The moral bankruptcy of the British Conservatives

There’s news management, and then there’s a transparently desperate attempt at distraction. The headline in the Daily Telegraph on the day that the long delayed report into Russian interference in British politics is an example of the latter. According to the in-house newspaper of the Conservatives’ Boris Johnson fan-club, the big take away from the Russian meddling report is that Vladimir Putin tried to influence the result of the Scottish referendum. This is a bit like claiming that when you got your take away order of lamb bhuna, chicken korma, pilau rice, chicken pakora, onion bhajis, two peshwari nan, and some fried chicken and chips for your cousin who’s not that keen on Indian food that the really, *really*, important bit is the onion relish that came with the poppadums that always goes into the bin uneaten.

Of course we all know that the Russians attempted to meddle in the Scottish referendum. We’ve known that for years, and we’ve known it because during the campaign David Cameron himself asked Vladimir Putin to get involved. In January 2014 the Russian news agency Itar-Tass revealed that Cameron’s office had contacted Putin in order to inform the Russian leader that the British were “extremely interested” in getting support from Russia in the referendum.

Downing Street denied the claims, but their denials would have had more credibility were it for for the fact that the British state had also appealed to many other governments for their help in defeating Scottish independence. Just a month after the Russian news agency revealed that Cameron had asked Putin for help, a newspaper in Tenerife in Spain published a letter from the British Embassy asking the press in Spain to publish reports critical of Scottish independence. It was a part of a concerted campaign by the British foreign office to whip up opposition to Scottish independence around the world.

Then there was the incident back in 2012 when representatives of the Spanish Partido Popular met with the Conservatives, including Ruth Davidson, at their conference in Birmingham in order to hammer out an anti-independence European alliance of centre right parties. There was a concerted campaign from European figures on the centre right, associated with the British Conservatives, to undermine the Scottish independence campaign. This foreign interference came with the connivance and encouragement of the Conservatives and the British nationalist parties.

Despite Scotland being assured by Westminster that ours was a Scottish election which would be decided by the people of Scotland, there was massive interference in the referendum campaign by the British state, the British media, and the BBC. To pick just one example, there was the huge publicity given to the suspiciously well funded, ahem, ‘grassroots’ anti-independence organisation Vote No Borders. This campaign vehicle was given headline news on the BBC, yet that same BBC failed throughout the entire campaign to report on any genuine grassroots intiative from the Yes side. There was meddling aplenty in the Scottish referendum. It’s just that the vast majority of it came from supporters of the No campaign.

Of course if the sole content of the report into Russian meddling in British politics was that Vladimir Putin had tried to influence the outcome of the Scottish referendum, the report would have been published the week after it was completed. The Johnson government would not have made such strenuous efforts to try and prevent it ever seeing the light of day.

The report does contain some mention of the Scottish referendum campaign, but what it says is so heavily redacted that it doesn’t tell us anything useful. There’s just one paragraph in the 50 page report about the Scottish referendum and it refers solely to information which is already in the public domain. This would appear to be an article by David Leask which was published in the Herald which claimed to identify a number of Scottish Twitter accounts as belonging to pro-Russian bots and trolls. This article was based on a single report by a certain Ben Nimmo, whom Craig Murray identifies as being associated with Integrity Initiative The Herald story would appear to be the full extent of claims of Russian meddling in a pro-indy direction in the independence referendum.

It’s the rest of the report and what it has to say about the British Government’s reaction to alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 EU referendum that is so damning. There is considerable evidence that Russia tried to influence the EU referendum in order to produce a pro-Brexit result. The Intelligence and Security Committee notes that academic and other studies have pointed to the preponderance of pro-Brexit stories on Russian news outlets, and reports of the use of bots and trolls on social media attempting to influence the debate in a pro-Brexit direction. It is widely believed that Brexit serves the wider interests of the Russian state by creating uncertainty and instability in Europe. Despite this, the British Government has refused to investigate and still refuses to investigate any allegation of Russian interference.

Last night on Sky News the arch-Brexiteer Clare Fox said how pleased she was that the report had not found evidence of Russian interference in the EU referendum, but what she either didn’t know or didn’t say was that the only reason there’s no evidence of Russian interference is because the British Government has refused to look for any. Today we have learned that the British Government’s refusal to publish the report before last December’s election was based on a lie. The only reason that the report was witheld was because it was politically damaging to the Conservatives.

The British state wants us to believe that the Russians tried to influence the outcome of the Scottish referendum but there’s no reason to worry our pretty little heads about Kremlin involvement in the EU referendum. We now learn that the British Government has refused to investigate Russian meddling in the EU referendum, and that it continues to reject calls for a proper enquiry.

According to Stewart Hosie, the SNP MP who is one of the committee members on the Intelligence and Security Committee responsible for the report, the UK Government has actively avoided looking for evidence of Russian involvement. He said that the British Government didn’t know if the Russians had meddled in the EU referendum, because it didn’t want to know. The British Government has refused to carry out any assessment into Russian meddling in 2016’s EU referendum. The report notes “[Committee members] have not been provided with any post-referendum assessment of Russian attempts at interference … This situation is in stark contrast to the US handling of allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, where an intelligence community assessment was produced within two months of the vote, with an unclassified summary being made public.”

This is of course giving the Kremlin carte-blanche to do it again. We can only come to the conclusion that this is because when Russian meddling results in an outcome that’s favourable to Johnson and the Brextremist Conservatives, he’s actually rather keen on it. Just as he’s rather keen on the Conservative party accepting large donations from shady Russian oligarchs who have links to Vladimir Putin. London has become a laundromat for dirty Russian money. Naturally the Conservatives don’t want any investigations into that. It’s what they plan basing the British economy on post-Brexit.

A government which refuses to investigate serious and credible allegations of foreign interference in the exercise of democracy is a government which has abandoned any pretence of accountability. The British Government stands unmasked as a band of shameless opportunists who have no respect for democracy. This report has revealed the moral bankruptcy of the British Conservatives. We now know that it’s only with independence that Scotland can enjoy democracy and accountable governance. Far from undermining the reasons for Scottish independence, this report has only reinforced them.  The British Conservative Party, made in England, bought by Russia, telling Scotland what to do.

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131 thoughts on “The moral bankruptcy of the British Conservatives

  1. Lies, damned, lies and the tories, MSM, BBC

    What a shower of low life they are.

    Leask will be on the bbc this weekend to comment on his own nonesense no doubt. BBC calls it impartiality.

  2. I suppose the Scottish dimension is just an organised diversion from the billions received by the Tory supporters and associates over the years by the Russian mafia and their like.

  3. Foreign governments interfering in another country’s affairs. I believe there is an acronym we can make from that: “UK”.

