Bruising Johnson’s ego and cruising to indy

There’s been an outbreak of childish petulance in Downing Street. You may not have noticed, since childish petulance is what passes for statesmanship in the UK these days. However this time it’s a particularly self-defeating act of toddlerish foot stomping over a symbolic gesture which would have cost the performance artiste known as Boris Johnson absolutely no political or financial cost at all, just the tiniest fraction of his ego. But protecting Johnson’s ego is our part time Prime Minister’s prime concern.

It has been reported that Michael Gove suggested that Nicola Sturgeon be invited to attend some UK government cabinet meetings, presumably in an observer status as she could not be bound by the doctrine of collective responsibility which full members of the cabinet must adhere to. As the Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has her own mandate from the electorate, one independent of that of the British Government, and moreover she is most decidedly not a member of the Conservative party. She would never see herself as being obliged to support decisions made by a Conservative cabinet and party that she’s spent her political life opposing.

However Gove certainly suggested the move because he realised that it would make it far more difficult for the Scottish Government to claim that it only finds out about British Government policy changes when it reads about them in the papers along with everyone else. It would cost nothing, and it would make it a more difficult for the SNP to argue that Westminster treats Scotland with contempt. Naturally Gove had no intention of allowing Nicola Sturgeon any significant input, and he and his colleagues would have ensured that she wasn’t in the room whenever they wished to discuss anything important, Scotland would receive the same amount of consideration from this Conservative government as it has always done. Which is to say the square root of hee haw. However the invitation would have allowed the Tories to make a big song and dance about how they’d elevated the Scottish First Minister to cabinet status. In the British state, it’s always the appearance of things and not the substance that counts.

Despite this, the performance artiste known as Boris Johnson refused. There’s no way he was going to share his stage with anyone, least of all a woman who’s a considerably more effective political performer than he could ever be. Reports are that he refused because he didn’t want people to think that Nicola Sturgeon was his equal. But that’s something he never needed to worry about. No one was ever going to think that Boris Johnson is Nicola Sturgeon’s equal, in the exact same way that no one thinks that an overweight late middle aged man who dresses in sporting gear to go down to the pub is the equal of an Olympic athlete.

Johnson is incapable of even making a gesture to Scotland, because he values his own ego far more than the unity of his so called precioussss union, that awesome foursome that tellingly only rhymes in a posh English accent. For the same reason he has refused to visit the First Minister at Bute House when he’s on an official visit to Scotland. This is politics as practised by the fragile ego of a narcissist who knows that he’s outclassed. He’d rather allow Scotland to continue to see the contempt that his government has for this country than suffer the indignity of allowing us to see that he recognises that in Scotland there is an alternative source of political power and authority to his own.

The panicked need from the Tories for gesture politics is far too little far too late. It comes after a series of opinion polls published in the press, and doubtless the Conservatives’ own private internal polling, has shown a consistent lead for independence and a massive lead for the SNP in voting intention for next year’s Holyrood elections. Today (Wednesday), a new poll was published from YouGov showing support for independence at 53%. This is the highest showing for independence there has ever been in a YouGov poll, which has typically returned a lower level of support for independence in recent years than other polling companies. Cue a slew of British nationalists on social media pointing out how poor, helpless, and incompetent Scotland is, but they still desperately want to hold on to us.

The poll also shows that support for the SNP in next year’s Holyrood elections stands at a whopping 57%. Translated into seats this would give the SNP 74 seats in the next Scottish Parliament, an absolute majority. Meanwhile Nicola Sturgeon’s approval rating is at +50, up 45 compared to the last YouGov poll, while Boris Johnson’s is at -54, down 16. Ruth Davidson struggles in at +15.

Fieldwork for the poll was carried out last week, while the media was full of SNPbad reports about the SQA results and Scottish social media was full of complaints about the SNP and in particular its leadership, and the need for new list parties. This poll, like the Panelbase polls before it, would appear to suggest that neither the attacks of the British nationalists nor the complaints of sections of the independence movement are cutting through to the wider public.

You might have thought that if the precioussss union really was that precious then the Conservatives would have looked after it better.  The Tories can have their hard Brexit, their centralised Westminster power with its fetish of absolute sovereignty, they can have their unelected “rules and elections are for little people” unaccountable arrogant placepeople like Cummings and Davidson, and they can have the repellent infantile narcissist Johnson in Downing Street. Or they can have a United Kingdom. They can’t have both. They can never have both.

They’ve already picked which one they want. And so has Scotland picked what it wants too. For ages now the frothing right wing Brexity Daily Express and the Mail have been telling everyone that the breakup of the union is imminent. They thought the union they were talking about was the EU, but it was really the UK all along.

You may have heard that there’s a crowdfunded initiative to test the lawfulness of an independence referendum without a Section 30 order. Taking on a legal case of this sort is eye wateringly expensive but it’s a worthwhile cause as it could establish once and for all whether the Scottish Parliament can go ahead with a referendum without the need for a Section 30 order. Or if the case fails and it’s ruled that a Section 30 order is required, it tells us that this so-called union is not a union at all, because Scotland would not be a free member of it which can decide to remain or to leave according to the will of the people of Scotland. That would deprive British nationalists of their claim that Scotland is a voluntary member of a union of nations. Either way, the independence movement ends up with either a legal argument in its favour, or a political argument in its favour, and we would have more clarity than we do just now.

