Surname Surname and the Costa Rican toad

There’s one thing that you can always rely on the Scottish Tories for, and that’s giving toadies a bad name. Somewhere deep in a rain forest in Costa Rica there’s a poisonous species of toad which is threatened with extinction, hiding under the leaf litter in deep shame and embarrassment because people might confuse it with Jackson Carlaw. Scottish Tory party spokesapologist Surname Surname on the other hand knows no shame or embarrassment. They are qualities which are alien to his party.

Whatever piece of dreck flies past from the British Government of boorish Johnson, Surname Surname shoots out that long and sticky amphibian tongue and swallows it whole. Then he insists to the rest of Scotland that it’s a juicy and filling meal. There is nothing from the British Government, no matter how poisonous, no matter how damaging, no matter how unpalatable, that Surname Surname and the Scottish Tories will reject. Their job is not to speak up for Scotland. Their job is to tell Scotland to get into line and to do as it is told.

Even the Scottish branch office of the Labour party is capable of standing up to its London headquarters. When Corbyn was leader he said that he wouldn’t block an independence referendum if that’s what the people of Scotland wanted, and the Labour party in Scotland said – No. We’ll never pander to nationalism because we’re British. And we’ve seen Thelma and Louise and reserve the right to drive ourselves off an electoral cliff if we want to. It was a wrong decision, it was a stupid decision, but it was a Labour branch office in Scotland decision.

On the other hand the Tories are genetically incapable of standing up against anything that’s dictated by party headquarters in London. If they were acting out Thelma and Lousie they’d have resigned themselves to a life of misery with a shitty husband and spent the rest of the movie telling everyone else that’s what they had to do too.

The latest Westminster Tory dreck that Surname Surname has swallowed wholesale and wish to regurgitate upon the Scottish body politic is Johnson and Gove’s plan to further cut back on the powers of the Scottish and Welsh Parliaments and to claw back powers over food standards, public health, and the environment. The next time that the Scottish Conservatives bang on about the need to respect the result of a referendum, they can be reminded that they’re none too keen on respecting the promises that they made to Scotland in 2014 in order to secure a no vote. Telling Scotland that they’d undermine the devolution settlement and grab powers back for Westminster was not on the agenda.

Michael Gove has oiled all over the devolution settlement with his plan to enshrine a so called “internal market” in law. It will reduce the Scottish Parliament’s competence to little more than a rubber stamping exercise over large swathes of legislation relating to food and consumer standards and agriculture. The plan would see the introduction of an unelected body appointed by UK Government ministers which would assess whether legislation from the Scottish and Welsh Parliaments had an impact on the UK’s “internal market”. Legislation which was deemed by this undemocratic, unelected, and unaccountable body of Conservative appointees would not be allowed to pass into law. It’s hard to imagine a more naked assault on Scottish democracy. The Tories can’t get elected in this country, so they propose to impose their will through an unelected board of their cronies. The plan would effectively hand power over a range of devolved issues to Conservative government ministers.

According to Mike Russell, the Scottish Government minister with responsibility for Constitutional Affairs, if this Tory legislation had been in force a few years ago, Scotland would not have been able to abolish tuition fees for students because Scotland would have had to provide free university education to students from elsewhere in the UK as well. We would not have been able to introduce minimum pricing for alcohol or been able to introduce a smoking ban before the rest of the UK. This new proposal from the Conservatives is a lot more than minor haggling about food standards, which is no doubt how it will be portrayed in the British nationalist media in Scotland. It strikes at the very heart of the devolution settlement.

There has of course been zero consultation with the Scottish Parliament or the people of Scotland about these plans. They are being imposed upon Scotland by a Conservative Government which has a long history of taking policy decisions without consultation with the Scottish Parliament, even on issues which directly affect Scotland and the devolution settlement. They are a blatant and undemocratic power grab by the Johnson regime which seeks to hollow out the devolution settlement from within despite the fact that he has no mandate to do so from the people of Scotland.

Asked about the power grab plans on Sky News, Surname Surname claimed that it was “absolutely the right thing to do” for his bosses in Westminster to unilaterally undermine the devolution settlement and traduce the promises that they had made to Scotland to keep this country in the UK. You can always rely on a Scottish Conservative to sell out Scotland, so at least they can be counted on for one thing.

The Conservatives have never liked devolution. Surname Surname was himself one of the leading figures in the no campaign against devolution back in the 1990s. His party has never resigned itself to a Scotland that has the ability to speak up and to act for itself. They’re determined to use Brexit as a hammer to beat Scotland into submission.

This development shows that Scotland cannot have a safe future within the UK, even with devolution. Devolution was introduced after a long campaign throughout the 1970s until the end of the 1990s in order to give Scotland a democratic line of defence against Westminster policies which this country neither voted for nor supported. Yet under this Conservative party the devolution settlement is not safe. If the Tories imagine that weakening and undermining devolution is going to bring hordes of grateful Scots flocking back to support opposition to independence, they’re in for a big disappointment.

All they are doing is providing us with more reasons why Scotland will only ever be able to make its own decisions when it once again becomes an independent nation – and they’re hastening the day when that happens. They’re creating the conditions when support for the Scottish Conservatives becomes as hard to find as a Costa Rican toad.

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104 thoughts on “Surname Surname and the Costa Rican toad

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  2. I look forward to Carlaw’s reaction when the UK Trade negotiators sell out Protected geographical indicator protection for Scotch whiskey in return for financial access for the City of London.

  3. YouGov, Westminster voting intention, Scottish sub-sample, field work 26 – 28 July.
    SNP 50%, Con 22%, Lab 19%, Lib Dems 5%, Brexit 0%, Greens 2%, so far so normal.
    2% ticked “other”. Who? 1% ticked Plaid Cymru (perhaps they have a postal vote?).

  4. This “internal market” crap has been doing the rounds for quite a while, the Tories used it as a threat, in that the “internal market” of the UK was worth hundreds of trillions more to Scotland than the EU single market.

    These new proposals though are a different kettle of fish, as you point out it is nothing less than a direct challenge to the legality of devolution and may be just a first step in a Tory plan towards closing down Holyrood altogether.

    Am I worried?

    Maybe I should be but I’m not, the Scottish government with the support of the vast majority of Scots will fight this every step of the way and no matter the outcome of any legal battle, if iit comes to that, it will be support for Independence that will win out in the end. I’m confident of that because fewer than 25% of the population would support the abolition of the Scottish parliament, maybe even less than that.

    I don’t think this idea of a committee appointed by Tories in Westminster so as to oversee Scottish law relating to devolved areas in the UK’s “internal market” has a hope in hell of getting off the ground. Quite the opposite and it’s guaranteed to backfire spectacularly in my opinion if they go for it. Or as Wendy Alexander would have said “Bring It On!”

    • This will affect agriculture and Food & produce which are mostly owned by Tory types. The Tories are shooting themselves in the foot by impoverishing their own support.

