holds all the purse strings in her mind, because the Scottish bit of that British entity is just too insignificant. Scottish Labour – too wee, too poor and too stupid to survive without a crutch.

    • Well clearly we’ll need the UK support for Covid because England has a much bigger piggy bank than Scotland. But then it also has a much bigger population too. But but but….

      Just don’t tell them that countries don’t actually have piggy banks. Too much info for their minds to be able to deal with.

  7. Further to my last comment, whatever the motivation is for the potentially disastrous headlong gallop out of lockdown, its not to get the economy going. Without massive financial stimulus and support to both the economy and the public up to 6million people could find themselves in a very long job centre que.

  8. Just to put the £5billion into perspective.
    The 2 aircraft carriers sans aircraft cost £6.1 billion for the 2 of them.
    40 lighting 11 aircraft will cost over £4 billion spent in America, that’s money going out as a US dollar purchase.
    Now we hear that the new money is in fact the money promised earlier this year by a chancer.
    Smoke and mirrors.
    No wonder Nicola is underwhelmed at the thought,she wanted to borrow £6billion just for the Scots.
    My take on it is, not much point of an economy IF there are NO people.

    • People are the main ingredient any country needs to grow its wealth, money only represents the wealth. The other ingredients any country needs to grow its wealth is its natural resources Since the days when farming the land and sea was the only resources we had, we entered the industrial world where we needed fuel to produce the wealth, throughout the industrial era to this day Scotland has had more coal,oil and gas per head of population than most country’s and it also has got more wind, wave, solar and hydro energy than most, along with its farming and fishing, remember you cannot fatten a cow without grass. Just think how much money we could have representing the wealth we could grow with all these natural resources.

  9. Lie, after lie, after lie. Liars always get found out.

    Westminster liars illegally wasting Scotland revenues and resources. The illegal,Barnett Formula. Trying to keep it secret under the Official Secrets Act. Is not a secret any more. They are getting found out.

  10. £5Billion stimulus is a complete lie. Practically worthless. They have already wasted more then £5Billion on Brexit.

    Incompetent liars. They can’t count or read a balance sheet. Promoted above their station or abilities. It will all end in social unrest and tears again. Deja Vu. Into the wilderness for thirty years, No wonder.

  11. Johnston is a complete and utter fool. What a clown. There is universal agreement worldwide on that. What a clown. A public disgrace.

  12. Off topic – apologies.

    But what do we make of this?

    Half of Conservative voters in England support English independence – poll
    30th June 2020

    Half of the Conservative supporters in England do not want the union of the United Kingdom to continue, according to a new poll by YouGov and YesCymru.

    With don’t knows and those who refused to answer removed, the poll shown that overall 35% of people in England now favour English independence.

    The poll shows Conservative supporters evenly split on the subject with 49% saying they support independence to 51% opposed.

    • Was there not a similar poll carried out during the Tory leadership campaign, although I think the margin for binning the union was slightly higher.

      I doubt they will be asking our permission, though.

  13. I am not sure what this tells us about the state of the UK at present.
    Johnson,rightly,talks about big spending being required to reboot the economy but then tells us that either he hasn’t got the funds to do it or doesn’t want to.
    Austerity 2.0??
    Certainly,he is telling Scotland that we are not going to get the necessary funds.

    • Well Ms Forbes proposed £80 Billion recovery package for the whole UK. He has proposed £5 Billion much of it already announced at various times so not a new injection of cash. Then there is the small print where you discover it is going to be spent over a number of years. The money for school repairs for example is over 10 years.

      Your right, he does not have the money but above all he does not have the ability or will to do any more.

  14. Excellent article.

    Scotland loses £20Billion on average from Westminster poor, bad mismanagement and terrible fiscal, economic and foreign policies decisions for years.

    Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion has cost Scotland dear for years and ruined the UK economy.

    Westminster criminal imbeciles. They are about International Law. They break the Law with impunity and cause unnecessary poverty in their wake. Appalling governance. Brexit the next catastrophe, already having a poor influence on the economy. Making people poorer.