The crowdfunder for the case is halfway to its goal of £155,000. You can help out with a contribution here:

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104 thoughts on “Bruising Johnson’s ego and cruising to indy

  1. My conclusion about Boris and his ego is the same as your Paul.
    Thanks for your comments on the YouGov poll. Very interesting. They are often 3 or more percentage points lower than most other opinion polls so this is good.
    Will help with the crowdfunding effort.

    I know from my own acquaintances and others that the mood with many is moving our way. I know of three people that have moved to Yes since May.

  2. Firstly: well done for providing the link to the S30 crowdfunder. It took me 30 minutes to find it via multiple searches and many dead ends. It can’t just be me!

    The invite by Gove is on the basis of Sun Tsu – “..keep your enemies closer”
    The ramp up of BBC anti Scottish Government rants is quite noticeable.

    The language used regarding John Swinney by the MSM is shameful. I heard a dedicated, compassionate speech by an apologetic rationale caring human who happens to be a politician.

    This type of media attack language against a genuinely nice man is disgraceful.

    • It is also self-defeating Julia.

      The people whose support we need are the decent people who don’t like this type of behaviour.

      But Brits will be Brits.

    • Ah that’s even better. I was wondering whether they’d polled 16 and 17 year olds. It’s likely that they also haven’t included non-UK citizens who would also be eligible to vote in a Scottish referendum.

      • I’m not a professional statistician so I’m probably setting myself up for a prat fall here (something I’m entirely used to).
        Regards 16 & 17 year olds having a vote in Indy Ref II.
        Average life expectancy in Scotland is 77. We get the vote (under normal circumstances) at 18, so, we get to vote for 59 years.
        If we add two voting years, those years represent 3.4% of the total.
        If 80% of 16 & 17 year olds vote Yes that’s 3.4% x 0.8 – (3.4% x 0.2) = 2%.

        • That’s assuming that there are equal numbers of people in each age cohort though – which isn’t actually true. A lot of older people will be post-war Baby Boomers, so-called because of the large increase in the birth rate after WW2. The birth rate has declined significantly since.

  3. Talk about contempt. This morning, Scottish Parliament hearing on the power grab Bill. UK gov informed the Scottish Parliament it wouldn’t be attending just 35 minutes before it was due to start.

  4. When a party gets to 57% support it even begins to get out of the list doldrums that has exercised so many people so greatly over the last while. Time now to stop looking back defensively and instead look forward optimistically.

    Everything to play for now, if we all hang together instead of hanging apart (as Ben Franklin famously put it).

    • Oh, there will be a ‘hanging’, or perhaps two or three, when Ruth and the Linesman go the way of previous Brit Nat Champions (oh, I nearly forgot, this is Davidson’s third time at the wheel)

      It is a nonsense that any Brit Nat WM Government would allow a member of another party to attend Cabinet Meetings of course.
      They are drowning, not waving.
      Great piece, Paul.
      The snap of Johnson on the steps of Bute House, fat, dishevelled, his hair looking like a Pound Shop mop head, while NS looked every inch a leader, while still her tidy authoritative diminutive self, will never be repeated.
      Johnson, the Fat Owl being reprimanded by matron.

      They are drowning not waving.
      Gove is swimming around in circles likes a goldfish,

      I note that The Linesman has announced his Jock Shadow Cabinet reshuffle.

      Supermom at the wheel for the third time. No Place for Carjack Lawson, and the Duck Bill Platypus Murdo 7 times electoral failure Fraser as Finance spokesman.
      You couldn’t make it up.

      Some watching the ‘Grade Robber’ farce yesterday must have wondered if they had travelled backwards in time 20 years, as Iain Gray hauled his generous frame to his feet and quite literally wheezed his way through his ‘resign’ contribution, while Willie Rennie, Jackie Baillie, and Liz Smith piled in with their 20 year old whinge from the sidelines.

      They really are a tired old bunch of dinosaurs.
      Tired sad old Has Beens who can look forward to their big fat index linked pensions, and various Brown Envelope sinecures from the Dark Money treasure chest held by Edinburgh’s Branch of the Brit Oligarchy.
      It is no surprise that nearly 80% of under 25’s want Freedom.

  5. I’m delighted to see that LBJ is continuing to treat Nicola Sturgeon / the ScotGov with utter contempt. Long may it last. Meanwhile his wee ignorant lackey, DRoss, is left with egg on his face, haha.

    ”Incredible. Rather than working constructively with Scottish Government during pandemic on exams, ScotTories couldn’t resist politicising it. They’ve ended up endorsing the best ever results for SNP. Douglas Ross and Ruth Davidson are a disaster.”


    Some bad news ☹.

    ‘Train derails in Stonehaven: At least one person dead in Aberdeenshire incident.’

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  7. Regarding the Yougov poll, there’s a report on the Yougov website with some juicy morsels in it 🙂

    Scottish independence: Yes leads by 53% to 47%

    This is an increase from 51% in the last Yougov poll in January. Numbers for the Scottish elections are amazing but there’s still a long time to go before we get there and there might be a few bumps along the way.

    “Firstly, the SNP still look set for a landslide victory in next May’s Scottish Parliament elections, an election they will go into pledging to hold a second independence referendum.

    They are now polling at 57% on the constituency vote and 47% on the list vote. The Conservatives are still coming in second, on 20% and 21%, with Labour in third on 14% on both votes.

    If this result were replicated on election day it would translate into a majority of around 20 seats…”

    “Secondly, there is a massive gulf between the popularity of pro-union and pro-independence politicians. A jaw-dropping 72% of Scots think Nicola Sturgeon is doing well as First minister*, compared to just 22% who think she is doing badly. Even a majority of those who voted No in the last referendum (59%) support the job she is doing.”

