A decisive poll

In 2014 when the result of the independence referendum was announced, the BBC called the 55% achieved by the No campaign ‘decisive’. Today a new poll has been published, carried out by Panelbase on behalf of Business for Scotland, and it shows that support for independence has now reached 55% when don’t knows are excluded. Douglas Ross has got off to a great start. If you still have one of those 45 badges from just after the last referendum, you can now give them to any remaining no voters you know.

Additionally, there’s also been a new poll from Comres out today, which puts support for independence on 54%. There can be absolutely no doubt now that Scotland is a country where a clear majority support independence. The last three polls from Panelbase have shown Yes on 54% or 55%. The last poll from YouGov put yes on 53%. This is, moreover, before the reality of Brexit has struck, without an official campaign, without the yes grassroots movement being able to campaign normally due to the epidemic, and with cries and wails amongst sections of the Yes movement that the SNP isn’t doing anything to bring independence about. Despite all that, support for independence is still growing. Just imagine what we can do once we are able to campaign normally again. No wonder the Tories are crapping themselves. 55% is the highest that support for independence has ever been in a credible opinion poll since the 2014 referendum. Indeed I believe that it’s the highest that support for independence has ever been in a credible poll.

There’s one exception to that however, which needs to be briefly discussed. In the immediate aftermath of the EU referendum the Sunday Post published a poll conducted by a company called ScotPulse which gave a result of 59% in favour of independence. There were serious issues with that poll unfortunately. ScotPulse was not a member of the British Polling Council, the industry body which demands that member polling companies adhere to certain standards to ensure accuracy in polling. More seriously, it appears that the 2016 was not correctly weighted, which means that it wasn’t conducted amongst a properly representative sample of the population. In any event, that poll proved to be a one-off. Its result was never replicated in any other poll. It was what’s called a rogue poll, an outlier whose result was not an accurate reflection of what was really going on on the ground.

What we’ve got now is very different. We have had a series of opinion polls from companies which are members of the British Polling Council, all of which have shown that a majority are in favour of independence. And what seems to be a gradually increasing majority at that. In this latest poll, even if don’t knows are included, there’s still a majority for Yes. This poll puts Yes at 51%, No at 42%, and Don’t Know at 7%.

We’ve already had credible reports in the Conservative press that senior cabinet members are panicking about the rise in support for Scottish independence. This poll is only going to make them run about like Corporal Jones from Dad’s Army. Well, British nationalists do love an excuse to go on about WW2. We’re really just doing them a favour. Social media is now full of rabid British nationalist Brextremist Tories warning of the dangers of nationalism and trying to persuade us of the benefits of pooled sovereignty. If you were waiting for the penny to drop with the Tories that they themselves are the reason the UK is finished, you’ll be in for a long wait. Self-awareness is not their strong suit.

How could the Tories possibly have foreseen that their dystopian English nationalism, their hardest possible Brexit, the lazy lassitude of posh boy Johnson and his interminable holidays, the sheer and utter incompetence of an administration which has given the UK the highest covid-19 death toll in Europe combined with the greatest economic damage would have driven ever increasing numbers of people in Scotland to the realisation that we can do things differently. Not just to the realisation that we can do things differently, the realisation that if we want to preserve any modicum of governmental accountability, our public services, and even a basic sense of common decency and humanity in public office, we have to do things differently. No amount of union flag waving can hide that stark truth.

What’s equally evident is that the Conservatives’ attempts to undermine the devolution settlement are proving counterproductive. Far from ensuring that Scots see the supposed benefits of the UK, all that they are doing is to increase the perception amongst the Scottish electorate that Scotland’s choices will not be respected by a British Government. For a party which is always going on about the need to respect a referendum, the Conservatives consistently fail to grasp that the devolution settlement is also the product of a referendum. They meddle with it at their peril.

The debate about independence is no longer about proving that the average Scottish family would be better off or worse off by the price of a Chinese takeaway once a week. It’s about democracy. It’s about accountability. It’s about ensuring that there’s humanity and decency. It’s a rejection of the cruelty of a UK where the state broadcaster thinks its appropriate to send a boat full of reporters and camera operators to chase leaky dinghies full of refugees limping their way across the English Channel and shouting questions at them instead of offering help. It’s a rejection of a UK where disabled people have to undergo humiliating and degrading assessments carried out by box tickers who have no real understanding of what disability means. It’s a rejection of a succession of British governments who pontificate about how precioussss the union is but who don’t understand the difference between a partnership of nations and the incorporation of Scotland into a unitary state where Scotland is routinely ignored, sidelined, and marginalised.

However the surge in support for independence in Scotland is not just a rejection of the negativities of a sclerotic British state that is incapable of understanding or responding to the wishes of the people of Scotland. Far more importantly, it’s about hope. It’s about the hope of a better life, a better way of doing things. It’s about the hope of engaging with the world as an equal of other nations. It’s about the hope of addressing the issues that affect the lives of ordinary Scottish people. The Conservatives and the British state can’t offer us that hope, only independence can. It’s the hope that is born out of the realisation amongst Scotland’s people that if we want change, if we want to make this a better country, we have to do it ourselves. And as we gaze upon the inept, chaotic, corrupt, and cruel Conservative government in Westminster, the people of Scotland have realised that we have it within our means to do so much better.

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117 thoughts on “A decisive poll

  1. We are on our way now, what a great article, yes we have the talent to produce a nation a nation that will take it’s place with pride in the normality of being their own for better or worse.
    We can tackle our own problems and produce the medicine that we need, not get englandland’s solutions for their problems.
    It is sick to send out seaworthy craft to film people from, in dire need, and sail away.
    You’re on fire after your wee break.

