Union jackery won’t prevent independence

Those oh so clever people in the Conservative Government, the same people who brought you Gavin Stupid Boy Williamson and Priti Patel’s numberwhang, have come up with a cunning plan to save the Precioussss Union. Or as it’s officially called these days, the Awesome Fawesome. That’ll be because it makes you go aw, which is how you pronounce ugh in a posh Etonian accent.

The plan is to plaster union flegs on everything in order to demonstrate to us ungrateful jocks that without the graces of the British state we’d be living in shacks and trudging to the river in order to collect buckets of water. We’d be nothing without them and all it’s going to take is for them to remind us that we’re worthless for us to come running back into their arms, or more precisely, under their heel.

The idea was apparently arch Brextremist Michael Gove’s, who thinks that the reason that there’s so much love for the EU is because infrastructure projects which were assisted with EU funding have a wee EU flag on them. This worked so well at making sure that the people of the rest of the UK fell so much in love with the EU that they rejected the idea of leaving it. Oh. wait.

Anyway, the reason that there’s been a surge in support for independence isn’t because Westminster, and the Conservatives in particular, have been deceitful, arrogant, and have done their utmost to trash the promises that they made to Scotland to keep us in the UK back in 2014. It’s not because they’ve dragged Scotland out of the EU without allowing the Scottish Parliament any meaningful input into the form that Brexit takes. It’s not that the Johnson government’s mishandling of the coronavirus epidemic has left the UK with the highest death toll in Europe and the worst affected economy. Oh no. The real problem here is that British nationalism has been too shy and self-effacing.

The Conservatives are going to tackle this head on by putting union flags on anything in Scotland that isn’t fully devolved. That’s because they’re not nationalist flag wavers. They’re Great British non-nationalist flag wavers, which is an entirely different proposition. It’s only when a flag is waved by a foul separatist that it counts as nationalism. And as any British nationalist whose not a nationalist at all because they’re British will tell you, no one is persuaded to change their mind about independence by nationalist flag waving. They can only be persuaded by non-nationalist British flag waving.

They’ve already started with the new union flag themed Imperial Masters’ Colonial Office in Edinburgh, which sits in the heart of the historic Scottish capital looking like an oversized piece of Great British produce supermarket packaging. Which is only reasonable, since the Scotland Office is headed by a vegetable.

We can also look forward to union fleg themed bridges, road upgrades, railway lines, in addition to the obligatory union fleg which adorns your UK driving licence. The Conservatives will not rest until they turn the whole of Scotland into the preparatory decor for an Orange walk. This is guaranteed to have an effect on Scottish public opinion, just not the one that the Conservatives are hoping for.

The UK government investment that Scotland benefits from comes from money which Scottish taxpayers pay into the coffers of the British state. They want us to thank them for returning some of our own money to us. But while we are at it we should also be plastering union flags on the coffins of people who have died because of the UK government’s mishandling of the coronavirus epidemic and those who have been victims of the DWP’s institutionalised cruelty. We should put union flags on the racism on the Home Office. We should put union flags on the armaments that the UK sells to warlords and dictators. We should put union flags on all those procurement scandals that the Tories have presided over. And most importantly of all, we can stick them over the lying gobs of those Conservative politicians who have trashed all the promises that they made to Scotland in 2014 in order to ensure that this country voted against independence. That would shut them up so we’d at least derive some small practical benefit from their union-jackery.

The lesson here is that our colonial overlords do not believe that there is anything of substance which is wrong with their governance of Scotland. It’s all a matter of presentation. We’re not looking to independence because there is any reality in our dissatisfaction with British misrule, it’s all just because we don’t see enough union flags. They plan to patronise us into support for the UK. It’s a crass insult to the intelligence of the people of Scotland and an sign of just how desperate and lacking in confidence and ideas the Conservatives are. They can see the writing is on the wall for their Ughsome, and they have no clue at all what to do about it.

Actually, that is not entirely true. There are things that the Conservatives could do to lessen support for independence. It’s just that they are steps which are anathema to them. They could treat Scotland with the respect that they promised in 2014. They could ensure that the Scottish Government had a meaningful input into the Brexit process. They could reverse their cynical and deceitful power grab. They could embark upon the conversion of the UK into that federal state that Gordon Brown promised. They could recognise that the power and sovereignty of the Westminster Parliament is not absolute, but that power and sovereignty ultimately rest with the people. They could, you know, start treating Scotland as the equal partner in the family of nations that they’re always insisting that it is instead of the reality where Scotland is treated at best as an afterthought and at worst as a possession to be ordered and commanded. But expecting them to do any of these things is like expecting a vampire to be happy with a glass of beetroot juice.

You may have heard that there’s a crowdfunded initiative to test the lawfulness of an independence referendum without a Section 30 order. Taking on a legal case of this sort is eye wateringly expensive but it’s a worthwhile cause as it could establish once and for all whether the Scottish Parliament can go ahead with a referendum without the need for a Section 30 order. Or if the case fails and it’s ruled that a Section 30 order is required, it tells us that this so-called union is not a union at all, because Scotland would not be a free member of it which can decide to remain or to leave according to the will of the people of Scotland. That would deprive British nationalists of their claim that Scotland is a voluntary member of a union of nations. Either way, the independence movement ends up with either a legal argument in its favour, or a political argument in its favour, and we would have more clarity than we do just now.

The crowdfunder for the case is more than halfway to its goal of £155,000. You can help out with a contribution here:

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131 thoughts on “Union jackery won’t prevent independence

  1. Excellent, Paul, as per.
    There is a god, and he supports |Scotland’s right to Self Determination.
    The Red Arrows had to cancel their red white and blue crop dusting over Edinburgh today, VJ Day because of the weather.

    The ever ready symbol of England’s control over its colonies.

    Sunak and Patel crept in to Scotland this week, then scuttled back to the Mother Land sharpish…

    No flag waving; just duck in and oot, and the Dead Tree Scrolls will record it as a State Visit, an example of England and the Fat Womaniser ‘listening’ too Jockland.

    Charles and his Ma and Da are Up here too….

    Killing grouse on 18% of Scotland cleared for Their Royal Sadism; land that was ‘cleared’ of all other life forms to create a wilderness paradise for a few hundred psycho killers.

    Johnson and his squeeze and their wean are coming up camping…

    The Lurv bombing and flags intesifies…

    They really do value us…

    Aye, right.

  2. Reminds me of a very poor film I once watched called Desperados featuring Antonio Banderas. This lot down south seem equally desperate except they cannot act. No way are they behaving like caring intelligent MP’s. Tossers more like.

    Some Scots who luv the Union will I think be taken in but the majority of us will see through the sham.

    Although it varies year on year depending on the economy and taxation for every £ they give us we give them a profit back of between 48p and 53p on top of their original gift to us. Scotland has has a taxation and export surplus for decades. HMRC data shows this to be true.