    *Fieldwork took place while the criticism over her handling of exam results was unfolding.

    The opposition are not going to like that LOL.

  8. He’s the embodiment of why Scotland should be fully self governing. Equal parts arrogance, ignorance and self entitlement. He wears his lack of empathy on his sleeve (that place where traditionally you’d wear your heart in the old saying).

  9. While the FM and her government will be submitting themselves to the accountability of the Scottish electorate Ruth Davidson will be pulling on her ermine in the house of Lords where she will be accountable to no one, as she has never been accountable to her constitiuents because she never held constituency surgeries for any people in her constituency, Ruth Davidson has had a career in Scottish politics without working a day in her life let alone being responsible for anything except maybe the expanding of the use of the phrase No surrender, it’s not a great wonder why Ruth Davidson didn’t care much for Boris Johnson, he’s just a male version of her, all mouth and no substance

    • WGD: “You might have thought that if the precioussss union really was that precious then the Conservatives would have looked after it better.”

      But they do think they’re looking after it or ‘us’ because they and their supporters (including the Labour/LibDem fraternity) will tell you that they care about us so much they lavish English money on us without which we could not survive.

      And there are still Scots who believe that and the nearest parallel to their thinking that I have come across since moving to the Highlands years ago resides among the gamekeepers and ghillies who frequent the glens and are ‘showered’ with gifts by the aristocracy and assorted landowners they happily serve. So long as the Duke of Yonplace or Lord Heehaw gives them a cottage (usually built in the 19th century and hasn’t seen modernisation since electricity was installed in the 1950’s), throws them a crate of whisky at Christmas, a haunch of venison or two and allows them to keep a few grouse, pheasant and salmon they think they’re doing fine and happily go on serving. They continue to doff their caps and sad as their thinking is, it reflects badly on their country in my view and allows the ‘others’ to retain the idea they are superior and in control. And, of course, the Duke of Yonplace and Lord Heehaw all live in London or abroad.

      Time for Scots including the BritNat politicians to get off their knees, take their eyes off London because the artificial lighting is blinding them, and start to work for their own country.

  10. It’s more basic than that. If they let Sturgeon in, she’d be the only one they couldn’t sack. Johnson can sack his cabinet members. His cabinet can sack him if they act in unison.

    The Scottish people can sack Sturgeon. The Scottish parliament can sack her. The Scottish National party can sack her. Tories in London? Haha!

  11. Paul,
    There´s a clip on social media (janegodley twitter etc) of Nicola Sturgeon absolutely wiping the floor with truthless at yesterdays FMQ´s.

    It´s magnificent and I think the Duggers would enjoy it. Could you post it on here for me? I don´t know how to.

    Caveat Emptor.

    If you allready have a spring in your step today thanks to the poll results, wait till you see this, it will have you Fosbery Flopping the clothes line and we don´t want you doin´ your back in at this crucial stage of our campaign.

      • Ha ha ha brilliant and if she’s the best that the Tories have to offer they can forget it. They made a big mistake in choosing someone to front their party, to oppose Independence, when they selected Rooth the Toothless Mooth who’s sloping off to the H0L’s next year. That’ll go down well with most Scots … Not.

          • Perhaps the letter S is missing from in front of the word hitter
            One wonders where in the minds of the British parties they ever thought that this woman was anything more than the missing letter S

        • You are doing her disservice because remember she is:
          Baroness Beastie of PuttheBootinSaviouroftheUnion

          I think we will all remember that each time she opens her Gob.

      • Golfnut thanks for posting this clip ha ha

        A belter I haven’t witnessed a better put down for ages , ruthless must have the biggest brass neck in Scotland she lies without a blush on her ample gob .
        Good to see her returning to get leathered again

        • It was truly beautiful to see Nicola’s response to Roothie. How on earth did Davidson poll at +15 when she has done sod all – ever?

  12. Further to my rough methodology for calculating impact of the inclusion of 16 & 17 year olds above, I’ve done the same using the long hand method.
    Using the Population pyramid spreadsheets from the nrscotland site.
    Calculating the total populations for the various age groups from the YouGov breakdown and expanding 18 to 24 to, 16 to 24.
    Attributing the age group preference to the total age group population (e.g. 18 to 24 = 79% Yes).
    Attributing the same weighting factor to 16 & 17 year olds as to 18 year olds (preference to Yes and likelihood to vote).
    The result is basically the same as the rough method.
    53.99% Yes, 46.01% No
    That takes us back to the same 8% margin of victory as the last two Panelbase polls and as Paul points out, YouGov haven’t been traditionally “Yes friendly”.

  13. Ruth bull straddlers first day back in the front line didn’t go to well today, predictably. I’m wondering if Gove and Johnson were somehow trying to bum up tankgirl. Who can forget the picture of her sitting with the cabinet, invited by May, and duly plastered all over the papers. It was meant as a slap in the face for the FM, maybe this was just another attempt with the same motive.

  14. Apparently Civil Servants have been working through the night shredding any evidence of English children’s predicted disastrous results ,having seen the fallout from the Scottish results Panic set in , they have been up all night applying lipstick and mascara in a effort to make the pig presentable, and save Bawjaws blushes .

    Now it’s confirmed that Cummings is actually the English government and the method used is Government by opinion poll, instead of setting out a plan then carrying it out its either leaked or proposals are tested on a select few always with the same aim attempting to make Bawjaws presentable and making it up as they go along.

