Where there’s a will

Yesterday the Scottish Government announced that in the previous 24 hours there had been 1 death from covid-19 in the country. There was one death in Wales, and two in Northern Ireland. There were 133 deaths overnight in England. (Source : https://www.travellingtabby.com/scotland-coronavirus-tracker/) If the death rate in England was the same as it was in Scotland at the moment, there would only be about 12 deaths daily from the virus. Instead there are ten times as many.

The Scottish Government assessment is that the prevalence of the virus among the population is five times lower in Scotland than it currently is in England which means that you are five times more likely to encounter an infected person in England in a shop or a public space than you are in Scotland. So guess where pubs, bars, restaurants, and cinemas have reopened today and where people can travel freely and associate in greater numbers. Why, that would be England.

The Wetherspoons chain, whose multi-millionaire Brexit backing boss told staff at the beginning of lockdown that they would remain unpaid until he received financial aid from the government and that they could apply for jobs with Tesco, is reopening with the help of a £48 million loan from the British Government.

We learned today that there have been more deaths from covid 19 in the UK than even in the UK Government’s own worst case prediction. In the scenarios modelled by the British Government’s scientific advisory body SAGE said in March this year that 20,000 deaths between March and September 2020 would be a “good” outcome. It’s now been revealed that in the same document SAGE warned that in a worst case scenario there could be 50,000 deaths from covid-19 over the same period. It’s only the beginning of July but the official death toll is currently at 44,000 and estimates from the Office of National Statistics show that the UK had already exceeded 50,000 deaths by June. Other reliable estimates which measure so-called excess deaths claim that the true figure is already well in excess of 60,000.

Despite the undoubted fact that the Scottish Government, after a rocky start, has got a far better handle on dealing with the epidemic than the British Government, the Scottish Conservatives are not at all happy. Admittedly that’s a statement of the obvious, saying that the Scottish Conservatives are not happy with the Scottish Government is a bit like saying that Lex Luthor is unhappy with Superman. They’d be unhappy if the Scottish Government was doing poorly, and they’d be unhappy if the Scottish Government was doing well. But then being a British nationalist in Scotland is very much an exercise in being miserable.

What’s particularly getting the goat of some of the Tories just now is that the Scottish Government perversely and obstinately insists on holding daily press conferences presented by the First Minister where she presents the latest information to the public about the virus in Scotland and takes questions from the media. According to Scottish Twitter’s favourite cause of face palming, Murdo Fraser, it’s high time that the daily party political broadcast stopped. It’s free publicity for the SNP, he harrumphed, in search of free publicity for himself.

The complaint is not unrelated to the way in which the public accessibility of the First Minister is boosting public support and trust in the Scottish Government, while the Scottish public is increasingly distrustful and disenchanted with Johnson’s administration in Westminster. Since Murdo can’t actually do anything to make Boris Johnson even halfway competent, all he’s got left is carping about someone who’s doing their job a whole lot better. Actually, no one could help Boris Johnson to come within several light years of basic competence, not even Spock with a warp drive. It would be like expecting a sewer rat to give classes in dental hygiene. You can be quite certain that had the First Minister done what Murdo was pouting about, and had stopped her daily press briefings, Murdo would have been the first to accuse her of hiding from public scrutiny. See what I mean about Scottish Tories always being miserable.

Boris Johnson has long since given up any pretence of giving enough of a toss to deliver weekly press conferences, never mind daily ones. He can barely be bothered enough to do anything other than go through the mumbling motions at Prime Minister’s Questions once a week in the House of Commons. There is now a suggestion that the British Government will be recruiting a media professional to deliver its messaging given that Boris Johnson is incapable of starting a coherent sentence never mind finishing one. Many of us in Scotland, and indeed elsewhere will be wondering why they need to do that. Doesn’t the BBC already have that job?

What’s really worrying the Conservative branch office in Scotland is that the Scottish Government isn’t just more effective in dealing with the virus, it’s also far more effective in its public messaging. That’s why, according to a poll published this weekend, some three quarters of people in Scotland would support restrictions on people crossing the border between Scotland and England should it be necessary for public health. Even 45% of Conservative voters in Scotland were supportive of the idea. People in Scotland, even those currently opposed to independence, trust in the Scottish Government to keep them safe from the virus in a way that they don’t trust Boris Johnson and are quite prepared to see checks on the Scottish border in order to ensure public safety. That’s anathema to the Conservatives. Their dire warnings about border checks as a consequence of independence lose a lot of their effect if there are border checks while Scotland is still a part of the UK.

Scotland is slipping away from Westminster’s grasp. The people of Scotland are transferring their trust and confidence from Westminster to Holyrood to deal even with “the big stuff”. That’s an important and historic shift. For all that the independence movement frets about the process of how we get a referendum it’s the change of public attitudes on the ground which is really important. Scotland is becoming a country which is confident in its own ability to look after itself, to solve its own problems, and to take care of its people. People in Scotland, even those who are still not fully on board with independence, no longer feel that Scotland needs Westminster to look after it. Indeed, increasingly they are coming to the opinion that Westminster is endangering us, holding us back, and acting as a brake on our potential. It’s that seismic shift in public attitudes and Scottish confidence which will take us to independence.

