Is Facebook blocking pro-indy sites?

Anyone who is a regular follower of this blog knows that I have little time for conspiracy theories. They also know that I have continually strived to ensure that this blog is free from hate speech, misinformation, and abuse. However Facebook in their wisdom have decided that this blog breaches their community standards and have ceased to allow links to this blog to be shared on their platform. They have given me no reason for this. There has been no communication from Facebook to inform me which of their community standards they believe this site has breached. And of course complaining about their decision is labyrinthine and confusing.

I was eventually able to share links to this blog on my own Facebook page and those pages which have kindly allowed me posting rights, however the preview feature no longer works and I am told that other Facebook users cannot share the links. This has a serious impact on the reach that this blog can have on the Facebook platform.

It would be bad enough if this blog was the only pro-independence site which was affected, however today or within the past few days a number of Scottish pro-indy blogs have started to be blocked by Facebook. As well as WeeGingerDug, Peter Bell’s site has also been blocked, as have Prof John Robertson’s Talking Up Scotland, Iain Lawson’s Yours For Scotland, and Jason McCann’s Random Public Journal have all likewise been blocked by Facebook. What all of these sites have in common is that they use the WordPress platform.

My first thought was perhaps someone in Facebook has decided for reasons of their own that Facebook will no longer allow links to WordPress sites or that there was some software glitch or other. However I contacted WordPress support for advice and WordPress have told me that as far as they know all other WordPress sites are working normally and still being shared on Facebook.

As I said, I have little time for conspiracy theories. However I have heard today that several other pro-independence bloggers and online activists have recently started to experience issues sharing their content on Facebook. Not all of these use the WordPress platform. Just as Scotland starts to have a consistent majority for independence, one of the largest social media platforms has started to block pro-independence content. It smells pretty bad.

I have of course contacted Facebook to request an explanation. They have so far not got back to me. I cannot think of anything in this blog which contravenes Facebook’s community standards. I do not know whether this issue is because some other party has complained to them, or because Facebook has decided to take action of its own accord, or whether there is some innocent explanation. It may be that this is a temporary problem which will shortly resolve itself. It may be something more sinister. I genuinely don’t know. However I have little confidence that Facebook will give a satisfactory explanation.

If I get any information or an explanation from Facebook, I’ll let you know.

I am about to try and share this post on Facebook.  If it is accepted and can be shared, then there’s no problem.  If not …

UPDATE 8.48pm : I have just posted a test page to Facebook and it uploaded and displayed normally.  Hopefully the problem earlier was just a software glitch and it has now resolved itself.

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93 thoughts on “Is Facebook blocking pro-indy sites?

  1. Gordon Ross is also having big problems with Facebook. He has had to set up a new page at least 3 times so far. He says that they seem to block him when he reaches 250,000 followers.

    • I think that sort figure is used to describe ‘Traction’, and with so many crazies out there trying to grab audiences for their pet theories, perhaps smart and sensible discussion gets caught up in the numbers algorithm…But it does stink!

  2. I run the indyshop fb group and website. I am just back on fb from a 2 week exclusion. There was absolutely no communication from fb as to the reason why.
    I lost all my friends and my posts were deleted (still are). I had to create a new identity as my old one is still deleted.
    From what I’ve read online you have no recourse against fb so don’t expect any explanations from them.
    I, like you, believe there is something more sinister happening with indy supporters accounts as I believe we are not the only people losing our accounts.

  3. Tried again to post this blog but it was blocked, complained for the second time today! I shall copy and paste the text of this instead! Hope you get to the bottom of this as it is a totally outrageous and deeply worrying turn of events. We need one of our “high head yins“ to take this on board and complain to Facebook.

  4. I can’t post a link on FB to this article but have copied the text and posted that to ensure it is shared

  5. ”It would be bad enough if this blog was the only pro-independence site which was affected, however today or within the past few days a number of Scottish pro-indy blogs have started to be blocked by Facebook.”

    What about other pro-Indy sites such as WoS and Craig Murray’s? Does anyone know if they’ve been blocked?

  6. I just tried to share your Goalposts blog, and was blocked. So I cut and pasted your post into my page (with attribution – and a rant – of course). This is not on. grrr.

  7. Can’t share your posts but my own WordPress blog hasn’t been affected. I guess I’m not as much of a threat! Yet.

    Maybe tweet or email the Lib Dem bloke whose worn holes in the knees of all his trousers. Can’t remember his name….

