The hostile take-over

Well there’s a surprise, if you define ‘suprise’ as being something that you could see coming from a mile away and were entirely expecting. The Conservative government of the performance artiste known as Boris Johnson has refused the official request from the Scottish Government for extra borrowing powers in order to help the Scottish economy recover from the effects of the pandemic.

On a flying visit to Edinburgh Steve Barclay, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, officially turned down the request from Scottish Finance Secretary Kate Forbes which had been made a few weeks ago. There’s another example of Conservative politicians that Scotland didn’t vote for dropping into Scotland to tell us that we can’t be trusted with grown up things. The Tories are ensuring that Scotland is to be kept dependent on the UK treasury so that they can tell us that Scotland couldn’t cope with independence because we’re dependent upon the UK treasury.

Telling Scotland that independence means we’d be a fiscal basket case is after all the sole remaining argument that the British nationalists have got left, so it’s scarcely surprising that the Conservatives don’t wish to allow Scotland the ability to exercise even a limited degree of fiscal independence within the UK. Essentially the argument of British nationalism that Scotland depends financially on the British Government is not an argument about money, it’s an argument about power. Naturally a Scotland which is a part of a UK where the UK Treasury jealously guards all the purse strings and ensures that Scotland must rely upon what it pleases Westminster to call a block grant is a Scotland which relies on the UK financially. That’s how it’s designed to work. It’s a bit like yer maw demanding that you hand over your pay packet and doling out whatever she fits to you, and then telling you that you can’t leave home because you’re financially dependent on her. The difference is that yer maw probably loves you and has your best interests at heart. The only interests that the Tories take to heart are their own.

We’re going to see a lot more of this sort of thing over the coming months as the British Government attempts to respond to the new reality of a Scotland where there are regular and consistent majorities for independence. It’s likely that support for independence is only going to grow after December when the UK exits the EU transitional period and the reality of Brexit is properly felt. The Tories, and British nationalism in general, have no answer to the rise in support for Scottish independence. They only have some short term tactics. And in many cases their tactics are not remotely convincing.

Just think of all those people you know who saw that photo of Johnson standing on the quayside at Stromness holding two crabs and thought, “Well that’s me convinced. It’s the UK for me.” Although it’s fair to say that his trip convinced a lot of people of something. Just not what Johnson was hoping for. It was a trip carried out by a Downing Street which doesn’t have the foggiest notion of how it’s perceived in Scotland, and more importantly, doesn’t care.

The notable thing here is that it’s not as if the Conservatives couldn’t have foreseen what was going to happen in Scotland if they pursued a hard line Brexit without taking a Scotland where a substantial majority voted to remain into account. Scotland voted to remain in the EU by a much larger margin than it voted against independence – in an independence referendum campaign where the issue of staying in the EU was one of the most salient debating points. The Tories knew what the response in Scotland was going to be. They just didn’t care. They had already decided that they were going to employ their English majority to ram through whatever they wanted and force the rest of the UK to comply. And then they have the utter gall to preach about a union.

A union is not sustainable when one member is larger than all the others combined and the ruling party doesn’t even think it need to make even a pretence of consulting the smaller member nations and keeping them on board. The so-called union was not sustainable in the long term when there was a solid bloc of 45% of Scottish voters who were determined to seek independence. It’s even less sustainable now that that 45% is 54% – and likely to rise even higher. The long standing trope of British nationalism that their union is founded upon consent and the voluntary membership of its constituent parts will be tested to destruction. The Conservatives could get away with arguing that Scotland’s membership of the UK was voluntary while at the same time refusing another referendum while only a minory, albeit a large minority, of the Scottish electorate supported independence. It’s a very different matter now that a majority of Scotland’s voters want independence. The problem for the Conservatives is that the longer they try to defy the will of a majority of the people of Scotland the more people in Scotland will come to the conclusion that the Tories are lying about the nature of this so-called union and will move to support independence as a result. The Tories’ own delaying tactic of refusing a referendum merely makes it all the more likely that Scotland’s support for the UK will wither and die.

Meanwhile Layla Moran, no I hadn’t heard of her either, is one of the leadership contenders for the Lib Dems. Yes, the Lib Dems are still a thing. Anyway, Layla wants to make an “emotional” case for keeping Scotland in the UK. Although you could be forgiven for thinking that was what we were already getting, what with the temper tantrums of being told that we’d be nothing without Westminster alternating with unconvincing pleas that we’re loved and wanted.

That’s all that the British nationalists have got left, denying democracy and making the kind of emotional romantic pleas that they once accused independence supporters of peddling. But despite their best efforts, more and more the veil is falling from Scotland’s eyes and we are seeing this UK for what it really is, a massive con trick. This isn’t a union at all. It’s a hostile take-over by the Conservatives.

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111 thoughts on “The hostile take-over

  1. Wonder If any of the Sunday papers have commissioned another Indy poll for publication tomorrow?
    All the publicity following the second, 54% poll may have generated a “normalisation” boost. The constitutional question has been raised in profile. Debate has been stimulated. Much talk of despondent, senior Unionist. Multiple headlines and sub-headlines putting “inevitable” and “independence” in the same proposition. Even of the proposition is; “Independence is NOT inevitable”, the subliminal message is “… but yeah, it probably is.”.
    If the field work for the next Indy poll is done post Johnson’s Northern jaunt, his presence will be conflated with any boost in Indy support. Hardly a material point but the schadenfreude would be delicious.

    • It’s quite likely, VO7, I received an online survey through Populuslive just the other day. It was the same survey as I completed a few weeks back, so if it’s not out on Sunday I expect it will be coming soon.

  2. ” It’s a bit like yer maw demanding that you hand over your pay packet and doling out whatever she fits to you, and then telling you that you can’t leave home because you’re financially dependent on her…”

    That’s got to be the best analogy yet…

    Also scary, you must have met my late mother!!

