The four horsemen of the Crappy Brits


Part time Prime Minister and full time skiver Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson has cut short his break in Scotland after his location was discovered. It was touted in advance that he was going to be spending his holiday amongst us restless Caledonian natives so that we’d feel a little bit better about this whole “The UK, it’s a bit rubbish isn’t it” thing that that Tories have delivered bedecked with more union flags than an orange parade. However love for all things Britnattery has sunk so low in Scotland these days, thanks largely to the Conservatives, that the best thing that Johnson could think of in order to endear himself to us was to hide away in a remote location where no one could see him. So just like all his previous visits to Scotland then.

The press, even the normally craven Conservative press, had been full of complaints that the Prime Minister was missing in action, again. Johnson decided that the perfect time for him to bugger off was when the UK is in crisis, the coronavirus hasn’t gone away, the economy is tanking, Scotland is increasingly turning to support for independence, and the clock is ticking on Brexit negotiations that aren’t going anywhere fast. For their part Downing Street sources have retorted that it’s unfair to say that the Prime Minister has been avoiding doing his job. While he was away on holiday amidst the dramatic scenery on the wild and craggy shores of the Applecross peninsula he was doing exactly what he would have been doing in Downing Street, drinking wine and sitting twiddling his thumbs as he stared at a cliff edge.

The Tories are blaming the SNP for revealing the location of Johnson’s hideaway to the press. Revealing his location meant that his holiday cottage was at risk of being mobbed by Scottish nationalists, they say. Some Conservatives are blaming the SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford – “because he’s local”. Applecross, Skye, it’s all the same thing really isn’t it. But who knew that the SNP had such a close and friendly relation with that bastion of press support for Scottish independence [checks notes] the Daily Mail. If the SNP really was going to leak the location of Johnson’s holiday cottage, they’d have leaked it to The National.

Johnson is reportedly livid that his holiday has been interrupted. Revealing its location meant that he was vulnerable to a sniper, sniffed the Sun. Ah yes, that infamous Applecross Snipers’ Association, bagging Tories instead of Munroes as they stalk the Gove moors. Maybe Johnson would do a bit better if he realised that people really don’t care where he’s been. They care that he’s got as much interest in doing his job as he does in admitting how many children he’s got.

According to the Tories the real story here isn’t that we have a Prime Minister who isn’t doing his job, it’s that some people had the nerve to complain about it. Of course it had nothing to do with the SNP that Johnson’s location was discovered, it was entirely his own decision to go and spend his holidays in an area where there’s majority support for independence and expect that the locals would simply tug their forelocks and defer to him. Instead one of those locals was irked enough to tip off the press. That’s how we really bag Tories these days.

The Tories are very clearly at a loss about what to do in order to counter the rising support for independence. This week’s opinion poll which put support for independence at 55% has only deepened their sense of panic. There was a report in the press that Michael Gove had embarked upon some meetings with, ahem ‘senior politicians’ from other parties to cobble together a joint plan to prevent independence. He met with Jack McConnell, George Galloway, and Danny Alexander – who remarkably is still a thing. Gove, McConnell, Galloway, and Alexander, the four horsemen of the Crappy Brits. There have been reports of late that Gove is considered the most likely candidate to head up any Better Together The Sequel. It will be just like the first one only with a less credible plot. Although at least next time it will be even more of a joke.

The independence movement in Scotland and our determination that Scotland has an absolute right to another independence referendum is driven by a simple belief. “Scotland’s inalienable right to self-determination includes the right to decide how to exercise that right… To deny it would be to say that of all the nations of the world today we had no national right to self-determination.” That was George Galloway writing in Radical Scotland magazine in 1983. Now he’s cosying up with the Tories, with the founder of UKIP Alan Sked, and with the British establishment.

However it’s clear that the Conservatives realise that they cannot prevent Scottish independence simply by saying no to another referendum. That may work as a short term tactic, but ultimately it will prove self-defeating. If Michael Gove was so confident that all his government had to do in order to prevent independence was to keep saying no, then he wouldn’t be meeting with George Galloway. Gove has already implicitly accepted that there will have to be another referendum when he tweeted that gerrymandering the franchise for that referendum was an “interesting idea”. If he really believed that there would never be another referendum, that Downing Street could say no forever, then gerrymandering the franchise for a referendum that was never going to happen wouldn’t be very interesting at all.

Meanwhile Scottish Tory MSP Rachel Hamilton has made a bit of an arse of herself on social media by tweeting that Scotland has been “overrun by SNP bigots and separatists”. Way to go to persuade all those Scottish people who support independence to fall back in love with the YooKay Rachel. All they’ve got left are insults and the frustrated wails of those who are starting to realise that their Great British castle is built on sand, and the Scottish tide is rising.

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155 thoughts on “The four horsemen of the Crappy Brits

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  2. Hmm, I was going on the assumption that “West coast of Scotland” was a reference to HM’s Viceroy Jack’s “femily estate”. After all, Johnson isn’t known for putting his hand in his own pocket when it comes to going on holybags.

    Average of last two YouGov, Westminster voting intentions, Scottish sub-samples (11 – 12 & 18 -19, August).
    Con 19.5%, Lab 16%, SNP 57%, LibDem 3.5%, Greens 3.5%
    The next UK, GE is scheduled for May 2024. If certain factions get their finger out, we’ll be half way through an Indy, transition period and won’t have to vote.

  3. Look up the cottage in homes to go.
    £669 for the week plus the dog.
    Nice views.
    Camping the way I like it, inside and warm.
    Wonder where the staff stayed?
    Protection squad of at least 5 to cover the 24hours plus the launch codes man and his communications.
    Maybe the tent was for the dog.

      • Or maybe it was for the wean and the nanny… Radio shortbread turned the tent-theme into a lunchtime session on ‘glamping’…unbelievable cac, and many take it seriously.

