The Tory threat to devolution

To be a Conservative means never accepting that you’re to blame for anything, ever. Today our part time Prime Minister has provoked anger and upset by claiming that the high death rate in care homes was due to care staff not following procedures. So it wasn’t anything to do with British Government policy which shunted elderly people out of hospitals and into care homes as quickly as possible without testing them for the virus, spreading the infection amongst the most vulnerable elderly people. Except in Scotland of course, where according to the Conservatives the exact same policy is indeed the government’s fault, because that would be the government led by Nicola Sturgeon.

It’s the same with the increasing support that we’ve seen recently for independence. Anyone who has been paying the slightest attention to Scottish politics over the past few years understands that the primary driver of increasing support for independence is the way in which Conservative led British Governments have treated Scotland with contempt. At least that is when they can be bothered even to acknowledge Scotland’s existence. Our part time Prime Minister is very fond of likening the four constituent parts of the UK to a band of superheroes. Scotland’s British superpower is invisibility.

At every step along the way during the Brexit process, Scotland was ignored and traduced. There was little if any effective consultation with the Scottish Government. The exact same pattern has repeated itself during this coronavirus epidemic. All too often the Scottish Government only discovers significant changes in UK government policy when Scottish ministers read about them in the newspapers along with everyone else.

The Scottish Government only discovered that the British Government was dropping its Stay At Home slogan when the news was briefed to a Conservative friendly newspaper. There was no consultation with Scotland or Wales about the British Government’s decision to introduce so called air bridges between the UK and other countries, avoiding the need for quarantine. Scottish Health Secretary Jeane Freeman told a House of Commons Committee recently that throughout the current crisis she has had almost no messages at all from the Scotland Office – the UK Government Department supposedly responsible for representing Scotland at the highest level of British Government. These are not isolated events. This represents a deliberate and conscious pattern of behaviour from the Conservatives.

The Conservatives seek to introduce strains in the devolution process in order to be able to claim that devolution isn’t working. They have never liked devolution, seeing it as a threat to their supremacy at Westminster. The Tories consistently opposed devolution all the way through the 1980s and 1990s, even though it was clearly the settled will of the Scottish people. They have continued to be opposed to devolution despite the fact that it’s only the proportional voting system of Holyrood which has allowed them to avoid electoral oblivion in Scotland. And now they seek to use Brexit and the coronavirus epidemic as excuses to weaken and undermine the powers of Holyrood.

Last year Michael Gove set in motion a grubby power grab when he unveiled plans to allow UK Government departments to spend money in devolved areas in order to “strengthen the Union”. The Conservatives imagined that the epidemic would make people in Scotland see that Scotland depended upon the UK and would weaken support for independence. They’ve been shocked and angered to see the opposite happen. How dare that Scottish Government be more competent and capable. How dare that Nicola Sturgeon enjoy greater public trust than Johnson.

Something must be done, and now the Conservatives are planning to introduce measures to undermine the powers of the devolved parliaments under the guise of “protecting the UK’s internal market” after the end of the transitional period when the UK is no longer tied to the EU. The Conservatives are proposing the introduction of a so called market impact test on legislation passed by Holyrood. Laws passed by the Scottish Parliament in future would have to be scrutinised by a unelected panel of British Government appointees who would assess whether new laws had an impact on the UK’s internal market. Any laws which were deemed by this unelected body to contravene UK Government regulations would be struck down. It would represent a direct assault on Scottish democracy by an unelected and undemocratic body of Conservative cronies.

There is no significant support in Scotland for a reduction in the powers of the Scottish Parliament. Indeed opinion polling consistently points in the opposite direction, people in Scotland want more power for Holyrood, not less. But that doesn’t stop the Conservatives. Opinion polls only need to be appealed to when they show results that the Conservatives can spin in their favour. The results of Scottish elections don’t matter either. Scottish democracy is merely a serving suggestion and not a fundamental right. Nothing is to be allowed to get in the way of the supreme right of a Conservative Government in Westminster to be absolutely sovereign throughout the UK. And if that’s not what the people of Scotland want, tough.