  3. ” A union is not sustainable when one member is larger than all the others combined”


    And that is why we got Brexit, they can’t stand anyone not agreeing to do what they want.
    They always want to hold power “We used to control a third of the world you know”

    Democracy! The UK doesn’t do democracy.

  4. The UK was pretty much finished in 1976. It escaped it’s fate courtesy of the International Monetary Fund & North Sea oil. Without the oil it’s not hard to figure out what the IMF response would have been.

    Fast forward to 2019 and even the Financial Times can see how leaving the EU leaves Scotland without the sole benefit of being in a union – it’s international role within it. As it says, ‘Brexit is an English rather than a British enterprise’.

  5. What is money? Money represents wealth,how does any country produce wealth? it grows wealth by developing its natural resources. Scotland without even counting the oil and gas has got more clean energy in wind,water,solar and hydro energy to build a manufacturing,farming and fishing industries beyond most countries of Scotland’s population, and probably somebody next door with twelve times its population. They can’t kid us for much longer, bring on indy2 the quicker the better.

  6. Well said, with so much railed against the Indy cause in the media in recent days your summary is yet again, welcome relief.
    I’d refine your “It’s a hostile take-over by the Conservatives” to “It’s a hostile take-over by a small clique of the Conservatives”, as it is clear at least half of England’s Tories believe they’ve been bumped out of the nest by a cuckoo, and the Union is no longer what is was, however flawed that view from this side of the fence.
    The Clique may be in power in London, but with their Tory support base draining away rapidly on a national basis (see death spiral in Scotland aka Douglas Ross), even a rebrand with a Johnson replacement cannot save them as the Brexit “sunny uplands” are sold as a subscription VR program.
    When England finally twigs to the extent of the con their response will not be pretty, so the sooner Scotland divests itself of the General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett, VC, KCB, DSO influences on our world the better…

    • On Channel 4 on Thursday night, Douglas Ross apparently lied through his teeth when he declared that the workers in Baxter’s Plant cheered Johnson.
      It transpires that the workforce had been sent home prior to his visit for fear of any hostility to the Grand Vizier during his walkabout.
      Barclay and Jack looked like a right couple of prunes in their ridiculous photo Op at a sympathetic Yoon pet farm.
      B-lister Jack’s tortured embarrassed face said it all.
      He looked he was muttering under his breath:-‘ Beam me up, Scottie.’

      By whom are we Scots being held in check?

      I refuse any more to tolerate the notion that England can ‘forbid’ me from leaving their Union.

      It’s time to ‘take back control’ of our borders, laws, money, domestic and foreign policy, our Defence Capability…where have I heard that before?

      I refuse to be frog marched into England’s Northern Detention Centre, under military controlled House Arrest.

      I am a Scot, and sovereign.

      We are taking our country

      The UK is dead.

  7. The *Block grant*, only a country who thought to keep themselves in a position of superiority would refer to handing back a proportion of another country’s earnings as a *grant*
    That reference was always designed to give the impression to the people of England that Scotland recieved finance from them personally thereby cementing their immediate affront at Scotland should we ever claim we are underfunded from our own taxation, and it also assists to ingrain the lie that Scotland cannot support itself

    Scotland cannot survive without the largesse of England has always been the fallback position, because England has the treasury from which money appears and Scotland cannot make money appear because we have no treasury so remain at the whim of whichever British government England votes into office, it’s a pathetic trick and easy to see through for those who care to look, the problem has always been convincing people to look, and of course there are people who believe they are dependent and like it but after you’ve grown up and *gone on your own can* would you still be happy to give your Mum all your wages on a Friday night and wait for her to give you back less than two thirds of it to live on when you don’t even live in Mums house

    Liberal Democrat Layla Moran, a lovely charming woman who concerns herself as much about Scotland as the fisherman concerns himself when he administers his priest to the Salmon he’s just caught

    It’s not their fault but English people have a Big o Doon mentality about Scotland when nobody talks about us, it’s only when there’s a complaint from Scotland they turn their ire on us as though we are the ungrateful Olivers asking for some more please

    The elite who run England now and always have done took a long time to formulate a deceit that could encompass an entire population of different countries yet always leave them in control where all wealth flowed back to them, it’s a masterful lesson in the constuction of propaganda and dumbed down education to achieve and to have the majority of England’s population defend their own ill treatment and the ill treatment of others on the ruling elite’s behalf

    That’s the leftovers of the belief in a benign Monarchy that never existed other than to enrich itself at the expence of those it controlled, once again a masterpiece of control to convince people that they are less equal because they were born that way

    It’s no wonder the world has seen violent revolutions when truth slams the indoctrinated in the face

  8. The biggest mistake the yoons ever made was to leave the defence of the union in the hands of a shower of rotten bastards like the tories.

    And to Layla Moran – “Better together” was your emotional case for union and it fucking failed. It failed so badly you needed a vow and then you fucked that up by never keeping it.

  9. The Tory/unionists will be voted out. Especially in Scotland. Johnston will be gone soon. The Brexit mess and shambles. Every Westminster leader who opposes Independence for Scotland does not last very long. Who wants the poisoned chalice?

    Support for SNP/Independence increasing. The bright, aware young ones coming on board.

  10. An interesting article here from Richard Murphy of Tax Research UK today outlining his view on what Scotland should do regarding currency after independence:
    I have to say I totally agree with him on this and also agree that they need to be making noises on it now. Hanging on to any form of links to sterling would be a huge mistake for us.

