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A guest post by the Scottish Independence Movement

During this epidemic it’s impossible to campaign in our traditional ways. We can’t safely organise mass gatherings to show support for independence. Yet it’s more important than ever to demonstrate to this country that there is substantial and rising support for independence. We need to capitalise on the recent run of positive opinion polls showing clear majorities in favour of independence in order to maintain the momentum and further build support in a country where the media remains overwhelmingly opposed to independence and continually seeks to downplay its support.

It’s even more important that we continue to demostrate our determination that it’s the people of Scotland who have the sole right to decide the form of government that is best suited to our needs as the Conservatives in London mount an undemocratic assault on the devolution settlement.

The Scottish Independence Movement (SIM) has come up with a solution, a form of demonstration where it will be possible to maintain social distancing, because no one will need to get out of their car. They are organising pro-independence convoys all over Scotland. The SIM Convoy for Independence will take place on 1 August 2020, and participants will be able to take part in different areas around Scotland at the same time. So far events have been planned for Glasgow, Dundee, Inverness, and Dumfries.

Please see below the guidelines for all participants to safely take part within the confines of your own vehicles so that social distancing is adhered to and we all keep safe in this Covid age.

Participants are being asked to please follow these strict guidelines.  Drive in a safe manner, adhering to the Highway Code, whilst complying with Scottish Government Covid-19 Guidelines, announced at the date of the convoy.

You are asked to meet at the designated start points ‪at 12.30 pm‬, where you will be aligned, by the local organiser, into formation for the convoy. The convoy will leave ‪at 1.00 pm‬ sharp.

All participants are to remain in their vehicles pre 1pm. The named organiser will approach, wearing PPE, and give relevant and current instruction regarding the route. Remember, please use your own facilities before leaving your house. There will be no comfort breaks during the convoy.

Bring face coverings, any relevant PPE or exemptions, in the event of an emergency, which you may be required to wear if you have to leave your vehicle.

Dress your vehicle carefully in saltires and yes banners. Please make sure that everything is safely and securely attached. Leave a safe distance between each vehicle in your convoy.

Be mindful of other road users. Ensure you keep sufficient distance between you and the vehicles in front. Allow for driver error, which may be elevated in stressful situations, also allow for safe braking distances in case any hazards occur unexpectedly.

Clean your headlights, indicators, and taillights. Check the tyres on your vehicle before starting your journey. The Convoy will set off with the “lead car”. Please follow the lead car and not overtake it. Do not exceed the speed limit set by law, ensuring, at all times, you are observing the highway code. Please at all times stay in your “bubble” as set by the Scottish government regarding COVID-19.

You all know your own health limitations. SIM will not take any responsibility for your personal health. We are recommending people at high risk stay home. If you are uncertain, please follow the link below to the NHS website for detailed information


We will be driving back to our designated endpoint where everyone will safely disperse and travel safely home. We call on every YES group, independence supporter and activist in your area, to collectively organise a convoy to your Route for Independence.

Contact our Facebook page (details below) to let us know if you can organise and participate in this Nationwide initiative for and on behalf of your area. SIM will then add your area to the nationwide participating list.

This is the SAFEST way to get Independence back at the forefront with the Scottish Elections not far away.

You will find more details about the event in your area by following the links below.

DUMFRIES: https://www.facebook.com/events/990167351444911/

GLASGOW: https://www.facebook.com/events/1061120684345766/

DUNDEE: https://www.facebook.com/events/975938936184555/

INVERNESS: https://www.facebook.com/events/2673529216299430/

Scotland has an alternative. We have an alternative. Let’s show the Westminster establishment that Scotland is no longer their plaything. Our voices will be heard.

Follow us on Twitter @SIM_SCOT
Follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sim.scottish/

We are currently seeking an organiser for a convoy in Edinburgh. If you are interested please contact us via Twitter or Facebook.

50 thoughts on “Take part in the Independence Cavalcade

    • Would love to join in Ruth but, unfortunately not only do I not own a car but I can’t travel as a passenger and I’m still shielding anyway – and will be for a while to come. Hope it goes well. I think the Indy Hub is intending to join in too. I look forward to seeing the photos.