  4. As far as Russian interference in the Indy Ref goes, the phrase “credible open source commentary” gives the game away. If the “information” is already in the public domain, why not provide a link to it to allow readers to assess the provenance of the assertion?
    “Oh, this evidence is slam dunk proof that the Russkies were up to nae good, but we can’t tell you what the evidence is (despite it already being in the public domain).”

  5. I’m looking forward to the release of the Tory and Labour Lords who have their fingers in the Russian Mafia pie.
    Unlike ordinary pleb MPs, Lords do nothing as common as declaring their earnings from outside activities.

    Apparently there are quite a few of them who are taking the Russian Rouble.

    Ominously, Ra Polis have been called in.

    And as Hosie pointed out, it’s not illegal to be a foreign spy in the UK.

    Add to that, the proud boast from a Russian Oligarch live on TV that he had 37 MPs in his pocket, with Torcuil Crichton, who mysteriously got a question at the briefing today, desperately announcing that Alex Salmond is a Russian plant, and that RT and Sputnik tried to win the Indyref for Yes, let’s us know how our intrepid hacks are going to cover up England’s corrupt government..
    What a man.

    Russian Mafia permeate London and Westminster, and Scoop Crichton thinks the story is Salmond’s RT Half Hour.

    Gove should resign immediately The Security Committee said he lied.

    Johnson should resign but, please let him stay on.

    The 2019 GE should be called null and void, but that won’t happen either.

    It comes as no news to us Northern Colonists.
    London is corrupt to the core.

    Great synopsis and timely reminder as to what actually happened during the 2014 Project Fear, Paul.

    At today’s Covid Briefing, the dying Hack Pack tried to crow bar in the Russian influence on Indyref 1.

    NS slapped them down.

    0 Covid deaths in Scotland overnight.

    Not that our tired old hacks will make this the lead story.

    I’ll dance on their mass grave.

    • ”The 2019 GE should be called null and void, but that won’t happen either.”

      Well in light of all of this, and going along with them on their Russian ONLY interference farce, the 2014 Indyref and 2016 EU referendums should be declared null and void and rerun. No need for a Section 30 order then.

      • I agree completely that our 2014 Independence Referendum should now be declared Null and Void and should be rerun, without interference or contribution from outwith Scotland, using the existing Section 30 order.

    • ”The 2019 GE should be called null and void, but that won’t happen either.”

      Well in light of all of this, and going along with them on their Russian ONLY interference farce, the 2014 Indyref and 2016 EU referendums should be declared null and void and rerun. No need for a Section 30 order then.


      The Celtic Leagues formal complaint to the UN in relation to United Kingdom State parties in the referendum campaign:-


      ..”In relation to section 19 in particular, there are a number of instances where State parties actively sought to manipulate and interfere with the freedom of voters to express their choice fairly under the democratic process. Specifically, and most significantly, these actions include:

      1) The UK Government (although having stated the decision was for the Scottish people) solicited foreign governments and senior officials of International bodies such as NATO and the EU to attempt to influence the process

      2) UK State parties actively solicited businesses i.e. Supermarkets and banks to influence the process.

      3) Three UK political parties outlined additional powers (‘The Vow’) to voters after the electoral process had started i.e. after postal ballots had been cast.

      All these steps taken by the UK government and the three political parties were obviously designed to ‘manipulate or influence’ the outcome – a clear violation of the HRC guidance.”..

    • ..”with Torcuil Crichton, who mysteriously got a question at the briefing today, desperately announcing that Alex Salmond is a Russian plant, and that RT and Sputnik tried to win the Indyref for Yes.”

      Mr ”a wee birdy told me” Crichton better watch out, as I’d imagine that Alex is in ”court proceeding” mood.

  6. Redacted report 50 pages – “Russian interference in British politics”. Media report 1 para of 50 pages – “Russians interfere in Scottish Independence Referendum” 🤣
    Excellent piece, the finale “The British Conservative Party, made in England, bought by Russia, telling Scotland what to do”, choice.

  7. I did a quick scribble on the previous thread on this but suffice to say that what all of this exposes is that because Scotland has a devolved government with no Security Services of our own we are at the mercy of the UK government as to what we are exposed to yet have no control over and this should be the wake up call to those who believe remaining within a Union that reserves accountability for itself in the drawer marked *None of Scotlands business* that it’s time to wake up

    There’s every likelyhood that the dominoes will never fall over this because there will be too many casualities for the whole rotten UK system to cope with
    This should go on the *Reasons for Scottish Independence* list for which our arms are getting too short

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    • Well that one did, so I’ll try again.


      ”The 2019 GE should be called null and void, but that won’t happen either.”

      Well in light of all of this, and going along with them on their Russian ONLY interference farce, the 2014 Indyref and 2016 EU referendums should be declared null and void and rerun. No need for a Section 30 order then.


      The Celtic Leagues formal complaint to the UN in relation to United Kingdom State parties in the referendum campaign:-


      ..”In relation to section 19 in particular, there are a number of instances where State parties actively sought to manipulate and interfere with the freedom of voters to express their choice fairly under the democratic process. Specifically, and most significantly, these actions include:

      1) The UK Government (although having stated the decision was for the Scottish people) solicited foreign governments and senior officials of International bodies such as NATO and the EU to attempt to influence the process

      2) UK State parties actively solicited businesses i.e. Supermarkets and banks to influence the process.

      3) Three UK political parties outlined additional powers (‘The Vow’) to voters after the electoral process had started i.e. after postal ballots had been cast.

      All these steps taken by the UK government and the three political parties were obviously designed to ‘manipulate or influence’ the outcome – a clear violation of the HRC guidance.”..


      ‘Embassy cables reveal 34 nations pressured by UK to oppose Scottish independence.’

      ..”Diplomatic cables reveal the extent of the British Government’s collusion with foreign powers to damage the Scottish Government, undermine international confidence in Scotland’s economy, and to usurp the democratic process of the referendum on independence.”…

    • For some reason a lot of posts (not just yours) are ending up in the trash folder. I am really not sure why. There’s something about them that WordPress’s spam filter doesn’t like. I’ve authorised them now.

      • I had a long post that disappeared yesterday so keeping them short now – some will cheer that no doubt – the bad news is that it will be a lot of short posts.

      • ”For some reason a lot of posts (not just yours) are ending up in the trash folder.” Thanks Paul. Maybe they are being identified as being trash, lol. The posts at 3:03 and 3:23 aren’t needed now Paul. Wonder if you could delete them?

        • It has appeared now. If you rescued it cheers. My previous comment was a joke of course because you are a very tolerant site owner – others not so.