The Conservatives propose to respond to an increase in support for independence in Scotland by attempting to suppress Scottish democracy even further. They see devolution and calls for increased powers for Holyrood as the appeasement of an enemy. Scotland is not to be negotiated with. It’s not to be accommodated. It is to be crushed. Scotland is to be forced to love the UK by chains, compulsion, and punishment. It’s the 50 Shades of Gove, and it’s a strategy which will receive a critical reception in Scotland every bit as poor as the critical response to the movie.

It should be clear now that devolution is not safe within the UK. We have a government in Westminster which is deeply and viscerally antithetical to Scotland having any right or ability to make its own decisions, and which will do its utmost to undermine and weaken the existing devolution settlement. There is a universe in which this strategy might be successful for the Conservatives. But that’s a universe in which the Conservatives were more popular in Scotland than the other parties, a universe in which the Conservatives were competent and capable and were delivering policies that the people of Scotland actually wanted. That’s not the universe that we live in. It’s a sign of the Tories’ desperation and delusion that they think that it is.

All that’s going to happen is that support for independence will continue to strengthen as more people in Scotland come to realise that devolution is not safe. The entire purpose of devolution was to provide Scotland with a measure of protection from the malignity of Conservative rule. That’s why there was such a clamour for it after the long and bitter experience of the Thatcher and Major years. The Conservatives will not reconcile an increasingly pro-independence minded Scotland to the UK by dismantling it. They are only signing the death warrant of the preciousssss union that they claim to love.

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71 thoughts on “The Tory threat to devolution

  1. The tories won’t care, they never have. They never will. Even if it costs them all their MPs & what few councilors remain, they’ll gladly support it. As long as their party bosses rule Westminster, they get to lord it over Scotland. Labour and the LibDems though – ah now these chancers acutally do have the most to lose. Sadly for us, Labour will help Boris because the Bain Principle is strong in Labour and the Liberals are treacherous little shits and will help for another of their brood to be made a peer.

    If we lose our parliament to a parcel of rogues again, the anger will be so great, that no “British” politician will ever be able to speak for Scotland for generations.

  2. The present health crisis has shown that governance in Scotland is a dog’s breakfast.
    Powers that our SG needed to keep us safe,reserved and witheld by Westminster.
    The idea that Holyrood could protect us from the worst of England’s Tory excesses demolished by Brexit and the infamous word “normally” inserted in the devolution bill allowing Westminster to overrule our elected government.
    I think Scots are now beginning to realise that not having your government being accountable to the Scottish electorate is a matter of life and death and not “just” independence as an obscure political aim.
    Covid19 has changed that for good which is why the Tories are now going to get heavy handed.
    They will not accept the diminution of their self importance that the demise of the UK would represent and the end of their fantasy global ambitions.

  3. So what does our Government propose to do about this outrage? They said it would never happen, that even the Tories would never stoop so low. I’m telling you, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. They are desperate and ruthless and don’t have the brainpower to see the long term consequences.

    If our Government do not do something to outflank them, this could be very damaging to our practical ability to win independence.

    The clock is ticking. We have until 31 December to get out of this hole!

    • What do you suggest they do?

      Unfortunately in 2014 Scotland voted to Remain in the UK. In 2019 the Tories gained a massive majority thanks to Brexit fever.

      So what do you want them to do?

      • Well, for a start, since “the Tories gained a massive majority” in England, they can remove all SNP MPs from Westminster’s English nationalist talking shop. No point them staying there to be treated with contempt by English/British nationalists day after day. Come back to Scotland and fight for independence.