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  9. If true shows what could happen leading up to our next referendum particularly if we are still ahead. Plug could be pulled.

  10. They dont even block racist posts by that moron Trump so why on earth would they block this blog. I have never seen anything on here that breaches Facebook rules.If this is legitimate and not just a Facebook screw up then I will be leaving Facebook and I am sure loads of others here will do that do

  11. I shared the web link but no preview, tested fine with other sites so somebody’s playing silly buggers quite specifically with Indy sites….
    This I’ve seen happen before randomly but not on this scale and not so specific… It can’t be the FB platform but somebody is exploiting a loophole.

  12. I was able to copy and paste the URL as a comment to someone else who said they couldn’t post and the link worked fine. There was no preview but I seem to get that a lot with links I post.

  13. Well, looks like MI5/6 have been in touch with Facebook. I know this may sound like a conspiracy theory, but things don’t just happen for no reason. Westminster is in panic mode with regard to the polls. And if you think the ‘MI’s are just playing whack-a-mole with the Russians and Chinese, then you would be attributing a serious lack of attention to them.

    I imagine the only answer is to keep trying for concrete explanations from Facebook and Twitter. Keep it up guys.

  14. Now back up complete with preview when I paste(didn’t send), went to check the send from 37 minutes ago, still no preview…

  15. I posted this on the last blog but it may be more appropriate on here.


    I wonder if Gove has been on the blower to Nick Clegg about the pro-Indy sites? With Clegg hired as a lobbyist and public relations officer in his role as Vice-President, Global Affairs and Communications at Facebook.

    ”Michael Gove has held private talks with senior figures from across the political spectrum in an attempt to find a way to save the Union in the face of rising support for independence.

    Discussions have taken place with a wide range of notable names including Lord McConnell of Glenscorrodale, the former Scottish Labour first minister, and Danny Alexander, the former Liberal Democrat chief secretary to the Treasury. George Galloway, the socialist firebrand who is planning to run for Holyrood, has also been sounded out. It is understood that Mr Gove has contacted a range of unionist politicians over the past six months after being given greater control over Westminster’s strategy for keeping the UK together.”..

    • For ‘..after being given greater control over Westminster’s strategy for’ “keeping the UK together” read “stopping the Scots from leaving”.
      This is going to be fun….

  16. Facebook has changed their user interface to something new, and are now withdrawing the old one. Users will have to use that from now on. It’s possible but unlikely it’s related to that.

  17. If this is what they are getting up to now, blocking pro-indy sites, they are fair pooing themselves and it won’t work. If anything they’re just going to enrage even more Scots to the point of us seeing support for independence rising even higher in the polls.

    Check out the 3 videos on this site to see how a majority of sovereign Scots have the upper hand.

  18. I do not think this is just some form of software issue, or that it’s coincidence. But then I DO believe that the WM government WOULD conspire to prevent an Independent Scotland. These issues and the behavior of COPFS over Craig Murray and Mark Hirst shout out that the Black Ops book is open.

    Time for a rethink?

  19. I’ve not had a problem posting links on Facebook.
    I always use the Facebook website, do not have the Facebook app installed and copy/paste the url rather than use the share buttons.

  20. Remember that a past LibDem leader works for Facebook now, he won’t be a friend of Scottish Independence. Iain

    Sent from my iPhone


  21. O/T

    Worth a read.

    Tommy Sheridan:- ”Time to Go Scotland – Six Successive Opinion Polls Back Independence.’

    ..”This year’s event will take place on Saturday 19th September from 1pm and will comply with all the health and safety advice and social distancing restrictions. The usual communal dancing, singing, and hugging may be postponed but the gathering will go ahead with stirring speeches and live musical performances. One of the keynote speakers will be long serving SNP MP and champion of the independence cause Angus MacNeil. The National Columnist Paul Kavanagh, the Wee Ginger Dug, and prolific independence blogger Peter Bell will also speak alongside others from the Indy grassroots movement.”..–six-successive-opinion-polls-back-independence/?__twitter_impression=true


    Grouse Beater:- ”BBC confirms it pulled ‘The [Re]Trial of Alex Salmond’ from it’s iPlayer service to carry out a *‘small change’* – probably to remove ‘jigsaw’ identification of a complainant.

    Folk spotted the vanishing act, the shoddy show taken out of streaming service.”

