Oliver Mundell’s gum bumping disease

Oliver Mundell doesn’t have a job in politics because of who his da is, he got it entirely on his own merits. No. Really. And that speaks volumes about the utter dearth of talent or ability in the Scottish Conservatives. If Oliver Mundell didn’t exist, no one would feel the need to invent him.

On Sunday Oliver was straining to produce a coherent sentence again, and tweeted in response to reports that the First Minister was willing to consider imposing quarantine restrictions on people crossing into Scotland from England if the advice from public health experts was that the measure was warranted. The tweet from STV which he was replying to said quarantine might be considered for “English visitors to Scotland”, however what the First Minister had actually said was “visitors from England” – a small but semantically important distinction which went straight over Oliver’s head. Although since like the rest of the Tories he operates in the political gutter that’s not saying a great deal. Oliver just saw the phrase “English visitors” and stamped his lickle footsy wootsy and scweamed and scweamed, “Nationalism at work. Spreading lies, whipping up fear and stoking division. We are one United Kingdom. It is not in our interest to pull up the drawbridge.” There’s Thatessempee hating on the poor defenceless English again.

Oliver has clearly missed that whole Brexit thing that’s going on. Easy to miss, what with the apocalypse and everything, but the whole of Europe – and a large majority in Scotland – agrees that Brexit came about because of nationalism at work, spreading lies, whipping up fear and stoking division. Although it would be easy to miss were it not for the fact that Oliver was one of those Scottish Tories who actively campaigned for Brexit. It’s not in our interest to pull up the drawbridge to Europe, but the Tories are doing it anyway, because Spitfires, two world wars and one world cup, Vera Lynn, bunting, and not being nationalist at all because they’re British. All to show how Britain is separate. Seems pretty nationalist to me, but it’s not to Oliver, because he’s British and that makes him better than petty nationalists.

It is entirely normal in other parts of the world for quarantine restrictions to be put on visitors travelling from an area – even within the same country – where there is a high incidence of coronavirus infections to an area with a lower rate. If you travel into the US states of Connecticut, New Jersey, or New York from a range of states mostly in the south and west of the USA, you have to go into quarantine for two weeks. If you travel into the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island from another Canadian province you have to quarantine. Similar regulations apply within certain other independent states all over the globe. Nowhere are they politicised as “racism” against people from other regions or constituent countries the way that the Scottish Tories are desperately trying to make out that public health measures in Scotland are motivated by anti-English racism. No one in Prince Edward Island is claiming that their quarantine regulations are motivated by bigotry against Francophone Canadians.

It’s only in Scotland that there’s a major political party which is determined to put the public at risk of infection and death in order to prove a political point. That would be the Tories. Moreover they have the utter gall to insist that it’s other people who are politicising the epidemic, not them. Oh no. There’s one disease which the Tories have for which there is no cure, and that’s the instinctive reflex to accuse everyone else of the Tories’ own sins. There is no victimhood like British nationalist victimhood. It’s the victimhood which allows them to risk the health and lives of thousands of people in Scotland in pursuit of a political point, and yet to claim at the very same time that they’re the ones who are the real victims here. Oliver and his pals would prefer Scots to die rather than upset Westminster. You could call this shameful behaviour, if it were not for the fact that the Scottish Tories are genetically immune to shame.

It is pathetic in the extreme for anyone to assert that quarantine is a political issue rather than a matter of public health. England has a far higher prevalence of coronavirus than Scotland, thanks to the better management of the epidemic in Scotland and the woeful mishandling of it in England by the Conservatives. There have been six deaths in Scotland over the past week from the virus. There have been 632 in England over the same period. On 11 July there were again zero deaths reported in Scotland, but 147 deaths in England. Scotland reported 7 new cases of infection, England reported 806. Despite there being a higher prevalence of the virus in England, it is coming out of lockdown more quickly than Scotland is, leading to very real fears that there may be a second wave of infections. Susan Michie, professor of health psychology at University College London, warned that Johnson’s decision to allow pubs to reopen in England was a “disaster waiting to happen” and added that it was “exactly what we should not be doing”. She went on to praise the Scottish policy of a more careful and gradual reopening. (Source Here) Yet Oliver and his cronies want Scotland to exactly what the Conservative Government is doing in England. The Scottish Tories are perfectly happy to put your life in danger in order to save their preciousssssss union.

The Scottish Government has not decided to impose quarantine measures on people crossing into Scotland from England, but it reserves the right to should public health experts advise that it’s necessary. This is what Oliver is bumping his gums about. Public health measures become “divisive nationalism” when they’re about protecting Scotland from the incompetence of a Conservative government in England.