        • I thought Paul was blocking me too after my posts didn’t appear a couple of blogs ago. I thought it may have been something I said previously. I was concerned that I may have upset you accidentally Paul.

        • Malky, I never said Paul was blocking me or thought that was the case. Hey, I am sure I am one of the most popular posters on WGD. My award is probably in the post.

          • Cubby sorry for the confusion I should have worded it better.

            You deserve any award that Paul may give you. I read your posts and have great admiration for your wit and wisdom. Keep up the good work….you and Paul.

  9. “A government which refuses to investigate serious and credible allegations of foreign interference in the exercise of democracy is a government which has abandoned any pretence of accountability.”

    I would even go as far to say that it’s actually Treason.

  10. “A government which refuses to investigate serious and credible allegations of foreign interference in the exercise of democracy is a government which has abandoned any pretence of accountability.”

    I would even go as far to say that it is actually Treason.

  11. How about we take this one step further Paul. ….
    If the naughty, despicable, Russians got involved in the 2014 Indy Ref. then maybe we should go along with the rhetoric ….
    Let’s have it declared “null & void” …. No Section 30 needed to get a re-run as it’s only fair & just that a democratic IndyRef takes place … Under UN observation this time, just to keep the “foreign” interference out … know what I mean?

  12. Well said across the board, Paul. We all particularly recall Barroso’s notorious little outing on the Beeb in ’14 thanks to Marr’s little BritNat dog-and-pony show, but there was also an intervention by Obama (at Cameron’s bidding?), was there not?

    As to Russian meddling in the EUref, looking studiously the other way then claiming “there’s no there, there” is straight out of the Trump dirty tricks playbook. But one day the truth will out.

    London has become a laundromat for dirty Russian money.

    Absolutely bang on the money there. (Please excuse the pun.) London though hosts equal-opportunity launderers. They’ll take the filthy stuff from anyone. That’s the whole dark side of Brexit.

  13. “Vote no borders” – the cheek of them to call themselves that and then a few years later create 27 new borders for us across the Europe. What a brass neck these people have.

    • Well that’s it!! Our SNHS IS under threat as we all knew that it would be. In many ways I’m glad that Indyref2 wasn’t called before now, before the proof of the pudding came to light. If ever there was something to make the prior no voting Scots sit up and take notice this must be it.


      They just make it up as they go along, Cubby. That’s how they can’t be trusted. They’ll also use this ”Russian interference” hocus-pocus in the lead up to Indyref2.


      ..”with Torcuil Crichton, who mysteriously got a question at the briefing today, desperately announcing that Alex Salmond is a Russian plant, and that RT and Sputnik tried to win the Indyref for Yes.”

      Mr ”a wee birdy told me” Crichton better watch out, as I’d imagine that Alex is in ”court proceeding” mood.

    • They just make it up as they go along, Cubby. That’s how they can’t be trusted. They’ll also use this ”Russian interference” hocus-pocus in the lead up to Indyref2.

  14. The amendment to the Trade Bill sponsored by the SNP & Plaid Cymru fell by 101 votes but the Tories only have a majority of 80, so what’s up? The DUP that’s who. If Johnson and Cummings agree to chlorinated chicken and hormone treated beef, those numpties have just voted to incrementally harden the Customs posts at Belfast & Larne.

    • I watched some of that and in it the DUP were against any further powers being devolved to Northern Ireland on the grounds that they might fall under the control of parties opposed to the Union if they ever became the majority
      Like the same ones we have in Scotland none of these people care about their own countries,
      democracy must never be allowed to win, let alone be embraced

  15. An excellent article in its entirety. Two points I would make in addition.

    1. Obama – interfered by telling us to vote against independence. The guy whose own Kenyan father struggled for independence from Westminster. The guy who was president of a country who fought for independence from Westminster. Lost all respect for him after that.

    2. Your post covering all the tricks by Cameron to interfere neatly highlights what I have been saying about the so called “gold standard” referendum. No such thing existed and will never exist – the Britnats do not do fair, reasonable and honest – just deceit lies and misrepresentation.

  16. O/T

    Aileen McHarg, Professor of Public Law and Human Rights, University of Durham:- ”How long is a generation? Under the Northern Ireland Act 1998, there must be at least 7 years between border polls. Applied in Scotland, that would take us to 2021. If different rules apply, why?”

    With a balderdash response from number 10.


    Lindsay Bruce talking sense re. an Aly-indy party.

  17. ‘Time for the UK to recognise the prospect of an independent Scotland.’

    ..”Here, the refrains about the Spanish veto, the budget deficit and the need to join the euro should be put to rest. As an advanced democracy and free market economy, previously part of the European club for nearly five decades, Scotland would be well qualified for EU membership. While it would follow the normal accession process, its timetable to joining would be much faster than other countries.

    We should be in no doubt that Scotland would have strong potential to develop into a successful independent state and EU member. Where set up to maximise its opportunities as an agile European small state, Scotland could take its place alongside peers like the Republic of Ireland, Denmark and Finland. The only question is whether the Scottish public will choose that option.”..


    Broad casting Scotland

    ”On this week’s Full Scottish, Kenny McBride is joined by Alison Thewliss MP for Glasgow Central and Kirstein Rummery, Professor of Social Policy at Stirling University.”..

    • Petra wrote – “As an advanced democracy and free market economy, previously part of the European club for nearly five decades, Scotland would be well qualified for EU membership. While it would follow the normal accession process, its timetable to joining would be much faster than other countries”.

      I agree. Of course, Scotland could be a member of EFTA within two months, and EFTA have said as much, and that means EEA membership. So it does not really matter how long it would take for Scotland to become a full EU member. All it takes is our vote for for independence in 2021/22 . The only hurdle is we must elect an SNP majority in 2021. We did it in 2012 after all.

      After yesterday’s events and the legislative proof that our NHS will be up for sale, I really can’t see support for independence falling below 50% again.

      We are truly in the situation now where credibility in anything that the MSN print or broadcast, or belief in what comes out of No 10 is in freefall.

  18. Propaganda by omission from the Herald once again:- “Thousands of masks have had to be destroyed by Scottish health boards after they were found to be disintegrating, & a health hazard. The masks, understood to be more than a decade old, were sent to frontline staff in March.” Hannah HIDES 3 facts:


    Check out more of Anns’s links on the Indyref2 site.

    • Supplementing your latest, Petra.

      I think we’re being diverted by this dead cat of a Russia thing, too (not that isn’t a serious matter in itself):

      City A.M.

      Tory MPs vote against protecting the NHS from a post-Brexit trade deal
      Poppy Wood 3 hrs ago

      Tory MPs last night voted down an amendment to the government’s Trade Bill intended to protect the NHS from any form of control from outside the UK, in a major blow to Britain’s health service as it grapples with the aftermath of the pandemic.


