They’re just not that into you

It’s a hard life being a Scottish Tory. There you are, doing your utmost to be subservient and telling everyone and anyone that Scotland is a pathetic bankrupt mess that depends utterly on the good graces of the British Government in order to be able to wipe its own arse. You go on social media, and share prettily coloured graphs which purport to prove that Scotland is financially worse off than Moldova, only with worse weather. You spend your time and energies in trying to persuade the world and yourself that your own country is a pathetic basket case which only managed to struggle into normality once it had hitched its wagon to the British Empire and reduced its identity to wearing a kilt at a wedding or during the Edinburgh Tattoo. And you prove your Scottishness by naming your son Alister or Rory, carefully misspelled because we’ll be having none of that Gaelic orthography nonsense that might confuse the Ruperts, the Sebastians, the Borises, and the Nigels.

You torture your vowels and speak with the strangulated voice of a person who’s desperately trying to hide their true origins. You scoff at Gaelic and Scots as a dead language and as uneducated neddish slang respectively. You get more offended at the sight of Gaelic on a road sign or a police car than you are at the thought that an important part of Scotland’s culture, history, and identity might disappear forever. Yet you’re the first to insist that history matters, to give a donation to Neil Oliver’s National Trust. Because history only matters when it’s British, when it’s safe, when it doesn’t challenge the supremacy of the British state. The state that has given you and your upper middle class family a comfortable life.

You spend your days on social media insisting that there’s no border between Scotland and England and that if the Scottish Government introduces health checks and quarantine measures on people travelling from England into Scotland it’s a sign of disease with far worse consequences than a coronavirus which only kills people or leaves them with permanent lung damage – it is the disease of Scottish confidence which causes British nationalists in Scotland to feel terribly offended. We’re looking at you there, Andrew Bowie MP. Andrew thinks that imposing health checks on travellers from England is a form of ‘othering’ motivated by vile anti-English racism. God knows what he thinks of his own government othering the people of Leicester which is apparently the city with the highest proportion of Hindus in England. By Andrew’s logic imposing a local lockdown in Leicester is motivated by religious prejudice against Hindus.

You wave a union fleg and march down the streets of Scotland’s towns and cities singing lustily of your hatred for cafflicks and god saving the queen. But you’re not a bigot, because culture. Your logic is the logic that says that something that’s morally reprehensible cannot be morally reprehensible because your parents and grandparents did it too. And besides, you’re British, and being British gives you a free pass from exclusive nationalism. Nationalism is what those tarriers do, those nats, those separatists. Then you go and stand in George Square to defend statues because statues’ lives matter but the lives of your living and breathing fellow citizens who may be a different race from you, or from a different religious tradition, not so much. You struggle on a miserable wage, but these days it’s all the fault of the foreigners and the migrants and the Muslims, just as in your grandfather’s day it was all the fault of the Irish and the Catholics. And you wave your union fleg and sing God Save the Queen.

You do all this, you hate your own country, you ape the language and culture of your neighbours, and then you discover that the object of your affections despises you for it. An opinion poll carried out for Yes Cymru that was published this week found that almost a half, 49%, of Conservative voters in England want English independence. They have heard you talk about how Scotland needs their tax money, and they believe you. You do all this for them, and now you find that they’re just not that into you. The rest of us would feel sorry for you if it were not for the fact that you’ve brought it all upon yourselves, Scottish Tories. It’s only what you deserve.

It’s not just in Scotland where support for independence is growing. However in England it’s Conservative voters, older voters, pro-Brexit voters, who are most likely to support an England that divests itself of those rebellious and cantankerous Celtic nations which stand between England and a pure Brexit. It means that there is a very large and very significant body of Conservative support and membership which is not desperate to hang on to Scotland.

In Scotland we always think that the refusal of Westminster to cooperate with an independence referendum will be absolute and unyielding, but we sometimes forget that the British Government is not composed of political giants. It’s made up of short termist pygmies like Boris Johnson. People like Johnson would not stand in the way of Scottish independence if he thought that it would serve to boost his standing and position in England. And now we know that half of his own English voters would not want a Scottish independence referendum to be blocked. The position of Westminster is not as hard and unyielding it wants Scotland’s independence supporters to believe that it is. It is hollowed out from within.

The resolve of a Westminster Conservative government which sees half of its own support base wishing for Scotland to go away in order not to pollute the purity of their Brexit and because they believe that we’re a drain on their resources is not going to withstand a concerted campaign from Scotland for another referendum. When the Scottish Government has the moral and political authority from the people of Scotland to pursue a referendum by another route, Westminster is quite likely to cave in in order to maintain a semblance of remaining in control of events. The Scottish Government will have that authority after pro-independence parties win a crushing majority in the next Scottish elections. We will be pushing against a British Government whose unionism is hollow, fragile, and brittle.

Meanwhile spare a thought for those poor British nationalists in Scotland. All that their subservience, miserabilism, and claims that Scotland is too poor and too helpless have achieved is to make England turn against them. It serves them right, and it’s our opportunity.

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93 thoughts on “They’re just not that into you

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  2. Big revelation (for me at least) from today’s Press conference. I had been proceeding on the basis that the figure for daily rise in +ve tests was Pillar I data only due to the talk concerning unavailability of Pillar II data in England. No, our FM stated repeatedly that the figures given out daily for Scotland are a composite of Pillar I & Pillar II.
    What’s the significance of this?
    The 7DRA figure for new +ve tests in Scotland is 9.7 as of today.
    The average rise in Pillar I & II, daily +ve tests in Leicester in the period 7th to 19th June (to the extent that Pillar II data from England is available, there’s a substantial lag) is around 70.
    The NHS catchment area for Leicester is 840,000.
    Accepting that Pillar II data from other NHS, Health Boards in England won’t be as high as in Leicester, a like for like comparison in rise in +ve tests between Scotland and England will be vast.

