Turning the corner

We’ve turned the corner. A new opinion poll out this weekend confirms that support for independence is at 54%, meaning that the previous poll showing support at that level was not a flash in the pan. It’s a real phenomenon and not a blip or a statistical outlier. We now live in a Scotland where support for independence is the established will of the people of Scotland. That’s a historic first. Even John Curtis, the world’s only polling expert according to the BBC, has stated that this is the first time that independence has enjoyed a consistent lead in the polls, and added that “never have the foundations of public support for the union looked so weak.”

The same poll also shows a historic high level in support for the SNP and the Greens at the next Holyrood election. The SNP would hoover up 55% of the votes in the constituency ballot, and 50% on the list. The Greens would take 3% in the constituency vote and 8% on the list. That would translate into 74 MSPs for the SNP, plus 9 for the Greens, giving pro-independence parties 83 seats in Scotland’s 129 seat Parliament. Parties of independence would secure a majority of seats and a majority of the popular vote in both the constituency ballot and the list ballot.

Scotland is on track for independence, in a way that it wasn’t even during the 2014 independence referendum campaign. This is now a country where a consistent majority are in support of indpendence, and where the long term demographic changes in the country only point to that support increasing over time. Brexit remains hypothetical for most people, especially the majority who don’t follow politics closely. Support for independence will only increase once the reality of Brexit starts to make itself felt. Importantly, now that independence is the majority view, there will be a tendency for people to align themselves with the winning side. Crucially there are now large and significant numbers former no voters in Scotland who support independence. This cohort is the best placed to convert other soft no and wavering voters to support for independence as they have made the same journey themselves. When someone on the fence sees that others that the know who were also previously on the fence have now come out in support for independence, they too will be more likely to embrace independence. The dam is breaking and it’s washing away support for British nationalism.

Westminster saying “no” is not solution to this problem. It’s simply a delaying tactic. Yet the longer that Westminster continues to deny the democratic right of Scotland to have a say on its own future, the more that support for independence is going to increase. It’s not politically sustainable indefinitely.

What makes it worse for the Tories is that there is a large and significant body of support within their own party for Scotland to go its own way. A recent poll found that 49% of Conservative voters in England would prefer English independence. They believe the stories that Scotland is economically dependent upon “English taxes”, and they believe that they’d be better off without a nation which resents Brexit and which in their eyes constantly seeks to undermine the purity of their sunlit uplands, bunting, and British nationalist nostalgia. This means that Conservative opposition to another independence referendum is not as solid and unyielding as the Conservatives want us to believe it is. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by them. Their opposition is hollow and fragile.

This is easily the biggest political story in the UK just now. It’s a story which spells the eventual demise of the UK in its current form, but it’s scarcely registering in Westminster. It is clear now that the events of the past few months have convinced people in Scotland that this country could do far better as an independent country and that our interests are only being damaged by a chaotic and incompetent British government which is fixated on Brexit at all costs and which has been responsible for allowing the UK to become the European state which has suffered the highest death toll from the virus combined with the greatest economic damage.

Of course it’s not just because of the coronavirus epidemic that support for independence is growing. It’s also because it’s becoming increasingly clear to everyone, especially to many of those who voted no in 2014, that the UK we were told that Scotland could be a part of is a UK that does not exist. We were promised a strengthened and entrenched devolution, instead we see a Conservative government which has always been hostile to devolution which is using Brexit as a weapon to undermine the devolution settlement. Instead of being a secure part of the EU Scotland has been torn out of it against its will and without being allowed any influence into shaping the form that Brexit takes. The promise that Scotland depended upon the UK to guarantee tolerance, moderation, and the highest democratic standards is left in tatters in a UK dominated by a right wing populist Conservative party whose actions only serve to empower and embolden the British nationalist extremists who created violent havoc in Glasgow’s streets. We were told in 2014 that this was a debate between nationalists who wanted independence and non-nationalists who opposed it. We now see that the most dangerous and intolerant form of nationalism in Scotland is British nationalism.

A Labour party which imagines that all the above can be fixed by insisting that Scotland cannot be allowed to decide upon its own future is a Labour party which is not reading the room. A large number of Labour voters in Scotland would back independence, they’re not going to be won back to a Labour party which doubles down on opposition to independence and opposition to allowing the people of Scotland to express their views democratically.

Everything is starting to fall into place for a referendum where 60% support independence. That’s never happened before. As the people of Scotland become bolder and more convinced that independence is the way forward for this country, so the SNP leadership will become more assertive and confident in pursuing independence. After all, there’s little point in demanding an independence referendum if you’re only going to lose it. Scotland is now in a place where we’re going to win, and that’s before an official campaign has even started, before many people in Scotland have started to engage with the issues. And we’re up against a British government whose denials and noes are merely a cover for its own fragility and hollowness. Our time is coming.


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107 thoughts on “Turning the corner

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  2. Positivity is now more needed than ever. Positivity from supporters but especially from the SNP/SG.

    Britnats only have negativity to work with. That negativity will double down as independence support increases. Positivity must double up!

  3. This is starting to look like the “settled will of the Scottish people”. Let us quietly rejoice, but double our efforts. This is NOT the time to relax–in fact it is the most dangerous time as planted stories will be rife in the press, character assassination against Sturgeon et al–nor is it any time for gloating. Our enemy are not the good folk in England—it is Anglo-British nationalism: Scottish cringing subjugation and capitulation to internal colonisation.
    So treat our neighbours with respect, and take the fight to those who detest freedom for Scotland.
    Scots like Carlaw, Rennie et al don’t want a self-governing country. They want to be ruled from another, far larger, country. Respect their opinion, but oppose it root and branch and Scotland WILL be free.