    • This is why the Russian Report has been released now! To deflect from the real issues and the disgusting behaviour of this Tory Government in WM this week!

      You’re right Petra, if this doesn’t wake the rest of Scotland up then we really are fucked!

      • I am shocked by papers I have had a quick look at and saw nothing about the NHS amendment defeat. It may exist but must be well hidden. Yet this should be a top story and the Russians under the bed story should be dismissed as it would be by serious journalists. I have had my suspicions about the Guardian for a while now but it now really is a pretend progressive paper.

        • No, smp6v, Tom Gordon, Scoop G at the Herald has another FOI piece of drudgery about Humza and the Orange Lads today.
          Alister Jack lied on Brewer that bleach chicken and steroid beef were off the menu, yet today we hear that food standards and the NHS are up for sale to the highest US bidder lowest quality service.
          And the Jock Tories all voted to sell us out.
          But Gordon has to appeal to what readers the Herald has left. Ranjurs Sellick ‘fans’ and the OO.
          Sad really.

          No it’s not.

  19. Since there is now ackowledged credible evidence of foreign interference in the 2014 Referendum and indeed the 2016 Brexit referendum, the validity of the results of both must now be in question and both must be rerun.

    Saying there is no evidence of ‘successful interference’, as HMG seems to be claiming, is rather different from saying there is no evidence of interference.

    And, of course, this explains why HMG didn’t ‘bother’ to look at evidence of interference in the Brexit referendum.

    That would have meant the the 2014 referendum had to be rerun, since it had, as HMG knew, been compromised.

    Surely we can now use this information and get indyref2?

  20. To be fair, there weren’t many major countries that didn’t stick their nose into our referendum. It’s what they do…. faddle with geopolitics. Gives them something to do I suppose.

    Meeja going into overdrive. Natch! Tories spinning like tops.

    Popcorn time? 😎

    • Sure but this was covert, rather than overt, interference and it may well have skewed the result.
      No one knows, but surely there is an argument now about the validity of the result – which is not the same as saying that on a FAIR rerun the indy side would win?

      • I’d be stunned if there wasn’t fiddling on every level. I’ll be more than stunned if the powers that be have a sudden attack of conscience and decide to rerun the referendum because they felt its result was achieved in dodgy circumstances.

        Can you see Messrs Johnson and co. Rerunning several GEs and two referendums?

  21. A good day to bury bad news so unlikely to be much if any mention of the fact that our NHS has been put up for sale.

    Wonder what else has been slipped out today?

    On the Russian business. Was Ms Davidson not one of the Tory politicians ‘bought’ for Russian Gold? Lunch if I remember correctly.

  22. I think british non intelligence is hacking WGD!
    2014, remember the days of the SoS for Scotland was one Carmichael (Lib dem) his deputy was a guy called Mundell.
    They tories Lib Dem pact leaked info to the Torygraph paper to undermine the campaign. Step in a guy called Cook from the BBC Goosestepping in on Nicola Sturgeon at George Square live on television accusing her of indiscretions with the French Consul. Lies repeated from the torygraph to the bbc to the rest of MSM including the Daily Record.
    They get found out but some mud sticks.
    Cook is awarded by heading to North America. Carmichael proves in court that the story was lies but is still rewarded as a MP. Mundell gets the SoS position.

    Labour playing their role well as a patsy condemns the SNP.

    Role on 2021

    • Apparently it’s a known bug with the software that WordPress uses to authorise comments. I know – not as dramatic as being attacked by British intelligence, but as is usually the case the explanation is cock up and not conspiracy.

    • Hamish100 – You will also recall that I have a parable (entitled “Carmichael’s the Butchers”) that features that very story. Happy to re-hash (!) it for you here if you so wish …

        • By popular request (and by the grace of WGD). Enjoy!

          56. (of 60.)

          Carmichael’s the Butcher’s

          Carmichael’s was a large butcher’s shop, located at the far end of Orkney Street. It was very well known in town, but few people had actually seen the owner, known locally as ‘Big Al,’ if you’ll excuse the pun, ‘in the flesh.’

          One day, a young lady, who was up on her holiday in the area from down south came into the butcher’s shop. Her name was Tori Graff and she was looking for something to cook to go alongside her leek bake. She was holding a dinner party that very night and she wanted to impress her friends.

          “How about some mince?” suggested the friendly shop assistant. “I find that leaks and mince complement each other very nicely. We also serve very good tripe.”

          Tori Graff was so impressed by the good-looking mince under the counter that she bought some there and then and took it home to cook.

          But alas and woe! Having cooked it in the appropriate manner, (the leek bake however was not done so well and some would later whisper it was only half-baked), Tori Graff and her guests began to feel decidedly unwell. Could there be something the matter with Carmichael’s mince?

          The nearest Trading Standards Office was in the nearby town of Essennpee, and one of its officers was quickly called in. He promptly paid a visit to Carmichael’s butcher’s shop. The same assistant who had served Tori Graff the previous day was behind the counter – but he did not satisfy the man from Trading Standards: he wanted to see the Manager, ‘Big Al’ Carmichael himself.

          After a long wait, ‘Big Al’ Carmichael shambled into the shop from the back. His nickname was well-earned: he was quite a large man, not out of place as a doorman at a nightclub, perhaps.

          Carmichael was wearing his standard butcher’s apron and straw hat. He stared indignantly at the man from Essennpee Trading Standards.

          “What’s this all about, then?” he asked gruffly.

          “We suspect that there is some issue with your mince,” replied the Trading Standards Officer grimly.

          “Poppycock!” exclaimed Carmichael. “I only sell the best quality mince in my shop. My meat is the best in town – you ask Mrs Cameron in Number 10. How dare you slander me like this!”

          “Be that as it may,” rejoined the Trading Standards Officer evenly, “I will still need to take a sample of your mince to study it in the lab. A rather virulent strain of Libus Demus Smearus is currently doing the rounds and I’d like to do my duty to ensure – as you claim – that your meat products are not affected.”

          ‘Big Al’ Carmichael harrumphed and swore blind that his mince was not contaminated. However, he could not very easily stop the Trading Standards Officer from Essennpee from upholding the law, so with a shrug of his shoulders, a deep groan and a defiant statement that he would be vindicated, ‘Big Al’ Carmichael shambled back to his office.


          Essennpee Trading Standards were meticulous in their analysis of ‘Big Al’ Carmichael’s mince. All this cost a lot of money and a lot of time and effort was also expended, but when one considers that the safety and well-being of the town and possible breaches of the Food Act that were involved, Trading Standards did a thoroughly professional job.