      • 7DRA figures for fatalities including those released today.
        Scotland 0.86, UK 118.
        Scotland accounts for 0.7% of the UK total. On a per capita basis we’re out by a factor of 11 fold. A comparison specifically between Scotland and England (taking into account very low fatalities in Scotland and NI and to a lesser extent Wales) would produce a starker differentiation still.

  3. Awe the poor wee British Nationalists, wee sowels. Sorry for them, naw, hell slap it into them, it’s no better than they deserve. I see LBJ lying once more at PMQ. Says there is no border between Scotland and England. I think he’ll find that there is, but what’s one more lie among many. A great deal of harrumphing going on at oor Nicola having the temerity to suggest that she might have to quarantine folk from south of the border. Oh dear, the cheeky besom.

    Meanwhile, here in Dumfries and Galloway we seem to be having a cluster of cases about Gretna, or so I’m led to believe. I can’t honestly say that I’m surprised. I’m on the other side of the region and the past three weeks there have been folks wandering about that should not be here on holiday. It was only a matter of time before it happened. I think oor wee Nicola will have to take action. Can we live with all the cries of anguish from the Brit Nats. Aye, nae bother, we need to protect ourselves.

      • In other words THEY can close the border when it comes up THEIR humph, Golfnut.

        Mentioned on here too.


        Another great article Paul. Just too bad that they’re not looking for a replacement for Brewer. You’d surely fit the bill and if it were to happen we’d no doubt see support for independence skyrocket.


        The Telegraph is now running with ”English holidaymakers ‘enquiring about refunds’ after Nicola Sturgeon quarantine warning.”

        ..”Marc Crothall, the Scottish Tourism Alliance’s chief executive, warned that more than 70 per cent of tourism comes from the rest of the UK.”..

        The whole trouble making kit and caboodle of them should be shot. Trying to whip up resentment and anger towards Nicola Sturgeon from our tourist industry. When this 5 mile restriction is lifted the Scots themselves should think of taking a holiday in their own country.

          • No Scottish border , yet the BBC ( no less ) in their 6 O’Clock news mentioned ( twice ) ” the border between Wales and England ” when discussing loss of jobs in the aviation industry .

            If the Welsh can have a border , why can’t we ? ( asking for several million Scottish persons who think we are a nation .)

        • I doubt that Mark Crothall of the Scottish Tourism Alliance said that 70% of Scotland’s tourism comes from the rest of the UK. Its website says ‘the UK market’, i.e. including Scotland itself. Unless we’re not part of the UK – we wish!

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  5. Been thinking about the motivation behind that Yes Cymru poll. Apparently around 20% of folk living in Wales fall into the category “born elsewhere”. Anecdotally, the majority of these fall into the “retired gammons from the SE” category (best of luck converting them to the cause). An academic paper was published claiming that the majority of “native” Welsh folk were against Brexit.
    Under these circumstances, with a 20% hardcore No vote built in, a referendum following the “Scottish model” is unlikely to succeed.
    Theoretically, if the forces of “Pull” from Cardiff were met with a “Push” response from Westminster, a Timor Leste referendum could be arrived at, where “country of origin” preconditions are applied to voting rights.

  6. Press conference

    FM – now over to the torygraph/ daily M/ DR/ Herald

    Journalist- in condescending tone ( can’t call her First Minister) hi there, it’s me, it’s your fault innit.

    FM – from tomorrow Any stupid or silly comments Will be ignored.



  7. Well put Paul. Exactly what I thought when I looked at the Yes Cymru opinion poll. As other bloggers have said before me, every time you meet an English resident thank them for WM bailing us out. Increase the rot from within.

  8. Maybe a different approach is needed for independence,given the immovable 40-45% of support for the Union in Scotland, maybe look at the problem from a different angle,
    Thats a few surveys now that give a fair appreciation of some people’s views in the south , they like a lot of Scots have been fed the subsidy junky line, Why not use it to our benefit ,the Mail and the Express have done the heavy lifting, a wee nudge is all that’s needed.
    The border that Bawjaws seems to believe is invisible it doesn’t really exist well in his head we are just a part of greater Engerlund , bugger the Jocks they don’t matter never will because there isn’t enough of them to stop a Tory government .

    BBC Scotlands website for some reason is open for comments re the current situation with the flare ups around the invisible border , I wondered why ,then it became obvious after reading a few comments ,whythe BBC took the decision to open comments , the bile and open hatred of Nicola Sturgeon and anything to do with independence is there for all to see it’s like a big green Ink and Scotland in Union magnet , my oh my any sense of fair or neutral comment is tossed out the Window , this lot can’t be reasoned with , but maybe their friends in the south can change their minds , they are going to be really really upset because they like independence supporters are wanted as much as Foreigners judging by Brexit that ain’t much , how sad a bunch of homeless fools , oh well they were warned .

  9. Johnson’s comment at PMQ’s that there is no such thing as a border between Scotland and England was quite rightly described as a ludicrous statement by the FM at her daily press conference. He’s the guy that also said there would be no border down the Irish Sea and then proceeded to build border posts in Northern Ireland at ports and airports.

    This recent display of his idiocy is no surprise, but it will come back to haunt him when he starts arguing again about all the restrictions that will be at the border between England and Scotland when we become Independent. He will then argue that the non-existent border will be a hard border and that families will be ripped apart and business burdened with red tape and costs that are unaffordable to Scotland.

    He can’t have it both ways and arguing that there is no border just makes him look more like the moron he is. I quite enjoy him making an arse of himself as it can only put people in Scotland off being ruled by him and his halfwits in his cabinet. Long may he carry on with the insults, he’s doing Scotland a great service, the idiot is too thick to even see that.

    There has never been a better ambassador for Scottish Independence than Boris Johnson, he won’t be the Prime Minister that “lost” Scotland he will be the Prime Minister that won Independence for Scotland. Who knows, we might even put up a statue of him in George Square 🙂

    • Even better when we get independence and join the EU there will be a full customs border with England as they will be what the EU term as a ‘third country’. This means not in the EU not having a full treaty, like Australia. Mind you Australia and the EU have started trade talks for a formal treaty.