        • Pity they cannot remove all the Scottish MPs as that would remove the sovereignty of Scotland from Westminster. The parliamentary sovereignty of Westminster is an English concept with the monarch, the Queen, lending her sovereignty to the parliament. But the Queen is not sovereign in Scotland, the people are. Scottish sovereignty is held by our MPs who hold the votes of the Scottish people. That is why there were such shock waves when the SNP MPs walked out a few years back as they had all but removed Scottish sovereignty from Westminster.

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  5. The latest polling was given a fair crack on yesterday’s John Beattie, drive time show on BBC Radio Shortbread. Number one, non pandemic item.
    The first cracks in the dam are appearing. The Mail and the Express will continue to cater to their dwindling, core audience. The Sun has a history of following the sentiments of its readership (think switching support to Blair), the Record would be stupid not to follow suit. It’s simply a commercial decision.
    During the manufactured outrage that the SG might close the border if the epidemiologists recommend it, Sarah Smith wrote an article for the BBC website supporting the idea from a technical, public health perspective. Perhaps even Smith sees the inevitable and refuses to die on that particular hill.
    Uncommitted folk will go with the flow. Careerists will follow the money.
    55% Yes before the leaves turn brown. Perhaps 60% by the next Holyrood election.

  6. I have been aware for a long time about WM’s plan for an internal market from 1 Jan next year. We need to wake people up to this ASAP.

    A couple of days ago I was letting a switherer I know hear the story. “What does that mean to me” he said. I mentioned the obvious about our parliament loosing control but what hit his buttons was that a single market could mean loss of NHS control in Scotland as WM ensures that the single market is in place for a USA insurance funded system. Another Yes voter as he had serious health issues and knows this could affect him.

    Thanks again Paul for a clear article.

    • I heard a good line from Dr Phillipa Whitford on this very thing when she said Boris Johnson is probably telling the truth when he says the NHS isn’t up for sale, but what Johnson doesn’t say is that our access to it will be, America don’t want to buy the buildings, just what’s inside them and the service and drugs they deliver, that’s where the money is

      • They need someone to blame for the mess and it can’t be the EU anymore so it’s Edinburgh and Cardiff.

        In Wales, ex kipper gammons have already formed a new party – Abolish the Assembly. Media coverage for them will be in inverse proportion to their membership.

        • Please don’t be given the impression that AWA is a ‘new’ thing in Wales – it’s 5 years old this month. As Dylan says though it’s a single-issue party full of crackpots, ex-kippers and other bizarre types. Their elecotral presence is rather underwhelming. They haven’t even got round to renaming themselves to reflect that the Assembly no longer exists in name but rather we have a Parliament (y Senedd).

  7. The Tories and Labour have been engaging in politics from the start of the Covid 19 outbreak and have never stopped, you can count on one hand the amount of times Nicola Sturgeon has made any reference that’s been straight out political, if she’d decided to do it she’s had ample opportunity to politic fifty times a day but she’s resisted the urge to engage in it

    I think the FMs been correct to do it the way she has because she’s given the BBC no opportunity to complain about themselves and shut the daily briefings down for being too political even though the journalists and opposition have tried desperately to do just that

    The longer the FM holds the non political line the longer she remains on TV and has the platform and position of *correcting* the *innacuracies* fired at her from British Journalists, she’s a very *clever girl* as the man in the Jurassic park movie said about the velocirapter before it ate him

    Our problem in Scotland has always been that the British opposition have owned the airwaves able to say whetever they liked with no equal right of reply, the FMs keeping them off the TV and it’s driving them mental because the more Scotland sees their own government looking competent on the Telly the more trust that engenders in the people and that’s one of the main reasons as to why support for Independence has gone up, support for the SNP has gone up, and Nicola Sturgeons own personal ratings have shot through the roof

    This isn’t just ordinary politics this is Kung Fu politics and she’s making the opposition look like grubby wee three socks for a £1 street gadgies

    • Dr Jim
      Spot on mate ✊👊✌
      It’s like I tell Yes folk who r frustrated with her. They need tae calm doon, she’s playing the long game & a very clever lawyer & politician!! We have nae idea what she’s got going on behind the scenes. Cards close tae the chest ✊👊✌💙💚💛❤💙 IN NICOLA WE TRUST ✊👊✌💙💚💛❤💙

    • I agree Dr Jim and jennifer daly…go quietly amidst the noise and haste, in this case, noise and haste = the screaming tantramonius tories…Our FM is doing a good job keeping her cool for sure.