What Nicola Sturgeon actually said on the Marr Show on BBC1 was very different from how it was being portrayed by an Oliver Mundell complaining about lies. What the First Minister actually said was that there are no current plans to quarantine visitors from England, but she stressed the importance of the Scottish and British Governments working together to manage the epidemic. Scotland is pursuing a strategy which aims to eliminate the virus, and she wants the British Government to be more explicit in pursuing that strategy too. It’s clear from those remarks who the divisive scare mongering nationalists really are, and they would be the ones in the Conservative party.

There are several reasons why the Scottish Tories are so fearful of border restrictions. The only reason why imposing quarantine on visitors from England might prove necessary is because the Johnson administration of which Oliver is such a big fan has royally screwed up in its efforts to deal with the virus in England. If public health experts advise that quarantine is needed, it means that Oliver and his pals can’t so easily lie about how the virus is just as bad in Scotland. It means that the British Government is failing in its basic duty to keep British citizens safe, but the Scottish Government is not. It means that people in Scotland will see checks on the Scottish-English border and realise that the sky has not fallen in. And all those things may make people more likely to support independence. That’s what Oliver is really afraid of. He’s seeing his precious UK dissolving before his eyes, and it’s all the fault of his own miserable party. Covid 19 is a lethal disease, and it’s proving politically lethal for the Conservatives and the British state.

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94 thoughts on “Oliver Mundell’s gum bumping disease

  1. I love it when my brain makes a Spoonerism. Read this headline as: “Oliver Mundell’s Bum Gumping Disease” and that error amuses me greatly. Mundells – not so much.

    • Thanks for another great article, Paul, getting right to the heart of the current issue once again. A study of history informs us that the Scots were often sent to the front and used as cannon fodder abroad. Now it’s a case of many more Scottish civilian lives being put at risk, on their own soil, due to Scottish Tory politicians (and others?) in their pursuit of supporting their highly incompetent English masters and the dysfunctional Union. Caught between a rock and a hard place, although they’re probably too thick and uncaring to see it, this is what will definitely end that very Union now. People in Scotland will turn a blind eye to much of what goes on or in fact often don’t have a clue about what’s actually going on. This is different. They know exactly what’s occurring now and are taking note of who is genuinely protecting their loved ones and more so who is a threat to them. Mundell and his mates fall into the latter category but are so blinded by their sinister obsession with upholding Westminster rule that they just can’t see it.

      And from Ruth Wishart:- ”Here’s the nub of why the Scottish Tories face oblivion.”

      ..”Never have so many risks been taken by so few people of merit and talent. All of the once-great offices of the land are occupied by intellectual minnows to whom some previous Conservative grandees would have struggled to give the time of day.”..

      ..”If they persist in failing to defend Scotland’s interests; if they continue to give simpering obeisance to a UK Government hell bent on doubling down on economic chaos and carnage, then they will reap an electoral whirlwind. And they’ll deserve to.”..


  2. I find it strange that people can come to Scotland via England where over 2,000 people a week are dying from the covid, and nothing gets done to protect the people of Scotland. If the roles were reversed extreme violence would be used to stop People moving from Scotland to England.
    Here is a point.
    In a highland hospital carpark two English camper vans with children turn up , they begin to unfurl their awnings and get set for the night. They want to use the hospital toilets.
    This is what is happening, to late now Nicola get ready for a spike and all your and our hard work trashed because of these selfish bastards.
    The first priority is to protect the people. Aye right.

    • I find it strange that you bother claiming to support Independence.

      By the way, do you have a link to a legitimate source for your claim of the English camper van tourists parking in Highland hospital grounds that were desperate for the loo?

      • The NC500 campervans have been steadily increasing for a few days now, but with the local campground closed, along with the local public toilet, they literally have nowhere to empty their toilet waste. Posters have gone up advising visitors to, amongst other things – dispose of their toilet waste responsibly.

        It’s also very hard to get any decent up to date advice online even for the popular NC500, so people come here as they now can, only to find that even the most basic of services aren’t available. Locals or visitors, no-one thinks this is anything other than utterly disgraceful and an additional health hazard to boot. Allowing campervans to travel around without the necessary basic facility of public toilets being available beggars belief. Either open the toilets or exclude campervans from being able to travel around until they are.

        • Campsites can reopen from Wednesday, if people choose to go touring in their camper vans knowing that campsites, where they can shower or dispose of their waste, are not open then I see that as irresponsibility on their part and not that of the Scottish government.

          You really can’t expect any government to write line by line rules and guidelines that will cover every conceivable situation as rules over lockdown are relaxed. Most of us have to take responsibility for our own decisions and actions and that’s as it should be, I do accept though that there are many idiots who much prefer to blame the Scottish government for things that they themselves are responsible for when they find that toilets are closed on campsites that are not yet allowed to open!