    • Even though the Tories have a huge majority and can pass any legislation they want? Remember that the Scottish Government and the vast majority of Scots will have no say in the passage of any legislation. You should be worried.

  5. I used to think Carlaw was just a benign comedy act – like most of his cabal in Holyrood. Not good enough to be considered for a proper conservative seat in Westminster but better than a local council scrounger. But his conduct since the outbreak started has been despicable.

    Their problem is Nicola Sturgeon is doing everything they hate. She’s gaining respect across the world for her handling of the crisis in Scotland – without being political or mentioning independence. But the fact that she heads the SNP is enough to send them into apoplexy. Never mind that her canny approach has demonstrably saved lives in comparison to what happened in England.

    Who knows what the future holds, but it would be immensely pleasing in the vacant occupancy of the ‘Man in the Cave’ near Wemyss could be bestowed on Jackson along with a Scold’s Bridle.

    Squalid man.

  6. OT but because we need a laugh. The Us are making spoofery a reality.

    The Wee Unionists Handbook is now a reality (if that is not an abuse of the word).

    For those interested here are recommendations based on the original spoof from about 17 years back :

    DOs and DON’Ts for Unionists in Scotland

    This crib-sheet of DOs and DON’Ts has been compiled as a quick reference for all true Unionists** operating in the field of anti-independence activities in Scotland. It is an extract of that which we regard as being the key actions from “The British Unionist’s Handbook” (with which you are probably more familiar).

    1. DO point out how well the Scottish economy is doing under the Union.

    2. DO claim Scotland cannot afford independence.

    3. DON’T, however, make points 1 and 2 to the same individual(s) at the same time. (slight compatibility problem).

    4. DO claim that North Sea oil is about to run out. It’s harder to sell the ‘oil isn’t worth much’ line since those troublesome ‘McCrone Report’ revelations under the Freedom of Information Act.

    5. If you are influential in UK Government DO what you can to prevent Scottish companies and industries becoming a source of national pride. The less Scots feel able to prosper under independence the less they will be willing to vote for independence. It also will do no harm to infer that a London government may be capable of hurting a post-independent Scotland economically, but never state this baldly.

    6. If you are influential in UK Government DO not baulk from limiting Scottish democratic rights if necessary. In particular DON’T ever allow a referendum on independence if you can possibly avoid it.

    7. If you are influential in UK Government DO cut the budget to the Scottish Executive if it is an SNP one, so that not all of their commitments can be fulfilled. Work with the UK Treasury on this. Then claim targets not met are the SNP’s fault.

    8. DO claim that the SNP would create an ‘Albanian style socialist republic’.

    9. DO claim that the SNP are ‘Tartan Tories’.

    10. DON’T, however, claim 8 and 9 at the same time and again, make sure of your audience’s political leanings first.

    11. If you work in the media, DO portray SNP politicians in as bad a light as possible e.g. doing something trivial or seemingly carefree or arrogant. On the other hand, portray Unionist politicians as being serious and competent.

    12. If you work in the media, DO report as often as possible anything which might help to lower Scots self-esteem. This is vital, if the electorate do not feel confident enough they will not vote for independence supporting parties. So lie if you have to.

    13. If you work in the media, DON’T report poll results on straightforward independence, they frequently show a majority for it. If you must do so, make sure these are ‘buried’ as much as possible.

    14. If you work in the media and are interviewing politicians, DO make sure you are more aggressive with the pro-independence interviewee. Cut him/her off if they seem to be making a good point, and change the subject. Ridicule their answers and always let the Unionist have the last word. Wherever possible, emphasize division in the pro-independence camp.

    15. If you work in the media, DON’T use the Scots language except for ridicule or deprecation of Scottish culture.

    16. If you work in the media, wherever possible DO seek out comment from an English accented individual, especially in authority situations. Never use a person with a Scots accent unless you have to. The exception is football, but we are even making progress there.

    17. If you work in the History sector, (Universities, museums, historical sites), DO your best to eradicate or play down any nationalist content. The scourge of nationalism must be politically cleansed from our past, it only lends encouragement to independence ideas.

    18. If you work in the History sector, DO claim that nothing of importance happened in Scotland prior to the Union. In particular Wallace is to be ignored, or if that is not possible, portray him as a terrorist. Portray the Bruces as self-seeking French rejects.

    19. If you work in the History sector, DO claim that Scots were enthusiastic partners in Empire after the Union and that nationalism only reared its ugly head in the last few decades. Claim England really came to Scotland’s rescue in 1707 and that it was appreciated.

    20. If you work on a cultural quango DO try to make sure that Scottish culture, particularly Folk and Celtic Music, goes ignored and unfunded. Encourage the output of politically cleansed material which promotes the Union, especially on TV.

    21. If you work in the cultural sector, DO encourage the output of films and theatrical productions which denigrate Scottish culture. Negative, we know, but the key to success is to keep Scots’ national self-esteem down as much as possible. Comedy is particularly effective here as any criticism of it can be pooh-poohed as demonstrating a lack of sense of humour.

    22. DO infer that Scots just aren’t good enough to govern themselves but DON’T ever put that in writing or you risk a charge of racism.

    23. DO describe the SNP as being the ‘Proddy Party’ to private audiences of Catholics.

    24. DO describe the SNP as being the ‘Papist Party’ to private audiences of Protestants.

    25. DON’T make points 23 and 24 at the same time and once more make sure of your audience first.

    For clarification for the reasoning behind these tips, and for many more, refer to your copy of “The British Unionist’s Handbook”.

    It is vital that this document should only be distributed to true British Unionists. Do not for a split second, think that all those who vote for Unionist parties can be trusted with the information in this document. The vast majority of them only vote for Unionist parties because we have managed to put some sort of doubt in their mind about the viability of an independent Scotland, in their heart of hearts they would still like to see an independent Scotland if they could.

    So make sure this document only gets into the right hands – true, proud, British Unionists who put Britain first, who would be pro-Union even if it definitely meant Scotland would be worse off.

    Remember, we may be in the minority but we are in the right – it is our duty to save Scotland from itself.

    Rule Britannia!

  7. Scotland/Wales – too wee, too poor, too stupid. We’ve heard it often enough from the Tories. From Surname Surname to Ministers Responsible for Northern and Western Colonies.

    Why Welsh Secretary Simon Hart’s claim that Wales is too poor to be independent in nonsense
    11th July 2020

    Simon doesn’t have a Hart – He’s a Tory.

  8. The tories appear to be able to throw any crap at Scotland and no one does anything. Are we that defenceless. I do not see any Scottish Government official, or maybe legal official making any statement about this power grab to the effect go and bile yer head Westminster it will not be happening.

    • wullie you really need to start paying more attention rather than just spout any old shite that is obviously false. Get your head out of the sand and behind the Scottish government rather than criticise from the sidelines when you’re just taking pish anyway/

      “The Scottish government has warned it will defy the UK’s plan to set food and environmental standards.”