    Support for SNP/Independence rising. No wonder.

  15. The Brexit Tory catastrophe is already costing the UK (Scotland) £Billions in lost revenues. With more to be lost. It hasn’t even happened yet. More harm to Scotland and the economy because of Westminster unionist poor, bad appalling decisions. Harming the Scottish economy relentlessly. Appalling behaviour. Total incompetence.

    Corona is bad enough. Wait for Brexit to happen. More lives will be lost because of Westminster unionist total incompetence. They haven’t got a clue.

  16. I’ve just saw that clowns speech from the West Midlands, what an embarrassment, what a pathetic response to the greatest economic crisis EVER. A measly £5 billion that’s supposed to be spent on schools, roads, housing, ports and everything else that he can build build build.

    None of it is new money, there will be no Barnett consequentials and Scotland will get on extra money at all to help regrow the economy here. This man is a moron, there is no escaping it and yet he expects to be taken seriously.

    This build build build program costing £5 billion that will prevent economic collapse is 0.2% of UK GDP, it is a piddling amount of money, no wonder Nicola sturgeon said she was “underwhelmed”. You can guarantee that this grand speech today will backfire and there will be another U-turn and eventually they will get around to announcing a spending program more in line with those of Germany and France.

    Just one issue though, it is absolutely right to start to make plans for dealing with the economic impact of this pandemic and how to minimise the damage, the fly in the ointment is that the pandemic is not yet over and we don’t know what the final bill will be. Best prepare for a bumpy ride between now and next spring, there’s a storm brewing and the Captain of the ship is drunk.

  17. Westminster is not borrowing money in the international market, they are not stupid, Britain can not pay off its existing debt, the Government just prints more worthless pounds.

  18. I had made a comment yesterday about how the Tories were deliberately undermining the lockdown in order to make it unworkable so that they could scrap it as soon as possible in order to go back to their preferred strategy of herd immunity.

    As a no deal Brexit is only 5 months ago, it would be in the Tories best interest to continue the health crisis as long as possible so they can use it to divert attention from the absolute mess of a No deal as well as blaming the health crisis for the totally unnecessary pain and hardship it will inflict on the people of the UK.

    Maybe I am giving the Tories too much credit and their actions to down to sheer incompetence but it does feel they are doing everything in the power to continue this crisis.

  19. The sight of Bojo on his Tonka Truck on MisReporting Scotland tonight says it all really. Then we were treated to some Tory twerp of an MSP Maurice Golden who sounded as if he was channelling Marvin the paranoid android from Hitchhikers Guide scifi show. He was twittering on about NS using situation to create wedge between Scottish and Uk Govts.Unbelievable.The Tories dont have one brain cell between them

    • I heard him too Eilidh. He must think that the Scots, in general, are as stupid as himself. We are listening, watching and weighing things up. Comparing the situation here in Scotland to what’s going on in England. One thing for sure is that it’s clear that Nicola Sturgeon’s focus is in saving lives, not trying to score political points no matter what numskulls like him have to say.

  20. O/T

    It must be bad when Big T gets involved. From special advisor to National Security Advisor, SIR David Frost. All feeling safe, are we?


    ”Britain’s chief Brexit negotiator David Frost is taking over as National Security Adviser. He obtained a first-class degree (MA) in French and History. His studies focused on medieval European History and medieval French.

    ..Frost left HM Diplomatic Service in 2013 to become CEO of the Scotch Whisky Association, a major trade association. Following the appointment of Boris Johnson as Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Frost was taken on as HM Foreign Secretary’s special adviser in November 2016, serving until Johnson left post in July 2018.

    In early 2019, Frost became CEO of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He has also served as a public commentator on the European Union, global economic and commercial issues, and multilateral diplomacy, as a member of the Advisory Council of the EU think tank Open Europe, and as an advisor on Brexit to the devolved Scottish Government in Edinburgh.