    Nicola Sturgeon could have great fun as she’s not being invited to sit in the presence of greatness, if she proposed black , Bawjaws would do the opposite and press for white and throw lots of our cash at it , this type of childish behaviour could be laced with wee traps as Bawjaws government aren’t known for scrutinising the small print it’s said his ministers don’t actually read anything they sign , so some carefully inserted time bombs could be fun anything to get duckers upset . Nicola is being watched by the English civil service constantly so it would be easy to mistakingly to speak out of turn , oops.

  15. This so-called Union is going through its death throes now. Time for us all to stand together. Support the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon. Get the stats up and when it comes to us getting out and about, marching and campaigning, we’ll blow the Union to Kingdom Come. And before anyone asks if Nicola Sturgeon actually wants Scotland to become independent. The answer is YES.

    ”Front page of tomorrow’s @thetimesscot. Highest ever ratings for @theSNP and independence recorded by @YouGov in a poll taken while Scottish government was in process of defending then U-turning on exam results fiasco.”


    The latest from Martin Keating. He’s working on our behalf. Let’s help him out. Donate at the link on Paul’s article, if you possibly can.

    • Motion filed this morning, Scottish Gov withdrew from the motion to remain neutral. All in a bit of flux right now.
      Link is up thread.

  16. Anyone got any idea of what’s going on here? Another shot at discrediting Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP and the independence movement in general?

    ”A documentary on the criminal trial of former First Minister Alex Salmond is scheduled to be broadcast on the BBC next week. Presented by Kirsty Wark, it includes interviews with some of the women at the centre of a trial that saw Salmond cleared.”


    ”How did BBC Scotland/Mentorn know who to interview for their upcoming documentary on the Alex Salmond Trial if the accusers that they are interviewing for the documentary are meant to be anonymous?”

    • Petra,

      I referred to this programme earlier, if you recall.

      There’s also a BBC Radio 4 on “Scotland’s Uncivil War” on the following Tuesday.

      Hazarding a guess that the women contacted the BBC/Menthorn on the understanding that their faces will not be shown to camera and their words will be spoken by an actress.

      (Menthorn, of course are also well-known to us on here as the people behind Question Time. Jus’ sayin’.)

      • Yeah I noticed your post WS. Thanks for that. I’m just wondering what they’re up to now. Menthorn of course anti-SNP and Kirsty Wark can’t stand the SNP and Alex Salmond in particular: Wark with her links to the Labour Party and constantly ”protected” by the BBC. Just wondering too what questions you can put to women who lost their case / s and more to the point what they’ll have to say. No doubt Alex Salmond will have his lawyers onto it.

        The BBC’s take on it. Looks to me as though they’re out to get, undermine, Nicola Sturgeon now. Hopefully she’ll have her lawyers keeping an eye on this too.

        ”In this one-hour programme for BBC Two, Kirsty Wark examines Alex Salmond’s trial and the accounts from his supporters, colleagues, accusers and critics.

        In March 2020, as the world was heading into lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, another major story was dominating headlines across the UK: Alex Salmond, former Scottish First Minister, was acquitted of all charges in a sexual assault case considered to be Britain’s first ‘Me Too’ trial.

        In this one-hour programme for BBC Two, Kirsty Wark examines Alex Salmond’s trial and the accounts from his supporters, colleagues, accusers and critics.

        A giant of Holyrood, Salmond was the Scottish National Party’s dominant force who promised to lead the party to Independence. When news broke in August 2018 that he was suing the Scottish Government for its handling of sexual misconduct claims against him, it sent shockwaves through the party, and became a source of significant tension with Nicola Sturgeon, his successor as SNP leader and First Minister.

        He won the inquiry against the Scottish government in January 2019, but a criminal court case followed, which heightened strains with Sturgeon as she came under intense scrutiny for her response – or lack thereof – to the allegations.

        Salmond’s allies talk of a conspiracy, saying the accusations were nothing more than a political smear campaign fabricated by those close to Nicola Sturgeon to bring him down.

        Some of his alleged victims speak for the first time, anonymously, to share detailed accounts of what the trial was like for them, as they gave personal testimonies and underwent intense cross-examinations. They reflect on how they felt when Salmond was ultimately acquitted.

        Hearing from insiders who watched the story unfold, Kirsty Wark asks: what are the repercussions of Alex Salmond’s trial, and what impact will it have on the SNP, and Scotland’s political future?”

        • Here you go, Petra et al. More for your files:

          Scotland’s Uncivil War is a Documentary programme.

          Scotland’s Uncivil War
          Dani Garavelli explores divisions within the Scottish National Party, examining former leader Alex Salmond’s recent trial for sexual misconduct and his claims of a conspiracy against him.

          Genre: Documentary
          Running Time: 40 minutes (approx)
          When is Scotland’s Uncivil War next on TV?
          It’s next showing on BBC Radio 4 FM August 18th, 8:00pm and on BBC Radio 4 FM August 23rd, 5:00pm.

          Main Cast
          Dani Garavelli

  17. Donated to the Crowdfunder for the court case to determine the legality of asking for a Section 30 Order .
    Shouldn’t there be a similar Crowdfunder for a legalised Sectioning of Boris Johnson as the man is clearly several brain cells short of idiot status .

  18. I must watch today’s FMQs for some entertainment , I wonder if Nicola asked for guidance from Ken the Labour man as to the correct etiquette in addressing Lady Muck and did she have to bow or was a simple curtsy sufficient , just wondering.

