The unwitting midwives of independence

Given the state of the opinion polls which point to the SNP winning an absolute majority in the next Scottish elections, combined with consistent majorities for independence, the Tories appear to have fallen back on that trusty old stand-by for denying Scotland another referendum. They tell us that Thatessempee “promised” that the referendum of 2014 was a once in a generation/once in a lifetime event, and they’re jolly well determined to hold them to that promise.

This is pretty rich from the Tories, a party which has never made a promise to the Scottish electorate that it hasn’t gone on to trash. But then hypocrisy is their stock in trade. The Conservatives would have rather more of a leg to stand on in their insistence that they’re going to make sure political promises had been kept if they themselves had kept the promise that Scotland would be an equal partner, a leader in a family of nations. They’d have more of a case if they were not currently engaged in undermining the powers of the Scottish Parliament without the express consent of Holyrood, when they themselves solemnly swore that they’d draw up legislation to ensure that no Westminster government could ever do any such thing. Then they inserted the weasel clause “normally” into relevant section of the Scotland Act, and compounded their lack of good faith by going to the Supreme Court to get a ruling that the provision had no legal effect – with or without the word “normally”.

The Tories would have more of a case if they had at least ensured that the Scottish Government was consulted and involved in the shape that Brexit took instead of Holyrood finding out what Westminster had planned when they read about it in the newspapers along with the rest of us – never mind having swore blind to us in 2014 that voting against independence was the only way that Scotland could remain in the EU, and then dragging us out anyway. When it comes to posing as the guarantors of political promises, the Conservatives have as much credibility as Boris Johnson at a count your children competition.

However this is not the really shocking thing about the Conservatives’ insistence that they will refuse to agree to another independence referendum even if the SNP is returned to Holyrood following next year’s Scottish election with an absolute majority. What’s shocking is that it would represent a direct strike at the very foundations of democracy itself. Because when the Conservatives say that they’re going to hold Thatessempee to the promises of 2014 – and we can dispute until the cows come home as to what those words once in a generation opportunity really meant – what they’re saying is that they’re going to hold the Scottish electorate to account for a promise that they claim the SNP made.

The Conservatives are taking it upon themselves to be the arbiters of which electoral results they are going to recognise based upon their own interpretation of what another party’s leadership said seven years previously. It is a fundamental tenet of democracy that it is for the people to bind political parties with electoral mandates. Parties cannot bind the electorate, yet that is exactly what the Conservatives are proposing to do. They are putting limits on democracy to suit their own narrow political interests. It would be nothing less than a direct assault on the very foundations of democracy itself.

Democracy means that the voters get to decide, not that a political party decides which result it’s going to accept. The sovereignty of the Westminster Parliament is a fetish for the Tories. Amongst other things it means that the decisions of one parliament cannot bind the decisions of a future parliament. Yet the Conservatives want us to believe that the entire electorate of Scotland can be bound by what Boris Johnson tells us Alex Salmond or Nicola Sturgeon ‘really’ meant back in the early days of the first independence referendum campaign. That’s not democracy.

Personally, I’d not be too distressed if the Conservative Government decided to do all it could to block another independence referendum following the reelection of the SNP in 2021 with an absolute majority after standing on a mandate for another referendum. As Professor John Curtis suggests, the SNP should stand in the 2021 election asking for the same mandate that they asked for in the 2011 election. A majority result next year would give the exact same set of political conditions as obtained in before the first independence referendum. The Tories would stand exposed as the undemocratic and authoritarian creatures that they are should they continue to refuse Scotland another referendum under those circumstances.

This would set up a simple equation in the minds of Scotland’s voters between independence and democracy itself. It would deprive any Better Together Mk II campaign of its strongest argument – the claim that Scotland is a voluntary member of a union and not a nation kept captive against its will. The public anger that would be generated would guarantee that when Scotland did vote on the question of independence that rejoining the world as an independent state would be the settled and unarguable will of the Scottish people.

There are, as this blog has repeatedly argued, several ways in which Scotland can have a legitimate vote on independence without a Section 30 order. However the key to the success of any of these strategies is that they must enjoy the support of a clear majority of the Scottish electorate. That’s a condition that will only be met when there is widespread public anger at the refusal of Westminster to recognise Scottish democracy. That anger is seething amongst the independence movement right now, but it has yet to spread into the wider population. That will change if Boris Johnson tries to block another referendum following the reelection of a majority SNP government next year. It’s not when long standing independence supporters demand that Nicola Sturgeon adopt a Plan B that a Plan B will succeed – it’s when the majority of the Scottish population demand it.

In the meantime remember this. When Boris Johnson says that he will not allow Scotland to have another referendum, he is guaranteeing Scottish independence. If he is foolish enough to refuse a Section 30 order following the reelection of the SNP with a majority, independence becomes a certainty. The debate will then centre around the need to restore democracy to Scotland, and they only way in which that can be achieved will be through independence. It will be a powerful and irresistable argument for independence, delivered into our hands by the stupidity and intransigence of the Conservatives and their British nationalist allies themselves. They are the unwitting midwives of independence.