    • Ta. Unfortunately WordPress has just introduced a new editor, and I really hate it. I can’t find half the functions. So until I get my head around it articles may have a few more typos and mistakes than usual.

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  3. I remember a conversation with Alistair Darling, on the percentage in favor of the union. He said (i am paraphrasing here), that anything less than 70/30 in favor of the union was going to be a huge problem. They gave it their all. They had the full power and majesty of the union behind them. The entire establishment was behind them. Dark Money was behind them. The Pope was behind them (although that was probably a deliberate mistranslation) The had the fear, the smear, The Krankies and love bombs. Despite it all, they were losing according to most of the polls at the time and that yes was ahead, by much the same margin as now. Thats when the Clunking Fist of Union, Big Gordon Broon, came in and announced the vow. The union narrowly avoided defeat.

    It was up to them to prove to us that the Union was worth a toss. It had won a reprieve. It had not been saved. I remember them demanding that we “we lost, get over it”. That we should forget independence and accept Britishness. Then the tories voted for EVEL & Brexit. The NHS is under grave threat of privatisation. The economy has slumped. Labour are unelectable at the moment. Boris is PM. Lastly…the vow was never kept. Through it all, the unionist has never so much as lifted a finger in protest. The have sat back and watched the tories dismantle the union right in front of them, and still they are silent. Privately the unionist parties are shitting themselves. Boris’s big plan is to steal money from Scotland and spend a little of it here and stick a union jack on it. Blind to the principle that no one in Scotland voted for him to do it in the first place. Blind to the fact that 8/10 Scots (the same 8/10 Scots Wee Lady Ruthless of HeeHaw believes are scroungers) don’t want his party in charge of anything in Scotland. But they’ll do it all the same. Making the same mistake Thatcher made back in the 70s, thinking it was safe to ignore Scotland, and rule for the minority. That arrogance heralded the defeat of her party and ultimately bringing in Devolution. Just imagine what Boris will do for independence.

    Going back to the Alistair Darling interview. If they don’t win by a convincing margin, can they reconcile Independence minded Scots with being British. His eye brows twitched like angry caterpillars while he tried to keep a poker face…”I hope so” he said, somewhat timidly.

    They blew it.

    • Yes. Lying liars lie again and again. Thankfully the populace are waking up gradually to this fact. Bojo is the best thing for Scots Indie since T. May. Once the SNP start a new campaign for a pro independence vote as part of their election campaign support should rise even higher. All we have to do is hold their feet to the fire to make sure that they do that. In case anyone thinks that this is disrespectful to Nicola Sturgeon, or shows distrust of, specifically, the SNP, I would quote the old Arab proverb: “Trust in Allah, but tie up your camel” So yes, trust them, but don’t leave anything to chance or enemy action, and keep up the struggle.

  4. Agree with everything there Paul particularly about the rise of YES without any campaign and without the forthcoming chaos when Brexit hits. I have two worries though, (I always worry about independence) – do we have a good solid answer to the currency question and do we have a coherent defence policy? The last time round we looked weak on these issues. If we don’t have good policies round these we need to start work now.

    • 1. Scots Pound
      2. NATO

      and for the unasked question,

      3. EU.

      We need EU for economic protection from Brexit England, and NATO to protect ourselves from any ideas they might have about invading Scotland. (Sounds crazy now, but a sensible insurance policy against PM Farage looking for an easy war to deflect blame for his own failings.) The EU will want us to join the Euro, but we need to hold those demands off and have our own currency. If we do join the Euro, it needs to be from a position of strength, which means our own stable currency. People have seen with the financial crisis how important it is to control your own money supply. It is not the hard sell it once was.

      That’s my current thoughts on the matter, feel free to disagree.

    • Plenty small independent countries have a currency they can use and a defense system/army. Scotland will be different when independent, the world is Scotland’s oyster!

      • Scotland contributes more to UK defence than Israel spends on its defence, a wee sign there that Scotland doesn’t just contribute to defence we contribute to offence, most countries in the world don’t do that

        • Israel pop 7.5Million. Spends $22Billion on military. 122 Nuclear warhead (US).

          The economy and political system is a mess. 3 elections. Economic and political protests. Netanyahu on corruption charges. Holding on to power.

    • You worry about aspects which have no bearing on independence rather than after achieving it, a seed which was exploited on the last indy as if we’d cross into an unknown universe in milliseconds.
      We only looked weak on those issues because we allowed ourselves to be convinced they were important, in reality they never were.
      A central bank could be set up and legislation in place with a stated currency within a month, set it down now and the moans and ah-buts would descend much as they did over having the Pound then not having the Pound or the earth isn’t as flat as it should be or meteors are no longer protected by WM….
      As to defence, who in their right mind would invade Scotland knowing the savages inhabiting the place hurling deep-frozen Mars bars as a warmup before beating you death with your own mandible, and the men are even worse…
      Maybe let them know later eh ?

  5. The last two Panelbase polls with an 8% margin of victory included 16 & 17 year olds. The YouGov poll (6% margin of victory) didn’t. The YouGov poll can be accurately corrected using the Population pyramid spreadsheets from the nrscotland site to confirm the 8% margin of victory. 55% Yes is therefore entirely sound.