Remember the saying, where there’s a will there’s a way. It’s only now that Scotland is becoming a country where there’s a will.

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76 thoughts on “Where there’s a will

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  2. Scotland has had a chance to see and hear First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on a daily basis unedited unabridged and unaltered by the media and have come to the conclusion this woman is not what the media keep making out she is, she’s not the most dangerous woman in Britain (remember that) she’s not the anti English harridan they say, she’s not some dictatorial power hungry fanatic bent on the destruction of all things English, and they’ve come to their own measured conclusions instead of the organised media assaults on her personality which has become obvious for anybody who wants to see

    The praise the FM has received from far and wide has been deserved even from those who don’t share her political views, Scotland has responded to Nicola Sturgeon in its usual high praise way

    *Aye she’s alright*, and that’s high respect indeed from us

  3. I think you have hit the nail on the head Paul, once Scotland started to behave as though it were already an independent country, the people of Scotland could see how it was not such a big stretch of imagination for Scotland to actually be an independent country, in that way hearts and minds are won around. Independence is so very close now

  4. Fraser is such an idiot that his weekly pronouncements are to be almost welcomed for the independence cause. His leader hides in fridges, gets others to do the dirty work and when that doesn’t work stop all public tv showings and then hides.

    I went to a large supermarket today. More people wearing masks and gloves than just last week. The planting the seed to change behaviour is working….. now there is England waiting for their next outbreak that will be said to be acceptable.

    The tories in Scotland are on to a loser. Even Tory voters and unionists prefer to stay alive as long as possible.

  5. I concur with the “ten times as many” figure. On hospital confirmed, fatalities the Scottish. 7DRA is 0.8% of the UK figure, so that’s a factor of 9.5 in comparison to the UK which will rise to double figures in specific comparison to England. For the rise in +ve tests (7DRA) Scotland is out by a factor of 6.7 in comparison to the UK, but the UK figure is for Pillar I data only while the Scottish data is Pillar I & II. Corrected to like for like, the Scottish to English comparison for +ve tests will again be out by a factor of around ten.
    So why are Nicola and Humza saying “five times as many”?
    Best guess is that the metric being used is the epidemiological model for the “number of infectious cases in the community”. Jason Leach is still stating that there’s 1,500 infectious cases active in Scotland. As the 7DRA for new tests is <10, this would mean that all this testing is picking up <1% (0.6) of infectious cases.
    More plausible that the modelling is assumptions piled on top of assumptions and is therefore grossly wrong.

    • It’s hard to know for sure. The SG is also conducting surveillance antibody testing on the Q/T, so maybe that source is also factoring in to the medical experts’ calculations.

      I’m not sure anyway from a political (as opposed to a scientific) basis if it makes much difference. Scotland is currently way more in control in England, and that message is surely getting through…?

  6. We can see for ourselves, and so can the rest of the country, that we have a government which is perfectly capable to run the show. “The early days of a better nation” keeps coming to mind.

  7. Yes, absolutely, Paul. Seeing is believing.

    If you know anyone, peeps, who is not yet viewing the daily briefings (live or recorded), do encourage them to watch. Then they can see for themselves the good, the bad and the ugly, and draw their own conclusions.

    Meanwhile, the “British” media are a-buzz today with English lockdown-ending whoop-de-doo. They might have cause to regret such reckless boosterism soon enough, if thangs go badly pearshaped as in Texas and Florida.

    • ..”do encourage them to watch.”

      On Channel 9 folks. The full briefing is seen on there around 12:30pm. It includes journalist’s Q&A’s which is often the most illuminating part of the programme.

  8. This post is spot on Paul. The concept of Scotland’s population “willing” independence is exactly, in my opinion, what has to be and will be achieved. When independence is truly the will of the people it will happen.

    But how?

    The Brits have never genuinely been anyone’s friend. The BBC has done sterling work in deceiving people at home and abroad as to their true intentions and cloaking their despicable disdain for anyone who is too weak to resist their evil embrace. But in these days of mass communication they are being outed for the charlatans they are. Unable to overcome their ill founded conceit, the Brits are ploughing on with their exercise in self destruction by alienating themselves from the rest of Europe at the same time as exposing themselves as incompetent nonentities to the world’s big players. They are soon to be friendless and they are not going to like it.

    It is against this background that the will of the Scottish people for independence has to consolidate and grow. Awful as it is, the pandemic is an event that will open many more Scottish eyes. People will increasingly understand the fundamental fact that among their own numbers reside the very best people to take control of all aspects of the governance of their community. Those who have a sense of the Scottish community are having their fears allayed as to how Scotland could cope in the face of national difficulty. They now know that they can assemble a government that can not only deal effectively with a pandemic but can do it with its hands tied. They are learning that the cringe is baseless in fact, a lie put out by the lying Brits – personified by Johnson, Stammer and their shabby representatives in Scotland.