  1. A good idea to give restless folk a outlet to keep them occupied when normal campaigning is being curtailed just now because of the obvious restraints , Westminster haven’t stopped the propaganda output that shouldn’t stop the push for independence , thanks for the links it will maybe keep idle minds occupied and at least stop the bickering between people who have the same goal but just another view of how to get there , not all folk that question the current method’s are unionists trying to cause trouble so dont put everyone in little boxes and brand them troublemakers .

  2. This should have been done in the dark of the moon on the sixth of June.

    Hopefully there are enough people that give a rubber duck to make it a beautiful sight.

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  4. Great initiative, unfortunately it gives ABC plenty of notice to prepare diversions for news.
    Sarah will already be developing the rota for the day, Solar Eclipse shocks commuters in WW2.5 torn Ullapool at 2am, Brian Taylor wakens to find keep-left arrows over-repainted as No entry signs overnight, Meteors directly rain down on Brewer’s Droop repelled only by his but but but incantations, ABC runs out of chilled Chardonnay, and the inevitable Squirrel fallback Glenn Campbell accidentally praises SG and says Jackass is talking “shite” but now receiving treatment.
    Bloody good idea. Shared on…

  5. This is fantastic news. Sorry I can’t make it as I live near the Kruger Park. However my wife and I will be with you all in spirit. Could I suggest we now push for the Scottish Parliament elections before the end of this year as the yoons will be trying all sorts of things to shut down Holyrood before next May.

        • Hi Again Malcolm,

          I’ve been thinking of retiring to South Africa for some time now and have researched it quite a bit, but my wife is scared of the crime rate.
          Would you be willing to exchange e-mails to give us an insight to life there?

          The area we have been looking at is St Francis Bay Eastern Cape.

          We could go through Paul at WGD so that our e-mails do not appear on his blog for all to see.


  6. Good shout. There used to be SNP cavalcades in the 60’s and 70’s, flags flying, horns tooting.
    Its being touted that Boris is coming forth—from England to Scotland–across, what is it again? Oh, yes—across a border.
    Boris is coming to say
    “I am sent ‘cross the vastness of Englund, wiv greetin’s from the Great White Queen, to give you wampum. I give you these beads in recognition that we take the burden of caring for your lands, minerals and all other assets from you, and onto our broad shoulders of Engerlund.”
    “I will leave in our stead, the great chief of foppish languidness and guide to sailors, Governor Generalisimo Hi Jack, to ensure your compliance. He adheres to the old British truism—-Scotland, who cares”?

  7. Sounds great and I’ll be joining. Just wondering, however, what’ll happen if we end up with over 100,000 cars on the route, lol.


    And there you go. Westminster can block us, eh? Boris is heading to Scotland because he’s sh*tting himself. Let’s hope that his car gets caught up in our cavalcade.

    ‘Boris Johnson to visit Scotland as ministers ‘panic’ over the future of the Union.’

    …”It is understood UK ministers will be briefed on Tuesday about the likelihood of an SNP landslide victory at the next Holyrood election in May. Key Conservative figures such as Michael Gove – who is responsible in Johnson’s cabinet for the “integrity of the union” – are rattled by the prospect of SNP dominance and sustained majority support for leaving the UK. One cabinet minister was reported as saying today: “Michael Gove is in panic mode about the Union and Boris is in irritated mode.”..

    ..’The SNP’s deputy Westminster leader, Kirsten Oswald, said: “It speaks volumes of the Tory government’s sheer disdain for the people of Scotland that Boris Johnson believes a quick pit-stop visit to Scotland will make people forget the devastating impact decades of Tory policies have had on Scotland – as well as their plans to drag Scotland out of the EU against its will in a matter of months and refusal to devolve key financial powers to protect Scottish jobs and businesses. This is nothing more than a tick box trip that will fool absolutely no one.”


  8. O/T

    Hahaha. ”This is absolutely priceless George Galloway @Alliance4Unity
    has just blocked Jackson Carlaw’s Tory election agent. It’s falling to bits already.” https://mobile.twitter.com/sparkyhamill/status/1284434820999909376


    ”Aileen McHarg, Professor of Public Law and Human Rights, University of Durham talking on Good Morning Scotland this morning about the devolution power grab. It’s a good primer if you want to know more. If you skip the preamble she starts at 1:08 in.” https://mobile.twitter.com/Innealadair/status/1284182601415221250

    • I was going to post a link to your first link on this post today myself, it’s a belter and shows that even journalists in England are starting to notice what Scottish journalists fail to see.