  19. Our co-leaders? One is worse than the other, bejeezus.

    ”LOL I didn’t realise they were actually branding themselves as ‘Co-leaders’. Hilarious. They are seriously desperate. And incompetent.”


    Mooth and DRoss the Stan Oliver and Laurel Hardy lookalikes. Even they think it’s funny that LBJ selected them to annihilate the Independence movement. Ludicrous and an impossibility now. Tooo Laaate.

    • That’s *just asking* for that well-used Scottish phrase:

      “Two cheeks of the same arse”.

      (I gets my schooling from fellow-Duggers – and I take it well!)

  20. Has dark money Davidson given Annie the ignoramus the bum’s rush?

    ‘Douglas Ross’s new shadow cabinet. Annie Wells and Liam Kerr no longer the party’s deputy leaders.’


    Hahaha. You can forget that one.

    ‘The Scottish Conservatives ‘badly need the Scottish Labour party to revive between now and next May’ says Prof. Curtice.’,the-scottish-conservatives-badly-need-the-scottish-labour-party-to-revive-between-now-and-next-may-says-prof-curtice

    • Curtice clutching at straws.

      The ‘Rainbow Alliance’ with Leonard shoulder to shoulder with Rape Clause Ruth and Trident Willie, just to keep Scotland as a colony of their beloved England.

      Today’s farce at FMQ showed this bunch of crooks up for what they are. A Single Issue party , that issue being to ensure that their fellow Scots citizens remain chained as slaves to England’s Iron Heel Oligarchy.

      Seriously, I repeat. Watch Leonard’s performance today at FMQ.

      This man is a hopeless placemat.

      Come over from the Dark Side, Scottish Labour.

      Ditch this third rate GMB Claims Clerk now.

      Willie Rennie cannot distinguish between the Covid protocol, two meters distance, wash hands, clean surfaces wear masks, and so on, and the function of test and trace…

      He is a balloon of the first order.

      Again, what’s keeping the Lie Dems.

      Taxi for Wee Wullie?

      Ruth Davidson should know. She dines with Russian millionaires’ wives.

      Salmond is a Putin and Pravda puppet.

      She actually signed of her Born Again Co Leader effort at FMQ by blurting out this nonsense.

      I sense that she might be coming down with something soon any day now, that sees her go off on the sick for two or three months.

      Her puppy fat has been replaced by a hung dog spaniel jowl.

      Time has not been kind.
      You bet your life I’m playing the man, not the ball.

      That we have to stand by and watch this affront to Scottish democracy unfold and the Jock Hack Pack sit at her feet and pretend that it is perfectly all right is an absolute outrage,
      She comes and goes as she pleases, and Glenn and Toodle Oo The Noo will provide the commentary and spray palm fronds on the road before her..

      This little chancer can say anything she likes for the next 10 months, promise anything, in the certain knowledge that next Spring she will be coining it in as Baroness Brown Envelope, with not so much as a backward glance at the Scotland she is attempting to destroy.

      Sturgeon wiped the floor with them today.
      Rant over.

      • ”Seriously, I repeat. Watch Leonard’s performance today at FMQ.”

        I didn’t see it but I’m just wondering what he’ll do when Iain Gray jiggers off as the latter is constantly having to whisper instructions (what’s devolved etc) in Leonards’ ear at FMQ’s to keep him on track. In saying that it’s like the blind leading the blind. Sweet nothings from one ignoramus to another.

        ”I sense that she might be coming down with something soon any day now, that sees her go off on the sick for two or three months.”

        Maybe she’ll conveniently become pregnant again like she did last time around when things became too ”challenging” for her.

        • As a mere male, Petra, I would never get away with you last comment; but God help me, that naughty thought scampered fleetingly through my chauvinist brain.

          I wonder what Royal Event will they announce when the Tory Grandee finally gets arrested and formally charged with rape and sexual assault?

          Will it coincide with Wark’s ‘OJ’ nudge nudge programme on the Salmond Trial?

          Again BBC Scotland will anonimise (is that a word? If not it should be.)the contributions, like they pulled in the Care Home scandal
          Blacked out faces, actors mouthing the words.

          Nice tie in; Tory Sex Fiend charged, Salmond trial; the backlash.

          God, they leave a scummy trail, like nocturnal snails on my patio.
          Will Kirsty name the Hack drunk on the floor at Bute House, I wonder?

          • ”As a mere male, Petra, I would never get away with you last comment.”

            You could self-ID now and again as a woman Jack, when need be, and get everyone going 😀.

            They’re scum right enough and won’t give up until we wrap our discarded shackles around their scrawny necks (only kidding 😉).

    • Curtice is correct on that score. The tories being the sole arbiters of what it means to be British in Scotland, then the union is doomed. You can already see it. You need a counter to that right wing vision. But that was how it worked before indyref 1. Labour in Scotland made a series of unforced and catastrophic errors. Cameron decided to pitch in for a bit of mischief and released the mccrone report, rumor has it that he hadn’t bothered to read it, but was it toxic for labour. Lastly the key votes Labour lost were in favor of Indy. Labour doesn’t have anything to say or sell to these people.

      In short Mr Curtice. Labour destroyed itself to keep Scotland in the union. Not rewarded. Not hailed as heroes. But destroyed. One would start wondering if the union had been worth saving at that price.