          • I see your point. Remove the speed limits too. Alcohol limits as well. Personal responsibility is the way forward.

          • I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure campervans are equipped with chemical toilets and showers? A friend of mine had an Eldis Campervan and I seem to remember a wee shower room with wash hand basin and a toilet in it.

          • It still has to be emptied, and because of the chemicals used not so simple to dispose of…

          • More a case of finite volume meets human demand and finite time, where drink is involved and the travelling Wilburys are in tow for a party, that difference shrinks rapidly…

          • Alex….I think they are blaming Scottish government for not doing more to stop campervans and caravanners from travelling around Scotland on their holidays ?
            They have a point.
            Why shut campsites , toilet facilities etc i.e.all the things campervans and caravans require in order to avoid using elsewhere to toilet and park.
            Presumably what the complainer wanted is earlier border control by Scottish government.
            I’m sure there are many folk along the NC500 route who think the same

            I wonder if there will be a big increase in the number one of people travelling to Scotland from England and flying from Edinburgh and Glasgow airports when they jet off for a holiday

          • Yeah, yeah it’s all Nicola Sturgeon’s fault.

            I’ll tell you what I really want to know, how big a problem are these hordes of campervans supposedly invading the Highlands compared to say relaxing lockdown in a methodical manner and allowing places such as campsites that use shared shower facilities to reopen immediately.

            Why were they closed in the first place when we all knew how big a problem it would be when people in campervans wouldn’t be able to dispose of their waste? In terms of the crisis created by this pandemic and the fallout that is still to come, campervans come pretty low down the list of priorities. Is there no business in Scotland that will welcome these visitors?

            I doubt they will be in business much longer unless they learn to live with the virus in our midst, that doesn’t mean that drastic action might not need to be taken if the risk becomes unacceptable. That risk has to be measured and played off against many other factors, jobs in the hospitality sector in the Highlands for example.

            There are many many difficult choices to be made and difficult decisions that once made cannot be unmade, much is at stake, not least lives and livelihoods. Concern about campervans is a legitimate one but in the grand scheme of things probably not top of the Scottish governments’ list right now.

      • yes I do, but would possibly get my relative into trouble. They were not desperate for the loo, they just wanted to use them, you know a hospital full of elderly people.But then Alex you probably don’t mind, after all English people deserve to use everything in Scotland they apparently pay for every thing in Scotland.
        Presumably Alex you would park up in a hospital carpark during a pandemic, hey ho what’s the harm.

        • Why would you presume anything about me? The fact is wullie I believe that your anecdotal story of the “English” tourists has a certain whiff about it. It smells a bit like someone trying to stir up anti-English resentment. Did you get it off facebook?

          Any member of the public can walk into any hospital and use the loo, would you do that in the middle of a pandemic, just walk into the one of most infected places in the country? Don’t you think that hospitals have security and that anyone turning up and camping overnight would be ejected from the premises?

          English people like Spanish, German, Jewish, Nigerian, or in fact, people from anywhere in the world are perfectly welcome to “use everything” in Scotland provided they do it in accordance with our laws. Wouldn’t you agree?

          • Alex,
            Hospitals lock their doors at night whether there is a pandemic or not and usually lockdown starts as soon as visiting is over.

            There is usually one entry/exit point via A&E and everyone entering wont get any further than the reception desk.

            A further question mark over this story.

            A second one is identifying someone as English based on their vehicle’s registration. There are a lot of vehicles in Scotland with English registrations but the owners are Scottish and live in Scotland. I discovered this recently when I noticed a lot of England registered cars in and around where I live.

            It was around the time when Boris was giving people carte blanche to go wherever. Of course I started getting hot under the collar then on my daily walk I started looking at car registrations in driveways etc and realised that many had English registrations and some were people I know. Pre-register in England, shipped up here and sold at a discount? One possibility among many.

            Therefore it is the police who can definitely identify a car and owner as actually being from England.

        • Wullie, No one wants to get your relative into trouble, but since no one actually knows your relative you could at least give us some actual foundation to this story – like where it was and when?

  3. Scots tories will always pick England over Scotland. Always have, always will. They will crawl over broken glass to defend their party in England and will always back what it wants. They will fight and die on a hill called England…thats when they are not fighting and dying on a hill called Ulster Unionism that is. The last thing a Scots tory would ever think of doing is representing Scotland.
    They are the English tories Scottish sub branch office. They are there to promote English tory values in Scotland. Largely because they believe that what works for them in England, must by extension work for them in Scotland. They also don’t give a hoot how unpopular it makes them. As long as their paymasters are doing well in Westminster, there will always be table scraps for roasters like Mundell.