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87 thoughts on “The unwitting midwives of independence

  1. Jackson Carlaw was aff into the Twighlight Zone in FMQs today.
    “The numbers in Scotland aren’t better than those in England, ’cause they just aren’t FACT!”
    Is Carlaw a stupid man or an intelligent man playing to a stupid audience? I genuinely don’t know.
    This type of bold face assertion that black is white may play out to his Express / Mail / Telegraph reading audience if it concerned something relatively peripheral like educational attainment level, but the pandemic consumes our every waking thoughts.
    This is the problem Trump has where the usually reliable distraction of identity politics can’t distract from his disastrous pandemic performance.
    Aff the top of her head, Nicola quoted approximate comparative fatality numbers for July as; Scotland nine, England around 2,000. The English figure is nearer 2,050. Out by per capita corrected ratio of 18:1.

    Take a wild guess as to what Richard Leonard brought up? Nah, you’ll never guess. CAREHOMES.
    Richard may very well be genuinely dim.
    When hospital patients were being discharged to carehomes without Covid testing the daily testing capacity (from memory) was about 200. The decision on prioritising this very limited capacity was taken by the Clinical and Scientific Advisory group. The decision was to prioritise hospital patients displaying Covid symptoms. This was clearly communicated at the time.
    From a Clinition’s perspective, you treat to the symptoms rather than the test, so the testing may be seen as “wasted”. To an Epidemiologist’s perspective you need to know whether a patient has Covid or seasonal flu (remember, we were back in the flu season). Obviously the Epidemiologists won out on prioritising the tests.
    Besides, if the 200 / day tests were used to clear hospital patients before their discharge to carehomes, we were talking about thousands of hospital patients, who would have died in the hospitals of Covid waiting for a test. The ideal that the only infection route into carehomes was the discharged hospital patients is nonsense.
    Richard Leonard’s proposition is effectively; “I would have ignored the advice of the technical advisors and prioritised testing of non-symptomatic hospital patients facilitating their transfer into carehomes. This would have saved a small number of unquantifiable lives in the short term but would have potentially cost many tens of thousands of lives as a pandemic ran amok with the Epidemiologists denied the knowledge they required to manage the situation. I would have done this out of short term, political expediency.”

  2. No promise was ever made. An opinion was sought of individuals and an opinion was given… by individuals.

    Regardless, NO party leader OF ANY STRIPE can bind in perpetuity the majority will of a population (that’d be their employers). As constitutional, (even everyday national/political), circumstances change then so can the choices made by the population on ANY given point. It is for the party leader and leader of government (an employee) to then carry out the will of the population at the earliest possible opportunity. That’s democracy. 🙂

    A specific mandate sought from a specific pledge or question.

    • Not sure they understand what a promise. Does it have to be on the side of a bus, obviously not since we’ve seen neither hide nor hair of the £350 million a week. Is it a Vow on the front page of a newspaper, stop laughing. What about no borders written into a Treaty protecting the GFA ( apparently some Tory factions want to ignore it) what protecting farmers, fishermen, food standards, protecting food standards and let’s not forget staying the EU.

      • No. They really don’t. They also hope that the general public don’t either and that we have some form of short term memory issues.

        Just heard that Mr Carlaw has resigned t’boot. 😯

  3. If the Britnats want to take that stance, then Scotland of course, would be perfectly right to demand that we are not dragged out of the EU, as promised in 2014, and all of the promises made by Cameron’s EngGov are implemented. We know that will not happen. The Tories and their red Tory pals have nothing to keep the tide of support for independence back, they really are in a panic.

  4. We need to sort out the right of Scots to determine their constitutional future through the Holyrood parliament and Scots law before we get to the actual referendum.
    That is paramount and must be put to bed before anything else can happen.
    Westminster must be forced into publicly agreeing that the people of Scotland have that right via their democratically elected parliament and that they will respect the expression of that right at any time of our choosing.
    This has to be an open ended agreement and is the only way,within the UK state,that we can keep them honest.
    No more Section 30 orders which leaves that power in the hands of the Westminster establishment.

    • We do not need Westminster to agree and never have. The people can INSTRUCT the Scottish Government to repeal the Treaty, the same as the English Parliament {evil} can, it being sovereign in England.

    • ”We need to sort out the right of Scots to determine their constitutional future through the Holyrood parliament and Scots law before we get to the actual referendum.”’

      I reckon that even the Tories know that it’s a given that the Scottish people are sovereign and have the right to decide their own future, bringiton. The REAL issue here has always been as Paul points out, and no doubt Nicola Sturgeon well knows, is that ”the key to the success … is that they must enjoy the support of a clear majority of the Scottish electorate.” We haven’t had the latter, consistently, up until now and of course we’re now in the midst of this pandemic which has become in reality a double edged sword. On the one hand Nicola Sturgeon would be crazy to mention the word independence right now when people are concerned about dying and there’s real angst about the economic future. On the other hand this pandemic has afforded her the opportunity (airtime for once) to show her strengths as an effective leader. Nicola Sturgeon has played a blinder, imo, between fighting to the bitter end for the 62% of Scots who voted to remain in the EU, and getting shafted (she and we) by Westminster in the process, and then requesting a Section 30 Order and being told to b*gger off. In other words she’s done everything by the book, in the Scot’s eyes, and it won’t go well for them, in London, if they continue to play silly beggars to the point that I can see them having to ultimately back down on the S30 Order issue.