  4. According to Indy Truck Davy all the palaver around who would be entitled to vote was all a load of unionist urine , the whole thing has been sorted out about who is actually eligible so they were farting in the wind as usual .

    The Brexit trade negotiations as expected are in the toilet and the only work that’s going on is the preparation of the excuses that the Tory government are about to leak to either the Express or the Telegraph or possibly the Mail , as the Express have not been playing the game recently it seems the new Editor might actually have a spine judging by some of the leaders in the Express on Sunday

    Regarding the last of any negotiations before we exit the EU with and only a few months to go , our government haven’t been at the table at any stage so it’s guaranteed we are ” ON THE MENU ” it’s that simple and totally unacceptable .

  5. Does Mr Galloway want an ermine trimmed coat?

    How can Mr Galloway, with a Southern Irish Mum and proud (rightly) of his Irish background, be so against his own country becoming a normal, independent country. He wants it for Palestine, so why not Scotland?

    If and when the polis and army start beating up or interning Scots, (Orpington & H Blocks), will the scales fall from Mr Galloway’s eyes or will he be right there with the polis and Army beating down people who simply want to live in a country which is governed by a govt they have chosen and which, in turn is answerable to them?

    When you are marching with the Orange Order, George, does it never cross your mind that you might have wandered off the path and you are now very far from home and very, very lost?

    • ”He wants it for Palestine, so why not Scotland?”

      What really gets to me is the fact that he basically thinks that Scotland is too poor to go it alone. He must know fine and well that’s a load of balderdash, so what’s really behind his objections?

    • I think any political position Gallagher ever took was because it seemed at the time one to get support and not necessarily believed in. Left wing, pro Palestine Tec used to be popular before the left in this country fell apart.

  6. Brilliant piece, comical though the stakes are high, the “Gove moors” a particularly astute observation.
    As to the Johnson Scottish PR gambit, just think about it – The laziest bar-steward in the UK and his minders figure a remote Scottish place would be an excellent replacement for a fridge. Park a tent and the media will descend in droves, a few choice pictures of him living off the land, but nobody paid the slightest attention.
    Thank you again.

  7. I think it was the Scottish midgies that done for him….

    A concern in the Brexit negotiations is the medicine supplies. It just cannot happen that folk cannot get their medicine supplies. We are talking here of folk of all ages including infants. The repercussions of such a denial would be huge and very speedy.

    I did a bit of background research on this and was told by my MSP that silence surrounds the topic. Seemingly Westminster does not discuss ongoing discussions with Europe with officials and political representatives in Scotland. The issue of medical supplies is just one matter on a huge list.

    God help us all indeed!

    • ”I think it was the Scottish midgies that done for him….”

      Have you ever heard such absolute rubbish? The garbage that’s being reported by the MSM? He and Carrie Symonds headed home because their location was outed? For a start off there’s no way these two would be living in a bl**dy tent 🤣🤣🤣 . And did they have their 4 month old wean with them on their ”family” holiday? Bottle or breast fed? No shops or malls for Carrie, both too feart to go to the nearest shop and cooking, peeing and defecating outside surrounded by midges. It’s well seeing that these two don’t have a clue about Scotland and were probably scunnered after a couple of hours there, but tried to dour it oot as they racked their brains (took 3 days) for an excuse to escape. Sniper is novel 😎. Well all I can say is that LBJ is welcome to come to Scotland as often as he likes, because every time he does so another few hundred (or thousands) join the independence movement.

  8. …”The independence movement in Scotland and our determination that Scotland has an absolute right to another independence referendum is driven by a simple belief. “Scotland’s inalienable right to self-determination includes the right to decide how to exercise that right… To deny it would be to say that of all the nations of the world today we had no national right to self-determination.”

    And Clause 38 is just another way of them attempting to stymie our ”inalienable right.’


    Worth watching.

    ”There is nothing in Law that says that the parliament of the UK is sovereign.”

    ”Lord Halesham, Tory Peer, said in the late 70’s that the British constitution is an elective dictatorship.”

    Clause 38 is a fundamental attack on the 1707 Treaty of Union.

    Carwyn Jones on Clause 38. They are trying to enforce English law on Scotland & take away our rights.


    ..”Meanwhile Scottish Tory MSP Rachel Hamilton has made a bit of an arse of herself on social media by tweeting that Scotland has been “overrun by SNP bigots and separatists”.

    That’ll be around at least 55% of the electorate in Scotland. You know that mob of naked Picts, covered in blue paint, that throw deep fried Mars Bars at each other.

    Hahaha! Her tweet was there earlier today. Seems that it’s been removed now and replaced with even more tommyrot …

    ”I have reflected and apologise for my inappropriate language in a recent tweet which was intended only to be in reference to the numerous unwelcoming xenophobic protests we have witnessed at Edinburgh Airport and in my constituency.

    • Carwyn, former First Minister, is also a QC, do he knows a little about (English and Welsh) Law.

      That said, he also has form in inviting Trident to reside in Milford Haven docks (slap bang [oops!] next door to the oil refineries. Ban, oops! squared) were Scotland to become independent. Thanks for that, Carwyn.

      He also has no qualms in citing the ‘too wee, too poor, too stupid’ mantra with regard to any independence moves for his home country.

      Oh, and he first mooted the idea of a ‘new Act of Union’ between the four nations of the UK, (before his fellow Labour Branch Manager, Dudfail (anag.: ‘Kez, i.e. a dud gal’), nicked it, and claimed it as her own.)

  9. Well losing his anonymity on his holiday could be because of the ruddy great four by four vehicles parked outside the cottage jam packed with MI5 security operatives that shadow his every move.