  10. Alister Union Jack jumping on the bandwagon, by branding Nicola Sturgeon as being “reckless” and “irresponsible” as his boss continues, alongside Trump, to be considered to be one of the most reckless and irresponsible leaders on the planet. Responsible for tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths and they aren’t finished yet.

    And as one BritNat newspaper, along with the BritNat politicians north and south of the border, attack Nicola Sturgeon who exactly do we have on our side other than this site, sites like Scotgoespop, TuS, BfS and the National? Who else is exposing what’s happening re. Brexit, MSM lies, the coronavirus debacle (in England) and the impact of Westminster’s current decisions on Scotland.

    So much to cover right now but what do we see. We’ve got one of the most (formerly) influential sites being used once AGAIN to bleat on about transgender issues in conjunction with attacking the SNP. An issue that can be resolved AFTER we get our independence. One so-called independence supporting F*nny attempting to gaslight everyone on his site as has been the case for quite some time now. The site is worse than useless, if its aim is to convert others to supporting independence, with a majority of BritNat posters, pathetic irrelevant articles and internal nonsensical bickering. Surely the genuine supporters can see right through this fiasco? Its now become totally detrimental to us getting our independence, imo. Time for the blog owner to take an extended holiday (a few years) taking into account that if he comes here he’ll be going into quarantine, hopefully, that is if he isn’t stopped at the border.

  11. They are clearly just not that into their people either.

    Do not read these links if you’re eating, about to or just have.

    Just one more example of how bad things will inevitably become if Scotland remains in the UK and gets dragged down to England’s level.

    ‘water firms dumped raw sewage into England’s rivers 200,000 times in 2019’

    While England’s river water quality is the worst in virtually all of Europe, Scotland’s water standard’s are similar to much of Scandinavia.

    • The second link may not work for the last one due to paywall. Google – Can England’s water companies clean up its dirty rivers? – worked for me.

      • I understand that in the Thames area the water you drink has passed through around 20 others as it travels West to the sea. Retreated before use.

  12. If the advisors advise that closing the border with England is in the public health interests of Scotland those advisors are saying close the borders to everyone passing from England to Scotland

    In amongst those people will be folk of all types of Nationalities from all over the place, even Scots returning to Scotland, a border is not a people, closing the border would be the same as wearing PPE to protect yourself from a disease that anybody might have, it’s the British Nationalists who are making it about English people

    Do English folk think it means only them, it means anybody from anywhere wherever you come from or whatever your ethnicity, the Tories Labour and their media are dog whistling for the Nigel Farage listeners

    The didn’t make this much fuss when the Welsh polis were turning folk around and sending them home, it’s always about Scotland, why? isn’t it obvious

    • You get really scunnered with these bl**dy hypocrites, Dr Jim. I don’t hear any of them moaning about Leicester being put into lockdown again, because they are concerned about their own safety. In fact the rest of England seems to be treating the people of Leicester like lepers now. Seems that what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander.

      ‘Caravan parks will call police on Leicester visitors who break lockdown.’

      ..”People from locked-down Leicester have been warned that the police will be called if they try to take a caravan break elsewhere in the UK. Caravan parks and campsites across the county have warned city residents to stay away after a recent outbreak of coronavirus in the city. Park owners, as well as staff at hotels and holiday cottages, are understood to be checking guests’ postcodes on future bookings from Saturday and cancelling reservations. And caravan park and campsite owners have said they will call the police on anyone who ignores Government advice and still turns up.”..

      • Just rereading what I posted. Interesting to note that they say that, ” people from locked-down Leicester have been warned that the police will be called if they try to take a caravan break elsewhere in the UK.” The UK? Does that include Scotland?

    • I found it interesting tonight on Reporting Scotland that they mentioned New York and how it has ‘closed’ its borders to people from 16 other states. They also interviewed someone from New York about how it worked.

      People have also argued against border checks/closure using the ‘how will goods get in/out’. Probably the same way the kept essential goods moving across Europe when many countries were in lockdown.

  13. Just read Peter A Bell’s piece and now this from Paul……..things are changing fast, you can smell it, taste it, feel it, the air is crackling with anticipation so savour it, because it is beautiful.

  14. As Alister Jack and his owner would say, “let’s crack on … and wack a mole”. If you are a Brit you’ll understand what that means. For the rest of you lesser beings, it’s what you would understand if you could even begin to follow the world beating Brit science.

    Anyway, this is not the time for us to be putting the issue of Scotland’s independence up front and serious. We’ve got plenty Brit pip squeaks doing that for us. The top item on our agenda is and should be suppressing this despicable virus. That’s what Nicola keeps telling me and I happen to agree. I have no doubt that the new normal in Scotland is being very grateful that an adult is in charge. I also have no doubt that just a few more Scots are looking at the Brit master race and wondering – WTF, how did I ever imagine that they were better than me?

    It’s all grist to the mill.

  15. As regards a blog I used to read but am now only aware of when somebody alludes to it, just forget it. It was constructively useful at a point in time and I am grateful for that but now it seems to be just a sponge, soaking up the negativity of people who overestimated their and its importance.

    Sad but I think true. Maybe one day it will recover its value.

  16. Carlaw with his wee article in the Daily Mail. I wonder how many people reading that article actually agree with him, in particular the Tories?

    ”After pateiently (his spelling) waiting, Scottish tourism is eager to open its doors on July 15th. But Nicola Sturgeon’s refusal to rule out a quarantine of those from elsewhere in the UK is bringing more worrying uncertainty to an industry on its knees.”


    ‘Nicola Sturgeon tells Boris Johnson, Alister Jack and Jackson Carlaw to take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror. TELT once again to stop risking public health by introducing divisive constitutional matters.”

  17. There will be a reckoning when the folk in England who have lost many thousands of their beloved Nan, Grandad, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, friends unnecessarily due to the pitiless Tories handling of Covid 19 emerge from the first stages of grief and shock.

