Dugcast fae the dughoose – with Delyth Jewell

In this week’s edition of the dugcast fae the dughoose, I am delighted to be joined online by Delyth Jewell AS/MS who gives us a perspective from Wales.  Delyth sits for Plaid Cymru in the Welsh parliament, the Senedd, as the representative for the South Wales East region.  We chat about the differences between the Scottish and Welsh media, and how the different experiences of Scotland and Wales have produced different responses to independence.  Delyth tells us about the recent vote in the Senedd about whether Wales should be able to hold an independence referendum, the factors behind the rise in support for Welsh independence, and how people in Wales look at what is happening in Scotland with immense interest.   And, of course, much more besides.

The email link that Delyth refers to in the podcast if you have a contribution to make to the debate about Wales’s future is Delyth.Jewell@senedd.wales

If you have problems with the embedded link, you can download the podcast here: https://soundcloud.com/user-291670852/dugcast-24-07-2020-with-delyth-jewell

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36 thoughts on “Dugcast fae the dughoose – with Delyth Jewell

  1. O/T but I think you should be aware. I’m in England and subject to a different testing system.

    Just had a phone call – No Caller ID – from the NHS Test & Trace advising me I’ve been in contact with a covid +ve case and I need to isolate immediately for 7 days and complete a test that will be sent to me in the next 3 days.

    They had my address and postcode – but also asked me for £58.95 for an administration fee (refundable) and a debit card number.

    No I didn’t.

    It’s hardly surprising people are not complying presently, but this kind of scam has deadly potential.

    Be aware.

  2. A big thanks and thumbs up from me.

    And as for butterflies, here’s something from 2013:

    12. (of 60.)

    The caterpillar grows up

    Once upon a time, there was a little caterpillar. He was considered by a lot of the other animals to be a small, ugly little creature.

    “How I wish I was free and beautiful like you” he said one day to the butterflies. “Free to fly in the warm air currents, away from these bullying creatures who poke fun at my smallness and ugliness.”

    “You will, little caterpillar,” said one of the butterflies, giving a tinkling laugh. “You will, one day soar with us in the deep air oceans and we will welcome you as one of us. We’ll also look after you and love you as one of our own.”

    “Oh thank you, thank you” gushed the little caterpillar, who had never been loved or appreciated so much before in his life. “I certainly hope so.”

    “Believe in yourself,” said one of the wisest butterflies. “Believe in better.”

    Suddenly, a large, black shadow materialised in the sky. The butterflies fled in all directions all a-flutter.

    “Aha! What have we here?” cackled a big white bird.

    The caterpillar gulped.

    “By rights, I should eat you” said the big white bird. “But you’re far too small and far too ugly for my taste. Be gone with you – before I change my mind.”

    The caterpillar gulped again. “T-t-t-thank you” he stuttered.

    “Don’t mention it!” said the big white bird and flew off, cackling.


    Now the little caterpillar was a good little caterpillar. He ate all his greens – just like his Mummy caterpillar told him to. In fact, he ate so much that he felt very sleepy. So creeping inside his gold and black cocoon, he fell into a deep and contented sleep.

    He dreamt of the free butterflies and then dreamt – a nightmare – of the big white bird gobbling him up.

    In the morning, the caterpillar woke up inside his gold and black cocoon. Only he was not a caterpillar any more. He was a beautiful blue and white butterfly.

    The small, ug-…, sorry, the beautiful new blue and white butterfly spread his wings and joined the other butterflies in the sky.

    “Welcome!” said the wise butterfly who had told him to believe in himself the day before. “We told you you could do it!”

    “Yes! Yes! And thank you. Thank you, all” said the blue and white butterfly, smiling.

    It was such a joyous feeling – freedom and having the love and respect of the other butterflies, in the clear blue sky. He was free of all those nasty bullies too who had previously mocked him for his size and appearance.

    He had all those lovely, pretty flowers which he hadn’t seen before to visit too. Life was very good and the blue and white butterfly had found his place at last. He was very happy.

    Parables for the New Politics 



    • Remember, Chicmac, this doesn’t *strictly* work grammatically or phonetically in Welsh.

      You could try ‘carrots’ and the first syllable only of ‘first’ (i.e. ‘cyntaf’ – the stress is on that first syllable, too!) and therefore the expression, ‘first carrots’ … which is closer to what you want.

      I won’t spoil it by saying what you ‘know’. 🙂

      – Professional Welsh 1st language linguist

      • I don’t think it *means* anything – in either language. It’s just the playful use of the sounds, /kənt/ ( ot in English /kʌnt/) and /’moron/.