  3. David Cameron started it with the plastering of Union flags over all Scotland’s food in supermarkets everywhere controlled by the UK and many of Scotlands food producers had little option other than to comply or their produce would not end up on the shelves of Morrisons or any other supermarket thereby removing customer choice to support the food producers in their own country, so we now buy *British* but what is that exactly, where is the British cow or pig or sheep?
    well those animals are contained within the countries of Scotland Wales Northern Ireland and England, so when Boris Johnson opens his big stupid mouth and tells us that foreign countries only see Britain when they see the Union flag he’s telling us quite clearly his intention is to obliterate the existence of other nations by obliterating any identity we have to be replaced by his identity which is British means England means English means the British empire and God bless the Queen and her unified kingdom of dictatorship

    If you follow history you will know that when Ireland made it’s escape from England the English government blocked the sale and transport of the most successful product from that country and indeed a product that England made a great deal of money from…..Irish Whiskey, and it was the biggest selling Whiskey in these Islands at that time, now it’s Scotch Whisky that is the number one because they needed an economic replacement so promoted Scotch , but as we all know or at the very least suspect Boris Johnson asked Donald Trump to place tariffs on Scotch Whisky because of his pretendy trade war over aeroplanes, but it’s a threat to what might happen should Scotland decide for Independence

    They were allowed to win Scotland’s last referendum too easily, they were allowed to interfere in every aspect of Scotland’s referendum, they set the political agenda, they set the media timetable, they chose the times and places of debates that should never have been allowed to happen, it was supposed to be Scotland’s referendum, it wasn’t ! it was theirs !

  4. On the button Paul, it’s a good time to invest in paint spray cans, sales are going to rocket shortly…
    Perhaps someone can post the Twitter video I saw earlier (can’t retrace my steps) which underlined the Fleg nonsense so wonderfully, and exposed Andrew Bowie’s childish glee at political posturing.
    The new Scotland Office has an uncommonly large flagpole apparently designed to carry a Union Flag of HUGE size, which Bowie boasted to the audience was directly and in-your-face visible from Nicola Sturgeon’s window every time she opened the curtains…. What japes…
    Perhaps a better investment might be in petrol cans and incendiary flares now I think of it…🤔

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  6. The St Georges cross should be on everything produced in England, NOT the Union Jack. Are they not proud of their English produce? Like the Scots are of Scottish produce.

  7. Whether you agree with them or not, there are people who hold an emotional attachment to the union. There are also others who do not like change and wish to conserve the institutions of the society they were brought up in and their parents as well.

    It is the nature of Conservatism but those you believe in that are not being served by the political party that represent them, the Tories. They do not believe in anything apart from keeping in power and benefiting themselves individually through well paid jobs which they get after leaving politics.

    These Tories are all front and no substance much like the spivs and fly-men who would sell their granny if there was any profit on it. They seem to think that papering over everything by wrapping everything up in union jacks are going to solve the problem.

    Up until now, that has kept a lid on things until recently with this pandemic. We have seen the home nations taking a different path from England which resulted in us being in a better position. However, we are limited in what we can do with limited power, particularly in the economic sphere. We couldn’t go into lockdown sooner and we can’t extend economic measures to protect sectors that are suffering from the measures put in place to defeat the virus.

    People are going to see through this superficiality of the Tories and see that proper governance and a government that truly has the welfare of the population it governs at it’s heart is more important than wrapping up everything in a flag.

    • ‘Home nations’? Hmm.
      The butchers flag has many many negative connotations, and sadly Scotland’s ancient flag is tarred with the same brush being intergrated into the Brit flag. Sickening.

      People are going to see that independence is the ONLY way to keep their own country from being utterly ruined by England’s Brexit, that’s why we are being bombarded with the butchers apron right now. Just wait, when Brexit is finalised, they will fully assimilate Scotland into England. North north of the UK, or, just plain old ‘North Britain’ once again. I know that future has zilch appeal from where I stand, and the Tories are not just ‘superficial’ they are downright cruel, corrupt as hell barstewards.

    • All true, but the unsettling and even scary (“wooo…”) possibilities of change have an impact on many more than just traditional Tory voters. There are a lot of small-c conservatives in Scotland – that’s our main problem – many of whom vote for other parties, not least Labour. In fact, I would assert that it’s traditional Labour voters who vote the same as their pa and grandpa (and etc….), and not least those in the so-called “progressive” well-to-do middle class – the group from which the leadership of the Scottish branch twig and the mainstream media is inevitably drawn – who are the main obstacle to acceptance of the understanding that independence is the only practical means of resolving the currently untenable constitutional impasse that is the Disunited Kingdom.

      It’s just something of a shame that what is largely influencing a change in heart among such folk is the evident self-centred arrogance, malfeasance and downright incompetence of the London regime, starkly highlighted as it undoubtedly is by comparison with the attitude and effective performance of the Scottish Government and its leadership. But the panic within the massed BritNat ranks is the surest sign that we are moving forward, albeit so frustratingly slowly. I fully expect though that things will hot up considerably as next May approaches, and no number of UJ plasters stuck over the cracks will then save the Damned Union’s cringingly conservative adherents.

  8. I also can’t wait for the army of z-list celebrities coming up here for the first time and saying how much they love Scotland and don’t go.

    • Y’know, I don’t think that’s gonna happen next time. While no celeb that I’m aware of has come right out in public since then and said that what happened to us after all that love-bombing was a complete betrayal and a disgrace – they have probably not been paying too much attention to us at all since then, alas – but I’m guessing that post-Brexit and all, the vast majority of well-meaning celebs would feel rather ashamed and hesitant to be asking any more of us, however sincerely they feel about missing us. More likely to be regretfully wishing us well and on our way. So all Bitter Together will be left with will be Moanie Mone, “Mr Weatherspoon” and some other assorted fully-paid-up Brexit-supporting nobodies. (Not a good look, that, either.)

  9. Flegs!

    That’ll sort us. Not more money, or respect for us or our democratically elected representatives, or federalism.


  10. There is a townhoose near us, they have an actual huge flagpole with a butchers apron hanging from it, I keep meaning to speak to the council it’s such an eyesore and in a conservation area.
    It’s been there since beginning of lockdown, funny that, rich English folk staying safe, in Scotland, it’s so obvious.

    • They need advertisement consent for the flag and if granted it will give planning permission for the pole. If refused or if they don’t apply, they will also need planning permission for the pole, even if they remove the flag. Putting up an advert without consent is an offence. You should definitely complain. We will only stop this flag waving British nationalism by actively taking action again it.

  11. Spotted on Facebook…

    Get complaining to Edinburgh City Council about the new UK Government office and its union flag windows. What they’ve done most probably requires advertisement consent and/or planning permission. It certainly isn’t in their planning permission. It ruins tbw historic street scene within the conservation area and world heritage site. Don’t just moan on social media, take action!


  12. I’m posting Paul but nothing’s appearing, I’m wondering if I’ve contravened a rule or I’ve ended up in the spam again

  13. I hate to make wartime comparisons, but the NAZI party in the 30s,covered every part of Germany, with swastikas, in a bid to obliterate all the historic capital of the previous German nation. Its all about creating a blitzkrieg of visual pollution.