  4. Westminster will continue to shout NO in the hope that shuts us up, they’ll promise, again in the hope that shuts us up, then they’ll threaten us, again
    The world will watch saying and doing nothing until they can hear us, then when they do, the people power and embarrassement to Westminster will create the unstoppable conditions to which the UK government will say they’ve been thinking about it for some time but now the time is right for Scotland to go its own way and we support them, thereby saving their own festering political faces by appearing to be magnanimous, because they can’t afford not to or they politically appear to become what we all know they already are, dictators, and that’s not a good look when you need friendly commerce with the rest of the world considering Scotland would be joining the rest of the world

    Power to the people and all that

    Oh and Donald Trumps numbers are dropping steadily

    • I heard that too about Donald Trump …apparently his numbers are so low he can’t now come back from it and there’s talk he will walk away.
      Whither it’s true or not I don’t really know, we can hope 🙂

  5. turning holyrood election into a plebicite for indy with an indy only manifesto is the way forward. we have never given the snp a 50%+ mandate for indy. now is the time

  6. A little bit of fun – a message for Westminster, from the people of Scotland.

    Please feel free to adapt and improve.

    5. (of 20.)

    “Knowing Us, Knowing You”

    Yet more carefree laughter.
    Freedom ever after.
    Walking into our new found home,
    Joy in our hearts.
    Here is where our story starts;
    This is “Goodbye.”

    Knowing us, knowing you (a-ha),
    There is nothing you can do.
    Knowing us, knowing you (a-ha),
    You just have to face it,
    This time, we’re through.
    Breaking up is never easy, we know
    But we have to go.
    Knowing us, knowing you.
    It’s the best we can do!

    [With acknowledgements]

    Songs for the New Politics

    • Well, from the Articles of Union and quite topical at the moment

      That the two Kingdoms of Scotland and England, shall, upon the first Day of May
      next ensuing the Date hereof, and for ever after, be in Blue Jeans

      Bojo talks
      But he don’t sing and dance and he don’t walk
      And long as I have Scotland here with me
      I’d much rather be, forever in blue jeans

  7. Excellent news about the voting intentions, providing they are maintained for the next 12 months! The only thing I would disagree with is that I don’t believe that the changes aren’t registering at Westminster. There seems to have be a determined effort by ministers to belittle what the FM is trying to do. A good example was Hancock on Marr this morning telling Andrew Marr “not to believe the rhetoric from Scotland & Sturgeon” as Scotland was doing exactly the same things just “a couple of days later”. He also stated that they track movement, and there has been more movement in Scotland than anywhere else. Marr was stating his observations – that people in Scotland seemed to be taking the virus more seriously than those in England, only to be pooh-poohed. Then there was Rees Mogg on Friday, Alasdair Jack again today, Murdo and his party political propaganda gaffe – they know, and the smears will only get worse, exactly as they did with Corbyn

  8. Every day I read your blog Paul, I thank god for the perseverance and positivity In your wonderful words.
    It’s easy to be on a real downer, being bombarded by the constant negativity in the media, press and on another blog which seems to be continually sniping about SNP, it’s leadership and it’s policies these days.
    Feeling a wee overwhelmed by it all today so thank you again for your words of wisdom and positivity.
    Keep doing what you’re doing in such a clever, witty and humorous way, we need you, I need you to keep me focussed on the prize – a soon to be independent Scotland.

  9. The most interesting line in the Sunday Times article came in the final sentence; “There is increasing gloom among senior unionist politicians in Conservative and Labour ranks in Scotland that independence is inevitable.”
    So who’s gonna volunteer to front a loosing, No campaign?
    Ruth? Would she risk damaging Brand Ruth ©? Once you’re out of politics, your generally out (ask Wendy Alexander).
    Gordy Broon? The Ego would get in the way of what would need to,be a collegiate campaign.
    Alistair Darling? Who the fuck is Alistair Darlng?
    Dan Snow? After Brexit, Dan wished us the best for whatever future we chose.
    Rory the Tory? Off bidding to become the next Dick Whittington.

    Whoever picked up the poisoned chalice would have to contend with Boris “there is no border” Johnson, Jacob “Scotland’s just an area” Rees Mogg and Neil “too many damn Blacks” Oliver, in the background sabotaging any “charm offensive”.

  10. Surely it was Dr David Starkey who said “there’s too many damn blacks,” not Neil Oliver, or perhaps he’s said it too.

  11. Yes we’ve turned the corner folks, BRILLIANT, and that 54% cancels out one of their greatest arguments and that was that the majority of Scots didn’t want independence.

    Since you opened your yapper in February Carlaw we’re now adding the Tories Coronavirus catastrophe to the forthcoming Brexit devastation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VtQTL-x34Y

    Paul:- ”What makes it worse for the Tories is that there is a large and significant body of support within their own party for Scotland to go its own way. A recent poll found that 49% of Conservative voters in England would prefer English independence. They believe the stories that Scotland is economically dependent upon “English taxes”, and they believe that they’d be better off ..”

    And that leaves the MSM between a rock and a hard place. Continue to state that the Scots are a bunch of subsidy junkies and push the English Tory vote even higher or start telling the truth as to how we’ve been subsidising England and nudge the Scottish independence vote upwards. Dearie me! What a dilemma the manipulative liars are facing now.

    Paul:- ”The same poll also shows a historic high level in support for the SNP and the Greens at the next Holyrood election. The SNP would hoover up 55% of the votes in the constituency ballot, and 50% on the list. The Greens would take 3% in the constituency vote and 8% on the list. That would translate into 74 MSPs for the SNP, plus 9 for the Greens, giving pro-independence parties 83 seats in Scotland’s 129 seat Parliament. Parties of independence would secure a majority of seats and a majority of the popular vote in both the constituency ballot and the list ballot.”..

    So where does that leave those that want the Scots to vote for new so-called Independence supporting parties next May? On a hiding to nothing, imo, especially as the MSM will delve into everyone’s backround and tear them apart in an attempt to undermine our cause. We’ve been there, done it and bought the T-shirt. Let’s stick with the politicians that the Scots know and are supporting right now and not start jiggering the whole thing up.

  12. Funnily enough I see no mention of the poll on the Scotland page of the BBC News website. I note that Lewis Goodall, formerly of Sky News and now of BBC Newsnight, has tweeted about it but, as expected, it seems most of the mainstream media in England are doing their best to ignore it. I wonder why. As for the media in Scotland, they will now be in full on panic mode so expect desperate hunts for a scandal about the SNP to be undertaken very soon.