    What of the naysayers who state “it’s meaningless, Johnson will just say no”? For reasons we will likely never understand, Johnson defers strategic decision to Cummings. Perhaps Johnson believes that “super forecaster” guff that Cummings spouts. Cummings claims to have a “super forecaster brain” like a Mentat in the Dune, si-fi novels.
    Perhaps Cummings will see the benefits of reaching an amicable divorce settlement now rather than an acrimonious breech later. The status of Faslane and the rusting, nuclear hulks at Rosyth are a material concern to the British state. There really isn’t a viable, British alternative to Faslane. Milford haven already has a LNG terminal in place and submarines and ships full of highly volatile LNG won’t sit comfortably. Going cap in hand to the French or Americans to use their nuclear submarine bases would be a humiliation.
    Yes, I favour a nuclear free Scotland, but the pragmatist in me says give them a 30 year lease on Faslane in return for cooperation now.
    The acrimonious split between the UK and the Irish Republic cost the UK dear with a neutral Ireland denying the UK operating bases in WW II.

    • You’re probably not far wrong. After all, if offered Independence on this condition – on a plate – who would say no?

      • ” who would say no ”
        The notion that this country, already saddled with the rotten hulks berthed at Rosyth, radio active waste on beaches in Fife, uranium tipped shells fired into the Solway and Moray Firths, the waste from Amercan ships tipped over the side into the Holy loch, the Beufort dyke used as a munitions and nuclear waste dump, Bluesteel ( Britain’s nuclear bombs) buried deep in Argyll and and 40 years of spillage of God knows what into the Clyde over the last 40 yrs, I’m guessing a hell of a lot will say no.
        2yrs will probably be the limit, the clear up will take a hell of a lot longer.

    • It is by will alone I set my mind in motion, the Yanks will likely demand the Nukes be moved anyway, so Wales will probably have them dumped on them

      Let’s hope we have a Thufir Hawat to their Piter De Vries

    • Agree with a lot of what you are saying vivianoblivian7 though I personally would go for less than 30 years, maybe 10-15 years.
      We all know that it is not the submarines that pose the problem, it is the storing of the ‘Nukes’ at Coulport that is the major headache. A fact that seems to bypass most ordinary members of the public down south who seem to think that “just move the subs to Devonport and stuff the Jocks” will work.
      Well it won’t. The warheads are stored deep within granite rock and I believe I’m right in saying that a returning sub has to disarm before entering Faslane for safety reasons.
      So where are they going to find somewhere as suitable? and at what cost.
      I’ve been looking for Prof Chalmers paper on the subject titled ‘Location,location,location’ but can’t find it so I apologise in advance for using a link to the Express of all people.https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1166745/trident-scotland-nuclear-weapons-scottish-independence-snp-hmnb-clyde-faslane-falmouth

    • ”For reasons we will likely never understand, Johnson defers strategic decision to Cummings.”

      And it’s clear that sinister Cummings is trying to scupper the UK, for whatever reason, so he may advocate a referendum being held. Nothing would surprise me.

  6. I’m really starting to believe that I will see an independent Scotland in my lifetime. Bring it on! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  7. The Women’s National Anti-Suffrage League. Women who campaigned in the early 20th century against women getting the vote.

    Yes, this was a real thing!

    Whenever I read about them, I can’t help thinking of Scottish unionists.

  8. Brilliant article..possibly the best I’ve read of yours, Paul. Keep them coming!😁🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  9. As I posted many times since the 2014 referendum.

    You win, We lose, Then we win……. and nothing since has changed my mind. I might have to revise my predication upwards of Yes 58,3% No 41.7% though.

    Hallelujah, the people of Scotland will have their Independence and take their rightful place in the world.

  10. “Far more importantly, it’s about hope.”

    Yes, ‘Hope’ is the simple but crucial four letter word that will return Scotland to an Independent nation of the world.

      • Or ‘oatlier’, which is that bastardised version of porridge pounded to dust by some English company in Bradford, and sold to Sassenachs as ‘super smooth’ porridge.
        My Belfast born Everlovin’ bought some of this gunge when my back was turned. It has the consistency of wallpaper paste, but not as nutritious.
        Then again, The Light That Shines in my Darkness sprinkles sugar on real porridge.
        You can take them out of Belfast but you can’t take Belfast out of them.
        Where’s the ‘don’t send button’?
        Sorry, guys. Just passing through.

  11. Despite all the best efforts of the Unionist press and state broadcaster to denigrate the SNP and the Yes movement the last few polls confirm solid support for Independence. I have 3 friends who have gone from no to yes just recently However I consider that they and others who have also moved their position could easily reverse their decision if the current infighting in the SNP and Yes movement doesn’t cease . We have a great opportunity before us – stop the rancour ,independence is in sight .Stay united and we can achieve our aim . Excellent post poll – you keep me sane !

    • Although I deeply loathe the British state propaganda channel the BBC, it’s incredible what a bit more airtime can do for a politician especially if that politician is seen as competent with regards to Covid-19 as Sturgeon has been after she wisely ditched the Johnson follow my lead plan.

      I’m pretty flabbergasted that the BBC chiefs haven’t knocked Sturgeon’s almost daily round ups of Covid-19 and how it is still affecting Scots on the head, for surely her regular appearance on BBC and Sky news have added to her popularity ratings, and the sheer and utter incompetence of Westminster on among other things and Covid-19 has boosted Sturgeon’s credibility, and with it the polls for Scottish independence.

      • Do you see the boosting of the polls for Independence due to Sturgeon’s credibility as a leader and being seen as competent in comparison with Westminster as a good thing or do you see it as a bad thing?