    • ”I hate to make wartime comparisons, but the NAZI party in the 30s, covered every part of Germany, with swastikas..”..

      Next up giant billboards thrown up all over Scotland with LBJ’s face plastered on them like Mao Zedong. Then they could think of having his image emblazoned on the sides of our buses as they do with icons of Stalin on their annual Victory Day celebrations in Russia. The latter would make a change from his lying £350m-a-week NHS Brexit pledge.

      Let them get on with it. They don’t have a clue and clearly don’t know the Scots. If ever there was something that would scunner the vast majority of Scottish people to the point of seeing support for independence rise, it’s the Butcher’s Apron.

  14. Three words for you

    “Stone of Destiny”

    Thats when Lord Gargamel and his henchmen huff & puff (Forsyth, Lang and Rifkind to you) Thatchers good old boys – decided that to save their backsides from a long overdue skelping, they would let us have back something that already belonged to us. They did it in the belief that it would shore up their votes. So there they were, with the ancient seat of kings in the back of a landrover, with Gargamel and henchmen in tow, replete with mock solemnity and pipe music, draped in butchers aprons. What a jolly wheeze they thought. The Jocks have to vote for us now and love Britain for evermore. The tories got booted clean out of Scotland. So much for doing good works and sticking the “fleg” on it.

    The tories stealing power & money from the Scottish Government just makes them thieving bastards. Sticking a union jack calling card on it, isn’t going to endear anyone to Boris. Giving a little of it back and expecting a pat on the head and a biscuit, could only have come from the tories.
    This is the party who takes tax off us for having a police force. The Scottish tories arranging for some of it to be returned, did nothing for them whatsoever.

    They can drape their bastardry in as many union flags as they want. This is the party that once wanted to shove “thatcherism” down our throats til we were sick. We broke their little party over their heads and they have been a figure of fun and hate ever since.

    They should learn to read a room, take a hint and pack their bags and get out of Scotland. Then we can open the windows and get the smell of their stupidity out of the seats.

    • Good one Golfnut. Add to that the comments that Paul made.

      …”But while we are at it we should also be plastering union flags on the coffins of people who have died because of the UK government’s mishandling of the coronavirus epidemic and those who have been victims of the DWP’s institutionalised cruelty. We should put union flags on the racism on the Home Office. We should put union flags on the armaments that the UK sells to warlords and dictators. We should put union flags on all those procurement scandals that the Tories have presided over. And most importantly of all, we can stick them over the lying gobs of those Conservative politicians who have trashed all the promises that they made to Scotland in 2014 in order to ensure that this country voted against independence.”..


  15. Shades of the EIIR Post Box debacle/stramash/stooshie.

    “Some occasions of vandalism and even explosions of post boxes which carried the Queen’s EIIR insignia were recorded. One particular pillar box in Edinburgh’s Inch district was repeatedly vandalised with tar, paint and a hammer before being blown to pieces less than three months after its unveiling.

    The folksongs Sky High Joe and The Ballad of the Inch commemorate these events.

    After 1953, new post boxes were placed in Scotland carrying only the Crown of Scotland image rather than the EIIR cypher, which continued to be used in the rest of the United Kingdom, and indeed in some of the Queen’s other realms and territories.

    A post box with the EIIR cypher was installed in Dunoon in 2018 and immediately scheduled for replacement on discovery of the error.”

    They never learn, do they?
    I leave it to the techie Duggers to search out the folksongs.

  16. Top class writing WGD. Comments are excellent.

    My memory wanders back to the 1950’s watching the Orange Order draped in union jacks marching down our local street. I shouldn’t have been there as my parents had banned any viewing of the spectacle. Thousands lined the surrounding streets waving union jacks.

    Another memory of the 1950s is of being in a Church listening to the Orange Order drums getting nearer and louder to the Church doors. They had diverted from the main agreed route.

    The service stopped and the clergyman asked for calm. There was complete silence in the Church. The drums were being battered. I was terrified.

    The police turned up. The marchers were diverted and the service continued.

    The Union Jack has meant threat and intimidation since my childhood. It’s history is steeped in blood …it is indeed the butchers apron.

    Forward to the 21st Century

    Thankfully the streets of my area are no longer lined with thousands of folk waving their wee flags.

    Lots of good work was done by various agencies in assisting Scottish society with the blight of the OO…

    Ruth Davidson following orders From her Scottish and Westminster strategists,
    legitimised the Orange Order by using them during the referendum and subsequent elections. This is her legacy to Scotland.

    Folk in Scotland have risen above this union jackery and will undoubtedly do so again.
    The majority are good folk who want the best life for their children and grandchildren.

    • Anyone who is a member or a supporter of such a vile organisation should feel deeply ashamed. It is akin to the Ku Klux Klan on so many levels.

      For the record, and to my great shame, I was raised in a household of bitter orange order bigots.

      The elite who run the decaying Empire have no interest in their history. They are merely another useful division to exploit.

  17. One of England’s best tricks , replace England and English with Britain and British so that when Scotland or Wales or NI complain about England they have to use the word Britain or British because it’s invariably a complaint about Westminster which is voted in by the English majority.

    It works because the words England and English are hardly ever used people say Britain or British or U.K. when they should be saying English or England.

    • On Sky news this evening they interviewed a French man about the new quarantine rules and how it would affect tourism in the north of France.

      He was speaking in French with subtitles, and said that a lot of towns in the region “vivre du tourisme anglais” – live off of English tourism. But in the subtitles on Sky News they translated “anglais” as “British”.

  18. This report is truly amazing and a sign that the blame game has begun.

    Public Health England (PHE) is to be scrapped and replaced by a new body specifically designed to protect the country against a pandemic by early next month, the Telegraph can disclose.

    Health Secretary Matt Hancock will this week announce a merger of the pandemic response work of PHE with NHS Test and Trace into a new body, called the National Institute for Health Protection, modelled on Germany’s Robert Koch Institute…

    “The National Institute for Health Protection’s goal will be simple: to ensure that Britain is one of the best equipped countries in the world to fight the pandemic”…

    Mr Hancock is seeking someone with experience of both health policy and the private sector to run it. Baroness Harding, the former chief executive of TalkTalk who heads up NHS Test and Trace, is tipped for the role…

    Sir Iain Duncan Smith, a former Tory Cabinet minister, welcomed the news, saying: “The one thing consistent about Public Health England is that almost everything it has touched has failed”…

    PHE was originally set up in 2013 by then-Health secretary Jeremy Hunt as a result of an NHS shake-up organised by his predecessor Andrew Lansley…


    A body that the Tories introduced in 2013 to replace functions run by the NHS is to be scrapped in favour of another body and run by the former boss of a mobile phone company. You couldn’t make it up.

    Baroness Harding is already in charge of England’s “test and trace” and it has been a total failure, so what do the Tories do? They scrap Public Health England and plan to put the whole caboodle in the charge of the leader of this total failure.