          The results from the laboratory eventually came through. As Essennpee Trading Standards had initially thought, there was a strong strain of the bacteria Libus Demus Smearus in ‘Big Al’ Carmichael’s mince.

          Upon hearing the result, the Trading Standards Officer acted promptly, and immediately returned to Carmichael’s butcher’s shop.

          Again, there was a lengthy delay before the man himself appeared, clad as usual in his butcher’s apron and straw hat.

          “I have to inform you that you have been found selling food which is unfit for human consumption,” announced the Trading Standards Officer from Essennpee gravely. “To whit, your mince has been proven to contain a most unpleasant strain of Libus Demus Smearus,” he went on. “This has been demonstrated to be the cause of the ill-effects in everyone who has swallowed your mince.”

          ‘Big Al’ Carmichael was silent for a little while.

          Then he blurted out,

          “It wasnae me! It was my shop assistant … It was Mundell! He made me do it!”

          “Be that as it may,” replied the Trading Standards Officer. “This is a strict liability offence under the Food Act.” He paused for his words to sink in. “I will be obliged to make a report that Carmichael’s the Butcher’s should be closed forthwith and that you will never sell any meat product ever again in the future.”

          “B-b-b-b-ut you can’t do that!” stuttered ‘Big Al’ Carmichael. “Think of my livelihood. My good name here on Orkney Street.” He paused. “I am NOT going to submit to your blackmailing innuendo, sir!” ‘Big Al’ was shouting.

          “We shall see what Mr Justice Scott and Mrs Justice Shetland have to say when we take you to court, Mr Carmichael,” replied the Essennpee Trading Standards Officer with a smile as he walked out of the shop, into the sunshine.

          Will ‘Big Al’ Carmichael now face the chop?

          Watch this space …

          Parables for the New Politics

  23. To be honest, whilst I’m not entirely certain as to how the Russians could theoretically have meddled in the 2014 independence referendum, I can well believe that they *would* have done so provided (a) it didn’t cost them very much, (b) the chances of getting caught where low enough and (c) one of the two possible results was more to their liking than the other.

    However that third part, to my mind, just leads to a further question of “Which answer would be more to their liking”?” and here’s where it maybe gets a little tricky for the unionists. It seems reasonable to assume that a weaker UK might be to Russia’s benefit, whilst a stronger one would not be? So if we take the unionists at their word that Scotland is a mahoosive economic drain on the finances of the UK, then surely that would mean that Russia would’ve meddled in favour of the union? (All that money that’s allegedly currently being “wasted on Scotland” could instead have been spent on diplomacy, defence or foreign aid!)

    Or did the Russians meddle in favour of independence, because they believed that this would produce a rump-UK that’s weaker than the UK is at the moment? In which case, doesn’t that imply that Scotland is a net contributor to the Union?

  24. The oligarchs supporting the Tory/unionists stole the monies from the Russian people.

    The only ones who meddled most of all in the Scottish Independence/EU Ref were the Tory/unionists. They broke every Law in the book, Electoral and others. They are using the Official Secrets Act and ‘D’ notices to cover their track. Even unelected associate’s meddling in every way they could. Killing people.

    Russian saved the West in WW2. 26Million Russians died. Devastating the Russian/world economy. WW1 led on to WW2. Reparations imposed causing difficulties.

    WW1 was a result of rivalries between the British/European monarchies. Victoria’s children/grandchildren. The ‘Divine right to rule’. Cousins married cousins.

    The Russia Revolution was a result of lack of extending democracy. People were repressed and starving. The Duma had limited powers. The Tsar refused to compromise. Nicholas 11. His wife Victoria’s granddaughter.

  25. The Russians try to improve their economy. They have enough to do with their own problems.

    US/UK/France illegal wars blew the world to bits. $3Trns that could have been better spent. .

  26. The Tories in Scotland are throwing accusations everywhere and demanding investigations into everybody over Russian money
    Just please don’t notice the NHS for sale sign for God sake
    The great British media seem to have quite remarkably missed it too, awaiting official instructions ?

    • But, Dr Jim, the news out just last week was that them Russians were spreading fake news about the NHS being sold to the Americans in order to drive a wedge between the UK and US. I’m sure I got that bit of ‘news’ from the BBC. That was just before they were being accused of the ‘VacHack’. Anyone anything to say about American interference in other countries’ affairs or is that subject taboo because the West seems terribly reluctant to accuse the US of anything ever which I find very suspicious. Not that I’m a cynic or anything.

  27. Message to you from the 1%…

    “This is what you get when you fuck around with GloboCap. This is what voting for Trump, Brexit, and all the rest of that ‘populist’ nonsense gets you … global pandemics, civil race wars, riots, lockdowns, economic depression, societal collapse, chaos, fear. Go ahead, fuck around with us some more. We will make you wear ridiculous face masks forever. We will paint little arrows and boxes on the floor to show you where to walk and stand. We will bankrupt your businesses, shut down your schools, psychologically torture your children. We’ll inject them with any fucking thing we want. There is nothing you can do about it. We will make you get down on your knees and apologize for fucking with us, or we will stigmatize you as a ‘racist,’ sic our mobs of fanatics on you, and ‘cancel’ you and your entire family.”

  28. Anyone still thinking the 2014 referendum was some sort of gold standard that we should aspire to replicate in a future independence referendum.

    • Yes, until its proved not to be, which was why in the past it was a good move for the SNP SG to promote it as such both at home and abroad.
      Murdo is demanding an inquiry, the implication being that the SNP colluded with Russia to win the referendum, problem is the evidence proves that it was the UK.
      I think the UK gov have seriously underestimated the damage this will do to their already paper thin credibility.

        • Just another grievance from the jocks, wanting another referendum because it was interfered with, can’t help but smile at the thought of Nicola demanding a rerun from Johnson.

        • I replied to you Petra, but just in case it doesn’t appear, basically.
          Wouldn’t it be funny if the the FM demanded a rerun.

      • The infamous VOW Breaking the Edinburgh Agreement not proof enough for you Golfnut?

        All the interference from countries other than Scotland.

        Britnat media pumping out propaganda and lies.

        Some gold standard.

        I do not deny it was a good idea at the time to promote it as such but I am talking practical realities. Do we really want a repeat?

        • Proof enough for me Cubby, but there are still plenty of people out there totally unaware of just how corrupt the process actually was and still is even though the anti independence campaign has never stopped. This is an ideal opportunity to open some eyes.

  29. Stewart Hosie is still an MP? Jings, I’d forgotten all about him.Mind you there aren’t many I can name now, they don’t seem to feature in political news. I expect that is difficult to get attention from our UK media.