    National Security Adviser

    On 28 June 2020, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced he had nominated Frost for a life peerage and as National Security Adviser, succeeding Sir Mark Sedwill. The Financial Times reported that this was unpopular with military and security services, who felt Frost was underqualified. The appointment received criticism from former Cabinet Secretary Gus O’Donnell and former National Security Adviser Peter Ricketts due to concerns that the civil service’s impartiality was being eroded by appointing a special adviser to the post. The appointment was also criticised by Theresa May in parliament, who highlighted the political nature of the appointment, and that Frost does not have proven expertise in national security.”

  21. Jobs for the boys, The illegal networking. Favouritism. Who they know instead of what they know, A recipe for disaster. Unequal and unfair.

    From Eton to Oxbridge all subsidised and wasted by taxpayers monies and tax evading. Oxford and Cambridge (illegally) funded 2000 to 1 of all other universities.

    Illegal Corruption beyond belief. The Tories will be gone within 2+years. If people can hold on a wee bit longer.

    The EU (Brexit) Agreement discussion are a disaster. Everything going wrong for the Tories. No wonder. A bunch of malicious incompetents. There for all to see. Now they are all turning on each other. The blame game.

    The usual catastrophe. Vote Tory die younger. They will be out. They are totally out of their depth. Jobs for the boys. Instead of experience. Nominal favouritism and corruption. Unfair and unequal. Breaking employment and equal opportunities Law.

  22. They print more useless money and lower people’s living standard. Making people poorer and gathering less revenues. A downward spiral. Leading to derision, social unrest and violence. Instead of cohesive prosperity and equality.

    Leading back to the Thatcher years. The Tories had to get rid of her for closer ties with Europe bringing more prosperity. Now being disbanded by the ignorant arrogant Tories. 30+ years later. They do not have a clue. Still as ignorant. After 30 years in the wilderness. They have learned nothing. A recurring cycle of stupidity. Beyond stupid.

    The Tories total incompetence. They have not got a clue. Taking revenue and resources illegally out of Scotland. The Barnett Formula. Their master plan for trying to ruin the Scottish economy. The Scottish Gov now standing up to them. Calling out the the Westminster Tories total failure. Shortly the Tories will be gone. Leaving their total mess behind. Who wants the poison chalice?

  23. Just vote SNP/SNP 2021. The times are a’changing. The 2%+ is rising. Taking the vote over the line. The tipping point has more than reached. It is over the line by a furlough. According to the poll predictions. Hopefully. Only 10+ months to go. Interesting.

  24. @ TalkingupScotland. Prof Robertson

    Lewis McDonald List Labour Convenor, should be removed from the Holyrood Health Sport Committee for supporting the misrepresentation of data and evidence. Lying. Deliberately misrepresenting data and evidence. To come to a distorted conclusion. To try and harm the SNP administration. The evidence does not relate to the true facts.

    Prof Robertson on the ball as usual. Calling the unionist dominated Committee out to a wider audience .

    • I totally agree with you Ken

      The hysterical language used was breathtaking , a quick glance at the makeup of the committee gives you the answer where it was coming from’

      Miles Briggs ,Cole Hamilton and the chair Labour till he dies ,cant remember his name but everyone will recognise the big pudding face and the giant napper , also why 2 lib dems when the only have probably 5 maybe 6 MSPs in total .

      Every statment by any committee has to be agreed by the members before it is released , either the SNP members were out voted or they were asleep on duty , if it was the former this is what being fair and obliging gets you with rabid unionists , wakey wakey thats one that shouldn’t be repeated ever again .

  25. I am sorry to disabuse people of the thought that we will get Barnett consequential from Johnson’s great feast of infrastructure investment. According to Nicola that will not be the case in this instance. We will get zilch. And according to my recollection of the cost of Brexit, we are talking over £100 billion so far.

  26. Thanks Paul for putting the English proposed investment in context. When I read the headlines I thought Johnson had finally put paid to Tory austerity and was finally embarking upon a Hitlerian inspired Keynsian road building project.