    What an effing mess they are in, the hole they have been digging just gets deeper and deeper. Seriously I don’t think we need to lift a finger to gain our Independence as our opponents are the worst government ever and that’s saying something.

    • This is all smoke and mirrors. There were two reports in PHE in 16 and 18 about a pandemic preparation. Both were shelved by politicians due to cost. Well done Mr Hunt.

      Will they spend the money this time?

  19. I very much appreciate your efforts to highlight the complete ****wittery of the Tory party. Their rank hypocricy, shameless corruption and blithering incompetence needs to be proclaimed to all and sundry. But it is dis-heartening to see how popular they still remain among the English electorate. It is demoralizing to witness such entrenched stupidity in a formerly cosmopolitan society.

    My greatest depression though is reserved for the demonstrably inept Leadership of the SNP to harness these times to actually campaign for independence. Instead, we are forced to witness a literal purge of the membership who do not demonstrate sufficient idealogical purity.

    Staring at your navel while the Titanic sinks would be more productive. Instead, the leadership would prefer to argue over who gets what chair as the water rises.

    The FM no doubt enjoys delivering withering barbs towards the half wits that populate the Union’s seats in Holyrood. But handing the mentally challenged their backsides at FMQ’s does diddly squat to secure a referendum. I suppose it does appeal to vanity to shoot fish in a barrel, so there’s that. Keeps the troops happy.

    It’s easy to laugh at Tories, but that has never stopped them from destroying peoples lives. It’s what they do.

    The First Minister surrounds herself with those who agree with her. She is guided by a civil service appointed by Whitehall. She picks and chooses the criteria of who holds office through her substantial agency on the NEC. Her puritanical feminism is driving many in the Yes movement insane. Finally, she campaigns for everything, except independence. She is admired as the best “British” politician. How’s that for irony?

    I know she wants Scotland to be independent – it just isn’t a priority for her. An incredible admission from the leader of the SNP. A party who’s raison d’etre is Scottish Independence. She treads the same path followed by the Party Quebecois to political oblivion and expects to get a different result. Stupidity is a commodity not reserved to the English electorate, it seems.

    Will someone please explain to me how we are any closer to independence, when the leader of the traditional political vehicle for such, refuses to campaign for, you know, independence?

    • Where to begin John Burrows with your tale of woe … perhaps , ”Keep taking the tablets ”, for starters !
      You appear to have a unique insight in to the mind of the FM . Does this talent stretch to other fields ? Can we have the Lotto numbers for the next draw ?

      The ”inept Leadership ” of the SNP which you castigate has taken us to a position where the vast majority of Opinion Polls are regularly reporting a majority in favour of Independence , despite the Leadership not campaigning for the cause .

      Imagine- NOT campaigning for Independence in the midst of a Global Pandemic – what a bunch of fearties , eh, John ?

    • Who says Independence isn’t a priority for the FM, only the mind reading psychic predictors with a completely different agenda to what you think they have
      Campaigning for Independence right now would be a political disaster, the media would have a field day with the uncaring Nicola Sturgeon only interested in herself and not the health of the nation and the folk who are punting this line know it, they just hope other folk will fall for it

      The FM is campaigning every day that she stands up in front of Scotland at her daily briefings, why does the opposition want her removed from the TV, why did they complain to the BBC in order to have her removed

      The Tories know what’s coming, Labour knows what’s coming, the media knows what’s coming yet still the psychics keep punting their line about the FM and what she’s *thinking*, why are these psychics getting so agitated about separate indy parties with no chance of doing anything other than lowering the total votes cast for the SNP which in Scottish elections are a demonstration of support for Independence, two or three new Indy party seats at best means nothing except loss of votes for the only party who can actually achieve Independence, total votes cast are what counts and Professor John Curtice explained the whole reasons for it in how Scotland could achieve Independence

      Nobody knows what the FM is thinking and if they say they do they’re lying and she’s not going to spill because the last guy did that and he blew it and allowed himself to be manipulated into Westminster making the rules and and allowing the media and the BBC to run Scotland’s referendum and not Scotland running it, Nicola Sturgeon will not allow that kind of interference again, she wants to win, and the Tories know it and so do the psychics that’s why they’re pulling their hair out to stop her while she gets on with the day job that everybody used to moan about, and that’s why she’s winning the hearts and minds of Scotland for when the time comes which will be in her words, sooner rather than later

      Independence has been Nicola Sturgeon’s priority since she was 16 years old, if she just wanted an easy life and a long career in softy politics she would’ve joined the Labour party or even the Tories and she would’ve been pulling on the ermine as well by now

      All politics has a huge element of trust attached to it, the opponents of Nicola Sturgeon are just desperately attempting to erode that trust, and what makes anybody trust anonymous internet jockeys with nothing to lose and or perhaps money or revenge to gain if they succeed in their plan

  20. An SNP troll. How refreshing.

    Ad hominems in place of argument. The goto refuge of last resort of the schoolyard bully. You share much in common with your counterparts who support the union. Well done you. You have got to be one of the those puritanical types determined to police the thoughts of supporters of independence.

    Why aren’t the people of Belarus parking their own efforts to democratize their nation? Outrageous! Don’t they know a pandemic is going on!

    I know my own name, by the way…it’s too bad you feel the need to hide your own.

    No one needs to surmise the mind of the FM. She has openly stated she will not campaign for independence until both the pandemic is over and its economic consequences have been mitigated. So, in Brexit Britain, run by a criminally incompetent Tory party, that won’t be during her tenure as FM for the foreseeable future. Good to know.

    Wake up, smell the coffee and stop mainlining fantasy. And please, please, please…. stop trying to police peoples thoughts. No one granted you this authority and you have no right to impose your boorishness on others.

    • It’s Sunday, I’m awake and not just smelling but enjoying an expresso.
      Having read your overnight “contributions”, your final two sentences are as apt an observation on them as any:
      “And please, please, please…. stop trying to police peoples thoughts. No one granted you this authority and you have no right to impose your boorishness on others.”

      • Mea Culpa. Please forgive my own boorishness…I sometimes forget to look in the mirror. Thanks for the reminder. I appreciate it. It’s been a long night shift.


        • Stay away from Wings is a good place to start. The brainwashing cult only want to pull the SNP down. Remember the majority who make up the SNP are your fellow Scots.

          Who benefits from the negative attacks on the SNP….the Unionists.

    • ‘ she has openly stated she will not campaign for Independence until both the pandemic and its economic consequences have been mitigated ‘
      Well that’s one way of interpreting or misinterpreting her response to Andrew Marrs question and there are plenty promoting that rather bizarre view. Most of the commentary I’ve read citing that partisan and misleading view seem to miss the word ‘ involved ‘.
      When the Internal Market bill is passed in October this year her ability to mitigate anything will be removed, her involvement in Scotland’s economic recovery will be zero. Maybe think about that and what that means.

  21. Westminster cannot see the obvious difference in fron of heir eyes.

    The EU listened and respected the views of al member states. The appoint politicians from small countries into key roles. The seek consensus across Europe.

    In the “British” Union. One country demands total control of all political outcomes. It is designed to benefit the South of England and the elite.