        That’s why I was trying to say that the Welsh for ‘100’ is /kant/, so the joke doesn’t really work phonetically …

          • No, I sort of half got it, but I hadn’t appreciated that Chicmac was thinking of Welsh words. Thanks for humouring my ignorance, moron ydw i, mae’n siŵr … 🙁

          • It works very well if you ask Alexa what it means in Welsh and in a luvalee Welsh accent too.

  3. Enjoyed the different perspective. The Welsh cringe and the Scottish cringe promoted by the English news media and weather forecasters. Always frothed at the England’s Isle of White appearing larger than Arran despite being a third smaller.

  4. Good to hear the situation explained for Wales. Going to mid Wales in September. Looking forward to a few indy chats.

  5. I notice our other Celtic cousins from Ireland is treating Scotland the same as England in relation to quarantine re covid despite our much lower rates.
    Disappointed in them.

    • Unfortunately we all have the same stupid passports so Ireland has to ban everybody to keep England out, it’s good for us too, if they tried to ban just England they’d be sweeping over the border driving up for the ferry

      That’s another reason for Independence notched up, we’d have Scottish passports and the FM could’ve done a New Zealand right from the start

    • Jim, they’ll do anything to blacken our Government and let the Private Care Home owners off the hook.

      There will be a reckoning that even BBC North Korea won’t be able to hide.
      This attempt at a whitewash is right up there with the Grenfell Tower cover up.

      Manslaughter charges through neglect, low paid unskilled zero hours staff terrified to go off sick as they are not paid sick pay and would be laid off?

      What’s the annual staff turnover in private care homes?


      I presume that these actors realised that they were taking part in an SNP Hatchet job.

      Dire desperate smear piece.

      Plausible deniability; get actors to mouth unsubstantiated statements from anonymous contributors who fear sacking by their hedge fund employers if they identify themselves?
      A reign of fear, intimidation,and the threat of zero hour sacking; and it’s all that bad Nicola Sturgeon’s fault?

      I repeat, when is the last helicopter due to leave for London from the roof of BBC Pathetic Quay?

      • It appears that the guy who made this propaganda piece is ex Daily Record. Another hatchet job.

        Of course, prior to the pandemic nobody knew that Care Home staff were working for a pittance, many on zero hours contracts, with crap conditions, to line the pockets of private owners. Nobody knew this and so they delivered their loved ones into the unknown. Now they discover what deep down they didn’t know all along. Hypocrisy is not a pretty sight. Hypocrisy plus Indignation is even uglier. A lot of people are going to latch onto this piece of, facts rearranged to enable, fiction.

        They are going to use It to politicise the issue. Not because they care but because they don’t care.

        One day they are going to find themselves being cared for by people whose harrowing experiences they choose to exploit. Hell mend them.

      • To be fair the actors were role playing, whether they knew the political slant beforehand is for them to clarify, but I doubt it somehow.
        My initial thoughts were over-reaction, but on reading the MSM article describe the piece as –
        “It analyses claims that Scottish Government ­failures over personal protective ­equipment (PPE) guidance, virus testing and hospital treatment could have resulted in hundreds or even thousands of deaths”
        I realised you were quite right to be furious, a blatant propaganda piece to exonerate the private home-care industry in Scotland before investigations and review have even begun, ironic when Johnson is already rehearsing to throw them under a bus in England.
        Does ABC have a “Sponsored by ….” logo ready, because it is about time they had one for Pennington, Kilgour et al influences.
        The first major public health emergency in a century and THIS is allegedly human progress.

        • Pennington, 82, predicted 150,000 deaths from Mad Cow disease.
          Care of our elderly should be encompassed into our National Health Service, publicly owned, with staff having the same rights, training and qualifications as other health and health support personnel.

          I believe that the Police have become involved in some Care Home cases.

          But BBC North Korea do not work for the benefit of the people of Scotland who pay their wages through the TV Tax; they are the propaganda wing of the Fourth Reich.
          Their New DG is a dyed in the wool Tory Grandee.

          I pity many English citizens, but not the millions who voted to keep the Rape Clause.
          Hell slap it up ’em.

          • “Care of our elderly should be encompassed into our National Health Service, publicly owned, with staff having the same rights, training and qualifications as other health and health support personnel”… Damned right, but precisely the reason Poison and his accomplices have amplified the SG offensive to protect the precise opposite…
            Neither ABC nor Pennington nor Kilgour have been or are will ever work in Scotland’s best interests, only their own, that kind of mafia we can do without…

  6. En passant, it can’t be long now until Laura Kuenssberg is announced as the Fourth Reich’s New Head of Communications to front Johnson’s twice daily ‘presidential’ Press Briefings to pre selected ‘sympathetic’ London Hacks.

    There she was yesterday gently shepherding Johnson through another pointless piece of pap in the garden.
    France is to close its border with Spain, but you can still bevvy on the Costas and jump on the bonnets of cars and fly back into England untested.