  4. “…hating on the poor defenceless English again…”

    Does Mundell not realise that (at least) half the countries on the planet detest England? Has he never thought to ask himself why that might be?

    Fact is, the vast majority of Scots have no problem with ordinary English folk – most of us have family and friends who are English. But it seems it must be stated again – our issue is with the Government in London, NOT the people of England.

    • Kind of right proudcybernat….but it’s the people of England that vote the government in London into power decade after decade , do you think they do so unwittingly serving the rest of the UK with Brexit and other nasties that Scotland Wales NI don’t want ?

  5. Virus outbreak in the borders. Vote Tory to die younger. The Tories will be voted out.

    It is quite hard to shut the border, which has been shut to all intents and purposes for a while. The airports etc have been empty. Only essential traffic on the move. Virtually non existent.

    The UK border force would have to control the sea border, right around the coast. A reserved issue. Does Scotland have the powers?

    The stricter rules and instruction in Scotland are keeping down the virus. Less deaths. Any visitor would have to follow instructions. Two metre distances, masks, testing etc. Reopening under proper scrutiny. Led by scientific, health issues. SNHS and social care being funded better in Scotland.

    EU Brexit restriction coming in. The further catastrophe. Red tape for business coming in. Lack of free movement. Travel restriction. Essential workers being kept out.

    The Tories are trying to shut the UK borders to trade. business and essential workers. Absolutely appalling. The Tories are trying to shut the borders. Wasting £Billion/trillion of public money.Total idiocy. Total incompetence. Killing people.

    The Brexit mess and shambles increasing. The Tories will be voted out.

    • I think covid19 powers that Scottish govt have would allow them to close the border BUT is it necessary ?
      Frankly I really don’t know
      I see people regularly complaining about caravanners and campervans touring Scotland but is it a big problem ? How many are there ? Compared to normal .
      What problems are really being caused by them ?
      It’s often hard to judge severity when reading social media

    • A recent poll showed 40% of English voters thought BoJo was doing a bad job. That means 60% don’t think that. A poll about voting intentions in England showed lowered but still winning support for the Tories. A lot of people down there just don’t see what’s going on (or refuse to see it as that would be to admit they made a colossal blunder in voting Boris in). It is far from certain the Tories will lose the next election. Indeed that’s one big reason why we need independence and need it soon.

  6. Amazing how a public health emergency is being spun:

    “you know she wants to close the border,” “we know what this is really about,” “it’s all about dividing us,”

    these are quotes from my own in-laws who until recently, with great begrudement, admitted that their poster boys in Westminster were making a huge mess of the response to coronavirus. Now they say the messages from the Scottish Government are confused. I don’t think they’ve even heard the message. Is it any surprise that Dumfriesshire, which doesn’t get Scottish TV and so doesn’t know what the rules are, is seeing the biggest spike in cases in Scotland?

  7. 2,000 people a week are not dying of Covid 19. Elsewhere. Approx 1,000? with underlining conditions.

    On average 10,000 people a week die in England/Wales before Covid 19. More in the winter than the the summer. 500,000 (1/2million) a year on average.

    Life expectancy, elsewhere, falling because of austerity and lack of NHS/social care. They are better funded in Scotland because Scottish Gov care. Priorities.

  8. Oliver Mundell’s remarks are a remarkable clone of the US pandemic task force. Oh, but I forgot, they are too busy tar and feathering their only scientist, Dr. Fauci, to do any infrastructure management. It is every person for themselves, but I guess they would call that State’s rights.

  9. You use the word “eliminate” in reference to dealing with the virus. Is it not true to say that the virus can’t be eliminated and that we need to learn to live with it, by having a workable vaccine and by developing immunity (if indeed either of those things are achievable).

    Meanwhile it’s about minimising risk of infection by distancing, masks and hygiene and by operating an adequate test/trace/isolate/treatment service.

    If I’m correct here, the the use of terms like eliminate, eradicate, wipe out, beat, etc etc is very misleading.

    • Eliminate is to do what new zealand has done and reduce covid 19 to as close to zero as possible. And as a result, to enable as close to normality to resume as is safely possible.

      Though New Zealand has the advantage of being an Island in total control of its borders and inward flights. And where compulsory quarantine is in effect with people put in hotels which are fenced off. And any breach 9f quarantine could result in a jail sentence.

      Eradicate is what a vaccine would do, if its effective. To which we will not know until the various candidates are tested and results show how well they do.

    • Sandy..I think you are right, the virus can be suppressed but not eliminated.
      I believe it normally takes on average ten years to formulate a vaccine apparently over ninety percent of vaccines fail.
      This is why social distancing in the hope that the virus in the human population will cease because it will have nowhere to go, jumping from person to person is what multiplies the infection rate.