        Also, do you think the BBC should put an end to the daily Covid-19 briefings by Nicola Sturgeon?

        • Any boost for independence is a good thing, whether or not its due to Sturgeon’s handling of the virus is debatable, it could have more to do with Johnson’s poor handling of the virus and his parties power grab on Holyrood.

          As for Sturgeon’s daily briefings of course I don’t want the BBC to put an end to them, however you’ve got to wonder for a politician who recently stated that she wants Scottish independence with every fibre of her being, in essence breaking up this horrendous union, and depriving the BBC of their £300 million pounds tv licence fee from Scots, why are they allowing it to continue.

          Just why is the British state funded propaganda machine giving a politician who wants to remove one third of the UK’s land mass and all its assets from this terrible union oodles of airtime that could be quite literally increasing support for independence?

          Do they know something we don’t?

          • “Any boost for independence is a good thing, whether or not its due to Sturgeon’s handling of the virus is debatable”

            It was you that claimed Covid-19 had boosted Sturgeon’s credibility and that was reflected in the polls since the post I responded to said this, maybe I picked you up wrong.

            “Covid-19 has boosted Sturgeon’s credibility, and with it the polls for Scottish independence”

            I’m pleased that you don’t want the BBC to prevent Nicola Sturgeon from performing her duties as First Minister in reporting to the Scottish people how her government is dealing with this pandemic. I feel the same way, as do a great many Scots I would imagine.

            It might be that censoring her by preventing these updates being broadcast if she wished to continue might have the potential to backfire on the British State. I think they know that much at least.

  12. These polls constantly showing above 50% are excellent news, oh how it must pain YouGov, to publish theirs. The polls clearly show the masses doing their bit for independence, I can only hope that Sturgeon lives up to her end of the bargain, and keeps to her recent oration of wanting Scottish independence with every fibre of her being.

    • Nicola Sturgeon has worked her backside off for Independence since she was a teenager so there’s no ”recent” about it. We complain when Britnat politicians and their biased media call her ”Sturgeon” so what about showing her some respect? If we don’t do it why would we expect others to do so? Respect her and in fact our country in general.

      • “Nicola Sturgeon has worked her backside off for Independence since she was a teenager so there’s no ”recent” about it. ”


        Sturgeon not that long ago said, (you can easily find by googling it) that she’s obsessed with keeping her party in power.

        Forgive me but I’d have thought that someone whose vigouorsly campaigned for Scottish independence all her life would’ve seen that as her obsession, however I will concede on that a party has to be in power and the polls have to in the right direction. I’ll also concede that as Salmond’s deputy, independence was her main driving force, I’d like to think it still was, time will tell.

        • You’re the one claiming that she said recently that “she’s obsessed with keeping her party in power”. Normally it’s the person making the claim that provides evidence for their claim, usually by giving a link to a reliable article.

          I don’t remember reading anything of her “obsession” with keeping the SNP in power. I’d be interested in finding out more, especially the context in what it was said. Any chance of a link that provides the context?

          • WordPress has an anti-spam feature which means that if you post a comment containing more than two links, it automatically ends up in the spam bin. Please bear that in mind when posting a comment containing links in future. You’re lucky I found this one because I don’t always check the spam bin every day.

          • Thank you for the info.

            On your comment below, I’m not in any way claiming that her comment on obsessing on keeping her party in power is damning.

          • Anyway, I really don’t think that’s the damning evidence that you appear to believe it is. All politicians of all parties are obsessed with keeping their parties in power.

          • Cheers for the links. As I said context is everything and this obsession with power wasn’t said to Marr or O’Neil it was said at the Edinburgh fringe to a comedian I’ve never heard of, somebody called Matt Forde.

            One interesting point about the 4 links you posted is that the story is identical in every one of them, it is the same story written by a Press association journalist and reproduced in all 4 papers. Here’s the thing though, despite what the headline says it DOESN’T actually quote Nicola Sturgeon anywhere in the article of saying “she’s obsessed with keeping her party in power” as you have claimed.

            What it actually says is simply this:

            She said: “I’ve seen Labour go from way up there – a seemingly impregnable position – to where they are right now, in single figures at elections and in an existential crisis.

            “It’s kind of hard-wired into me, it’s in my DNA to avoid making the mistakes that I saw them make at every turn.”

            “I’m obsessed,” she said, revealing she is “constantly assessing and reassessing what we are doing”

            Surely RoS you don’t simply believe the headline written in a newspaper without reading to the end of the story. It often turns out that the headline isn’t true and only by reading the whole story do you get the proper context.

            If I was to write a headline based on that paragraph it would be:

            “Nicola Sturgeon is obsessed in avoiding making the same mistakes as Labour have in Scotland”

            I reckon MY headline is the more accurate reflection of what she actually said of the two, don’t you?

          • Alex.

            There are many other links, most to odious British nationalist news rags, of which I had no intention of linking to, however in fairness, I take your point.

          • Thank you Julia for describing my comments as rants, such as the Scottish government attempting to block Forward As One on three occasions from raising funds to ask in court whether or not we actually need to ask for a S30 or not to hold an independence referendum. A preliminary hearing on the crowfunded question has now been set for the 30th of September.

            Kenny MacAskill who vehemently stood up for Alex Salmond during and after his trial, and indeed also in the Kirsty Wark/BBC retrial and consequentially hatchet job, also stated that the SNP should be asking the question, and that it shouldn’t have been left to a private individual to try and crowd fund it.

            There is that a big enough rant for you?