      • Agreed.
        Whichever adviser pushed Cameron to insist on a S30 request could never have foreseen that it’s refusal would become a millstone, recall at that point No was odds on to win.
        That this and the “once in a lifetime” lie have become their sole justifications to block democracy while support in Scotland and England has amassed a majority is political suicide.
        With or without a S30 there will be an indyref2, all the Tories have accomplished with their games and propaganda is highlight their own arrogance and corruption.

  5. When you ask a football manager who’ll win the next game he’ll make a guess based on what he thinks at the time or he’ll engage in some rhetoric to gee up his players or supporters, we all do it, but it doesn’t make it a fact it makes it a guess or an opinion or even a prediction if your name happens to be Mystic Meg, nobody holds political parties responsible if they predict their party will win then they lose, there’s no inquest, there’s no legal challenge, there’s no demanding by other political parties that these things must happen, it’s all just a big fat Tory Labour Lib Dem public relations exercise in the mind washing of the forgetful by placing an emphasis on an off the cuff statement in answer to a journalist question not contained in any legal document anywhere in existence

    When Nicola Sturgeon says there were X amount of folk taken ill by Covid 19 and she perhaps mistakenly quotes the figure one short the opposition don’t come screaming back demanding someone else be taken ill because she said so, although Jackdaw Plankton has a good go at such stupidity

    Today was a perfect example of Tory insanity as Jackdaw Plankton accused the FM of encouraging people at the border to shout at English people to go away, then accused her of profiteering on SNP branded face coverings of which every penny of profit goes directly to charity, and what makes his behaviour even worse Plankton knows that already, he’s just so enraged by his and his party’s irrelevance that he is unable to control his thrashed frothing in his determination to just say stuff and hope the public will fall for it

    Michael Russell is on his feet at this moment explaining the theft by the English government of Scotland’s powers, and not only of Scotland but Wales and Northern Ireland also
    The English government is on course to position itself as a one party one government one dictatorship state and if Scotland doesn’t get behind the SNP and Independence right now it will happen just like Brexit and we won’t be able to get rid of them just like we couldn’t get rid of Dominic Cummings, just like we can’t get rid of the House of Lords, just like we can’t rid ourselves of the likes of Murdo Fraser no matter if all of us don’t vote for him

    They are stealing our country’s right to decide and they’re employing people right here in Scotland and beyond to help them divert our attention from it

    • Each, I’d forgotten about that one. The no so ‘ most powerful devolved parliament in the world ‘ , what about that for a promise, is broon ever called out on that

      • The thing is, even if Federal Broon had no right to make such a personally undeliverable promise (though I seem to recall that he assured he would see it through at the time), he has never raised a peep about the patent lack of follow-through by the powers-that-be since. (More like the diametric inverse, actually.) Presumably not least because it would have exposed his own empty posturing. But if he was a person of character and a man of his word, he would have demanded the promises be honoured anway. Instead by his occasional emergences from his crypt to double-down on his mendacity, he has shown himself up to be thoroughly dishonourable and the whole rotten BitterBritTogether mob to be a shower of serial liars with no right to point the finger at anyone else.

        If anyone mentions the “generation/lifetime promise” again, the appropriate response should be “should it have been written on the side of a bus, then?”.

        • Not quite, Wales is just below us. Thing is had they actually followed through on all the promises they would have had to do the same for Wales.

      • I’m sure that Paul wrote a great article on that subject quite some time ago, Golfnut, in comparing us to other countries etc. A second showing of that one on here would be appreciated.

    • Yep Dr.Jim, it’s a knife edge situation now, if Scotland (pro indy folk at the least!) does not unite in
      ensuring that the country secures independence whichever way that can be done, it will be ‘North Britain’ all over again, with poverty like never seen before, and with many rich living lives of luxury off the backs of the poor and blaming them for being poor.

      Everything positive that has been achieved for Scotland in a few short year by the SNP, (against huge odds in fact) will definitely be reversed, and anything that can’t be taken back or destroyed, the Britnats will take credit for like the new Forth Road Bridge etc. The SNP have had a few short years to try repair the damage of 300+ of the so called ‘union’, Covid19 has shown how competent they are and the Britnats don’t like it and won’t allow that to continue. It goes against everything the Britnats stand for, inequality, colonialism, government power not people power, taking from the public purse, and rule with an iron fist.

      Scotland is in great peril, and up against a monster ie, the UK elite and the far right in the US, and a few other dodgy regimes no doubt. A few chinks in the armour of the SNP, and Scotland is royally screwed. It’s easy peasy for the powerful to control the narrative, to divide and conquer, as Mike Russell says, we have to resist direct rule and ‘fight it tooth and nail’.

