The one step that British nationalism won’t take

Another day, and another article from a British nationalist whose not a nationalist at all about how to save the Union. You’d almost think that they’ve gazed upon the opinion polls and said to themselves, quietly and between pursed lips, “Oh shit what have we done.” However this would only be the case if your average Scottish Conservative with a social media account bedecked with flegs, references to Dunkirk, and bunting, was actually capable of recognising that the rise in support for independence in Scotland was a function of what the British state and its institutions have been doing. There is as yet no indication that this is the case.

This time it’s the turn of former Scottish Conservative spin doctor Andy Maciver writing in The Herald where he presents an eight point plan to rescue British nationalism in Scotland from that existential crisis that it refuses to recognise that it’s got itself into. Andy’s article is a rare attempt from a Scottish Conservative to acknowledge that if independence is to be averted, it’s the Scottish Conservatives and British nationalists in Scotland who need to start doing things differently. They can’t just sit back and lob brickbats at Thatessempee and hope that the whole unpleasant business of those vile separatists will go away because eventually they might find an SNPbad story that’s big enough and bad enough. That won’t solve the underlying issue, which is that Scotland has been drifting towards independence for a long time now and the demographic factors are very much in its favour.

He doesn’t go so far as to admit that the current difficulties in the longer term survival of the Preciousssss Union are entirely the creation of British nationalism, but hey, baby steps. They say that the first step to healing is to admit you’ve got a problem, and Andy’s difficulty is that – at least judging by the bile that continues to pour from British nationalists online – a large and significant body of British nationalism opnion in Scotland has still not accepted that it’s got a problem. It’s a lot more comforting to blame Thatessempee or vile cybernats, and there is every sign that this will continue to be the dominant trope from opponents to independence for the foreseeable future.

It’s that reflex tendency of British nationalism to seek anything and everything that can be used as a weapon against the SNP that Andy warns about. We saw that just last week when the current holder of the post of Saviour of the Union, Surname Surname, hypocritically called for an investigation into allegations of Russian meddling in the Scottish referendum while at the same time backing his colleagues in London who have ruled out any investigation into allegations of Russian meddling in the EU referendum – indeed going so far as to tell the security services not to look for any evidence. Yet if there was an investigation and it did uncover evidence of Russian meddling in the Scottish referendum, it would merely call the result of the referendum into doubt, that referendum whose result the Scottish Conservatives have elevated to the status of one of the Commandments personally handed by God to the Saviour of the Union.

The piece also recognises that the UK cannot prevent Scottish independence by refusing to agree to a Section 30 order. For Westminster to continue to refuse to accept that Scotland wants another referendum, even after Scotland has very plainly and clearly voted for it, is a denial of Scottish democracy which will only create the equation in Scottish minds that independence=democracy. That would spell the ultimate demise of the UK as British nationalism in Scotland could no longer pretend that Scotland’s membership of this so-called union was voluntary.

He also warns about the constant refrains of too wee too poor too stupid. British nationalists vehemently deny that they’ve ever claimed that Scotland is too wee or too poor, and that it’s just a nationalist trope. Then in the next breath they go on to share the latest pretty coloured graph which purports to prove that Scotland has the greatest deficit in Europe and would struggle to manage basic public services without the kindness of handouts from Westminster. Certain British nationalist commentators have built an entire career on such graphs. Or they insistently demand to know what currency Scotland is going to use, the implication being that out of all the nations in the world that have ever become independent, Scotland alone would struggle to have a currency. They want us to believe that land that invented the concept of central banks wouldn’t be able to set up a national currency after independence, and then in the very same breath they deny that they’re implying Scotland is too stupid. The problem here is that most British nationalists in Scotland don’t even realise what they’re doing. However the very first step, even before admitting that you’ve got a problem, is to realise that you’re actually engaging in the activity that some term problematic.

What Andy Maciver is calling for here is for the entirety of British nationalism in Scotland to change its entire culture and the whole framework of its argumentation. That’s a pretty big ask, and while his piece in the Herald might be met with nods of agreement from certain quarters, zoomers gonna zoom. It’s a safe bet that the likes of Jackson Carlaw lacks the political imagination required to develop an entirely new framework for his party. Deprived of SNPbaddery, deprived of a kneejerk opposition to another referendum which merely reinforces the association between the UK and an opposition to Scottish democracy, there’s nothing for the Scottish Conservatives to say.