        • Cherrypicking going on there RoS? There’s loads of links online that highlight that Nicola Sturgeon is determined to get us our independence. Paul posted one recently. She’s also had civil servants working towards that goal for over two years now. And maybe she’s obsessed with keeping her party in power because she knows that the SNP are the only party capable of getting us our independence.

          • Yes Petra, I wholeheartedly agree, but has there actually been any movement from her on the independence front since 2016, and the Brexit debacle, outwardly it doesn’t appear that way to many, though as you say she could be keeping her power dry for the near future. Several proposed policies that don’t appear to be too popular at a time when Westminster is heavily breathing down our parliaments neck, and the Alex Salmond fiasco, hasn’t instilled great confidence in her by some of the electorate who seek independence first and foremost.

  13. Hi WGD You have said the very thing that will make the Bojo’s and his ilk passout regarding Scottish Independence – Hope. Hope means posibilities for a better future for all who decide to reside in an energetic, revitalised, rejuventated, determinedly focused Scotland. You get the jist:) Regards Craig Pandora slammed the lid of the box back down. The last thing remaining inside of the box was hope. Ever since, humans have been able to hold onto this hope in order to survive the wickedness that Pandora had let out. “Pandora’s box” now means anything that is best left untouched, for fear of what might come out of it. Pandora was scared, because she saw all the evil spirits coming out and tried to close the box as fast as possible, closing Hope inside. According to Hesiod Hope indeed stayed inside because that was Zeus’ will; he wanted to let people suffer in order to understand that they should not disobey their gods.

  14. Paul.
    we have had polls and election results which have given us a mandate for indyref2.

    we now have polls which which support our calls for independence.

    it is imperative that these very welcome polls are turned into an electoral result.

    Independence will figure very highly in the next snp manifesto and whether nicola uses a 55% result as means to “face off” bojo or not is irrelevant.

    everyone else will view the next election as a defacto plebiscite on indy.

  15. A “small cloud on the horizon” – as 19th century physicists used to say, is the information in Craig Murrays blog today, which seems to indicate that NicolaSturgeon was centrally implicated in the ‘plot’ to convict Salmond. This can’t just be wished away, but must be faced up to, if true.

    • Och, I vowed that I was just going to nip in, and out without comment.
      There were 1.6 million of us who voted YES in 2014; the latest polls seem to indicate that this will rise to a winning 2 million plus next time, the vast majority of whom are not SNP members, and many of whom do not think that the sun shines out of Nikla’s arse..
      We are not members of the SNP, care little that their NEC is full of feminist save the whale vegan trans gender folk…the stuff of the few hundred who twit and toot on the ethernet, which you trot out here as a major block on the road to Self Determination.
      Four old hacks slurping pasta on camera puts it all in perspective.
      The Old Regime…dying before our very eyes.
      They have mad their millions, and are merely going through the motions, before they retire to their villas in Majorca.
      We are taking our country back. The SNP has a limited shelf life, and will begin to dissemble shortly after Independence day.
      Fergus Ewing and NS are politically worlds apart; but share a common goal.

      The Fourth Division carpetbaggers who sit on the Brit Nat benches will disappear clutching their index linked MSP pensions, and Scotland will evolve into a multi party democratic state, just like any other.

      So give it a rest about Sturgeon KNEW!!! and how this scandal will bring down the Yes Movement when it is laid bare by Coal Scuttle, Loser Murdo Fraser, and the mainstay of Brit Nat Jock Politics, Jackie Baillie.

      This is the level of dross that it still put up to defend their England, and its right to keep Scotland as their imperial colony, unsinkable nuclear submarine base, and cash cow.

      I doubt that the vast majority of Scots give a tuppenny toss about Wark The Hon Smith and Dani Girl…

      They are history..but not in a good way.


      • I have absolutely no objection to the scenario you describe in the first half of your reply, and I sincerely wish to see it just as much as you do. However, there is no point in having, as you seem to do, blind and unquestioning faith in anyone, Nicola Sturgeon included. If we are to win the next referendum we must have leaders who are as far as possible not vulnerable to attack from the Unionist side. The article I referred to is by Craig Murray. He is not an SNP member, but he is a strong supporter of independence. He has also shown himself in his past career to be a person of courage and integrity (so faith not required). I did not claim that this “will bring down the Yes movement”, nor do I want that to happen. If he is pointing out a weakness in the SNP which proves to be true, then we have to do some damage limitation, not close our eyes and hope that it will go away. This sort of knee-jerk “La la la” reaction is not a viable course of action.

    • Sorry,

      but is mr Murray not in enough deep h20 without accusing everybody else of plots? Is he not in a plot to remove the First Minister? I pose this as a question but see how easy it is. Is he implicated with a pretendy reverand? So easy isn’t it.

      You are a underminers. ( no question mark)

      I am one of new 55%

  16. It really hasn’t taken that long to turn the 2014 vote for Independence on it’s head with according to this poll 55% now supporting Independence, maybe even more important is that Yes is at 51% to 42% No with undecided at 7%.

    The reason it may be more important is that it is the undecided who have most recently been moving to Yes having had their eyes opened in recent months with the competence of the Scottish government in comparison with Westminster. So there is potential for the support for yes to continue to increase. Given a no deal Brexit at the end of this year it surely will push more over to our side.

    Got to be happy with the way things are going, well we are, Johnson and Gove aren’t LOL

  17. But the unionists will cry out headed by Dame what her name that we canny dae it and Brexit will save us!

    Chickens lining up just nice or was it dominoes — no not the pizza’s?