    To give Sturgeon her due she hasn’t taken a holiday all through this pandemic, and allowed herself a walk along a beach to celebrate her 50th birthday.

  10. Hamilton is playing to the gallery and has had to apologise for her tacky comments on Twitter. However, the British nationalist Edinburgh Evening news milked a small demo at Edinburgh airport on why a banner asks English people not to holiday in Scotland bringing the virus with them, a reasonable request I think.

    • ”The British nationalist Edinburgh Evening news milked a small demo at Edinburgh airport on why a banner asks English people not to holiday in Scotland.”

      That would annoy her due to being born and bred in England herself.

  11. Rachel Hamilton seems to make a habit of tweeting cr*p. She’s accused the SNP of ‘using lockdown to plot the break-up of Union’. Doesn’t LBJ lockdown parts of England? And then there’s numerous other ridiculous tweets such as demanding that Nicola Sturgeon ”get Brexit sorted” 😀. We’ve also had her point out that SNP politicians have never owned or worked in a business, (unlike her last boss Carlaw the failed car salesman), so don’t have the first clue about the stress, heartache and financial ruin business owners are experiencing.

    ‘Tory MSP comes under fire for “ignorant” tweet.’


    God help the vulnerable and elderly, especially independence supporters, if the Tories were to rule the roost in Scotland.

    ‘Rachael Hamilton MSP – Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Social Security and Older People.’

  12. It
    The bbc lists the following as Newspapers in Scotland as worthy of note.

    Herald Scotland
    Daily Mail
    Daily Express
    Daily Record
    The Scottish Sun
    The Scotsman
    The National
    The Times
    Daily Star
    Edinburgh News
    Glasgow Times
    Aberdeen Evening Express
    Dundee Evening Telegraph

    Now that 55% of the population is pro Independence and we have only The National supporting us how can the other survive splitting 45% between them all?

    Who is bankrolling them?

  13. I believe they have a plan to ask all Scottish Nationalists to move to a selected area of Scotland that would be totally under our own control with our own laws and decisions, my understanding is that they’re calling it a reservation where we can live out the rest of our lives in peace, speak our own language and keep our own culture alive, and they’re prepared to sign a treaty to that effect that they will *not normally* interfere on our reservation

  14. I see that Martin Keetings has met his target of £155,000. As you were just about solo in terms of scots for independence blogs in supporting him, well done you too.

    I always recommend your blog to other folk if the discussion moves towards independence. Hopefully, they will see what I see here.


    Tower Bridge malfunctions, bringing chaos to London – SNP to blame 😉

    EXCLUSIVE to the Daily Garbage
    from our Bridge Correspondent, C. Anne Tilever

    Iconic Tower Bridge in London has severely malfunctioned tonight causing mayhem in Central London. Traffic and pedestrians alike were in a state of chaos as the two cantilevers of the Bridge failed to close.

    Responding to the mayhem, Colonel Bufton-Tufton, Royal Hussars (Retd.) VC, DSO, OBE, BBC, ITV, (93), said with bouncing red jowls:

    “It’s all that fault of that damn Sturgeon woman. She doesn’t want to build bridges with our communities, and both her and her nasty tribe of Jocko savages are doing this on purpose to create anarchy here in the Imperial Capita;. Why, if I was 40 years younger, I’d be up to that Scotland place, and smacking her around the head with my rolled up copy of the Daily Telegraph, eh, what, what? Just like I used to do with those damn Fuzzy-Wuzzies in the North West Frontier in 1945 or was it 1946?”

    The Prime Minister has been urged to make a speech to the nation on the whole matter and is expected to say this ‘a very grave’ matter – that is, once we can locate the latest fridge he’s hiding in.

    We, here at the Daily Garbage will keep you informed of latest developments in the Tower Bridge area, and continue in our efforts to pin the blame for this calumny on our noble British architecture on that Sturgeon woman and her over-subsidised Jocko thugs.

    In the meantime, we advise Londoners to make do and mend and make copious use of that oft-heard remark hereabouts: “Mind the Gap”. It’s “Business as usual” say the chirpy cockneys. [That’s enough Lunnon stereotypes – Ed.)

  16. Are the readers on this site really stupid enough to not appreciate the Johnson Scottish holiday is a fake narrative designed to distract us from the real world. Very poor. Watch the fish!

  17. I seriously doubt that the SNP leaked Johnson’s location. Most likely some local saw him and worked its way through gossip, to the internet to the pages of a tabloid. But knowing the history of this man, and the places he likes to holiday at, I would not put it past him to have leaked his location himself so he could go somewhere that had room service and dolly birds for him to leer at.

    I also saw some post from the Boris Johnson Fan club (Scottish sub branch) that their sub branch secretary will stand up to Boris “when it matters” – A sheep in sheep’s clothing – I think we can expect nothing from him, because at the end of the day he is nothing.

    As for the Better together 2 team. Gove, McConnel, Galloway, Alexander. – jeezo – A Pipsqueek, An Empty Taxi, a Mugwump and a shiver looking for a spine to run up. Sounds like the beginning to a really bad pub joke.

    The next better together campaign is going to look like a charity phone in for vermin in ermine to have some pocket money.

    • A bit late and o/t
      Petra what’s your point posting the link to the Belfast Telegraph ? .
      I know there must be one with the remark
      ” I wonder if Mr Murray and mates have read this ”
      care to elaborate instead of Insinuate , Thanks ,

      • Seems pretty clear Robert, the article supports Nicola’s assertion that she didn’t know about the complaint, in fact it suggests she was kept out of the loop by her Chief of Staff and Leslie Evans.

        • Thanks Golfnut. Saves me answering.