    The Butchers Apron is a symbol of their Empire mindset. They impose their rule on others. Unfortunately Scotland is now one of the last “others”

    Like the old Roman Empire those who help the Empire dominate their own people were rewarded with the Citizenship of Rome. The UK Empire has the House of Lords. A Knighthood or a seat on the Board of a Major Company for their service.

    “Beware most those who walk among you, dress like you, speak in your tongue but whose loyalty lies with Rome”

    • That is a really succinct and enlightening summing up of the Brits in the last throes of empire, Julia.

      I would say, however, that the Brits are fully aware of the differences between arrangements in the EU and those in the UK. The notion of “Union” doesn’t enter into their perspective on anything. They start from the premise that “might is right” and they never deviate from that. That in itself explains their actions at every turn. The conquest and exploitation of anyone who has the misfortune to interact with them is their goal. The consequent impoverishment and enslavement of those they conquer is their desired outcome – not an unintended consequence.

      The people who actively promote British identity in Scotland are predatory and will always be. They will promote it until the very end. Nothing will undermine their commitment to the British state even when it is absolutely certain that it is going to collapse – that’s all shades of Tory unionist “leaders”(lolz) and “activists”.

      On the other hand, I think a lot of those people in Scotland who would identify as Brits are just camp followers looking to eke out a reasonable existence and avoid becoming victims. Until the last few years the Brits seemed super powerful and in charge. But now they can be clearly seen as utterly incompetent at every turn and in disarray. They can’t even count their own dead FFS.

      How long and what will it take before these people conclude that it’s safe and in their interests to stop following the Brits? I don’t know but I sense that the economic disaster that is heading our way is going to be defining for them.

      With an absolute minimum of powers, can the Scottish Government persuade them that independence is the way to travel? It’s a big ask but if anyone can do it, Nicola Sturgeon can.

  22. I could be mistaken re the interpretation of her remarks, but I can’t resolve this confusion from any subsequent statements made by the FM.

    As for having the power removed from Holyrood to mitigate Tory harm, it brings me back to my original contention. What use is it to have a majority supporting independence, if there is no democratic means provided by its political arm to bring it about?

    If the SNP does not actively seek a mandate for an independence referendum, how does any mandate it gains from the electorate justify holding a referendum? Campaigning on the vague premise that the SNP supports Scotland’s independence is the preamble to a manifesto. It does not satisfy the requirement for a specific proposal to bring it about.

    A date would be nice. Something to aim for.

    I guess I don’t see what everyone else can, because I just can’t wrap my head around the functionally illogical statement above that contends the SNP has led us to the heights of majority opinion embracing independence, by not campaigning for independence.

    My own thoughts are that a general consensus has formed among Scot’s that independence is now a viable option, compared to the continued rule of a Tory Westminster government that is clearly insane. I don’t think it has much to do with the SNP. They haven’t exactly been a shining example of competence themselves recently. To their credit though, they are willing to accept when they screw up and make sincere efforts to correct their inadequacies.

    But I am fearful for my own sanity when everyone starts telling me that the SNP will not campaign for an independence referendum, to bring about an independence referendum.

    If that turns out to be the case, I can only conclude that we are all as crazy as our English friends.

  23. john burrows

    John, Nicola Sturgeon is campaigning for independence.

    The hardest demographic to win over from no to yes was always going to be the middle class, the elderly middle class, the female elderly middle class and by proving to them that she and her government are responsible,competent and trustworthy she is winning that section of the electorate who, once the women have come over from the dark side will bring their husbands with them.

    Waiting for them all to die off was never a smart, or morally acceptable game plan they had to be moved and moved they have been.

    It might not be as exciting or as sexy as marching with banners (although wonderful that is for troop moral) or slogging round the doors with leaflets and a tounge sharpened on the whetstone of the 2014 independence campaign but it works, is working, will work.

    Keep the faith John.

  24. john burrows

    P.S. John, you shouldn´t be snooty about people who post under a nom de ploom.

    Everybody´s life circumstances are different.

    I for one am not retired, I run a business.

    A business that puts a roof over my and my family´s head, food on table and a wee caña and tapa from time to time if i´m lucky.

    It also provides the funds that I contribute to varios independence causes.

    So think of that.

  25. ‘ could be mistaken ‘ yep, I agree with that though I’m inclined to believe that the ‘ misrepresentation ‘ is wilful in the same sense as wilful ignorance or the old training meme of wilful incompetence. I’m struggling with the ‘ subsequent statements ‘ since I can’t recall any statement contradicting her reply to Marr.

    ‘ as for having the power removed to mitigate Tory harm ‘

    That’s where the word ‘ involved ‘ becomes significant, no power, no involvement, nothing to stop the gloves coming off and it was Westminster firing the starters gun.

    ‘ seeking a mandate ‘ they have four and Nicola has already stated that a referendum will be front and centre for the Holyrood elections in May 2021.

    ‘ increasing support for Independence by not campaigning ‘

    It’s called ‘ hearts and minds ‘, with a 50+ rating for Nicola against 50- for Johnston, her contribution to the increase in support for the SNP and Independence is undeniable. Hearts and minds has always been the core strategy for the SNP, not just for Covid.

    Other than the manufactured grievances promoted by the British nationlist parties and the media, you could perhaps help us out with some detail regarding the SG’s incompetence.

    Who exactly is telling you the SNP won’t campaign for Independence, that’s going to come as a big surprise to us members.

  26. Interesting. I wonder how this will pan out?

    ”Written submissions to Holyrood’s Salmond inquiry committee starting to appear – quite a bit on the ‘culture of government’ which MSPs are also investigating, such as this from the FDA on concerns about “bullying behaviour” under the Salmond administration.” https://mobile.twitter.com/BBCPhilipSim/status/1293961279191777281


    …”Around this time, the culture within the former First Minister’s Office and other
    ministerial offices in relation to bullying behaviour became a concern for us and was
    raised with successive Permanent Secretaries. Although action was taken and short term improvements or apologies were made, this did not bring about an overall change
    in culture. Some civil servants expressed to us that they were operating in a culture of
    fear and were unable to speak truth unto power and discharge their duties effectively.

    The culture within the Ministerial offices in the organisation was such that despite the
    support of FDA, some members made clear to us that they did not trust SG to handle
    complaints effectively or to ensure confidentiality of the complainants. They
    furthermore expressed concerns over the effectiveness of the policies at that time. In
    particular, members in the former First Minister’s office indicated that they felt isolated
    and out of the policy protection of the rest of the SG. Individuals spoke in confidence
    and did not wish to raise complaints because they thought this may be detrimental to
    their career aspirations or their current role.”..

    ..”In reflecting back on the last 10 years we are aware of approaches on behalf of around
    30 members in relation to at least 5 Ministerial Offices, ( [redacted] ).”..