    If we work together we will see an Independent Scotland.

    I like the sound of that! ( one for ex labour)

    • Seems like Somers Carroll is the Australian TV production company that this video is a live performance from. Shame they object to it being played in Scotland 🙁

  18. I think being honest, being decent, and being positive is gaining in popularity, as silly as that may sound.
    People are growing tired of the angry, negative, mean and lying politicians and government.
    We have the high ground.
    Steady on.

  19. Boris Johnson urged to concede a referendum to Scotland but Westminster must control the terms,
    The Story in the National

    Well they got away with that the last time and were allowed to control every aspect of our referendum which was really England’s referendum that just happened to be held in Scotland
    FM Nicola Sturgeon won’t fall for that “I don’t want to just hold a referendum, I want to win it” she said

  20. It’s become a full-time job reading just three Scottish blogs and their comments each day – and not much else gets done when I do indulge. This blog is always first port of call, as Paul’s wit and humour always entertains and a smile is always a good start to the day.

    I’m a reluctant independent supporter. I have always considered Scotland an independent country but with membership of two political and economic unions – the UK and EU. Until I reached my 40’s – at the turn of the century – I saw no need to change the status quo. 9/11, Iraq and the Afghanistan changed all that.

    For the first time I could see the UK was part of another ‘union’ – the security & intelligence network – Five Eyes – and Israel. This group directly influence and control the UK’s Foreign Policy.

    In 2004 I was working in Barnet for the NHS and met an intern who worked in the Cabinet Office at the time. I had done an interview with the Today Programme that morning about NHS waiting lists with Stephen Ladyman and was looking forward to a good night – but what she told me that evening changed my outlook forever.

    I had done a review of clinical services for Gordon Brown two years previously. The next morning I wrote and told him (amongst many other things) that I would no longer pay any UK tax – personal or business – as that would be contrary to the recently introduced emergency legislation that prohibited the financial support of any terrorist organisation. I haven’t paid a penny in tax since, not least because eight months after that particular evening, my dearest friend committed suicide.

    Our problem – and I include myself here – is that we are extremely naive. Politics – as we know it at Westminster and Holyrood – is completely irrelevant. It is Power that matters. It’s not just a different league – it’s a completely different game with its own rules, terminology, aims and objectives. As the British Establishment provides the framework for that entity – the off-shore secretive banking network – changing the political order in the UK by dissolving the Union is a much greater threat to the City and Empire than anything else.

    There’s anger at the lies and deceit from the Unionists, but it’s is nothing to what might have happened had the 2014 vote gone the other way. This is no gracious and benevolent opponent. Queensbury Rules or any others don’t apply when power is under threat. What ‘accident’ might have been engineered in Scotland to avert the problem? We’re not in the land of legal jiggery-pokery either…

    It wouldn’t have happened, even with a Brexit vote two years later. Westminster and the Bank of England can create as much money as they like, for whatever ‘project’ or policy – public or undisclosed spending. How else do you think Britain can afford such grandiosity on the world stage when we are no more than a minor country with a service/consumer based economy?

    We are the lair at the centre of the web where the spider lays its prey.

    Scottish independence and dissolution of Union would take a broom to that web and many others – particularly if it could use the same powers of money creation for good purpose. That was the greatest threat. The SNP were never going to gain membership to that club, unless, of course, they pledged to play by the same rules – and that would be unthinkable. Wouldn’t it?

    But, peccavi, peccabo – I no longer think any of it matters. Coronavirus was never going to become an extinction threat on its own, but our response to the contagion and inability to see the charging elephant in the room, will undoubtably lead to our demise within the next few decades. It is a sobering thought that children born today will never experience what we call “old age’. We are shortly to become an irrelevance in the grandest scheme of things – and we have only ourselves to blame.

    I sincerely hope this blog keeps going for a while – we’re all going to need some humour and a smile in the months ahead. Somehow, I don’t think we’ll be discussing independence though – unless its’ a “what if” topic.

    Isn’t life funny though? We have a minuscule entity wreaking havoc throughout the world and killing many of us – yet we’ve done the same. Our pollution in the oceans is killing much marine life, but critically, increasing acidification is destroying autotrophic phtyoplankton at an alarming rate. These minuscule creatures produce over half of the earth’s oxygen – and were responsible for the Great Oxygenation Event 2,000 million years ago, which transformed the planet’s atmosphere from a methane/ammonium environment – to the one we have now.

    Regrettably, by the end of the century, we will have reversed the process. Most children born today, who survive until their later years, will die from suffocation. That is the legacy we will have left them.

    Scotland – and many other countries, will have to adapt. Population movement and control will be critical to prevent the secondary effects of coronavirus spreading north, but independence I suspect will become an abstract notion – sooner rather than later. I think Hunter S Thompson said it better than anyone. To paraphrase:

    “And that, I think, was the handle—that sense of inevitable victory over the forces of Old and Evil. Not in any mean or military sense; we didn’t need that. Our energy would simply prevail. There was no point in fighting—on our side or theirs. We had all the momentum; we were riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave. . . .

    So now, less than six years later, you can go up to the top of the Devil’s Beef Tub and look South, and with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high-water mark—that place where the wave finally broke and rolled back.”

    But there was aye a smile. Thanks Paul. Good luck everyone.

  21. Great news and thanks for the (another) inspirational article, Paul. Pull together folks and we’ll get out of this madhouse. That’s all we have to do now 😀.

    Meanwhile dearie me!