  11. Kayla, I wonder if the Kinks single had anything to do with her naming, anyway emotional appeals will probably consist of fighting 2 world wars and the blitz. We’ll have Vera Lynn every night, rationing will be back in place due to Brexit and power cuts as Scotland’s electricity goes south to light up London, so we’ll have the blackout as well. Yep works for me.

      • Given what the song was about, does that drag us back to the GRA?

        “girls will be boys, and boys will be girls, its a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world”

        I remember enjoying the song as a kid. It was years later upon hearing it again that I figured out what the lyrics were about 🙂

  12. We will deny you all borrowing powers. We will decide how much financial help goes to businesses, we will decide when it starts and for how long it lasts. We will then crow that but for Westminster and the BofE you would be doomed.

    This circular arguement has to end! The person holding the kitty in the pub isn’t buying us drinks. If that was being claimed we would all say piss off we will buy our own.

    I can borrow money against my assets, my income – Why can my country not.

    I wouldn’t agree to my next door neighbour getting an expensive car, parking it on my drive and demanding I share the cost of buying and running it.

    However as a country we get Trident 11 dumped on our doorstep and billed costs.

    What does Scotland need with Aircraft Carriers and long range Astute Class nuclear submarines in our drive.

    We certainly don’t need the rotten nuclear hulks dumped at Rosyth!

    • The SG should get the word out to the world all assets in Scottish territory land sea or air are the assets of Scotland and do not belong to England .buyer beware is coming soon you have been warned. Come on SG tell the world you cannot do business with other peoples property.

      • As long as the assets don’t include the aforementioned rotting hulks in Rosyth or the nuclear subs in Faslane. We don’t want them, but we should charge rUK £1m+/week/hulk/submarine to store them until removed.

  13. The LiDems are anything but Liberal. I cannot understand the Scottish Branch members ( I assume at least two). The are pro EU and yet they will back a Hard, hard Brexit in order to stay in the UK under Tory Rule.

    I am a LibDem but I will oppose a democratic Referendum???

  14. For fairness I should highlight that the Labour Party fully support the Trident replacement.

    A Union that gives us no say in having weapons of Force Projection. It is not Defence, it is a long range political political intimidation. It is about ensuring a seat at the top table. Not only do we pay for it we have the extremely high risk from it being sited in our main population area.

    This is Union benefit???

  15. Speaking to some friends and one who is English got uppity when told that the Mr Barbour who started the Barbour wax jacket company was British , he immediately said no its not its English

    The response from my Scottish friend who is a unionist was , but Mr Barbour was Scottish !

    The reply from my English labour voting friend to that was , but the factory is in North Shields which as far as I know is in England and I should know because that’s where I was born !

    My Scottish friend then said , well surely that makes the company British if the owner that started the company was Scottish and the factory is in England it’s British.

    My English pals reply was , how come every time England has something good its got to be called British and yet every time Scotland has something good Scotland insists that it has to be called Scottish I’m sick of Scotland trying to take from England.

    My head went right then left then right then……back and forth mouth wide open speechless and that’s not like me but I just thought to myself without saying a word
    ” the British nationalists are beginning to fight with themselves ”
    Leave them to it I thought
    Don’t interrupt them when they are destroying one another’s argument
    for ” the union”

  16. Today, I sat at a small gathering when politics came up. One middle aged ex Skye man (a cousin) said “it’s just as well we didn’t get the independence vote in 2014, as right now, we would be goners”, why is that says I, “we would have nothing, no tourism, no oil, no whisky, no fishing, oh perhaps energy, and as for that Sturgeon, she wants to be Queen Nicola, and a part of the EU”, so at that point, another person, a woman (another cousin, far more sensible), ‘I happen to like her’ and ‘we have water to sell’, and so this softly spoken middle aged man, who was born and raised in Skye and still hankers after his birthright, has some strange ideas about a lot of things, who does agree we were brainwashed with British parochialism at an age when our brains could have been learning Gaelic and all about the reality of a time gone by, and yet, now, he’s forgetting all about his precious grandson’s future who he dotes upon. He did say however, he would prefer Scotland to be independent, but such a mindset of ‘we would not survive’ is somehow existing in a brain that’s lived in the south for some time. Strange world.
    Still shaking my head with ‘how weird was that’ and ‘what a drip’…

  17. WGD talks about independence, as does Wings, as does TalkingUpScotland.

    The SNP talks about Covid, about GRA, and Hate Crime legislation. Their justice minister Humza Yousef calls some Scots campaigners morons.

    SNP administrators, please smell the coffee.

    • Since Covid-19 is the biggest crisis to hit Scotland since WWII in terms of the health of the population and the economic hit we will all take, it is right that this should be highest on the agenda of the Scottish government.

      They need to continue talking about it as it hasn’t gone away. Have you not been paying any attention to what is going on in the USA and more recently Spain?

      As for all the talk about GRA and Hate Crime legislation, there are many who talk about those subjects an awful lot more than the SNP as I’m sure you’ll have noticed.

      • I read somewhere that the death toll from COVID-19 is now higher than those lost due to the blitz. If that is the case then get me out of this place. We are all becoming self harming idiots. Bravado does not a vaccine make. If that ends with Scotland / England becoming separate nations then, lets put up the border posts.

        On a semi-related point, to do that legally would require either an agreement from Westminster that England is a viral threat to Scotland and thus they would agree to the border being shut. Or what?

        We are moving into uncharted territory here. Would Scotland even have a constitutional right to close the Scotland / England border even if the death tolls were hugely different? I’m asking from a Scottish perspective, but it also ought to be asked from an English persepctive too. What if, I pray that this never happens, there was a huge spike in COVID – 19 in Scotland, hugely outmatching their recent spike? Would Westminster close the border on those circumstances?

        I believe they would.

        This is no union of equals.