    This pandemic has affected everyone. It has affected the daily lives of those who, up until now, have buried their heads in the sand and avoided thinking about the sad condition of their community – and there is no reason to think that the pandemic is going away soon. They are being forced to think, to keep their eyes open and to listen to their own people. They were able to ignore everything in the past, to abdicate their responsibilities and pretend that everything was fine, so why change it. For the last 100 days they have been learning a lesson in why they have to embrace change.

    The Brits are losing numbers of people in Scotland who genuinely did count themselves as their friends. Perversely, the severing of those friendships will still be very difficult for the Scots because decency and concern for others are underlying principles in all civilised cultures. But ultimately the need for security will force the cutting of these ties as it becomes more and more clear to all Scots that the Brits are truly uncivilised.

    Soon the Brits are going to stand alone and friendless. Then the English people will be understanding of our need to part company from them and of their need to part company from the Brits also. In that context the will of the Scots will prevail by mutual consent.

    Far fetched? I don’t think so.

    • Neither do I……..’.One hundred days that changed public perception in Scotland’.

      I would like to think the indy filmmakers are hard at work writing the script right now for the campaign

  9. I would be very interested to see the basis on which the Johnson administration deems another country to be “safe” to allow people from there (as well as UK people returning from) access to England without quarantine.
    Let’s say,another country’s infection rate was 5 times that of England,would that count as an exclusion?
    What is their calculation of equivalence?
    That is,along with most other things relating to Covid19,probably a state secret.

  10. Stop her broadcasting, stop her giving advice that’ll save lives. Stop Sturgeon giving WM a showing up, stop her increasing the credibility gap between UKGov & ScotGov. No Sturgeon to give advice – the credibility problem magically vanishes. These Tories are just like the absolute roasters in America demanding an end to CV19 testing. No testing and the problem magically vanishes. Wow! Who knew? Harry Potter eat yer feckin wand!

  11. Yes indeed Paul, although I’d challenge the driver for ScotCon’s discomfort as purely driven by SG competence rather than self inflicted injury due to people’s exposure to and increasing awareness of the BN anti-SG/SNP strategy.
    It was extraordinary how once freed of the bottleneck of “normal” Scottish Media in these unusual times, particularly in respect of the FM Updates, the internet released both the genie from the bottle and it’s nemesis, but crucially in full worldwide public view. People were really interested as they were ALL worried…
    Most were absolutely impressed by SG’s coherent and diligent approach, but it was the incessant and nasty bombardment of journos, obviously under political direction, which horrified folk most, even in England, is this North Korea? Shock and Awe was the Tory objective, Shock and Aw f**k naw was the effect.
    Terry Murden’s class fiasco at yesterday’s FM update epitomised the political manipulation when he failed to furnish the detail but later on Twitter verified the list from ScotCon…
    Hence presumably Turdo was tasked with ending the FM updates, as it had done more damage to ScotCon and Papa Johnson than was manageable without ointment.
    Just my 2c

    Your “Many of us in Scotland, and indeed elsewhere will be wondering why they need to do that. Doesn’t the BBC already have that job?” was deliciously barbed…

    • My take on it too, the damage done to the media by the FM’s straightforward responses to their shallow questions is very noticeable. They will come out of this with zero credibility as being in any way impartial reporters of the “news”.

      I note as well that she is not shying away from giving them both barrels when warranted, I mean how many times in one briefing does she need to answer the same bloody question? I sense growing respect among the general public for the FM’s handling of the crap she has to put up with from the media while doing her best to deal with Covid-19.

      I doubt the media will be forgiven, Murdo knows this and that worries him greatly, lies are all they have and they need the media to push the lies for them. Their planned ambush has backfired big time and so now they want the briefings stopped. No chance of that happening as long as the FM wishes to give them, let them try it and the backlash will be massive.

      • Agreed. They have stitched themselves through arrogant belief the media was their machine to control, but forgot they were not talking to a confined and subservient audience The media as messengers of this will as you rightly say will “never be forgiven”

  12. Crikey Nicola is really getting to them!

    ‘Boris Johnson to introduce White House-style televised press briefings in overhaul of No 10 communications.’

    ..”No 10 is expected to recruit an experienced broadcaster to host the daily briefings and to answer questions from Westminster journalists, starting in October.”


    No wonder, lol!

    ”We’ve worked so hard and together saved so many lives. Stick to the rules this weekend, keep apart from others and wash your hands several times a day.” https://twitter.com/BorisJohnson/status/1279385482665824256?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Etweet

  13. The only power the British establishment has ever had has been its power over the people, the power to keep them subservient, the power to keep them respectful of their betters who wore different clothes more expensive attire the further up the food chain you went to the fake royalty and class they’d provide the people to look at to give the people fake aspiration that one day never you might become one of them

    Certain figures through recent history have busted their British myth, through musical atom bombs like the Beatles to Union figures like Jimmy Reid here in Scotland, figures that cut down the British ness of power supplying us the people with the confidence and voices to shout out loud, we’ve had enough

    Is Nicola Sturgeon going to be among those who rocked Britishness at its foundations, if the people power of Scotland gets behind her and we shout just as loud as those figures in the past did Scotland can do what they did

    Leaders need people as much as people need leaders

    Apologies for going all documentary on everybody’s Arses

  14. And therein lies the difference between Nicola Sturgeon, Coco and his forthcoming stand-in
    .. ”experienced broadcaster.” It’s a tall order to learn to be empathetic and compassionate following being a cruel, callous b*stard for most of your life.