  8. There is some truth in that private health care companies large and small appeared to be less able to cope with this pandemic. Profit is king unfortunately.

    There was a paper somewhere showing local government care and residential care homes had less infections- not just covid but Nova virus, vomiting and diarrhoea etc. The private companies are responsible for care and staff health and safety. Not Holyrood nor Westminster. Them.

    Sadly the staff are paid less, they move from one PT job to another to make ends meet.

    Should all care and nursing homes come under local authority control? Possibly

    • Even pseudo-private health care failed… Look what happened across England as the Health Trusts went into meltdown. PHE had to re-create organisations the Tories had previously done away with to create “business units”, Hancock had to write-off artificial debt the Tories had created and saddled them with, you cannot run emergency services as a business…
      In one article I saw on Care-Homes they were looking forward to bumper profits from Covid as demand went up, now they’re screaming blue murder that profits have fallen as clients had unfortunately chosen to die.
      I’ve no problem with Charities or Not for Profit organisations running Care-Homes but the days of the business/profit sector with Cayman Islands accounts dominating should surely be numbered.

      • At the height of the pandemic (1st wave), I was busy translating brochures for a new residential home for seniors in Caerdydd/Cardiff, the first in Wales of a chain of such homes run by a Dutch couple.

        I had to ask myself (and still do) – Who would open and publicise a brand new residential home in the middle of a pandemic?

  9. Yes, the failing UK: unsafe at any speed.

    And instead of giving up on this damnable cut-and-shut, shady trader Greaseball Gove is doubling down, determined to keep us in it, and busily sawing off our seatbelt forbye.

    Never mind, Gordo the Saviour of the Union(tm) will emerge from his crypt and lambast the Tory Junta for breaking every last promise that Bitter Together made to us back in ’14. It’s the least that any honest man would do, isn’t it…?

    • grizebeard, Mr Brown has already emerged from his crypt to give a call for a New World Order with One Government to rule us all.

  10. we can run indyref2 without a s30, but we risk it falling into shambles if unionist boycott it, a vote where only 40% of the population vote risks being ignored by other nations. the reason westminster continue to do this is they want to stop people having vote on independence

    however, now the polls are swinging our way, another option raises its head, with snp support on 55% when the snp release their manifesto for the next holyrood election, they could state simply and uniquely that a vote for the snp is a vote for independence, effectively turning the election into a plebicite on independence.

    im not sure if the snp will do this, it will depend on the polls closer to the election, and i doubt they will say anything on the subject until the last moment, ensuring unionist participation in the election.

    the point i am making is this is an option,

    • denmylne

      I’d have thought that that is the best option.

      We are amid a COVID 19 virus that Westminster hasn’t a clue how to deal with, we have Brexit ‘off a cliff’ pending and, consequentially a UK economy that may never recover.

      What is it that they used to say?

      Carpe Diem or some such?