      • The McCrone report was made public in 2005 when a fellow called Davie Hutchison uncovered it. It was an official secret document, released under the 30-year rule. I remember reading it well – it was my own personal road to Damascus moment.

  21. Like most Tories, he has deep hatred of Scotland and its people. You don’t write the little ditty about Scotland and the Scots that he did, from a position of respect let alone “love of union”.
    No, the wiff waffer in chief is a much a racist as he is anti Scottish. He hates us. But he needs us. Or to be more to the point. He needs our money. We are a pocket to be dipped. Not an opinion to be listened too. Not a viewpoint to be respected. Not a people or a country to be admired. The UK needs Scotland, way more than Scotland ever needed the UK and god, how he hates us for it.

    Yet despite that – he is genuinely disturbed that he not popular and not respected here. Despite his hatred for us, his ego cannot accept that a majority of Scots think he is shit on the heel of Scotland’s shoe. I genuinely believe that he thinks making ruthless ruth a peer was a superb piece of statesmanship that would wrong foot the SNP. Going by todays FMQs, Ruthless was slaughtered for daring to compare her parties record on education with the SNP. Someone should remind the lady of Hee & Haw that her party once wanted to kick kids out of school as young as 14 in Scotland.

    No poor old Captain Wiff Waff and jolly band will come to grief just like all the others. The ghost of thatcher looms large over her party in Scotland. She is still hated here. So are her party.

  22. i don’t know if you can vote for one person only, lol, as I see that Ian Blackford, Philippa Whitford and a number of others are on the list too.

    ”Congratulations to @joannaccherry of @theSNP for being nominated by the public for our 2020 #MPoftheYearAwards! Vote for our People’s Choice MP now:

    Voting closes at midnight on August 31st!”


    ”URGENT UPDATE – If you receive unsolicited packets of plant seeds in the post



    @ScotGovSASAis collecting these packets of seeds for analysis.”

    • Those packets of seeds have been arriving in the USA, UK and the EU countries.

      As Petra warned – be sure to hand them over to the authorities unopened. They could contain genetically engineered seeds or seeds of dangerous plants like Japanese knotwood.

      Distribution might be a marketing ploy, to later rope people into later purchases. Or they might innocously come from “Green Do-Gooders”.

      Nobody seems to know where they come from.
      So take no chances with them if you get a packet. Hand them in to the appropriate authority.

  23. Anyone else looking forward to getting rid of all signs of the Butcher’s Apron in Scotland?

    Grouse Beater:- ”The side of UK regime’s cabinet office exudes its arrogance – a giant Union Jack in Edinburgh’s conservation face. (Click on image to enlarge). Might as well be a an arse doing a moony.”


    Check out more of Ann’s excellent links on the Indyref2 site.

    • Why don’t they paint a giant swastika and be done with it.
      The butcher’s apron everywhere, to remind us all that we are the conquered slaves of England.
      The ‘swatikisation’ of Scotland has begun.
      Now, I forbid anyone vandalising this monument to our Imperial Masters. Do you heqar me? I forbid any form of social backlash.

      Just think of Glenn Campbell with the trashed Jack as a back drop taking more ‘sheen’ off John Swinney and Co.
      Campbell the man who let Davidson justify the Rape Clause.

      The Queen Elizabeth House. God job Saddam didn’t beat Blair and Brown. It would have been the Saddam Hussein House. To the victor the spoils.

  24. Apparantly the FM did badly today at FMQ’s.
    Who says?

    Dean Lockhart MSP
    Dreadful performance by Nicola Sturgeon at #FMQs this afternoon. Resorting to pre-prepared personal attacks from her spin team rather than addressing the very real concerns about the exam fiasco.
    I think based on this numpty she did rather well. Still wait for ermine clad Davidson strutting around Downing Street, Unelected, telling us what to do. How quickly her retirement plans, spending time with the family has gone out of the window. A hypocrite of the highest order.

    Something that can be repeated to every voter once the election gets going proper. Just think she now has to justify how Brexit is good for us , don’t you know!

    • Ruthie’s next Question contained an accusation that Alex Salmond was Vladimir Putin’s shill
      The FM resisted the urge to point out Ruthie’s £20 grand lunch date with a Russian Oligarch that never happened but she got the cash anyway

  25. Really sad about train crash in Stonehaven my condolences to families of those involved. Howeverbcan someone tell me why the feck Grant Shapps Uk Transport Secretary is on Reporting Scotland talking about this. As far as I am aware Transport is devolved so it should have Scottish Govt Cabinet Secretary Michael Matheson that was on talking about it what it had do with Grant Shapps is beyond me. I am also sure Bojo got more airtime on the programme re the crash than Nicola Sturgeon did. Bojo really is pathetic he can barely string a sentence together and I have seen cockroaches that are more sincere than him.BBC Shortbread don’t bother to even feign impartial reporting these days. Rant over.

    • Yet Ken MacIntosh allowed FMQ to drone on and on knowing full well that this terrible tragedy was unfolding as Patrick Harvie lied about a ‘tidal wave of evictions this winter’.
      If ever our FM and Government were needed elsewhere it was this afternoon.
      McIntosh epitomises the bone headed unfeeling Brit politicians priorities.
      NS was to get a doing and Ken Boy was making sure that the BT Alliance were going to get all the televised time they needed.

      It back fired dramatically.
      People were dying but Ruth was back in charge fighting the good Unionist fight.

      To the Brit Nats, lives don’t matter; the Red Blue and Yellow Brit Parties and the Union trump all else including Scots citizens’ lives.