However the fundamental issue here is that in order to wrest the argument away from the too wee too poor too stupid tropes first identified by the late great Margo McDonald, British nationalism in Scotland needs to have a different story to sell to Scotland. That’s precisely where the entire thing falls flat on its face, because any such story needs to be built and constructed by the Conservatives in Westminster if it is to enjoy even a modicum of political credibility. Andy speaks about the need for increased powers for the Scottish Parliament, for greater devolution, for a rebalancing and repositioning of the relative powers of Westminster and Holyrood. He wants, in fact, something close to devo max. Yet this is precisely what the Conservatives in Westminster are hell bent on resisting. This is not a British Government which is in any mood to cede more power to Holyrood, quite the reverse, they seek to use Brexit as an excuse to embark upon a further round of centralisation in the British state.

British nationalism in Scotland is in a quandary because it cannot save itself. It depends upon a fundamental change in the structures of the British state if Scottish independence is to be prevented. Yet the British state has not got the slightest intention of reforming itself, and barely has any awareness that it needs to reform. The panic of British nationalism in Scotland is because they’re starting to realise that they’re caught between an independence movement with the wind in its sails, and a British state that is unwilling to give it the tools they need to sink the ship. There’s only really one step that the British state must take to save the UK, and they’re not willing to take it because it means stripping Westminster of the absolute power which is a fetish amongst British nationalists.

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60 thoughts on “The one step that British nationalism won’t take

  1. Andy McIver your suggestions have no chance of being acted upon. British Nationalism is incapable of adapting to survive and it is on its way to extinction just like the dodo.

  2. After the 2014 referendum I, and no doubt others, would probably/possibly? have settled for devo max, very reluctantly I hasten to add – but EVEL etc. was immediately brought in and that ship has long since sailed.

    Some British Nationalists may at last (slow learners) be seeing the light but it is far far too late.

    The British Nationalists are rapidly bringing about the end of the British state because, as you say WGD, they don’t have a good story to tell – I don’t think they ever had.

    Can’t wait to see the precioussss dead and buried.

  3. Ex Tory Spad Andy McIver works extremely hard at appearing as reasonable as he possibly can while emphasisng the desperate need for the Tories to find a better more convincing way of selling the same lie, because that’s what advisers do, they ask what the lie is then their job is to manufacture the sales pitch to disguise the bits the Tories don’t want noticed, but do it all in a polite and congenial manner and cross fingers they don’t get found out until it’s too late for anybody to do anything about it

    Like the day after the 2014 referendum

    Tories Labour Liberal Democrat, one purpose, one function, stop Scotland then f**k Scotland again for the next five years until they get the Spads to come up with the next dodd of confusion

    Scotland’s not going to buy any more of their albums because the cover looks good but the music’s the same crap as the last album, we’d like to build a new studio and play our own music with a band we like

  4. Great resource to use Paul.
    The British Nationalist Party in Scotland is coming to be the Conservative Party in Scotland.
    We are seeing more of the disfunctional thinking in the local tory party, funded from englandland.
    The lies and deceit are becoming all too obvious to our population, the media spin.
    A friend said to me just today that she went on line looking for information from the newspaper websites, found nothing in their archives about the AS case verdict BUTT found plenty about NS and when she was informed. I have no idea what is going on but the media are back to maximise the no smoke without case.
    Even some died in the wool tory supporters are now talking about the poor performance of the doris.
    Get your bike fixed with a voucher on the NHS and get some weight off, Aye Right.
    New taxes for online shopping and IF over 40 years old a tax to pay for your old age support.
    Hell they give their lordships £325 a day to sleep on the red benches.
    Let us get our independence, I’ll for one will live with any downside that may come along but don’t expect too much.
    As for carlos jackass his most important local issue was to stop the closing of a local post office, it closed, success in his terms.

    • Dave, Carcrash also claimed to have stopped East Renfrewshire council from building a new leisure facility on a bit of green land in the middle of Newton mearns. The council never said they were going to build it there in the first place. Carcrash and Masterton just telling lies like all Britnats. Masterton got the boot in December. It’s Carcrashes turn next year.