    Personally speaking, I have never been more certain that independence is coming. I truly believe that, once the Brexit disaster unfolds to the Scottish people, we will see 60% or more support for leaving the toxic UK. In the meantime, thank you Paul for your brilliant posts. We are nearly there!

    • Supplementing Petra for the first article:

      Concern over British ‘internal market’ plans post Brexit

      According to the Scottish Government, it would undermine devolution

      6 hours ago

      The Scottish Government has expressed concerns about plans to create an “internal market” for the United Kingdom following the exit from the European Union.

      Such a scheme would undermine the rights of the devolved nations, says Scottish Constitution Secretary Michael Russell.

      In a letter to London Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove, Michael Russell says that the British Government’s proposals involve seizing power from Scotland.

      “They are plotting, fraudulently, to introduce a new law that would effectively transfer power to Tory ministers in devolved policy areas, portraying this as protecting the UK’s internal market after Brexit,” he said.

      “Under their plans, if Westminster adopts lower standards in devolved areas, Scotland could be forced to accept them, regardless of the views of our Parliament.

      “This plan is tantamount to using Brexit to disguise the greatest attempt to seize power from the Scottish Government and we will do all we can to prevent this from happening.”

      A spokesman for Michael Gove said the British Government will respond carefully to Michael Russell’s letter and continue to work closely with the three devolved governments.

      “The UK Government will put the interests of people and businesses in Scotland, and throughout the United Kingdom first,” he added.


      Translation: WS + Google Translate

      • This is exactly what’s going on. They know they are despised and resented up here and that support for independence is rising- but that makes them like cornered rats- apology to rats. They are determined to control and subjugate- that’s their mindset. Until we take independence, Holyrood- particularly the FM- because her leadership has exposed their thudding stupidity and dishonesty- is their target. They mean to remove power from Holyrood- and they will do it by deceit. We need EU to be watching out for Scotland- we need all the support we can get- and we need to stand up and TAKE independence- not “ask”.

      • If this goes ahead, Westminster will have the power to strike down any legislation passed or proposed by Holyrood, rendering Holyrood impotent. They will also be able to force Scotland to accept low standard foodstuffs, which Holyrood will be powerless to prevent. Increased support for independence won’t be enough to stop this from happening, arguably it make it more likely to happen even faster. It’s time to do, not to sit on our bums until we get runover

    • Yes, the virus crisis has been a major distraction, but Brexit proceeds apace, unhindered by any need for caution. The BoJonites clearly believe that the current UK shambles isn’t nearly omni enough.

    • Hmmm, come IR2 (in whatever form it takes), maybe the British Civil Service won’t be quite as prepared to eagerly prostitute themselves for BoJo and DomCom as they were back in ’14. Maybe many of them will even be quietly wishing us “good luck and God speed”.

  13. “Support for independence at 54%”
    And if a section 30 request continues to be ignored and/or refused, any figures are meaningless.

      • Jack, I am in favour of an independent Scotland. I am yet to hear of any convincing argument about how it will be achieved without said order.
        I would say that it may well now be refused even more as support increases.
        The Conservative Government have a majority.
        Any other avenue in the road to independence risks having the opposite effect, especially with soft Teasers.
        As someone who has studied law, I think Nicola Sturgeon knows this.
        I would like to see next year’s Holyrood elections be fought on a clear mandate of independence, with it clearly stated what would happen if S30 continues to be refused.

          • Go with what you first wrote: ‘teaser’. Yet another ‘I’m all for independence but’…. pointless observation. Your comment is the usual mince, and adds nothing to debate other than, mince. You are a ‘mince round’, in effect.

          • Jack, I am more than happy to debate, I have stated that I am concerned personally that any other route to either a second referendum or independence than S30 may have the opposite effect. It will be seized upon by the usual suspects as a stick to beat the independence movement with.
            If an S30 order continues to be refused, what would you suggest?
            It has taken nearly six years and different events to get support past 50%
            As many Yes supporters know, a quick browse (if you can stomach it) of Unionist newspapers , BBC, Twitter etc…commenters will dig up anything they can to derail the independence train.
            Many of Paul’s excellent articles berate Westminster for ignoring Scotland and its people. Granting an S30 and being the Prime Minister that saw the break up of the Union is something Johnson definitely does not want. (Especially seeing independence support climbing)

          • Where have you been, whoever you are?
            There is constant ‘debate’ on this.
            WE are past stopping on the road to Independence, to tutor you in the story so far.
            But we assume that you are not just left an Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ pod fully formed but with the brain of a pea.
            Ergo, your rather vapid empty observation is ‘mince’.
            That about sums up my side of any ‘debate’ on this hoary, or should it be ‘whore-y’, old chestnut.

    • If that’s all there was to it, maybe.

      But it ain’t. The fun hasn’t even started yet, and in the meantime, while the current crisis persists, support continues to shift in the right direction. Because people can see for themselves how we can handle this far better ourselves. What’s not to like about that?

      I’m as impatient as the next person, but even I can see that things are developing very nicely at the moment. Jackass Carlot can see it too, which is why he is getting so upset. Take your cue from the BritNats, they are absolutely bricking it right now.

  14. England’s always won because no matter who their leader is they get behind them *for the sake of their country* even if they’re an idiot, Westminster must attempt to destroy Nicola Sturgeon because Scotland is listening to her and they like what they’re hearing and seeing, plus she’s demonstrating capability and confidence and Scotland is gaining confidence because of it

    The FMs handling of the pandemic, her communication hard graft and dedication has been the key to showing all of Scotland her personality and she’s won over thousands because of it, Westminster’s having difficulty dealing with this and each time they try to break her down it doesn’t work and her numbers go up, so what do they do

    As Petra and others have said they’ll consider the nuclear option of going after Holyrood, I think and hope that might be the step too far for Cummings and future PM candidate Michael Gove

    Scotland must get behind our leader and give her the people power to win

    • ”Even if they’re an idiot.”

      One idiot after another, Dr Jim, however this current crop of cr*p takes the biscuit and it’s not just our FM who’s saying so.