      • Plus, or even more so ArtyHetty, a few chinks, or chunks, in the armour of the independence movement and we’ll see independence being scuppered altogether. The GRA and Hate Crime Law are issues that can be amended or repealed after we get our independence, as is the case with Governments and their laws the world over. The name of the game right now has to be about keeping our eye on the ball and pulling together to get our country and people out of this purgatory, as you (and Mike) say by resisting direct rule through ‘fighting it tooth and nail’, in particular for the Scots who have no idea of what’s coming.

  6. For those of a delicate stomach look away now.
    Carlaw, Rennie and Leonard are easily most abject failures in the history of Scottish politics.
    They are a waste of space time and our money.
    It was there for all to see at today’s farce at FMQ, as the three amigos moaned from the side lines followed by a clutch of pointless ‘Opposition’ questions, (the prize for the most banal and idiotic going to Ian Gray, barking about No’ enough money for schools and why didn’t we hire more teachers months ago?).

    They really as hopeless.
    Worse than that. They are deliberately trying to destroy Scotland’s democracy.
    No politician can tell the electorate what to do or think.
    I am Carlaw’s, Rennie’s, and Leonard’s boss. I am the people of Scotland. And I did not declare ‘once in a generation.’

    These idiots actually believe that they control us, not the other way around.
    Douglas Ross lied on Ch4 the other night about hordes of Baxter’s Worker cheering the First Minister of England on his visit; well we now know they were all sent home for fear of the First Minister of England getting booed on his visit to the Lossiemouth stockade.
    I am Douglas Ross’ boss. He can forbid be nothing. There will be a plebiscite, and the People of Scotland will instruct our ’employee’ what we want.
    Megalomaniacs and psychopaths crawl across our land.

    They think that we are conquered serfs.
    We cannot wait until May ’21 however. we cannot allow these nuts to drag us out of the EU in December.

    Thoughts on one side of a PC please.

    • PS
      ‘PC’ is an old Scots abbreviation for ‘post card’, a quaint old system before MS DOS where paste cards were used by folks wishing to communicate with each other. We old wrinklies scratched words on to the card, stuck something called a ‘postage stamp’ on the card, and an organisation called the Post Office (long since gone now) physically delivered the card to the address which you scrawled on the paste board, using a ‘pen’ or a ‘pencil’.
      It is a chilling thought that there is a generation now which has no idea what I’m talking about.
      Young voters next year were 9 years old when Indyref Dry Run kicked off.

  7. “Young voters next year were 9 years old when Indyref Dry Run kicked off.”

    Jeeso, that´s almost a………….generation!

  8. Even if some in the SNP leadership aren’t particularly enthusiastic about independence – and I for one don’t know for sure – the fact is that despite the mandates they’ve been given the fact is – or was – that there wasn’t majority support for independence, so what exactly were they supposed to do anyway?

    However if majority support for independence is consistent and continues to rise, there’s no way the leadership can just sit there and do nothing, S30 or no S30, even if some of them are reluctant to do so they will be “obliged” to act, whatever the WM regime says. And don’t forget, despite the media blackout there’d be here outside in the rest of the world an intransigent and dictatorial English government would quickly find itself with even less friends than it has now and would be widely accused of being a dictatorship, and no “Scottish” media blackout here could contain it.

    I think the list party thing was basically about putting the SNP’s feet to the fire. Maybe a good idea maybe not I don’t know. If there is a new list party then there has to be one and ONLY one. Any more than that then someone’s at it. The idea of getting rid of parasites like Fraser, Wells etc and replacing them with actively pro indy List MSP’s is seductive to say the least but I don’t know how it would all pan out votes wise and I doubt I ever will because the whole thing is so complicated and boring (by design?) so I’ve decided that the main thing has to be a stonking landslide majority for the SNP next time round, simply because THAT would put their feet to the fire whether or not they need to be and would leave the English government with little or no room to manouvre unless of course they want to try “putting the boot in” and see where that gets them.

    Scotland Wake Up!

    Independence = Democracy

    UK = Colonisation

  9. Jackass Coleslaw has ermmm “jacked it”. Cue Dame “put-the-boot-in” Davidson riding to the rescue ?

  10. After his melt down on FMQs, Carlaw’s just resigned. Following Davidson and Tomkins oot the door.
    Free by 23!

  11. Or Hen Broon Murdo Fraser will get the gig. Escocia’s equivalent of Johnson – two cheeks of one arse on both sides of the border!

    • Yeh so the carjack’s busted.
      Definitly looks like somebody’s laying the groundfor the return of “I love the rape clause” but is RCR that stupid to head up ghe union case, ooh I realy hope so.

  12. And it begins, rats fleeing a sinking ship.

    “Jackson Carlaw has resigned suddenly as Scottish Conservative leader, claiming he is not the right person to lead his party into the forthcoming Holyrood elections.

    Hours after a combative session at first minister’s questions, Carlaw issued a statement saying he had reached “a simple if painful conclusion” over the past few weeks that the Scottish Tories needed a new and better leader.”

    Personally, I believe he resigned because he knows that Nicola Sturgeon is right and his performance today politicising the Covid crisis was embarrassing. he doesn’t have the stomach for the fight, few of them do.