  22. You and the sixteen Cointelpro undercover agents.

    > As I said, I have little time for conspiracy theories.

    If you’ve been paying attention since 2001 and 9/11 in the US, your mind should be on permanent suspicion of everybody, except yourself, and sometimes you wonder about yourself. But, hey, that’s just me.

    Personal harassment included being ‘befriended’ by decidedly odd USans, videoed in public places and most memorably being followed by a bare-chested and tattooed thug, on a bicycle, in January, in California. Twice. On the plus side, I did get to speak to both Daniel Ellsberg and Peter Dale Scott.

    Perhaps someone didn’t like my daily references to the ‘US Neocon Nazi Nonce Empire’, or to UK prime ministers ‘You say I’m a US Empire whore like it’s a bad thing’. Or maybe someone didn’t like the Vice president being referred to as Our Dear Leader ‘Biggus Dickus’, of Wome on the Potomac. That, or seven years spent bayonetting US Empire shills nightly in the comment section of Information Clearing House.

    In the US, citizens have a written constitution and a Supreme Court that sometimes enforces it. At least until packed with Reichwing nutters (under Bush and Dump, ER, Trump). They have _far_ greater rights to protest and to free speech than in the UK, with it’s laughably Ruritanian unwritten constitution and it’s Grand Fenwick Duke and Duchess. There is _no_ oversight of the illegalities that MI5 and MI6 visit on protesters.

    Those of us old enough to remember the sixties, which happened in the UK in the seventies, remember the US Cointelpro effort that illegally infiltrated the US anti-war movement. At any anti-war meeting it was you and sixteen Cointelpro undercover agents. They would persuade the most gullible muppet to break the law and then their head would then be conveniently broken by the local rozzers.

    Peculiarly enough, or not, the same thing returned in the US under Generalissimo Cheney. Aka Our Dear Leader ‘Biggus Dickus’.

    One amusing fake anti-war rat boasted of leading the idiot protesters to ‘occupy’ the Oakland freeway in California – a) it’s stupid, b) it’s pointless and c) it can be suicidal. All of which help the Cointelpro side. None of which help the protest cause.

    We’ve seen this most recently in Seattle when a numbskull was motivated (with, or without, encouragement?) to drive through the opposing muppets, led onto a freeway by their (undercover?) protest leaders, with unfortunate results for the muppets.

    So remember, at demos, it may be a bunch of random protesters, you, and sixteen Cointelpro undercover agents. The smart ones of whom will be wondering who the undercover agents are.

    In the UK you have similar infiltration going on. Remember the police impregnating female activists for fluffy environmentalist movements, with complete impunity for what has to be state-sanctioned rape. What more will they do to a solid determined independence movement? Start by looking at, ER, Kenya, Malaya, Aden, Cyrpus, Northern Ireland and most recently Bahrain ! ??

    Also, you might find Lobster UK parapolitics magazine interesting on a) how MI5 infiltrated the one man publishing effort that is Lobster. Try duckduckgo if Google doesn’t help. Funny how that works, eh!

    See ‘Denounced by a former IRD head’ –

    b) it was very good on British army whistleblowers a long time ago. Most recently it is _wholly_unreliable_, when it gave the self-announced daughter of an MI6 Iraqi source space in which to praise… the present head of MI6. How stupid do they think we are? Wait. Don’t answer that ! ; )

    c) they’re very good with information by Peter Dale Scott who, after Noam Chomsky, is very good at enlightening USUK benighted muppets bamboozled by the Muppet Stream Media (and not by accident), about what their governments really get up to.

    d) they’re also extraordinarily interesting pointing out the difference between ‘conspiracies’, aka politics as usual, versus ‘conspiracy theories’, aka ‘tin foil hat’ stuff, that is routinely used to discourage investigation of ‘conspiracies’. Smart !? ER, No. Just irritating. Somewhere he says, after Kennedy was shot we asked someone we knew in MI6 who did it. ‘Al-CIA-duh’, was the reply. No change there, then !!

    See Robin Ramsay ‘Conspiracy Theories’

    • The UK has a fascinating resource for those interested in hidden or generally unknown information – John Simkin’s Spartacus Educational. It reads as if put together by schoolboys training for MI6.

      Cointelpro, Operation Mockingbird, JFK and lots more at Spartacus Educational.