  27. There are websites that support Independence for Scotland and there are websites that support causes, and that’s any cause because it increases their readership by widening the scope of people you can attract to your website of causes
    In your website of causes you find a myriad of things to complain about or people to denigrate and there are always plenty of people around who love a good bit of denigration so they join right in
    You might complain about a law or a bill on your website that you don’t like and blame it on the particular political party you don’t like then use that to frame a reason for voting against that party but always omitting the fact that laws can be changed and bills can be reversed by any political party
    But you’ve done your job and gotten folk enraged about the unimportant changeable thing so it can be used to create bigger trouble about the thing you really wanted to make trouble about
    Or you could create rumours or reasons to despise a particular politician, flavour of the month to despise is FM Nicola Sturgeon who apparently if Scotland ever becomes Independent is going to be immortal live forever and no laws or bills can ever be changed because she’s evil so don’t vote for Independence as long as she’s in charge, oh and we might bring back the other guy who didn’t win so he doesn’t win again for all the same reasons he didn’t win last time, but we won’t tell you that because conspiracy secrets

    Yes, there are websites like that and the folk who run them know exactly how to spread despondency gloom and doom because they know the audience they hope to attract to the great cause of abandon hope all ye who enter here, for I the guru will fulfill your every desire to be as hateful and miserable as I am, and if you don’t have that desire then you can F right off because you’re an idiot, I only welcome the angry and those who wish all hopes to be crushed here

    Send me a shilling to my bank in England very soon, thanks, the cause website

    • As the saying goes, Dr Jim, ”there’s none so blind as those who will not see (what’s actually going on there).”

  28. Who is responsible for what.

    ‘British Railway industry organisations and responsibilities.’



    Richard Leonard is an angry man. Wonder how long it will take for him to go the way of Carlaw?

    ”Current Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard has sent an angry email to members about briefings, leaks and internal divisions.” https://mobile.twitter.com/paulhutcheon/status/1294347714050891780

    • You have to laugh at poor Labour branch manager Robert Limpard pretending to be angry at members when his own boss in the big England branch says Limpard is part of the problem like the one before him and the one before that and well all of them for a very long time

      Poor old Limpard is ordered to support the Union while 1 in 4 of Labour supporters will vote for Scottish Independence and the rest will turn against him if he supports his boss Kier Starmer in refusing to *allow* democracy by even holding a vote if Scotland wants one

      Labour once again have caught themselves between the rocks and hard places of decency and honesty and will no doubt end up selecting oblivion, because much as they want to support the Tories, they can’t, for if they do oblivion rushes up to meet them even quicker

  29. Worth a read.

    ”These are startling figures from polling by YouGov carried out for The Times. I have so far been unable to find a poll for any party in Scotland that ever actually polled higher than 57%. In an actual election the Tories achieved around 54% in the General election of 1955 and swept up a clear majority of all the seats in Scotland in a never to be repeated result.”



    Hahaha. Good one from Janey Godley. https://mobile.twitter.com/JaneyGodley/status/1294318988240052224

  30. Dear John …that seems an appropriate start to respond to the love that has expired between us LoL !
    SNP Troll ? Not a member ! Independence troll ? Perhaps
    ”Ad hominems in place of argument ”. Fact ..opinion polls put Independence at its highest ever level …under this SNP Government , too !

    No overt campaigning unlike Belarus ? Give me a break ! Comparing Scotland’s situation with that of Belarus? Really ?

    As to using an nom de plume …guilty .

    Have a nice day , John !

    • ”Comparing Scotland’s situation with that of Belarus?”

      A change from being compared to Greece, don’t you think Millsy? You know the, ”Scotland’s basket case economy is worse than Greece” myth. And then there was some other country in Africa that they compared us to. And of course they constantly compare independent countries to Scotland, eh that’s not independent, and so it goes on.

  31. ”In case anyone is in any doubt how serious an attempt this is, the solicitor involved is Elaine Motion. Look her up. Elaine defeated Boris in court over his prorogation of parliament. This isn’t a half arsed attempt going on here.” https://mobile.twitter.com/SbBarclay/status/1294588763004440577

    PS the Martin Keating fundraiser is standing at around £115,000 with another £40,000 to raise.. Well done everyone.


    I can see Scotland ultimately being buried under a mountain of Union Jacks 🤣🤣

    ”If the Tories are so convinced that waving a union flag will win the day, then let’s make them own it. Every closed shipyard. Every shut down mine. Every foodbank. Let’s get union jacks plastered all over them. Every single failure If they want it, they can own it. All of it… https://mobile.twitter.com/grazzar09/status/1294727065288179712

  32. Wee Mundell got planning permission approved to get an extra large Union flag pole erected at the rear of QE House to p*ss Nicola Sturgeon off. What a legacy, eh? Sad wee man .. men.

    ”EVEN MOAR FLEGS.” https://mobile.twitter.com/RobDunsmore/status/1179060021180719106


    ”The English media tells us our neighbour Scotland is ‘too wee & too poor’ to leave the political union which currently unites our two countries.

    It seems only fair the people of England should understand whether this 300 year old agreement is still relevant today.

    Unfortunately facts & figures are heavily obfuscated, making it difficult to quantify England’s contribution & returns, but here’s Scotland’s:

    Scotland donated >£60Bn to the UK Chancellor in 2019 & received a £35Bn ‘grant’ back. UK Gov retained £25Bn to spend anywhere in the UK.” https://mobile.twitter.com/UKGovernmentEng/status/1294563935908175872

  33. Ruth Davidson says Education is more differenter and betterer in the big England and they’re making me a Baroness so I will defend them till I die, no surrender!

    Still, she’s got her cash for life now, the ambition of all Tories fulfilled, we will remember her at the going down of the Union

    Then not

  34. TheWeekinTory .. 55 points to cover.

    1. The govt said they had to “balance the nation’s health with our economy”, and in that respect, they have succeeded: both are evenly balanced as the worst in the G7

    2. So Boris Johnson went on holiday. See if you even notice. https://mobile.twitter.com/RussInCheshire/status/1293944996404563969


    Check out Ann’s really informative links on the indyref2 site.


  35. Simply wish to send Best Wishes to all supporters of Scotland Independence.

    Personally I would not wish to be part of the functional UK Scotland devolved administration. Can’t see the long term , now soon to end , benefit of it . Unless one is a selfless supporter of Scotland Independence. In which case I would accept a winning referendum also ends the SNP reason for being . Then it’s on to the first Independent Scotland elections.
    Perhaps people fear the nature of the SNP parliamentary group development s and rightly so . Party politics attracts undesirable elements and the long play game of the perfidious shadow folk.
    Best to all ‘cept the UKers

  36. There used to be very strict planning controls in and around Edinburgh for instance only white could only be used on facias and signage on Princess st , it didn’t matter what the firm or company logo was it had to be white no exceptions, even the Royal bank had to comply with that planning rule .

    standards have slipped drastically and how this was allowed on a government building in the centre of Edinburgh is baffling, this can even at this late stage be objected to and the building owners made to rectify the situation ,
    The only way this could have passed planning was if the fascia drawings were submitted showing just plain glass , i believe it is permissible to add anything to the interior ” like a statue of Thatcher for instance ” but in terms of aesthetic visibility it must embarrass even the most rabid unionist , it’s not only in bad taste it’s disgusting and a big ” UP YOURS JOCKS ” that’s how provocative this is .