  10. Are these English British people or British English people, it’s easy to lose track of who anybody claims to be these days when it comes to the Tories and Ian Murray complaining about Nationalities whether real or invented
    Right across the UK means England, the British people means whatever the Tories want it to mean because the voting evidence proves conclusively that there aren’t very many British people in Scotland these days and their numbers are diminishing in Northern Ireland too, so who and where are these people who keep changing and adopting Nationalities at will

    People who cross the border that apparently doesn’t exist from England to Scotland could be any of at least a half dozen Nationalities that may not be of the British English white variety but as with all selective quoting those folk become whitewashed to give the impression they must be the English British white variety, because by giving that impression and selective quoting the Tories and their media can appeal to the audience they want which is the White British English Nationalist

    For the purposes of anti SNP propaganda we now have selective quoting and selective Nationalities, so if you’re thinking of crossing the border from British England to anti English British Scotland you will be regarded as white and most definitely English by the British Conservative party

    So sorry folks from everywhere else in the world, no backsies, you’ve had it, there can be no choice, you are recategorised as white and English if you even think about crossing that non existent English British Scottish border

    And they accuse the SNP of being divisive

  11. If it was reversed bawbag backstabbers like the mundells carcrash and murdo i never win a vote fraser would be screaming for the English conservative government to shut the border this double standard crap makes me want to vomit.

  12. Recent update about Quarantine between Canadian Provinces – the Maritime Provinces, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and PEI, have formed a ‘bubble’ as they have very low infection rates so quarantine is no longer needed within that.
    However, quarantine is still imposed on those coming from, for example, Ontario or Quebec.

  13. Thanks for that Paul, on the button as always. I would just like to point out that the Brits are as one with their hysteria around this. The Tories’ little helpers from their Labour and Libdem wings are right behind them. The right of someone from London, England to spread their corona virus seed far and wide is as precious as a life in Lumphinans. Because who the feck do you Scots think you are? Don’t you realise that you are undermining international socialism and liberal traditions and the new empire?

    It’s tough being a Brit these days, no bugger “respects” you. They no longer understand that John Bull shit is exceptional. I feel for the poor deluded souls but like all badly injured animals they have the potential to be violent, so I think it best to socially distance from them.

  14. Similar dangers faced from some of our easterly/southerly neighbours:


    A Councillor has expressed concerns about “completely irresponsible” visitors in Ceredigion after a number mingled on the prom of Aberystwyth over the weekend.

    Mark Strong, a Town Councillor in Aberystwyth posted a picture on Twitter showing a number of motorbikes parked on the prom and a crowd of people.

    He said that all the effort in the county would “count for nothing” if visitors did not behave more responsibly.

    And Govid thinks that they can act with “common sense” …

    Then there was this pearl, which I re-post from a previous post:

    “Look out Wales here come the English. I’ve just been toe [sic.] Leicester to get a good dose of Covid and now I’m coming to spread it around all you sheep lovers.”

    Yes, we don’t have any beef with the average English person – but this type of Anglo we can well do without.

  15. Had Scotland been an independent country at the outset of this crisis,things would have been done differently and probably saved some lives in the process.
    Borders would have been closed to all but essential traffic (medicines and food) and the lifting of restrictions probably even slower than it is now.
    Pressure from unionist politicians and their press pack to follow England’s Tories has probably (in my view) resulted in pubs etc being opened too soon.
    Time will tell and I hope that I am wrong.

  16. Just returned from a wee shop at Aldis where 100% of folk were wearing their masks except for one guy who sported a large badge with the logo *F***k Sturgeon and her masks* he also identified himself as a *Loyal* football supporter by his tattoos so it’s not as if he’s going to be able to say *it wis nae me*

    I’m sure when Police Scotland eventually catch up with this guy he’ll supply a reasoned scientific and medical argument for his behaviour if there are enough letters on his knuckles to make a sentence, and they’ll advise him accordingly before they fine him

    • Excellent news. The more folk are given the opportunity to see the No camp in all its toxic glory the more the undecided and saft Yes will flock to the cause.

      • What kind of folk argue to take the chance of getting sick infecting someone else or perhaps dying and paying a fine into the bargain over a bit of cloth that could save them from all four bad outcomes, if they want to enter a hospital and medical staff order them to wear a mask they’d do it, this behaviour is just personal hate surpassing even Trumpian levels

        None of these people make any sense

  17. Taking into account today’s figures, hot aff the press.
    Hospital confirmed deaths (7DRA), Scotland accounts for 0.34% of the UK figure for the same metric. That’s disproportionate on a per capita basis by a factor of 23.
    New +ve tests (7DRA), Scotland accounts for 1.49% of the UK figure, but Scotland reports Pillar I & II data, England only report Pillar I. Near the peak of the Leister outbreak Pillar II figures were around 13 times that of Pillar I, so that would put the per capita rate for new +ve tests in England 70 times that of Scotland.