          You, Robert, could also take a look at the transcript of the first committee meeting with Lesley Evans. It outlines the background to developing the current policy from the 2010 Fairness at Work policy and who exactly was involved in doing that from 2015 up until now. If you read it you’ll find that it was Civil Servants, with input from Unions, from beginning to end. No ministers were involved in the development of the policy. Nicola Sturgeon signed off the policy in late December 2017, it would seem in good faith and with no idea that concerns that had turned into formal complaints had been made against Alex Salmond at all (and if she did by then what recourse could she have taken?). Further investigations and time will tell who knew what, when. Meanwhile many ”insinuations” and worse still are being made by people elsewhere prior to the investigation being carried out never mind finalised. Have you asked those particular individuals why they are constantly ”insinuating”?

  18. The real worry in this Boris Johnson holiday fiasco is that he is now heading back to No.10 – at least in his holiday ”tent” he could do no harm !

  19. Ah is that what all the fuss is about on twitter. I had a link to a Neil Oliver (failed ‘historian’) tweet, (I’m sure I’d blocked him) saying how dreadful the ‘nationalist separatist bigots’ are in Scotland when they run folk out of town and how utterly racist we all are. The BritNats love in response was quite something to behold. Ooh Neil you are so right, it’s so terrible, you are amazing, pretty much what they were saying in the comments. Boak.
    The anti Scottish commenters were loving his hate fest tweet.

    It looks like the Johnson thing was all staged, not to be too conspiracy theorist, but it’s far too freaking convenient at this time. I suppose as well he was probs saying ‘sod this for a bunch of bendy bananas, it’s freaking raining and cold, why didn’t we go to S of France Carrie?’ Or, was it the midges? Midges are like tiny snipers, and they can make for a rather unpleasant experience in Scotland. 🙂
    More power to the midges!

    • ArtyHetty,

      Would it be this one you’re looking for?

      Neil Oliver: There is a pervasive atmosphere in Scotland of people being frightened into silence

      Historian Neil Oliver has joined criticism of the Scottish government’s proposed Hate Crime Bill over its feared impact on freedom of speech.

      Speaking with talkRADIO’s Mike Graham, the broadcaster said: “Up here there is a pervasive atmosphere of people being frightened into silence.

      “You can argue until you’re blue in the face about whether that is the intention or not of the proposed legislation but it is undeniable that that is the way in which it is being received here in many quarters.”

      If passed, the legislation would update the list of characteristics, such as race, sexuality and age, protected under hate crimes and provide for new “stirring up” of hatred offences that would apply to all characteristics.

      • You have a prime minister who lied to a queen. Who gave money to a friend of someone in his cabinet to spend on a sea freight company that had no ships. Squandered money on advertising for a no deal brexit, but no actual planning for one. Squandered billions on a failed test and trace program. Is actively seeking to undermine the judicial system to prevent Johnson being held to account. Squandered money on PPE equipment that no one could use, by giving the job to a private pension trust operating out of a tax haven. Got rid of a dept providing oversight in a panic to find someone to blame for Johnson’s failure over covid. Set up a new dept and gave the job to the women who failed to deliver a working trace and test system. Parliament has effectively been muzzled and dissent is being squashed.

        Yet Neil Oliver is spouting this utter pish about being silenced in Scotland, through a UK state broadcaster. The irony is so thick you could cut it with a knife.

    • Neil Oliver arguing that the Brit Nat voice is not being heard in Scotland.
      And a chubby guy whose name I don’t really care to establish is outraged that a ‘small part’ of the UK can dictate to that ‘small part’ what they can do and think.

      They just don’t get colonialism do they?
      Has there ever been such dog whistle dross?

      The ‘why can’t I have it my own way?’ whining of Oliver was quite risible.

      The man has access to BBC to produce any biased crap he wishes, has just finished a stint in a very lucrative NTS sinecure, and insults me and the 5,350,000 who are not members of his evil SNP/Sinn Fein by asserting that we sit silently by and let them stifle all opposition?

      He is clearly demented, or more probably thinks us all fools taking in by his warped logic.

      Scotland is a militarily occupied colony of England, and Oliver knows this.
      Faslane Lossiemouth Edinburgh Castle.

      But, please give him all the air time and column inches he needs to spout this pusillanimous nonsense.
      Every word form his lips is another vote for Freedom from his iron Heel Oligarchy. Oh, wait, he insists that he is not part of an elite…aye, right.
      My dad voted Labour, all his life, Mr Oliver. He died prematurely from industrial and economic neglect.
      That was quite a rant, right enough.
      Now I suppose this is me bullying him, bless.

  20. At office where I used to work we had a visit ftom Princess Anne a couple of years ago. 2 cars with Special Branch type cops arrived about an hour before she did then she arrived in a Land rover Discovery. There would be even more protection officers for Bojo and their type of vehicles would have stuck out like a sore thumb in Applecross. No doubt the Daily Heil had reporters out looking for him and probably heard from the locals someone really important was staying at that cottage and it wasnt rocket science for the media to work out who.I too think he left because of the weather and midges. I am sure the whole midgie fleet had been summoned to get him they are a bit like Starfleet but with a lot more bite.

    • I think he decided to leave, being bored and his other half being even more bored. So he had one of his minions inform the Daily Fail and that gave him an excuse to head back to London.

      I mean “the tent” what was that all about? There’s no way he slept in it, it just looked like a set up and a nice photo op for the mail.

      He ought to come clean, it’s very windy up there and he couldn’t hack it, no takeaways either 🙂

        • There’s a Mr Smirnov of the Russian Embassy on the phone for you in the Communications Tent, Prime Minister.
          There’s a Mr Haig of the Teachers’ Union calling on the Communications Tent Hotline, Mr Cummings who needs to speak to you urgently.

          As usual, our compliant Dead Tree Scrolls play this crap for all it is worth.