        • Interesting that you mentioned “the blitz”… thing is, it is estimated that around half the deaths (and a fair amount of destruction) came from friendly fire… ie anti-aircraft batteries, which predominantly were not “real” anti-aircraft weapons at all, and were in fact naval guns mounted in parks etc. The government knew full well that this was the case and continued pointlessly firing these weapons, as they took the view it was good for morale and that they had to be seen to be doing something.

          Pearl Harbour was the same. The troops which manned the dedicated anti-aircraft batteries were all “stood down” enjoying leave in Honolulu. The anti-aircraft fire put up were from the 5 inch guns on the ships. With low elevations to maximise effect. This meant that Honolulu was shelled by American ordinance and suffered an incredible amount of damage and a large number of civilian casualties. The Japanese did not attack Honolulu.

      • This is statistically and historically untrue.

        Hong Kong Flu of 1968/1969 was far more deadly and killed more people than covid19.

        Tuberculosis (another highly infectious disease) kills around 1.5 million people each year, despite there being a vaccine.

        • Why don’t you tell us all about the lockdown they had in 1968/69, I can’t remember anything about it. While you’re at it, what would have been you’re estimate of the number of deaths in the last 4 months due to Covid without a lockdown?

          Just the same? A little bit more? Less than there was? It’s all a load of shite?

          If you like I can give you links as to the possible number of deaths in the UK in the coming months, not my numbers of course but 37 of the UK’s top scientists.

        • Oh and a by the way, the 37 top scientists produced the report at the request of the UK government. Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance have gone into hiding as Johnson lifts restrictions willy nilly. They don’t want to be left holding the parcel.

          I couldn’t give a shit who is paying attention, I know that I am and I know that I am telling those close to me that this has not gone away. I have elderly relatives and I have issues myself that might be a problem if I caught Covid-19. I’d rather avoid it if I can.

          I’m not interested in the Hong Kong flu and neither should you be, this is now and we are dealing with Covid-19. If leaders like Trump and Johnson chose to ignore it then they will pay the price, Trump is certain to lose the Presidency because of his handling of the Covid crisis.

          Johnson is not certain to lose the next election but he is certain to lose the Union, he too will pay the price for his handling of the Covid crisis.

          • Add at least 20,000 to that 45,000 and it will be nearer the truth for the UK.
            Despite all the weird comparisons floated from the onset of this pandemic, Covid remains the most serious public health threat to hit the UK in a century.
            Consider what the death toll might have been without the communication, knowledge and intervention capabilities available today, it’s quite a sobering thought.

    • Smell the coffee? Only if don’t have covid. As for gra and hate crime give us a break . There are drafts going through various stages of consultation. Repeat, consultations which allows fellow cyclists to make their views known. Wingers are talking about that for the past year ad nauseum. The covid virus is still killing and maiming despite the deniers trying to encourage people to defy wearing face coverings/ masks. They would honestly prefer other citizens to become ill or even die. How low can you get.
      The FM and SNP government are doing well. The discussion on independence will ratchet up.

      Just listen to the unionists just now. An election is in the wind. Patience.

  18. Fair points Alex, notice however that Johnson in this visit to Scotland didn’t major on Covid, his spiel was on how much we need the benevolence of Wesrminster. Dr Phillipa Whitford and Jean Freeman are more than capable of dealing with Covid and so free Nicola Sturgeon to contest Unionist political propaganda.

    Brexit looms large, and will. I fear be at least as great a concern to our wellbeing as Covid.

    Finally, we are fed that the Russians are the “baddies” – the Russian state, or the Russians individuals who provide funds to the Tories?

  19. The Labour party have just declared me as bad taste because I wear a Saltire face mask, nice to know the Labour party see the flag of our country as bad taste, oh, they’ve complained about tartan ones as well, and well anything with a Scottish theme and particualrly the SNP logo

    So basically all emblems related to anything Scotland are in bad taste

  20. It’s going to be interesting to see how Nicola handles the borrowing issue.

    I think that she is going to patiently spell out to the Scottish public that their wellbeing is being is being put right on the line. The public already know that the health harms of the pandemic and the response to the economic harms are inextricably linked. ‘Jobs and health’ was what she spelled out a week or two ago at the covid update. This is not contrived. With terrible levels of unemployment just weeks away a choice is going to have to be made as to who is going to put their interests first. Nicola will stick to facts, advocate for change, explain that she cannot protect if she doesn’t have the powers and solicit all party support at Holyrood.

    Are the 🔥fireworks about to begin? I think so.

    • I’d like to think so Arthur, meantime the major powers that aren’t governed by populist leaders such as Johnson and Trump are beginning to speak out about their failures to combat this virus.

      From Japan Today, “In struggle against pandemic, populist leaders fare poorly”

      Worth a read.

  21. Well, it looks like Scotland dodged a bullet there. Just as we were about to open up flights to Spain, England has pulled the plug on spnish holidays as the virus over there takes hold again.

    100,000’s of English spoiled brats are over there now getting drunk into the wee sma’ hours and trashing cars, and breaking every Covid rule.

    The TV news is full of their hard luck stories tonight. They face 14 days quarantine on return! No fair!!

    Well, hell slap it up ’em.

    Are the English, and some idiot Scots who smuggled themselves across the border and flew from English airports, that selfish, that spoiled, that childish, that they couldn’t survive without having two weeks in the sun gorging on obese inducing burger and chips, and drinking ’til they vomit and start fighting each other.

    Our hacks have been pestering our FM for weeks to follow England and let the scourge of European Holidays, the drunken Jock/Brit jet off to Spain, and come back and infect the rest of us.

    Happy now, Hacks?

    WE are in the midst of a global pandemic which killed 464 people in England last week, none in Scotland, none in N Ireland and none in Wales.