        • Maybe strategy wise it might be better to show Scotlands people the truth about Englands government being a dictatorship and dragging Scotland out of the EU then basing the Independence case on the rejoining of the EU with the support the EU will show for Scotland doing that

          At this moment the EU cannot comment officially on Scotlands position within the UK because the UK is still the member state, but once the UK is not a member state the EU can say what it likes about Scotlands constitutional future, Ursula Von der Leyen has already hinted as much

          What Nicola Sturgeon has to pull off now is holding back the UK from stripping Scotlands parliament out of Scotland before we get to that point, in a horrible way Corona Virus is our ally at the moment
          I never thought I’d hear myself say a sentence like that

          • i think this is very true, the risk to holyrood after 1st jan is huge, although, winning 50%+ will be easier after the brexit goat rodeo starts on jan 1st. which way do we go? oct or wait till april 2021?. either way, the indy plebicite is a way out of this impass

          • “At this moment the EU cannot comment officially on Scotlands position within the UK because the UK is still the member state”

            Sorry to be the one to inform you – the UK is No Longer a member state.

            Brexit happened on 1st Feb 2020. We are now in a grace and favour “Transition period” which PM May negotiated. It ends on 31st December 2020 and cannot be extended beyond that date.

            here’s what Scotland risks missing out on because it has already exited the EU


        • That may be an ask too far, denmylne, as we shall hopefully eliminate Covid 19 by late autumn.

          My views on sitting on our hands and religiously going through yet another election, the SGE in May ’21, with yet another ‘mandate’ for Independence, and the ritual ‘No’ from the English parliament, are well known.

          As a minimum requirement, the Yes Movement, and the current pro Independence Government, and significantly, members of traditional Left Right and middle pro EU parties, should compose a Declaration of Intent, rejecting the English Government’s No Deal Exit on 31st December 2020, and announce that the May 21 election will be a mandate to hold a Indyref in early summer 2021, regardless of the English Parliament’s objections.
          The October Declaration has a ring to it.

          No more dither, no more hand wringing, no more ‘wait and see’.

          Voters will be in no doubt that when they vote in May ’21, a cross beside SNP Green, and possibly, the breakaway newly formed Labour Scotland Party, led by a youthful fresh leader, (Alex Cole Scuttle will be too busy tweeting about roadworks on the Queensferry crossing I’m sure) is a vote to hold a Referendum in June 2021.

          The October Declaration of Intent; Oliver and Starkey could front a BBC 2 documentary on its disastrous impact on Britland?.

          From the Incredible String Band:-

          “I’ll sing you this October song
          Oh, there is no song before it
          The words and tune are none of my own
          For my joys and sorrows bore it

          For rulers like to lay down laws
          And rebels like to break them.”

          • we have never had a mandate for independence, we have a mandate for indyref2, however, the refusal by wm makes holding indyref2, difficult. the option of an indy plebicite election is a way round that. having a plebicite with full participation from voters and a result of 50%+ is something we need, it gives us a mandate to declare our independence and this result would be more likely to be acknowledged by everyone, even soft no voters.

            this is why westminster doesnt want any vote to even take place

  11. It amazes me how a pandemic has triggered the “Freedom Movement.” Not even sure what to call it in the states but it’s insane. Wearing a mask is a culture war and it makes no sense. We’re in NYC and we were hit hard early in the pandemic, we know people who have caught the virus. Luckily our friends and relatives are ok but a lot of their relatives passed away. Right now a lot of other states have surging virus #s and they were the ones extremely vocal about not wanting to wear a mask and reopen. It’s depressing because it seems the the US will loose control of the virus soon. Stay safe and healthy.