      “The Scottish government has warned it would defy a proposed UK legislation that will allow Westminster unilaterally to set food and environmental standards, the Financial Times newspaper reported on Wednesday.

      The Scottish National Party will challenge in the courts the legislation that will give London unilateral control to police the UK’s “internal market”, Michael Russell, Scotland’s cabinet secretary for constitutional affairs, told the newspaper”

      • Hi Alex
        Aye I can see Westminster worrying about court decisions. not. If we were not so defencless they would not act as they do, and they do so with complete impunity.

        • Hi wullie, the point I was making was that the Scottish government are doing what they can to fight against Westminster plans if it is not in the interest of Scotland. Too many Independence supporters will criticise the SNP for “doing nothing” when the truth is that they will do what they can.

          If this did end in the Supreme court with the Scottish government challenging Westminster, win or lose it would boost support for Independence, wouldn’t you agree? I prefer to see the glass as half full rather than half empty and the truth is that support for Independence is as high as it has ever been. Something to be happy about eh?

  9. What amazes me is the amount of British Nationalists in Scotland who’ve become medical experts in the last three months, how did we ever manage to lay a brick plumb a sink or wire a plug with all these armchair scientists in Scotland we’ve suddenly discovered who know and understand more about the Covid 19 pandemic that even the foremost experts in their field in Scotland don’t know, not to mention the entire world health organisation, and the funny thing is none of them agree with or believe Scotlands FM on anything either, right down to the scissors and comb she used to cut her own hair

    Like Clackton Jackdaw they all find it impossible to acknowledge the validity of anything either produced by the Scottish government, it’s medical and scientific advisors or economic advisors and the WHO

    They couldn’t possibly be being politically obdurate could they?

    Well of course they are being absolutely obdurate in everything they say and do, and to me that sends the signal that we are at the end of the engagement and dialogue with these people, they have lived down to all expectations of the grime of society and if we’re to have a referendum on Scotlands future there is no better time than now to make the start in doing that as their numbers have probably plateaued to the level they’ll rest at whereas the numbers of the normal humans in Scotland supporting the proposition of Independence still rise, so the campaign to draw us all together to a vote must begin towards the end of the year just before the time bomb of Englands Brexit that 62 % and rising of Scotlands people want nothing to do with

    Does Scotland have the right to a vote on its own future, well paragraph 18 of the Smith Commission clearly says it does, and on behalf of the UK government it was signed off to that effect

    Michael Gove said Scotland could have a referendum in 50 years time when the oil runs out, I have no doubt in my mind when he laughingly sneered that remark that he meant every word of it

    Our representatives in our Scottish parliament have the responsibility to engineer a political solution to achieve this against an opressive dictatorship from England who have so far used superior voting numbers in that country and the mischaracterisation that the UK or Britain or Great Britain is one single country and entity in the face of all documentaion that proves otherwise

    Her Majesty’s government has replaced any semblance of even their pretence of democracy with their mockery of the devolved settlement and the discarding of human dignity as they revel in their own vomitous drunk on power behaviour

    We are fast approaching the precipice of a hormone injected chlorinated powerless Scotland the like of which my age group (70s) should remember well, a dark dismal unemployed and hopeless place of my childhood of flat caps and unsuitable weatherproofed clothing, a place where the wealthy were just fine and the rest of us looked at what we coulda won if only we’d been born better

    We’re all born equal but some of us are more equal than others, are we going to allow that again

  10. Well that’s an image I could have done without, Carlaw and Leonard holding hands as they fly off the cliff, with Rennie chasing from behind trying to jump on board before it is too late to join the ‘big boys’ as they career towards oblivion.

  11. Well thank you Mr Surname Surname of the Spineless Party. You’ve given us all a reason to avoid anything with a union jack on it, the next time I go to the supermarket. Boris and the Tory party have spat on it.

  12. The Tories really are toxic. However, truth be known, they are just up front about their utter contempt for Scotland whereas the other Brit parties obscure their contempt behind a veil of weasel words.

    Anyway, for my part, I am pleased that these issues are coming up now and openly. These feral Tories have convinced themselves that they are invincible and that they are simply going to brush us aside. They lie with impunity. They are openly corrupt. They have scared the minor Brit parties into submission. There is no meaningful opposition within Britland, just a shower of whinging Jocks who need to learn their place.

    Carlaw is scared. He’s not scared of us, he’s scared of being left behind when the crumbs fall from his master’s table. He is comfortable with being on his knees so that he can be ready to stuff the crumbs in his pocket and pretend to himself that he has a worth. He looks forward to showing them off to the Scottish plebs, to show them what they could have had if they had just embraced their place in the Tory version of normality. I genuinely believe that he and his band of geriatric, one foot in the grave reprobates are that craven.

    Whatever, what are we going to do about it? We know that the Brits are more delusional than invincible. We know that they are rushing headlong into disaster, keeping just ahead of their last shambles. So we have no choice. We have to take a deep breath, be calm and laugh at the gormless twats.

    Consider their achievements to date – nil. They have wasted and siphoned off billions – money that would have been wasted in any case by any British Government in my lifetime. It’s what British governments do. The Iraq war and the famous nuclear deterrent FFS. This lot are amateurs. The multi billion pound world beating railway line. Millions of pounds on ppe that wasn’t for for for purpose, 5g security with the help of a totalitarian state, a bridge to Ireland, the app that didn’t work, etc. etc. The list is endless. They are a shower of wallopers, not super beings. Just common thieves and liars. The fact that they are being so blatant exposes their unfounded conceit and that will be their undoing.

    When the time comes I am confident that the Scottish government will take them on. But the battle can only commence in earnest when the deed is done. There will then be an existential fight – which is, after all, what the fight for independence is. It looks like that fight may well take place in the context of a pandemic and an economic shambles. That is when the First Minister will need to employ her considerable talent for bringing calm to chaos to show Scotland ‘s people that there is a safe way forward called independence.

    Far fetched? We’ll see.

  13. The Tories tanking. Losing support faster than a sieve loses water. They will not even have concluded a Trade Agreement with the EU by 31 December. Never mind an internal market. By that time they will be near total collapse. The economic woes increasing.

    Not in and no out. The shambles will continue until they have to go. Wait for the complete mess. Then they will have to resign or retire, Johnston will be out.

    Who wants the poison chalice? They will have to call a GE to get out of the chaos. If SNP then holds the balance of power with an increased outright majority. (Scotland) Another IndyRef. The Westminster unionists will be in complete disarray.

    Appeal to the UN. Or through the Courts. The right to self determination and self governance. If people vote for it.

    The Tories and their cronies are lining their pockets with £Million/Billions of taxpayers monies. Awarding unscrutinised public contracts to their associates. The reason they are in politics. They do not care.

    • The conservatives will do as they please even if they have zero seats in Scotland
      For as long as they have a majority in Westminster they will use it as justification to do in Scotland what ever they want to do.

  14. 95% face coverings compliance today in Tesco. The miscreants were an even mix of teenagers and fat, bald, Unionist types. “Am no daein’ whit that wee Jimmy Kranky bitch tells me.” Good, the Polis will fine their ample, Orange Order arses.