    Ramit Lush will be next, as like dominoes they fall one by one.

  13. Carlaw has quit. Of course he did. Like any tory in Scotland, they are hostage to fortune when they have a knob like Johnson in charge. Rickshaw Lampshade was told to quit by Gorgeous Fedora but Mr. Fedora was been asked grow a proper beard, ditch the bunnet and fuck off. I am making the last bit up, but that would be the cherry on the cake for me.

    You must excuse me now, I still have some gut laughing to catch up on.

  14. Oh well, there’s always Mundell (Jr.). (laugh)

    (The question is, did Jackless jump or was he pushed…?)

    • Pushed with absolute certainty. Despite waxing lyrical in his resignation speech on reflections, does Jackass strike you as a man who has the faintest grasp of what self-awareness is ?
      It’s one of those Trump “You’re fired” moments…

  15. Pretty much, neatly summarised in your final paragraph…
    It may have taken a pandemic in combination with the charlatan and his support act to finally push some undecideds, but with so many examples of incompetence and chicanery to draw on in the coming campaign the rest will surely follow.
    None of Johnson’s bluster can stop independence now, S30 or no S30, but there is a sting in the tail. With Scotland finally freeing itself from the elitists in London, it will not be long before the population of England also turn against this cabal masquerading as a Union, it was never about 4 countries.
    Interesting times….

    • ”It will not be long before the population of England also turn against this cabal masquerading as a Union,”

      And I can see many of them heading north to an Independent Scotland, Bob, and all will be made welcome.

  16. Well, for all the quibblers and grumblers out there moaning that there’s been “no progress”, there’s your answer. One faction of the opposition at least seems to realise the game’s truly afoot…

  17. Rurmour has it that Douglas Ross is being lined up as party leader. How will that work as he is currently back bench MP at Westminster. Who would then do the deputy job at Holyrood.

    Here Annie Wells and Murdo’ names bandied about as well. Oh please, please let it be Annie Wells,cannae sting a coherent sentance thigether.

    • Just heard on Misreporting Scotland that Douglas Ross is the favoured choice of the Scottish Tories and Jackdaw Carcrash was definitely pushed to resign. Watching Nicola figuratively give Carcrash his head and his hands to play with at parliament today was priceless.Scottish Tories know they are going to get annihilated at Scottish Elections that is why they pushed Carlaw out. Douglas Ross currently doesn’t even have a seat in the Scottish parliament at present the only thing he has proven to be good at is lying re all those non existent Baxters workers cheering during Bojos visit to the factory. I doubt Douglas Ross as leader will help them much and I hope none can

      • Hmmm, the notion that Dougie Ross is in with a chance is not to be casually dismissed. It would be something of a political risk though in selecting a member of the HoC, re-emphasising the Tory dependence on London with a vengeance. Putting all their political eggs into one basket, so to speak. A perverse message in these times, you might think. (Just imagine the possible jibes in Holyrood every time some placeperson rises up to channel the leader “o’er the watter”, for example.)

        But that’s not to say they wouldn’t do it, of course. No obvious attractive choices, after all. “Whom the gods wish to destroy” and all that…

          • I think you’re reading from a poor script there. Evidently produced by someone who didn’t watch FMQs today. How steadier the hold, how better the aim.

            (Must try harder next time.)

      • Douglas Ross? Great stuff. Bring it on.

        What does he know, dates, facts and figures, about the ”day job” in Scotland? He’ll be like another Dickie Leonard who can be constantly seen having Iain Gray keeping him right by whispering in his ear at FMQ’s. Oh and dearie me he’s doing a runner now too 🤣.

        Douglas Ross? Nicola Sturgeon will make mincemeat of him.

        • That’s gonna be hard for Dougie to do, Petra, since his 2nd job is away in London. (His 1st being currently in abeyance, since there’s no line on any fitba field needing his attention.) So how anyone in Holyrood could channel his every thought while he plays mini-me to BoJo on the green benches of WM is a mystery.

          Maybe of course the Scottish remnant of Toryism reckons that the further their new leader is from the Wrath of Nicola, the safer! After all, the former leader-but-one turned distancing (pre-Covid) into something of an art form!

  18. Davidson – I will be the next FM of Scotland.

    Carlaw – I will be the next FM of Scotland.

    Next Tory joker – I will be the next FM of Scotland.

  19. Listening to Obama on CNN – talking about John Lewis fight against racism and oppression.

    This is what we face oppression, lies, deceit, racism, corruption

    We shall overcome.