          Johnson in bobble hat and crumpled shirt.
          He was in Scotland, and did what all invaders do.
          Took over the property next to him, erected a tent, and declared the land for his sovereign queen, and England.

          What the obliging hacks didn’t snap was the £200,000 Winnebago parked just out of shot, or the fleet of Range Rovers and army Saracans , and the Airbus Eurocopter primed for a quick getaway when 100,000 AUOB Jock Flag Waving Ultras come marching o’er the fields.
          How long will our Jock Rags insult the people of Scotland like this?
          Todays Sex Pest Salmond Herald ( and btw, Paul, that includes MacWhirter, ‘the jury found him innocent but Alex Salmond is still on trial’ the Old Hack who has been strangely demoted from ‘senior’ to mere ‘political’. editor these days) and the STUC Woman revealing what we all knew, sex harassment is BAD, and uses her position, as Leader of a TUC, 55% of whose members support Independence, to continue the merciless Assassination of a man cleared in court, but not by the evil bastards lurking in every neuk and cranny of the Brit Nat Jock Brigade.
          If I were a member of a TU right now, I would withhold subscriptions, until the Leonards Flanagans and Foyers of the Old New Labour regime are booted out of office once and for all.

          Any news on the ‘senior political journalist’ caught with his pants down dead drunk at Bute House yet?

          Next week my take on Sex Lies and Videotape in their Precious Union.

          • There’s a Mr Smirnov of the Russian Embassy on the phone for you in the Communications Tent, Prime Minister.
            There’s a Mr Haig of the Teachers’ Union calling on the Communications Tent Hotline, Mr Cummings who needs to speak to you urgently.


            You missed out “Mr Johnnie Walker”, Jack! 😛

          • It does serve as reminder how far “democracy” has progressed when such sendups as this and Spitting Image are today avoided like the plague by broadcasters…
            Given the current crop in Westminster with their daily gaffes, “Yes Minister” would have enough material to run twice daily…

          • Ach, Bob. If you want current political satire, you could do far worse than buying my book: “Parables for the New Politics” – available on Amazon 🙂

          • Cheeky bugger 🤣 Ok, will check out your self-promotion, but my point remains – Where is the satirical view on popular media ? It’s not as if the material isn’t there or the audience, it’s unwillingness to rock the political boat, but makes society the poorer for it…

  21. Gove, Dunny Alexander, McConnell and Georgeous? (Well, some people have to show willing for their sinecure of £300 per diem, and the others have their hopes, I suppose.)

    History is truly being repeated as farce.

    • Sir Daniel Grian Alexander is now a banker but has not yet been elevated to a lordship, give it time though and who knows. Gove seems to think highly of him.

      • Well, he proved pliable enough as bagman to Osborne during the infamous Tory-FibDem Coalition, did he not?

        Nemesis caught up with him (and Shiny Alexander) in the subsequent UKGE, and a very satisfactory night that was too.

        There’s nothing like dumped politicians with comfy MP pensions making oodles of dosh in second careers down in England for convincing people in Scotland that they’re better off with the status quo, is there?

        (Oh, and I forgot there for a millisecond, there isn’t even a status quo, just a big drop waiting for us all at year’s end which he helped enable. Still, he’ll be all right, I suppose.)

    • Good one from Mike Russell. It’s clear that he is in tune with the Scot’s mindset in a way that Gove, Galloway and McConnell clearly aren’t.

      ”But he should remember that Scotland often has a surprise in store for those who grow too big for their boots. We pride ourselves, rightly or not, that we are all Jock Tamson’s bairns. As such we judge harshly those who prefer not honest dealing in the light of day but underground plots, in doubtful company, with shovels.

  22. A British nationalist of the unionist of the Alliance for Unity party, basically a rich Tory funded anti-Scottish party has compared the SNP to Sinn Fein, and claimed it has a paramilitary wing within it.

    Meanwhile as Johnson (Graeme apologies for not calling him by his first name I know that irks you, anyway) cuts short his holiday in Scotland, which in my opinion was nothing more than a PR stunt, the British nationalists, including Neil Oliver, have intimated that Johnson cut his holiday short because he was unsafe in Scotland. In what appears to be an attempt to blacken the name of those who want independence and portraying them as crazed blood and soil nationalists.

    • Keith Brown is right when he refers to the “rising panic” in Downing Street. Seems as though they’ll stop at nothing to quash the Scots and keep their claws on our lucrative assets and resources. Stop at nothing to prevent us from holding a referendum that they say they won’t ”give” us 😀. One wonders what will come next between now and next May? A few false flag operations?

      Professor Sir Tom Devine is spot on (and others should take note) when he says that, “the comparison with the paramilitary wing of Sinn Fein and elements in the SNP might well be actionable at law, but a ludicrous rant of this kind is best ignored and treated with contempt. If it represents the views of Alliance for Unity, the new party will soon be consigned to an early and ignominious grave in the eyes of the electorate.”

      And they just don’t get the Scots at all. Keep it up, the poisonous behaviour, and see support for independence rising.

      Michael Russell tweeted: “Yesterday a Tory MSP calls the SNP bigots. Today a self-confessed Tory who is now self-appointed deputy leader of some ‘Alliance for Unity’ makes direct comparisons between SNP leaders and Nazis. I understand panic but I don’t think Scotland will appreciate poison …”

    • Excellent article by Grousebeater, I share his opinion regards the McHarg legal opinion indeed any legal opinion that subordinates Scotland to the whims of Westminster. Scotland need only meet the legal requirements of our own Constitutional law, not least that it doesn’t recognise the sovereignty of any parliament, including our own at Holyrood.
      Thanks for sharing.

    • Good article from Grousebeater but it assumes that Nicola Sturgeon is some kind of a numpty who is not conversant with Articles and Acts and the routes to Independence. It also presumes that Nicola Sturgeon is going to stick to her Plan A of a ‘gold standard’ Section 30 Order referendum when in fact she has previously stated (in February?) that she would consider a different approach, as lauded by Joanna Cherry.