    • Not all OO unionists – some don’t see the point after 3 months of the worst of the infection when we DIDN’T have to cover up !
      Shops still control entry and none of them are anymore crowded than before . Poor decision by the authorities – shot themselves in the foot with this one .

      • Hahaha don’t wear a mask then, you can get your shopping delivered. Meantime the rest of us will get on with our lives, comply with the rules and do all we can in order not to spread the virus.

      • Had a look at Florida lately? If you really want an example of authorities (ahem) shooting themselves in the foot.

        Even now the world is full of self-appointed “experts” who know diddly-squat, yet can somehow second guess this virus. Judging by examples such as Melbourne, we will be able to count ourselves lucky if we don’t have a significant resurgence sometime in the next couple of months.

      • Millsandra,
        You did not have to cover up but it was recommended that you cover up in places where social distancing was not possible.

        SAGE made the recommendation on 21st April followed by FM on 28th April who c
        Clearly was following the scientific advice.

        Now there are many more shops open and many of them are small shops. More people around – customers and staff.

        Also supermarkets for most of the lockdown period had different times for different groups of people thus managing the flow of people so that social distancing could be maintained.

        • Stretching facts to suit your argument . Small shops were allowing one customer at a time , supermarkets still have the SAME rules as before , not much has changed vis-a-vis shopping . How do you wear a mask in a pub or restaurant ? How do you get drunks in a pub to social distance ? These are far more pressing issues – not masks in a supermarket !

    • I had made a joke at your comment last night but in all serious there are people with respiratory problems who are unable to wear masks. There are also deaf people whose partners don’t wear a mask so that they can be lip read.

      Personally I don’t think wearing a face mask in supermarkets with wide aisles makes any difference but it is more effective in clothes shops where aisles are shorter and people are most likely to linger at one place looking at clothes. To avoid confusion, it makes sense to make it mandatory to wear face masks in all retail premises.

      As I said I don’t see the point but I wear a face mask when going for the messages. I’m only going to wear it for the duration of being in the supermarket. It isn’t that much of inconvenience.

  15. This isn’t over yet and it’s important that we do all we can now to prevent transmission of Covid-19 is we are to minimise deaths in what many scientists believe is certain to happen as we move into winter.

    The fact is that the virus is still there, it is deadly and we might have to live with it for a long time, at least until a vaccine can be developed. If that means wearing masks and continueing to socilaly distance then that is what we should do. Not to do so is to threaten the lives of the elderly and those with existing conditions that make them vulnerable.

    If you choose not to wear a mask then fine, lets hope it’s not one of yours that you give the virus to.

    CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — As recently as early June, days went by with hardly anyone testing positive for the coronavirus. A single case one day. Three the next. Then zero. Zero. Zero…

    Now the city of 325,000 has one of the fastest-growing outbreaks in Texas, a state where new records for positive cases were set for four straight days last week, with nearly 11,000 recorded on Thursday. Corpus Christi has seen more cases per capita than Houston and a rapidly mounting death toll: of the 38 deaths recorded from the pandemic, 30 have come in July, including a baby less than 6 months old…

    Local officials have been left scrambling to get ahead of an outbreak that went into overdrive without warning. As recently as June 15, the city had tallied 360 cases during the entirety of the outbreak; on Wednesday alone, there were 445…

    But some locals said they had no one but themselves to blame. People went to bars. They partied. They did not social distance or wear masks. The city did not require masks in most retail stores until last week, days before a statewide order…

    “It’s us. Yeah, it’s us,” said Marilyn McCaleb, 62, speaking through a flower-print mask as she went grocery shopping at a local H-E-B store. “They don’t wear their masks — maybe they do now, because they have to.”…

    • The turn of the year is aeons away, though probably still before a working vaccine is readily available. So a genuine source of concern, no doubt about it. But we have to get there first, and there are too many examples of places that thought they had the virus all-but-licked, yet found it roaring back again after easing of lockdown.

      There is absolutely no place for complacency, not now, not later. As the FM wisely said, with easing of restrictions we are only entering the most dangerous phase so far.

  16. I’m just wondering if Gove’s weazelly anti-democratic little wheeze to “kennel the Scottie dog” will prove to be the final straw for the Northern outpost of the decaying BritNat Empire. It makes an absolute mockery of all the BT assurances offered back in IR1, a cowardly act of perfidy that would surely appal anyone in Scotland with principles and a backbone, whatever their political persuasion. It might even finally shame “Federal” Broon.

    (Though that is perhaps a tad too much of a stretch… )

  17. Due to Trump’s ignorance, the United States is heading for serious problems with Covid 19, it looks like some states are about to run into real problems with the capacity of their health system.

    Georgia who relaxed restrictions earlier than most had 4,484 new infections yesterday, this is a state with just twice the population of Scotland, Florida has roughly 4 times the population of Scotland and had 11,433 new cases on Friday.

    To put that into perspective, Scotland at its peak had 774 new infections in a single day and yet we have had over 4000 deaths, there appears to be something far wrong with the recording of deaths in the US unless the virus there is less lethal than it is here.

    Trump wore a mask today on a visit to a hospital. Maybe too little too late?

  18. The FM to appear on Marr in the morning, I’ll put money on him not being the slightest bit interested in Corona virus success in Scotland, so what’s left to ask as if we didn’t know

  19. Do not bother with MSM. It gives them energy. Just makes people disappointed with the lies and corruption within the MSM. Aided by the Westminster unionist corruption. Owned by tax evading non Doms. Facebook, google, Microsoft. Corruption. Killing people. They do not care.

    Support the FM. Excellent performance.

    Westminster taking Scotland’s resources and revenues and wasting them. A bunch of wasters. Westminster unionists poor, bad illegal decisions have cost Scotland dear. Foreign, economic and social.

  20. Scotland has had 2,490 Covid 19 related deaths.

    Mostly elderly men with underlying causes. Some would have died anyway. Still tragic. The average age of death in UK 79. Women outlive men 5 years, worldwide. Highest life expectancy in the world Japan. 85. Europe 83 on average,

    50,000 a year die in Scotland. Mainly of old age. 1,000 a week on average. More die in the winter than the summer. Scotland has a higher % of elderly people.

    Total deaths a year in UK/NI 600,000.

    Total deaths in south on average. 500,000 (1/2 million). 10,000 a week on average. More in the winter than the summer (pro rata). Life expectancy has gone down there. 120,000 people had died earlier than expected before covid 19. Austerity. Vote Tory to die younger.

    In the US 3 million people die a year on average.

    They are working on a vaccine, worldwide. Some science (UK) is well advanced on finding an answer. Inject into the muscles for immunity. Cheaper solution to help the poorer countries in the world. US medical industry are trying to copyright. Making a vaccine cost more. US multinationals are trying to increase profits. At the world’s expense.Paying no taxes.