    And yet, today’s UK parliament vote/attack on the Scottish NHS should surely have ignited a walkout by the SNP MPs, and drawn attention? i haven’t taken in the media “news’, though I expect that Ian Blackford has responded by his well-rehearsed saying ” we will not have the – Scottish NHS privatised – against the will of the Scottish people”.

    it will be interesting to hear if the FM identifies a political correlation between her Covid mission and the pending UK NHS sell-out.

  30. Lest we forget that wee Hon. Col Ruthless Ruth was auctioned off by their party leadership for a lunch date – the amount of 20k was paid to the tories for a Mrs. Chernukhin, whose husband is a close associate of Putin to have lunch with the fragrant army mascot and burly men magnet.
    We still haven’t got to the heart of the “dark money” payments to her party in Scotland. But we’d need a media in Scotland with a pair of balls and spine first.

  31. A couple of comments from the Daily Rag..

    ..”It was leaked in advance of report that Russia did try to influence the 2014 Scottish independence referendum. The committee found it was “potentially the first post-Soviet Russian interference in a Western democratic process”…

    ..’Labour’s Ian Murray said: “One thing is absolutely clear: RT is a dangerous propaganda tool of the Putin regime. It is deeply shameful that former First Minister Alex Salmond continues to present a show on this channel, and this report now kills off any comeback hopes he may have.”

    • Now that England has ‘taken back control’, any attempt by Johnson to get Europe to back rUK in the now inevitable and very imminent Indyref 2, will receive a curt two word reply.
      Roughly translated: ‘make love elsewhere, in Anglo Saxon.

      Conversely, I see the EU gushing forth with warm words about the prospect of Scotland re-joining the EU.
      England’s not their buddy any more.
      Today England became the 51st State.
      I think that I have observed this before…about 4 years ago.

      • I’ve just watched Brewer’s interview with Alister Jack on Sunday.
        This man should resign now.
        He described chlorinated chicken as an SNP ‘Red Herring’, and that the UK Foods Standards body would protect the UK Internal Market from the horrors of US Free Trade Agreements.
        This week he voted to become the 51st State of the US. Privatised Health, Domestos chicken and Kentucky Scotch.
        He was squirming in his seat on Sunday afternoon because he knew the agenda for this week; sell your fellow Scots and the Borders farmers down the Hudson river.

        If his blustering squirming outburst on Sunday wasn’t a pack of lies , it will do until a pack of lies comes along.

        They really are a corrupt bunch of freeloaders aren’t they?
        Say anything you like, and good old Brewdog will play along.

        I demand that the SNP contingent walk out of WM in protest.

        No more being laughed at and insulted live on Tory TV by sub lieutenant Andrew Bowie.

        Just fucking walk out.
        NS needs to take time out from Covid and make The Big Announcement now.
        A time table for Independence.

        They are dismantling the Scottish Parliament now. They’re not even waiting until Jan 1st 2021.

        This far, and no further.

    • Ian Murray’s a funny guy isn’t he, he brings up Alex Salmond and RT who at no time ever has indicated that he would put himself forward politically for anything, in the meantime George Galloway who also had a show on RT is putting himself forward for anything he can get as long as it’s against the SNP and Ian Murray doesn’t mention him at all

      If they’re talking politicians journalists celebrities who have appeared on RT we’d run out of Internet listing them all as suspects

      The UK government was interfering in everybody’s country long before anybody else was, it’s just that other countries have got better at it than the UK now and the UK haven’t got big enough gunboats anymore to threaten them with so it’s Mammie America’s coat tails now

      America’s a laugh as well accusing the Chinese of deliberately infecting everybody with Corona virus when the Americans infected red blankets with Small Pox then gave them to the indigenous Americans, but that’s just a story isn’t it, this is how they do it folks they keep pumping stuff out so you lose all will to believe anything or anybody

      Surely definite proof of why Scotland needs Independence for a proper restart away from these lunatic power hungry crazies

      • Dr Jim wrote – “America’s a laugh as well accusing the Chinese of deliberately infecting everybody with Corona virus when the Americans infected red blankets with Small Pox then gave them to the indigenous Americans, but that’s just a story isn’t it”.

        Just a story? Indeed. Then there’s the “bad blood study”…

        When that came to light, the ramifications were so abhorrent that Congress acted. Such a study would never again be repeated by Federal Law… that is unless The president authorised it! Sure, President Trump would never do such a thing…

  32. It’s 11.45pm and I’m going to bed. The comments facility is still acting up and if your comment gets trapped in the ether I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until tomorrow before I can liberate it.

  33. Just heard on BBC Bojo and his mates want foreign spy’s to register as being in the uk. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry on hearing that one. Also mentioned was House of Lords members don’t need to register interests for making money from Russian lobbyists etc. Uk gov is totally pathetic and corrupt, no surprise there.

    • I think i’ve been asleep for some time.
      I’ve woken up to find that it’s the first day of April.
      Now it’s the Chinese that are spying on the uk.
      The smoke and mirrors team are working well at hiding the real agenda.

  34. UK military spending $50Billion. Pop 65million,

    Russian military spending $65Billion. Pop 150Million.

    Who are the warmongers? Who spends money on their economy?

    UK/US/France illegal wars. Blowing the world to bits. Killing millions. Ruining the world economy. $3Trn that could have been better spent.

  35. The Tories are selling off £1/2Trn of UK bonds. The Tories and their associates are taking and wasting £Billions of public money on unscrutinised public contracts. The reason they are in politics. Open corruption breaking the Law. Illegal.They are causing early death and killing people.

  36. US military spend $760Billion (highest in the world pro rata) Pop 260Million

    China military spend $230Billion. Pop 1.3Billion.

    Who are the warmongers? Who spends monies trying to improving their economy,

    World military spend $1.775Trn. That could be better spent.

  37. The Tories are doing the usual trying to divert attention from the mess and shambles they are making. Brexit etc. Trying to divert attention elsewhere. . Creating false flag threats. They are unbelievable. Just ridiculous. The dope on the rope ring leader. Causing trouble, lying and misusing public money.

    The non Dom tax evading Press, in their pocket. Doing their biding. For illegal tax exemption. A complete corrupt racket. Trying to fool the public.

  38. Excellent summation regarding the “interference” in the Scottish Referendum.

    I wonder what “favours” Putin managed to extract for the services provided.

    My disgust at Leask and Co grows almost daily. Their willingness to promote and push the propaganda of the Unionist machine is the very opposite of journalism.

    The obvious elephant in the room appears to be the determined efforts to “haud us tight”.

    If we are such a drain, such a basket case of spongers…why are such efforts being put into holding us?
    I don’t think it is colonial mindset alone. It is pre economics driving it.