      • Remember getting to read the master plan.
        Knock down the existing facility, rebuild on the same site.
        No facility for over 2 years as they wait for the new to be built.
        Unfortunately carlos jackass will be No1 on the list and get back in the backdoor much like the presiding officer.

  5. As if to emphasise the point and purpose of the British nationalists Ruth Davidson’s name has just appeared on the list for a Peerage

    Will this now be Baroness Ruth Davidson of Tankerage Deputy Minister for the Union bedecked in ermine for her next failing role as better together fighter for the Yoonyawn, I think so

    • Quick, independence, then all the Scottish Lords will be thrown out, thus saving the English taxpayers millions.

  6. I think Andy is trying to be reasonable. However it is only because he is trying to minimise the damage to his Party.

    There is an old saying ” strong Trade Unions result from bad Management”. We have had the worst management possible for 300+ years.

    They treated the Irish the same way for centuries and never changed right up to the end. This included trying to go back on agreements reached during WW1.

    We have seen from Brexit what the core problem is. London cannot work with others. They have to be top dog in every relationship. It is obviously a legacy of the Empire.

    We will never be accepted as a Nation with the right to an input to the Union. Contrast that to the way Ireland has a voice in the EU.

    We have had zero input into the Brexit talks. Our interests will be ignored in trade talks. Holyrood will be neutered.

    Scotland is a colony to be managed. It is not a partner in a Union.

    • Spot on Julia!

      Independence = Democracy.

      The democratic right to choose our own path, to suit the needs best served to the people of Scotland.

      Scotland would have a veto in any EU Trade talks.
      Scotland would would have a veto in any EU Monetary Policy
      Scotland would have a say on a whole raft of Policies.

      What do we get in the UK.

      Shut up and get back in your box.

      Well, NO MORE! we’ve had it with their broken promises and being treated like second class citizens.
      Independence is coming at them like a steam train hurtling down the track.


  7. Independence = Democracy. I like that very much, simple, straightforward and straight to the point, precisely the kind of slogan that can ring a positive sounding bell at the back of peoples’ minds.

    Also stop giving advice to britnats on how they should have approached the independence “question”. They should be encouraged to think that by carrying on as they have they’re on a winner lol.

  8. The BBC show a clip of the FMs briefing today then a journalist reports on it by saying “What the First Minister *means* is” Are the BBC now engaging in mind reading as well now, because what he repeated was not what she said only 30 seconds before

    Perhaps up here in our frozen north of Scotlandistan we only think we’re speaking English and to English ears it just sounds like gobbledyscotch jibberjabber, they’ll be doing a Gerry Adams on her next and muting her so her words can be spoken by an actor in case she wordily infects potential Independence supporters in the UK of everywhere else but Scotland

    Meanwhile on the internet of abusive people, the level of trolling on the FMs twitter and every other SNP platform has reached Defcon 3 on the mental scale, Boris Johnson must have splashed his put down the SNP money far and wide, it seems to be having the opposite effect though as every time they shriek about things bad SNP or FM, the numbers go up for people supporting Independence, if the FM keeps up what she’s doing the only folk left against her will be ex British army Rangers supporting Orangemen who won’t wear masks

    • Dr Jim, saw exactly what you’re describing today in a pet store.

      Maw, Paw and 2 young weans with paw displaying a ‘No Surrender’ tattoo and maw displaying a ‘ Rule Brittannia’ tattoo.
      Paw playing catch with a dog toy with his young son at the checkout, none of them wearing masks.
      You could tell they were just daring anyone to mention that masks are compulsory in shops.
      The expression on the face of the poor boy behind the checkout was ” Please get out of the shop”
      Next time ‘Paw’ goes to the tattoo parlour he should just get THUG tattooed on his forehead.
      God help those 2 young weans being brought up by those two.

        • Your post troubles me. Take it from someone who was brought up in abject poverty in Muirhouse and can still remember the words to ‘the Sash years later that there a million reasons why people cling to an identity that is toxic. The primary one being what else was there for them. Hopefully, self determination can provide the something else. Sectarianism needs to be eradicated but not necessary people.