    ..”That would leave England, with a truculent Wales in tow, reduced to its 17th-century borders, a rump state off the north-west European continent, surrounded by the EU. What sort of country would that be? That is perhaps the biggest question of them all and one worth asking before indifference south of the border becomes the handmaiden to nationalist seduction to its north.”..



    And for those on here who have brought up the currency issue this is the latest on that subject from Richard Murphy.

    ‘Will Scotland need its own currency when it’s independent?’


    • We know that Nicola Sturgeon is meticulous and diligent so the name or type of currency is not something I particularly worry about and no country could change overnight from one to another anyway, when the EU changed to the Euro it took quite a long time for that to bed in, and even after some years Spain had an amnesty for folk to bring in their Pesetas to the banks to be changed over

      Remember when decimalisation happened in 1971 and all the coinage was worth something different, we got ripped off over that but folk got used to it after a while and nobody even thinks about it anymore, well except for me I still moan about a bar of chocolate costing all sorts that used to be a tanner, 6d then they made it five pence which was a bloody shilling

      I fully expect the British to come up with all this nonsense again but I also fully expect Scotland will not fall for the scary money stories like last time, in fact I don’t think Scotland will fall for anything the British say anymore, it’s gone too far for that now

  22. I received a little leaflet stating that as the law has changed in Scotland foreign citizens can now register to vote.

    It states that as a foreign citizen aged 16 or over by registering to vote you can now take part in Scottish elections.

    To register to vote check out the following link.



    ‘Scottish Government Permanent Secretary reported to head of civil service over refusal to answer question in Salmond inquiry.’

    ..”Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross has written to Sir Mark Sedwill, suggesting that Evans may have broken the civil service code in refusing to answer a question when giving evidence to the Committee on the Scottish Government Handling of Harassment Complaints.”..


  23. ‘Stonehaven rail crash deaths come after years of drastic maintenance cuts by Tory Government.’



    ‘LATEST: Scotland’s Test and Protect teams contact trace 99.7%!’

    ..”Also, sources have told us that the Scottish system always involves a personal call from a trained professional, not just a text as in England, telling you to self-isolate, taking questions from sometimes anxious people and advising them on how to do it. One source described this as ‘personal and more effective.’’..


  24. The BBC has just pulled the Alex Salmond Trial from iPlayer and Ms Wark has deleted all tweets promoting the programme.

    Does anyone have a downloaded copy or a link to another captured video? Not terribly surprised – and hoist by her own petard comes to mind. This was Wark’s ‘Prince Andrew’ moment. She was the casualty of her own contempt.

    • I have a downloaded copy. Not sure how to get it to you though. It’s far too big to email. Check the comments on yesterday’s blog piece about the documentary. Welsh Sion posted a link to a Youtube version of the documentary. I believe it’s still online.

    • Intrigued by that news Mark, both the BBC and Wark running for cover due either to the ferocity of public outrage or legal threat, you might think they had taken advice on both before screening it, strange days….
      The link WS posted which Paul mentioned is still working…

      • Petra,

        You taught me how to archive – permit me to return the compliment on youtube pieces.

        1 Go to YouTube
        2 Select the video you want
        3 All videos have unique You Tube URLs. This will show up in your search bar at the top of the page
        4 Copy the URL (Ctrl + A, together) in your search followed by Ctrl + C.(together)
        5 The URL of the video should now be highlighted
        6 Take the URL address you’ve copied and put your cursor in your message
        7 Hold Ctrl + V together to paste in the URL into your message

        Hope this helps – otherwise ‘my’ You Tube capture is upstream in this thread.

      • I just think it’s deplorable, Bob. This is media manipulation of the worst kind – the only saving grace is that Wark’s hatred and hostility cannot be hidden. It is utterly biased. I didn’t watch the live programme to the end, but just finished it on Sion’s link.

        I really can’t imagine all the third parties shown in the ‘documentary’ would have consented to the broadcast. Some, particularly Sillars and Mackaskill, were just stupid – and should have kept their own counsel, especially the former. This was no more than a dramatisation of a personal vendetta – one that was exercised without impunity or respect for Scottish Justice.

        I would expect contempt proceedings to be instigated against the programme makers and BBC in the circumstances, particularly in light of other proceedings.

  25. Does that include the Scottish Tories, lol?

    Jenny Gilruth:- ”The @ScotParl has agreed to call on the UK Government to withdraw its proposals for a UK internal market, which would be detrimental to businesses, consumers and citizens and are incompatible with devolution and the democratic accountability of the Scottish Parliament.” https://mobile.twitter.com/ScotGovEurope/status/1295763806916837376/photo/1


    Check out Ann’s links on the Indyref2 site.


  26. This Just in don’t know how reliable this is because it was Twitter possible pinch of salt

    The Crown office have contacted Kirsty Wark and the BBC over possible contempt of court

  27. Well done and hopes for your escape from Nazi England comes very soon. Keep up the great reads and a pat on the head for the Wee Ginger lad, bless his heart.Cheers for now,  Gordon Rowley..

  28. Reading the comments above my first thoughts were Ground hog day and deja vu all rolled up into to one endless repetitive cycle.

    Most people who have joined the party late in the day will see the joy of actually moving forward ,others have seen it all before and are pretty weary and wary of False Dawns been there ,seen it ,done it ,

    Time will Tell apart from a few percent points forward nothing earth shattering has actually happened forgive my lack of enthusiasm but 6 years is a long time to keep the fixed smile and the thrilling sense of a new Dawn Just round the corner.