  21. The Tories will try and do whatever they please at Westminster. They will be quite a few objections and they will be voted out, The Courts are stopping them doing as they please and acting illegally.

    The Courts, national and international, are calling them out. Judgements going against their actions, They have to comply. The make the Law and try to break the Law. They think they are above the Law, They will get voted out. They have offended every section of society.

  22. When UK becomes a tax haven for oligarchs Saudis and dirty criminal money the UK does not want a successful diverse economy socially just neighbor. So this starts with at and fish but the end game is no one can interfer with London’s financial services.

  23. @ TalkingupScotland.

    Brewer’s lies. Lying about statistics. Number of deaths by ratio. Can’t count or read a balance sheet. Lack of knowledge of statistics. Really poor, bad BBC research. Non existent. BBC constant propaganda. Worldwide.

    Controlled by Westminster unionist Press Office. Downing Street. They phone up the editors every day, about the headlines. They have to comply or be threatened with prison. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. ‘D’ notices.

    On the UK Gov website.

    Covid 19 associates deaths.

    England 40,213 (increased now?) more daily.

    Scotland 2490. (None lately)

    NI 554 (under reported. Lack of testing?)

    Wales 1,541.

    Keep wearing the masks folks. It makes sense to keep down the sickness and death. People who care.

    • A question, for anyone in the know really.
      Okay, an elderly person dies from dementia-related end of life status in a care home in Scotland. The elderly person was not tested for covid, and yet, this is what was automatically put on the death certificate and told that testing was not possible at the time, as the person was asymptomatic, so how is this known then?
      Is this to up the stats in Scotland, or how do the figures work out and do they go through the UK gov site, same as booking a covid test?
      Sorry to be dim.
      It’s just I had somebody say this to me today and that the FM is concocting the death figures.
      Which, I don’t think is the case, but it would be good to know a wee bit more.
      Ta much

  24. Marr the illiterate, low research BBC dunce. A complete and utter idiotic BBC mouthpiece being paid £Millions for absolute nonsense.

  25. 1,300 elderly people discharged from hospital in two months?

    1000 (mainly elderly) people in Scotland die every week.

    More idiotic questions.

  26. The Tories have spent more on the Brexit mess £Billion/Trillions than all the EU contributions ever made. Beyond belief.

    The Tories are wasting £Billions on Hickley Point, Trident, HS2. Illegal unscrutinised public contracts. The Tories and their associates embezzling public monies.

    Gove the delusional, duplicitous malicious liar. Alcoholics make poor, bad decisions. Without proper, total abstinence, rehab counselling.

    Brewer give it a miss. Not worth the effort. Total nonsense. Ditto.

  27. Brewer asking questions about border controls and checks asking if anything has happened in Scotland. You would think he would watch the daily briefings where the Minister gave figures as to the tracking of individuals coming from abroad including from English airports earlier in the week.

  28. i already know how bad the Tories are. I know what they intend to do to our parliament. I know a hard Brexit is being actively pursued. I know that the “Americanisation” of our society is to follow. I know that ANY Independence route will be much harder post a hard Brexit due to fear.

    I don’t know what we are going to do about it.

    I am still waiting for a plan but even a word of encouragement would help right now.

    • Around 30% of Scotland would never vote SNP or for Independence even if you proved catagorically that everybody would be better off the air would be cleaner and the grass greener and their weans grow stronger and smarter, so that leaves 70%, well not really because around 10% of any country has people who don’t engage in politics and never will because they don’t care or they don’t want to care, leaving us with around 60% give or take

      Right now Scotland is averaging around 54% so we’ve only to achieve another three or four percent to put us beyond the margin of error, that looks like happening before the end of this year

      The opposition parties at Holyrood have already decided they’re going into the Holyrood elections together on the ticket of no more referendums once again demonstrating the better together tactic that lost all of them votes the last time they did this

      So I agree with Clacton Jackdaw, Robin Leopold and Willie Wonka when they demonstrate by their actions that something’s going to happen, but also like them I don’t know how it’ll happen, but nobody’s telling them either

      • We achieved that level of support in the 1950’s and nothing happened because the Westminstet Parties just ignored it. Do we just go through cycles of support and being ignored every few decades?

        Support means zero without some form of action.

        You cannot keep activists on hold for a decade and expect them to sit quietly.
        Can you explain why 60% would get a different response from Boris than 54%.
        If anything the refusal for S30 will harden as they wait for the wave to pass through as it has done many, many times.

        What will happen if 60% passes and no change takes place?

        • Actually the support in the 1950s wasn’t for independence, it was support for a Scottish Assembly or Parliament.

          It still got ignored – but in the 1950s there was no major party pressing for Scottish Home Rule so that support wasn’t just ignored by Westminster, it was also ignored by the dominant parties in Scotland. That’s very different from where we are now.

  29. In a referendum the amount of votes cast for or against a proposition are what counts, in an election political parties may rejoice at achieving more representatives than another party even though they may have achieved less votes than last time round, but always the amount of votes cast for a political party are counted in order to assess swings and trends, and in the final analysis of all democratic exercises the most important count is *how many people voted for a party* and that is the trend that all political observers look at and concern themselves with, it’s how future policy is formed in order to return those voters to the party who achieved less votes, even if they won the election

    Which brings me to the vote for party B set up so that people can vote for it *tactically* to show that what they really want is to show support for party A

    Anybody can vote for any political party they choose, it’s OK it’s allowed and there’s nothing wrong with that, but whenever an election is looming in Scotland the internet becomes alive with the claims that *Tactical* voting for party B can achieve the desired result of more representation for party or proposition A is disingenuous and an agenda driven *Tactic* to achieve something else

    Sometimes the politicians are more honest than the voters

    Now I’ll duck while the Internet tactical voting experts tell me I’m wrong and that amounts of votes somehow don’t count even though every political polling expert in the world says differently, because they’re wrong too *because but you see eh if*

  30. We had all better get used to living with Covid-19 at least until a vaccine is found, if ever.

    “Herefordshire Council and PHE has confirmed the jump in cases is as a result of a Covid-19 outbreak at vegetable producers AS Green and Co, based in Mathon on the Herefordshire-Worcestershire border, where a total of 73 cases have been confirmed so far.

    About 200 key workers are employed for picking and packing work, which the council said is vital to the local economy.”

    From 200 workers, 73 catch the virus. I think that shows just how easily spread this virus is if you do not take precautions.

  31. Gerry Hassan writing in the National, I find myself agreeing on a number of points.

    “We must not imagine that there are easy escape routes – such as gaming the Scottish Parliament electoral system, UDI or an unofficial referendum. Instead we need to think about the Scotland not yet convinced of the merits of independence and understand and respect it, while trying to win people over.

    This point in our collective history requires leadership from all of us. Not just from Nicola Sturgeon or in having unconditional faith and loyalty in Sturgeon’s leadership. Rather it is about recognising the big picture and the stakes we are playing for.”