      (third video down)

      We all know, as Nicola Sturgeon will know better than anyone, that a ”myriad of abuses perpetrated by England in the interests of England have broken the Acts and Treaty.” However in 2014 55% of Scots seemed to be quite happy with the status quo and wanted to remain part of the corrupt, exploitive, subjugating Union.

      Nicola Sturgeon will know too that tearing up the 1707 Treaty, as some suggest she should do, is just utterly ridiculous, and more so dangerous, if we can’t prove that over 50% of Scots want out now. It’s only this year that we’ve seen that happen, consistently, and of course there’s a pandemic to deal with. Lucky white heather.

      What is quite telling is that Grousebeater acknowledges that a referendum will have to be held … ”after a referendum vote for independence” … which brings us back to square one. Referendum and then what? Win it and as he says, ”pass an Act to have Nicola Sturgeon revoke the Articles of Union, or if the First Minister were simply to use her right to advise the Crown, the Sovereign would be obliged to comply.”

      Maybe that’s what she plans to do and the greater the support for her, the stronger her case will be to take appropriate ”action”.

  23. What a team, eh, alliance? Dredging the bottom of the barrel or as MSP Ross Greer says, “George Galloway and his band of racist misfits are an embarrassment to unionism. I’m confident they’ll be resoundingly rejected by voters next year, just as Galloway was the last time he tried to relaunch his long-dead career here.”

    Has Galloway, the so-called anti-racist, now lost the plot? ”Deputy leader and fox hunting backer Jamie Blacket has been condemned for “hysterical and bilious nonsense” after accusing the SNP of having a paramilitary-style wing intended to stir up online abuse and civil unrest and the original founder of UKip, Professor Alan Sked, is also expected to stand for the party on the Highlands and Islands list.”

    ‘Candidate in George Galloway’s party exposed as racist who backs Tommy Robinson.’

    ”A candidate in George Galloway’s new Unionist party has been exposed as a racist who backs Tommy Robinson. Former radio DJ Jean Mathieson, who is set to stand with Galloway on the South Scotland regional list, has expressed support for the English Defence League and described a post attacking George Floyd as “perfect”. In a social media thread from June uncovered by the Sunday Mail, the Alliance 4 Unity candidate responded to a tweet which called Floyd – whose death in police custody sparked Black Lives Matter protests across the world – a “black lowlife pile of s**t”.
    And the rest!

    • Petra.

      I once and still do have great admiration for Galloway on certain matters, such as standing up against the illegal war in Iraq that saw him expelled from the Labour party. Galloway once led a convoy of over one hundred vehicles packed with all manner of supplies, and managed to get them past the IDF and handed the lot over to the Palestinians, some say he even handed a bag of cash over to Hamas.

      Like most of us I sat back in awe as Galloway not only took on the full might of the US Senate, but satirically kicked their butts in the process over allegations of bribes in Iraq from Saddam.

      However Galloway has changed, though he’ll tell you he hasn’t, backing the racist bigot Farage on leaving the EU I found rather surprising. Now this so called Alliance for Unity party, which is of course only set up to thwart his country of births independence from a horrendous union, that has exploited Scotland for 313 years.

      Galloway once said : That if you see me standing under the Union Jack shoulder to shoulder with the Tories, shoot me, well he’s certainly doing that now, oh how the mighty have fallen.

      • I totally agree with you RoS. I used to admire him greatly too and watched the video of him absolutely decimating the ‘smirk wiped right off your face’ US Senators. It’s a lengthy video but I watched it twice. Cried at times with pride in a Scotsman who was clearly highly intelligent, cool, calm, articulate and brave enough to take them all on.

        George Galloway Senate Testimony (FULL)

        But what now? Where on earth is he coming from? What’s motivating him to behave as he’s doing now? I just don’t get it.

  24. Areas to target?

    ‘Scottish independence support across the country revealed in new map.’


    ‘Sun Bozo Holiday Story IS CRAP.’

    ..”And spare us the ridiculous idea that our lazy and out-of-shape leader stayed one minute in a tent – with his fiancée, a less than one year old child, and a dog. At this time of year, when there are even more millions of midges than usual because of the warm and damp weather, no-one with brain plugged in and a hole in their backside is going to even contemplate swapping a modernised cottage (with all mod cons) for a tent.”’

  25. Friggin disgraceful. What about the MSM reporting on exactly who is responsible for Network Rail rather than causing a bereft family further distress? Network Rail that owns (and should be maintaining) the infrastructure, including the railway tracks, signals, overhead wires, tunnels, bridges, level crossings and most stations. Network Rail the responsibility of Westminster not the ScotGov.


    We’ll see?

    ‘Galloway’s bid to form united front to save Union shunned.’

  26. Has anybody noticed at the moment how everybody is out to *get* somebody else, I checked all the newspapers this morning and every one of them was out to get somebody, anybody

    The BBC are out to *get* Alex Salmond, the UK government are out to *get* Nicola Sturgeon, practically everybody’s out to *get* George Galloway (that one’s not surprising though) the SIU mob are out to *get* the Yes supporters, bloggers are out to *get* anybody who doesn’t listen to them, lawyers are out to *get* the judiciary

    There’s a heck of a lot of poison flowing in all directions around Scotland at the moment but none of it is flowing in the direction of Westminster, I wonder why not

    In Scotland we should have learned not to involve ourselves in these distractions, divide and rule, the Great British tactic and peoples and countries conquer themselves in the confusion

    Will Scotland be conquered again by this or have we learned to exclude all the white noise and keep the focus, they can’t win if we tune them all out

    • In Scotland we should have learned not to involve ourselves in these distractions, divide and rule, the Great British tactic and peoples and countries conquer themselves in the confusion


      Some of us *get* it, though …

      (Couldn’t resist.)