      Peter Dale Scott is very good after Chomsky, documenting in many books the CIA’s drug operations during the Vietnam war, the Iran Contra affair, and the US Empire’s War of Terror after 9/11.

      See Current Publications –

      OR his Politics page via Wayback – try different dates for complete enormous number of posts –

      Noam Chomsky can provide some information on what the US government is up to. But he pulls his punches. At one anti-war meeting he memorably said that he thought that Vice president Richard Cheney was ‘a patriot’. As opposed to a murdering psychopath war criminal who deserves his own Nuremberg trial, and the rope, asap.

  23. O/T

    ”Well well. Alliance4Unity Jamie Blackett says they are a registered Party and he copied in the Electoral Commission. Unfortunately for him the Electoral Commission saw his tweet and responded linking to all registered Parties. Guess what! they aren’t listed as a Political Party.


    If you are unsure about voting for one of the new Indy list parties check out the following article, especially if you are too ”lazy” to work it out for yourself. Let someone else do the thinking for you, sheeples, even if they are inclined to change their mind.

    ”It’s not this site’s business to tell anyone how to vote (really?). What these numbers strongly suggest, though, is that tactical voting – of any sort and for anyone’s benefit – in an AMS election is a mug’s game. You should vote for the party or parties that you most want to see form the government, rather than trying to second-guess the system. Because if you try, chances are it’ll make a chump out of you.

    Oh and note that there’s an article at the word ”chump” and subsequent articles on the same subject: Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five. If you’ve got the time and inclination, aren’t too lazy or stupid, you could read them too and compare and contrast with more recent articles that now actually promote playing along with the ”mug’s game.”

      • I am naughty grizbard and said to have a sick sense of humour 😀 which I doubt you actually see on here where I come across as being so serious. I’m well known, by my colleagues, for being a whistle-blower and to have an iron hand in a velvet glove when it comes to dealing with authoritative erses. More than anything I can’t stand seeing people suffering and those that could help them being manipulated by egotistical individuals who don’t give one whit for the betterment of Scotland and the Scots. Once again it’s just a case of follow the money.

  24. I think it must be a software issue, Facebook insights has stated that your blog was shared 25 times successfully. I’ve been on Facebook for 10 years with no problem, yet I hear a few people complaining of being blocked on a regular basis, then for no reason being switched on. I admin on the Spider principles and scot2,scot we have not experienced any such problems. Keep on barking we need you.

  25. It seems that your blog is now posting. I tried earlier to post Shifting Goalposts but got the URL message. It has now been reposted to Facebook normally. First turn of the screw?

  26. Paul, we should – all of us independence bloggers and presenters- write en masses, to Nick Clegg, former deputy Prime Minister and loathsome unionist, who is of course the “Head of Digital Media” at Facebook.

  27. No problem here. I just linked your article about being blocked by Facebook. I like the irony if this.

    It is still not scraping the preview of Peter Bell’s UR, but it is no longer saying it breaches community standards.

  28. Isn’t one of the heads of Facebook in the UK an erstwhile labour politician???

    This may be leverage that’s being used.


    • It’s Nick Clegg, the former Lib Dem leader.

      However whatever was causing the issue seems to be fixed now. I posted a test page and it was shared to Facebook without any problems.

      • Looks to me like another case of Facebook algorithm gone nuts.
        Facebook for me is the worst software/platform ever invented !!!

  29. Sorry, it’s Nick Clegg, recent enough polititan to be leaned upon.

    “Nick Clegg: Vice President of Global Affairs & Communications, Facebook”

  30. Think I’ve managed to post this on FB ok. Rgds JR

    Get Outlook for Android


  31. ‘Hello Cheltenham!’ –

    “The UK controls the media – as part of Cold War doctrine – and now particularly the new cyber-media.”

    “Questioner said that departments of the UK government controlled cyber media, as they had previously controlled the Muppet Stream Media (MSM) as a Cold War tactic.

    “He also said –

    “1. This talk – video and audio – will be in Cheltenham this afternoon and sections will forwarded to other government agencies by tomorrow.

    “2. News in the UK was completely managed as a Cold war strategy. And is now too.

    “3. As was Anti-colonialism managed by the UK media for 200 years.

    “4. Q. What should be the reaction of Scottish Independence campaigners to these facts?

