A Valencian dug living in Glesga

I’m a wee Valencian dug who moved to Glesga with my Scottish and English dads, who found me abandoned by an irrigation canal near Elx when they were living in Spain.  As a New Scottie dug I’m in favour of Scottish independence, and my mission in life is to pee on the lamp-post of British Unionist pretensions.  I’m multilingual, and am disobedient in English, Spanish, and Catalan.

Likes:  Sausage rolls, chasing squirrels, little old ladies with doggy biccies in their handbags, Chinese takeaways, and destroying chew toys.

Dislikes:  Small yappy dugs, foxes, and Project Fear propaganda.

You can contact me at: weegingerdug [at] gmail.com

Soy un perrito valenciano que se fue a vivir en Glasgow con mis papás, uno escocés y el otro inglés.  Me encontraron abandonado por un canal de riego cerca de Elx cuando vivían en el Estado Español.  Ya que soy un escocés nuevo, estoy a favor de la independencia escocesa, y la misión de mi vida es mear en las farolas de la desinformación unionista.  Soy multilingüe, y desobediente en el inglés, el castellano, y el català,

Me gustan: Empanadillas de salchicha, perseguir las ardillas, abuelitas con galletas para perritos en sus bolsos, la comida china, y destruir juguetes.

No me gustan: Los perritos pequeños que no saben callarse, los zorros, y la propaganda del Proyecto Miedo.

Ponte en contacto conmigo a:  weegingerdug [arroba] gmail.com

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    • Sure, feel free.

      There’s something else I’d appreciate being translated into Italian. Please email me at weegingerdug[at]gmail.com and I’ll tell you more. Cheers.

  1. Warning! This canine may be a Spanish agent. He writes in Castellano and not in Catalan. He may be a running dog for Francoism! Valencia lliure!

  2. Great to have a wee bit of humour in the Campaign, we would be barking mad not to vote Yes on the 18th. of Sept. But I am worried at the moment by what to me looks like the silent, dull, boring doom mongers in the no camp.

    • Pues sí, aunque oficialmente se llama el valenciano. Sin embargo, la verdad es que el valenciano es nada más que el catalán como se habla en la Comunidad Valenciana.

      • Errr, No, it’s not. Valencià is a language closely related to Català , Mallorquí or Llemosí, much in the same way that Scots is related to English, but not the same language (try go around saying that ‘Scots’ is just the word for English up here…). People in Valencia (and in Balears, and in Eastern Aragon) are well sick of the colonialist attempts by Catalonian nationalism and its idea of Greater Catalonia (Països Catalans). More information (in valencià) here: https://www.lasprovincias.es/comunitat/opinion/perque-valencia-llengua-20170730002419-ntvo.html

        • Rubbish. Valencian is nothing more than a standardised variety of Catalan. It differs from the Catalan of Catalonia no more than US English differs from UK English or Latin American Spanish differs from the Spanish of Spain. There is not a single linguistics department or department of modern languages in any university outside of Spain which teaches Valencian as something different from Catalan.

          You merely display your ignorance of Scots. The linguistic differences between Scots and English are vastly greater than the differences between “Valencian” (which is nothing more than a PP inspired exercise in linguistic politicisation) and Catalan.

    • También hablan el llamado valenciano, aunque hoy en día solo los mayores lo hablan. Lo enseñan en los colegios, pero en las calles normalmente oyes el castellano.

  3. Excellent pieces from the wee Spanish terrier,second only to my border collie,!!
    Paul I have enjoyed all your articles since I first found them on the netweb .
    You have your paws on the pulse of the Scottish nation.
    Long may you continue

  4. Please to meet Ginger and his Daddy last Saturday (25 Feb 17) in Dunning when Ginger had to keep those weird Perthshire people under a careful eye to protect his Dad. Thanks for your talk Paul. Donation on its way soon to assist with the dog biscuits.

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