          • Scrandoonyeah,
            How do you eradicate sectarianism when it is the very fabric of the Act of Union (No Papists). This is the very ethos upon which the Glasgow Rangers and Orange Order members spew forth their bile. It then crossfertilises Racial hatred against our fellow countrymen/women of any different religion or skin colour.
            Absolutely rotten to the core.
            Live and let live seems to have died

          • Totally agree with everything you say. There is only one way it can potentially change….Self Determination

  9. The problem for unionists in Scotland is not what they do or don’t do but what Westminster does and how that is viewed by Scots.
    Cameron’s EVEL more than anything else exposed the true nature of the British union.
    A union based on the domination by one of it’s constituent parts over the others.
    They call that democracy because they can claim democratic accountability through a majority of the voters in the state.
    This however,denies people in the constituent nations a distinctive voice in that union whether they wish it or not.
    The Britnats like to call the UK one country,one nation etc etc but in reality it is more like the old Soviet Union which was,likewise a multinational state with power centralised in the dominant nation and which eventually crumbled because of that structure.
    The more the Tories try to centralise power in London,the more Scots are going to rail against that.

    • The Uk was not a country on its when formed. It was still Scotland and England for the next 100 years.

  10. Aye, even if – and that’s an enormous IF – the British Nationalists were to come to their senses, realise their mistakes and present us with Devo Megamax, haven’t we gone beyond that now ? We’ve seen what’s over the rainbow, at the end of the yellow brick road, we’ve looked at Independence from all angles and we’ve decided we really quite like it. And want it.

    I’ve wanted an independent Scotland since I was 16 and really don’t want to settle for less now.

    The other thing that struck me the other day was this. We say that a lot of people have come over to Yes because of Brexit and the way the UK Gov have messed up on Coronavirus. That people have been disgusted as the scales have finally fallen from their eyes as they see how badly Scotland is treated in this so-called Union.

    But even if that wasn’t the case, even if being in the Union was, meh, okay, not too bad, what’s wrong with wanting to be independent anyway ? Independence is normal.

  11. Slippery Gove in the Herald–old nonsense of “best of both worlds” crap.
    Devolution can be cancelled at any time.
    Andy would have to convince ENGLISH Tories that their concept of “parliamentary sovereignty” would have to go. A non-starter for sure.

    The real choice is a powerless Holyrood or independence.
    England, driven by the Torygraf, Times, Mail, Express, will not accept a federal/confederal UK, with a written constitution, and equal status for the four nations.

  12. I’m guessing he’s paid by the word, as the first couple of hundred are sheer waffle about the number 8 which has absolutely NO significance at all. Oh, I just did the same.

    Secondly “Message Matters”. Yes, but first you have to have some understanding of the subject matter and the subjects, and to talk about Unionism and raw emotion in the same breath, would be a surprise to many who might not object to be calling Unionists. So he doesn’t even understand his own side.

    He does make some good points, but says he’s not a British or Scottish Nationalist, then says Unionists should plant their flag. Fortunately for the more sensitive soul, he doesn’t specify exactly where …

    • I think people like Andy over complicates it.
      Why do you stop going to a pub, a restaurant, a gym, stop using a taxi company, a supermarket etc etc

      It is usually because the no longer give you what you want. A very basic concept.
      Now sometimes we hang on through a sense of loyalty or we are fooled by clever marketing ploys. However in the end we eventually walk away.

      A supermarket that tells you you are a fool or a pub that phones you up and calls you abusive names is not going to win you back.

      We are moving on. It is nothing more complex than that.
      The customer is always right and telling them “you will have what we give you” has never been a winning formulae.

      No previous shopper who has left the London store has ever returned. We should have noticed the wisdom of the other customers much earlier.

  13. Westminster will never share with Scotland, decision-making involvement in foreign policy, defence policy, and economic management. McIver or any other Brit Nat can talk and talk about shared interests etc etc. but these three powers are the Brit Nat ring-pass-not.

    War escapades, Trident, and Brexit will be decided by Westminster in a UK union.

    All a bit too distant to your everyday life? Grab yourself a House of Lords peerage at £325 /day.Or how about settling for being on benefits, at £98/week? A List MSP is a good gig at circa £65K pa., ask – in with circa 1500 votes – Annie Wells if she is happy.