    Yet we are to pander to the infantile hedonism of a few thousand juvenile imbeciles who demand to go abroad, and let the rest of us pick up the pieces and medically treat them if they fall ill because of their excesses?
    Close the border with England now, NS.

    England is a plague ridden nation.

  22. Jack,
    Are the English, and some idiot Scots who smuggled themselves across the border and flew from English airports, that selfish, that spoiled, that childish, that they couldn’t survive without having two weeks in the sun gorging on obese inducing burger and chips, and drinking ’til they vomit and start fighting each other.

    Yes. We had the bbc Scotland allowing one such middle class lady on last week sounding off.

    Because of the nasty snp government. They had to travel. From Spain (?holiday home) and live in France for a week before coming back to Scotland via an English airport. How many people could she and her selfish husband potentially infect on their way.

    I did think she was not a youngster just someone with a belief in their wealth that they have more entitlement than the rest of us.

    Selfish is the word

  23. I thought I had escaped the Inquisition order of Wings but I see they have sent a few missionaries here to covert the fallen.

    Remember when Independence was the aim…sigh!

    • Julia Gibb,

      I, too, escaped their inquisitorial ways!

      Dunno if their missionaries will convert any of us.

      Paul Kavanagh runs this site and allows a fairly free exchange of views. I have been commenting on here for yonks and generally find other folk here to be decent and committed to the cause, y’know independence and freedom and stuff like that?

      That would certainly encompass the site owner. And any errors – y’know factual mistakes that I may make – have been correctly and politely corrected.

      I don’t think your host here is anything like your host there, if you see what I mean.

      Just my thoughts.

      Best wishes

  24. The Britnats are a disgrace. They want more people to get the virus in Scotland and more people to die in Scotland so they can retain their belief system that nobody does it better than the motherland England. They just cannot stand the idea of Scotland doing anything better than England.

  25. Can’t but agree with what you say, but I worry about what you didn’t. On Jan 1, the Tory government will have free rein to do whatever they like and who will bet against changes to the role of Holyrood being pushed through Westminster at high speed (80 seat majority, remember). It will be easy for them to neuter Holyrood and there isn’t a thing we can do about it, beyond uselessly complaining that it isn’t fair. Will the Scottish government have the guts to act before that happens, or will they continue to be the good guys who play by Westminster’s rules?

    • In a rough order…:

      Yes they will. It’s who and what they are. To be fair though, they’re doing (almost) whatever they want right now. On the Holyrood point? That’s always been yer Tory’s greatest desire and ultimate aim on the home front. Basically to dismantle devolution. They were never behind the idea in the first place and the federalism issue never even crossed their horizon.

      On the upside? I think we can do something about it… eventually. But it’s not just going to be when enough people want independence. It’s going to happen when a majority of the population demand independence and self government.

      In the meantime… No. No it isn’t fair and I’d guess a lot more unfair is going to be headed the way of our populations. Not entirely sure it’s about a Scottish govt having guts or playing by Westminster’s rules. They didn’t choose the path of the latter point for sure. Sadly, a proportion of our own population did that for them.

      Kinda hopeful those folk are having second thoughts on that choice about now. We could use their help in perhaps making some changes for the better.

  26. According to the Daily Police Gazette and Ranjurs and Sellick Record, Nicola Sturgeon has ‘sparked an angry backlash’ from poor Scots tourists over her ‘U turn’ on re-imposing quarantine of those poor innocent souls who flew out to Spain for a well earned two weeks on the piss.
    Some Lib Dem oik ladles into Sturgeon for lifting the ban in the first place when Spain had 3 times the Covid level as Jockland.

    That the ban on Spain was lifted because NS and her team had done so well in controlling the outbreak here, 0 deaths in over 2 weeks, and trace and test now up and running due to the small number of cases here, is buried in this ‘outrage’ by this selfish bunch of tourists, and a Lib Dem Nobody.

    I take it that these selfish numbnuts had to take out hundreds of pounds worth of Covid insurance to cover the eventualities of catching the bug in Spain?
    If not why not?

    I think that I speak for many of my fellow Scots who are treating this pandemic seriously.
    If you are mug enough to get on a plane at this time, then you deserve all you get as a consequence.

    The Daily Record and the Sunday Mail are backing you. Perhaps they’ll pay your return flight costs, and hospital bills if you have brought this terrible virus back with you?

    You deliberately put yourselves in harm’s way. Live with it; or should that be die with it?

    Harsh? I don’t think so.

    • A bit harsh Jack, but the FM did make this scenario crystal clear when it was announced at the Covid Update, there was no guarantee what was permitted one day would still apply the next. When asked by a journo on this very point situation, she responded that it was entirely possible the quarantine-status of a country could change part way through a holiday overseas.
      So the “poor Scots tourists” are suffering only from the risk they willingly took, but no surprise at the usual tabloids dredging propaganda from it.

    • I just wish Nicola had kept Spain off the list. Hindsight great I know, but her first instinct, and the science of course, made Spain a risky addition. I’d hoped my wife and I would be able to get a wee camping trip ( in our own country ) before the end of the summer, but I’m afraid that an open border with our southern neighbour, not far off the infection rate in Spain, has killed that idea. I view those willing to risk foreign holidays on a par with drink drivers, stupid enough to risk the lives of not only themselves but also anyone unfortunate to meet them. Nicola’s been brilliant throughout this pandemic but I think she needs to up the anti on those bringing infection into Scotland.

      • I have been across the door, oh, 8 times, in the past 14 weeks, Golfnut. If I catch it, I am likely to suffer very badly, and possibly die.
        I think that your.drink drivers’ analogy hits the mark.

        • I’m sorry to hear that Jack. Being stuck indoors is hellish. I can’t afford to get covid either but I have been able to get out more in very controlled conditions, so in that respect I’m lucky. In other respects it is wreaking havoc in my life.I

          Stay strong pal.