    • That’s all fine as far as it goes, but with the diehard BritNat stranglehold over media in Scotland, getting the full story of our situation over to those who are now amenable to persuasion remains very difficult to do. This is our ever-present conundrum: reach. And the only means so far by which we have found the ability to achieve that reach is during a proper campaign, when the broadcast media at least are obliged (however reluctantly and partially) to give us the access which otherwise is closed-off to us.

      So the answer isn’t to wait with Hassan-Wishart-like patience until a sensible appreciation of the realities finally diffuses through enough of the population, but rather to judge when the moment is ripe, when there is enough latent support to be able to respond, and to instigate a campaign to be able to fully develop the potential of the situation.

      This is the art of game-changing politics. Not to wait until a situation is utterly clear to all – a situation that may never ever come about – but to sense that a sea change is possible, that people are ready and waiting for a vital spark to set things off, and be prepared to provide that crucial impetus, cast the die, and go for broke without any guarantee. That is how history is made, and make no mistake, what we need soon is to make history. The alternative is to be swamped by someone else’s.

      • Or to put it more succinctly, as the old saying goes, “fortune favours the bold”.

        Of course it may occasionally favour the reckless and bold, but somewhat more reliably, it generally favours the astute and bold. That’s what we need, a fair measure of both.

      • Of course I agree with you about the BritNat stranglehold over media in Scotland being a hindrance to supporters of Independence getting the message across, yet despite that support for independence is now at it’s highest ever level.

        What that tells me is that despite the constant attacks on the Scottish government and the media deliberately downplaying or even ignoring any positive news from the Scottish government people are still hearing the message and changing from No to Yes.

        The evidence for this cannot be denied, I guess more and more people are becoming aware of the obvious bias in the media and the falling newspaper sales and canceling of TV licenses paints a picture all by itself. Despite the stranglehold over the media they are failing and support for independence is increasing.

        My reason for posting a link to the Hassan article was just a single line.

        “We must not imagine that there are easy escape routes”

        There aren’t and it will not be easy and we will need to work hard at it, so to will our politicians. There are others in the Independence movement who you will tell you loudly “just cancel the treaty of Union” when it’s not really as simple as that, I think that’s the point I wanted to make.

        • We cannot keep blaming the media in the age of the Internet. Home rule supporters collected 2 Million signatures by hand printing pamphlets and hand delivering them. The delivered boxes of hand signed sheets to Downing Street. The BritNat media had circulation in the Millions. Pathè News controlled all information and we all stood for the Queen in the Cinema.
          Yes the media are biased but if that is the reason then explain the 50’s

          • The people we need in the main to convert now are not the media-savvy. They are the folk who still regularly hear/watch the news on the BBC EBC and even now have no notion whatever of how the broadcaster regularly lies – by omission.

            Given that a good 50%+ of the people of Scotland now support independence, how does that compare with the degree to which that opinion is properly reflected in the output of BBC Scotland, pray? (And never mind the Dead Tree Scrolls.)

            Look at what a difference it has made of late when the Beeb has been obliged to air the FM and let her speak direct to the people in her own right, without being edited out, talked over or “interpreted”.

  32. Events, events.
    One thing I have noticed with my just voting age grandchildren and friends is the confidence they have growing up in the EU visiting countries with their family or their schools.
    The WW2 generation and then the Korean and Vietnam wars have a different perspective.
    Back to the young folk. They believe in an Independent Scotland.
    Voting next year is 7 years since 2014. A 9 year old can now vote in a world different when we were 9. The world is our oyster. The genie is out of the bottle. Devolution was never going to be the end game.

      • ”Devolution will kill independence ! ” George Robertson ( Lord …something or other ) Ha ! Ha !

        What’s your next prediction , Georgie ?

  33. @Alex Clark

    Hassan is a British nationalist, Alex. As such I would only read what he says to get an insight into the angles of attack he and his chums have decided to pursue right now. His platitudes reek of deceit.

    I am not a politician and nor do I hold public office. Nonetheless, if I was, I would indeed be talking conciliation and giving people time to consider their options at this time. I would be doing so only to buy time for more people to decide that they have had more than enough of being nominally “British” and put their support behind independence. Why would they do that? Because they are pissed off being crapped on from a great height by people who have taken their loyalty for granted and given nothing back except contempt. These are the people who have to move from No to Yes to make independence happen. Anyone who is thinking maybe yes, maybe no, isn’t worth pursuing. Providing that they and their fellow Brits are a minority I don’t care what side they fall on in the end. We need rock solid majority support and when the time comes we have to make it patently clear to the public that we have that support.

    What Hassan and other Brits want us to believe is that we have to persuade everyone to vote for independence – because it is obvious that such a situation is unachievable. Does anyone imagine that Ghandi had 100% support? Or Mandela? Or those who brought about independence in Ireland or the USA etc? No. If course they didn’t and pursuing it is daft. Which is why they want us to waste our time and energy on it.

    Then again, the SNP talking of persuasion, peace and conciliation uses no energy. It’s just genuine conciliatory words while holding out an olive branch. It costs nothing and calms the waters for anyone who is genuinely afraid of change.

    In my opinion, getting to independence is going to involve legal challenge and civil action. Having clear and committed majority support before a campaign gets underway is going to be highly desireable. Above all else we cannot contemplate failure, no matter how long or how uncomfortable the journey. We are looking to change our lives, not our living room carpet.

  34. Arthur, I don’t have an argument with anything you have said. I don’t trust Hassen or his compatriots McWhirter and McKenna. As I said I only posted a link to his article mainly because of a single sentence.

    “We must not imagine that there are easy escape routes”

    This is the point I feel has to be made, yes we are ahead in the polls but that can change so there is still much to be done and we should never get complacent. Winning independence for most countries involved a lot of bloodshed and civil war, we though can do it through the ballot box.

    I appreciate too that in order to get a referendum then we may have to take legal action and in fact, I think there is a high possibility of that being the case given the stubbornness of Westminster and the ignorance of Johnson.

    I disagree with you though when you say that “Anyone who is thinking maybe yes, maybe no, isn’t worth pursuing.” I would argue that they are most definitely the ones worth pursuing because at least they are thinking about it. It’s the 25% diehard Conservative and Unionist types that are not worth persuing. Everyone else is up for grabs.

    One thing is for sure and that is we are heading in the right direction, just need to stay focused.

  35. Another crucial, absolutely critical, reason for them wanting to keep their claws on Scotland.

    ‘Richard Murphy:- ”Will water become an issue in independence politics in the UK?”


    ‘England set to run out of water within 25 years – but Scotland has gallons going spare. Climate change and a rising population spells disaster for England, but Scottish resources could come to the rescue.’

    ‘Is Scotland the answer?’

    ..”Peter Murphy, director of consultancy firm UK Water (not to be confused with Water UK), said Scotland is the answer to England’s problems. He told i: “Loch Ness has more water than all of England and Wales combined. And that’s just one loch – Scotland has more than 31,000 freshwater lochs, and most are unused.