  18. I’m in Lancashire and needed to get back to Fife since the beginning of the year – but even though I’m not infected, can legally travel and stay isolated overnight in a camper – I won’t consider it until the prevalence is the same in both countries. It’s not worth the risk.

    Anyone remember the 2008 movie called ‘Doomsday’? Set in the UK – a deadly virus outbreak in Glasgow spreads rapidly across Scotland and the British Government erect a steel wall across the borders, marksmen shooting anyone coming within sight of the divide. All blood, gore and horror, but in essence, the circumstances are a reversal of what we have now. It does make you wonder just what approach the UK government would take if Scotland still had daily deaths over 1,000 and 10,000 new infections, whilst England had largely eradicated the virus.

    Would there be a border then Prime Minister?

    • Yes, of course there would. And if not, tabloids would gleefully run the ‘Doomsday’ reference and put pressure on Westminster to do so.

      And unionists in the border regions would blame the Scottish Government…

  19. Perhaps we have a variation of the Napoleon complex here with these Tories and Tory derivatives.
    The variation is called Wee Willie (as I recall), and it has to do with finding various ways of compensating for a Wee Willie.
    Stuffing socks, fruits, or vegetables down britches used to be one method of compensating. Driving a Porsche was another (obviously).
    But now, loudly standing up to intelligence, science, and truth with puffed-up stuttering bravado and bullshit has become another tell-tale sign of a Wee Willie.
    So sad.

  20. “Send her back!” “We don’t want those nasty African germs here!” “Who does she think she is, this Jockess carrying the Ebola virus and infecting our good Anglo-Saxon stock?”

    Don’t we all remember the screaming of blue murder led by the English tabloids when that ONE (repeat, ‘ONE’) Scottish nurse got infected with Ebola some time ago in Africa?

    And now they squeal that they and the Ingerlund hordes are denied freedom of movement to the north and the west of ‘their’ island – and thus infect the rest of us.

    You couldn’t make it up – but these ‘exceptionist Anglos’ are just playing true to type. (Witness also the latest reports of ‘British’ [sic.] misbehaviour in Magluf, too …)

  21. Moron news just in: England reports on Scottish Independence

    BBC England big news reporter and Tory mouthpiece Sarah Smith reports that nobody in Scotland is interested in Independence right now, which is in itself a bit of an odd report seeing as how all the polling says we are and why on earth is the BBC news in England reporting it at all if we’re not

    Ex Tory Spad Andy McIver says it could be because Nicola Sturgeon “appears” to be handling Corona Virus better than Johnson, then because he couldn’t help himself he added, but that remains to be seen (possible slight paraphrasing there)

    That’s the most news the big England BBC have reported on Scotland in almost ever in their 24 hour a day constant recycle, apart from how we’ve fixed our violence in Scotland to be less murderous but still a bit murdery

    • In other news.

      – Priti Patel outlines a points system for potential immigrants to the UK. Lionised by the Tory right wing Press for strengthening ‘our’ borders against undesirables.


      (Translation – over to Marconatrix)

      – Nicola Sturgeon mulls over imposing quarantine on potential immigrants coming into Scotland including ‘the English’, (recte. ‘visitors from England’), Demonised by the Tory right wing Press for ‘creating’ a border between England and Scotland.

      Hypocrisy, much?

    • I to have noticed Sarah Smith’s slot is growing ever larger on the BBC World News at 6pm,
      could it be, that the viewing figures for the BBC Scotland’s News at 6-30 are so poor.
      mind you it keeps the mute button in regular use.

  22. The English aren’t stupid. If the stats were reversed and Scotland had as high an infection rate as Leicester, then the border would shut: slammed shut in our faces.

    Wonder why the media don’t ask Boris the same border question as Sturgeon? It’s because they don’t want an answer.

    Mundell must be even more stupid than he looks, if he thinks those who want independence also want a, normally, closed border.

    • That’s a very fair point: the media jackals just can’t help themselves asking about Scotland daring to be willing to impose quarantine, yet they never ask BoJo the same question. Not even once. For exactly the reason you gave. Because he has the automatic right, but we somehow haven’t, even when legally (in the UK ‘s own terms) we do?

      Lately though we’re seeing a new phenomenon, the rise of the “unco guid” who are complaining that the SG isn’t automatically imposing quarantine anyway. Nothing to do with the forthcoming election next May, would it be? On an issue where the SG has been steadily garnering support across the board? Maybe not just Andy McIver hoping there’s a slip before then. Even some of our self-declared “friends”, it would seem…

    • What exactly has that video got to do with the topic of this article of even Independence?