    The main question facing Scotland is whether the current SNP leadership has the confidence and independence of spirit and thought to close the border with England on public health grounds to prevent the reemergence of covid 19.

    Here’s hoping.

    • It looks like England are putting borders around themselves, Leicester now, Manchester and Liverpool are on the verge of going the same way

  27. As usual any comment by Bawjaws doesn’t and won’t pass the smell test , scratch the surface and it all falls apart , he was left without a adult minder today and it showed , it was painfull when he was being asked quite searching questions for once by a sceptical media , oh dear thats why he was kept out of any questioning during the General Election .Cummings might be weird but he’s no fool .

  28. The hypocrites.

    Richard Curtis fronts a campaign for ethical investment in pension scheme funds investment.

    The film industry was a vehicle for unethical investment in tax evasion until the loop whole was closed. Investing in the film industry was a vehicle for evading tax. Needed to fund essential public services.

    Richard Curtis’s and associates pension pot was funded by tax evaded funds and monies. Not very ethical. Who are these people? Total lack of self awareness while lecturing others.

    The Royal heads of State. Paying 10% tax, no corporate or capital gains tax. On a £20Million+ remuneration. Including from excessive public funding.

    Tax evaders making vast profits from illegal activities. Denying the NHS/public services adequate resources. Cutting the necessary funding. The Tories (Cameron) cut NHS funding needed for supplies during a pandemic. Total lack of competence. Resulting in more deaths.

  29. This is for Jack, a report of what’s expected for the upcoming July 4th “Super Saturday”.

    Health bosses have reportedly urged hospitals to plan for surges in A&E admissions ‘similar to that of New Year’s Eve’ on July 4 as pubs and bars reopen across England.

    • It’s hardly social science, never mind rocket science, Alex.
      Remember Bournemouth beach, think England supporters abroad versus an old foes like Germany or the Netherlands; and multiply that by say,100,000 separate events all happening at one bacchanalian point in time.
      I also anticipate a Baby Boom in December January. Have we enough mid wives?
      21/14 alcohol unit scratch cards should have been issued, but that won’t ‘get the economy started’.
      Landlords will be pouring it down the lager louts neck until they drop.

      There shall be bedlam and mass drunkenness and deaths.

  30. The Tories denied the English authorities the post code information they needed to control local (area) response being put in place to contain the virus. In the local affected areas. They did not receive it in time to act. Shutting the stable door after the horse had bolted. The local health authorities have made public compliant.

    • Almost undeniable now that Scotland’s Government has out performed the Johnson cabal and saved many lives. Some serious gaps in the narrative though. There is never any mention that Nicola was directly urging Johnson from the first week in March to implement lockdown. That the SG was denied access to test results. That Scotland at no point ran out of PPE. That Scotland set up 50 clinics throughout Scotland to deal directly with Coronavirus, protecting local surgeries and health centres. There are probably many more actions but the most important result was the saving of many lives.

    • Notice the attitude of Evan Davis though with his *ban against the English* comment, as even if the English have the bloody plague they should be allowed to go wherever they like infecting folk

      Like someone else said earlier remember the Scottish nurse who contracted Ebola, they shouted loud enough about throwing her out of their country and she was just one person, but not one of them apparently

  31. Re recent poll on English Independence with acknowledgement to Welsh Sion and The National.

    Perfect! let’s make sure we keep telling them how much Scotland costs them and how England would be so much better without the dead weight of Scottish benefit scroungers holding them back. They are already convinced that this is the case so let’s reinforce their belief. We can use the MSM as the vehicle to get the message out after all the MSM are already doing this. It worked for Brexit when they told the English how much the EU was costing them. Remember 350 million per week on the side of the bus. We just need a bus with lies on the side of it saying how much Scotland is getting from them every week and how the Scots p!ss their money up against a wall and shoot it up their arms. Remind them that they can be great again without the burden of a dysfunctional and unwashed country of blood suckers and malcontents in the pathetic wee land north of their border. A good percentage of them are convinced that Scotland is not worth it so let’s remind them at every opportunity that we are the problem that’s holding them back from rebuilding the glory of their empire and the chance of making England great again. They are half way there let’s give them a shove and they will do the hard work for us. We sit back and let them do it all by themselves….as said it worked a treat for Brexit why wouldn’t it work for Engxit?