  9. O/T

    Talk about gaslighting. Talk about brainwashing. Well this just about takes the biscuit. No wonder he’s laughing his bl**dy head off. With 3,418 rooms in Buckingham Palace (lying empty) and 1,000 rooms in Windsor Castle (with the Queen, Dookie and 12 members of staff living there) these two UK ”royal residences” alone (with more abroad) could accommodate half of the homeless people in London (8,855) right now.

    Prince William himself has access to a number of homes also lying empty. It’s a national disgrace.

    ‘Prince William calls on Brits to ‘crack’ the problem of homelessness with opportunity arising from pandemic.’



  10. The Tory Royals got fabulously wealthy after years of secret tax evasion. Breaking the Law of the land. One pays 10% on £20Million. No corporation or capital gains tax. Their wealth is kept secret hidden under the Official Secrets Act. ‘D’ notices by the fawning Press.

    The non Dom tax evaders looking for favours and knighthoods. Stealing from the public purse for favours and support. Murdoch is a criminal just like the rest of them. Stealing from the public purse and killing people worldwide for political favours. Away with £30Billion. Most of them should be in jail. Labour leader is a ‘Sir’. Part of the cabel of sycophants.

    The European Royals caused WW1. Cousins married cousins. The ‘divine right to rule’. It finished off the monarchy in some countries. Led on to WW2. Millions died because of it. Poland was given over to Russian dominance. The European/world economy was ruined.

    The EU was set up after WW2 to stop starvation and war in Europe. Worth all of the meagre contribution for all the benefits. The Tories want to continue to tax evade and embezzle from the public purse. The reason many are in politics for what they can get. Not for what they can give. They had to get rid of Thatcher for closer ties with Europe.

    The Royals are supposed to be constitutional heads of State, who do not have an opinion and do not interfere in matters of State. They support illegal wars and take part in them. They complain about deaths in their family but proceed to kill others.

    There is a case for a constitutional monarchy as opposed to a political presidency. Elected or otherwise. There can be various corruption in both systems to the detriment of democracy.

    Johnston the descendent of George of Europe is on his way to Scotland. A migrant born in the US who wants to throw migrants out of Britain. Westminster Treasury taking Scotland’s resources and revenues and wasting them. Johnston will get an appropriate welcome.

    Johnston proposes giving favours to peers for corrupt, illegal criminal behaviour. Stealing from the public purse. Brexit a total illegal catastrophe wasting public money. A disaster waiting to happen.

    There has been more monies spent on Brexit than all the total EU contributions. Even more Trillions will be wasted. Westminster Treasury issued £1/2Trillion of public bonds to cover the pandemic. How much more will need to sold off to cover Brexit mess and shambles.

  11. The Tory royal got fabulously rich tax evading for years. Kept secret under the Official Act. ‘D’ Notices from the fawning Press. The non Dom tax evaders looking for peerages and favours. One royal pays 10% tax on £20Million. No corporation or capital gains tax.

    They could be considered hypocrites. Murdoch tax evaded £30Billion. Breaking every Law in the book. Getting away with murder. With impunity for political favours.

    The Royals are supposed to be constitutional Heads of State with no opinions and no interference in State matters. They support illegal wars and take part in them. Killing others. They complain about deaths in their family but kill other people.

    The European Royals caused WW1. The ‘divine right to rule’. Cousins married cousins. Inbred. Inter-rivalries for possessions, influence and power. Worldwide. Victoria’s children and grandchildren. Finishing off some royal dynasties. It led on to WW2. Killing millions of people.

    The EU was set up after WW2 to stop starvation and war in Europe/world. Worth every meagre contribution for the benefits. Universal Suffrage 1928. Different times in other countries. The people getting the vote.

    The Tories have spent more than the total EU contribution on Brexit. How much more will they waste. The Westminster Treasury has issued £1/2Trillion in bonds to pay for the pandemic.

    How much £Trillions more will be wasted on Brexit? Making people poorer. The illegal wars making people homeless. Wasting £Trillions which could be better spent.

  12. The Royals making people homeless. Supporting illegal wars and tax evasion. People dying because of austerity and Brexit. The Royals supposed to have no opinion or interference in State matters. Constitutional heads of State not interference.

  13. Join the SNP. Contribute, help and campaign whenever the chance is available. Help to protect the community and society.

    Vote SNP/SNP and vote for Independence.