    I remember there being a border mentioned during the Indy Ref 1. Border controls, Imposed tariffs were threats thrown at the campaign by the Unionists.

    I am with scrandoonyeah!

  18. In response to – Petra says;

    I’ve allowed my SNP membership of +30 years to lapse due to the “trans issue” that is, I believe, eating away at the SNP structure. My view is that Wings over Scotland is rightly attempting to bring the trans agenda operating within the SNP to the public’s attention. Wings rightly identifies SNP MPs who are publicly majoring on trans issues, and not on pursuing the case for independence.

    I sincerely hope that Nicola Sturgeon is not damaged by revelations of the Alex Salmond fiasco, and yet, Leslie Evans is still in post. Is Nicola unable/unwilling to deal with her?

    Scotland now has only 6 months from today to declare that Scotland will not leave the EU. i’m “all ears” to what are the SNP saying to us about the issue, what strategy they are engaging. And yet all I hear is Nicola Sturgeon, six days of the week, reporting on Covid stats., that could be handled by her very able health Minster.

  19. Did the English not shut the border when the stone of Destiny was stolen from Westminster in the 50’s.

    • They did indeed, that was a far bigger deal than folk getting sick and dying too that was an affront to their imperial power so heaven and earth must be moved for something as important as a stone that didn’t belong to them anyway

      A bit like the Chagos islands which the UN gave them notice to vacate, that doesn’t belong to them either but guess what, they’re renting that to the Americans and they can’t tell them to get out, the British Exceptionalists down the years have always seen themselves as more important than the wishes or legalities or the rights of the entire world

      Especially if there’s money in it

  20. Andrew Bowie 845 majority will be voted out in 2+ years.

    MP for Kincardine/Deeside. The Royals illegally took the virus into the area. Then received preferential treatment. Thank the NHS. After irresponsibly putting the elderly at risk.

    The Royals taxed at 10% on more than £20Million. (£400million total) Not paying corporation or capital gains tax. The NHS needs every penny. The Tories cut the NHS budget.

    Nicola Sturgeon faithfully gives accurate about the corona pandemic. Saving lives every day doing a fantastic job. That is why people appreciate the statements.

    Leslie Evans will be held to account by the Inquiry. To leave the post earlier on a massive pension would have evaded the Inquiry.

    The Trans issue is irrelevant to many voters. Saving lives in important to many. It is a generational gap. The younger ones support it. They have been brought up in a more equal world.

    They support less segregation among the sexes, even the younger women. Mixed changing rooms is not a problem for the millions who use them. It allows more women and others to access the facilities. The problem is those who do not use them make complaint.

    • Trans issue is irrelevant to many? That would be the many men who’s basic rights are unaffected.
      As for the millions who use mixed changing the only place I use mixed changing is the local swimming pool which has lockable cubicles. Where are the others?
      I reckon you are missing the point. It’s basically about allowing male bodied persons into women’s ‘intimate’ spaces such as showering facilities in schools and gyms along with Refuges and prisons. ‘Wings’ survey shows that only 18% of women of all ages support allowing male bodied persons access. Go check it out.
      One big issue is trans charities such as Mermaids being given finacial aid in the form of grants and going into primary schools to teach trans ideology. WTF. All to accomode less than 1% of the population.

      I don’t know any ordinary woman who hasn’t breathed a sign of relief at Westminster dropping Gra reforms and it’s a sad day when as a woman brought up in the Thatcher era I’m actually nodding my head in agreement. (WITH TORIES!!!)
      The SNP need to get the female population (50% approx) fully on board to make independence a reality. Do not alienate us by supporting the trans ideology that refers to us as CIS women or Menstruators.
      Unless this government drops their reforms I will be ‘transitioning’ away from SNP and I won’t be alone.
      Finally before I’m labelled a transphobe, I think possibly Penis phobe might better cover it. You see in 21st century Scotland, I’ve got the quaint notion that I and my schoolgirl relatives should have the choice over how much penis exposure we are subjected to, not the Scottish government.

      • ”I don’t know any ordinary woman who hasn’t breathed a sign of relief at Westminster dropping Gra reforms.”

        And you really believe them?

      • Sorry, but “The Trans issue is irrelevant to many voters” is undeniable, most don’t understand what the issue is let alone get what it has to do with Scotland’s current condition let alone support for a particular political party.
        The parallels to the highly successful antisemitism propaganda campaign against Labour are more than a little concerning…

        • In my experience the people who do care about this issue care about it passionately and intensely and find it difficult to accept that the majority doesn’t share the same intensity of feeling.

          • Mildly amused Paul.
            Forget trans issues, think independence and read your own words back.
            Just saying.

          • I know you don’t agree, but it’s simply a fact that only a small minority of people care about this issue. And it’s not because they don’t know about it. It’s a twitter bubble issue.

            Just saying.

  21. The Tories are trying to put up borders to every EU country. Hypocrites. They are trying to close Britains borders to every country in the EU. Meaning the EU countries have to close their borders UK. Causing havoc. Trying to include Scotland where people did not vote for it. Interfere in Scottish politics and matters. Few voted for them.

  22. The Tories are trying to close the borders to every EU country. Brexit. Hypocrites.

    The EU countries have to close their borders to Britain, Even though Scotland did not vote for it.

    Chaos and havoc.

  23. The teachers will be glad of some break. They have been having a real hard time. Having to mark internet work. Day, night and weekend. Parents (working) having to phone out of hours. The workload was quite excessive. It could have been reduced to 4 days.

    • I agree with that. I’ve been working an average of 50 hours a week on lesson prep and pupil contacts since April. Still feeling as though I should be working because it doesn’t feel any different now the term has ended.