      • Golfnut, good post. Sick of all these Britnat journalists putting their politics ahead of people’s health. Your drink driver analogy is also on the ball.

    • The article that you link to, describes a series of environmental crimes carried out by the UK government over a long period of time. Like a sunken Chernobyl. That will inevitably have an adverse effect on the health of people in Scotland and Ireland. That article as written more than 20 years ago. Still no inquiry or general public awareness that this has happened. Instead, the fantasy that we can buid a bridge or tunnel through the middle of it.

      • Part of the article highlights the difficulty in accessing information and detail of what exactly has been dumped, it notes that information is released in dribs and drabs and I would guess the actual detail on tonnage dumbed is little different now to what was available in 1997.
        Millions of pounds will be spent on consultancy fees for a tunnel or bridge, no doubt to friends and supporters of the tories with the reports never seeing the light of day.

  27. I heard Joyce McMillan on GMS this morning suggesting that we all may have to wait for Johnson to leave as PM before we have a referendum. Beg to disagree. I will try and be positive.
    1 Any Tory PM will say they same as Johnson so the best form of defence is attack. Waiting not an option.
    2. SNP and the Greens ( very quiet recently), stand on the ticket of independence in the EU or EFTA
    3. Once a majority is won in Scotland ( assuming they are not undermined by others- make your own mind up who that is) a S 30 is suggested as an option to Westminster with the quite clear statement that we will hold a Consultative referendum if no agreement. The S30 will be refused.
    4. Consultative referendum is put forward through Holyrood.
    5. There may be court action but the people of Scotland are sovereign.
    6. Hold a positive Independence campaign
    7. Win.

    Other things need to happen
    a) stop being too nice to the media
    b) closer reviews over 2nd home owners and proxy voters- stricter rules
    c) hopefully covid will not spike so ratchet up active campaigning and marches. Looks like AUOB are doing this already. The people want positive messages. It encourages others who may be undecided or waverers.

  28. The rules and restrictions in Scotland. are tight enough to eradicate the virus. To prevent the virus from getting into the system and causing death.

    The Scottish Gov has done a good job of containing the virus and preventing death. Any easing is being done gradually under strict scientific advice. To stop people being ill and dying from the virus. Beneficial to the society. Keeping people well and alive. Not anxious and scared.

    Keeping well is more important than going on holiday, anywhere. People can still go places and have a nice time with their families and friends, within a certain radius.

    Caravan parks etc, Hotels are opening soon. If they obey the guideline. There are outdoor places selling food. Seated outside doing a good trade. Carnivals are open.

    There are plenty of places in Scotland to visit and keep safe. Lovely places. Within limits. Scotland has some of the best scenery and locations in the world. The weather has been quite fine.

    A backlog is building up which will sustain trade. Worldwide. A demand for goods and services.

  29. Johnston will be gone soon. Who wants the poisoned chalice? Labour infighting amongst themselves. No other opposition.

    Support for SNP/Independence rising with every Westminster poor, bad decision. The smart, aware young ones coming on board. An Independence Ref is assured. There will be no opposition.

    The white noise is astounding.

  30. It really won’t matter who is in charge at Westminster as they all operate within the strictures of the British state.
    The language of denial may change but the survival of the British state will always be paramount.
    This applies to all the British political parties.
    As with just about everyone else who has parted company with them,we are going to have to do it alone.
    They will never assist and probably always try to obstruct Scottish independence aspirations.

  31. Grant Schapps, Tory Transport Secretary, went to Spain on Saturday for his summer hols and will now have to quarantine when he comes back!! Caught by the rule change brought in by his own department. Enjoy.

  32. Nobody should ever think a change of Prime Minister in England has anything whatsoever to do with Scotland, after all Scotland has no part in electing Prime Ministers so why would the next one no matter what political party they represent be any different to the last one
    English political parties don’t require Scotland’s votes to win elections, if memory serves me the last time Scottish votes had any bearing on a political party being elected in the UK was 1955, I’m happy to be corrected if I’ve made an error

    Scotland’s votes like Wales are more an exercise in public relations than a democratic engagement, when a first past the post voting system within different countries is operated it’s not possible for a country like Scotland with one tenth of the population to have any affect whatsoever on England with ten times the voting power, that’s the very reason England will not and would not alter a voting system that could possibly mean that any other country within the confines of the UK could ever be of any significance

    Think of the outrage in England if a proportional voting system were in place and Scotland or Wales ended up being the government of the UK which the English believe is England, the people of England would go radio rental with exceptionalist racist rage

    Switch that debate round for just for a second on any voting English person and watch their head burst at the thought of any other UK country running *their* UK of England Britain

    When they say the people have spoken, they mean the English people have spoken


    Angus Robertson to stand for Holyrood.

    Former SNP deputy leader Angus Robertson wants to stand for the party in Holyrood.

    He will contest the candidacy for the Central Edinburgh seat, which is the seat of Ruth Davidson, the former Scottish Conservative leader, where she won with a majority of 610 in the last election.

    He will be battling Joanna Cherry for SNP candidacy for selection in May next year.

    According to Angus Robertson, he understands the needs of the area and its people as being brought up in Edinburgh.

    “I understand the various issues that matter to people and communities throughout Central Edinburgh,” he said.

    “If you want to elect a local, hard-working Scottish MP with high-profile national experience who will support the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and deliver independence, please support my campaign.”

    He lost his seat to Douglas Ross in Westminster in 2017 after representing the Moray area, and went on to set up the think tank Progress Scotland.

    Opinion polls suggest that 54% of Scottish residents are now in favour of independence and that the SNP is expected to win a majority in Holyrood.