      ”Jeffrey Kofman – “Boris Johnson should be very grateful that Donald Trump is in office because if Trump weren’t, Johnson would be a candidate for the most incompetent leader in the western world…. “: https://mobile.twitter.com/Haggis_UK/status/1279408328523857923

      ‘Superman Falls to Earth – Ferdinand Mount on Boris Johnson’s first year.’

      ..It has been painful to watch the steadiness and sombre dignity of the first ministers of the devolved parliaments – notably Nicola Sturgeon – and then turn to the slapdash boosterism of Johnson and his associates, many of whom seem to have caught his feckless tone as well as his frightful virus. It is jarring to hear ministers claim that they are ‘proud of our achievements’ in the middle of a pandemic which has cost, so far, more than fifty thousand lives. The world’s second highest death rate per capita – wow, that’s really something. Bolsonaro, Trump and Johnson: these are men you wouldn’t put in charge of containing an outbreak of acne.”..


      • It’s getting pretty bad when a former Head of the Number 10 Tory Policy Unit says so.

        ”Sir William Robert Ferdinand Mount, 3rd Baronet, FRSL is a British writer, novelist and columnist for The Sunday Times as well as a political commentator.”



        Jackson Carlaw, et al BritNats, going dokie about a handful of people at the border telling people from England to stay away. Go home.

        Remember this one? ”Go home or face arrest.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eco4eVs-g_g

  15. Time to start getting the plans for what an independent Scotland will look like into place (this should have been done after the last referendum). SNP and the Yes movement should adopt pretty much all of the plans in Common Weal’s “How To Start A New Country” and their Green New Deal. Their plans sort the currency question (we have our own), lay out a timetable for independence (3 years after the vote) and put in place a Scottish state that isn’t reliant on Westminster favours, unlike the 2014 plans. We need to get the answers to all these questions sorted and make everyone aware of them long before referendum day https://archive.org/details/HowToStartANewCountry

    • Maybe all of that would have been outlined in the independence prospectus that was to be sent out to every household (around 2.5 million) in Scotland, Mcchib? Held up now, I would imagine, due to the coronavirus crisis plus any changes that will have to be made due to the forthcoming economic situation.

    • Our chance to be part of the new clean fuel (having lost out on an oil fund) as an important announcement by the EU on Wednesday 8th, is to boost hydrogen as the way forward and dirty oil may be left behind as this shift in stimulus to positively embrace sustainable clean energy is really making a leap forward in these covid influencing times. Awareness of this shift is important so that we can ask the question :- how can we be a part of these developments in Hydrogen fuel if we are not part of this economic stimulus from The EU? The Scottish government has funded a community owned Hydrogen business in Orkney and the ferries run on it, but we are I imagine limited without independence . I think this is also a turning point! and we don’t want to be left behind!

  16. It matters not what the polls tell us. With the UK government holding a massive majority, they don’t currently give a jot what our SNP government might demand . They have the political power to just ignore it.As it stand,s those of us wishing for independence will have to go another direction and not necessarily the political route! What that might be I have no idea. But with the obviously large number of people wanting independence someone must seize the initiative and act. This man Cummings who seems to be running the UK Government will send the whole country to ruin.
    We need action …………..soon.

    • Agreed, because even with a majority at Holyrood the SNP will simply use it to ask, once again, for a section 30 – and the answer will be “No”.

        • No, but given her record in the past – which is the only evidence I have to call on – I won’t hold my breath.

      • Weechid – You appear to have a quite surprising confidence in the political skills of Boris Johnson. He’s not a formidable opponent. He is additionally under pressure from the half of his own Conservative supporters in England who don’t care if Scotland remains a part of the UK – in fact they’d be happy to see the back of us because we’re a hindrance to their pursuit of a “pure” Brexit.

        The Scottish Govt needs the unequivocal support of a majority of the Scottish public if it is to have the political and moral capital it needs to pursue an alternative strategy. All this hang-wringing about how Westminster will continue to say no only plays into the hands of the British nationalists. One thing is for sure – we’ll never get independence if so many independence supporters have such a defeatist attitude.

        • Paul, I do agree with you about Johnson not being a formidable opponent.
          I do hope you are right about what you say, but personally I cannot see Johnson being the PM who oversaw the break up of the Union, and who will also have the disaster that will be the Brexit aftermath, 3 million plus unemployed and upwards of 50k deaths due to Covid-19.
          I also would say it will not be Johnson himself who decides whether or not to grant an S30.
          An independent Scotland could be THE place to live, work etc… if we become independent.
          But we also need intelligent debate and solutions to what problems there are and will be both before and after.
          I want any victory to be legally binding and recognised worldwide for how independence should be gained. It will make other countries want to do good business with Scotland and mutually share progressive ideas without any exceptionalism or arrogance.

        • Well, you know what they say “blessed is he who never expects because he’s never disappointed”. I’m too old to wait much longer so – yes I know I’ll probably never see independence because the party who are supposed to deliver it are not fully committed. I’ve no confidence in Johnsone, however I do believe that the British establishment is a powerful entity and that there is either no will or gumption in the SNP to face them off. Now that leading members in the SNP have also decided to criticise peaceful activists and brand them racists I am even more suspicious of their goals. Sorry I can’t be more optimistic but I can’t handle any more broken promises from people I trusted.

  17. The Brits are surely going to up the anti?

    Yes, they are going to keep on doing what they’ve been doing and hope for a different outcome. Of course they will be calling on their plants in the SNP and the wider Yes movement and the whole of the media to be increasingly destructive, and more destructive and even destructiver. They will throw the proverbial around like confetti and the Scottish public will look on and say .. WTF… how can this be? And those with active brain cells will take no time at all to work out the correct answer.

    And everyone in Scotland who has concluded that we have to become independent will be confirmed in that view. And the Brits in Scotland will initially be inspired and then extremely worried that everything they do just fuels the fire. They will go into hiding like they did in the run up to the referendum in 2014, except this time they will be confident that they are destined to lose.

    The Brit attacks that are coming were coming anyway. Full of wind and piss and signifying nothing.