    • Some sadly don’t get it though. Heard that from someone we know recently, who was adamantly blaming N. Sturgeon for the exams ‘fiasco’. BBC/STV followers.

      By get, the BritNats mean ‘beat’, they had to ditch that word though recently. It smacked of bullying. They tried religion, sport, education, health, now they are hoping everyone just well, ‘gets’ at someone, everyone is your enemy, ignore the rest.

      Nah, Scotland knows now who are their friends, and who are their foes.
      Stop, who goes there, friend or foe? Always, always demand to know, and find out and expose them, if they hide.

    • ‘I wonder why not?’.
      Dr.Jim, we all know the answer, the agenda of the BritNats is to sow division, in whichever way they can. By hook, and by crook. They are dab hands at it, been doing it for centuries in fact.

  27. And Campbell of Bath is out to get Nicola Sturgeon.

    NS has done more for independence over the past 30 years than he has done for his Lib Dem’s in my personal opinion..

    • You get more with sugar than you do with vinegar my Granny used to say, you can’t persuade anyone of anything if you keep abusing them, all you do is convince them you’re abusive

    • ”And Campbell of Bath is out to get Nicola Sturgeon.”

      AGAIN. And he’s absolutely determined to get rid of her (and in fact bring down her Government as he’s previously suggested) by stating that, ”his site is about independence, same as always. The SNP are currently enemies of that cause. If you don’t like it here, feel free to fuck right off.”

      It’s gone from Nicola Sturgeon, Lesley Evans and Liz Lloyd (previously Alex Salmond’s special economics advisor) all conspired to get rid of Alex Salmond through amending a policy (seems to have been dropped now) to wanting rid of Nicola Sturgeon because she lied about when she first heard about the allegations against Alex Salmond. Was it on the 29th March from Geoff Aberdein or 4 days later from Alex Salmond himself?

      Mr Campbell knows of course. He must have been there and says, ”She says explicitly that she first heard about it on 2 April 2018, from Salmond. Which is bullshit. We know that she met Geoff Aberdein on 29 March. What the fuck did they talk about if not that?” Eh, maybe 101 other issues?

      Whereas Geoff Aberdein who was there himself seems to disagree with him.

      Holier than thou Reverend Campbell, who no longer calls out BritNat politicians and their MSM bootlickers for lying (and worse still) and demands that they resign, you know like the biggest liars on the planet Mr Boris Johnson et al, is demanding that Nicola Sturgeon resigns not because she conspired to get rid of Alex Salmond now, but because over 3 months after she signed off the policy and weeks after it was published she lied. So he says.

      ”What I don’t currently see a way for her to survive is the absolutely iron-clad fact that she lied to Parliament about when she knew about it. The Scottish Government has already all but admitted this, and even in the shameless political climate of 2020 there SHOULD be no possibility for a First Minister to get away with being officially found to have lied to Parliament without resigning.”

      What most of us want to know is this, was the policy amended to stitch up Alex Salmond or update a policy to meet the needs of individuals who had suffered abuse previously (historically), especially in light of the stories about UK politicians and the #MeToo movement at that time. If it was the former who exactly conspired to do so? Lesley Evans states that Ministers have no input into the development of such policies only Civil Servants in consultation with Unions, etc, do. If that is the case when did the Civil Servants notify Nicola Sturgeon of what was going on in relation to Alex Salmond? Liz Lloyd has stated that she didn’t discuss the Alex Salmond case with Nicola Sturgeon as late as March 2018. One individual has been questioned so far about this case with a number to go including Geoff Aberdein, Liz Lloyd, Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond. Any chance of Mr Campbell allowing the investigation to progress and conclude before he opens his poisonous claptrap?

      It would also suit many independence supporters if Mr Campbell dropped trying to manipulate people, stir up hatred against Nicola Sturgeon / the SNP, and focused on attacking the real ”enemy”, imo. As an example on his site now, ”So if Sturgeon has been found to be telling lies to Parliament she could be away within the month??? That is just too good to be true.”

      His constant attacks on Nicola Sturgeon / the SNP are beyond the pale now and benefitting no one but the BritNats. Can’t he see that? Oh yes he can and should know that he’ll never be forgiven in Scotland for taking a wrecking ball to our chances of setting Scotland free.

  28. Recent demo (possibly in the last 24 hrs by the looks of it) outside Old Queen Lizzies 776 roomed house aka Buckingham palace, over what I’m not quite sure, I can’t make out what its says on their placards, nor can I understand what their chant is.

    I also don’t recall this demo on the British nationalist BBC, I do hope Royal arse licker Nicholas Witchell isn’t too upset though.

  29. Well it is now official. Apologies for the intemperate language

    “Rev Campbell
    This site is about independence, same as always.
    The SNP are currently enemies of that cause.
    If you don’t like it here, feel free to fuck right off.”

    Please vote for us next year. Aye that will be right.

    I’m now the enemy in Scotland along with 99,999 others. I need a bath…

    I wonder WGD if you’ll interview those with such views?
    They are hard to fathom. I know I been pro Independence since early 1970’s but we are so close and yet so far away.