  24. If animals get sick in one area we don’t allow transport to other areas to transmit and spread the sickness like eh, foot and mouth, are the British Nationalists saying that’s wrong too, do animals from different parts of the UK have feelings and opinions on this, do these animals feel excluded by Scotlands very bad First Minister only caring about her Scottish sheep and cows and not the English sheep and cows, is the First Minister of Scotland an English meat product hater, will she take umbridge against English vegetables next, these questions must be raised in parliament and debated until the conclusion is come to that Scotlands First Minister may be a closet Cheesy Pasta only eater who cares not a jot for border crossing produce

  25. The problem that Scottish unionists have at present and for some time to come is that when push comes to shove,health trumps wealth.
    They can bluster all they like about deficits and trade but when it has been clearly demonstrated that we can more effectively manage the health of our citizens than their precious UK government,minds will be changed.
    Hence their present desperation to politice the crisis.

  26. Andrew Bowie and the Tories do not support their constituents properly. They want to disobey and change the rules. Rules and regulation put in place to save more lives.

    More constituents could have died. The elderly who voted Tory. Andrew Bowie MP, majority 845. Andrew Bowie and the rest of them will be voted out in 2+ years time. Vote Tory to die younger. They kill off their voters and supporters. Austerity. Average life expectancy in the rest of the UK going down,

    They will be held to account at the Ballot Box. The Tories cut the NHS budget when it should have been increased and totally mismanaged a pandemic. There for all to see and they keep lying,

    Support for SNP/Independence increasing as predicted, as the unionists parties kill off the elderly, and lie about.

    The disgust unionist performance at Westminster Scottish Question time is an absolute disgrace. A disgraceful performance of inequality and lack of democracy. The Westminster unionist way.

    The event is overtaken by MP’s from out of Scotland (elsewhere) asking planted questions about their constituencies and lying about Scotland. A place they obviously know nothing about. The Westminster damned unionist way. Appalling.

  27. It is more stringent, adequate measures being put in place in Scotland being followed that has saved lives. Not the number of people present. Even visitors have to follow them to keep people safe,

    Andrew Bowie is more worried about the hoteliers etc on Deeside. Trade is continuing (take away) outside facilities. and will more than pick up once the virus/pandemic is under control. With increased trade from those who will not want to travel abroad. There will be no room at the inn. The tourist trade has totally survived downturns before. Totally adequately,

    Scotland tourist trade is totally successful and in the most parts there are not rooms etc to be had at busy time. These times will soon come again. Busy, busy times ahead.

    There is a backlog of work building up. It will be compensated. The £4Billion will soon be replenished. A two months lockdown will soon be recovered, with the build up. It is just a small blip of economic recovery. Compared to other worldwide recovery periods. Economic periods in the future will intensify.

    There is a backlog of orders and industrial activity. An extended holiday period awaits. People travelling more locally. People have just been having a break in some instances. A well earned holiday break can compensate.

    Better to keep safe. The compensations for keeping safe will far outweigh any disadvantages from not staying safe. The compensation for the NHS etc by comparison. Less incidents as people stay at home for all public bodies.

    Swings and roundabouts.

    If political parties do not take care of the elderly. The majority of voters (and their families). They will lose out statistically. Support for the Tory/unionist in decline. It is nearly time. 2+ years, The balance of power achieved. The Brexit scandal awaits of failure.

  28. Boris Johnston is just an idiot and respects no one. A complete and utter habitual liar. The dope on a rope. A foolish clown. The Tory/unionist are offending every sector of the population once again. Deja Vu. That is why most people in Scotland would never trust a Tory/unionist. Their interests are elsewhere.

    The turning point is coming soon enough. The backlash building up. Social unrest mounting. It is the Tory way. Habitually. The Ballot Box awaits. Be afraid, very afraid. Not complacent.

  29. Many people work part-time in care homes. Wonderful people, The limited hours help them care with the stress and does have compensation. Increased remuneration with qualifications,

    The Westminster budget interference. Reduces the funds for public services.
    Many care homes are part funded by local authorities. Operating with excellent care.

    The young and the old care workers. Need support. It is not an either or situation of compensation.

    Primary children doing a limited curriculum activities for two months will not affect overall status of 13 years. A blip of activity overall. Secondly pupils are able to do individual study with internet support etc. The places of less internet continuity will be losing out. There are alternative arrangement to be made. Less distraction.

    The world still operated before internet connection. Pre 1990. Possibly less successfully. Or easily but people still got on with life. Under increased strife because of lack of internet. Internet activity and information can hold Gov to account. Increase life chances and equality. A major programme going on in Scotland being undertaken.

  30. Different caring profession can be under similar stress. It is not a competition but a need for some consideration and help. Both for the young and the old who often have less voice of their own but need an increased bit of consideration and help.

    No one wants to die prematurely. In Scotland fewer did because of better administration. On average by comparison.

    50,000 people die a year on average. 1000 every week (pro rata UK). More in the winter than the summer. Less will die because of lockdown. Less commercial activity. On average some will be up some down.

  31. Divide and rule among caring, essential professions does not cut it. Just an evasion. A similar work load of experience. Avoiding appropriate action, compensation and consideration. A negative action of opinion.

  32. Richard Murphy recently opined that up to 7 million people by the end of the year could be unemployed. The UK gov projections of 3.5 million look like a serious underestimate of the tragic loss of employment for way to many people and in some respects mirrors there lack of honesty in reporting infections in the community. The £5 billion investment( which is not new money) to get Britain (England) moving is to be honest a fucking insult but at least Scotland, Wales and NI weren’t included, we in essence were just told to fuck off.
    Unemployment isn’t of course the only problem facing the people of these islands, furlough is coming to an end, as will the suspension of mortgage, credit card and loans many people have taken advantage of. Houses, business assets etc used as collateral against business loans are at serious risk as the loans are called in, and they will be. The 2008 crash demonstrated just how ruthless the banks will be in looking after their own interests and director bonuses.
    The Scottish governments plan, though it didn’t include UBI, viewed against the above is a model of probity and forward planning.
    The refusal to engage by the the UK can be viewed as simple malice but in reality I think is much more sinister in its intent.