    “To which Mike Small of BellaCaledonia replied ‘Hello Cheltenham!’ to laughter from the crowd. And ‘carry on doing what we’re doing’.
    The single most interesting speaker ever seen – the man describing how the UK media is controlled ! At the Radical Independence conference of 2016 in ‘Hello Cheltenham! British State Surveillance of Activism’ on Youtube.

    Shocked, shocked! to find gambling going on! –

    Found via comment by Gavin Taylor 6th October 2016 @ 3.22pm to the article New Media Futures by John O’Dowd, 5th October 2016, at BellaCaledonia –

    • MORE

      See comment ‘Hello Cheltenham’ at ‘Trump as a spasm of self-harm’, 9th November 2016 at BellaCaledonia –

      @39:56 “I’d like to spy on them!”
      @44:20 Reach and Authority of alternative media.
      @44:58 Tools for privacy. Organize openly but we have a right to privacy. Riseup. Signal.
      @46:30 How well Ralph Milliband understood Labour and how well he understood parliament. It doesn’t say much for his parenting skills… And I guess that the question is, if someone like Ralph Milliband produced the Milliband brothers what was it about the British establishment was it that produced them. .
      @47:20 New media. Reach and Authority. Adam Ramsay. We’ve got endless authority.
      @47:56 Adam Ramsay – The Canary. They’ve got huge Reach but frankly I don’t trust them. When I do fact check them they’re generally not true. They’re talking bollocks.

      – ‘The Axis of Corruption: Westminster, The City and the Media Establishment #RIC2016 – Youtube

  32. I think there maybe proplems with WordPress. as a football blog I go onto was having huge issues and moved to a new provider.

  33. facebook has a new look, which it is imposing on us from September, but there are an enormous number of bugs, many we’ve reported with screen shots. Yesterday morning, 21st, between 3am and 5am we tried everything to post a link from our WordPress site and gave up. At 11:30am managed to get it posted, but after three shares to other pages it lost its share button and lost the links to those shares. It was a very popular post, from the amount of reactions and comments, but it couldn’t be shared until late this evening. There are dozens of irritating bugs without fixes just now, but this latest was a real show stopper. No conspiracy, its just as usual a cock-up. If this gets worse facebook is going to be FUBAR !!!

  34. Sky news announces that the R number in the UK is 1.1 and cases are averaging 80 per 100.000
    and now for the funny bit, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland are lower, they say

    Kinda confirms the belief that south of the border they think the country of England is in a Union with itself or maybe UK is England’s new name

  35. …”I have little time for conspiracy theories”…

    Is to ignore your own history.
    – Iraq WMD
    – Cambridge Analytica
    – Guildford Four / Maguire Seven / Birmingham Six /…

    Heck even shenanigans around the Act of Union has all the hallmarks and Scots have been fighting that for 300 years.

    • Labelling something a conspiracy theory is an attempt to diminish an argument without having to put up any logical thinking.

  36. Paul, I suspect this is might be some collateral damage from the rollout of the new (and even more shite) Facebook user interface bits, which have been, and still are, pretty buggy.

  37. I was blocked from twitter for supporting the method used by the Russians to deal with their royal family during the revolution, and said if the same happened to the English royal family, I would not shed a tear.
    Some wanker (I think it was Gary Robertson at BBC Scotland) complained and i was banned.

  38. I was able to post a link (with preview) to my private Facebook group just a couple of minutes ago – thank goodness!!

  39. re keatings crowd fund. as he nears to his £155k goal, one outcome which hasnt had much publicity is if the courts announce, “none of our business” “next case”

    money well spent huh ?

  40. No problem here. Posted both to my page, and to This is Scotland and we’re not being quiet, without any issues.
    Hopefully just a glitch of some sort.
    Otherwise freedom of speech is being tampered with by unknown (unionist) sources.

  41. This article posted fine to Facebook. However Peter A Bell is still blocked. Perhaps you ought to write to him advising of how you overcame the problem.

  42. Look up Shadow Banning. It’s a form of censorship in which the censored doesn’t know they are being censored, but their reach is diminished.

    WordPress is becoming particularly hardhit by this . I run an apolitical blog and yet it is “deprioritised” in Google searches.

    I think it is fairly obvious why this is happening. About ten or fifteen years ago, blogs took off and provided a democratic platform for many people. Elites and mainstream outlets felt their position was being threatened so they created fake news scares and instituted so called fact checkers (gate keepers).

    Never consider Facebook and Google your friends. There is a reason why companies like that pay such low taxes

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