  20. A tale of two TV channels tonight saw STV tell the truth about a pretty useless object of a man pushed out of positon because he’s rubbish then over to BBC Scotland where we heard from Bryan Taylor that the now ex leader was a Prince of a man and so sad because he was a party faithful stalwart and oh aren’t we looking forward to Ruth Davidson returning to the front bench position wearing her newly endowed ermine maybe? another accolade she doesn’t deserve because to this day she hasn’t earned her title as MSP yet as thousands of her constituents who might have wanted to talk to her at some point weren’t allowed to

    Join the Scottish Tory branch party, you get to fail upwards

    There’ll soon be fewer Tories in Scotland than Rapter birds, maybe the Rapters could attack them now instead of the other way round, now that’s what I call a sport

    • It’s not often that we hear the esoteric adjective ‘vituperative’ bandied about on BBC Scotland news bulletins.
      ….perhaps Brian Taylor had a bet with a colleague that he could shoe horn this rather exotic description of Carjack Lawson’ ‘shock’ resignation into his mid table, buried beneath the headlines, account of the Great Man’s Jump/Push/Fall From Grace.

      His colleagues had had enough of the bluff bluster and ineffectual leadership of The Failed Car Salesman; never had their ‘ative’ reached the heights of ‘vituper’ before.
      Toodle Oo The Noo mused with Sally that the Blue Tory Branch Office will seek a younger more dynamic leader to win us all back into the warm embrace of the First Minister of England, one Boris Johnson, the Hyperion of youthfulness and vitality personified.
      Now we know why he was screaming like a banshee at FMQ today. It was his death rattle.

      Toodle Oo’s tip for the Top Job?
      No don’t, don’t take a mouthful of your dinner as you read this…Douglas Ross, Linesman and Baxter’s liar.

      Where’s Ruth when you need her?
      God, what a mess they are in.
      That Dick, Leonard next?
      His painful delivery and pointless script at today’s FMQ should be viewed by everyone who still hopes for a Brit Nat Socialist Nirvana.
      It is quite frankly embarrassing to watch now.
      But as Dugdale ceded, nobody else wants the job.
      And Willie Rennie?

      The Union Better Together mob are shrivelling to dust before our very eyes.

  21. Analysis by ONS suggests England had the highest levels of excess mortality in Europe across the first half of 2020.

    Thank goodness for devolution.

    Things will be a lot better with independence.

  22. With my tinfoil hat on, let me suggest that when Boris was on his Grand Tour to the outlying frontier of his dominions he gave Surname, Surname his jotters and they worked out a facesaver of 1 last F.M’s questions and then beat it. Might be wrong but given Surname, Surname’s remainer past and criticism of the blind puppeteer, The Blonde Pillock removed him from his post.

  23. Let’s recall that Murdo once challenged Buffalo Gal (before her animal act days) for the leadership of the Tory Party Northern Annex. She on a platform of “no change” and he on “start afresh with a distinctive new party”. A lost opportunity perhaps, but unmourned and forgotten by many, not least in the dwindling ranks of the Tories themselves. If there was no great appetite for Murdo’s strong medicine back then, I doubt that their once-proud Scottish dimension has a single backbone between them now. As for Murdo, his reputation has, well…, let’s just say steadily diminished, in no small measure due to his own many pronouncements in the time since. Does he still have the ambition, even if the puny fire in him of party schism has long since fizzled out?

    Mind you, there must be a bunch of MPs with gritted teeth right now, the carpetbaggers who quit Holyrood for the bright lights of london (as they surely then thought) beckoning. Even though these flitters have a 4-year lease, the Tory faithful can’t choose one of them now, can they?

    Or will they simply go for bust, the full monty, Dame Buffalo both Scottish Sec and leader of the Northern twig? She is, after all, still the favourite panacea of the English Tories and their pals in the metrocentric commentariat, who seem to think that the restless natives are only being needlessly stirred-up by those devious separatists, the SNP, and that all that is required is a doughty fighter to see off these upstarts and restore matters back to their rightful unquestioning torpor.

    Well, I hope they are that misguided. An opposition being led remotely from out of the Decrepit House of Horrors by a bought-up Bojo appointee is just what we need.

  24. Down here in the South Side of Glasgow I can hear Paul’s computer keyboard clickety-clacking away on tomorrow’s headline.
    ” Another one bites the dust”

    A complete and total failure as a human being, and he demonstrated that today at FMQ’s with his desperation getting the better of him. He just couldn’t restrain himself to come out with lie after lie in the forlorn hope that anybody, just anybody would be listening and would say ‘Well done sir, you tell her’ . Nicola ripped him a new one and it was well deserved.
    His ‘Attacks’ were the lowest of the low saying that SNP politicians were applauding the demonstrators at the Scottish Border, the SNP were profiteering on Covid knowing full well that every facemask purchased goes to charity and obviously he failed maths at school because he couldn’t get that 2000 is more than 9.
    People like him are not required in Government in a modern Scotland.

    Like all Tories, they think that if they talk in a posh, put on, voice people think that they are more intelligent than them, you come across people like that every day, but it often transpires that that they are nothing more than a bag of wind with limited intelligence and no common sense whatsoever.
    Failed car salesman! Twice. Couldn’t even make a living ripping people off selling second hand cars.
    And that’s what the Tories excel at, ripping people off.

    And may the rest of them follow suit.

    • “A complete and total failure as a human being”

      That’s an unreasonable thing to say, you don’t’ know him as a human being.

      There’s a diffference between the politician, and the person. No need to make it personal.