  18. Just scrolled through the headlines at Herald Sunday.
    It is small wonder that 12 more hacks have been downsized and rightsized out the door.
    Is anybody reading this North Korea strength Garbage?

    I sincerely hope that these rejects feel it was worth dying for England’s Empire.
    On the bright side; they are taking on extra staff at the Job Centre to set up a retraining programmes for Call centre Operatives and Santa for Xmas.

    • Jack, an incredible “misquote” from Elle Duffy on the Readers react article:

      “Polling expert Professor John Curtice says independence is not the ‘established position’ of the people of Scotland. ”

      That should be “NOW” not “not” but for some reason it got, cough, splutter, falls down laughing, mistyped.

      • Indeed, yesin,
        Curtice’s summary of the poll is equally skew whiffed; ‘support for the Union is at an all time low’, rather than, ‘support for independence at an all time high’.
        They are dying a thousand deaths right now.
        BBC Pacific Heights is to sack 62 staff, Herald 12…the law of diminishing returns.

        No report on today’s figures in the news nor on Brewer’s Droop; well it’s just a PR exercise for the Bad EssEnnPee according to Carjack Lawson, and Brewer should put a stop to it, so there.

        In all seriousness, can anyone in Scotland envisage Carlaw or Leonard or Rennie heading a government and leading on the fight to eliminate this terrible disease?
        It is just too ridiculous for words.

        Close the border and quarantine the airports.

        Oh, and with 0 deaths, only 11 new cases, and 10 in ICU, Carlaw wants to test 50,000 care workers every week.
        He clearly hasn’t a clue.

        The man has lost it completely.

        If you want a laugh, watch his bluster and rant, well the last 5 minutes, on the laughingly titles Sunday Politics Scotland today, with the sound off.

        He almost self combusts towards the end.
        To crib from Malcolm Tucker he is so dense, light bends around him.

  19. 49% of conservatives is just believing that old English supremacist garbage ive heard all my life by the Englanders that Scotland is a burden if we are such a burden to the english why not let us go already they dropped the eu no problem yet cant do it with us in Scotland.

  20. Thank you for the article – really positive and uplifting. So much so that I copied ti to my twin in Birmingham who is a staunch Unionist (too long in the south methinks).

  21. There’s a couple of things going on here I think, Nicola Sturgeon giving Johnson a showing up in dealing with Covid-19 is just one of them. The other is that the MSM too are being made to look stupid with their skewed questioning of the FM at the daily briefings.

    Even committed Unionists must be shaking their heads at the obvious bias of the questioning from these airheads. Those that were maybe unconvinced in 2014 now see with their own eyes how the media lie and try to do Westminster’s work for them, It’s that blatant and cannot be missed.

    Since losing the election and 1/3rd of the SNP vote in the 2017 GE, Nicola Sturgeon has steadily built support back up again and in fact, she has taken support for both Independence and the SNP beyond anything ever achieved in the past.

    To have two polls in succession showing 54% support for Independence is unprecedented and to have 55% for the constituency vote combined with 50% in the list vote is simply amazing. It is clear that over half the Scottish electorate have had enough of the lying Tories and their useless leader.

    Some it seems are worried that Westminster will never give us another referendum, bollocks to that, there is more than one way to skin a cat and I am absolutely certain that there will be another referendum within one year of the next Holyrood election unless the end of civilisation as we know it gets in the way.

    We’ve waited 313 years for this moment, we should savour it. Scotland wants its baw back and is taking it, finally, the majority are clearly demanding it.

    • “Even committed Unionists must be shaking their heads at the obvious bias of the questioning from these airheads”…………I think Tory MSP Murdo Fraser might take you to task on that one!…….but hey…thats Mad Murdo eh?..lol

      • I doubt he would, I reckon that’s why he wants the briefings stopped. He’s shitting himself at the exposure of the media as Tory stooges and he will have no one left to pass the lies onto that anyone will believe at the next referendum. The media have made their bias plain for all to see.

        It’s not gone unnoticed either and rising support for Independence and the SNP is a sign of that.

        • Wasnt sure if you had seen Fraser’s tweet regarding the daily briefings Alex,which is why I posted.Its blatantly obvious he is incandescent with rage over the FM’s popularity percentages vis a vis Bojo so what else can he do when there are no bullets left in the magazine?….Start throwing mud about I suppose…in the vain hope that some might stick.

    • Alex Clark,

      “Since losing the election and 1/3rd of the SNP vote in the 2017 GE”

      Eh.. Just what election did Nicola Sturgeon lose?. Remember the SNP only put up candidates in Scotland.

      • You’re right and I used a poor choice of phrase. The SNP never lost the election, they lost 21 MP’s.

    • Additionally Alex, Nicola Sturgeon is now in a position to publicly out the liars and clarify what’s actually going on, as per the recent quarantine fiasco. I can just imagine Johnson et al doing everything in their power to put a stop to the briefings now.

  22. *Thousands of Brits flock back to pubs* reports SKY news and various newspapers

    No they didn’t, *Thousands in England flocked back to pubs* Scotland’s shut, or are they declaring us Independent again without consultation, because they’re good at the non consulting thing

    • Well, they do. Unthinkingly. I reckon that many of them have already given up on us and stopped even pretending to try, they’re just waiting to see what we actually do about it. They would probably laud BoJo in relief if he phoned Nicola up and said “let’s do a Velvet D.i.v.o.r.c.e”.

      There’s two ways to see the UKGov reaction to a sustained majority for independence. The obvious one – that we’ve done to death already – is “they’ll never grant another indyref now”. The other is the diametric opposite: they might decide to cut their losses while they can, cut a deal, and save face by making it appear as a generous unforced gesture.

      • Will you guys please refrain from going on about pubs!…Why?….Cos I could murder a pint of IPA and I cannae get wan!….Grrrrrrrrrr…..lol

  23. “so the SNP leadership will become more assertive and confident in pursuing independence.”

    Amusingly they’re quite busy about that in unseen ways but that’s all I have to say about THAT. If it wasn’t in the news and you missed it, then perhaps so did THEM. And none of us want THEM to be telt, well, not in that way.