      As Presiding Officer, Macintosh had the power to, and certainly should have cut FMQ short.
      Nicola Sturgeon continues to demonstrate that she is a remarkable politician and human being.
      despite the quite sinister daily bombardment from the Brits and sadly some bloggers.

      No sign of Jackson then.

      • The only actual *Green* issue today was a question by Allison Johnson on the killing of raptor birds by the landed gentry
        Patrick Harvie and the bad tempered ginger boy have allowed themselves to be absorbed in Labours point scoring school shenanigans in the hope that the youngsters will throw some votes their way, a poor move and obvious even to the kids, if they stuck to their Green issues at least they maintain credibility on that

    • Network Rail comes under the UK Gov but I still do not see why Mr Shapps needed to be interviewed.

      The track comes under NR’s area of responsibility

      • Any opportunity to lift UK profile, they think
        People will draw the same conclusion as you did, “what’s that all about then?”

          • Were they English ambulances, rescue services, police, and hospitals doctors, nurses dealing with this truly sad tragedy?
            They are better paid than their English counterparts.
            What had it got to do with Failed RN Sub Lieutenant Andrew Bowie, never mind Shapps?
            What went through Bowie’s head when he decided that this would be good press for the Blue Tories?
            Quite literally ambulance chasing scum.
            They really are the lowest form of humanity.

      • Subsequently … and how MSM will report it.

        Findings of the Fatal Accident Inquiry

        Scenario 1

        Tracks to blame for accident: NR’s ‘fault’

        Scenario 2

        Use of old rail rolling stock causes accident: NS’s ‘fault’.

        Scenario 3

        Combination of above: Accident the fault of NR and NS.

        In no circumstances will HMG be found at fault.

      • So maybe in Scotland Grant Shapps should be called Secretary of State for Track Stations and Signalling as from what I remember all that is Network Rail responsibility.I presume Network Rail gave permission for that train to run today then sadly that was a mistake that lead to tragedy

    • ”However can someone tell me why the feck Grant Shapps Uk Transport Secretary is on Reporting Scotland talking about this.”

      Looks as though they’ve all been told to be more ”pro-active” to meet the criteria of the takeover bid, Eilidh.

      And yes the train crash is a real tragedy with the lovely, kind looking train driver dying just 4 miles from his home.

      RIP to those who have passed away and best wishes, to the individuals who have been injured and traumatised, for a speedy recovery.

      Next up, just waiting however for the Holyrood BritNats to blame Nicola Sturgeon for this 😒 .

  26. You’ve got to laugh at this lot. Tories, Labour and LibDems? No mention of the MULTITUDE of botch-ups that their bosses are making at Westminster, including with the exam results. Botch-ups that are going to lead to absolute misery for everyone across the UK for decades to come, in particular youngsters. Year after year the Scots have shown that we have no confidence in this bunch of balloons running the country and next year will be the ultimate holding of a vote of no confidence in them. They’ll be well and truly over and out then. Hallelujah.

    ..”Scottish Labour still intends to hold a vote of confidence on Mr Swinney this week, accusing him of leaving pupils “twisting in the wind for a week”, and urging him to “take full responsibility for it happening in the first place and resign”.

    They will be backed by the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats – but the Scottish Greens said Mr Swinney’s announcement met their demands, and they would now support him in the vote.

    It means Mr Swinney will have enough votes in parliament to win.”

  27. The government admits the incorrect exam assessments- on behalf of the SQA. – John Swinney openly advises the measures in hand to correct the results. Pupils and parents – the electorate – are relieved and pleased. The Tories and Slab demand the resignation of Swinney who has corrected the exam results to the voters electorate’s satisfaction – unionist tactics,Eh?

  28. A bit o/t
    The tragedy of the derailment in Stonehaven is on the BBC website according to the BBC websiteGrant Shaps is on hand to offer every assistance
    Aye well I will leave it at that
    let’s hope he does the same
    Leave it

  29. The media of course have made it anything but clear that responsibility for rail safety lies with Westminster. The buck stops with Shapps and Johnson.

  30. The Fabians and Daisley, an unholy alliance.
    You’ll get that when you read the article.
    Also, Contrary has a comment on the BBC misinformation service.

  31. Scotland has to waste monies on HS2. Scotland has been underfunded for years. The rail lines have not even been electrified.

    The Scottish Gov has asked for the powers for years. Rail journeys take twice as long in Scotland because of Westminster historical neglect. Rail journey times throughout Britain would be improved. By Improving the rail times in Scotland, To compete with air journeys.

  32. Donated.
    Radio shortbread was horrendous yesterday and most days. Now today they discuss the tragedy of the crash.

    Very bad flooding here yesterday, seems it was only Perth city affected according to the brief bits I heard.

    The bottom of Auchterarder, wiped out. Dunning wiped out. Think Forgandenny not good either.

    Just putting it out there…continuance on Water or Dreich WordPress blog on localised anthropogenic climate change and the greed of humans.

    • There has never been enough emphasis on the fact that Scotland at no point ran out of PPE. Ivan McKee MSP did a fantastic job of sourcing replenishment requirements and latterly setting up the supply chain in Scotland, making us self sufficient. Let’s also no forget that the SG provided PPE to NHS England. There is also a story, which will never be written by the hacks in Scotland regarding the PPE supply to Private Care Homes, particularly those operating in Scotland, but head officed in England with a central procurement policy.