  25. That Dick, Leonard’s reaction to Carjack Lawson’s ‘shock’ resignation?
    ‘Shit, he beat me to it. I’ll need to wait until next week to announce that I’m, stepping down (sic) to ‘spend more time with my family’.

    Silver lining? He can get tore in to all those GMB members’ Compen claims which have been piling up on his desk back at Castle GMB.
    Mike Rumbles as Lib Dem Head Honcho?

    • I dunno about Dud Leotard. Someone seems to keep winding up his clockwork just before each FMQs, so he might go on forever. Look, no batteries! Whirr, whirr…

      Nicola seems quite genuinely sorry for him.

      When the BritLab adjunct finally turns to Jackie Baillie, though, you’ll know the game is well-and-truly up. (That’s a prediction there.)

  26. The Blue Tories are merely anticipating shutting down Holyrood 1st Jan 2021.
    There is no need for a ‘leader’ up in the Northern Colony. Governor General Jack is doing such a bang up job walking subserviently two Covid meters behind the First Minister
    of England on his rare trip to the Northern Frontier.

  27. Holyrood was deprived of constitutional powers from the start, the Scotland Act of 1998 signed by Donald Dewar saw to that. Scotland needs full constitutional powers now, even before independence, and the only way to get them quickly is a National Assembly of all Scottish MP’s and MSP’s from Westminster and Holyrood. As they are all the elected representatives of the Scottish people they by a vote can restore those powers. If other parties choose not to participate it makes no difference as the SNP with 49 out of 59 Westminster have a clear majority, which is all that is required. It would mean that Scotland was dealing with England on equal constitutional terms, and could legally dissolve the Treaty of Union by a Parliamentary vote.

    • As Paul has already said on this blog at least once recently, we cannot dissolve the Treaty of Union unless there is a positive vote by the Scottish people to do so, in either a referendum or possibly a plebiscite election. It would not be legal for Scottish MPs or MSPs to repeal the act and could lead to utter chaos and possibly violence if they tried to do so. Rightly the people are sovereign and should always be so. When the opportunity arises I am sure the electorate will vote for Scotland to become an Independent country and get us out of this insufferable Union.

      • Eilidh, Did the Scottish people vote to join this Union???

        Where do you think this violence will come from?
        Have we not got a police force to ptevent that?

  28. Perhaps a new leader for the conservatives in Scotland will come from England , who do they have that would do the job ?
    The conservatives have already put English MPs on committee in Westminster dealing with Scottish affairs it’s possible they will move into Holyrood too.

  29. It’s been said often enough here and elsewhere before but it’s absolutely true. The other 3 British Parties should join forces and call themselves Scotland Against Democracy and Self Sufficiency (SADASS) or something. What could possibly go wrong for them? Ruthie, Rennie and Lennie could head it up as a Co-Chairpersons – a triumvirate.

  30. The Tories are breaking up. Tanking. Who wants the poison chalice? What an absolute mess. ‘It isn’t all over.’ Till it’s over. Imagine voting Tory. They do not have a clue. Re lockdown.

  31. I have to admire Carlaws finale ” no evidence of Covid19 difference.etc”
    Hours before an English Regional lockdown.

  32. Tory MSP MIchelle Ballantyne has turned on her own party again, she reckons she’s the woman for the job of taking down the FM and they should’ve picked her instead of whatsisname that’s just packed it in
    So if they go for Douglas Ross he’s not allowed in the chamber unless he gets a seat as a MSP, and for that he has to stand in a constituency, will he stand in his own constituencey, and what if he’s rejected that would be the big clue that if Scotland isn’t out of the Union beforehand he’d be on to plums by the time the London elections came up anyway

    Douglas Ross is an idiot but I kinda don’t think even he’s that big of an idiot to want the poison job, so if he’s doing it then he’s been ordered to be the sacrificial offering, because who cares what happens to the Scotch branch anyway, no loss to the London party

    The Tories in Scotland just look like a pile of broken Hob Nobs waiting to be wiped up now

    It’s a cleaner they need, not a leader

  33. Being of a charitable mood at this late hour – no dram having passed my lips, honest – I’m thinking that maybe, just maybe, the real human being that was trapped inside the husk of Carless the Politician just thought “All this manufactured sewage I have to produce every day isn’t having the desired effect on anyone except me (plus a few indy malcontents), and it’s really getting me down. This job has turned me into Nicola’s patsy. So I quit”. And with one bound, he was free.

  34. Johnson continues to say no to a section 30 = a guarantee of Scottish independence.

    Johnson says yes to a section 30 = a guarantee of Scottish independence.

    Hmm – an article that is very positive for independence supporters but not Johnson and his Britnats. So what do the Britnats do? Prevent any more sect 30 being requested then they do not have to make a choice.

  35. They’re not bright enough, but the Red Blue and Yellow Tories should have offered to form a War Cabinet in alliance with the SNP and Greens to ‘wage war against’ the virus.
    There was no political mileage in moaning from the sidelines.
    We are beating this plague.

    If they had been seen by us Scots as standing shoulder to shoulder with their arch enemies fighting the pandemic, they would have at least been perceived as putting the health of Scotland before Party politics.
    But no; they can’t help themselves. They gambled that the Scottish Government and our Health Service would spectacularly fail. like their London Masters have.