    ‘Nicola Sturgeon: I think of deaths that would devastate me to humanise pandemic.’

    ..“At a very early stage, when the numbers of deaths was rising, so big numbers on a daily basis, I remember making a conscious decision to myself, standing at the podium through there, that every day I read out this number I was going to think of people in my own life, people I love that, if they died, would devastate me, in order to humanise it, in order to never forget that behind statistics are human beings.”..



    And therein lies the difference between Scotland and England. One of them. In no short measure thanks to Nicola Sturgeon.

    ”This map (from @FT) shows the progress we’ve made in Scotland against COVID. But we mustn’t drop our guard. Please keep following the advice on face coverings, avoiding crowded places, cleaning hands, physical distancing and testing/self isolating if you have symptoms.”


  15. Place yourself in the position of a journalist ..Hello First Minister, I just wanted to umm, eh, umm ask about ….thinks…

    what possible question can I ask that pleases my Unionist controlled media boss but doesn’t get me sent packing as a numpty by the First Minister?

  16. 500,000+ deaths in England/Wales? a year on average. 1/2Million. 10,000 a week on average. More in the winter than the summer. Mainly elderly. Old age. Average 79. Women live 5 years longer than men on average, worldwide.

    Tory Austerity. In the rest of the UK The average life expectancy is going down It usually increases. Vote Tory to die younger. They cut NHS funding instead of increasing. ConDems. From 2015 to 2020. They have had to put more monies because of the neglect of services.

    The Scottish Gov increased funding from £11Billion to £12.5Billion+ as necessary. Even though the Westminster Tories have cut Scotland budget 10% a year. Now £3Billion lost. Despite Scotland taxes and revenue increasing revenues. £3Billion a year. Scotland loses revenues from Westminster poor unionist decisions. Not shutting down a month before. Cutting the essential services, funding and expert advice.

    The death rate pro rata in Scotland is much less. There are more elderly people in Scotland as a % of the population. The Scottish Gov kept measures in place to keep the death rate lower. They are still be kept in place to save lives.

  17. Johnstone is likely to be gone 2+ years. A disaster. Every Westminster leader that does not support Scottish Independence does not last very long. Who wants the poison chalice? Labour/unionist paid officials actively canvassed against Labour winning the last GE. What are they like.

    Nicola will still be there. Support for SNP/Independence increasing. Over the tipping point. If people vote for it.

  18. On BBC Scotland right now, a programme on Scotland’s role in the Ku Klux Klan, fronted by one Neil Oliver – who allegedly has declared his love for racist historian Starkey.

    He is at this moment talking with a black woman. I wonder if he has told her of his love for a racist?

    How exactly do you describe such an obscenely hypocritical individual?

  19. There was a wonderful cruise programme on. Cruise around the Scottish isles. Fabulous. . Oban and back. Jane McDonald/Scottish day. Beautiful scenery, views bad food etc. Granny from Dundee. A midgy net mask.

    Re average income 2 person household? £60,000? – limited higher earners. £30K average earning 2x £30K. Podcast.

    Average household income total £27,000.ie average household a number of people Total £27,000+

  20. When it comes to a top public health professional not involved in politics Devi Sridhar being attacked by opposition politicians over her health advice and expertise to the Scottish government and having to respond in the way that she has by naming Tories as *Anti Scottish* wishing their own country to fail in its fight with Covid 19 you’d think that would be more than enough for even those who consider themselves to be politically neutral to begin taking the side of self determination for Scotland

  21. Professions – £20 an hour,

    Edinburgh lawyers etc £250 – £400 an hour. ++++++++++++++ Plus expenses.

    25%+ pupils private.

    Pensioners, students £7000 a year?

  22. Interesting that Scotland lands top notch advisor when Nicola can pick her own without Brit interference.

    That Sturgeon does it deliberately.

  23. A wonderful and inspiring post Paul, your posts either bring a smile to my face and make my heart fly, or make me furious at the British state and the britnat bigots and racists. What a journey you take us on with every post.

    We can all see it’s just a matter of time, we are winning and the British state knows it. What a joy to see Scotland becoming a a fully fledged member of the nations of the world again…we are the second third oldest country in Europe after San Marino and France. We have pedigree,it’s just we have been in an abusing relationship for the last 300 years, we tried to make it work we pleaded with them for empathy, but in the abusive partner is power hungry and selfish.In the end we win and our freedom is guaranteed.

  24. We awake this morning following Englands Super Saturday to reports from police that England got drunk ignored social distancing and assaulted police officers

    Now who would have thought such a thing possible, well only every advisor to the UK government and every lay person in the country, but what do we all know, Johnson can now say what he was planning to say that everyone on the whole behaved quite well but he’s a bit disappointed in some
    thereby blaming it on the people when the inevitable happens, which was the other part of Cummings plan, herd immunity wasn’t it

  25. I see Johnson’s father on the bbc speaking from Greece refused to say whether what he did to get there was right or wrong.