    Scotland has a small population and has about 100 times more water than it uses. The country’s hydrological cycle is only going to improve – climate change means Scotland is going to get warmer, and therefore wetter.

    Scotland’s population will probably increase too, but we should all be thinking about investment and opportunity. Scotland lends itself to water collection – rerouting water to England would cost less than HS2. There’s a lot of short-sightedness.

    Birmingham would go dry in a day if it wasn’t for Wales. It’s the United Kingdom.”

  36. I really don’t want to become known as a spreader of doom and gloom, as I have often said I’m a glass half full person and try to remain optimistic even when things might look desperate. This pandemic though is something we all need to focus on, ignoring it or thinking that I’m young and I’ll be alright is not good, you need to look at the bigger picture.

    The only thing that seems to work in holding it at bay is social distancing and wearing face coverings that might help. We might all have to do that for quite a long time going by the evidence now emerging in the USA with states that opened up again too early seeing massive increases in infections. Florida had over 15,000 announced today and if Florida was a country then that number would be the 4th highest in the world behind the US, Russia and India in a single day.

    I just watched a video from CNN and it doesn’t fill me with hope, Disney World in Orlando has reopened today and the governor of the state insists schools are to reopen and masks will not be made mandatory. I think in just a few short weeks he might have to change his mind.

    • The hokum in circulation over Covid, masks, social distancing, and mixed messaging in the US has not helped, but as personal accounts of those who have been infected and survived are emerging, a sharp dose of reality is beginning to circulate beyond the media.

      One first-hand account eloquently written to a County School Board by one of their teachers, outlined the 4 weeks of hell her family had gone through with no temperature symptoms, serious consideration of signing DNRs, multiple visits to ER including the day of writing, an account which rapidly circulated among parents and universally applauded for it’s frankness and honesty.
      Despite what they’d been and were still going through, their transition from concern to terror over the coming school year was obvious. None of those parents and teachers view this pandemic in a cavalier fashion now, Disney World etc are off the agenda, facemasks and how schools will operate has their undivided attention, but you won’t see that on the media.

      It was this which struck me most, the UK and US take the same approach with the media and politicians playing endless theoretical games, but where are the first hand accounts? Aside a Welsh doctor on C4, and a lad learning to walk again after a long hard fight to survive on a ventilator, few human accounts have been heard, only stats and relentless politics…

  37. London S/E will be under water in 25 years. Climate change. The predicted rise in sea water levels. There are already barriers being increasingly used. There will be more water available not less. Too much for many. Land disappearing under it. A mass exodus.

    Scotland will rise up. The rest of the south land mass will be flooded. There will be more water not less in London S/E and around the coast. The Thames flooding. Many are leaving London S/E because of the severe congestion. Or second homes Osbourne off to Somerset.

    Increased obesity and alcohol will kill more people off. Austerity has reduced life expectancy in the south. Vote Tory to die younger, The Tories and their associates are embezzling from the public purse and killing people off.

    The Brexit mess is costing Scotland £Billions. Scotland did not vote for it. The Westminster incompetents are costing Scotland dear. Wasting Scotland’s revenues and resources with poor, bad decisions.

    Scotland has to pay for what it does not need and does not have the monies for what it does need. The illegal Barnett Formula. The Tory/unionists are acting illegally. Breaking every Law in the book. They make the Law and break the Law, They will be voted out.

  38. There are plans for a new Thames Barrier further down river from the present one which will not stop a tidal surge as you say.
    Scotland will have to pay it’s share of protecting the capitol.

  39. Hi Ken
    I prefer the alternative here. From a well educated American Tony Heller, visit hm on utube for regular alternative factual based info on our climate. For each modern scare story he will give you factual events from decades centuries and more recent in the past.

  40. Even the most diehard FM supporter must have noticed what she said on the Andrew Marr show yesterday regarding the timing of the next referendum. When the economic effects of the Covid 19 virus have been dealt with.
    Clearly not within my lifetime, then. The Westminster long-term plans for changing the status of Holyrood will be set in motion after 31at December 2020. Read Michael Gove’s plans for the internal market. Everything at present devolved and within the remit of Holyrood will be legally taken over by Westminster, as once outside the EU, Westminster can. no longer be restrained.
    But you all seem to be absolutely resigned to this takeover.
    Countries do vanish from history, countries that existed for hundreds of years. Scotland is clearly next in line to suffer this geographic and subsequent obliteration.
    And this process is taking place in the open, and with the acquiescence of the Westminster and Holyrood SNP, with barely a word of protest. Who can forget Blackford’s weekly statements in the HoC right up until 31st January! And then what? They didn’t even walk out of Ho|C, as they had done once before. Who stopped them from making even the simplest gesture?
    This is not a rant, it is merely a recounting of events.
    At least read Michel Gove’s proposals for the UK internal market.

    • Clearly not within my lifetime then.
      You either believe and support the FM or you do not.

      I think Those who constantly attack our FM are either Unionists ( not an unreasonable deduction) or are very naive.

      The FM and Scots Government have to tackle Covid pandemic or more people will die and it has not gone away. The tories, labour and the rest are waiting like attack dogs to pounce on any error. Of course some independence supporters act as proxies for them.

      Amateur dramatics have a place on occasions such as walking out but it is amateur. Far more mature and telling is proving every day that the best government for Scotland is a Scottish Government.

      Undermining this is in fact supporting unionism.

      • I am really not in favour of unionism. I really have no intention of undermining the FM. I have defended her staunchly and stoutly, to the detriment of some lifelong friendships. but from her own words, I have simply given up of achieving an independent Scotland in my lifetime. The dream will never go, but alas, I can’t see it being achieved in my lifetime. Which is a great pity from my OAP perspective.
        But though my timescale is necessarily a short one, this does not mean that the dream of independence cannot be achieved at some point in the future. But if all the events planned for Scotland after 31st December take place as described quite openly, I fear that Scotland as a country will not exist, or will not exist as it has done for centuries. Think Aragon.

        • The whole Westminster narrative is designed to get you down, they want independence supporters to give up hope, to believe that all is lost and that it is a waste of time even thinking about becoming Independent because THEY will not allow it.

          Personally, I’ve never believed their bullshit, won’t start now and never will. Neither will I ever stop believing that Independence is now within our grasp and you can expect the other side to become even more shrill in their opposition, the lies will get bigger and the undermining of the SNP and especially the First Minister will reach fever pitch. It’s all they’ve got, be happy we’re winning and it shows 🙂

  41. We’re all going to live according to the Independent, the Sun and the Daily Mail as they report a vaccine for Corona Virus will be rolled out and administered to us all by the first half of next year

    I might wait until the FM tells us that’s true before I jump up and down setting off the party poppers

    Huge for Scotland if true though

  42. Scotland will be Independent by 2025. Still abut if work to do. Just a few years to go if people can hang on. To get away the Tory hangers on. Get rid of them. Vote the unionists out.