    • This guy has always been the reason for many moderates as to why they wanted nothing to do with the Independence movement because they believed we were all like this, it took me two years to convince one of my own brothers that this guy had nothing to do with the SNP and that he was a private individual who’s views were his own and not representative of the party or the cause of Independence

    • There are still folk who confuse UK defence capability with what a future Scotland might adopt
      Firstly UK defence capability is about offence as well as defence and Scotland pays for that offensive capability when we wouldn’t need to if we were Independent because it’s highly unlikely
      an Independent Scotland would be splashing out on all kinds of weapons to launch around the world attacking other folk or attempting to *project our power* as they say in the UK

      That’s another one of the reasons why the UK is in a panic over Independence, Scotland’s contribution to blowing up folk would be gone plus our strategic location and access to the North couldn’t be taken for granted, the UK government would be forced to request permission to fly or sail around Scottish waters and that my friends is what makes them mental, imagine the idea that England would have to ask and ex colony’s permission

      The last time I checked Scotland’s contribution to UK defence was over a billion£££ more than Israel spends on it’s military budget and they could blow up half the middle east, so we in Scotland are getting well screwed for what’s removed from our taxes to pay for England’s show offiness of big guns bombs bullets boats and planes and missiles and submarines and spies and bases and thousands of high ranking officers sitting in private clubs around the world drinking gin and tonics off the back of Scotland’s taxpayers pontificating on their regiments past glories they weren’t even alive to be part of, the whole thing just makes me vomit at the waste of absolute fortunes bigging England’s boastful attitude about war at the expence of Scotland, damn time they paid for this shit themselves

      I’m not ranting, honest I’m not, the absolute B word that they are

      • Scotland, is an occupied territory. Not that different to many countries around the globe, occupied and plundered. Big difference, at the mo, no one is bombing the hell out of Scotland to get the land and resources. Maybe the oil really has all been siphoned away, (‘run out’)I I really do hope it’s all gone, for Scotland’s sake.

        • Michael Gove said “Scotland can be Independent in 2054 when the oil runs out” so he reckons the stuff’ll still be there, so enough reason for him to want to cling on the the cash, although Scotland won’t be using it for fuel the world will still be using it for manufacturing, so still a sellable cash product, and if you can sell it they (the overlords) want to keep it

  30. No nuclear weapons in Scotland is a honourable cause and is also safer.
    There is Ireland voted onto the United Nations Security Council.
    No threats, no bluster. Personally I would go neutral rather than NATO. It is a good bargaining chip.

  31. One fifth of NO voters say an Independent Scotland would have handled Corona virus better on its own, that’s quite an admission for those folk to make

    Full story in the National

    • Scotland already has its own currency, the Scots Pound, we had it pre Union. The issue is for how long we peg it to Sterling. Conference already voted that the link should between the Scots pound and Sterling should be severed at the earliest possible time. Richard is correct though, this particular bogeyman needs to be dealt with asap.

      • I remember when decimalisation came in and folk were just told that’s what was happening so we all (most of us) just got on with it and every retailer in the UK ripped everybody off within minutes of the announcements that the conversions of coinage would be sorted fairly like 6d Mars bar became 5p practically overnight, a 100% increase in the prices, and that’s just one example

        The UK government just did it and we sucked it up because we had no choice in the matter and that’s become a problem in Scotland now as the SNP or whichever new government is in power will have to suffer the double standard of being grilled and scrutinised by political parties supported by their media who just went ahead and did what they wanted when they wanted in the *interests* of *our UK country*

        In the UK folk can question something but when it’s a done deal we throw our arms up and say it’s a done deal, in Scotland because we’ve never had our own government the argument becomes framed around comparisons to the authoritarian UK which seems acceptable for them to do what they like but not any future Scottish government

        A long and verbose way of saying aye the English can rip us aff but we’re no lettin oor own dae it

        Even if they’re not

  32. Looking forward to the blether with Richard Murphy, who is in lockstep with Tim Rideout on currency and explaining it brilliantly this past day or two. One of his many comments worth keeping:

    “The principle that former colonies do not pay for the abuse of former colonial powers is now well established.”

    I guess he’ll have to do his annual GERS thing this week though…

  33. A lots been said about this ‘ hate speech ‘ bill. How easy it will be for individuals to be targeted, face criminal charges because what they say or write causes offence, real or otherwise. It occurs to me that by far the greatest purveyors of hate and malice are the media and politicians themselves.
    Does this ‘ hate Bill ‘ cover these individuals and organisations, if not, why not?

    • Thanks for the link Golfnut. I reckoned that Nicola Sturgeon didn’t have the authority to sack Ms Evans or renew her contract; that the responsibility for that it lay with Westminster. And in fact even if she did have the authority nothing could be done about the situation until the investigation was concluded. So there we have it. Another lie bites the dust and a number of loudmouths, including blog owners, should be hanging their heads in shame for perpetuating highly defamatory allegations against the FM of Scotland in an attempt to manipulate people.

  34. George Galloway, who sees his political irrelevance, in Scotland and the UK as a whole, and hopes to amend it, is really scraping the bottom of the barrel for candidates for his Alliance for Unity party, seeking out misfits, bigots and racists in the process.

    One such candidate set to stand on the South Scotland Regional list, is a backer of Tommy Robinson a confirmed racist and bigot and convicted criminal. The candidate also praised a tweet lauding the killing of American man George Floyd. Galloway who’s desperate to feel relevant in politics again didn’t condemn any of responses to from his candidate to the tweets on Mr Floyd and Robinson.

    It appears that Galloway will climb into bed with just about any one or any nefarious group to thwart his country of births independence.

  35. Hi folks

    For years I’ve been getting email alerts from you for new posts on Wee Ginger Dug. The one below is the last one I received. I know there have been more recent posts and I wonder why they have dried up and, also, if I’m the only email receivee to whom this has happened. Last week I responded to the test you carried out after Facebook had blocked Independence-supporting posts. (I,too, have sometimes been got at by Facebook so I know the frustration.) Please could you confirm that I’m still on your email list.

    Best regards,


  36. Hi Paul, I have not received my usual e mails advising of new updates since 22nd August. i have tried to re subscibe but being told already signed up. Just a note to let you know in case it’s happening to others as well.

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