    It’s ok, we know the answer you complete Tory hypocrite.

    I also see that in the English press that Britons were boozing at the weekend due to the removal of restrictions.

    They are so wrong on so many points where would you start?

  26. Total meltdown in rest of the UK. Deaths will spike. Lack of proper measures being put in place, followed and enforced. Bedlam. It is impossible to understand the Westminster unionist bad policies directions, Johnston will be gone ere long. People are sick of it. Increasingly sick because of it. Lack of coherent policies.

    NHS not being given the £10Billion promised to contain the pandemic. Arguments to the fore. Given £6Billion from UK Treasury. No enough to save further deaths and treatments needed for the backlog. To maintain services. To prevent millions waiting for treatment. Increased waiting list.

    Scotland should receive the consequentials needed to deal with the crisis. Kate Forbes will be keeping a check on it. Nicola and Jean Freeman. Pity about the 3rd rate Tory losers. Lack of ability. Along with the rest of them. Totally clueless.

    NHS funding in the UK/(NI?) £130Billion+ Total taxes and revenues raised in UK/(NI?) £668Billion + local Gov taxes raised. (approx). UK NHS budget (approx) 1/5 of revenue income.

    Scotland SNHS £12.5Billion+ Scotland needs approx £1Billion more. For pandemic. Less because of better Scottish Gov policies control benefit. Less deaths.

    Scotland SNHS funding paid by Scottish taxpayers. From taxes and revenues raised in Scotland. £30Billion Scottish Gov Grant. Scottish revenues coming back. From £63Billion + raised in Scotland,

    The illegal Barnett Formula. Designed to take revenues and resources from Scotland to be squandered by Westminster unionists crass poor, bad decisions. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. Iraq, Dunblane, Lockerbie kept secret for 100 years.

    Other decisions kept secret for 30 years. Thatcher illegally and secretly taking revenues and resources from Scotland to fund London S/E. To gain votes and privileges to stay in power. Bribery and corruption. Information released after 30 years.

    Westminster secret corrupt activities. Selling redundant arms and weaponry. Illegal wars. Saudi Arabia etc. Illegally selling arms since the 1960’s. Still going on. 60 years of aiding war and destruction. Ruining the world economy. Instead of investing in essential services Funding cuts.

    SNHS would have benefitted from these revenues. Scottish Gov policies combining Health & social care. A more successful use of revenues. Social care allows the elderly to remain in their homes. Social care provision £100 a week, (Or less). Residential Home care £600+ a week, hospital care £600 a day. (Approx).

    MUP saves healthcare funds. .Increased monies into proper rehabilitation. Saves lives and public money of long term care. People can work and contribute instead of enduring hardship.

  27. £30K salary less tax/NI = £25,000 average.

    £60,000 income high earner (no children?) 10% of population.

    Median household income two adults, two children £40,000 (nursery fees, school dinners, child benefit included?

    Median household income one adult (woman?) two children £30,000 (ditto)

    Households benefits (Included) in household calculations. Gov allowance nurseries fees, school meals provided, child benefit, student fees and loans provided etc. Housing benefit, council tax exemption etc.

    Absolute poverty (10%pop) under £10,000. Can be relieved by benefit. Housing benefit, council tax exemption child benefit etc. Intervention to relieve poverty.

    Relative poverty over £10,000 income. Wage or household income?

    Can be looked up. Quite interesting. There are ways of relieving poverty.disclosed. For fairness and cohesion. Wealthier contributing slightly more. Redistribution. Healthy people less sick. Education provides skills. Increased prospects etc.

  28. Containing the virus successfully and patiently, saves lives and public funds. Every life saved is a victory. An achievement of human endeavour and caring. Magnificent. Health before wealth makes people better.

    The videos of the children meeting grandparents gives hope and delight. A little respite.

  29. Great poll result for Independistas. Magnificent if carried through.


    UK administration Gov – pandemic Brexit shambles.

    The tipping point has come. Increased younger ones. Coming on board, To appreciate and contemplate their future, Along with others.

    Nicola/SNP must be doing something right but to the left. Left of centre consensus. Look it up.

  30. Apart from the obvious comparisons between the failures, bumbling ineptness and viciousness of the Brit government being shown starkly against the accomplished performance of the Scottish Government, the Brit Nats and the Tories don’t want the Scottish Government to eliminate COVID 19 infection in Scotland because if they do then that means that the YES campaign can be back on the streets and pushing for independence again. The AUOB marches will now be even larger than before, street stalls and face to face meetings are back in business.
    Although the Brit Nat parties always want the worst for Scotland, could we ever have believed that they would want a deadly pandemic to thrive in Scotland so that they can heap blame on the Scottish Government? Yes you did? Ok I’ll give you that. The evidence for this is indisputable and growing.
    However, the good news is that the Scottish voters seem to have noticed this and in the latest Panelbase poll the Tories have slumped to 20% and Labour 15%.
    20%, is still 1 in 5 Scots voting Tory though. Who are these people?