    In the meantime just enjoy the campaign forward. One step/leap at a time. Independence has never been so close since Universal Suffrage 1928. A century later Scotland will be Independent through the Ballot Box. Making history. Quite an achievement.

    The SNP is funded by the members. It is better to fight one campaign at a time. Or the momentum might be lost. The Holyrood Election, then a continued campaign. Or the GE.

    Vote out the unionists. They will be gone. Either an agreement, balance of power, or go through the Courts. The international commitment to self governance, self determination. NATO and the International Courts. The SNP has limited funds. They can be raised substantially once any Campaign starts or begins.

    People should not get despondent just keep carrying on. Independence has never been so close and SNP support is high and increasing. The tipping point has come and the momentum will get higher. A unique point in history. Hold on.

  43. The Tories will collapse. They have offended every section of society. Deja Vu. Thatcher. It all ended in tears. They had to get rid of her for closer ties with the EU to improve the economy. It ended up in violence and civil unrest. The Tories will not succeed in trashing the economy. They will be gone.

    It is just Thatcher over again but Scotland has Devolution/SNP good governance to counter them. People will vote the Tory/unionists out.

    The Tory will not get away with it again. The catastrophe they are trying to descend on society will be countered by SNP/ Devolution and the UK people. Protecting Scotland so much better. Then previously. The Tory/unionist liars will be found and called out. Liars always get found out. That is happening.

    The illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion has cost Scotland dear. Resources and revenues illegally and secretly taken Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act, To try and hide Westminster unionist criminality.

  44. Some people are falling for the lie that Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t want to achieve Independence for Scotland, and they’re punting this by mind reading psychic methods or prending the know secrets that the rest of us don’t know (wink wink) and the inventions of alternative parties to vote for

    You’d have to think if any of that were true then you’d have to say that every MSP every MP every councillor in Scotland representing the SNP would have to be liars because they’re all signed up to the pursuit of Independence and very many of them didn’t join the SNP for the money or a career in politics, they did it for the aforementioned reason

    If you’re a British Nationalist of course you want to divide or split the SNP vote to lessen the impact of Scotlands people power, you’d be very keen on voters switching their votes to the Blinky Blonky Independence list party because when the votes are counted those are votes against the SNP
    If you’re a *Remove Nicola Sturgeon because I don’t like her* voter then you’ll be pleased if folk switch their votes to anybody else thus confirming the psychic ability to read the FMs mind, or you might be one of the conspiracy team of the *who said what to whom and when*, as if that’s really of any importance to the self determination to your country whether some folk fell out or didn’t over something that’ll never affect anybody other than the folk involved

    Over the coming months we will be assaulted with a million reasons not to vote SNP accompanied by the same amount of *facts* to support all these reasons, but every single one of these *reasons* is based on the same thing, *What somebody thinks* then they conjure up some dates and times when somebody said something that they then remove the context in which it was said or they selectively quote sentences spoken by the FM or anybody really

    There are whole websites based on selective quoting as definite proof of anything you care to mention because they know when people are anxious about something they become easy fodder for manipulation, they give you a truth to suck you in then the rest is easy, but watch how angry they become if you question their padding or the information they *forgot* to mention

    Do you believe everything on the news, of course you don’t so why believe Tam doon the pub because he knows a guy on facebook who says something and you know him so it must be true because he read it on the Internet and the guy said it was a *fact*

    I don’t care whether my politicians have different hair shoes or a new suit who their pals are or support a different football team from me or are black white gay straight or keep reptiles in a tin if they want Independence for Scotland, everything else becomes a reality after you’re allowed to choose for yourself, British Nationalists and their allies are working hard to remove that ability to grow stronger for Scotland (pardon the advert)

    I ranted and I don’t care

  45. @ Margaret Eleftheriou

    I understand your feeling of disappointment Margaret because I too have to seriously think that independence may not happen in the time I have left. But I will only stop promoting it when my life is over and that’s on the assumption that I won’t be able to play a part from afar. I want independence for the sake of my grand children above all.

    You express your concern that Scotland might cease to exist and I agree that there is an existential threat. But that has been the case for generations. The fight for independence is literally an existential fight – either the UK is going to cease to exist or Scotland is in any meaningful sense. Over 300 years the Brits have sought to annihilate Scotland, without success. Over 300 years the Scots have clung on to their identity against all the odds. Today we are closer to extricating ourselves from the sociopathic embrace of the British than ever before. We will achieve it by being resolute in our defiance of the difficulties, not by succumbing to fear of failure.

    I didn’t hear Nicola on the Marr stitch up but I have no doubt that she chose to be wise in what she said rather than gung ho. Ultimately we will have to front up the Brits but not before the moment is right and unlike some other people, I do not think the time has been right. In fact I consider that it would have been lunacy to attack the Brits in the past couple of years. Those who have promoted that idea are either misguided or Brits. I won’t spell out my whole rationale for why it would have been daft to go on the attack in the past few years because it would be too lengthy. Suffice to say that the EU would put a satisfactory agreement with the Brits higher on their priority list than Scotland’s independence. When the Brexit deed is done that may change, until then we can’t imagine that sentimentality is going to help us.

    The Brits are going to initiate a full scale attack in the next six months. At the moment they are just making a lot of noise and falling over themselves in trying to be competent beyond their capabilities. Unlike some others I don’t fear what I always knew they would do and have been doing all my life – try destroy us. When they take extreme steps the leading lights in the SNP will have to decide at what point to openly confront by legal and civil action. Everything will have to be taken into account at that point, including whether we are still in a pandemic. Fear of failure will undoubtedly be a factor but nothing that Nicola Sturgeon has done to date suggests to me that she will allow fear of the conflict to stop her from taking action. She is simply too astute to run headlong into a situation which is no better than a foolish gamble. She will wait until the time and circumstances are right.

    • “The Brits are going to initiate a full scale attack in the next six months.”

      Agreed, and it is likely to exceed anything we have seen so far such is their desperation.

      • I know a few, who always had excuses to support status quo, who now after seeing that the Scottish government Acan manage covid 19 competently now support independence.

        The same people will be abhorred by any power grab of powers they see as protecting them from covid 19.

        Support will grow with this threatned power grab and I believe maybe by next May we might see a decision on independence referendum or plebiscite election on Scotlands future.

        Should johnson and cummings be stupid enough to suspend elections, they would then have handed one of the few arguments to justify other actions, such as withdrawing westminster mps and declaring that we are entering into negation to end the treaty of union.

        But I doubt that cummings, gove and Johnston are that daft.

        We may even see the UK fall apart soon, much like the USSR did, with no need for a Referendum.

        • The Scottish people are sovereign. Westminster knows this as they have agreed umpteen times. Otherwise, if they didn’t agree, the part of the treaty agreement, that the ENGLISH parliament
          . is sovereign would not apply. It is not the British parliament that is sovereign.
          All that was agreed BEFORE the treaty was signed. The treaty would be deemed illegal in any global court now. All MPS should be made to study the articles of the treaty and all the agreements before the signing.

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