  33. Many of the dogs/cats that can’t be rehomed get put down. Killed. Many of the farmland creatures are killed prematurely for human consumption, unnecessarily. Animal cruelty for human benefit. Killing other creatures. Claiming it is humane as an excuse.

    There will be a revolution in the farming (methods) industry shortly. Better use of the land? Farmers in Scotland on average, are over sixty and male. Conservative.

    The industry will change as they retire. Set in their ways, The young ones will come along with more inventive, ambitious enthusiastic ways. To further success. Scotland food and drinks industry a major money spinner for income. Basic necessities.

    The increase is vegan/vegetarianism. More ethical outlook as the world changes. Worldwide diversity. Cultivation of products.

    Instead of selling arms etc. Killing people prematurely. The Tory/unionist way. A failed democratic policy. Out of time, place and space. People are sick because of it.

  34. The cac is going to seep into Scotland just like the projectile raw sewage that explodes out of the gobs of lbj and his sycophantic cronies and fester into a second wave. Close the border, because there is one.

  35. It’s the principle of stamp on your foot to take your mind off your cut finger, politics is the same, when the people begin to grow restless of one thing then government gives them something new to think about and Boom! the pain of the last thing fades

    *I’d rather be dead than put up with this, we’d be better off not being alive, this isn’t living,* how many times do we hear phrases like that trotted out by those who aren’t dead, because the dead can’t come back to tell us it’s not great being dead, and it had me thinking that in normal times of a serious accident or a catastrophe of one kind or another the media always find someone bereaved to agree to go on national TV and tell us of their sorrow at what happened to them, I’ve noticed with this Corona virus that the national news media isn’t presenting such people on their programmes to warn people of just how devastating to a family and loved ones the results of this awful disease is

    We know that messages like that are very powerful and have an effect on the public so why aren’t the media following their own tried and proven methods to warn the public

    It couldn’t possibly be that someone at the top doesn’t want to frighten the population into behaving in the right way could it

    Two metres to one metre, that is the question, is it? is it really? just think about that for one second, who even in normal times stands closer than that to a total stranger, that’s shaking hands distance, so exactly the same distance as you would normally stand in proximity to another person anyway
    Two metres meant folk pushed it to slightly less, now if one metre happens well just fill up the pubs and die folks because once the first couple of drinks are downed you might as well go to the dancing while you’re at it, as long as you don’t hold hands that is, but just hold my drink while I nip to the Loo what’s the harm

    There are according to reports 35 areas across England set to be locked down again, one of them’s Westminster for goodness sake, you can stamp on my foot all day and I’ll moan about it but I value my life even if I have to limp

  36. The Canary leading with English independence ,new survey confirms a 50/50 split of Tory voters half don’t want to keep subsidising Jocks-Taffs or Paddys and the others are not particularly concerned .

    Time to seriously wind up the English Nationalists , first their MPs and government ministers in Parliament where it might get publicity, cause a bit commotion make them wonder what’s coming next ,

    Every single SNP MP start taking the piss out of the medieval practices and the whole stupidity of the place including the resident stuck in the last century Mogg , who probably believes he is just too important for the place bow down plebs and Jocks who shouldn’t really be allowed in our parliament .

  37. Just saying the words *Scotland* and *Scottish people* those words seem to drive them mad like it’s an assault on their ears

  38. Dogs/cars etc animals who cannot be rehomed are put down. Killed prematurely. Farmed animals are killed prematurely. Inhumane. Herd mentality. Human beings inhumane to other creatures.

    The Farming industry will be changing. The average farmer male and over 60. Conservative. The younger, enthusiastic new ideas will come in. Better land use? Growing more grain and cereal. Rapeseed and berries.

    The increase in Vegan/vegetarian being catered, New ideas and concern worldwide.

    Scotland food and drink industry a major success worldwide.

  39. Pete on SKY News with Adam Boulton sadly open goal ( missed ) , Pete don’t say you won’t withdraw from government institutions , keep the buggers guessing and make them wonder what you will do next , anyway looks like the English media are taking interest, so it should be all hands on Deck , I hope Nicola goes for the throats of the Unionist parties using Johnstons NO BORDER comments as a weapon , go for it Nicola the Media have the Scent draw blood .

  40. More than ever before , Nicola now faces a colossal battle. She is caught in a vice. One jaw is the pressure on her to continue trying to eliminate the virus while the second jaw is the pressure on her to abandon this goal or be vilified. That is what it comes down to.

    She has only one practical course of action. To give up on elimination WILL undoubtedly destroy her. To stand up and fight her way through the tsunami of vile attacks that will face her if she holds firm to those principles MAY destroy her. Her only practical course of action is to hold to her principles.

    We don’t ask much of our leader!

    Go on hen, bare your teeth and confront the bastards. I and millions of others are four square behind you.

    • With pleasure …

      The Scot Nat’s Prayer

      Our leader,
      Who art in Holyrood,
      Sturgeon be thy name.
      Our independence come,
      In Scotland, as in all other normal countries.
      Give us this day our daily succour.
      Forgive us our trespasses on ignorant unionists,
      As we struggle to forgive their trespasses against us.
      Lead us into the temptation of independence,
      And deliver us from Westminster.
      For thine is the leadership,
      The power and the glory of a free Scotland,
      For ever and ever.

      [With acknowledgements]

  41. > By Andrew’s logic imposing a local lockdown in Leicester is motivated by religious prejudice against Hindus.

    Actually, the mayor of Leicester was on Sky News and lamented the fact that the government did not give them the figures for new infections broken down by ethnicity and place of work.

    I wonder what motivated that. Surely a concern for the welfare of the people of his city would transcend superficial issues of ethnicity and the like.

    • In terms of Corvoid-19 and the coronavirus ethnicity is not a superficial issue.

      It is one that has to be at the forefront of any response and procedures to keep the whole community safe.