  12. Boris Johnson says “… there’s no border between Scotland and England.”
    Jacob Rees Mogg says (paraphrase) “Scotland isn’t a country.”
    How stupid are these people? Can’t they see that their extreme positions will only move more folk into the Indy camp?
    No, they’re not as smart as they’d like to think but they ain’t that stupid.
    It’s all misdirection, ask any magician.
    Johnson swears blind that there won’t be any Customs checks at Belfast and Larne, but guess what.
    The capital spend on HS2 is attributed to infrastructure in the North of England but where does the money really go? Compulsory purchase of land in London and the SE, further inflating an already over heated property market. Where will the benefits of HS2 accrue? How many folk in London will want to visit Birmingham for business and cultural tourism versus folk in Birmingham who will visit London for business and cultural tourism? See, it’s all misdirection.
    Johnson trumpets that he’s going to redirect capital spending from London and the SE to the deserving North. How’s that going to work out? Tens of millions will go on the feasibility study for Johnson’s looney, Portpatrick to Bangor crossing, but where will the money be spent? In the London headquarters of multinational consultants that’s where. Ultimately the spend will only maintain property prices in leafy North London. See, it’s all misdirection.
    Onywho, back to the point. Johnson and Rees Mogg bray on about how they simply LUV the union, how they’re totally committed to the United Kingdom. Never mind the misdirection look to see what’s really going on. Cummings has them all fixated on the Singapore of the North. That’ll be a stretch. Best to jettison Scotland, Northern Ireland and possibly Wales if the Singapore fantasy is to stand any chance in reality.
    And how will Johnson cope with going down in history as the PM that broke up the United Kingdom? He’s a psychopath, he won’t give a fuck.

    • I think one of the main planks behind HS2 is to extend the London commuter belt to the Midlands.
      The Midlands would then benefit from the Trickle Down effect (aka don’t pee against my leg and tell me it is raining) so loved by the Tories.
      All about London and the SE,as usual.

    • If Really-Smugg and the part-tme Prime Minister are convinced that Scotland does not exist – “we are one country, the United Kingdom – does that mean they also believe that England doesn’t exist either?

      (You can count my country out of this – we left our ‘union’ with England in December 1993, and you’d be hard-pressed to find Tories of that ilk to consider we existed in any case …)

  13. Westminster has been relentlessly holding Scotland back from it’s potential for decades. Not content with hiding the McCrone report from 1975 until 2005, they also deliberately delayed the Devolution Vote until 1979. The sting in the tail of that particularly nasty piece of UK handiwork was the UK initiated ammendment to make the vote subject to a 40% pass rate, turning a Yes vote into a No one by counting non-voters as No voters. Of course that ruling didn’t apply to Brexit which would also have failed if it had. Labour then, Tory now, it makes no difference. Same old Westminster.

    ‘Official papers which were previously secret have shown how ministers were advised to delay devolution to maintain control of North Sea oil revenues.

    The 1970s documents warned that if devolution increased calls for independence, the loss of oil income might leave the UK virtually bankrupt.’

    ‘A senior Whitehall civil servant wrote: “Progress towards devolution should be delayed for as long as possible, consistent with honouring the government’s commitment to move down the devolution route and containing the SNP lobby in parliament.” ‘

    Sound familiar?

    • Forgot to add this little gem from the link –

      ‘Lord Healey, then Labour Chancellor Denis Healey, said: “The real tragedy (of Scottish Devolution) for us would have been Scotland run by the Scot Nats because they had no interest in the rest of Britain.”‘

      That takes richness to a whole new level.

  14. Market impact test? Oh dear the Tories really don’t know when to stop digging. All the Scottish Government needs to do is to introduce bans on chlorinated chicken, stronger care home regulations, trade standards to allow Scottish businesses to trade more easily with our EU neighbours, rules protecting Scottish brands, farmers, fishermen/women, etc. etc. etc. and Westminster will have to keep vetoing because they’re not the lowest common denominator with the uk Common Market. Endless publicity, endless controversy, endless Scot Gov good, Tories bad headlines (one can but hope).

    It’s a gift that’s going to keeping on giving, giving and then giving some more for the cause of independence.

  15. O/T Brazil President Bolsanaro has tested positive for Covid-19. He has previously described it as “the sniffles”, it will be interesting to see if personal experience changes his mind.

  16. We need to stay calm.

    There is very little the SNP can do at this time to block the Brits from setting out to undermine Holyrood. The Brits control the media; the media control what the general Scottish population know. We are in the middle of a pandemic. Nicola Sturgeon can’t front an overt independence campaign without being perceived as exploiting the health crisis for her own ends. Losing the trust of the large majority of the population, who now have confidence in her and the platform to communicate with them, wouldn’t be a smart move.