  32. So the A1 in England is to be upgraded and its potholes filled in. I think the last time this was done was around Hadrian’s time. He was into wall building and setting up checkpoints at the Roman border.
    It’s like the nonsense to have a bridge to Northern Ireland . The tories Announce the possibility of thinking about it and looking it to it. How many times has this happened? Just like announcing monies that have already been announced many times before.

    The tories have us in debt. Personally I want the right to decide what debt I am signed up to!

  33. People coming into Scotland will have to follow Scottish Gov advice. Social distancing, travel masks etc. Two metre limit, These rules are containing the virus. No the amount of people one way or the other. Or the amount of carriers. The carriers spread is restricted and contained by the rules, Not the limited nos of carriers.

    It is the lifting of the rules too quickly in other places that is not containing the virus. Shutting the borders although desirable can be quite consumed with problems of practicalities. It is not the number or amount of people. It is whether they follow the appropriate rules or not. In Scotland the containment rules are being followed. Led by the excellent instructions of the Scottish Gov. Doing the right thing.

    • “RAF Lossiemouth needs to be a good neighbour in the community’s hour of need and I feel that the call for a halt to vans full of workers travelling back and forth from places like Leicester to Lossiemouth, and elsewhere in Moray, should be heeded.”…


      You just wonder how many workers are travelling back and forth from England during this time? I experienced something along these lines yesterday. A section of the private road that I live on was cordoned off with a number of vehicles parked at the side of the road. The workmen (3) were removing a dilapidated garage with an asbestos roof, at the request of the Council as far as I could make out. The rest of the workforce (for removing a garage!!) were on their lunch break. My husband and I got to talking to them from behind the barrier. We were wearing masks. They were in a huddle when we arrived. Not wearing masks. One was Scottish, employed by the key company, and two were English (Yorkshire and London) contractors working for the key company. We had a friendly, wee blether and then I said, ”I hope that you don’t think that I’m being cheeky but could Scottish companies not be doing this work?” They all gaped at me and then … mumble, mumble ….. The Scot eventually said that his company could only employ others that were on a (their?) blue flag list due to health and safety issues. Anyway it gives you food for thought. How many companies in Scotland are actually employing people from south of the border who are travelling back and forward on a regular basis?


      I’ve been watching Boris the Butcher off and on, on Politics Live. Andrew Bowie stood up and started on about Nicola Sturgeon closing the border, putting people from elsewhere into quarantine and so on. LBJ basically said that wouldn’t be happening and that, ”There is no such thing as a border between Scotland and England.” Iain Blackford was on next, however I missed what was said there.

      So there you’ve got it folks from the horses, asses, mouth. There is no border between Scotland and England. That comment will go down a treat with most Scots, NOT.

      • I would expect a Prime Minister to know that borders are defined by legal Jurisdiction, so a deliberate lie at the Despatch box. That used to be frowned on.
        As for people travelling to Scotland for work or holidays, although there has been no mention of numbers there has been a huge increase in traffic on the M6.
        Despite bojo’s nonsense at the Despatch box, he and his cronies in government are rapidly boxing themselves into a corner over Scotland. At the end of the day, its Nicola’s decision not Johnson and there can few who are unaware just where the authority lies.

  34. Such small sums coming back to us. Unionists say “but how can we afford to go alone?” And I can’t help thinking of two charts on the Business For Scotland website.

    One: GDP by region. Eastern Scotland generates as much wealth as any other area of Britain. Even the west, with Glasgow, is far from the least economically productive area.

    And two: household wealth. Guess where that wealth ends up? Clue: not Scotland.