    • They are building another one of these hubs in Glasgow at Atlantic Quay just off the Broomielaw and near to a Scottish Govt building that has been there for years -isn’t that a surprise. All I can say if they put some giant etching of the Uk fleg on that building they will have to put it pretty high up or it won’t survive long. The one in Edinburgh just looks cheap and tacky

      • ‘The one in Edinburgh just looks cheap and tacky’

        A good symbol then for the country it represents, its politics, its establishment corruption, its modern day media, and its international standing.

        Some folk, so keen to display it all over the place and Scots still ‘proud’ to see it about, shouldn’t forget that for many peoples around the world in the past it symbolised invasion, military control, colonisation, theft and disenfranchisement. All of which still resonates today in many corners of the globe.

  37. My fist though was that this is Westminster’s initial moves to recreate the same controversy around flags that happens in N.Ireland.
    The Butchers Apron on our shopping was,I think, more about camouflage of the lack of produce from England and an attempt to sell into the word market without it being to obviously Scottish produce that was the start of the show.
    But the Flegs on public display are aimed at only us and are no ment to convert us but rather to incite us to respond.
    To recreate a form of civil unrest as we leave is about the only way they can hold back Scotland competing with London for as long as they can, and we should be mindful, that, for them is seen as a legitimate option!

    • Mibbi we should help them and ( as some have suggested ) put them on foodbanks, job centres,anything they’ve closed and such.. 🙂
      Even anything they haven’t caused to close and let the British Nationalists run round finding evidence we got it wrong fur a wee change…
      Stickergate oan speed ..lol ..could be socially distanced fun,as I’ve said we should absolutely refuse to take them seriously and stick a Jack on any failure or eye sore we can find to the point they want it stopped 🙂

    • And as predicted…..The Cat duly arrives.

      Welcome Schrodinger…..at least you escaped without having your claws removed!…lol

      Just awaiting Me Bungo Pony and Capella’s arrival .

    • Sprayed with a typically Glasgow term too…a bit like the Kelpies and King Roberts statue..we’ll never really be sure of the motives of the people who actually did it.
      I still hold to nothing but ridicule for these provocative moves by the British Nationalists being the only winning move, and pointing out the more they put up…..the more fun we’ll eventually have taking them down.

  38. There surely comes a turning point when Gove’s Union Jackery, instead of reminding people of long-past imperial glories, simply serves to rub them up the wrong way and remind them of all the injustices that are now being so arrogantly visited upon them under that tainted banner. So good luck to BoJo & Co if they foolishly think this is going to be the panacea to cure their Scottish difficulties. It’s not the English government who ultimately decides what that flag signifies, it’s us.

    • Thanks for that link Golfnut, in particular the short letter outlining Scotland’s struggle to free itself from its colonial master. Too bad that someone hasn’t come up with the idea of formulating an educational course, on our historical journey, to be used to enlighten young (and old) Scots in our schools, colleges and Universities. Or would that be considered to be treasonous act 😀?

      ..”Before that there was the National Association for the Vindication of Scottish Rights. Here’s an extract from an 1853 letter to the Caledonian Mercury, an Edinburgh paper:

      “The formation of the National Association, leagued and bonded together, for the vindication of our Scottish Rights, is assuredly one of the most remarkable events of the present day. If we consider the rapidity with which the noble flame has spread from town to town, from man to man, and from heart to heart. Whigs, Conservatives and radicals, free-traders, and protectionists – the adherents of every political section and religious sect, have sunk, forgotten, or merged their petty squabbles in one grand common cause, to demand justice for their native country, to seek the common good, and with the determination to have Scotland for the Scottish people – to have Scotland as the Treaty of Union guaranteed she should be: united to England for imperial purposes; but not to be merged into England, to be degraded to a nameless province, or to have her institutions violated, and her honour trampled on.” (The author was steering very carefully away from any attack on the Crown, which could have had very nasty consequences.)”..

      • Lessons to be learned there I think.

        ” or merged there petty squabbles in one grand common cause ”

        No ambiguity there either, our rights eroded.

  39. Surely a building in central Edinburgh adorned with union jacks to show it is the government’s outpost in Scotland will become a target for protestors.

    • Queen Elizabeth House, a massive new building set in the heart of Edinburgh, planned to be used to house 3000 Scottish (?) Civil Servants, they say, and the FM of Scotland is nowhere to be seen. No photographs of her standing outside. Strange one, eh?

  40. Yet again WoS blog continues to attack the ONLY party ( whether you like it or not) that will deliver Independence.

    Like a bully – something they complain off they try and “out” people apparently called wokist’s.

    I have asked folk I know including my grown up grandchildren and get a different interpretation what the term means.

    Those who are not members of the SNP are demanding changes but at the same time are trying their best to set up an opposition party to stand against the SNP.

    Hypocrites or worse? decide for yourselves.

    What is in it for them? There must be some payback for such tactics?

    Wierldly the Lib Dem leaning Blog leader quotes Tony Benn as an acolyte.

    This is the same Tony Benn who as the Labour Parties Energy Minister in the 70’s censored the releasing of the oil revenues currently held in Scottish territorial waters at that time.

    He lied to Scotland as did subsequent, Labour, tories and Lib Dem’s governments.

    You couldn’t make it up.

    For the memories


  41. o/t but related
    Last week on the British media we had a 360 degree News Cycle , the first wave was John Swinney being named as public enemy No one , Persona non grata destined for not just the chop but hung drawn and quartered , The next Cycle John Swinney retained the backing of Nicola because whatever he did he was going to get flack from the usual suspects , it gradually started to occur to the News outlets and very grudgingly it was realised Nicola and John actually made the best decision , the amount of respect and recognition Nicola received was very refreshing,We now have a noticeably different approach all of a sudden newscasters have a distinct aversion to mentioning Nicolas name, even though every one of them realise (a) she was right and (b) the only option open to the English government is to follow her lead without giving her any recognition or respect for the way she handled this situation , they a choking back any and all praise just in case it aided the push for independence , how petty eh .

  42. ”Yet again WoS blog continues to attack the ONLY party ( whether you like it or not) that will deliver Independence.”

    It started off as a drip and has become a torrent now. Watch it grow to tsunami proportions as we get ever closer to voting for our Independence. This isn’t about ”outing” SNP politicians and their policies at all, it’s about destroying our chances of getting our Independence altogether and if some people can’t see it hell mend them for supporting him (them) in his (their) ”endeavours.” That site has gone from exposing BritNat politicians and their biased MSM to joining them and in fact becoming more of a threat to us acquiring our Independence than all of the BritNat media outlets combined. The question that people have to ask themselves is why? Why the constant attacks on the SNP (the only party capable of delivering independence) in conjunction with having absolutely nothing, ziltch, zero, to report on our opposition. If you’re searching for an answer to that one it’s right in front of your nose … and it stinks.