    • Brexit has already happened. It happened on 1st Feb 2020.
      We are in transition which the Uk govt has refused to extend. We will be out on our ear by the end of 2020 with No Deal if talks continue along the way they are going

    • It seems wings over Scotland is not impressed with a big announcement tomorrow. What another Indy political party to challenge the rest?

      The unionists will smile at that one.

      • The current polling suggests 22 Tories getting in on the list. Many people like myself will not vote for the Greens. As a movement we should be targeting list seats to deliver a pro Indy MSP. I will look very carefully at the candidate list of any new party. I do have concerns regarding this but having 22 Tories crawl in on the list vote is an even greater concern.

        I cannot envisage ANY new Party having a candidate worse than Murdo Fraser for example.

        • Some of the regulars on wings have gone quiet for a wee while so maybe a bit of plotting going on. Some of the characters on there I would not vote for on a month of Sunday’s as the power they would have would impact on the daily lives of ordinary people. They also have their own agendas.
          Independence must also have morality, social awareness, economic understanding amongst so many other things.
          I also think those who attacked the snp through last years general election and throughout this year do not deserve my 2nd vote.

          Thankfully the majority of people who are not SNP members and never will be seem to agree.

          • On your concerns re possible Wing candidates. I fully agree. Stu is a very good analyst and writer. However an inner clique worries me.
            I would like to think Stu could see that for himself.
            In any Party the selection process is critical.

      • Unionists don’t smile Hamish, they just grimace.

        I keep forgetting that Wings still exists. Most people never knew of its existence in the first place. When it was a force for independence it had relevance as a meeting place for some people of a like mind to discuss, be mutually supportive and encourage. Then it became toxic.

        I hope that one day it will recover. It is sad but sometimes good love goes bad. I could make a song out of that.

      • 54% support for Independence, and rising, sticks in the craws of those who are trying to destroy our leader, one of the best in the world, and the only party, the SNP, that’s capable of dragging us out of the snakepit, Hamish. People should waken up and start to ask themselves why. What’s going on there?

        As to the ”big announcement”, TA DA, it’s got something to do with Alex Salmond. Amazing how a number of key people keep coming out with what AS may think, feel, say and do without us, and them no doubt, hearing a word from the man himself.


        • And just to add that James Kelly may have promoted the Alex Salmond idea that’s now got someone running with it..

          ..”My guess is that Stuart Campbell’s self-interested propagandising may have something to do with this, because a few months ago he theatrically pretended to think I had driven a coach and horses through my opposition to “gaming the system” by reiterating a point I’ve actually been making for a long time – namely that Alex Salmond is pretty much the only person who could make the idea work, because he’s the one politician who has an extremely large personal following that could be confidently expected to vote for any party he decided to front. But that exception to the rule is not particularly important unless you actually think Mr Salmond is going to lead a list-only party in opposition to the SNP. At the moment I’m not aware of any indication that he is minded to do so.”..


    • Thanks for the attachments. From the first article; “There is increasing gloom among senior unionist politicians in Conservative and Labour ranks in Scotland that independence is inevitable.”
      So, who fronts the No campaign? Who wants to front a loosing proposition? Would Ruth be willing to damage Brand Ruth © ?
      Politics is an unforgiving environment, after Boris, Brexit and Covid in that order, surely the public’s response in any case would be “Who the fuck is Ruth Davidson?”
      Indy has the momentum. For every action there’s an opposite and equal counter action.

    • Thanks for the data Alex. It’s getting to be so bad, good for us, that even Curtice is beginning to accept the inevitable.

      ”For many nationalists, the last three months have exemplified how Scotland could govern itself better as an independent, small country. But more importantly, it may have persuaded some former unionists of the merits of that claim too.”

  31. @ Guardian Carole C.

    Facebook evil. To destroy the world. Consume itself. No regulation. No proper regulation on the planet. A rough vessel destroying the world and democracy. Totally out of control. It’s greed and corruption killing people and destroying the world.

    Clegg sold out and lied to facilitate Brexit.

    To become a Facebook apologist millionaire.

    Most of them should be in jail. Or in hell.

    The hell on Earth they are creating for absolute impossible greed. It is disgusting. Enough maim, pain and corruption. Enough is never enough for these people. Uncaring villains. They will rot in hell if there was any justice. Trying to ruin not rule the world properly. Exhausting.

    The advertisers (5%) have had enough but how long will that last. People should avoid Facebook. Until it regulates itself properly. Or it is regulated properly. Boycott. There are other platforms less corrupt or damaging.

    There were ongoing inquiries in the US. It seems to have come to nothing or fizzled out. They were going after Zuckerberg. Suckering the world. The Chinese keep them out with regulation. 1.3Billion. So do other countries. Or lack of funds for internet connection or different networks. Language barriers keep them out.

    Facebook corruption, for money, resulted in the Tories bad Brexit. Facebook illegally targeted ads. Advertising revenues. Brought the eternal mess and shambles. Lack of proper regulation by the UK unionists brought the total and absolute mess.

    The Westminster cabel. Some unelected Breaking the Law with impunity. None of them went to jail They are now in government ruining people’s lives and killing people. Stealing public funds and mismanaging everything.