  34. BBCs Dateline London programme sees three people one of whom admits he knows nothing about Scotland, discussing Scotland, and following a deep moment or two’s analysis come to the conclusion that despite Nicola Sturgeon’s banging the Independence drum (which she hasn’t, she’s been doing health) Independence is very low on the agenda of the Scottish people because Ruth Davidson tweeted that was so and Boris Johnson has done slightly better than expected since becoming Prime Minister, but more worryingly the Chinese are buying London, and that’s the real concern

    So this is a fairly typical conversation in the land of the Engles who don’t know where Scotland is, don’t care where Scotland is, and even invent what Scotland thinks, even after they admit they haven’t a clue in the first place, and they base this all on a Tweet from a failed Tory politician that they’ve read about in the Telegraph

    Stick with the Union, vote for England a country that only knows Scotland exists when somebody tells them it wants a divorce, then all of a sudden they decide Scotland’s too poor and has no power so they dismiss us or insult us, but weirdly enough never make the connection it’s because of that very behaviour by them

  35. This week two fat bloated wealthy Englishmen travelled North to tell us off for not being grateful that England was ‘granting’ us more of our own money during this pandemic.

    I note, but did not hear that Joyce McMillan observed on BBC Radio Gary that we’d have to wait at least another 4 and a half years until Jonson is ousted before England would ‘permit’ us to opt out of their precious Union.

    That would be McMillan lining up her next 4 1/2 years of work trotting out this ‘England Says No’ garbage.

    BY hook or by crook (‘I’ll leave you all to discuss ‘by crook’) we are on the Road to a Referndum NOW. (caps even)

    There will be an upsurge of true rage and action in the next 3 to 4 months as Covid meets No Deal Brexit and England’s Government collapses.

    We have 48 MPs Down There.

    It’s time to stop posturing and being laughed and derided by English Bawl Boys.

    Up Here, we must ruthlessly attack Leonard Carlaw and oh god, he’s still here, Rennie, and their quite frankly pointless gang of Placemats…No mercy, no quarter.

    I have observed before..if Scotland suddenly had a fresh out break and hundreds were dying every day, Better Together would break out the champagne and do a collective jig, just like wot Mags Curran did on the 18th September 2014.

    btw Where is she now? In her tapas bar in Spain?

    The 3 Englishmen who fronted the Vow in the Daily Ranger and Sellick, Clegg, Cameron, and MIlliband, and their Finance men, who came to Edinburgh and forbade us from using the £, printed and reprinted in all of the Jock Papers and on radio and tv since, Osborne, Balls, and Danny Alexander have all moved on to very well paid pastures new, their brown envelopes pay offs from the Elite for holding on to the oil fields and whisky.

    There will be a reckoning this Autumn, Ms McMillan; no one is waiting another 4 years.
    But you know that.

    Your job of course depends on perpetuating the lie that England has the power over Scotland to deny us our democratic and human right to Self Determination.

    • Unless Sunak ( the chancellor who doesn’t understand how money works ) does a u turn on furlough payments, already to late for some, and stops the banks from cashing in on the loans from gov, the veritable is going to hit the fan before Christmas. Unless the second wave arrives, which might be the only thing that might saves Johnson’s government, I believe the Indy push will start in October.

    • There is a strong brew, brewing from other bloggers most notably, Barrhead boy, Peter A Bell, and Jeggit and others who are telling the SNP to get their ass in gear to get themselves moving and to get the whole yes movement moving. The people who post on this blog should read then and post there. They seem rather neglected and all of them make a lot of sense to me.

      • Maybe they could come here and tell us.

        Maybe they are too busy analysing the Brits’ faeces to notice that the fight has already started. Maybe they aren’t hearing the Brits yelping because they are too busy talking about their pet theories. Maybe they confuse movement with action.

        As I pondered on a previous thread, what plan was it that brought about the downfall of the Soviet Union?

        Maybe they would like to come across here and tell me.

    • The union was originally designed to benefit England and only came about because the Scottish elite were bought out following their Darien misfortunes.
      Nothing has changed in 300 years with those politicians loyal to the London establishment being rewarded through the £300/day plus expenses scam (probably more than that now with their annual increase in fees).
      Meantime,the Scottish plebs are kept in line by the London centric press.

    • This from McMillan’s Scotsman ‘Now Is Not The Time’ piece of tosh.

      “History suggests, though, that for the cause of independence to move decisively forward, we still need at least four things in Scotland that are currently absent. We need a grassroots Yes movement that is not organised by the SNP, but that sets its own agenda, and brings together communities across the country. We need a robust and convincing outline plan for our first steps to an independent future, written by and through that movement, and not by any one party. We need that plan to command not 50-55 per cent support in Scotland, but something more like 70 per cent, so that moves to block it can be seen as blatantly undemocratic.”

      the ‘history’ she ‘suggests’ after she opens with a quote from Seamus Heaney to imbue her Now Is Not the Time’ dross with gravitas include the Fall of the Berlin Wall, Nelson Mandela, the Irish Troubles, and, wait for it, the Scottish Parliament which was gift from Gordon Brown and Donald Dewar.

      Her slip and New Labour credentials were showing when she mused that Blair’s New Labour Cool Britannia worked for the first five years of its existence but only started to unravel when Balir and Broon fell out.
      ‘History’ would suggest otherwise, Ms McMillan.

      Iraq, sex and money scandals, cash for Peerages, PFI hospitals Schools and the drip drip drip of Blair Privatisation. Mandelson and the Britannia Mortgage ‘muddle’.
      New Labour was riddled with the same bunch of carpetbaggers and flim flam merchants that bedevilled the Blue Tories since Thatcher.
      New Labour killed Labour.
      But back to the ‘history’ through which Ms McMillan lived, and which she cites as ‘gold standard’ change through which Scotland must live before we are ready battle scarred and adult enough to run our own country, spend our own money, and ‘support journalism’ that isn’t a constant and unrelenting too wee too poor too stupid Goebells strength propaganda for the foreign Government to the South of our wonderful country.