    The Yes movement can’t take to the streets while the pandemic is still out of control without looking totally irresponsible.

    The practical implications of the Tory master plan have to become clear to the Scottish public before they will react. Then will be the time, for all sections of Scottish society which will be adversely affected by this plan, to come together to fight it. The SNP can be an integral part of that backlash and can use it to promote independence as the solution.

    If it transpires that Scotland’s population are disinterested then that is
    a reality we will have to come to terms with.

    • A whole lot of good sense there. My concern though is that the intention behind Gove’s cunning plan may be to stymie any kind of eventual proactive constitutional move from Holyrood, under the guise of “undermining the UK unitary market”.

      Waiting until the dirty deed is done may be ceding just a little too much initiative to the London Tory junta. While it’s good not to interrupt your opponent while he’s making mistakes, we can’t rely forever on a totally passive strategy. Among other things, it’s very bad for morale, as we have seen of late.

      At some point we do have to (be able – and willing) to make a move on our own account.

  17. Stuart MacKey @ 3.52pm

    I didn’t read your comment before writing mine.

    I think you are spot on.

  18. According to all sources within the EU the Tories have zero interest in any kind of deal or arrangement over Brexit and they’re now being referred to openly as the English nationalist party with one well known MEP on the Brexit steering committee saying they might as well be the Nigel Farage party because all they do is come to Brussels sip coffee, say no to everything and make demands of us, and it’s not going to happen

    It’s all shaping up for a hell of a rammy

  19. I think we should all keep quiet. The Tories are doing a great job in converting people to YES!

    Perhaps they will not list to the lies next time!

  20. Healey who mismanaged Scotland’s resources. Wasting every revenues he could get hold on. Including Oil To keep him in corrupt power. He Illegally kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. Healey had no interest in Scottish affairs. He just did not care.

  21. The media’s deliberate misuse of words to give the wrong impression is legendary but it’s getting sillier by the minute
    The FM tells the media and the country quite clearly that the air bridges list of countries is being considered carefully, but the media reports that as *We’ve had no *clarity* from the FM* when what they should be saying is *we’ve had no *certainty* on the answer we want*
    Both of those words mean different things and it’s not as if you can say it’s a slip of the tongue or a mistake because words are the media’s tools so they know what they’re saying, they’re implying the FM isn’t being clear in what she’s saying, and they’re doing that because the media aren’t *certain* of what she’s going to say but have to have something to report so as usual accuracy isn’t the priority, confusion of the message is

    It’s like the subliminal single frame pictures advertisers inserted in the middle of Pearl and Dean newsreels in the 50s and early 60s to make folk buy ice cream popcorn and fags until it was banned and made illegal then they denied they ever did it

    Choc ice anyone?

  22. To fellow Party Members.

    Congratulations to Kirsten Oswald on becoming the new Deputy Leader of the Party @ Westminster.

    The SNP’s new deputy leader at Westminster will play a key role in holding the Conservative Government to account, Ian Blackford has said.

    He spoke out after East Renfrewshire MP Kirsten Oswald was elected into the post.

    Mr Blackford, the SNP leader in the Commons, praised his new deputy, saying that she “brings a wealth of talent and experience to the role”.

  23. Two Independent nations governments Scotland and England signed the Treaty of Union in 1707. Note governments, not the people, not referendums. As the Treaty of Union is just that a treaty, should it not be in the remit of the Scottish government to rescind that Treaty in the manner of a divorce citing irreconcilable differences, regardless of the other party Westminster wishes.

  24. 1707 no universal Suffrage.

    1928 Universal Suffrage. Emancipation. Vote the Treaty out.

    2000 Devolution

    Simple. Vote all the unionists out and vote for Independence.

    Vote the ‘psycho bastards’ out.

    Bring back FPTP. Make sure they do not come back.