      You’re a bit of a roaster wullie.

    • Wildly OT and a wee bit mad, however there is a morsel of truth – shrapnel from the Flak was a big problem and hazard – my mother often recalled the occasion she and her sisters were running for the Anderson shelter in their back green in Cardonald when a huge piece of shrapnel fell right beside one of her sisters – a few feet nearer and she would have been cut in two. And indeed she witnessed a German bomber descending in flames over Hillington. Only dud shells would land as the AA shells were designed to explode at a given altitude – so the idea of Churchill raining “shells” on the unfortunate east enders is probably not true – even Churchill wasn’t that mad!

  23. Ah Cavery, your name links to a gravatar of someone claiming to be from East Bay, California.

    Just a joke right and you’re a Scot that moved out there but wants to return when Scotland becomes an Independent country or something like that eh. Fed up then of the LA good life? hahaha.

    • As I say you’re the gift that keeps on giving. You probably support Nicola’s new independence delay tactic and her panoply of excuses: 60%; brexit; covid 19; covid 19 economic implications bla bla.

      • You’re from Shettleston and pretending to live in California to impress the ladies. Do you have a tan?

        • It’s just banter Petra. As for the tan, I wasn’t asking for myself it was the wife that wanted to know if Cavery had a tan, he claims that he lives in East Bay, California and she likes orange men for some reason and she thought he might be one LOL

  24. The midges will keep people away. Swarms of midges instead of campervans. No contest. The outside space facilities are opening. There are toilet facilities available. Plenty and hand washing and wringing.

    People have to obey the stricter rules in Scotland. Masks compulsory in shops and on transport. Two metre spacing. Social distancing outside, inside spacing. Limited social grouping numbers. People supporting the rules keep the death rate down. Until there is a vaccine. Watch their step. People are being allowed to take longer journeys. Using a bit of sense.

    People going up the hill, take a wee shovel and dig a wee hole and put the waste in. Then fill it in. Manure. Along with the sheep, rabbit waste. Decays into the ground with the rain.

  25. Bleedin hearts! That’s what we’re going to be seeing plenty of on blogs like this and other Indy sites. The type that tells you we can’t possibly become Independent and it’s all too difficult because we’re too wee, poor and stupid.

    They will also be telling you non stop that it’s all the fault of that Nicola Sturgeon and if we could only replace her as leader then it would be a different story. She’s to be blame for the campervans, in fact, it’s her fault that the world got Coronavirus in the first place!

    Want to know the truth?

    With Nicola Sturgeon as leader of the Scottish government, we have never ever been so close to Independence, some of those that voted No last time have changed their mind because they can see that the Scottish government under the SNP is far more competent than that in Westminster.

    It’s obvious looking at things through that lens why there are so many attacks on Nicola Sturgeon as ger personal ratings are through the roof compared with Boris Johnson and that has them really really worried.

    Well you know the answer, laugh at them and when it comes to it we will vote to end this unequal Union. Keep talking to friends and family yet to be convinced, we don’t have much media action but we do have people power. The British Nationalists could never put 100,000 on a peaceful march through Edinburgh or Glasgow but we can. That’s just another example of what has them scared. The Union is over but they will fight until the end, you can see the first signs of that even now.

  26. Hahaha, I wonder if Mundell (et al) is going to end up with egg on his face if he finds that his big boss, Cummings, has to close the border.

    ”Pull up the drawbridge…it’s only a matter of time. Carlisle’s now red!” https://mobile.twitter.com/Iblogtoglasgow/status/1282414484406116354


    It’s not just attacks on Nicola Sturgeon now, nor solely from pro-BritNat quarters, Alex. When a so-called pro-independence blog owner wholeheartedly supports a comment like this, the cat’s well and truly out of the bag. And for those who can’t see what’s going on there, a trip to Specsavers is recommended.

    “Independence was difficult enough when there was only one government we had to overthrow.”


    Significant. @PlaidCymru motion for this Wednesday: “Right of people of Wales to decide if Wales becomes independent country. … Welsh Govt to seek constitutional right to allow the Senedd to legislate during next term to hold binding referendum on independence.”

  27. Brexit has already cost more than all the total EU contributions. It hasn’t even started yet. The Tories are already in major deficit. Wasting public monies like there is no tomorrow. The borders farmers will get no cash back. Voting for the Tories will cost them dear.

    The Tories will collapse and be voted out. Into the wilderness for 30 years or more. The same time Westminster criminality is kept secret under the Official Secrets Act.

    The Tories had to get rid of Thatcher for closer involvement with Europe to save monies and aid the UK economy.