    And remember, be reassured, that the percentage tax levied – on the fuel for your car, on whisky and beer, and the income tax as a pensioner with an income above £11k pa all helps to pay for the House of Lords – soon to be graced (?) by “stick the boot in” Ruth Davidson.

  14. His major problem? Is that he’s part of an ideology that sought to punish, swindle, undermine, misrepresent, alienate, ignore, insult and demonise half of Scotland’s population.

    Not entirely sure how a swish new message is meant to get round all that frankly. Still. It’ll give him something to do I suppose. Happily, he won’t have to worry about having some vile sep putting the boot into him in any aftermath. That’s NOT what the YES movement is about. No we don’t do mindless violence or intimidation.

    We’d rather leave that kind of politics (and its disciples) far, far behind.

  15. So let me see here the british nationalists (or as i call them the English rule brigade) are saying they never called Scotland to wee and to poor yet always claim we are nothing without the English taxpayers wtf thats a contradiction just like they contradict that same to wee to poor lie by saying Scotland is the highest taxed part of the uk ffs there stupidity knows no bounds.

  16. The knives are out for Rainhard Lunchbox. Old lush Foulkes says:

    “The truth is Jackie [Baillie] is there, if necessary, to take over as acting leader, and she would do the job.
    He [Leonard] needs to think of what is best for the party in terms of the Holyrood elections. Tony Blair has sent a coded message to him and he needs to think carefully about it.”

    The wheels are surely coming off the Unionist bus.

    • Jackie Baillie as leader. What a great idea. I hope the champion of Trident and it’s replacement takes over.
      Her magic abacus will conjur up Billions overnight.
      The Queen of Better Together at the helm…what could go wrong😂

  17. Maciver uses the word “competency”, but only in the context of “including in devolved competencies” – as in what’s in their power, what they are deemed competent to handle. Dog licences, basically, with apologies.

    Yet one of the things coming across from those supporting Sturgeon, supporting the ScotGov, and supporting Independence, is the word “competency”, in its meaning of ability. Where Sturgeon has excelled – not in my irrelevant eyes, but in those who were firm NO voters, even campaigned for NO. One of mine really disliked her, now calls her “Big Nicky”. And if you look, just about everybody apart from me calls her “Nicola”, or Nicky”. I don’t by the way, as apart from the inevitable selfie, she doesn’t know me from Adam, we haven’t been formally introduced. Well, I did work in Germany for a time.

    And the thing is she’s already admitted making mistakes, as in “If I knew then what I know now” – similar for Freeman, she’s done the same. Well, don’t we all make mistakes?

    But BoJo and his crew of the Queen Anne’s Revenge, are just sheerly incompetent. Someone voices disagreement, including the experts, they’re sacked. A Minister not spreading the gospel according to Boris? History, next sucker. And because theyr’e so incompetent, nobody would care, I think, if they did start admitting mistakes, it would be a case of “Keep going”. BoJo’s gone anyway, backstabber Gove is already starting to make his move by actually appearing almost competent at times.

    What better way for Gove to nail his credentials to the mast of the Queen Anne’s Revenge, or at least his Jolly Roger (painful), than by promising to bring some democracy back below decks, and “grant” Scotland our Indy Ref as soon as he’s in charge? More than half the Tories would hail him as a hero of the 21st Century.

    The thing is this, outside of a few thousand activists in Scotland, nobody really cares any more about the Union.

  18. As ever the English/British nationalists , like Andy Maciver , think that it’s the messenger not the message that is the problem with rising Independence numbers .

    Consequently ,they got rid of ( in no particular order of importance or fecklessness ) Ms Alexander , Goldie , Gray , Lamont ,Murphy , Davidson , Dugdale …. and still Independence numbers grow .

    It’s the Song , folks , not the Singer !

    • If they had listened to Wendy Alexander it might have been all over with the banks crisis, and the Great Recession already underway. I think she knew what she was doing, putting Salmond who knew “Now was not the time” on the spot. But her own party cut the rug out from underneath her. Possibly the last time the Labour party in the UK let alone Scotland, actually had someone with a brain, though Dugdale did try a little.