  14. Just imagine one of these convoys clogging up the main streets/roads in London. Imagine if some of them unfortunately ran out of fuel / broke down in those busy London streets. It would truly terrible.

    • Isn’t it strange that democracy has many layers of majorities.
      Last part of the comments in the article.
      The tories won a commons majority of 80 seats with a third of a two thirds turnout from the last election. The commonly held position is that they won a majority consensus when 2/3rds of the vote was against . The final third of ‘didn’t vote’ don’t count.
      The Holyrood system is designed to make it very difficult for a single party to get the majority of seats but the westmonster, englander parliament is ‘superior’ and can veto the other 3 devolved ‘adminitrations’ as we are now told they are. Not governments at all just regions.
      Yes democracy has many flavours.
      The version in Papua New Guinea continues to have rapid changes of Prime Minister in the system introduced by the Australians.

    • I would have thought that introducing Universal Basic Income was a better option than increasing universal credit. It would have allowed for job sharing rather than full time employment and would have prevented the need to intervene with debt repayment, but a good read nonetheless.

  15. Just thinking of the people that say that Boris Johnson will just sit back and say, ”no, no no” forever more and that there’s nothing that we can do about it. It’s clear that’s not true as far as he’s concerned. Nicola Sturgeon’s increasing popularity and the rising support for Independence has seemingly put the wind up him. Now why would that be, why would that bother them, if they have the power to keep Scotland shackled to the Union? To my mind it looks as though they know full well that they can’t hold onto us, especially if support for independence continues to rise.

    ‘Prime Minister plans Scottish tour to promote union as he rules out second nationwide lockdown.’

    ..”Nicola Sturgeon’s soaring approval rating – and polls showing consistent majority support for independence for the first time – has alarmed Downing Street. In response, the prime minister is to recall senior ministers to London for a briefing from a top Scots Tory official to discuss how to stop a landslide SNP victory in next May’s Holyrood election, which would ramp up demands for another independence vote. Mark McInnes, the party’s Scottish director, is due to present data gathered by new Downing Street polling guru James Kanagasooriamm, who helped mastermind Scottish Tory successes in 2016, on Tuesday.”



    ”The imaginary veto.

    Brewer: “Will the Scottish parliament have a veto?”
    (Alister Union) Jack: “Yes, we’ll need a consent motion.”
    Brewer: “What if you don’t get consent?”
    Jack: “We’ll need a consent motion.”
    Brewer: “I think you’re given us an absolute guarantee.” https://mobile.twitter.com/msm_monitor/status/1284818259137757185

    • Little doubt Tory HQ is deeply concerned at being reduced to Ian Murray status, one muppet in a sea of realists hasn’t really worked for Labour, the common thread is “Union”.
      What occupies Johnson is as always his personal popularity ratings, crashing everywhere despite the bots spinning to the contrary, but it is the kudos afforded Sturgeon which rankles most as it extends far beyond Scotlandshire into Englandshire and beyond while his ratings plummet.

      Scotland’s Tory core is disintegrating rapidly, the “shlock and awe” propaganda campaign throughout the epidemic alienated many through innate sense of decency, SiU is under siege in the press largely thanks to John Robertson etc raising their profile above the camouflage, ABC lost credibility faster than Brewer’s Droop could interject a “but, but…” and their pet troll army on HYS are talking in an echo chamber, the paper media is on the skids, all of that before considering the personal ratings of Carpark Jackass, JackaTory, let alone Clown Johnson, in freefall below zero and continuing a downward trajectory.

      Traditional Scottish Conservatism is on the ropes and rapidly diminishing in members, freeing themselves from the London sea-anchor is their only hope of survival, and that prospect of ditching “Unionist” scares the sh1t out of HQ, their last foothold in Scotland.

      Johnson’s ego and ignorance is what brought this calamity on Scot’s Tories, he intends to compound the felony by rescuing them with more of the same, the man is an egotistic idiot…

  16. And so it goes on! That crowd in London haven’t got the brains and the ability to run a whelk stall (coined by John Elliot Burns 1858-1943). Everything they touch turns to sh*t.



    ‘UK suppliers sent hazardous face masks to Scottish doctors.’

    ”’ In a tragic attempt to convert a UK failure into a Scottish Government one, Hannah Rodger writes:….