    Anyways, I think we’re in a new starting phase of anti-independence posting, where they’re starting to rollout those with a bit of a clue. But watch out for “passing off”, where a posting seems to suggest some agreement, but in fact it turns out to be an edict of the UK Gov, or a one-sided report. I think the repeated 54% has the wind up them. Not a pretty sight.

    It means we need to use our fingers. No, not that way, doing a bit of reaserch and our eyes, a bit of reading. Most of us will have forgotten the details of the power grab for instance, here’s a quick interesting look into it – and the “common framework reports” which aren’t a common report at all.


  24. Listened to Professor D King, advisor to Blair and Brown,on health matters.
    He couldn’t make himself say ‘england’,even when talking about the devolved Nations work on the virus, he could only say Britain when talking about the Pubs being open.
    That’s what we still have to contend with, the presenter just let it go.
    It’s all the same place to the Brit Nats, englandland, UK, Britain.
    Heard that a Spitfire flew over hospitals in the UK today to celebrate 72 years of the NHS.
    You can bet it was nowhere near the devolved Nations.

    • That’s another one isn’t it *devolved nation* no we’re not, we have a devolved governmental system within a Nation, we’re not devolved, you can’t devolve people, but it shows just how low their opinion of people in Scotland is that they even propagandise the terminology so as to apply it personally as if to imply the opposite of evolved

  25. Under normal circumstances they’d be filling up out TV screens with *Experts* rubbishing everything the Scottish government’s doing on a nightly basis but all they can dig up is Professor old retired duffer Sir Hugh Pennington or the occasional *ordinary housewife* and all the rest of the moaning is left to Jackdaw Carplan and Alice Cruel Humourless with a smattering of GMB Union Rupert Lostpole’s troops, Nicola Sturgeon’s got all the top people in their field not only working for her but publicly taking her side politically, and that’s never happened before, we used to be the ones always defending ourselves from hordes of the Brit buggers, now they’re the ones having to defend themselves from their own bungling attacks backfiring on them because their tame media can’t pin anything on the FM without her kicking their incompetent Arses and proving them liars

    Oh how they wish they could get her off the Telly, her and her smarty pants team of actual experts

  26. Murdo Fraser wants Nicola off the telly because he thinks she is merely milking the exposure. The real issue here is that she knocks Johnson into a cocked hat with her straightforward, information rich appearances compared to bloviating LBJ. and his inability to string a coherent sentence together.

  27. Poor WGD

    Are you in the land of ponies and rainbows? Can you not smell the coffee? (see below)
    There is a small branch of individuals who believe that if you do not provide independence now that somehow you have given up on the aim of self determination.
    What they are not so good at is explaining how other than repeating their demands of UDI as well as SNP MP’s don’t attend Westminster ( while all the other Scots based unionist parties do) this will occur.
    Their fantasy world is not to vote for the SNP or the Greens. Rather, form new parties with some individuals with narcissistic tendencies is the way forward. Policies based on the sexuality of individuals taking precedence over the argument for independence. What could go wrong? If I smell anything it ain’t coffee.

    XXXXXXX says:
    5 July, 2020 at 7:34 pm
    I generally like Wee Ginger Dug’s posts as an antidote to the reality posted here but this, from his latest: https://weegingerdug.wordpress.com/2020/07/05/turning-the-corner/ is firmly in the land of ponies and rainbows:

    > After all, there’s little point in demanding an independence referendum if you’re only going to lose it.

    Well, clearly the opposite is also true: After all, there’s little point in granting an independence referendum if you’re only going to lose it.

    At what point do the breathless optimists wake up and smell the coffee?

    • We should definitely dump the most popular political party along with the most popular and capable FM who’s numbers without even starting the campaign are higher than ever in Scotlands history and replace that with sumday and eh mibbees a better wan wae sumthin, and while we’re at it bring back Archie Gemill Billy Bremner and Jim Baxter tae play for Scotland

      The blood runs oot yer ears wae the garbage they write and talk, still there’s always folk wae holes in their heids like sieves willing tae droon their nappers in it

      • I have mulled over this issue of another pro independence party and my conclusion is that it is a bad idea. The rationale behind it is unprincipled and ultimately, the end never justifies unprincipled means. I fully understand the distress of those who genuinely support independence and feel that being as immoral as the Brits is the only pragmatic approach to beating them. I understand it because NOBODY is more passionate about saving Scotland than I am. But I understand that my passion – necessary as it is – must never overwhelm my understanding of what is principled and therefore right. My rational mind also tells me that being unprincipled is a recipe for undermining the most rapid success.

        I am reminded as I write this of my dad. He was a genuine craftsman, while I was a very imaginative bodger. When he helped me with any skilled task I used to come out in a cold sweat, watching him proceed at what seemed to me to be snail’s pace, when I just wanted the f…ing job done. Of course, he at his snail’s pace, only ever did any part of the job once and to the highest standard. Had I done the the job myself I would actually have taken twice the time and ended up promoting my mistakes as “features”. I’m sure anyone reading this can relate to it.I

        Unprincipled people setting up another party, to get the f…ing job done won’t stop us achieving independence – because we all know that it MUST happen. However, the risk is just that it will actually delay achievement of our goal and potentially make the process of disentangling Scotland from Britland unnecessarily difficult.

        Unlike many people, I suspect, I have zero concern that that Scotland has no way out of the British embrace. I know that having principles – like the greats Mandela and Ghandi – is the path to success. I don’t think that, I know it.

  28. Just as predicted make Johnston PM Scotland will be Independent.

    Tory members, male on average over seventy voted him in. Vote Tory to die younger. Not likely for most people. The Tories will be voted out. Another useless Westminster Gov. Nicola will still be there.

    In 2+ years time it is likely the SNP increased majority will hold the balance of power at Westminster. Then will be the time to go for it. Another IndyRef with full support in Scotland. Scotland will be Independent, in the EU, within 5 years.