    A great boost would be strong decisive leadership to keep the good ship independence from descending into Mutiny and petty squabbling between friends

    • I don’t think 55% support has ever been seen before even by the “old hands”. To overturn a 10% lead for No into a 10% lead for Yes before we have a referendum might not be earth shattering right enough but is bound to shake things up a bit and panic the Unionists a bit more LOL

      Best thing we could do now is to INCREASE that support by encouraging those closest to us that still might not be sure or even openly oppose Independence to come over to our side. Makes sense to strike while the iron is hot and that’s what I’ll be doing.

      “Get in there with the head down” as my old man used to say sounds like good advice right now.

    • They even got that wrong. In England the most northern city is Berwick upon Tweed.
      During my working life I spent a lot of time in England and this confusion between England, UK and Britain is very real and common. If you bother to correct the error they often look at you as weird.

  29. When you get Michael Gove George Galloway and Andrew Neil teaming up to try to change the voting franchise of Indyref 2 on behalf of the English government, you know you’ve won the argument

  30. This is the most competent government ever at two things, sleeze and corruption. Time for a fresh start in an Independent scotland.

    Firm linked to Gove and Cummings hired to work with Ofqual on A-levels

    A company run by long–term associates of Michael Gove and Dominic Cummings has been working behind the scenes with the exams agency Ofqual on its disastrous strategy for determining A-level results, the Guardian can reveal.

    Public First, a policy and research firm owned by James Frayne and Rachel Wolf, who both formerly worked for Gove, has been involved on the project with Ofqual since June after being granted a contract that was not put out to competitive tender…

    Wolf, who co-wrote the Conservative party’s 2019 election manifesto, owns Public First with Frayne, whose work alongside Cummings – the prime minister’s senior adviser – dates back to Eurosceptic campaigning 20 years ago. In 2011 Frayne was appointed the Department for Education’s director of communications when Gove was education secretary and Cummings was his chief political adviser.


    Something is rotten in the state of No 10.

  31. Well I watched that documentary The Trial of Alex Salmond. I used the You Tube link that WS posted further back in the comments.
    What did I think. Well firstly I should point out I watch loads of documentaries particularly political ones and this is the worst I have ever seen. Not purely on grounds of bias and it was super biased against Alex Salmond but I found Kirsty Warks speech delivery in this to be exceedingly patronising and not all like the way she speaks on Newsnight. The scene with Kirsty and her journo mates having a meal and debating the trial was just weird. Wark clearly thought he would be found guilty and the look on her face outside the court after he was acquitted was priceless she was clearly not pleased.
    I found the implication by Wark that the jury got it wrong particularly disturbing. He was tried by a jury of his peers, a majority of whom were women and he was totally acquitted-end of.
    I also found the parts that this was a conspiracy against Alex brought about by the current First Minister particularly galling and unbelievable. The programme clearly highlighted that Kenny McAskill and Jim Sillars are even bigger tubes than I had thought they were and so are certain other bloggers if they believe it was all a conspiracy created by NS to get Alex. The programme states that Alex declined to take part in the programme-no wonder if he had anything he said would have been edited to make him look and sound worse. Complaints were made re Alex I don’t think NS had any choice but to let things play out nor did the police. I like Alex Salmond all the trial and this programme showed is that he could act like an idiot at times. From a journalistic point of view Kirsty Wark should hang her head in shame re this programme it is truely awful.
    After watching it via YouTube I checked IPlayer the programme is still there.Now I only watched the first couple of minutes there so don’t know if anythng has been cut since original broadcast. There is no way I could sit and rewatch this whole thing a second time.

    • Nice summary of the rubbish masquerading as a “documentary”. I felt exactly the same as you after watching it. I’m pretty sure that any unbiased person watching would have found themselves questioning the motives behind this program as Wark’s bias was so blatant.

      Hell mend them and may they continue to make such blunders in trying to con the public with their poisonous narrative that can only serve to open the eyes of those that are not yet paying attention to this British state propaganda and attempt at manipulating their opinions.

      Is there anyone who listened or has read a report on the Garivelli Radio 4 program? Thought that it might be good for a laugh but couldn’t force myself to tune in.

  32. Isn’t it strange how the anti Salmonds are desperate to have him condemned because of what they insist they know think and want us to believe, and the anti Sturgeons want her condemned because of what they insist they know think and want us to believe

    Seems there’s no difference between the outrage and righteousness of both sets of condemners, except to insist that they’re different, really?

  33. Have you had you full of Tory sleaze and corruption for today? I’m sorry if you have but here is some more.

    Consultancy firm McKinsey was paid more than half a million pounds for six weeks of work to determine the “vision, purpose and narrative” of a new public health body in England, newly published contracts have revealed.

    The contract shows that McKinsey was enlisted by the Department of Health and Social Care in May to prepare options for a new health authority that would run the country’s test-and-trace coronavirus system, according to Civil Service World magazine.

    Dido Harding, who launched the test-and-trace programme in England, formerly worked as a consultant at McKinsey. She has been appointed to run the new National Institute for Health Protection, it emerged this week.

    McKinsey, a US-based consultancy, was hired for £563,400 to submit a document outline the “mission and vision” of the proposed new organisation by the end of June. That amounts to £19,000 per day, at the peak of the pandemic.


    Jobs for the boys, six weeks work at £19,000/day for a single document that is no doubt totally irrelevant unless you care about government spin. This is what the Tories are wasting Scotland’s money and resources on. Are you angry yet?

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