    Their job was, and the Scottish Public have seen right through them, to bung up the works, attempt to ensure that Scotland suffers, so that they can blame the Bad EssEnnPee for mass slaughter, and the Brits emerge triumphant and Better Together in May ’21 to preside over the dissolution of the Scottish Parliament.

    I anticipate one or two Red Tories ‘crossing the house’ now, and declaring for Independence.
    They can’t all marry money.
    Today at FMQ Carlaw Rennie and Leonard were an embarrassment.

  36. I wrote in the excellent ‘Trashing the UK ‘piece 27th July :-

    “The sight of B-Llister Jack tagging behind Johnson like the pet poodle he is, on Orkney, and the ‘Reservoir Dogs’ photoshoot outside Baxter’s with Jack, Douglas Ross (his ears doubtless still ringing to the phantom applause of the ghost workers within) on call, and Carjack Lawson behind them, his position in the Blue Tory firmament there for all to see; a backroom boy who months ago was Brutus in the Operation Arse conspiracy to topple the Flaxen Haired One.”

    3 days later?

    ‘Knock knock.
    Who’s there? Jackson.
    Jackson who?
    See, you’ve forgotten him already.’

    The old ones are the best.


  37. >>It’s not when long standing independence supporters demand that Nicola Sturgeon adopt a Plan B that a Plan B will succeed – it’s when the majority of the Scottish population demand it.

    Well said.

  38. “Amongst other things it means that the decisions of one parliament cannot bind the decisions of a future parliament.”

    Welcome to the North Sea’s Hong Kong .

  39. We always knew that the Tories Labour and Lib Dems were the same party, now it’s been confirmed as Liberal Democrat Alex Cole Hamilton extends an invite to Clacton Slackjaw to join the *safe haven* of the Liberal Democrats, in other words join us because Westminster Lib Dems never sack anybody for being rubbish

    Not sure how well that’ll go down with Lib Dem party members though, they try hard not to let the public know that they’re Tories

  40. What a shambles in the south with infections rising and crucial coronavirus news and instructions being tweeted by Matt Hancock at 9.30 at night. Compare and contrast with Nicola Sturgeon. One wonders too if they’ll ever get rid of this virus in England and more so when, not if, Nicola Sturgeon will have to close the border giving the BritNats something else to crack up about.

    ‘Coronavirus news – live: Infections rise across England as Boris Johnson to give briefing and last-minute northern lockdown announcement branded ‘new low’ in government messaging.’


    ‘Coronavirus: Scotland advises against travel to virus hotspots in the north of England.’

    ”First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: “We have always been clear that localised flare-ups are likely as we continue to suppress the virus but by responding quickly and appropriately we can limit the effect these have on wider transmission. “I strongly advise anyone planning to travel to areas affected in the north of England, or anyone planning to travel to Scotland from those same areas, to cancel their plans.”

  41. Mr Campbell, imo, has been a MAIN player in creating dissatisfaction with the SNP. Why would that be when he and we all know that support for the SNP is crucial to winning indyref2?

    ‘John Curtice: SNP internal divisions could pose ‘biggest risk’ to achieving Scottish independence.’

    ..”However, other potential allies may be less likely to sign up to the SNP’s agenda, with controversial blogger Stuart Campbell confirming this week plans to launch his own Wings Over Scotland party are still “under consideration”. Mr Campbell said one of the driving forces behind support for a pro-independence alternative on the list vote is a “very considerable groundswell of dissatisfaction with the SNP on a number of levels”…


    ‘How Nicola Sturgeon is raining on Boris Johnson’s Brexit parade.’

  42. ‘Irish Times view on Scottish independence and instability in the UK.’

    …”This growing instability in the UK has major implications for Ireland North and South. A constitutional crisis over Scotland’s place in its union next year would coincide with the fallout from whatever agreement is reached between London and Brussels on Brexit. A Conservative government so wedded to reclaiming external sovereignty from the EU is less willing to concede it internally to Scotland – or to Northern Ireland, should there be a commensurate shift of opinion towards a border referendum there in coming years.”..


    ‘Prof (SiU) Pennington lifts my research and then misuses it to blame Scottish Government.’

  43. Ballantyne, Scottish Tory’s no happy 😀 😎

    “He was pushed from Westminster but I’m happy he is gone.” @MBallantyneMSP told #TheNine she believes @Jackson_Carlaw was forced to resign and warns against a new leader being “foisted upon” @ScotTories members. She says she has not decided whether to run for leadership yet.”


    Check out more of Ann’s links on the Indyref2 site.

  44. Ross gave an interview this morning, it’s 100% clear to me he does not want this job because he’s a career boy and this job is a career ender, but he’s been ordered (asked by colleagues apparently)
    What’s the future for Douglas Ross in this, he has to wait until next May to stand, he might lose, but even if he wins, an Independence referendum will have been announced by then so he loses anyway

    I had an email this morning from my MSP practically guaranteeing that Independence is upon us

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