    The Tories are wasting public monies like there is no tomorrow. Handing out public contracts illegally without proper scrutiny to their associates. To line their pockets. Hinckley Point, Trident, HS2 etc. All a total waste of monies. Illegally covered up by the civil service. The lack of value for money. They can’t count or read a balance sheet.

    Scotland pays dear for illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Scottish resources and revenues being wasted by Westminster unionist poor, bad decisions.

    Scotland has to pay for things it does not need and then does not have the monies raised in Scotland for things it does need. To cover need. Westminster Treasury is away with it. Unequal and unfair.

    The illegal Barnett Formula. Formulated to take revenues and resources out of Scotland. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act for years ‘D’ notices,
    Iraq, Dunblane and Lockerbie kept secret for 100 years. By Westminster illegal governance.

    Scottish Gov accounts published since Devolution on the Scottish Gov website. Forcing the Tory/unionists out, For their duplicity, greed and total bad management of UK affairs.

    The Westminster Treasury can’t count or read a balance sheet. The Brexit catastrophe continues. The total mess and shambles. They do not have a clue what they are doing. Ruining the economy. Lining their pockets and wasting £Billions of public monies on wasteful projects.

    After a few years away with their swag. Leaving the mess behind them. For someone else to try and manage. Poor, bad governance and performance. Killing people.

    Deja Vu. It will all end in tears again. Social unrest and riots. The Thatcher years of unrest and violence. Blair’s illegal wars. Banking deregulation, The banking crash. The next Tory shambles Brexit. The list goes on and on.

    SNP/Independence support rising. To aid the Scottish/world economy. The UK one of the most unequal places in the world. Ruining the world economy. The Tories on the take again. Faking it, They will be voted out again.

  28. Tory budget. Tories to spend £5Billion on Flood defences in the south. Protecting 300,000 homes, Too much water going under the barrier.

    Borrowing and spending projects Scotland has to pay for that do not interest Scotland. Scotland paying back interest on UK loans not borrowed or spent in Scotland. £Billions every year.

  29. You know the scenario, ten people see a crime committed and have seven different stories to tell the police.

    Well to me the different and sometimes weird views on indy, Scotgov and list parties are just the same. People take in information from various sources and based on their own experience arrive at an opinion. It is simply life. In my own circle of people I have every opinion possible from fanatics that would vote for the U.K. even if it was run by Hitler imitators to those with yellow SNP stripes right through their bodies like a stick of rock and all shades in between. You see this variation in this blog today.

    I feel we should not be too severe on those with less detailed political knowledge as long as they will vote Yes. For those undecided try to cajole with a conversation and for fascists or communist idiots just ignore them. They are a minority.

    We will win this campaign for freedom we just need to keep at it. Spread the knowledge, the facts and the vision. It is hard to change a person’s view as some people’s minds are closed but it can be done. 25 conversations and counting.

  30. ‘Nicola Sturgeon blasts Boris Johnson’s all-out ‘assault on devolution.’

    …”Last week Russell said that the Scottish Government was prepared to fight in the courts over the proposed UK single market bill.

    It would ultimately create powers to enable the UK Government to force Scotland and Wales to accept whatever new standards on food, environment and animal welfare were agreed in future trade agreements.

    Russell said: “We will have no intention of implementing that and they would have to essentially go to court to force its implementation.”



    If true, what does Mundell et al have to say about this?https://mobile.twitter.com/RST1317/status/1282425362278907905

    • Regarding your last point.

      It has been this way for years Petra. An English person going to hospital here only gets care up to a point unless they live here.

      A friend of mine moved to Leeds two years ago. Needed care but could only get emergency care unless he was registered with a local GP.

  31. A first class synopsis of the dredging to which Scottish Tories now seem resigned, any decent coves are drowned out by the usual choir rushing to rubbish and ridicule SG with their latest harrumph, Oliver tried to join in and forgot to tie his verbal shoelaces.
    Even in War, London complied with ceasefires, and no matter which of the two UK principal parties were in power, common decency prevailed over political hostilities to deal with the immediate public health emergency.
    Not this time… Instead, Scots got good ol’ perfidious albion and it’s journo jackal pack baying for political blood, with even Labour’s “last man standing” Ian Murray concocting a “Nike” conspiracy, so this is not a Tory monopoly on outright indecency but one which connects wholeheartedly to London “establishment”.
    None of the VERY many examples of bunkum paraded as SG-failure over the last 6 years come close to the same potential for loss of life, long and short term illnesses, or devastation to families already on their uppers going into this Covid crisis.
    I believe Scotland has not only sickened of the Tory Party but the blatant dishonesty to which modern “politics” of London based parties have decayed. Time to start again as we mean to go on.

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