    • You are spot on Petra. I was an avid reader of WOS until about nine months ago. I have not looked at it since. If Stu Campbell believes in our cause you have to ask yourself WHY he is allowing this. He was always a bit outspoken but this is crazy. Pity his wee blue book V2 would have possible helped.
      His published WOS twitter feed used to be about independence and football on a Saturday. Now it is all about female sexuality and trans opinion.

      • ”I was an avid reader of WOS”..

        I too was an avid reader of WoS Andy (on there and contributing every day for years) and was in fact a great admirer of the blog owner to the point that I suggested that we fundraise to buy him a house 🙄, far from the reaches of Westminster. Then I noticed a, initially subtle, ”change” in his ”approach” around at least 18 months ago and followed the tactics being used to get to the current state of affairs. As to the WBB that people like myself contributed to and are still waiting for? If we ever see it at all, I reckon it will have metamorphosed into something more akin to being red, white and blue. Some Civil Servant /s, somewhere, will be working on it as we speak.

  43. ‘Westminster’s Man at Holyrood” ain’t going to cut it.’

    ..”The most immediate aspect of Ross’s leadership will be the sheer length of time he will remain outside of Holyrood. Until next year’s Scottish elections—a full ten months away—Ross will be unable to ask questions at FMQs, delegating this work instead to Ruth Davidson (his predecessor but one). He will not be able to table, vote, amend, or debate on any bills that go through the Scottish parliament. Like Jim Murphy of the Labour Party before him, he will depend solely on the whims of the media to grant him opportunities to debate directly with any of the other Scottish party leaders. In other words, for close to a year Ross, a qualified ref, will take the helm of the Scottish Conservatives less as leader and more as training coach: working in the background but decisively absent when and where it actually matters, on the playing field.”..



    Kirsty Hughes:- ‘Scotland’s borders and independence.’


  44. Re my previous wee rant about the Education results James O’Brian on LBC Radio just confirmed my previous observations ,last week he praised The Scottish government , however this morning he was at great pains to point out the Jocks Ducked it all up as well , I am always suspicious of coincidences but I believe something or someone has made the decision to revert to the original script and that is to ignore the Jocks if you can’t make sure any credit is either grudgingly given or drastically reduced in order to keep them in their subservient place in their Union , ah it’s great to feel loved isn’t it ,

    Oh and by the way I agree totally with your comments about Wings Petra it’s getting out of hand over there especially with some persistent posters

  45. ”Been reviewing the signatures of the #PeoplesAS30 petition. I’m actually astounded. Not just Scots but there are hundreds of signatures from around the world. Malaysia, HongKong, America, Catalonia, Pro-EU people in England and an assortment of EU countries. Wooooow!” https://mobile.twitter.com/MartinJKeatings/status/1294814422641389574

    PS … ”The Peoples Action on Section 30” crowdfunder stands at £120,000 now. Well done to the ”people”. 18 days to raise a further £35,000.


    This is the article they are saying is anti-English.

    Devi Sridhar. ‘We Will Pay for Our Summer Vacations With Winter Lockdowns.’


    • An interesting opinion from P Bell regards the S30.


      In my opinion the recent publicly given advice to Johnson regards granting ( note that word ) an S30 if Nicola wins a majority at the Holyrood GE, is no more than smoke and mirrors or a last resort delaying tactic.
      That this is now being put forward perhaps indicates that Westminster believe they will lose the case before the Scottish court ( which is why I’ve added this to your comment Petra ).

      • Well it’s good to see that Peter Bell has moved on from months and months, article after article, of telling us that Westminster won’t EVER grant a Section 30 Order to informing us all now that they more than likely will do so, however it’ll be a trap 😀.

        He goes on to say that, ”the SNP must renounce the Section 30 process as part of a Manifesto for Independence. They must do so promptly. They must do so before the granting of a Section 30 order starts to look like a realistic possibility. Surely this is what Nicola Sturgeon’s “smartest adviser” are telling her. If not, then they are not nearly smart enough.”

        Meanwhile Mr Bell, like many others, whilst picking apart what Nicola Sturgeon (and her experts) may or may not do can’t seem to come up with a plan of his own as to how we go forward, in particular one that’ll keep the EU and the International community happy as does holding a referendum with a Section 30 Order.

    • Undeniably, but it begs the question why the protagonists of this are so feart o the man.
      Salmond was no saint and few including he would claim to be so, but these media creations with Wark as lead have a personal edge, it is not just politics which risks exposure but the clique to which she and her connections belong.

      • not my point bob eg

        i posted

        “ok, what proof do you have that this is orchestrated by the bbc AND nicola?

        i have seen nothing to support this “nicola” conspiracy theory. if im being stupid, feel free to post your evidence”

        campbell says

        (1) I made no suggestion that Sturgeon had orchestrated this documentary.

        (2) If I posted my evidence I’d go to jail, just as Craig Murray is currently risking. I’m getting really tired of people demanding I post stuff that they know perfectly well I can’t post. But I still know it, and if you choose not to believe me then that’s entirely your affair, but fuck off with the impossible demands.

        If I haven’t earned even a modicum of people’s trust in the last nine years, maybe piss off and read a website you do trust.

        Craig Murray is currently in court (unfairly i might add) for supposidly identifying witnesses

        nothing to do with revealing info about nicola sturgeon

        you have info but cant/wont reveal, but yet, on your say so, nicola and everyone in the snp is condemned?

        I dont have such info and as such i await the results of the enquiry. believing folk are innocent until proven guilt does not make me or anyone else “bloody stupid”

        if you have evidence, and a huge fund of money

        take your evidence to court

      • ok, i’ll bite, the protagonist here are the brit establishment, you are begging the question why they are so feart o the man.? really?, since when do the unionists need an excuse for anything snpbad?

  46. You are a Wokist.

    Sticks and stones… what’s in a word?

    Webster dictionary
    The word you’ve entered isn’t in the dictionary. Click on a spelling suggestion below or try again using the search bar above.

    Collins Dictionary
    Sorry, no results for “wokist” in the English Dictionary.

    Is this a new word that you would like to suggest is added to the Collins Dictionary?

    So if someone calls you this just remember that they are “are as thick as a plank”!!!

  47. Out of the mouths of the Tories themselves they admit that total votes in the Holyrood elections for the SNP will be what counts when considering the SNPs position over a second referendum and their hopes are that a low turnout or a stronger performance by other parties can make a dent in the SNPs dominance that might allow them, the Tories, to argue their case that Scotland does not want a second referendum otherwise they may be forced to concede the point that Scotland has spoken with one voice

    Senior figures for the Tories have advised them that any further attempt to deny a referendum to Scotland under these circumstances would be political suicide and the optics of this would reverberate around the world

    As we know the 2014 referendum was not Scotland’s referendum, it was England’s referendum in Scotland organised and timetabled by the British media under the control and interference by Westminster
    Nicola Sturgeon has vowed these circumstances will not be allowed to happen again

    “I don’t want to just hold a referendum I want to win it* she said

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