Dugcast fae the dughoose – with Keith Brown

This week I am joined online by Keith Brown MSP, deputy leader of the SNP who sits in the Scottish Parliament for the Clackmannanshire and Dunblane constituency. We chat about the rise in support for independence in opinion polls, Jackson Carlaw’s risible performance on Sky News and his willingness to surrender devolved powers to Westminster, the confidence that people have in the Scottish Government as a result of the coronavirus epidemic, our increased prospects for independence, and a whole lot more besides.

We lost our connection about six minutes in, but it was soon restored. Hope it doesn’t spoil your listening pleasure too much.

If the embedded podcast doesn’t work for you, the direct link to it is here : https://soundcloud.com/user-291670852/dugcast-10-07-2020-with-keith-brown

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17 thoughts on “Dugcast fae the dughoose – with Keith Brown

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  2. Always interesting to hear how others see independence and why they joined the movement not just a party

  3. Thanks for that Paul. It was probably the best Dugcast yet, in my view. I particularly liked the measured and well articulated responses to your questions. I also liked the positivity.

    I know nothing of Keith Brown and I am very deliberately distrustful of that which I don’t know. I am therefore open minded about the sincerity of the man but there was nothing he said with which I disagreed. His analysis of where we are at accords with mine and I sensed a determined and not complacent optimism in him.

    For my part, what is most gratifying and most important about the polls since 2014, is the fact that we now have 50%+ of Scots who are COMMITTED to independence. That is our base and I am confident that the extra 4% are now part of that base. The growing of that base is how will achieve our goal, (not some madcap scheme to outwit the public).

    Thank you again and I look forward to the next episode.

  4. Excellent podcast, most enjoyable indeed, thank you indeed Paul and Keith.
    One aspect of rising indy support from the Covid crisis I was disappointed to hear omitted from your considerations related to perceptions of viewers, listeners and readers to the blatant propaganda.
    By YouTube exposure the entire world watched SG and the FM in particular being subjected to a sustained and blatant propaganda bombardment from a media directed by a third part (HMG black ops?).
    In the midst of a pandemic? Having a singular objective of destroying SG credibility is one thing, when folks are dying, it’s not a good look….

  5. I haven’t had the chance to hear much of what Keith Brown thinks and it was good to learn a bit more about the man himself. I really think that as Deputy Leader of the SNP he really needs much more media exposure.

    My wife, for example, hadn’t heard of Keith Brown, nor did she recognise his face when she googled him. So if you read this Keith, she thought you came across very well but would like to hear more of you. That goes for me too, maybe time for a bit more exposure even though it’s painful 🙂

    Thanks again Paul and Keith for the informative discussion. These dugcasts are getting really good.

  6. I know that Keith Brown attends AUOB banner marches because I have personally seen him at them. Thanks for attending and hopefully even more of your colleagues will attend in the future when the marches start up again.

  7. Following on from your point Bob, I think the credibility of the Brits is being shredded right now. “Nothing succeeds like excess” seems to be their only policy.

    People who are literally fearful for their lives are going to look at their behaviour and think WTF. I think this is amplified when the Brits’ attempts at distortion are so rapidly exposed to have no basis in fact. Even the great British Bullshit Corporation can’t cover their backs for fear of looking even more corrupt than they are.

    I fancy that a majority of Scots are feeling a bit of genuine pride in their government right now and are probably feeling defensive towards it. Not good for the Brits – especially with the infamy that they have planned for the months ahead.

  8. I have always been impressed with Keith Brown whenever I’ve heard him. He is excellent at handling the media, don’t know why he is not on more often.

  9. Looks like Craig Murray needs a bit of support. (finance) to give him a bit of support. UK Banana Republic right enough.

    The ridiculous show trials costing a fortune, The legal profession racking it in. Self serving. A total waste of time and public money that could be better spent. Unionist influence. A total parody of justice.

    There is virtually no support to be had in legal aid. Non existent. People cannot get justice because of it. The money wasted on ridiculous show trials would be better spent on legal aid to help real justice.

  10. Johnston campaign against obesity. Maybe he should try it. Lecturing others. Wasting taxpayers £pounds. Piling it on. Robbing the public purse. Giving unscrutinised public contracts worth £Billions to the associates. Illegally. The Tory unelected associate’s milking it for all they can get. The reason they are In politics. To line their own pockets. They do not care.

  11. Great interview with Keith brown, Paul. Interesting to hear him talk about how we are going to go forward and then …. say no more, lol. As it should be.


    Any chance of some dissenting Westminster Civil Servants leaking some data to our advantage?

    ‘THE SECRET CIVIL SERVANT: The resistance against Dominic Cummings is only getting started.’

    ..”That “hard rain” Cummings has promised for the civil service? It can only wash away the goodwill that is the vital glue that in some cases is the only thing keeping vital institutions going. The view from the shop-floor is that the government must stop characterising civil servants as insurgents and start seeing us as partners. Until it does, there will be increasing numbers of us who will tweet and type our resistance. I hope JK Rowling has her chequebook ready.”



    ‘New York Times looks at Scotland and England’s virus approaches.’


  12. The civil service and the NHS run the State. Johnstone and his associates will soon be out of Office, The total mess and shambles. The do not have a clue. A freak show.

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