      Few would agree wtih me however 🙂

      • Wendy Alexander was on TV the other night and said that Nicola Sturgeon has been the best FM for Scotland by far, what an admission from a Labour person

      • Two parts to that though, when Wendy said “bring it on” she was fully aware that if a referendum bill was brought forward; because of timing, it would have landed on the laps of a committee chaired by unionists. Alex knew that and was not fooled. The “Broontervention” holed that below the waterline though… an example of unionists making the best case for independence. Secondly, it demonstrated regardless of the protestations, “Westminster Tanks” were very much on the Holyrood lawn… (McConnell).

  19. Just when a Scots tory thinks that what is needed is more of the same, but with the fleg more prominent. Boris only goes and decides to make Hon Col Ruthless “Rape clause” Ruth a peer in the hoose of lairds. Clearly proving that one can actually fail in life upwards. Its like that time yon Pig Molester who was PM once, made a tanned lady who sold bras a life peer as a colossal fuck you to Scotland. Aww pity wee poor Mundell. All that arse kissing for nothing. He didn’t even get a breath mint for his troubles.

  20. The underlying problem is that the controlling elite in the UK – predominantly, but not solely the Conservative Party – has become increasingly beholden to a variety of non-UK interest groups such as multinational companies, media tycoons, Russian oligarchs, and Chinese financial muscle. This means that the decisions made by the London givernment are not based on an identifiable thread of policy debate, but arise from hidden pressures and discussions that are not accessible by the public. The failure of the London government’s response to the covid crisis can be understood as reflecting an absence of a capacity for collective decision-making based on evidence and consideration of different perspectives. They have not needed to develop such a capacity because they have not needed to do so.

    The only visible rationale for UK government decision-making is financial gain for themselves or their associates. But most of their decision-making is driven by forces that we cannot see.

    The British nationalism that Paul writes about in his article is not a straightforward thing at all. There is a strand of it that represents authentic despair in some people that their country and its values has slipped away. There is another strand that is racist. There is a strand that is old-fashioned English socialism. No doubt there are other strands. But the Tory elite – Johnson, Gove, Cummings, Davidson, Cameron, etc – are fundamentally not part of any of that. They stand back from it and cynically play it one way or another for their own purposes (or the hidden purposes of those behind the scenes who pull their strings). They say different things at different times – whatever will bring some short-term advantage. This is obvious, and is why it is so easy for bloggers such as WGD to highlight and ridicule contradictions in their positions.

    Treating ‘British nationalism’ as a unitary thing is playing into the hands of the UK political elite, because it attacks them on a ground that does not matter to them.

    • I agree 100%.

      We really need draconian punishments for any corporation that gets involved in politics. Their purpose in doing so is to interfere with democracy. That’s as big a crime as going to war against us IMO. I suggest jail for the directors and confiscation of the company.

      We also need to ‘out’ all those so called institutes and think tanks that are just poorly disguised ways of funnelling obscene amounts of money from corporations into politicans pockets by means of ‘speaking engagements’ or ‘consultancies’.

  21. On July 26th I posted on here:-

    ” You mean Baroness Davidson of Uturness, grizebard?
    That’s how they’ll crow bar her back in to ‘politics’.
    You heard it first on Duggerstown.

    What’s Dugdale up to these days? Still thinking? Still tanking. The brown envelopes come in many guises.”

    The National headlines with Davidson’s elevation to the House of Lards today.
    Now she can have as many wee ‘consultancies’ as she can as she will not be obliged to declare her earnings outside of politics.

    So, it’s my fault for tempting fate, Duggers.
    It was of course nailed on when she emerged ;putting the boot in’ in the herald and English rags.
    What a corrupt wee system .This woman is a failure by any measure.
    The new SoS to take over from B-Lister Jack?
    I’d imagine the news will add a couple of hundred thousand to the YES vote.
    What about poor Dugdale her twin in failure?
    The poor lass is struggling along on a fat salary and exes as CEO of the Smith Think Tank, bless?
    It is time to drive these evil carpetbaggers out of Scottish life.

    They disgust me.