    • Thanks for that link Golfnut. WELL worth a read. It’s clear that, as we all knew already, Westminster wants to abolish Holyrood altogether, however in knowing that it’s totally impossible to do so at this time they’ve set out their short term objectives to achieve such a long term aim. Not only are we going to be vying with NIreland for trade but with ”red wall’ England now (and the rest of course). The well publicised chlorinated chicken story masks the reality of a Scotland due to be totally decimated now.

      ”That’s why the Internal Market paper’s pages 12 and 26 make subsidy powers a reserved matter, underlining that London may legislate for a “unified subsidy control regime”. So if there’s a chance of offshore work for the UK, Johnson wants Teesside rather than Invergordon to benefit. Whitehall has already noted that with Prestwick and Ferguson Marine Scottish Government intervened to protect jobs and would probably do the same again.”..


      Martin Keatings:_ ”Yessers I marshal thee. The #RussiaReport is just a distraction, the single biggest attack on Devolution since its inception happened yesterday. Don’t let them bury the fact that yesterday WM voted to effectively steal and override Holyrood. Get #DevolvedPowerGrab trending!”

  39. The Scottish Gov can take the Tories/Johnston to Court. They can go to the UN Courts. The Courts will find in Scotland’s favour. If the Tories try to illegally dilute Devolution. The Tories are creating a legal minefield for themselves.

    The Tories will be voted out.

  40. In many ways I admire the Scottish Government for trying to follow a respectable campaign route to Independence and instant International recognition without any delay.

    However we are dealing with Whitehall!
    An organisation that has centuries of street fighting, dirty tricks experience.
    We will have dirt thrown in our eyes, we will be kicked below the belt and that is not jewellery, it is a knuckle duster.

    Scotland is keeping the UK from collapsing into insignificance. If we think the drowning man will let us use our life belt without challenge then you are sadly mistaken.

    The destruction of Holyrood is now critical to London. It is now essential AND urgent as part of the Brexit Plan.

  41. An appeal to independence supporters living in the Eastwood constituency, West of Scotland region.

    If you are pissed off with the SNP and thinking about not voting SNP in the constituency vote in 2021 just think how good it would be for independence if the Tory leader loses his seat. Sure enough he will probably get in on the list but it will mark him out as a failure and undermine the authority of Jackass Carcrash.

    I post that as someone who does have concerns about some SNP actions/policies. But I have a lot more concerns about Tory actions/policies. A lot more.

    • Cubby

      The unfortunate reality is that carlos jackass is very likely to get back in.
      It’s a 3 way split of the vote in Eastwood but they local tories are likely to see the vote as a local government affair and vote for the party, any donkey will do as long as it has a blue rosette.

      I was please to see the MP change over to SNP as the tory boy was mentored by carlos, they’re big concern in the area was the Post Office closing, still closed and changed hands.
      They voted for brexit as representatives of a remain area.

      • Dave, I understand where you are coming from but if the SNP vote keeps rising it may well happen. For decades people use to say there is no chance of an SNP MP in East Renfrewshire but Kirsten Oswald has now won in 2015 and 2019. In fact, there is even a house in Newton Mearns with a big Yes/Saltire flag on a big flagpole in a back garden – maybe it’s Kirsten😀😀😀 Not many people thought they would ever see that. Things do change is the point I am making.

        The leaflets that Jackass sends out locally are just full of lies. I was extremely disappointed in 2016 that after seeing Jim Murphy’ s pal Ken Macintosh getting relegated to third place he was then replaced by Jackass.

        74.3% remain in East Renfrewshire but Jackass and Masteron ended up agreeing a no deal Brexit was ok. Tories really are the pits. Masterton rightly got his jotters in December lets do the same to Jackass.

    • ”A lot more concerns about Tory actions/policies. A lot more.”

      I reckon if the UK Single Market plans along with the scuppering of our SNHS is made public not only will people in the Eastwood constituency be reconsidering their vote but so too will people from right across the entirety of Scotland. The ONLY political party capable of saving Scotland from being totally annihilated now is the SNP and if people can’t see that I despair.

  42. Vote SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence.

    Vote the Tory/unionists out to protect Scotland.

    Join the SNP. Donate, campaign and do as much as anyone can to protect Scotland.

    Do not split the vote at this vital stage.

  43. The opposition parties can not have their cake and eat it.
    Even if they tried to say that it was only Alex salmond that is connected to Russia, it still works against tories, labour and libdems
    That still would be enough to have to rerun the 2014 referendum as he was our first minister in 2014. They will have to retract their statements openly thus protecting Alex salmond or allow a rerun.
    A need for a section 30 request would not be required as uk gave us one for that referendum,
    With all the evidence shown here ( which we knew about) But were called conspiracies at that time, by uk it implies many people interfered with our 2014 referendum.
    Let us use this propaganda weapon they have thrown at Scotland and bat it right back to them,
    We want a rerun, immediately of the 2014 referendum. Unless they can prove there was no interference from any source including David Cameron and MSM.
    We are totally capable of keeping an eye on the continuation of Holyrude and its powers and ensuring that we protect our nhs better than ever.
    Personally I quite the idea that their own propaganda could backfire on them,

  44. ”This is a damning video about the UK govt’s refusal to protect our democracy. It lands the morning after our govt have refused to protect our parliamentary sovereignty, standards, animal welfare & NHS. This govt has left the UK wide open to attack.”


    Not true, not true, not true, not true….. In other words the UK Government is being run by a pack of liars, as we well know. Interesting to note that the BBC etc ”redacted”, lol, this speech.

    ”Wow! Absolutely damning comments from ISC members against Boris Johnson & his Government for delaying the publication of the #RussiaReport! An absolute must listen!”

  45. And whilst media focus is on the Russian ”interference” in relation to Indyref1 and on castigating Alex Salmond .. AGAIN ….

    ”The Russia report reveals how Putin’s allies used the UK as a ‘laundromat’ to launder Russian money and interfere in British politics.”


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

  46. Tories and Labour in Scotland demanded the BBC put and end to the FMs daily briefings on the pandemic, now Tories and Labour in Westmister are demanding the BBC remove her from these briefings claiming they’re party political broadcasts and have arganised themselves into a new group to defend their preciousss Union and called it *CURG* the *Conservative and Unionist research group* with Jacob Reese Mogg as the Hive Queen of the CURG, we all know what happened with the previous ERG, well they’re at it again

    Scotland’s health Minister Jean Freeman wondered why the Tories and Labour would be opposed to the people of Scotland being informed on the state of the nation’s health

    • I would like to see one of these journalists ask Nicola Sturgeon about the SNHS power grab at the coronavirus briefings. Anyone up for it?