  33. Without comment, I cut and paste the following from The Independent:

    “Wark and McConnell’s New Year break turns into holiday from hell

    By Paul Kelbie , |
    Scotland Correspondent |
    Friday 7 January 2005 01:00 |
    Scotland’s first Minister, Jack McConnell, came under increasing pressure yesterday to make a personal statement to the Holyrood Parliament about his friendship with the BBC broadcaster Kirsty Wark. Opposition parties have called into question the Scottish Labour leader’s judgement in failing to declare a holiday he and his family spent with the presenter’s family at her villa in Majorca – and Ms Wark’s impartiality as a journalist.
    The relationship between the families has become a hot political topic after they all spent New Year at Ms Wark’s holiday home – the second time in the past two years that they have holidayed together.
    Mr McConnell has been criticised for not declaring his previous holiday under parliament rules that state overseas visits where costs are not “wholly met” by an MSP must be declared and, where a member receives a gift or benefit of any kind worth more than £250, that should also be declared.
    “The public would assume a free stay at a Spanish villa is a gift worth more than £250,” said the Tory leader, David McLetchie. “Consequently, it should be declared within 30 days in Jack McConnell’s register of interests.
    “He needs to explain why this previous holiday was not declared, since even if there was any ambiguity then he should either have declared it anyway for the avoidance of doubt, or sought advice from Parliament.”
    The Tories have questioned the close relationship between the minister and Ms Wark,who is one of the wealthiest media figures in Britain and a partner in the production company Wark Clements, which she runs with her husband.
    Tories have cited as an example of their concerns the First Minister’s reaction last year to requests for the BBC to hand over to the Fraser inquiry into the building of the Scottish Parliament interviews shot by Ms Wark’s production company for a documentary into the affair.
    The Gathering Place, which is to be screened by the BBC later this year, contains footage of both the late first minister Donald Dewar and the architect Enric Miralles regarding the project, which cost more than 10 times its original estimate.

    Despite requests by Lord Fraser, who was appointed to investigate the rising costs of the building, to see the tapes, the BBC refused to hand them over.

    Yesterday the Tories questioned Mr McConnell’s failure to use the full powers of Parliament to compel the BBC to co-operate.
    “Mr McConnell said he would do everything he could to help the inquiry uncover the facts, but then he led the opposition to our moves to make the taped interviews available,” said a party spokesman.
    “Mr McConnell was asked to choose between the public interest and
    Kirsty Wark. Maybe the public now knows why he chose the latter.”
    Yesterday, the shadow Culture Minister, Michael Matheson, lodged a parliamentary question requesting details of any correspondence between the First Minister and Wark Clements as he called into question Ms Wark’s impartiality.
    Ms Wark, 49, a senior Newsnight presenter, has anchored the BBC’s election coverage in Scotland since 1987.
    “I would question whether Kirsty Wark can be viewed as politically neutral,” said Mr Matheson. “I would hope the BBC would recognise that and take appropriate action to make sure that whoever is anchoring their election night broadcast is seen as politically neutral.”
    Ms Wark dismissed as absurd suggestions that her friendship with Mr McConnell, which dates back almost 20 years, could interfere with her ability to do her job in a fair and objective manner.
    Mr McConnell denied he had done anything wrong or that Ms Wark’s professionalism had been compromised:”What we have is one family with a son and a daughter staying with another family with a son and a daughter in their house – family friends for nearly 20 years… I think it would be a very, very sad day if politicians or broadcasters dropped their friends, dropped families that they were closely associated with just because of their positions.”

    McConnell and Wark; where are they now?

  34. Kevin McKenna:- ‘This shows the sorry state of journalism at the BBC.’

    ..”Well actually, Simon (Jones BBC), they weren’t all right. There were 18 of them in a boat made for about eight which looked on the verge of sinking under their combined weight. They were 3000 miles from home with nothing but the wet clothes they wore. They had been driven to this place by the daily threat of torture and death. As they strove to maintain their dignity, they could also have mentioned that a century of British imperialism followed by catastrophic diplomacy had brought them here.”..


    ‘Scots firm to supply £53m NHS order.’

    …”Alpha Solway – which secured the order through national supplier Arco – will make 232 million surgical masks and 2 million visors to meet demand for Scotland’s health and social care sectors until summer 2021.

    The company is also making an additional 6 million FFP3 respirator masks which will meet around 87% of Scotland’s health and social care needs.

    The order will support around 200 new jobs in addition to the 50 already created at Alpha Solway since the start of the pandemic.”..

  35. Patrick Harvie ”Today is the only chance MSPs have to take evidence on this UK power grab, before the consultation ends. Now, 36 minutes before the meeting starts, the UK Government finally confirm they are refusing to attend. Their contempt for Scotland knows no limits.”


    How much money do people like Hague get paid to come out with this mince?

    ‘Lord Hague sets out three-point plan to remove Nicola Sturgeon and save the Union.’

    The BIG plan ….

    1. Support DRoss,

    2. UK ministers need to “weigh the presentation of every announcement they make on the future of the UK.”

    3. ”The case for the UK also has to be positioned correctly on the battlefield of ideas, where nationalism feeds easily on the restless discontent of recent years.”

  36. Good. The ScotGov should keep out of this, imo. Puts paid to the MSM dragging the SNP into this case… quashes the SNP Baad mantra. It’s a battle between the sovereign people of Scotland and Westminster.

    ”At around 9.20am I received an email advising that the Scottish Government have filed a motion in the case (this will be their third) requesting to withdraw and take a neutral position.


    Check out more of Ann’s links on the Indyref2 site.

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