  22. …and for Scottish viewers
    BBC special on “private” care homes – SNPbad.
    BBC special on Glasgow hospital – SNPbad.
    BBC article on mental health – SNPbad
    BBC article on holiday makers having to quarantine – SNPbad
    Etc etc

    Obviously someone has had a call from HQ to “Save the Union”

    Facts are irrelevant now. We need to be guided by ” journalists” who “sense” and “feel” what is happening. We need to use the “evidence” of angry, upset, emotional family members because that has real breakthrough in the politics of unionism.

    To those at the BBC.
    Is the salary really that important that you willingly surrender your moral compass and professional integrity?

  23. Good riddance. Another one gone, another one down, another one hits the dust. Another failure. The reason they come into politics is to milk the public purse. Killing people. The Brexit mess. A complete and utter shambles. Into oblivion.

    Support for SNP/Independence rising.

  24. The Brits are not going to change. If they changed they would no longer be Brits. Conceit and contempt are what define them. Contemplating actual change implies that they are not superior and that would be diametrically opposed to their little belief system.

    However, it is well within their capacity to deceive. They can comfortably pretend to change, to damn people with faint praise, to talk in euphemisms that can be interpreted in totally contradictory ways, self satisfied that they are hoodwinking a gullible public. That way they keep their British form of “integrity”. This is the high point of British sophistication and they have no other way to be.

    It isn’t comfortable to have to try to overcome overt and passive aggression to achieve our independence but that’s the task and we can’t say it’s new to us. We have experienced it all our lives and we will continue to experience it until we beat them.

    The months ahead are going to be bedlam. This is the lull before the storm. We can and will beat them.

  25. Tom Gordon of the Herald, highlighted on BBC Scotland website, now jumping on the Tory, Labour bandwagon saying the FM’s Covid updates should be stopped as they’re becoming too political.
    FFS it’s the hacks who have been trying to politicise it from day 1 hoping to dredge up any SNP Baaaaad! dirt.
    It’ll be an absolute disgrace, but not surprising, if the BBC pull this.

    • I believe it is perfectly clear who was behind the “hacks who have been trying to politicise it from day 1”, that they not only failed despite the Oscar winning performances of Mr Wobbly Jowels Jackass, but have egg on their faces with Sturgeon climbing in polls, so it should not be surprising they want their ball back, Saint Johnson is not pleased at relegation….
      The disgrace is not whether they shut down the FM’s Covid Updates but that they are responsible for manufacturing the reasons they cite for doing so and the public can see it.
      In the midst of a public health emergency “perfidious albion” made a guest appearance, that didn’t that go down well in England let alone Scotland…

  26. The opposition again complain about the FMs daily briefings on the pandemic, so today Tom Gordon of the Herald voices that expression in a question to the FM using the fact that Finance Minister Kate Forbes had pointed out she was seeking fiscal borrowing powers for the Scottish parliament to be transferred from Westminster so that Scotland could tailor our response to the pandemic more effectively for our needs, which he and the opposition see as a political statement

    Two things about that, one the deliberate attempt to place more pressure on the BBC to drop the briefings, and two,one simple answer to this is if you needed to buy a bandage you shouldn’t have to wait until your next door neighbour allows you access to your own money to go out and buy one

    Journalists make a daily point about the UK *giving* Scotland money for the furlough scheme, that right there is political journalism on behalf of the opposition to make it appear that Scotland has no money when in fact it actually emphasises the point that Scotland is not allowed to be a normal country able to access its own finances as it sees fit for its needs

    The UK *gives* Scotland nothing, any borrowing assigned to Scotland is repayable by every citizen in Scotland, Kate Forbes was pointing that out in relation to our ability to deal with the immediacy of a global pandemic

    Health is political as well as social, the two can’t be divorced by the opposition when it doesn’t suit them when the opposition constantly bring up the Scottish governments responsibility for that at every FMQs

    The opposition to the SNP Scottish government don’t want the population joining up the dots as to why Scotland should be the same as every other normal country in the world as opposed to the colony they want to keep us imprisoned within

    The Red Blue and Peughy coloured Tories love to make a big noise about themselves when they demand the end results but don’t enjoy the truth of their intransigence in willing the way to achieve those results

    Scotland’s population is understanding this more every day and the conclusion they’re coming to is Yes to Independence

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