    An absolute shambles being enacted everyday in the rest of the UK. Pity them for voting Tory. They will come to their senses. Before it is too late? Hopefully.

  32. Oh dear, Jason Carpetbowler was on Brewster this morning, being given a party political slot to say “Nicola should stop all this politicking” – what a blowhard the man is. Even Brewster was losing patience with him!!

    • Any fool who views the daily briefings can see that Nicola is doing her level best to put public health above everything else, so the more that Jackass Carlot claims otherwise, the more he looks like the one who is gratuitously politicking. More fool him, wanting health to be sacrificed to his cringing adherence to BoJo’s shambolic (mal)administration.

      (Of course, what Nicola is doing is politics, in the very best sense: ie. serving the people. It’s the plain fact that she is doing this so well, and so visibly, that sticks in Jacksaw’s craw. This ongoing display of sincere competence is hurting badly. Poor him. The more he complains, the more people realise just how irrelevant he and his entire shower of fellow miserabilists truly are. Carry on, Carless!)

  33. I thought Carlaw was going to have a stroke trying to force all the pre prepared guff into his “speech” ( he was supposed to be answering a question).
    The last was best ” I’m surprised you go along with these” FM briefings are apparently political.
    The Cummings Tories had organised an attack for him on the lack of follow up checks for those entering Scotland by Air. It turns out the British Border Security have not been releasing data due to “security concerns”

    • Have a stroke? So did I Julia. He, Carlaw, went at it like a gatling gun this morning with Brewer hardly managing to get a word in which was probably the plan. Following running Nicola Sturgeon down to the ground Brewer should have asked him how he feels about Boris Johnson presiding over, being responsible for, the highest excess death rate in the world. Did he do it? Answers on a postcard.

      Then up pops Jeane Freeman, following Carlaw of course and also part of the plan, and he gets right into her ribs by asking her if Carlaw’s right on whatever…. I just turned off then.

      • That was quick work, eh?

        ‘Coronavirus: No quarantine checks carried out on passengers arriving in Scotland.’

        ..’Speaking to the BBC’s Politics Scotland, Ms Freeman explained that Public Health Scotland officials needed access to the UK government’s Home Office system which holds information about new arrivals.

        “Our officials had to get that necessary security clearance in order to be able to access that data that then allows the follow up calls to be made,” she said.

        “That’s now thankfully resolved and those calls begin this week.”


  34. It must be a first; a ‘Hang on a minute, yes but, shedload of new powers, so what you are really saying,’ -free Gordon Brewer ‘interview’.

    Jackson Carlaw and his reprise of Thatcher and Davidson tanks moments, with his rosy head popping out of the turret of an armed personnel carrier, was given free rein to rant and rave by the Brewdog, who could barely conceal his delight that the twice failed Car Dealer with the missing paintings has completely lost it.

    In front of a rather fetching painting in Carlaw’s Fall of the Far Right Bunker, the ruddy faced Westminster Afterthought blurted out the usual lies, accusations, semi truths, which have been the highlight of his ‘leadership’ so far.

    He has done nothing to support the Scottish Government’s initiative to eliminate the virus, and like Leonard, and to an ever lessening degree Rennie, lied guffawed and constantly attempted to waste precious Government and Health Organisations’ time in daily MSM backed demands, FOIs and ensuring that much stretched resources are being pulled from our Public Bodies to deal with the Brit Nats constant baseless whining from the sidelines.

    He exhorted Brewer to stop the ‘daily PR exercise’, that would be the daily report to us citizens on the progress in eliminating the disease, and latest health guidelines and rules during the crisis.

    And Carlaw is as mad as hell that lives are being saved.

    ‘Scotland is winning the fight’, should have been the screaming headlines in print and on the air, over the past few days.

    I urge the YES Campaign to use Carlaw’s 13 minute rant as a campaign video during Indyref 2.

    It will be good for 100,000 DK, former Nos, ditherers swinging to Yes.

    Carlaw comes across as a man way way out of his depth, a depth which according to the latest opinion poll, has shrunk to the shallows of a children’s paddling pool.

    BBC Marr and Breakfast North Korea reports that the Booze Night passed without incident apart from Soho and Southampton.

    No feedback from Whitley Bay, Leeds, or Liverpool, Manchester?
    I wonder why?

    IF you want a really good laugh, tune in to Carlaw Losing It.

    • Do you think Carload might eventually explode from a toxic mixture of incompetence and all that false indignation? Could make spectacularly good TV…

  35. I couldn’t watch it Jack. It would be like watching some demented soul yet again puking into a bucket because they can’t avoid drinking too much. I appreciate you watching on my behalf!

    54% again in a poll. Sounds good to me. It is a huge step for people to decide to support a life changing event that they previously couldn’t contemplate. In turn this will help others to embrace the change.

    Slowly but surely we will move forward. People cannot have failed to notice, for exsmple, how successful little New Zealand is – in so many respects.

    Let’s stop trying to convince people by endlessly discussing short term detail and just put out the message that we support independence because we do. Otherwise we end up spattered by the Brits smelly puke and people think that we are just like them.