  17. Petra, you put forward a very valid point of view in the first part of your post.

    With regards to the imaginary veto sorry but Brewer never said “I think you’re. given us an absolute guarantee”. It is true that Jack never confirmed an absolute guarantee and just stuck to saying it would go the parliaments for consent and Brewer could have pressed him more for an absolute guarantee.

    We have seen in the past how Westminster will just overrule a no consent decision.

  18. I wonder how many of these sellers voted for Brexit and are regretting it now?

    ”Brexit Britain alert: Amazon this week quietly removed the UK from its European fulfilment network, basically telling its legion of third-party sellers they won’t be able to move products through its distribution system between UK-EU. See advice below:” https://mobile.twitter.com/MarkDiStef/status/1284184370488770560


    ”Boris Johnson answers questions on the Russia Report (sort of).” https://mobile.twitter.com/rorybremner/status/1284835861968965633

  19. I’ve just listened to it again Cubby and I’m sure that Brewer does say, “I think you’re giving us an absolute guarantee”, however the whole conversation, between a BritNat TV presenter and a BritNat politician, was just the usual load of collaborative, propagandised claptrap that we’ve become used to. As you say Westminster will just overrule a no consent decision anyway but Brewer, being one of their mates, is not up for highlighting that.

    I’m also pretty well fed up with chlorinated chicken being used as an example of the power grab that’s coming our way. Most people hearing about that, only, will think that it’s no big deal … I’ll just avoid buying it. Thankfully Mike Russell was on beforehand, gave a good account of the situation (time permitting), even with Brewer doing his usual in trying to talk over the top of him.

    If only, if only SNP politicians (and key YES activists) were afforded the same amount of time every day to talk about issues that really matter to Scotland (talking up Scotland), in a way that Nicola Sturgeon is doing right now with her coronavirus briefings, I reckon that support for independence would shoot up to well over 60%.

    • Petra, there have always been differing points of view as to what extent the Britnat media influence the number of people willing to vote for independence. I always thought it was significant – others thought differently, which is fair enough as there has not truly been evidence of how much their propaganda and misrepresentation does impact on people. The evidence is now there, as you say, that the FM daily briefings have allowed people to see and hear what a Scottish government can do without it being passed through the Britnat media prism.

      If in any normal democratic country the Scottish gov were allowed to brief its citizens without the interference of another country’s media then yes it could well go above 60%. That is clearly why, in what according to the Britnats, is the most powerful devolved parliament in the world it has no devolved powers over broadcasting.

      I think this is the sentence by Brewer we are both discussing –

      ” I think you are giving it as an absolute guarantee no chlorinated chickens unless the Scottish parliament approves, can you also this morning give us a guarantee no threat to tuition fee policy in Scotland and no threat to minimum pricing for alcohol”

      My interpretation Is that he is not referring to all consents ( as per your post) but just the chicken one. Hope this clarifies my admittedly point of detail. We both, of course agree, that Jack like all the Britnats promises are worthless.

      Jack then went on to lie that when challenged in the H of Commons the SNP could not come up with a single power that they were losing.

      I do agree with you that this talking about chicken just underplays the whole issue. It is a question of ultimately does the Scot parliament have any powers that Westminster will not overrule if they want to.

    • Petra, I thought I posted a lengthy reply to you hours ago but it seems to have disappeared. I’ll just give a summary this time in case it gets lost as well.

      1. He does use the words you quote but the rest of the sentence makes it clear that he is refering to chlorinated chicken only. So you are correct he uses these words but your post comes across to me that he is saying that for all consent decisions. Anyway it is just a point of detail.

      2. I agree wholeheartedly with the rest of your post. Jacks promises are worthless. Some independence supporters have argued that the Britnat media is not that important in influencing independence. I think the daily briefings have shown this not to be true. People getting info direct from the Scot gov and not through the Britnat prism that distorts everything does make a difference.

  20. Yeah chlorinated chicken, lol, is just a red herring Cubby.

    To my mind the BritNat media is the greatest obstacle of all to us getting our Independence and even although Nicola Sturgeon has stuck to covering the subject of coronavirus its become clear, to some extent, through these briefings what’s reserved and what’s devolved. Terms that are normally totally meaningless to most non-political people. Some individuals, I would imagine, are now beginning to realise that ”reserved” means that the ScotGov has no control over a particular area / situation and that the ScotGov is in actuality bound, gagged and shackled by Westminster to a great extent. And when the latter starts to impact on people’s lives, death of self and / or loved ones, Scots sit up and take notice.

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