  42. The simple truth is that the Scottish tories don’t give a fuck what you think about them:

    They cannot be shamed
    They cannot be lectured
    They cannot be humiliated by anything at all

    All that matters to them is the relevance the English party gives them. As long as Scotland is in the union and as long as their party in government…they don’t care how hated they are up here. Even if they had no seats at all, they still wouldn’t give a shit because they’re ruling over us from Westminster, so fuck you Scotland.

    Were it not for the constitution question – they’d be out, but they’d still be there…carping & whining when they lose in England. Sneering and Jeering when they have won in England. And it was ever thus.

    They played a blinder by convincing the lib dems and Labour to destroy themselves for the union. If it were not for them, they’d have no seats in Scotland. They have fooled these Scottish sub branch parties that the Union mattered more than politics. And God help us, but the wee fannies in the Lib Dems and the Diddy Men in Scottish Labour agreed. It has killed these parties in Scotland, and in a way robbed them of any relevance in England too. Even the media has joined in and ensured a breach of trust that will put down deep roots and last generations.

    But the tories don’t give a shit. They don’t even give a shit about the union, except for when it ensures their ability to rule us from Westminster.

    The irony is, that they never for one moment considered that the English tories are as sick of the sight of them as we are.

    • Or could it be that Labour Tory and Lib Dem are all one party but the English head office know that Scotland is lost to them so as with many businesses who have their headquarters in England they ditch the Scottish branches because there’s no more profit in keeping that Scottish branch open anymore

      • I have made the joke myself that they are the UK continuity party and they pretend to be three UK parties. But I feel that for the tories, the only relevance they have is when they win in England. The only value the union has to them is not a sense of Britishness (whatever that this), but a need and desire for political relevance: The union makes them feel important, because in truth they aren’t and never have been. As for the Wee Fanny and Diddy parties…The first should have died out back in the 80s but merging with the SDP saved them. Labour somehow forgot that it had been dining out on anti-tory hatred for 50 years and that more than half of its core vote thought they were the party of home-rule. You don’t get to call George Osborne a “voice of prudence” when he calls Scotland a nation of Scroungers, go to tory party rallies and give them the “Jimmy Krankie” salute, then call for the dissolution of the Scottish Parliament and expect to be rewarded with votes. I have never seen a political party so comprehensively and utterly defeated by adopting the language of its most bitter opponent. The tories have always been the tories, and that means they are shit on the heel of Scotland’s shoe. But Labour was always the party that had the most to lose by saving the union. They are too blinded by their hatred of the SNP to wonder why saving the union, cost them so dearly and question if it was worth it.

  43. Hi velofello I missed your post so apologies for the belated response.

    I’m sorry to hear that you’ve let your SNP membership lapse due to the ”trans issue.” I’m just wondering if your main aim now is for Scotland to become independent, over the trans issue, and if so which political party you think will get us our independence, if not the SNP?

    This trans issue doesn’t just relate to the SNP. It’s a ScotGov, Westminster and in fact a global issue, complex, polarised and oft riven with divisive and toxic debate around the world. The criterion for this relates to countries having to comply with International Human Rights law. It’s not just a topic that’s been pulled out of thin air by the SNP to annoy people. It HAS to be dealt with, ultimately by us, as has been the case in countries such as the Republic of Ireland, Norway, Malta, Denmark and Belgium. How are they all getting on with it?

    In other words this matter isn’t going to go away no matter what people like Mr Campbell say or do. It’s on the Holyrood/Westminster back-burner right now and if we don’t get our independence Westminster led BritNat politicians will be calling the shots at Holyrood and that includes on the trans issue over and above decimating Scotland in a multitude of ways.

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to get our independence first and then deal with the trans issue keeping in mind that the ScotGov aren’t anywhere near finalising this matter and if and when it progresses from draft bill stage if it doesn’t pass the parliamentary vote the bill will fall. It can also be amended along the way or in fact repealed altogether as was the case with the OBFA. To my mind this would be much easier to do in an Independent Scotland rather than one that continues to be ruled over by Westminster.

    Wings over Scotland has focused on the trans issue to the point of attempting to totally discredit and vilify a number of SNP politicians, including Nicola Sturgeon. How is that helping us to get our independence? You say that, ”Wings rightly identifies SNP MPs who are publicly majoring on trans issues, and not on pursuing the case for independence.” To my mind he is publicly majoring on trans issues and is no longer pursuing the case for independence. As an example, of the latter point, he is using his site now to support newspapers and journalists that he formerly warned us about and in fact used to rip to shreds, with the latest ”anomaly” being the case of the Herald / Tom Gordon versus Angus Robertson’s wife. What’s that all about? He’s also been running his mouth off to newspapers, such as the right-wing Times, to castigate the SNP. One has to ask themselves what’s changed? Why is he doing the BritNats job for them now?

    You say that, ”you hope that Nicola Sturgeon is not damaged by revelations of the Alex Salmond fiasco, and yet, Leslie Evans is still in post. Is Nicola unable/unwilling to deal with her?”

    I’m not aware of any revelations that negatively link Nicola Sturgeon to the AS fiasco (other than gossip and rumours from certain quarters) over and above the fact that she’s been the First Minister of Scotland during this debacle and that it’s no doubt put her in a dreadful position. As to Leslie Evans it’s been pointed out already that she was proposed by Westminster and until such times as an investigation is carried into her activities and she’s found to be guilty, if that’s the case, she’ll remain in her position no matter what Nicola Sturgeon feels or says about the matter.

    You also seem to be annoyed by the fact that Nicola Sturgeon is not being seen to be dealing with the independence question right now, but is rather at the forefront of handling the coronavirus crisis. I hardly know how to respond to your statement other than to say that she’s the FMoS and therefore represents ALL Scots. She’s working her butt off to save lives right now. What’s more important than that? If she was seen to be pushing for independence in the midst of this absolute catastrophe all trust in her would go right down the stank followed by a drop in support for independence, imo. As it stands this crisis and the stance that she’s been taking is showing that she’s head and shoulders above all other politicians in the UK and in fact many worldwide. The eyes of the Scots, the rUk, the EU, UN, and so on, are on her, comparing and contrasting her with Boris Johnson, so why on earth would she hand that role, responsibility and that type of exposure over to her Health Minister?