    • You are a wise man, Arthur.
      On Marr earlier, after a long waffle about England’s woes (why does BBC even bother broadcasting to the 3 nations, Scotland, Wales, and N Ireland any more? it’s the English Service now.) Marr who sadly lost his father recently, observed that Scotland has a much tighter regime in managing the lock down, and that Scots kids can now hug their granny.
      Hancock, his eyes narrowing name checked Nicola Sturgeon, and revealed that, presumably his Daniel Defoe spies, had been checking on ‘movement’ Up in the Colony, and although it had gone down, that there was a V now and it was rising again…..eyes narrowing, he stops short of tapping his nose with index finger and muttering ‘nudge nudge, wink wink, know what I mean squire?’.
      Now all Marr had to do was read out the latest Covid 19 figures for Scotland (as Brewer should have done with Carlaw)
      0 deaths, 11 new cases, 10 in ICU.
      But Marr didn’t.

      More than his Brit Nat job’s worth?

      For once this Uncle Tam had the chance to stand up for his nation of birth, and he didn’t.

      We were bought and sold for English gold, Sic a parcel of rogues in a nation.

      54% and Rising,

      Scotland is rising.

      At today’s Covid Update the Brit Hacks will quote’ ‘critics’, that is Hancock and Carlaw lying through their teeth this morning on Marr and Brewer.
      I see Martin Guissler’s got a new job in London.
      He’s reading the news on Marr. How cosy.

      BBC Scotland to fold when Donalda Effs off next month?
      Somebody should start an online petition so that the channel’s 900 viewers can register their protest.

  36. Thanks again Paul for your articles and podcasts. Your overall output remains of the highest quality and the quantity – right now- is also astonishing.

  37. So i´m reading that the Jonson Junta are going to employ a professional talking head to front up press conferences.

    Looks like we´ve come full circle if that´s the case.

    “The words of Boris Jonson will be spoken by an actor”

    Incidentaly if you haven´t come across this young women to date on youtube please don´t miss her.

    Very, very, funny and original and clever.


    • Imagine if the poll had favoured the Brits.

      I never fail to be incensed at the lies of omission and twisted propaganda output of the BBC. Then I calm and reassure myself that their duplicity will backfire, like a duff second hand motor, as it always does. They are truly contemptible.

      • …a duff second hand motor, as it always does. They are truly contemptible.


        Highly appropriate considering Surname Surname’s previous incarnation, too …

        Or how about this … written before Indy Ref 1, I have to add:

        28. (of 60.

        The two cars

        “Roll up, punters, to the greatest car sale show that Scotland has ever had! Or at least the biggest car show in over three hundred years. We have two prime exhibits for you today and we are letting you decide which motor you’d like to take home with you.

        First up is this vintage, red, white and blue little number which is being offered for sale by Darling and Associates.

        I’m afraid that despite having many miles on the clock it has very little to commend it as a practical modern vehicle. Its engine has been known to seize up on many occasions, resulting in breakdowns and lengthy and costly visits to garages. Any repairs effected have at best appeared to be cosmetic, as the whole crate breaks down regularly. The steering is a bit suspect – sometimes it veers to the left, at other times it swerves to the right, and this despite the best ingenuity of the driver. It’s almost as if this vehicle has a will of its own and will take the driver and its occupants to any place but where the motorist wishes to go. Being a vintage model of course means that it has had many, many previous owners. This will explain the ripped upholstery, the mud patches inside the car, and the various dents to the body where the vehicle has not come off best in the various scrapes it has endured with other road users.

        Knowing that Scots are careful with money, I can honestly tell you that this vehicle is not very economically effective – it is in fact, a guzzler of fuel (usurped from the North Sea) and pays little attention to the effect such consumption has on the environment. It is my guess, ladies and gentlemen of Scotland, that being reasonable people, and considering the pedigree of the company offering you this vehicle, you will refuse to be sold it. For let’s be clear – this is not such as being sold a car that breaks down, unenvironmentally friendly, uses up your hard-earned money by burning your oil and petrol with ease, not going the way you wish to steer it; but rather a pup.

        And Darling and Associates are doing you a great disservice, I believe the Managing Director went to the Boyce School for Car Salesmen in Peckham, London, in attempting to flog you this piece of worthless junk.


        Our second model, by contrast is a gleaming, shiny, new blue and white vehicle – top of the range. Offered to you today by the Y.E.S. Scotland garage, I cannot recommend this vehicle too highly to you. It is, I dare suggest, the vehicle of choice for all right thinking Scotsmen and Scotswomen.

        Despite its colour, it is in fact a ‘green’ car. (Ha ha!). Run on home-produced convertibles, it is far more economic to run and will take you from here to wherever you want to go – no dodgy steering here! Its very newness counts in its favour and is guaranteed to turn the heads of your neighbours.

        And you want technology? All the latest technology for both safe navigation and car safety as well as and entertainment via USB slots and radio come as standard in this vehicle.

        I think the options are very clear – as is the decision about which car you will buy, dear ladies and gentlemen of Scotland. Insist on the best vehicle in the show – and you’ll be going places!”

        Parables for the New Politics

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