    I look forward to snaps of the citizens of Perpignan at the border urging Catalonians to stay out of France.
    It is time to close our border with England, the Plague Capital of Europe.

  7. The SNP Gov provides personal care that helps people stay in their own homes. Elderly people get support to stay in their own homes as they wish. It costs less.

    Personal home care up to £100 a week. Residential home care £600 a week. Hospital care £600 a day.

    The SNP Gov increased funding for the SNHS from £11Billion to £12.5Billion. Built new hospitals, met prescription costs. Introduced Minimum unit pricing. To save lives and healthcare costs.

    Increased careers allowance. Kinship payments so children do not have to go into care. There are far less children in the care system. They get support and funding up to 21. Council tax paid and learning costs support. Grants/loans for lower income students.

    The Tories cut NHS funding. £20Billion. Cut welfare. £16Billion Cut Education £6Billion a year. The ConDems austerity. Cameron/Clegg. The lying reneged Vow.

    The SNP Gov had to mitigate the cuts. £100 million (a year?)to mitigate the cuts.

    Clegg now making £Millions at Facebook. Killing people.

    Johnston/Tories are killing people. Vote Tory to die younger.

    The illegal Barnett Formula taking £Billion out of Scotland. To Westminster bad, poor management. Scotland has to pay for what it does not need but does not have the monies for what it does need, The Westminster Treasury had wasted it on unscrutinised, illegal Westminster projects. No taxation without representation.

  8. BBC Sc just had a Ben Nimmo on basically implying that in 2014 foreign governments (doesn’t apply to Westminster) were interfering in promoting independence.
    Such weak interviewing. Comments and suggestions treated as facts. The bbc acting as state broadcaster— as in the English state.

    Who is Ben Nimmo? Worked for NATO

    See below


  9. https://wikispooks.com/wiki/Ben_Nimmo

    Why the link above?

    Mr Nimmo ex NATO interviewed by BBC Scotland (part of England’s state broadcasting system) as how foreign governments allegedly interfered in 2014’s reverendum. I say alleged as there is no evidence. How did the bbc demonstrate their impartiality? The role of Cameron canvassing Putin, Obama, Spanish authorities, foreign oil companies CEO’s. Nothing.
    You could almost believe this was intential.

  10. A good dugcast Paul. Really interesting to hear a Welsh perspective and I wish Wales speedy success.

    I have to say that my heart sinks to the pit of my stomach when I think of the horrific journey they are embarking on.

  11. People who come to Scotland have to abide by the stricter rules to contain coronavirus. The Scottish Gov have more realistic restrictions to contain the virus. It can then be eradicated with less deaths.

    Visitors have to abide by these containment rules. To eradicate the virus. Testing systems set up. Restrictions lowered gradually according to public health considerations.

    It is difficult to close all borders. Sea border right around the coast.The UK Border force. A reserved matter.

    At the peak of the virus people had to stay at home. No movement of traffic. To all intents and purpose the border was closed. Roads were empty of traffic or people. The border roads were closed of all but essential traffic. People could only exercise, locally, once a day.

  12. Wales is underfunded by the Westminster Treasury. Wales should receive a better settlement. Projects reneged upon. Tidal Renewable schemes reneged upon by Westminster Treasury.

    People can live in Wales and commune to London S/E for work, Long journey. Congestion, Benefit for London overfunding by Westminster Gov. Non scrutinised public sector contracts. Hinkley Point, HS2, Trident etc, £Billions wasted. That could be better spent. Private/public sector borrowing. At higher cost.

  13. Greenham Common. Shut down in 1992. Nuclear risk to 10 million in London S/E.

    From 1983 to 1991. 96 US nuclear missiles heads were stored there. Shut down after protests.

    Hinkley Point by the sea. New nuclear threat being built. Cost £Billions over budget and over time. There are vast, less costly alternatives.

    Swansea Bay Renewable Lagoon project. Cancelled by the Tories in June 2018. Low budget renewable project. Clean, low cost produced energy scheme. Cancelled. It would have helped the Welsh economy.

    Westminster Treasury poor bad decision.
    Illegally unscrutinised public contracts. For the Tories and their associates. Lining their pockets wasting public monies. The reason they are in politics. For personal gain.

  14. ‘There were 2,400 more deaths in care homes’. The virus was fatal for the elderly especially with underlining conditions. Elderly men more than women. Women outlive men by 5 years on average. Worldwide.

    Total deaths 4500 (with underling conditions). Over a period of five months.
    900 a month.

    There are on average 50,000 deaths in Scotland on average. More on average in the winter than the summer.

    1000 a week. More on average in the winter than the summer. Mostly elderly with underling conditions.

    The Scottish Gov contained the virus.

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