    Vote for it. One person. One vote.

    Scotland would be Independent now.if the unionists had not mucked up the voting system illegally for power. To let 3rd rate losers in.

    The power is in the people’s hand. Use it.
    Do not abuse it.

    Support for SNP/Independence rising. Over the tipping point.

  25. Alex Salmond will be proud. So proud. A great Statesman. His life’s work accomplished, Thanks to the great partnership. Haste ye back.

    Wonderful people. What a time to be alive. The Scottish Gov keeping people alive with good governance. Caring for others,

  26. Well Bruce, you at least seem to be speaking sense, while a lot of other people are the let’s wait and see what happens type, and of corse there are a few whom encourage time to run out and pass by,
    The phrase “ missed the boat” comes to mind. And I wonder how our children and grandchildren will view our dithering, our confused state of mind,
    all of us at present are checking which political party said what about Scotland and how Westminster treats Scotland, let’s wait to see if the Brexit mob go against Scotland saying no,
    Let’s wait and see if they include Scotland in the talks,
    Let’s wait and see if we can help England’s people at the same time as Scotland,
    Let us wait and see the result of court cases,
    Let’s wait and see how the Sewell convention helps us,
    Let’s wait and see how we can stop Boris proroguing parliament,
    Let’s wait and see how the Alex salmond case goes,
    Let’s wait and see if we get a mandate in Holyrude,
    Let’s wait and see what we do with second and third mandates,
    Let’s wait and see if they try a power grab of Holyrude
    Let’s wait and see if they want to close Holyrude,
    Let’s wait and see if they take all our water down south,
    Let us wait and see them steal our fisheries like they did the oil,
    Let us wait and see if all the goldmine revenue now going ahead will benefit Scotland,
    Let us wait and see if a nuclear plant in Scotland is good for its locals and the rest of Scotland,
    Let us wait and see if Westminster gives good advice on a health crises,
    Let’s us wait and see if we can stop airbridges,
    Let us all just wait to see shall we, after all we seem to enjoy being the underdog, it grabs our attention and gives us something to moan about
    Let us wait and see if we can play follow the leader for another 300 years if we “miss the boat.”
    Let us wait and see how it all goes, when our children say to us, Why did you let that happen to us dad and mum? We’re you sleeping all those years,
    And we say, No we went on marches that no MSM covered, and we made up blogs where we could all sit an have a moan at the lastest insults thrown against us,
    We did sort of try honestly.
    We now realise we went about it in the wrong way, that perhaps if we had ended the treaty,
    you would be free now and your generation in Scotland would not have been raped of all its resources with your hands tied behind your backs,
    Bye dad, bye mum,I am leaving this hellhole of a playground for the rich, I can’t even buy a house for my future wife and family, it’s all owned by the Cayman Islands, China and America.
    Don’t go son, please don’t go son and leave me here.

  27. James Cheyne is 100% correct. The time for wait and see is over. We have Joanna Cherry sdaying we can only win independence via the Ballot Box in last weeks National. Alyn Smith saying today in the National Plan B is “showboating chaff”. In the same paper Chris McEleny saying we need ANOTHER mandate with independence in all indy supporting parties having the fact they will take this as a vote for Self Determination for Scotland and will then negotiate with Westminster to allow us to become an Independent Nation again.
    I wonder who these people are trying to kid. If we do not seek to put a spanner in Westminsters works NOW we will be out of Europe with no deal. Surely we the people of Scotland must seek to take westminster to court to have the Treaty/Act of union annulled or whatever the correct term is!!!.
    According to Joanna Cherry’s view we are in this disastrour relationship with England’s aristocracy until Gabriel blows his horn to end time. Indeed I have written to her for clarification but to date have only had an automated response.
    Finally, we must not let our Government or the YES movement sleep walk over the cliff edge waiting for our good friends in Westminster to give us permission to make our own decisions.

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