  35. Craig, I remember reading an article in Scottish Telegraph, posted on one of the Indy sights, I think it was dated 1957 and written by the Moderator of the Church of Scotland. The article asked, where does all of Scotland’s money go. A couple of days ago I posted a couple articles dating from the mid 1800’s which basically asked the same question. Scotland has 55% of UK natural resources but your second map clearly shows Scotland gains little or no benefit from the wealth generated by those resources. The too poor, too wee narrative really ramped up though when North Sea oil started production, and they buried the McCrone reports. Part of the problem though is the indifference showed by Scots to the information that was out there. One thing for certain your second chart clearly shows that the trickle down effect clearly works in England’s favour.

  36. Stimulus shtimulus … meh.

    Minister warns of ‘economic devastation’ as hundreds of Airbus jobs could be axed in Wales

    Airbus workers are bracing themselves to hear how many jobs in Wales will be axed amid fears the site will bear the brunt of job cuts that have been announced by the plane maker.

    Unions are warning that as many as 1,400 jobs could go at the Broughton factory in Flintshire after Airbus announced hundreds of jobs are to be axed in the UK as reduced production levels are leading to a global restructure.

    The Broughton site has already put around 500 Guidant agency staff under notice of redundancy and furloughed 3,200 core staff.

    The Welsh Government described the news as a “devastating blow”, and Economy Minister Ken Skates said the looming job losses will hit 300 suppliers, employing another 1,500 people.

    And yes, the Airbus is the brand which has just received that nearly £1m paint job to the PM’s new aeroplane

    • It’s grim news and I’m afraid there will be no escaping a lot more of it. Westminster want to spend a pathetic £5 billion to do something about it, that “new deal” is doomed to failure and millions of jobs will be lost. What would you give to have complete control of your own finances like every other independent country?

      Independence lokks better and better every day as each Westminster cock up is revealed.

  37. Scottish questions, this is the day of the week where MPs from every party in England are allowed, indeed encouraged to pose ridiculous pre arranged questions in order to give England the opportunity to rubbish everything about Scotland and our government, and I’m puzzled as to why any MPs from the SNP even bother to take any part in it as it’s clearly just a funfest of an assault on all things Scottish with never an actual question answered

    Today gave them the opportunity to invent words that the First Minister never said (actually the words attributed to her were asked by journalists) which gave them the further joy of insulting the FM and Scotland, oh and Alister Jack the supposed secretary of state for Scotland lied through both of his faces, although to be a little fair to him he cannot manage to do it without his face glowing bright red as he does it, Mundell was better at being a more blatant liar, he only went a bit pink

    But all done with the greatest joy on their faces

    What’s funny about most of the attacks on Scotland is that Westminster is under threat of local lockdown due to the rapid increase in infection rates of Covid 19, as are 34 areas of England

  38. Hamish100 @ 8:21 a.m.

    The jokes write themselves now.


    – There is a pothole problem on the A1 in the North of England.

    The UK Government is looking into it.

  39. Paul Question

    Your pretty competent with Maps and place names

    Bawjaws has just made a statement in Westmonster statement is
    There is No BORDER between Scotland and England

    Eh when exactly was Scotland absorbed or assimilated ? I must have been asleep , this can’t be allowed to stand , every SNP MP should take it in turns to call this tossed a LIAR who cares if they get suspended , get the LIAR message out there use their parliament against them , made the English media take notice cause as much disruption as possible , we don’t have any respect so why respect them

    • I’ve just commented in a reply to Petra up thread that a country’s borders are defined by legal jurisdiction. The 1746 act which dealt with amongst other things under which jurisdiction Berwick resided clearly defined the limits of both England and Scotland’s jurisdiction. So border there most definitely is.