    The Tory Brexit mess and shambles will not succeed but will finish them off. Deja Vu. They had to get rid of Thatcher for better ties with Europe. To improve the economy. After Thatcher’s disaster catastrophe, especially in Scotland.

    The banking crash on the way, building up because Thatcher/Reagan illegally deregulated world banking. The Bankers funded the Tory Party and Reagan. They did it to make themselves millionaires. Greedy. Not caring a damn about other people. It will all end in tears again.

    The illegal warmonger Blair got in. The banking crash continued a pace, The Westminster unionists did nothing to stop it. They can’t count or read a balance sheet. The cowards in the Labour Party did nothing to stop him. He changed the rules to act as a semi dictator. The absolute colossal waste of public money ruining the world economy. Iraq War kept secret for 100 years. To hide Blair/Bush criminally breaking International Law, The world world was against illegal war but they did not care.

    The paid Labour Officials were illegally campaigning against Labour (Corbyn) winning last GE in the rest of the UK. Whatapp group now getting investigated. The Labour Party leadership are trying to cover up. Breaking the Law of equality at every turn. The usual suspects. They make the Law and break the Law with impunity,

    Tory pantomime around Christmas. The Brexit mess and shambles coming to fruition. The Tory/unionists. will be on their way out. Especially in Scotland. Finally get rid of them. Thanks to Johnston. He will likely be gone.

    Illegal wars, financial fraud, tax evasion have cost Scotland dear over the years. The illegal Barnett Formula, Thatcher/Lang/Forsyth formulated to take monies and resources south, To fund London S/E to keep the Tories in power. Increasing poverty in Scotland. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. Released after 30 years. The McCrone Report etc.

    The over seventy Tory supporting males will be gone. The young ones coming along. The tipping point has finally been reached. History in the making, Alex will be pleased. Along with everyone else who has fought for it for years and the new young recruits.

    Scotland Independent will help the rest of Britain. Recede Westminster’s power to destroy the world and ruin the world economy. Happy days are finally coming along.

    Out of the pandemic. Grandparents can hug their grandchildren. Best enthusiastic sight for years. Full of hope and respect for the coming years. A bright new future. More support for the SNP/Independence.

    A caring, cohesive future. Everybody winning. From a bad pandemic out into the light. Best news for years. What a time to be alive. Many will die at peace, finally laid to rest. The appalling, unequal and unfair UK Union. Not democratic. Every term reneged upon for years. Since 1928 and before.

    History in the making. Strong and proud. Thanks to everyone who contributes.

  29. Scotland has always gone through the Ballot Box since 1928 because it could. Unlike Ireland. Illegally Partitioned 1923 Some people jumped the gun.

    Patience is a virtual. Ireland could have voted for Home Rule/Independence. 5 years later in 1928. A lesson learnt from history. There is a lesson from the past but the future cannot be predicted, absolutely.

    Ireland can now reunite through the Ballot Box democratically. Demographics. After years of waste and senseless bloodshed because of Westminster unionists illegal actions for unionist votes at Westminster. Unequal and unfair.

    Masonic. Bigots, racists and misogynist. Unequal and unfair. The Royals not paying taxes. The tax evaders supported by Westminster unionists. Corruption. Breaking the Law with impunity, They make the Law and break the Law. They do not care.

  30. Haha, a cracker, Stephen!
    “and there do we see Murphy, warming up on the Better Together sideline? Yes, it’s Murphy, they are bringing on Murphy”.
    Bring him on!

  31. Morning folks,

    The WM government is at it again.

    Sunak to give firms £1,000 ‘bonus’ to hire trainees

    The government is pledging to provide 30,000 new traineeships to get young people in England into work, as fears about mounting unemployment increase.

    Traineeships provide classroom-based lessons in maths, English and CV writing, as well as up to 90 hours of unpaid work experience.

    Under the £111m funding boost, firms in England will be given £1,000 for each work-experience place they offer.

    Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will receive £21m for similar schemes.

    The additional funding for traineeships is set to be announced by the Chancellor Rishi Sunak on Wednesday when he will unveil an economic plan to deal with the aftermath of the coronavirus crisis.

    Note the 90 hours of unpaid work experience 😠 basically, it will distort the true unemployment figures and employers will be queuing up to enjoy the free tax breaks. What really angers me is that it is painted as a good thing!

    Always look behind the headline folks. 😠

    • My daughter got one of the so called apprenticeships a few years ago. Was absolutely rubbish. Paid about £2.50 an hour. In the hospitality service (hotel). She was given work no one else wanted to do and was taught nothing. But the hotel was, I’ll bet, paid handsomely.

  32. Worth a read. Strange one when you see how some that are supposed to be on our side are doing exactly that …. ”trying to tear Nicola Sturgeon down.”

    ‘Instead of tearing her down, we should be rallying for Nicola Sturgeon to be the next UK prime minister.’

    ”The English establishment is trying to gaslight Scotland into believing its First Minister is a conniving separatist out to break the Union, but the facts speak for themselves. Right now, she looks like the best leader in Britain.”..

    …”Plus, let’s be honest. Wouldn’t almost everyone prefer Nicola Sturgeon to Boris Johnson as Prime Minister? We all know in our heart of hearts – she’s a better political operator and leader, even if she is Scottish. That’s not a bad thing, is it?”..



    ‘Ruth Wishart: A Parliament that can’t pass laws is no Parliament at all.’

    ..”Let us examine this “grievance”. The plans are to make a UK internal market a legal entity post-Brexit, when we are all finally dragged out of the European single market. Under which new law any legislation Holyrood intended to pass would be subject to a test as to its impact on the UK market. And, just in case you miss the point about whose market is it anyway, there will be an unelected, oversight body to get us telt what we can and can’t legislate on.

    A parliament that can’t pass its own laws, a parliament which is subject to unsolicited external scrutiny, is no longer a parliament. Which is, of course, the point of all this. The architect of this smash and grab is one Michael Gove, a nominal Scot for whom the term sleekit might have been invented.”..


    • Now this is really worrying. And no surprise that that sleekit greaseball Gove is behind it. They can see how things are going against them, and this is their dastardly response. Double down on Brexit and neuter the whole show. So much for the fine assurances of greater powers that came out of the Smith Commission. And likely we’ll get not a word of protest from Gordo the World Saviour ™ either.