      Millions died in the Soviet Bloc; Apartheid in S Africa was an abomination, and thousands died in 30 bloody years in Norn Irn before the Good Friday Agreement, which is under threat once more by Johnson and the Fourth Reich.

      Should we turn to violence .Ms McMillan, as your potted version of what ‘history suggests’, suggests?

      McMillan wants us to hold out for 70%. When we reach 70%, will she be advocating 75%? 80%?

      The grass roots Yes Movement is controlled by the SNP? No it’s not.
      It already ‘brings together communities from across the country’.

      To quote Blair when he became Bush’s bitch, we feel the ‘hand of history’ on us now, Ms McMillan.

      WE are waiting no longer.

      She adds:-

      “And then, to achieve peaceful change, we will still need a little luck, and that helpful twist of fate that might put the right Scottish and UK politicians in the right place, at the right time.”

      The change will not be ‘peaceful’, we are not relying on ‘luck’, or a helpful ‘twist of fate’, Ms McMillan.

      It is happening now. Our Berlin Wall has collapsed, we will no longer tolerate Sweaty Sock Apartheid, and with Brexit and the attack on Scottish Democracy, we are about to enter some very Troubled Times indeed.

      Frankly, this junk and the scribes who keep churning it out are way past their sell by date.

      • I have to say Jack that I hope they do keep churning it out. I have to admit though, that I didn’t read it. I can only wade through so much ignorant shite and then I think “why am I doing this?”

        Clearly the Brits are in panic mode. They have talked about nothing but independence for months now. You would think they would give it a rest. But no, they are like a mangey old dog with a scabby old plastic bone – they gnaw on it even though they’re not getting any sustenance from it, then bury it for 2 minutes, then dig it up again and on and on.

        But it pleases them so I suppose there’s no harm in it.

        • The clue is in the language, Arthur. Ms McMillan cannot bring herself to say in print:- ‘To achieve Independence.’
          She frames our movement as merely achieving ‘peaceful change’, which is meaningless mealy mouthed political jargon. Labour LD and Tory campaigns all promise ‘change’, which commits them to nothing, and nothing is what they deliver.
          What the feck does Willie Rennie do all day every day? Nothing. For £1200 a week plus ‘leadership’ add ons.

          There will be no peace for any Brit Nat from now on in.

  36. Johnson is a gift.

    If I had fantastic powers of imagination and was commissioned to design a leader for the Brits I would have designed Johnson. He is a gutless idiot who personifies the dullards he is leading into the wilderness. He only got into power because Corbyn, leader of the Labour protection racket party, was considered by the majority in England to be even worse.

    Long may he continue to be the best the Brits can come up with because that makes our task easier and who wants to make it unnecessarily difficult?

  37. Not a Broontervention – but a Blairtervention.

    Running scared, much?

    Boris Johnson is “not the person” to stop the break up of the UK, Tony Blair has said, amid a sustained rise in support for Scottish independence.

    The former Labour prime minister said the prospect of a hard Brexit “adds an additional dimension”, but it was “hard to judge” whether Scotland is on an unstoppable journey to independence.

  38. Golfnut I am not sure it is related to that, I was under the impression it was more to do with English and Welsh contracts being used in Scotland instead of our own, therefore undermining Scots law.

    • Hmm, well I haven’t read the article as yet, but before retiring I spent 40 years in in commerce in one function or another, latterly as commercial director for a multi national with about 500k staff world wide. I tell you that only to provide some credibility for my next sentence. Contracts normally originate from the Head office base, i.e. where the Head office is Registered. Any contract emanating from that office will be based on English law even if the Company is also registered in Scotland. Since a huge number of Head offices, even if the Company started as Scottish, but now registered in England is likely to use English contract law. If your a Scottish company doing business with the English based company you will undoubtedly be asked to sign an English contract, its up to you whether you accept the conditions or not. You can Appendix amendments to the contract if there are clauses you object to i.e. penalties, and its then back in their court. This is not new, its been happening for as long as I can remember.

  39. Thanks for your response, perhaps I am not good at explaining this all accurately and might be best and read it if you have time,
    I would be quite happy to be told that it is one less thing for us to worry about, and it has not been slowly undermining Scots law.

  40. O/T but according to a report in the Herald online Labour has complained to the BBC about the FM’s briefings and wants them stopped because they are, according to Labour, party political broadcasts. Apparently they consider them as such because the FM has commented on the Russia report, Johnson’s visit to Scotland etc. The article points out, however, that the FM commented on these topics in response to questions from journalists and did not introduce them herself. I was quite surprised by that point being made by a Herald journalist.

    BBC has told Labour to take a hike but in a bit more long winded way.

  41. “A UK where the government uses its majority in England to ram through policies Scotland didn’t vote for isn’t a Union.

    No it’s not a Union, but it’s the position Scotland has found it’s self in since 1707.

    We didn’t join a Union our elites were rewarded for signing the country away.

    • icles ?
      Your first listed post doesn’t turn up from what I can see but was listed on recent comments, this, the second does. Hope that helps…

        • Are you referring to the icles or the unexplained problem you were trying to solve ?
          Was it was a glitch or an intervention, the nature of digital comms I’m afraid, same as analogue just faster…
          Some have suggested calling it a Leotard or Jackass event, but Turdo-charged is my favourite thus far…

  42. “A UK where the Government uses it’s majority in England to ram through policies Scotland didn’t vote for isn’t a Union.
    It’s a hostile take over by the Tories”

    Shurely it’s been Scotland’s position since 1707

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