      • We’re dealing with a notoriously ignorant, lying bampot here, Golfnut. The guy who got a second class degree in the classics, ancient literature and classical philosophy with a first class degree in womanising, lying, boozing it up, sniffing it up and so on. Helpful right enough. We also know that he and his boss Cummings don’t give a whit about ”legalities” at all. To be honest I’m looking forward to anything north of North Yorkshire breaking away from England and joining us. Then seeing them have to redraw the border and leaving them to get on with it in wee, poor and stupid England. Caveated with feeling sorry for the ordinary English people. They would have a choice right enough .. move north.

        Apology for the link.

        And with his latest embarrassingly ridiculous announcement of spending £5 billion to ensure an economic recovery, (laughingstock of the world) I’m seriously wondering if he’s actually been left with further brain impairment.

  40. Well worth a read.

    Gordon macIntyre-Kemp:- ‘Leicester lockdown proves the Scottish Government was right to be cautious.’

    …Now we have a ridiculous situation where unionist politicians and the mainstream press are claiming it’s controversial for Scotland to be considering restricting travel from England where the virus is not under control. Let’s be clear, the Leicester lockdown means Scotland’s unionist politicians think it’s ok to stop people travelling from Leicester to Nottingham but not ok to stop people travelling from Leicester to Scotland. Such hypocritical stupidity can only be driven by a constitutional obsession and cult-like addiction to the British state at all costs, even at the cost of lives. Thank goodness Scotland has a government that puts people first but that is not to say that the Scottish government’s stance is damaging to the economy, far from it.”..


    Putting the £5billion into perspective. ttps://

  41. I’m reposting this on here, if you don’t mind Paul. Well worth a read, imo. I’ve also noticed that Peter Bell has read it and left a comment, ”I have questions” with no questions forthcoming. No follow-up article on his blog either which is interesting as he normally has plenty to say about Pete Wishart!



    Take a look at the latest from Professor John Robertson. Bringing you the news that the MSM seems loathe to do and dissing the lies.

  42. Talk about both barrels, the FM trained a gatling gun on the lot of them at todays briefing, arses were skelped left and right including the shower at Westminster, there was no one left holding the stupidity of their political position high in todays exchange

    I’m in the business of saving lives and the lot of you can get stuffed with yer politicking (paraphrasing)

    • Yes, she was a class act today again, it looks like she’s had enough of putting up with their contrived questions crap.

  43. Within seconds of Boris Johnson’s ridiculous attempt at *spreading* *I can’t believe there’s a border* Twitter becomes alive from both sides of the non existant border with people confirming where they live
    Johnson’s wee gaslighting *sandwich* attempt did not go as well as he’d hoped, folk from anywhere tend to have a little *mothers pride* in where they live even through these difficult times, but what very few have is a pride in Mr can’t read a map Johnson

    Please excuse the puns, sometimes I can’t help myself

  44. It’s annoying, I didn’t see it and the Iplayer is just showing the briefing from 1:39pm on (the end?). Ann on the Indyref2 site will no doubt post it tomorrow.

    Meanwhile take a look at Ann’s latest links.

    Just wondering if Nicola Sturgeon will eventually crack up and do a Janie Godley on them. Give them all something to talk about, lol.

    • “Just wondering if Nicola Sturgeon will eventually crack up and do a Janie Godley on them” – I freely predict a “Frank, get the door…” when all this subsides, and with the vast majority of the UK in stitches..
      Perhaps Janey could be convinced to take Glenn “Antisemitic Hunter” Campbell’s last question live on FM Updates, however briefly… The knee travels faster than the eyeballs…

  45. Have I got this right? If his £5 Billion investment was new money and divided over the population of the UK, (say approx 66.6 million people), doesn’t that work out at a grandiose £75.08p extra per person???

    Dunno aboot onybody else, but I reckon I’d struugle a bit, tae build jist wan new factory, school or road wi’ that!

    And if, as you say, Scotland’s share via Barnett will give us £500 million, then that (divided by Scotland’s population of approx 5.5 million people, would suggest we get £90.91p per person,
    (has Rishi Sunak got his sums wrang! Again!!)

    (Shhhhh! Dinnae tell thae B’stards).

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