      Hard to see how we can respond effectively to this before next May, but we can’t just let ourselves be trampled all over either.

      I know that you’re more than a little preoccupied at the moment, Nicola, but what say ye…?

      • You’re right it’s worrying. It effectively means Westminster can strike down any law passed or proposed by Holyrood and Scotland would be forced to accept lower food standards if England introduced them. We need to get out while we still can.

  33. So the big deal is to have an Alex salmond party.

    That’s it.

    The big deal.

    Sadly I feel too let down by our previous FM to vote for him.

    Time and life moves on.

    • Well at least for once there’s an admission that Alex Salmond doesn’t know anything about this and that no contact has seemingly been made with him. Makes a change from certain people trying to make out that they’ve got a direct line to a converted mill in Strichen.

      ”We’d like to take a moment at this point to note for the record that this article is the first Alex Salmond will be hearing about the poll. It wasn’t his idea, he wasn’t notified in advance, and we have no reason to believe he intends to form any such party.”

      • The most promising thing here is that Alex Salmond is keeping Mum.

        He could easily have used the court case to rally the misogynistic side of the base; on blogs and twitter at least they are not shy of calling for exactly that.

        And yet Salmond is keeping out of the public eye, quietly doing backroom work. That he hasn’t gone into full grievance mode is supporting the view that he didn’t do much if anything wrong; the whole #metoo movement and the reactionary backlash against it provide a different pattern of behaviour he studiously avoided.

  34. Martin Keatings:- ”Forward as One’s SNP members are planning to take forward a conference motion with respect to the Sec 30 case calling on the Scottish Gov to put through a referendum bill within 4 weeks and call a referendum within 3 months of that bill going through if the ruling is positive.” https://mobile.twitter.com/MartinJKeatings/status/1279758949881917441


    Any suggestions (LOL) as to why the Home Office in London would delay giving Scotland the ability to access data to enable quarantine checks and more so why Carlaw didn’t mention that to Brewer? Rather lied by omission to do the SNP down. https://mobile.twitter.com/BBCScotlandNews/status/1279714209438273536

    • Martin Keatings:- ”In other words – Cummings and Boris’s plan is the same as thatchers – to systematically dismantle and undermine Scotland to the point where it can’t stand on its own. We CANNOT WAIT for the 2021 election to vote for independence IT MUST BE BEFORE 31ST DEC 2020!” https://mobile.twitter.com/MartinJKeatings/status/1279729472758046720


      Will we see more and more Scottish farmers move to support independence now?

      Paul Wheelhouse:- ”This is a devastating letter 👏 in @scottishfarmer from a local, #Berwickshire farmer, James Barrie, who takes down Tory MP #John2Lose Lamont for betraying #farmers by voting against protecting food safety standards in advance of any trade deal with US. Well worth a read 👀👇.” https://mobile.twitter.com/PaulWheelhouse/status/1279376145083924480

    • Apparently their people said our people didn’t have security clearance to check the people that their people were allowing in to our country, but now our people have that security clearance from their people allowing our people to check the people who their people allowed to come to Scotland without asking our people

      Funnily enough China has just told the UK governments people and Boris Johnson to stay out of China’s people’s business or they’ll put a boot in his Arse, the best bit was when the Chinese Ambassador said Hong Kong is not a British colony anymore

      I don’t fully know the rights and wrongs of the Hong Kong argument but you can’t argue with F,off Bojo it’s got sod all to do with you whether you like it or not

    • Good riddance. I think he is entitled to his personal views re supporting the union even though I am an Indy supporter but defending that racist scumbag Starkey was reprehensible and implies that Neil Oliver is racist himself. That makes him an unfit person to represent NTS lets hope his replacement reprrsents the organisation in a better way and is not so divisive

  35. Just watched Nicola, as usual, at her daily covid update.

    She is superb. A shining example of principles in action. The CMO and Health Secretary were on the ball and clearly feeling more relaxed that they and Scotland have this virus in their sights.

    Thank you Petra for the link to that young woman telling it like it is. I have shared it with others.

  36. I return, suitably chastened to Scotland’s very own Speakers’ Corner, WGD.
    4 new cases overnight, 8 patients in ICU, o deaths in the past 48 hours, and the horror story which outraged Carjack Lawson live on Brewdog yesterday, with his florid faced description of tens of thousands of air passengers flooding in to Scotland unchecked and untested was taken up by the dutiful hacks today.
    The Home Office confirmed that SHS could have been testing since 8the June, so the BadEssEnnPee are LYING..blurted one English Rag Hack.
    Well, no, the MOU was finalised on Friday 3rd July and will be enhancing current procedures with a two week retrofit from tomorrow….
    Let’s just repeat Scotland’s latest up date figures…0, deaths in 48 hours, 4 new cases overnight, 8 patients in ICU and falling….

    Figures for England? They are no longer publish overnight stats…
    Still Jackson Carlaw got several mentions in despatches…there is such a thing as bad publicity, Carlaw.
    Murdo Fraser would have been spitting teeth at this blatant EssEnnPee PR execise….

    The Outbreak in Dumfries and Galloway appears to have been dampened, and the anti English protesters at Berwick were roundly told off by our FM.

    Yet Alister Jack and Carjack Lawson wants us to open up Scotland to holiday makers returning from Furrin Parts, with no checks, quarantine restrictions and the like, to grow the economy?
    NS continues on her unflappable way, despite the frankly corrosive set of fatuous questions from a tired old Brit Nat Hack Pack.

    0 deaths in the past 48 hours, 4 new cases in the whole of Scotland, and 8 patients in ICU.

  37. FACTS. Face covering on transport, in shops and crowded places;
    Avoid crowded places;
    Clean your hands and surfaces;
    Two metre distancing except where mitigations are in place;
    Self isolate and get a test immediately if you have symptoms.

    That bloody woman has brainwashed me. And she does it all deliberately just to make our country better. No wonder the Brits hate her. No wonder I admire her.

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