      • There is a bigger chance of getting a suntan in the Artic circle in January than the Britnat journalists asking that question because they are concerned about the NHS.

        If they ask it it is probably to drag the matter away from the immediate public health problem that the briefings are supposed to be about so that their pals the Britnat politicians can argue for them to be stopped.

        Non stop collusion between the British media and the British political parties.

    • At yesterday’s daily brief the Britnat journalists once again tried over and over again to take the briefing on to the Russia report. The FM should continue to tell them it is a health briefing. In other words – pissoff.

      They are deliberately trying to get the briefing on to other matters so they can argue to close it down. The Britnat journalists,just like Johnstons mob in London, do not care about briefing the population properly on the virus.

  47. If this report on Russian influence does one thing it underlines that Westminster is completely out of control. There is no structure, just a shambolic mess that allows the unscrupulous to exploit with impunity. The deviants who are supposedly in charge are not in charge of anything. They are flying by the erse o’ their breeks. They and we are going to be in the midst of brexit/pandemic/economic depression in a few months, plus all the other issues that are endemic to a British system that is comprehensively dysfunctional. The shambles is going to exceed anything we have ever experienced. How do we progress independence in such a situation?

    Fortunately, before the proverbial hits the fan, the thick as mince Brits and misogynist sundry elements have determined to publicly crucify Nicola Sturgeon at Holyrood in August. This will happen against the background of the justified sense of security that Scotland’s population are experiencing because of Nicola Sturgeon’s obvious competence in dealing with the pandemic. The vast majority of the Scottish public are not going to be impressed by this most recent attempt at suicide by the Brits. I forecast that this will galvanize support for Nicola – no matter what the Brits being forward. It will be seen as nothing less than an attempt at character assassination of someone on whom they understand that they rely. They won’t approve – big time.

    I make this point because after September there is going to be very real and increasing worry and fear on the part of very many Scots of long term unemployment. Nicola has already said at previous covid updates that “jobs and health” are going to be the joint agenda at future updates. This is going to be a huge challenge for her and us. Growing support for independence in the middle of an economic depression is going to be phenomenally difficult. She is going to have to convince the Scots that she can deliver a positive outcome that the Brits won’t. If anyone can do it she can, in fact I would go so far as to say that she alone would have any chance. I don’t envy her the task. Anyone on here who genuinely wants independence in the near future will be backing her all the way. Others will still be trying to work out why their witch hunt backfired.

    • Arthur, BBC have already buried the Russian brouhaha.
      On BBC News, headline, relatives can visit care homes in England, Harry Dunn diplomatic immunity law to be tightened up, Labour pay anti Semitism damages to 8 workers, and ain’t Keir Starmer wonderful, and fifteen minutes in, aftert the headlines, a pap piece of two minutes on the dreaded Ruskies.

      Johnny Depp’s libel trial got more time.

      And the Scottish Dead Tree Scrolls fill their pages with banal ‘parish council’ pap.

      England is in the grip of an Iron Heel Oligarchy, which is set on destroying Scotland.

      If not now, when?
      The MPs are off on 10 weeks holidays, back for a week in September and then off for 3 weeks for Party Conferences.
      Am I mad?

      In the midst of a pandemic on the brink of Brexit financial ruin those fat bloated Brit Nats are off to their casas, gites, and villas for the summer, on full wages, unlike millions of zero hour constituents.
      Am I wrong to rage?
      It is time to act, now that England is shut for the summer.

      And I hope that the 48 MPs aren’t doing a disappearing act.

      A Declaration of Independence now, NS?

      Johnson is in the Orkneys tomorrow?
      I’m sure that he will be warmly greeted.

  48. Jack, as I see it you are definitely not wrong to be angry. I am angry. I have been angry about this All my life. It tears my guts out that the community that I was born into have been so conditioned that they are prepared to
    not only live on their knees but to poke their eyes out rather than face the truth that they have internalised their pitiful subservient state. I could go on and on and on again because my mother ensured that I was not afflicted with the cringe.

    BUT the hard truth is that too many Scots are still afflicted even though their numbers are falling and ours are increasing. If Nicola or anyone else turned around and declared independence now they would not have the level of backing needed to carry it through. You and I and many others would never be influenced by the crap put out by the Brits but too many Scots still don’t have the knowledge or the imagination or the awareness or the courage etc. to commit. We have to stay strong and use the momentum that has been achieved to inch our way to our goal. We have to grind it out – grind down the iron heel you talk about – and I believe we can or I wouldn’t be advocating it.

    I also want to tell you that because I don’t have the cringe and because – no doubt like yourself – I have taken an interest in what has happened across the globe to colonised communities throwing out their colonisers, Scotland is by no means unique in having natives who are either so craven or so afraid that they would rather join them than beat them. All independence movements have experienced that. I think I understand that it must take time and genuine courage to overcome the cringe if a person hasn’t had the benefit of being nurtured to understand their true worth. We have to have the patience to allow more Scots to get there. The work put in by innumerable people to eradicate the cringe is paying off.

    I am not someone who thinks that blowing it now would mean independence would be out of the question for generations. Scots like you and i will pursue independence until it happens or we drop down dead. But I think we are getting very close and I don’t want to blow it now because my anger obscured my judgement.

    • Thank you for your considerate and fever calming comments, Arthur.
      I am not advocating UDI, now, or at any time.
      But to allow the events of this week, the Single Market Bill, the dropping of food standards to oil the wheels of a US Free Trade Agreement have passed almost without comment.

      There has to be a clear Statement of intent from the SNP/Greens, and the Yes Movement.

      Our six little friends:
      Who Why What Where When and not least, How?

      None of these steps are in place.
      We are selling fresh air to attract converts.

      I am prepared to facilitate an online workshop to develop a Next Steps Road To Independence Programme based on those humble categories.
      Nobody else seems to be even contemplating it, bar the Usual Fringe Extremists.

      Thank you again for keeping it real.

  49. You said “London has become a laundromat for dirty Russian money.” This isn’t a recent development and it isn’t restricted to Russian money. The City of London has been a laundromat for dirty money from all over the world for decades. It is the money laundering, tax dodging capital of the world, aided and abetted by successive Westminster governments of every colour who have legalised and encouraged these immoral practices via the UK’s extensive network of offshore tax havens. Tax dodging and money laundering are the primary industries of the UK and their activities directly and indirectly damage every other sector of the economy and society. They deprive our public services of desperately needed funds, they do the same to the public finances of countless other countries and, in particular, they impoverish Third World countries. The UK is a cess pit of legalised immorality and corruption. The sooner Scotland divorces itself from this so-called union, the sooner we can develop and deploy policies that are best suited to Scotland’s economy and society.

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