    • Petra, I will make three comments on your long post.

      1. “What’s that all about.” On one of your recent posts you stated I did not have a clue as to what was happening in the Scotgov. If that comment ( “what’s that all about” ) is a genuine comment then I think you have just proved you are the one who does not have a clue.

      2. “”She’ll remain in her post no matter what Nicola Sturgeon feels or says about the matter” – misleading comment. The FM agreed to renew her contract when it expired – she didn’t have to do so.

      3. I agree with your final paragraph.

      4. The trans issue can be dealt with after independence but only if independence happens soon. Trouble is a lot of the people wanting GRA progressed now don’t seem to think independence will happen any time soon – therefore they don’t want to wait.

  44. Cubby when I say ”what’s that all about”, I mean what’s that all about? I don’t have any knowledge of what’s going on behind the scenes at Holyrood other than what came out in Court. The rest, such as NS backstabbing AS, comes across as being nothing more than sheer speculation and vindictive rumour on the part of someone, a blog owner with an axe to grind, initially given information by someone … whom? Do we know that this particular ”whom” actually exists, if so is telling the truth or for that matter isn’t some sort of Westminster agent? And then it goes on. The speculation becomes the so-called truth and it’s spun over and over again to the detriment of the independence cause, imo.

    The contract:- How do you know that the FM didn’t have to renew the L E contract? Maybe she was constrained by L E’s legal team, Westminster solicitors or whatsoever, especially whilst an investigation is being carried out? A simple example relating to myself, is that a neighbour’s son was using his AA van to harass me, by blocking drives, damaging my property and so on. I spoke to his bosses at the AA and they said that they knew what he was getting up to but couldn’t do anything about it until he was found to be guilty in Court. If they sacked him beforehand they could be charged with unfair dismissal. He was eventually found guilty of breach of the peace, criminal damage etc and they then sacked him.

    You say that, ”The trans issue can be dealt with after independence but only if independence happens soon. Trouble is a lot of the people wanting GRA progressed now don’t seem to think independence will happen any time soon – therefore they don’t want to wait.”

    The trouble is Cubby that we need as much support for independence as we can get to achieve our objective, ASAP, but as long as someone is using the GRA to undermine the SNP that holds us back, imo. Wouldn’t it make more sense for people like Mr Campbell to get on with supporting independence / Nicola Sturgeon and then when we get our independence deal with the GRA? Methinks right enough that if we ever get our Independence he’ll drop the GRA issue altogether. Imo, it’s just a means to an end for him. It’s also a great wee manipulative ploy. Convince everyone that Nicola Sturgeon isn’t interested in Scotland becoming independent in conjunction with undermining her credibility by calling her a liar, a fraud, a potential murderer and as being an advocate of violating women’s rights.

  45. Petra,

    1. Your analogy re your neighbour is inaccurate. Not renewing a contract is not a sacking for inappropriate offences.

    2. There are clearly people in the SNP whose behaviour is wrong and for whom independence is not a priority. There is no need to highlight this over and over again but it is wrong to try and kid on that is not the case.

    3. Petra, you are the one who keeps referring to Wings and Campbell not me. I try and stick to facts.

    4. Britnats deliberately lie and mislead – I don’t think it is right to do the same even if it is thought to be an advantage for independence or protecting the SNP.

    I’ll finish by saying that it is very pleasing that another poll is showing 54% for independence. A fact that we can both express delight in unlike the Britnats.

  46. Number 1) Cubby. I don’t quite get it. Let’s say that Nicola Sturgeon wanted rid of her (not have her contract renewed) but Westminster (and their solicitors) said no we have to wait until a thorough investigation has been carried out and finalised. What’s Nicola Sturgeon to do, especially as we know that if she went ahead by ignoring such advice negative headlines would be splattered all over the newspapers, for example ”Civil Servant to sue the ScotGov due to Nicola Sturgeon’s actions.”

    Number two). I totally agree with you but that applies to all political parties, has always been the case over time, and in fact most others in the UK are far worse than the SNP. What I find strange is that the owner of a certain so-called independence blog focuses on them (SNP) and now has little to say about highly corrupt Tories, Libdems and Labour politicians. We will of course, with independence, find ourselves in a better position to deal with politicians, of all hues, that are serving themselves rather than the people.

    Number three). I mentioned WoS because that’s the so-called independence site that is totally obsessed with the GRA, which you mentioned in your last post.

    Number 4). I’m not the one that is deliberately lying or misleading Cubby. Maybe you could outline where you think that I have done so. I try to stick to … facts … that seem to be thin on the ground. There’s rather far too much rumour and speculation floating around for my liking.

    And yeah some great news. 54% and rising no doubt. Something for us to unite in, in celebration.

  47. Petra, I will address no 1 and 4 together.

    You cannot sue an organisation for not giving you a new contract. If that was the case professional footballers would be suing football clubs all the time. All the rest of the stuff you say about Westminster is just plain wrong. It would apply if The FM terminated her contract but that is not the same as simply not agreeing to a renewal/extension. I really don’t know how I can make this point any clearer. So to me you do seem to be continually posting misleading comments on this particular point of detail. Only you know if it is deliberate. My point in 4 was a GENERAL point but as I said above you do seem to be misleading about this contract renewal but I did not mean to imply you were lying.

    Para 2 I agree.

    Para 3 As I said I very rarely if ever refer to Wings. However, I do not do devils and angels. I do not put halos on people and think they must be perfect in all respects and similarly I do not put horns on people and take the view that nothing they do or say can ever be correct.

  48. Ach well Cubby looks as though we’ll just have to agree to disagree. I reckon that L E would have a case if her position was to be filled with someone who has less experience, qualifications and so on. Anyway hopefully it won’t be too long now before it all comes out in the wash.

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